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Medford Mail Tribune Scanned Obituary Index for 1904

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Our JCGL volunteers are scanning and indexing microfilmed images of Medford Mail Tribune Obituaries and Death Notices. Below is an index to the 1904 scanned images. It includes the name of the deceased person, his/her place of birth (when available), and the number we have assigned to the image. If the deceased person is a married woman and her maiden name was given in the obituary, this is included in the index. If you would like to receive a copy of a scanned obituary, follow this link, Postal Request Form to display the request form. Complete and print the form, then send it to the address shown along with a check for $10 and a stamped, self-addressed envelope. Some of the scanned obituaries require more than one image. We will send them all for a single $10 fee, but you must put all the image numbers (e.g., scan123456, scan123457) on your request. Be sure to provide all the required information on the form.

For faster turnaround, use the Buy Now button below to make a secure online payment and to provide the information needed to fill your request. Be sure you fill ALL fields in the form including all image scan numbers. When you complete the transaction, our librarian will copy the requested information and email it to you as an attachment. It will be sent as a .jpg (picture) file. When you receive this .jpg file, click on it and it will be loaded into your picture viewer from which you can print a hard copy.

Scanned Mail Tribune Obituaries
Last Name, First Name
Year, Image Number

Name Place of Birth Image Number
Alford, Charles scan125689
Amick, John Randolph Howard Co MO scan125580,125580a
Barber, Mary scan125590
Barron, H. F. (Major) VA scan125711,125711a
Betz, Wm. (2) scan125668
Betz, Wm. A. scan125666
Bilger, (Mrs. Theo Cameron) Burlington IA scan125608
Blecher, Johanna scan125603
Bleecher, (Miss) Germany scan125604
Boardman, Charles Richard scan125579
Bogard, Emily scan125669
Bowdoin, Joseph Arthur AL scan125592
Bradford, (Mrs. Wm.) scan125648
Briner, George scan125624
Brooks, Amelia scan125562
Butler, Martha M. IN scan125717
Byrne, Terry P. scan125567
Caine, W. H. scan125684
Caine, Wm. H. (2) scan125685
Cameron, (Mrs. Theo) Burlington IA scan125608
Cameron, (Mrs.) scan125617,125617a
Carrick, Arthur D. Yreka CA scan125670
Casebeer, Elizabeth scan125633
Chapman, (Mrs. Jos.) scan125686
Childers, Mary scan125659
Clark, Walter E. scan125572
Cole, Roseania scan125585,125585a
Comegys, Georgge scan125660
Comestalk, (Young) scan125665
Cornutt, (Mrs. Stephen) scan125709
Crain, Susannah Patterson NJ scan125600
Creede, Franklin J. NC scan125582
Cussick, Willie scan125696
Deboy, Elizabeth Antoinette MA scan125706
Denton, Elma L. Yakima WA scan125606
Drake, (Mrs. Fred M.) scan125640
Faris, J. Robert scan125642
Ford, William scan125669
Gay, (Daughter) scan125679
Gay, Flora scan125681
Godfrey, Robert Pleasant Gap MO scan125573,125573a
Goldstone, Mark scan125595
Graham, Rose L. scan125599
Hackney, (Mrs. A. J.) scan125570
Haines, Mat scan125650
Halley, William F. Lynchburg VA scan125645
Hanley, Mary H. scan125671
Harris, (Mr.) scan125565
Hartery, Michael Ireland scan125610,125610a
Heatherly, A. O. scan125626
