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Medford Mail Tribune Scanned Obituary Index for 1910

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Our JCGL volunteers are scanning and indexing microfilmed images of Medford Mail Tribune Obituaries and Death Notices. Below is an index to the 1910 scanned images. It includes the name of the deceased person, his/her place of birth (when available), and the number we have assigned to the image. If the deceased person is a married woman and her maiden name was given in the obituary, this is included in the index. If you would like to receive a copy of a scanned obituary, follow this link, Postal Request Form to display the request form. Complete and print the form, then send it to the address shown along with a check for $10 and a stamped, self-addressed envelope. Some of the scanned obituaries require more than one image. We will send them all for a single $10 fee, but you must put all the image numbers (e.g., scan123456, scan123457) on your request. Be sure to provide all the required information on the form.

For faster turnaround, use the Buy Now button below to make a secure online payment and to provide the information needed to fill your request. Be sure you fill ALL fields in the form including all image scan numbers. When you complete the transaction, our librarian will copy the requested information and email it to you as an attachment. It will be sent as a .jpg (picture) file. When you receive this .jpg file, click on it and it will be loaded into your picture viewer from which you can print a hard copy.

Scanned Mail Tribune Obituaries
Last Name, First Name
Year, Image Number

Name Place of Birth Image Number
Adams, Helen J.   scan123862
Anderson, William Thomas Little Rock AR scan123875
Armstrong, Minerva VA scan124000
Armstrong, Minerva   scan124003
Bailey, John MO scan123893
Bartlett, Alice Marie   scan124002
Barton, (Mrs. Lou)   scan123955
Beard, John S. (Judge)   scan124041
Beaulieu, (Mrs. F. E.)   scan123946
Beeson, Olive Hearing   scan123874
Beeson, Ollie Hearing Sweet Home OR scan123880
Bellinger, Merritt Canada scan123972/123972a
Beveridge, (Mrs. Lou Barton)   scan123955
Blakely, Addie O.   scan123919,123919a
Blakely, Adeo Pittsburg PA scan123922
Bodge, Ross   scan123959
Bodge, Warren   scan123013
Bodge, Warren   scan123014
Bodge, Warren   scan123017
Bodge, Warren E. Ada OH scan123018
Booth, J. O. (Hon.)   scan123851
Brobeck, Nine   scan123870
Brower, (Infant)   scan123891
Brown, George England scan123012
Brown, Joseph   scan123995
Brush, (Mrs. Hugh Hume)   scan123929
Buck, (Mrs. Joe)   scan123894
Burnham, Sarah E. VA scan123964
Butler, America E. Bourbon Co KY scan123927
Byrum, (Mrs. W. R.)   scan123904
Byrum, (Mrs. W. R.)   scan123908
Cameron, Robert J.   scan123918
Cameron, William   scan123926
Cardwell, Edward   scan123928
Carlson, Casteen   scan124009
Carlton, Louise   scan123011
Case, Lillian Ralls Gold Hill OR scan123933
Clark, Charles J. OH scan123913
Clark, Charles J.   scan123924
Cline, Frank D.   scan123900
Conners, Geo. Canada scan123931
Conser, Lloyd Thompson Flat Rock OH scan123925
Cooper, William G. Knox Co IL scan123936
Cousor, L. T.   scan123923
Cronemiller, David   scan124006
Cronemiller, David PA scan123007
Crowley, Dennis   scan123850
Dahl, E. C.   scan123879
Day, Silas J.   scan123841
Demaray, Loretta M.   scan123924
Dennis, Jasper R.   scan123869
Dixon, Volney Wait   scan123922
Doane, Sarah M. VT scan123967
Draft, Charles   scan124045
Edmeades, (Mrs. Thomas) England scan123943
Ellis, Belle   scan124033,123033a
Ellis, Belle   scan124035,124035a
Ellis, Harmon   scan123844
Emerick, J. C. Lysander NY scan123019
Farmer, (Mrs. J. S. McCain)   scan123957
Farmer, N. VA scan123956
Fawcett(e), Clara   scan123949
Feltger, Henry Belgium scan123855
Feltges, Henry   scan123854
Francis, (Mrs.)   scan123885
Gaber, Nick   scan123902
Gardner, L. F. NY scan123902
Gaunyaw, J. E. NY scan123843
Goble, Gemenemers (Capt.) Rock Island IL scan123925
Gore, Clarence   scan123861
Gore, Clarence W. Ashland OR scan123856
Gore, Clarence W. Ashland OR scan123858
Gore, Emerson E. Halifax VT scan123921
Greer, Otis   scan123953
Hammond, C. R.   scan124040
Hanna, H. K.   scan123951
Hanna, H. K. (Judge)   scan123950
Hanna, H. K. (Judge)   scan123952
Hanna, Hiero Kennedy (Judge) Steuben Co NY scan123947,123947a
Hannah, Jemima   scan123896
Harmon, William A. Greenwich NY scan124038
Harrington, (Mrs. G. H.)   scan123863
Hart, J. H.   scan123932
Hart, John H. Scotland scan123934
Haviland, Ben   scan123994
Hearing, Olive   scan123874
Hearing, Ollie Sweet Home OR scan123880
Heatherly, Opal   scan123941
Heckart, Emma   scan123960
Helman, A. D. (Capt.) Ashland Co OH scan123873
Hodson, E. G.   scan123927
Holcomb, (Mrs. R. A.)   scan123930
Hooker, Alfred Harrison Indianapolis IN scan123865
Horn, David   scan123907
Houston, Florence   scan123864
Huddle, Charles   scan123842
Hume, (Mrs. Hugh)   scan123929
Iunker, Charles   scan123968
James, Frank   scan123842
Jerome, