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Medford Mail Tribune Scanned Obituary Index for 1899

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Our JCGL volunteers are scanning and indexing microfilmed images of Medford Mail Tribune Obituaries and Death Notices. Below is an index to the 1899 scanned images. It includes the name of the deceased person, his/her place of birth (when available), and the number we have assigned to the image. If the deceased person is a married woman and her maiden name was given in the obituary, this is included in the index. If you would like to receive a copy of a scanned obituary, follow this link, Postal Request Form to display the request form. Complete and print the form, then send it to the address shown along with a check for $10 and a stamped, self-addressed envelope. Some of the scanned obituaries require more than one image. We will send them all for a single $10 fee, but you must put all the image numbers (e.g., scan123456, scan123457) on your request. Be sure to provide all the required information on the form.

For faster turnaround, use the Buy Now button below to make a secure online payment and to provide the information needed to fill your request. Be sure you fill ALL fields in the form including all image scan numbers. When you complete the transaction, our librarian will copy the requested information and email it to you as an attachment. It will be sent as a .jpg (picture) file. When you receive this .jpg file, click on it and it will be loaded into your picture viewer from which you can print a hard copy.

Scanned Mail Tribune Obituaries
Last Name, First Name
Year, Image Number

Name Place of Birth Image Number
Adlington, Mary scan124820,124820a
Angle, Homer scan124876,124876a
Aubrey, Amelia N. scan124846
Basye, Alice scan124868
Beall, Carrie scan124878
Becker, Maria P. Utica NY scan124845
Bennet, W. J. scan124850
Brown, Robert scan124869
Buoy, B. L. scan124918
Bybee, Elizabeth Ann scan124907,124907a
Cameron, Mary scan124820,124820a
Cheever, Amazilla "Grandma Cheever" NY scan124914
Chriswell, Myrtle scan124830
Cox, Ida  scan124809
Cox, Ida Belle Rowan Co TN scan124808
Cox, Ida Belle scan124810
Daley, Wm. (2) scan124891,124891a
Daley, Wm. B. scan124890
Demmer, August P. scan124871
Devenney, Catherine scan124886
Dickison, Mattie A. Muskingham Co OH scan124849
Dollarhide, Myrtle scan124830
Duncan, Ralph G. scan124802
Edwards, Mary A. scan124995
Elmer, Peter scan124889
Evans, (?) scan124815
Evans, Charles I. scan124818
Faith, (Mrs. E. J. Pool) scan124990
Freil, Martha scan124909
French, William Jr. scan124822
Furry, Samuel (Hon.) PA scan124848
Galvin, J. T. scan124867
Graham, Pearl scan124863
Graupner, Edward scan124811 7/17/19
Hamilton, Leona Blanch scan124921,124921a
Hamlin, (Mrs. G. W.) scan124910
Hammond, Egbert Clinton Co IA scan124834,124834a
Hammond, Mary D. IN scan124829
Hardman, Benj. scan124813
Heck, Louis scan124803
Helms, Elizabeth IN scan124812
Helms, H. V. scan124864,124864a
Hemenway, Estella scan124916
Hesselgrave, Katie Jasper Co IA scan124873
High, Lester V. Yolo Co CA scan124832
Hill, Arna Douglas Co OR scan124837
Hogue, (Son) scan124841,124841a
Householder, (Mrs, G. E. Wilcox)   scan124860
Householder, Daisy Bell scan124872
Householder, Emma scan124855
Hover, (Daughter) scan124870
Howe, Jas. scan124912
Hudson, Olive scan124838
Ingersoll, Robert G. scan124996
Jeffrey, (Mrs.) scan124807
Jeffrey, M. Maria Rockingham Co NC scan124806
Jonah, Indian scan124994
Jonah, Jos. scan124894
Jones, S. Donald scan124816
Jones, S. Donald (2) scan124817
Keeney, Cecil scan124859
Kendell, Elnathan scan124836
Kennedy, Stella B. scan124844
Kennian, (Son) scan124856
Lewis, Charles Franklin KY scan124801
Lynch, C. H. scan124851,124851a
Lytle, Otto scan124885
Makin, Margaret scan124882
Manworing, (Mrs. C. H.) scan124840
Martin, Lulu scan124857
Matney, (Mrs. Roundtree) scan124823
McCully, Jane Mason Scotland scan125862
McKee, (Mrs. Wm.) scan124881
McKee, (Mrs. Wm.) scan124887
Michael, Thomas scan124993
Miller, (Mrs. James) scan124915
Miller, Nancy M. scan124847
Moore, (Mr.) scan124804,124804a
Morey, (Mrs. J. A.) scan124839
Morey, Ida I. Waukegan IL scan124843
Neil, Roy scan124854
Ninger, James (2) scan124827
Nininger, James E. scan124826
O'Brien, John scan124853
Pearce, Lulu scan124857
Pearson, John scan124874
Pence, D. W. scan124896
Pence, David scan124888
Pence, David OH scan124989
Phipps, Elizqabeth IN scan124812
Plymale, Josephine L. Platt Co MO scan124858
Pool. (Mrs. E. J.) scan124990
Prim, P. P. (Judge) scan124880
Prim, P. P. (Judge) scan124897
Prim, Paine Page (Hon.) Wilson Co TN scan124883,124883a
Rodgers, Dora scan124917
Root, Sarah M. MD scan124992
Ross, Charlie scan124879
Roundtree, (Mrs.) scan124823
Ruch, W. H. scan124814
Schmidtling, Irwin E. scan124833
Shadl, Jacob scan124866
Slocum, Henry E. scan124831
Smith, Hosea Tilson scan124919
Stevenson, Benjamin Franklin, Jr. "Frank" Jacksonville IL scan124875
Stewart, James D. Manchester NY scan124861
Stewart, Thos. W. scan124825
Taylor, Hayes B. scan124828
Thompson, Samuel C. scan124819
Thompson, Samuel C. McMinn Co TN scan124824
Torry, Bertha Bernice scan124920
Tryer, John Forest Montgomery Co OH scan124895
Walker, Nancy M. scan124847
Wallace, J. Frank scan124991
Walsworth, (Mrs. E. C.) scan124826
Ward, J. W. (Rev.) IN scan124898
Wilcox, (Mrs. G. E.) scan124860
Winters, Chas. Sweden scan124911
Witt, (Infant Daughter) scan124893
Young, Elizabeth scan124913

Last Updated: 07/17/2019