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March 4 2020
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Conger Morris Mortuary Record Index (1904-1922)

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JCGL has put together a volume of records for the years 1904-1922 for the Conger Morris Mortuary in Medford. These records include the name of the deceased, the date, age, and cause of death, and the name of the person making the arrangements.

When constructing the index below, our volunteers often ran into some difficulty reading the name of the deceased. They often resorted to our death certificate index to aid them. The second column of the index is their best guess as to the correct spelling. The index also indicates whether we can provide a copy of the death certificate from the copies we have in the library. Follow this link, Death Certificate Index, to access the death certificate index.

If you find a name of interest to you and would like a copy of the mortuary record for that name, follow the link below for the Postal Request Form, complete and print the form, and mail it to us along with a self-addressed, stamped envelope, and a check for $10. Be sure to include the name of the deceased and the book (A or B) and page for that name.

Postal Request Form

For faster turnaround, use the Buy Now button below to make a secure online payment using your major credit card. The form that displays will request the specific information needed to fulfill your request (e.g., name, volume, page). When you complete the transaction, your request will be emailed to our librarian, who will make a copy of the requested information and email it to you as an attachment. It will be sent as a .jpg (picture) file. When you receive this .jpg file, click on it and it will be loaded into your picture viewer from which you can print a hard copy.

How to order:
Last name, first name
Book, page

Name Death Certificate Book Page D.Cert. Avail.
__________, Babe   B 12  
Abbett, W. F.   A 2  
Acree, Geo. W.   B 23 Yes
Adams, __________   A 5  
Adams, Elizabeth   A 5 Yes
Adams, Jesse W.   B 28  
Adams, Lillie May   B 4 Yes
Adams, Maria   B 16  
Adams, Mock   B 18  
Addin, __________, Mrs.   B 14  
Ademson, __________ Adamson B 19 Yes
Adkime, Benjamin Franklin Adkins B 20 Yes
Ahrens, Clara W.   B 3 Yes
Aiken, David   B 9 Yes
Aitken, Bauce Bruce B 3 Yes
Akers, John Calvin   B 26 Yes
Alder, Charles H. Alden B 13 Yes
Alford, Albert   B 28 Yes
Allan, Carann Carrann A 4 Yes
Allen, Aurora Z.   B 27 Yes
Allen, Chester R.   A 4 Yes
Allen, Clara Clara Eliza B 5 Yes
Allen, Felx Y. Felix Yancey B 22 Yes
Allen, Lola Estella   B 15 Yes
Amann, Frank   B 6  
Anderson, Caroline W. Caroline Winefred B 21 Yes
Anderson, Elisabeth J.   A 2 Yes
Anderson, G. E. George E. B 20 Yes
Anderson, Ira Ray   B 24 Yes
Anderson, J. R.   A 2  
Anderson, John A. John F. A 6 Yes
Anderson, May   B 1 Yes
Anderson, W. M. L.   A 1  
Anderson, William T.   A 6 Yes
Andrews, Dwight E.   B 21  
Applegate, Jessie   B 19  
Archer, Margurite Margarete B 18 Yes
Armstrong, James   B 20 Yes
Armstrong, Wm. C.   B 8 Yes
Arnold, Elizbeth   B 16 Yes
Arnold, John   B 24 Yes
Ashpole, Otilla Eliza   B 20 Yes
Ashworth, Robert   B 11 Yes
Austin, T. T. H. T. B 13 Yes
Aylward, Lydia U.   B 1 Yes
Baby, __________   A 3  
Baby, __________   A 5  
Baer, Ralph Bennett   B 14 Yes
Bain, William   B 28 Yes
Baldwin, Jas.   B 8 Yes
Ball, Frances Frances M. A 2 Yes
Bamblet, William Branlet A 3 Yes
Band, Alix   B 14 Yes
Barden, Maude   B 5 Yes
Barneburg, Glenrose   B 22 Yes
Barnum, Wm. Henry   B 17 Yes
Barr, John W.   B 9 Yes
Barr, Thomas M.   B 12 Yes
Barrett, B. J.   B 3 Yes
Bartlett, Alice Marie   A 7 Yes
Bartlett, C. E., Mrs. Bartlett, Cheressa E. B 21 Yes
Bartley, Nettie   B 3 Yes
Bashford, Geo. W.   B 6 Yes
Bassett, Lucus   B 31 Yes
Bean, Minnie B.   B 4 Yes
Bean, Olive L.   B 24 Yes
Becket, Viola C. Beckett, Viola G. A 3 Yes
Beckett, Thomas Wesley   B 6  
Beesen, Olive H. Beeson, Olive Herring A 5 Yes
Beggings, William Biggings, William E. A 4 Yes
Belitz, August   A 6 Yes
Bell, Angie Elizebeth   B 16 Yes
Bell, Clara   A 2 Yes
Bell, James R.   A 4 Yes
Bell, Kirk B.   B 17 Yes
Bellinger, Merritt   A 6 Yes
Bender, Elizabeth   B 13 Yes
Bennett, Leah Belle   B 22 Yes
Bennett, Magie C. Mazie A 6 Yes
Benson, Frank L.   B 15 Yes
Benson, Hans   B 1 Yes
Berry, E. C.   B 21  
Berry, James   B 28  
Betz, August   B 21 Yes
Betz, Louisa   B 1  
Biden, Stewart   A 2 Yes
Billows, Mary E.   B 11  