Heatherly, Eudora  scan125598
Heatherly, Eudora O. Jacksonville OR scan125588
Hendrix, Martha M. IN scan125717
Henneway, Olive Ashland OR scan125667
Heston, Robert scan125619
Heston, Robert (2) scan125625
Hilt, Allen scan125707
Huffstader, Edward KS scan125571
Hull, (Mrs. C. C.) scan125713
Iler, Mae O. WI scan125644
Inlow, Benjamin Franklin Bourbon Co KY scan125614,125614a
Inlow, F. B. scan125622
Inman, T. A. MO scan125715
Johnson, Caner scan125682
Judy, Mary scan125629
Judy, Mary Blondell Clickatat Co WA scan125636,125636a
Kaher, Charles Wesley OH scan125687
Kahler, C. W. scan125691
Karr, W. H. scan125702
Kennedy, Maude scan125563
Kent, (Mrs. Thomas B.) scan125575
King, Emanuel OH scan125634
King, Emanuel scan125638,125638a
King, Wilsy P. scan125621
Klum, Elma L. Yakima WA scan125606
Knighton, Edward Jackson Co OR scan125596
Krause, (Mrs. Theo Cameron) Burlington IA scan125608
Kreigh, Maggie Jackson Co OR scan125714
Layton, Lola MO scan125616
Lewis, John scan125661
Lewis, John KY scan125607
Lewis, Polly "Grandma Lewis" scan125627,125627a
Locke, O. scan125632
Logue, William Knox Co OH scan125655
Mack, A. H. IL scan125695
Mahoney, (Mrs. Arthur) scan125657
Malone, J. scan125683
Martin, Rochel McMinnville OR scan125656
McCain, J. S. (Rev.) Delphi IN scan125568
McCain, J. S. (Rev.) scan125569
McKee, (Son) scan125688
McKnight, Wm. scan125693
Moody, Rochel McMinnville OR scan125656
Moore, Harvy Molter Co IL scan125718,125718a
Morris, J. H. scan125690
Morris, Levi scan125630
Murphy, Mary scan125698
Myers, Hannah scan125721
Myres, (Mrs. Jacob) scan125720
Nail, Mary Elizabeth TN scan125647
Nelson, T. E. scan125609
Nye, Chauncey Macomb Co MI scan125576,125576a
Oliver, S. P. scan125701
Oliver, S. P. scan125703
Owen, Eudora  scan125598
Owen, Eudora O. Jacksonville OR scan125588
Pankey, Mary H. "Grandma" scan125653
Parker, C. W. scan125605
Perozzi, Martin Switzerland scan125705
Plymale, W. J. Knox Co TN scan125566
Pool, (Mrs. Roy) scan125704
Pool, (Mrs. Roy) scan125708
Radford, (Infant Daughter) scan125602
Rawlings, Carl scan125649
Richardson, Bert E. scan125591
Riggs, Michael VT scan125593,125593a
Riggs, Michael Milton VT scan125601
Rissue, Ary A. Marysville CA scan125716
Roberts, W. B. scan125658
Roberts, W. B. Nashville TN scan125662
Rockfellow, Sarah Jefferson Co OH scan125578
Roper, Fordyce Catskill NY scan125564
Savage, James scan125699,125699a
Sayles, J. L. scan125641
Sheldon, Sydney scan125694
Skinner, (Son) scan125635
Skinner, (Son) scan125643
Slover, (Mrs. A. J. Hackney) scan125570
Smith, H. L. scan125692
Stanley, Tyra IL scan125587
Stinson, Maud scan125646
Swope, E. A. scan125654
Taylor, Orlie scan125623
Thomonson, Sylvan scan125589
Thompson, Agnes scan125631
Thumberg, Henry scan125683
Tice, Maggie Jackson Co OR scan125714
Van Antwerp, (Mrs. D. H.) scan125651
Van Antwerp, (Mrs.) scan125652
Van Antwerp, Addie S. Otsego Co NY scan125663,125663a
Virgin, (Mrs. Fred M. Drake) scan125640
Walker, Daniel scan125610
Wells, Florence scan125680
Weston, Gail scan125612
White, Archie G. scan125620
Wild, (Child) scan125613
Wild, Sarah England scan125584
Wilson, Mary Elizabeth TN scan125647
Wright, (Mrs. Robinson) scan125697
Wright, Susannah Patterson NJ scan125600
Note: September and October Obituaries are missing

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