Bishop, Wallace Guy   A 7 Yes
Black, Ruth Edna   B 20 Yes
Blackwood, Richard T.   A 2  
Blakley, James   A 5  
Blodget, Crystal V.   A 5  
Boardman, Chas.   B 6  
Boardman, Chas. A.   B 4 Yes
Boardman, Chas. Morgan   B 27 Yes
Boardman, Elmer E.   B 19  
Boardman, J. L.   A 1 Yes
Boardman, Theresa J.   B 3 Yes
Bohn, August   B 11 Yes
Book, T. Book, Theodore B 8 Yes
Boone, George Luther   A 7 Yes
Boons, Morning A., Mrs.   B 21  
Bordman, M., Mrs. Boardman, Ann A 1 Yes
Boussum, Emma Belle Boussam B 4 Yes
Boussum, Mabel Carrie   B 4 Yes
Bower, Clam Elam P. B 20 Yes
Bowman, Wilson   A 5  
Boyse, Wm. H.   B 17  
Bradford, Marge May   B 1 Yes
Bradshaw, Wm.   A 4  
Brady, __________   B 6  
Branam, Helen Frances Helen Francis B 18 Yes
Brandenburg, James   B 19 Yes
Brandon, Clarance R.   A 4  
Brandon, Nancy Jane   B 27 Yes
Brandt, Juanita   B 18  
Bridger, J. W., Mrs.   B 6 Yes
Briscoe, Floyd   B 3 Yes
Brittson, Isaac F. Brittsan B 30 Yes
Brobeck, Nina   A 5 Yes
Brooks, Martha A.   B 2 Yes
Brown, Frank Marvel   A 6 Yes
Brown, George   A 7 Yes
Brown, Martha M.   B 9 Yes
Brown, Robert   A 7 Yes
Brown, Viols Viola B 14 Yes
Brown, Wm. Herrick   B 26 Yes
Bruncon, Charles Bruncin A 3 Yes
Buckman, Herman Bucknaw, Herman Chester A 3 Yes
Buckmaster, Frank Lewis   B 18 Yes
Budgeon, John   B 30 Yes
Bullock, Alma   A 4  
Bunch, Baker N. Baker Neubia B 21 Yes
Burch, Daniel   B 10  
Burch, Lea   A 2  
Burch, Robert E. Lee   B 15 Yes
Burke, Clarence Frederick   B 23 Yes
Burnett, Wm. Thomas   B 5 Yes
Burton, __________ Burton, Lehman B 6 Yes
Burton, S. Bouton, Sands W. A 3 Yes
Buson, Earl   B 16  
Buson, Emmet Beeson, Emmett B 13 Yes
Bust, Geo.   A 4  
Butler, Elizabeth   B 7 Yes
Butler, Frank P.   A 8 Yes
Butler, Jesse Davenport   B 18  
Butler, John   B 13 Yes
Byrne, William T. William C. B 4 Yes
Cain, Corn. Cornelius A 5 Yes
Calder, Richard Webster   B 20 Yes
Calhorn, Ezekill Calhoun, Ezechiel B 23 Yes
Calhoun, Kate Louisa   A 6 Yes
Calkins, Wallace Homer Wallas Homer B 31 Yes
Cameron, Tod   B 11  
Camp, A. M. C. Angeline M. C. A 3 Yes
Campbell, Jean   A 8 Yes
Cantrall, Anna   B 25 Yes
Cardwell, Laurane R.   B 13  
Carkin, Howard E.   B 2  
Carless, Rolland C.   B 26  
Carlson, Ida Marie   A 5 Yes
Carlton, Jesse M.   B 30 Yes
Carmeron, Katherine Cameron, Katherine V. B 15 Yes
Carnell, Henry   A 4  
Carnes, Nancy   B 9  
Carney, Chas.   B 23 Yes
Carney, Elanor Carney, Eleanor Cochrane A 3 Yes
Carney, John   B 11 Yes
Carpenter, __________   A 1  
Carrell, William   A 4  
Carter, Nancy   B 5 Yes
Cartson, Herstin Tngeborg Carlson, Kerstin Ingeborg A 7 Yes
Case, __________ Case, Earl B 8 Yes
Case, Clyde W.   B 24 Yes
Caskey, Anna Jane   B 6 Yes
Caskey, Geo.   B 9  
Caster, Byrd L.   B 16  
Caster, John Thorston   B 15 Yes
Caster, John Thorton   B 5 Yes
Caton, __________   B 27  
Caton, Milo Caton, Captor Milo B 8 Yes
Chandler, Isral Israel A 2 Yes
Chandler, Lula Marene   B 1 Yes
Chandler, Willis   B 2 Yes
Chaney, William Franklin   B 21 Yes
Charley, Clay Charley, Cassius C. A 7 Yes
Charley, Everet E. M.   B 19  
Charley, Florence   B 29  
Chenowerth, Mary A. Chenoweth, Mary A. Maria A 4 Yes
Child, Woody, Mrs.   A 1  
Childs, Lenard Childs, George Leonard B 2 Yes
Clark, Edna Elizabeth   B 4 Yes
Clay, Anna   A 2  
Clemens, Augustin W. Clemens, Augelis W. B 7 Yes
Clemens, Elizabeth   B 19 Yes
Clement, Robert L. Robert Lauren A 2 Yes
Clemmens, Martha A.   A 3  
Cleveland, Ella   B 7 Yes
Cleveland, Gilbert   B 12  
Cleveland, Volney   B 16 Yes
Close, Bernice L.   B 29 Yes
Cobb, Ross C., Mrs.   B 10 Yes
Cockran, Elmira Elmyra A 3 Yes
Code, Cing Cingcade, Donald David B 8 Yes
Coffin, Casandria B.   B 23 Yes
Coffman, __________, Mrs.   A 1  
Coffman, Issac   A 4  
Coffman, Rebecca J. Rebeca Jane A 4 Yes
Colburn, Ford   B 28 Yes
Cole, __________ Cole, Henry J. A 4 Yes
Cole, Ralph Cole, Ralph Fernand B 7 Yes
Coleman, Clara Belle   B 5  
Colley, Edgar D. Colby, Edgar Daniel B 9 Yes
Collins, Mary D.   B 29 Yes
Collins, Maud, Mr. Mrs. A 1 Yes
Collins, Richard   A 7 Yes
Colman, Alfred   B 15 Yes
Colman, J., Mrs. Coleman, Martha A 2 Yes
Colman, John   A 1  
Colman, Mary Jane Coleman A 2 Yes
Colman, Mathew H. Coleman, Matthew H. A 4 Yes
Conrad, Hal L.   A 4  
Cook, Robert Andrew   B 19 Yes
Cook, Samuel Samuel H. A 5 Yes
Cook, Samuel A.   B 17 Yes
Cooley, Harriet Harriet D. A 6 Yes
Cooper, Eugene   B 12 Yes
Coper, Charles W. Coker, Charles Woodson A 2 Yes
Cornish, Van Allen   B 26  
Cornnth, Stephen   B 30  
Cottrell, David Elmer   B 15 Yes
Cox, Rufu Rufus A 3 Yes
Crain, Sarah Jane   B 31 Yes
Crane, John Henry   B 2  
Crane, S., Mrs.   A 1  
Cread, __________ Cread, Herriet M. A 3 Yes
Creed, H. A.   A 1  
Croft, __________   B 26 Yes
Crosby, Thomas Gordon   B 5 Yes
Crowell, __________   A 8  
Crowell, William S.   B 31 Yes
Cryderman, Geo. A.   A 1  
Cryderman, Mary   B 8  
Culvin, Huldah Colver A 3 Yes
Cunningham, __________, Mrs. Cunningham, Lillian B 22 Yes
Curry, Richard F. Richard C. B 9 Yes
Daily, Margaret Ann   B 1  
Daily, Patrick   B 16  
Damon, Caroline Elizabeth   B 6  
Damon, Lillian A.   A 7 Yes
Daren, Louis Doran B 25 Yes
Darnell, J. K.   B 8 Yes
Davidson, Harriet Ann   B 4 Yes
Davidson, J. M.   B 14 Yes
Davidson, John W.   B 25 Yes
Davis, Abarilla Ross   B 20  
Davis, Almina Almira A 2 Yes
Davis, Charles Edward   B 20 Yes
Davis, Ebenezer   B 25 Yes
Davis, Emelia W. Emelia Winafred A 4 Yes
Davis, Geo. Norman   B 19 Yes
Davis, Margaret Mary   B 29  
Davis, William William A. A 4 Yes
Day, David L.   B 16 Yes
Day, John Emery   B 13  
Daymon, Margor M.   A 1  
Dayton, Mary Mary Jane B 25 Yes
Dean, Willis J.   B 26 Yes
Dehack, John Dahack A 5 Yes
Delane, Wm.   A 7 Yes
Demmer, Amelia   B 1 Yes
Denmer, Lorenz Demmer A 1 Yes
Denneston, W. H.   B 26  
Dennis, Catherine   B 10 Yes
Dennis, Jasper R.   A 5 Yes
Dent, Cora B.   B 8  
Denwiddie, Elizabeth Dinwiddie B 19 Yes
Dermmer, Susanna Demmer A 4 Yes
DeRoboam, Rosa   B 9 Yes
Deuel, Ford Kramer   B 22 Yes
Devenney, John C.   A 3  
Dewey, Samuel Nolin Nolen A 8 Yes
Dewey, Wesley   B 7 Yes
Diamond, Theodore B.   B 8 Yes
Dick, Etta   A 5  
Dickey, Eve Ellen   B 19 Yes
Dickison, __________   B 12  
Dillon, Edwin J.   B 8 Yes
Dinkens, Ruth P.   B 16 Yes
Dinwiddie, Willard M.   A 4 Yes
Dixon, Volney Wait   A 7 Yes
Does, Henry Duer, Henry B 26 Yes
Donagan, Patrick   B 21  
Donald, Dorothy Donald, Dorothy Mellor A 3 Yes
Dopp, Mary Jane   B 1 Yes
Doty, Norton Morton B 21 Yes
Dow, Herman Herman F. B 30 Yes
Downing, Sarah E.   B 23 Yes
Dox, Henry G.   B 21 Yes
Drake, Joseph H.   B 15  
Drumbill, Maggie P. Drumhill B 14 Yes
Dubell, Adeal Telghman Adial Telghman B 18 Yes
Duff, Viola   B 21  
Duggan, Dennis   B 31 yes
Duimington, Beverly Dunnington B 15  
Duken, Catherine W.   B 17  
Dunford, Emma M.   B 5 Yes
Duning, John   A 3 Yes
Dunlap, Sarah E. Sarah Elizabeth A 2 Yes
Dusenberry, Jenet Q.   B 11  
Dusenberry, Robert Lane   B 29 Yes
Eaton, Samuel W. Samuel Webster B 26 Yes
Eaton, Velma Jane   B 30 yes
Eaton, Willard   B 11  
Ebe, Elizabeth   B 14  
Eddy, Julia A.   B 27 Yes
Edmonds, Josephine   B 10  
Edwards, Chas. M.   B 30 Yes
Edwards, Ruby Leona   A 7 Yes
Edwards, Rufus   B 22 Yes
Egger, Daisy Eggers B 13 Yes
Eicher, Ursal Grace   B 11 Yes
Elliott, Melissa Malissa B 8 Yes
Elliott, Nellie T. Nellie Louella B 22 Yes
Elliott, Wm. G.   B 8 Yes
Emerson, Andrew Jackson   B 17 Yes
Emerson, William Hall William Hull B 23 Yes
Enney, Margaret M.   B 13 Yes
Enney, Stephen S.   B 6 Yes
Ennis, Frank   B 5 Yes
Ennis, Robert   A 8 Yes
Ensele, Friederiecka   B 3 Yes
Enyart, Pursse S. Pierson S. B 12 Yes
Epps, Jane   A 2  
Ericson, John   B 28 Yes
Esmond, Edward   B 4 Yes
Estes, Mary M.   B 29 Yes
Ettinger, Marjory E.   B 22  
Evareson, Edward Chester   A 7 Yes
Evensizer, Harold Orville   B 30 Yes
Everhard, William Harter, Mrs.   B 1 Yes
Fansher, Lloyd Watson   B 7 Yes
Fanshler, Howard Loyd Fansher, Lloyd Howard B 22  
Farlow, Simeon   B 24 Yes
Farlow, William Lee   B 31 yes
Farmer, Gerald Wayne   B 28 Yes
Farrar, Sadie G.   B 5 Yes
Fehl, Celia D.   B 11 Yes
Felch, Frank A.   B 12 Yes
Felch, John Henry   B 15 Yes
Feltges, Henry   A 5 Yes
Ferguson, Susannah S. Furgeson, Susana S. B 2 Yes
Fich, James   B 7  
Fields, Annie Belle   A 8 Yes
Fields, Mary C.   B 10 Yes
Finch, Mary A. Mary Ann A 4 Yes
Findlay, Frank L.   B 26 Yes
Fish, Geo. N. Fisk, Geo. Vernon B 11 Yes
Fisher, Chas.   B 8 Yes
Fisk, Donald Winfield   A 6 Yes
Flancher, Scott V.   A 3  
Fletcher, Wm.   B 14 Yes
Florey, __________   B 25  
Florey, Andrew Andrew J. B 25 Yes
Florey, Etta A. Etta Amarantha B 19 Yes
Fondray, Sarah Abe Sarah Abi A 4 Yes
Forbes, Luella May Richmond   B 2 Yes
Ford, R. P.   B 14 Yes
Forsythe, Stella   A 8 Yes
Foster, John   A 7 Yes
Foster, Razin D. Rezin D. A 3 Yes
Fowler, Virginia   A 4 Yes
Frazee, John S. John Squire B 12 Yes
Fredenburg, Franklan Franklin A 5 Yes
Fredenburg, Harmon   A 8  
Fredenburg, James Isaac   B 15 Yes
Fredenburg, Nancy   B 3 Yes
Freel, Welder Wilder B 19 Yes
Frideger, Frederich Frederick B 10 Yes
Frideger, Lucenda Lucinda B 15 Yes
Friesson, Aurelia P. Frierson, Amelia P. B 13 Yes
Frost, Grace Grace Eva B 14 Yes
Frost, Kyle   B 13 Yes
Fry, Stella   B 17 Yes
Furguson, Thomas Furgeson A 2 Yes
Furnn, Charles   B 12  
Furry, Amelia   B 1 Yes
Gall, Chystopher C. Christopher Columbus B 15 Yes
Gardner, __________ Gardner, Walter C. A 6 Yes
Garnett, John Hardin   B 26 Yes
Garrett, __________ Garrett, Elizabeth A 4 Yes
Garrett, William M.   B 3  
Garrison, Joseph F.   B 12 Yes
Gaunyaw, Guy   B 7  
Gay, __________, Miss Gay, Flora A 1 Yes
Gay, Rachel   B 31 yes
Gelman, Earnest M.   A 4  
Gibbs, __________ Gibbs, Clara Belle A 5 Yes
Gilbert, Bessie Iva   B 10 Yes
Gilbert, Stella V.   A 4 Yes
Gilbert, Waldo Everett   B 29 Yes
Gilenore, Lucy Gilmore B 11 Yes
Gillaspy, Frances   B 26 Yes
Gillaspy, Jas.   B 9  
Gillette, Catherine Gilette B 25 Yes
Gilman, Elizabeth   B 8 Yes
Goble, General   A 6  
Goff, Harriet Eliza Eaton, Harriet Eliza Goff B 11  
Goldine, __________   A 1  
Good, Vernon Glen Goode, Vernon Glenn A 1 Yes
Gorden, M., Mrs.   A 1  
Gore, Careolita A. Cariolita Augusta A 3 Yes
Gore, Walter S.   A 5  
Gosline, May   A 1  
Goudy, Wm. S.   B 13 Yes
Graham, Niel Ferguson Neil B 3 Yes
Gray, Elibish Gray, Mary Elizabeth B 13 Yes
Grazer, C. Grazer, Casander A 5 Yes
Greene, Carrie O.   B 14 Yes
Greenman, Frank   B 31 yes
Gregory, James Franklin   B 24 Yes
Greson, Andrew Grissom B 19 Yes
Griffin, __________   A 1  
Griffis, John A. Graffis B 19 Yes
Grigsley, Mary A. Grigsby A 2 Yes
Gruetter, Minnie   B 26 Yes
Hale, Emma Alice   B 17 Yes
Hall, Jasper N.   B 12 Yes
Hamilton, Maggie J.   B 20 Yes
Hammond, E. P.   A 2 Yes
Hanscom, Fred Hanscam, Fred A. B 1 Yes
Hansen, Sophia V. Hanson A 3 Yes
Hanson, Carl P. Hansen A 1  
Harbaugh, Oliver   B 27 Yes
Harding, James   B 16 Yes
Hardwick, William   B 20 Yes
Harris, Charity Hill   B 11  
Harris, David David Lee B 25 Yes
Hart, Charles H. Charles Henry A 2 Yes
Hartman, Wm.   B 11  
Hartzell, Mary Reziah   B 18  
Harvey, H.   A 2  
Haskins, Geo. H. Geo. Henry A 3 Yes
Hawk, Franklin Augustus   B 5 Yes
Hawk, Russell Simon   B 27  
Hays, Sophronia Jane   B 10 Yes
Hazelton, __________   B 7  
Heath, Arthur Heath, Aultor B 7 Yes
Heatherly, Mark Marvin   B 4 Yes
Hefler, Kennith C. Kenneth Clayton B 10 Yes
Helms, Donald A.   B 8 Yes
Helms, Gerald Leon   B 11 Yes
Helms, James   A 6  
Hemphell, W. C.   B 14  
Henderson, Ann   A 1  
Hendrick, Geo. George Henry B 9 Yes
Hendrickson, Chas.   B 10 Yes
Henry, Alta Sadie   B 6 Yes
Henry, Ruth Lee Ora   B 25 Yes
Heriford, James H.   A 3 Yes
Herington, Eliza H. Eliza Henrietta A 5 Yes
Herman, William Adams   A 7 Yes
Hibs, Armstrong   A 6  
Hickam, Zed   B 2 Yes
Hicks, J. C. J. G. A 8 Yes
Hiff, Augest August B 16 Yes
Higenbotham, Wm. Riley   B 9  
Higgenbothan, Jacob Higginbotham, Jacob E. B 17 Yes
Higginbotham, Nancy   B 9  
Higinbotham, Susie   B 15 Yes
Higinbotham, Thomas B. Thomas Benton B 15 Yes
Hildreth, Edward A.   B 31  
Hippensteel, Dora May   B 31 Yes
Hoagland, Frances D.   B 31 yes
Hockenyos, Eve Eva B 19 Yes
Hodges, Cliway   B 13  
Hodges, Isora Luellen   B 16 Yes
Hohlt, Charles Wesley   B 12  
Holland, Jason   A 4 Yes
Holmes, Joseph Bright   B 31 Yes
Holmes, Joseph T.   B 28  
Holt, John J., Mrs. Holt, Anna Anderson B 22 Yes
Holt, Wm. Towensend   B 13  
Hooker, Alfred H. Alfred Harrison A 5 Yes
Hooker, Audry May Audrey B 6 Yes
Hooker, James Leonard   B 14 Yes
Hoover, Laurence Hover B 1 Yes
Hopwood, Sylvia Ella   B 22 Yes
Horn, Wm. Mathew Wm. Matthew B 12 Yes
Horton, Sarah   B 6 Yes
Hosmor, Nelson Hosmer B 5 Yes
Hover, John J.   A 8 Yes
Howard, Geo. S.   B 6  
Howard, Lillian Elizabeth   B 30 yes
Howard, William W.   B 1 Yes
Howard, Wm. Lioniel   B 1 Yes
Howell, Hannah Margaret Hanna Margaret B 25 Yes
Hoxie, Laura Marie Laura Maria A 8 Yes
Hugger, Jacob   A 3  
Hugle, Charlie   A 5  
Hugle, James   A 4  
Hull, Edgar C. Edgar E. B 11 Yes
Hull, Laura   A 3  
Humphrey, William T.   B 14 Yes
Hunta, Heneritta C. Hunter, Henrietta C. B 16 Yes
Husten, Benjamin W. Huston, Benjamin Winchester B 21 Yes
Huston, Charles E. Houston, Charles Eugene A 8 Yes
Huston, Ledia S. Lidia S. B 13 Yes
Huth, Earnest T.   B 22  
Hyatt, Mariah   B 10 Yes
Hyatt, Whiteny Gilbert Whiting Gilbert B 20 Yes
Inman, Mary Josephine   B 25 Yes
Ireland, Edward Clark   B 3 Yes
Isaacs, George W.   A 1 Yes
Ish(Jsh), Richard S. Richard L. A 2 Yes
Ish(Jsh), Sarah E.   A 2  
J(I)saaes, C. W., Mrs.   B 12  
Jackson, Margaret Reeves Margaret Reeve B 19 Yes
Jackson, Ruth Jacklin, Ruth Evelyn B 22 Yes
Jacobs, Newton A.   B 16  
James, __________ James, Margaret T. A 3 Yes
James, Chas.   B 7  
Janney, __________ Janney, Paul Eldred B 7 Yes
Janney, Douglas Neil Neal B 4 Yes
Janney, Edwin McBeth   A 7 Yes
Janney, Paul Alderd Janney, Paul Eldred B 8 Yes
Jenkins, Mary A.   B 27 Yes
Jermstad, O. P.   B 10 Yes
Jim, Gee   A 7 Yes
Jima, Everett Everitt, Irma B 16 Yes
Johnson, __________   B 30 Yes
Johnson, Albert O. Johnson, Albert A 3 Yes
Johnson, Alexander Alexandriu B 2 Yes
Johnson, Chas.   B 30 Yes
Johnson, Delbert R.   A 3 Yes
Johnson, Gustaf Alfred   B 22 Yes
Johnson, John Robert   B 20 Yes
Johnson, Louis E.   B 17  
Johnston, Albert A.   B 4 Yes
Jones, Carl L.   A 2  
Jones, Eleagar Eliagae B 17 Yes
Jones, Ethel Agnes   A 7 Yes
Jones, Even R. Even L. B 15 Yes
Jones, Free Ernest   B 29  
Jones, Joseph   B 20 Yes
Jones, William R.   B 1 Yes
Jsh(Ish), Richard S. Richard L. A 2  
Jsh(Ish), Sarah E.   A 2  
Justus, Geo. R.   B 17 Yes
Karnes, B. G. D. G. B 9 Yes
Karnes, D., Mrs.   B 1  
Karnes, John Everett   A 6 Yes
Kaufman, Chas. L. Chas. Lewis B 21 Yes
Kayama, Sadamu Koyama B 13 Yes
Keegan, Owen   B 2 Yes
Kelly, Fleeta   A 1  
Kelly, Sarah Luamma   B 8  
Kemp, Katharine P. Katharine Pike A 4 Yes
Kendall, Anna Maria Kendell B 11 Yes
Kenneday, Walter Morrison Kennedy B 4 Yes
Kennedy, Walter Morrison   B 11 Yes
Kenny, L. J.   A 1  
Keyes, John Patterson   B 1 Yes
King, Chas. Henry   B 22  
King, E. Emanuel A 1 Yes
Kline, __________   B 11  
Klippel, Jacob Klippels B 14 Yes
Knight, John   B 20  
Koppes, Margaret   B 6 Yes
Krause, Sophia Otis   B 3 Yes
Kreigh, Maggie   A 1 Yes
Kretzer, Christian   B 3 Yes
Kribs, Charles C. Charles Cramer B 11 Yes
Krutzler, Mable   A 2 Yes
Laird, Chas. Allen   B 17  
Lake, James L. James T. A 3 Yes
Lakovich, Louie   B 4 Yes
Lamb, Lawerance E. Laurence Edward A 3 Yes
Lamb, Mary L.   B 21 Yes
Lambert, George   A 6 Yes
Lance, George Washington   B 3  
Langill, __________, Mrs.   B 8 Yes
Langley, Lucy E.   B 1 Yes
Lawhorn, Percey   B 3 Yes
Lawrentz, August   B 8 Yes
Lawrentz, Herman Laurentz A 4 Yes
Lawton, Robert L. Robert Taylor A 3 Yes
Leaming, Herald Gilbert Harold Gilbert B 21 Yes
Leaslie, Mary B.   B 19  
Leatherman, Minnie E.   A 6 Yes
Lee, __________, Mrs.   A 2  
Lee, J. S. James S. B 21 Yes
Lee, Maggie   A 2  
Lehness, Anna Caroline   B 27  
Lester, Fredrick J.   B 21  
Lester, W. H.   A 5 Yes
Levine, John Levine, John Henry A 5 Yes
Lewis, __________, Mrs. Lewis, M. E. A 6 Yes
Lewis, Alfred   B 15 Yes
Liming, C. L. Liming, Charles Clifford B 9 Yes
Lindberg, Victor Hugo Lundberg B 15 Yes
Lindley, John Franklin   B 5 Yes
Liners, D.   B 17  
Linkslyer, Lobis L. Linkswiler, Tobias L. A 4 Yes
Linn, David   B 4 Yes
Lo Ady, __________   B 13 Yes
Long, __________ Long, Mary Cathrine A 4 Yes
Long, Margaret D.   A 6 Yes
Longfiller, Stephen   A 5  
Loomis, Alinon Laverne   B 19 Yes
Lovern, Jas. S. Josephus S. B 11 Yes
Lowry, L., Mrs. Lowry, Lavisa A 3 Yes
Lowry, Mildred   A 7 Yes
Loy, Isaac C.   B 22  
Lozier, Walter Levi   A 5 Yes
Lumsden, Ruth M.   A 4  
Lundy, __________   A 4  
Lundy, Mary A.   B 5  
Lydeard, Joseph Howe Lydiard B 26 Yes
Lydiard, Lola Floy Hough Lola Fay Hough B 18 Yes
Lyon, Jacob A.   A 8 Yes
Lyon, Mattie A.   A 5 Yes
Lyons, Oscar   B 18  
Lywtaker, John T.   B 4 Yes
Maben, H. Floyd   A 6 Yes
Mabin, Russell O.   A 2  
MacDonald, Malinda   A 6 Yes
Major, __________, Mrs. Majors A 4  
Margreiter, John   B 4 Yes
Marlin, Sarah E. Martin A 2 Yes
Marsh, Monroe   A 4 Yes
Marshall, Audrey Margarette   A 6 Yes
Martin, James Clendenen   A 6 Yes
Martin, Reberka Jane Rebecca Jane B 2  
Martin, Walter Scott   B 20 Yes
Martin, Wm. S.   B 15 Yes
Mathes, William M.   B 11 Yes
Mathew, W. H. Mathews, William H. B 17 Yes
Matteson, Wm. Harrison   B 27 Yes
Mays, Richard Richard D. A 3 Yes
McAllester, Harry L. McAllister, Henry L. A 4 Yes
McClure, John Otic John Otis A 5 Yes
McCuiston, Clifton Y.   B 24  
McCullough, Fred   B 28 Yes
McDenna, Chas. J. McKenna B 3 Yes
McDonald, Clara   A 6 Yes
McDonald, Eurena Ann   B 27 Yes
McDonald, Martha D.   A 8 Yes
McDonald, Norman MacDonald B 20 Yes
McDonald, Randall   A 4 Yes
McDonall, Mike   B 5 Yes
McFerson, Earnest Ernest A 5 Yes
McKain, J. R.   A 1  
McKee, William H.   B 16 Yes
McKeen, Sarah M.   B 13 Yes
McKeever, Olliver   B 6  
McKeever, Roy Elmer   B 20  
McLaughlin, Frank   B 6  
McMahan, Henry L.   B 24 Yes
McNabb, Flora   A 5  
McNichol, John McNicholl B 28 Yes
McPherson, Mary E.   B 6 Yes
McReynolds, Martha Abigail   B 22 Yes
Meader, Frank   B 10 Yes
Mears, Henry A.   B 13 Yes
Medenberger, Julia C. Miltenberger B 14 Yes
Meehan, John B.   A 8 Yes
Mego, Minnie E.   A 7 Yes
Merrett, John W. Merritt B 27 Yes
Merritt, Claud C.   B 2 Yes
Metcalf, Elmera Alimira B 10 Yes
Meyer, Amelia Meyer, Mollie B 2 Yes
Meyer, Margaret Margaret Arletta B 21 Yes
Mickelson, Oley   A 2  
Miller, Charles D.   B 14 Yes
Miller, Geo. M. Geo. Monroe B 23 Yes
Miller, Kerby S.   B 5 Yes
Miller, Mable T. Miller, Mable L., and baby B 6 Yes
Miller, Mary   B 27 Yes
Miller, Warren C.   B 11 Yes
Mills, Edward James   B 15 Yes
Mills, Eliza   A 3 Yes
Mills, James B.   A 2  
Mills, Williams R. Williams Harold A 8 Yes
Mills, Wm. J.   B 3 Yes
Minard, Louis Benj.   B 21 Yes
Minkler, Levi J.   B 12 Yes
Minkles, Frank L. Minkler B 5 Yes
Minty, Ellen Lance Lance, Minty Ellen A 7 Yes
Mondry, John   B 21  
Monia, Ivan Ivan Russell B 19 Yes
Moore, __________, Mrs.   A 1  
Moore, Augustus   B 2 Yes
Moore, Nellie   A 4 Yes
Moore, Ramie H.   A 1  
Moore, Sarah S.   B 21 Yes
Mori, Takmja Takuji B 18 Yes
Morine, Albert   B 12 Yes
Morly, John A. Morey B 17 Yes
Morris, James Liburn James Lelburn B 25 Yes
Morris, Sarah E.   B 14 Yes
Morris, William M.   B 14 Yes
Morrison, Genevieve Reams   B 25 Yes
Morrison, Grandma   A 3 Yes
Morrison, Henry E. Harry E. B 8 Yes
Morrison, Riley   B 9 Yes
Moyer, Treva B. Treva Belle A 1 Yes
Mullen, William   A 7 Yes
Murphy, James Henry   B 30 yes
Murry, Wm. E.   A 3  
Myers, Angeline   A 8 Yes
Myers, Earl Edgar   B 28 Yes
Myers, Rose   A 6 Yes
Myres, Ina Mary Myers B 22 Yes
Nadean, Oliver   B 21 Yes
Nash, Caplin   B 15  
Nealon, Eva   B 29  
Nealson, Stephen Myers Nealon B 20 Yes
Neff, James J. Neff, Tomass J. B 13 Yes
Neff, John   B 23 Yes
Neitman, August   A 3 Yes
Nelson, __________   B 2 Yes
Nelson, J. H. John H. B 9 Yes
Netherland, Phoebe Winifred   B 1  
Netherland, Samuel M. Samuel G. A 2 Yes
Nickell, Wm.   B 9  
Nickols, Glenn   B 20  
Niel, James Russell Neil B 15 Yes
Nihart, Louise J.   B 7  
Nims, Geo. P.   B 22  
Nishiyama, H.   B 10 Yes
Nye, Nathan B.   B 7 Yes
Nysroanna, John A. Nyswaner, John Orson B 22 Yes
Obenchain, John Allen   B 8 Yes
Offenbacher, Fred   B 5  
Offutt, Wm. Jacklyn   B 6  
O'Hara, Lena Mary   B 18 Yes
Olmstead, Thelma Thelma Isabelle A 2 Yes
Olson, A.   B 6  
Olson, Mahala Ann   B 17 Yes
Oniel, P. Barney   A 6 Yes
Ord, Alonzo   B 16 Yes
Orr, Hugh L.   A 5 Yes
Osborne, John   B 7 Yes
Osgood, George Emery   A 8 Yes
Ostlund, Andrew G. Ortlund B 24 Yes
Owens, P. A.   A 5  
Owens, Wm.   B 7  
Owings, Geo. D.   B 9 Yes
Packard, R. B.   B 30 Yes
Page, __________ Page, Olive A 4 Yes
Paley, Zela   B 16  
Palmer, Henry L.   B 7 Yes
Pankey, E., Mrs. Pankey, Fanny Strickland A 1 Yes
Pankey, Effie   B 15 Yes
Panky, __________ Pankey, James A 1 Yes
Parker, __________, Mrs.   A 1  
Parroll, Jane Carrol, Jane B 23 Yes
Patrick, George H.   B 28 Yes
Patterson, H. H. Patterson, Henry H. A 1 Yes
Patterson, Henry B.   B 26  
Patterson, Henry C. Coy Patterson, Henry Clay B 22 Yes
Patterson, Joshua   B 26 Yes
Pearce, Evan H. Enan H. B 28 Yes
Pearce, October Lola   B 22  
Pearson, Mitchall Mitchell B 12 Yes
Peart, __________   B 28  
Pech, Henry E.   B 1  
Pellett, Isabella   B 20  
Pemberton, John W.   B 26 Yes
Perkins, Florence Emeline   A 6 Yes
Perry, Edward   B 18 Yes
Peterson, Chas.   B 10  
Peterson, Hana L.   A 5  
Philbroch, Maud M. Philbrook, Maude D. B 21 Yes
Philips, Charles S. Phelps B 31 yes
Phipps, John M.   A 6 Yes
Photen, Eveline   B 21  
Pickens, Dorthy   A 8 Yes
Pierce, Gage   B 23 Yes
Pierce, Harriet C.   B 13 Yes
Pierce, Jacob   B 10  
Plant, Marie Ja   A 6  
Pollard, Al   B 8 Yes
Polle, Scott W.   B 16  
Porter, __________   B 16 Yes
Porter, Oscar   B 6  
Pottinger, Mary Catherine Payne Mary Catherine Logan A 7 Yes
Powell, Arthur Edward   B 13 Yes
Powers, Orlie H.   B 17  
Price, Minnie   B 30 yes
Pride, John   B 25 Yes
Prim, __________, Mrs.   B 8  
Prim, Chas.   B 27  
Prim, Genevieve M.   B 23  
Prudy, Samuel Pressley Purdy B 15 Yes
Pruett, Charles Allen   B 15 Yes
Pruett, Jennie E.   B 23  
Pruitt, Hetty Beck Hetty O. Beck B 19 Yes
Purdin, Lizzie   A 3 Yes
Pyhurst, James E.   B 9  
Radovan, Frank M.   B 26  
Randell, Andrew J.   B 8 Yes
Randell, Margaret Randall B 31 Yes
Rap, Archy D.   A 2  
Rapp, Martha E.   B 11 Yes
Rasue, __________, Mrs. Rissue, Wm., Mrs. A 1 Yes
Rawlings, Alan A.   A 5  
Rawlings, Anna R.   A 5 Yes
Rawlings, Grant   A 3  
Reame, Lizzie L.   B 11 Yes
Reames, Archie   B 3  
Reames, James R. James Robert A 2 Yes
Redden, Leventine C.   B 16 Yes
Reddy, Bridget   B 3 Yes
Reese, Wm. Samuel Rease B 7 Yes
Reilard, Edward Remilard B 30 Yes
Reser(Oeser), Elsie Ida   B 31  
Rice, Anna Bell   B 10 Yes
Rice, L. A., Mrs.   A 1  
Richards, Jeff   B 8 Yes
Richards, Samuel J. Richerdson A 3 Yes
Richardson, Jeanette Catherine   B 18 Yes
Richardson, Jesse   B 13 Yes
Riebe, Leora Evelyn Cora Evelyn B 16 Yes
Riggs, Michael   A 1 Yes
Riley, Wm. A.   B 29 Yes
Risden, Bertha Risdon B 2 Yes
Rissue, Dollie   A 2 Yes
Robbins, James W.   A 7 Yes
Robbins, John   B 9  
Robbins, Jonathan Andrew Johnathan B 9 Yes
Robbins, Sarah   B 5 Yes
Roberts, __________, Mrs. Roberts, Sarah A 1 Yes
Roberts, Geo.   B 30 yes
Roberts, H. K., Mrs.   A 6  
Roberts, R. C. Robert C. B 16 Yes
Roberts, W. B.   A 1 Yes
Roberts, William G.   A 2  
Roberts, William J.   B 30 Yes
Robinett, Samuel F.   B 31  
Robinson, Edgor O.   A 2  
Robinson, Regina Dorland   B 14  
Robinson, Wm.   B 9  
Robison, Samuel M.   B 2 Yes
Rodgers, Kieth Elvin Keith Melvin B 21 Yes
Rolfe, George   B 6 Yes
Rolfe, George Cooley   B 2 Yes
Roppenberger, Ephram Otto   B 20  
Rosenbaum, Alice Gladys   B 6 Yes
Rosenberg, Samuel   B 12 Yes
Ross, Frances I.   B 21 Yes
Roth, Helen Ethel   A 3 Yes
Rouse, Alvin Rouse, Alvia Alvin A 5 Yes
Rumy, Burtis H. Rumsey B 13 Yes
Russel, Lloyd E.   B 5  
Russell, William J.   B 21 Yes
Ryan, James J.   A 7 Yes
Saltmarsh, Joseph B.   A 2 Yes
Sargent, Sarah   B 6  
Sawash, Josey M. Sowash B 2 Yes
Schmalhausen, Lillie   B 9 Yes
Scott, Clinton Charles   B 2 Yes
Scott, George W.   B 13 Yes
Scott, Joseph L.   A 4 Yes
Scranton, Joseph W.   B 1 Yes
Seaman, Lealand Charles   B 19 Yes
Sendder, E. E.   A 2  
Seymour, Walter J.   B 4 Yes
Shaw, L. A.   A 5  
Sheldon, Sidney K.   A 1  
Shew, Coe F. Geo. F. B 12 Yes
Shidler, John H. Shidiler B 15 Yes
Sifers, Dora E.   B 10 Yes
Simmons, John M.   B 4 Yes
Sisty, James Lewis   B 7 Yes
Sisty, John   B 18 Yes
Skaggs, Sarah A.   B 14 Yes
Skeeters, Isaac G.   A 4 Yes
Skepp, __________ Shipp, Susie B 21 Yes
Skinner, J. J.   A 1  
Skinner, Lorane Mildred   B 17 Yes
Slaughter, Thomas A. Slaughter, J. A. Thomas B 17 Yes
Sleppy, S. P.   A 3 Yes
Slewing, Robert R.   B 5 Yes
Sloves, Lucinda Slover B 24 Yes
Smith, Chas. W.   B 30  
Smith, Enoch M. Enoch Madison B 24 Yes
Smith, Godlep J.   B 12 Yes
Smith, James   A 3 Yes
Smith, Joe Joseph C. B 6 Yes
Smith, John Andrew John Andrews B 17 Yes
Smith, John Noah   B 5 Yes
Smith, Josephine Josiephine B 18 Yes
Smith, Mary   B 7 Yes
Smith, Mary Elizabeth   A 8 Yes
Smith, Melford Melford W. B 6 Yes
Smith, Parthena Arthur   B 1 Yes
Smith, Pheba Jane   B 3 Yes
Smith, William Sooy Sooy-Smith B 11 Yes
Snook, Allie Amilia Allice Amilia B 11 Yes
Snyder, Mildred   B 29 Yes
Soless, Daniel Bleanoes Soliss B 17 Yes
Soule, M. V. B. Soule, Martin V. A 4 Yes
Sowash, Susan   A 1  
Sowen, Mattie C.   A 2  
Sowerby, N. W. Sowerby, Nelson Hill A 4 Yes
Spears, Mollie A. Speas A 4 Yes
Specia, Fernand Ferdand B 5 Yes
Speick, James Louis Sprink/Spink B 19 Yes
Sperer, Benjamin R. Speyer B 14 Yes
Stacey, Anney S. Anney L. A 3 Yes
Stancliff, Elizabeth   B 26 Yes
Stancliff, Henry F. Henry Franklin A 5 Yes
Stancliff, Perry Perry W. B 3 Yes
Standley, Philip R. Philip Richard A 2 Yes
Stein, Chas. W.   B 24 Yes
Stens, Julias Stein, Julius B 14 Yes
Stenson, Geo.   B 17  
Stevens, Earl Ray   B 24 Yes
Stevens, Garrett   A 7 Yes
Stevens, James Madison   B 26 Yes
Stevens, Lillian Eaden   B 20 Yes
Stevenson, Gladys P.   B 16  
Stewart, __________, Mrs.   A 5  
Stewart, Elizabeth   A 7  
Stewart, Francis M.   B 24  
Stewart, Joseph H. Joseph Howard A 2 Yes
Stewart, Robert Sharon   B 17  
Stewart, William H.   B 13 Yes
Stickland, Frank A.   B 11 Yes
Stinnson, J. P. Stimson A 4 Yes
Stinprom, __________, Mrs.   A 1  
Stinson, Oscer C.   B 3 Yes
Stocks, Bertha Jane   B 2 Yes
Stone, Rachel Catherine Cathrine B 7 Yes
Stone, Violet P. Violet Pearl A 5 Yes
Storey, __________, Mrs.   A 1  
Stout, Carl David   B 18 Yes
Stover, Joel   B 16 Yes
Strange, Pliny Robinson Stranges A 2  
Straube, Christina   B 5 Yes
Stroinski, John   B 17 Yes
Stuart, Dorthy   B 28 Yes
Sturgers, Melvin D. Sturgess, Mcloin D. A 5 Yes
Sturgess, Elmira Almira A 5 Yes
Summers, Gorden Gordon B 20 Yes
Summers, Melvin   B 19 Yes
Summers, William William Calvin B 20 Yes
Surran, James Densmore   B 1 Yes
Sutton, Permilia   B 3 Yes
Svendsen, Miles C. Niels Clemmen B 16 Yes
Swainson, Ethel M.   B 7 Yes
Swinning, J. Swenning, Paul A 1 Yes
Tacklun, John   B 7  
Taggart, Jas. C.   B 10 Yes
Talbot, Frank Albert   B 1 Yes
Talent, Aaron Patton   B 7 Yes
Taylor, Albert Elilton   B 22  
Taylor, Gertrude N. Gertrude M. B 7 Yes
Taylor, John B.   B 10 Yes
Taylor, Rolan Hobert   B 17 Yes
Telscher, H. H.   B 9  
Thatcher, Roy H.   A 5 Yes
Thomas, Florance May   B 4 Yes
Thomas, J. W. Thomas, Illtid William B 14 Yes
Thompson, Alexander   B 23 Yes
Thompson, Grace   B 9  
Thompson, Martha Mahala   B 31 Yes
Thorndike, John Hall   B 12 Yes
Thorndike, Roxanna E.   B 25  
Thrasher, Nancy V.   B 15 Yes
Threadgould, Ann   B 16 Yes
Toepper, August   B 30 yes
Tou Velle, Suson M. Susan B 2 Yes
Towne, W. L.   A 5  
Trana, Peter A.   A 8 Yes
Trefren, Frank Edgar   B 31 Yes
Tripp, Hiram, Mrs. Tripp, Hiram A 3 Yes
Tripp, Maria L.   B 16 Yes
Trockell, Rudolph Trocksel B 2 Yes
True, Jeremiah P.   A 3 Yes
True, Jerimiah V. Jeremiah V. A 3 Yes
True, S. J., Mrs. True, Sarah J. A 1 Yes
Truee, __________ True B 18 Yes
Tryer, Ed   A 5  
Tryer, Frank Frank M. A 2 Yes
Tucker, __________ Tucker, James A. A 1 Yes
Tungate, Frances Marion Francis Marion B 20 Yes
Tunnell, Edwards L. Edward Lynn B 27 Yes
Tunnell, Mary Ann   B 21 Yes
Tunny, William Ellis Tumy B 24 Yes
Turnbough, Donald Willis   B 5 Yes
Turner, Mazie E.   B 3  
Turpin, Hamilton C.   B 8 Yes
Van Auken, Mary Delight   B 24 Yes
Van Dyke, John Gilmore   B 5 Yes
Van Dyke, Kate   A 3  
Van Meter, Anna M. Ann M. B 10 Yes
Van Scoy, Orla   B 11  
Van Scoy, Paul E.   A 3  
VanDyke, Edith A.   B 16  
Verbick, Robert L.   B 17  
Vestel, Roy   B 18  
Vincent, Benton   B 25 Yes
Vincent, Elizabeth   B 14 Yes
Vincent, W. Vincent, Washington A 2 Yes
Vissino, Emery   B 4 Yes
Vogel, E., Mrs.   A 6 Yes
von Ehivigen, Catharine   A 3 Yes
Waggoner, Amanda   A 4 Yes
Walch, __________   B 30 Yes
Walden, John   B 10 Yes
Walker, Rankin Ranking B 11 Yes
Walter, Glen Harvey   B 23 Yes
Walters, Chas. W.   B 4 Yes
Walters, Elmer R.   A 4  
Walters, Grover Cleveland   B 22 Yes
Walters, Jennie Lind   B 2 Yes
Walters, Margrett   A 7 Yes
Walters, Olive Amanda   B 27  
Walz, Jacob S.   B 4 Yes
Wamsley, George Harlen George Harlan B 17 Yes
Warner, Edward N.   B 25  
Warner, Harriet Malinda   B 14 Yes
Warner, Lyman B.   B 15 Yes
Waterman, Harriet F.   A 3 Yes
Waters, Nancy Ellen   B 14 Yes
Watkins, Grace Edith   B 28 Yes
Watson, Hamilton Smith   B 17 Yes
Webb, Ela   A 4  
Webb, Joseph   B 23 Yes
Webb, Vesta Elizabeth   B 7  
Webster, John   B 12 Yes
Weeks, Sarah E. Sarah Elizabeth B 20 Yes
Weidenhammer, Geo. A. Geo. Allen A 2 Yes
Welch, Nelda C. Nelda Grace A 5 Yes
Weldon, Ernest   B 28 Yes
Wells, Jonathan   B 1  
Wells, Lylburn Orion Sylburn Orion B 18 Yes
Wells, Penciella Penceilla B 28 Yes
Wells, Wm. Nathan   B 27 Yes
Westerland, __________, Miss Westerlund, Charlotte S. B 9 Yes
Westerlund, Charlotte   B 9 Yes
Weston, Anna Marie   B 15 Yes
Weston, Gail   A 1  
While(White), Jms H.   A 5  
White(While), Jms H.   A 5  
White, Harriet N. Osbern Osborne, Harriet B 20 Yes
White, James Thomas   B 18 Yes
White, Thomas   B 22 Yes
Whitehead, Lissie   A 6 Yes
Whitsett, Wm.   B 4 Yes
Whitstone, Floyd   A 2  
Whitstone, Hannah Harriott Whetstone B 16 Yes
Whitstone, Nancy   B 8  
Wild, __________, Mrs. Wild, Alice A 1 Yes
Wild, Ann   A 1  
Wilds, G. B.   A 1  
Wiley, B. F.   B 16  
Wiley, Saboa Sabra B 13 Yes
Wilkenson, Edward H.   B 16  
Wilker, Emilie Bertha   B 3 Yes
Wilkinson, Edward William   A 4 Yes
Williams, Alfred Travis   A 8 Yes
Williams, Elmria Adeline Elmira Adeline B 12 Yes
Williams, John M.   B 17 Yes
Willits, Roy   B 17  
Wilson, Aseneath   A 2 Yes
Wilson, Dennis Franklin   B 24 Yes
Wilson, Gowen Wilbur   B 20 Yes
Wilson, J.   A 1  
Wilson, James L.   B 31 Yes
Wilson, Luther J.   B 16  
Wilson, Robert   B 20 Yes
Wilson, Sarah Sarah Jane B 11 Yes
Wilson, William   A 5  
Wimer, Hazel   A 8 Yes
Wimer, Minnie Dell   A 8 Yes
Winklebleck, Sarah E.   B 20 Yes
Wiseman, May A. Mary A. B 12 Yes
Wood, Agnes G.   B 8 Yes
Wood, Celia Lucelia Elizabeth B 21 Yes
Woodford, Alonzo M.   B 25 Yes
Woody, Asa N.   B 16  
Woody, Louann   A 8 Yes
Woody, Sarah Catherine Catherna B 7 Yes
Woolf, Eva Dora   B 15 Yes
Wright, __________, Mrs.   A 1  
Wright, Amy   B 1 Yes
Wright, Gerald W.   A 6 Yes
Wright, John   A 5 Yes
Wright, John Elsworth   B 2 Yes
Wyland, Aaron   B 10 Yes
Yeager, David Daniel B 20 Yes
Yeals, Abraham Yeats B 16 Yes
Young, Charles Freeman   B 24 Yes
Young, Edna May   B 9 Yes
Zimmerlee, Wm.   B 11 Yes
Zimmerman, Charles H.   B 16 Yes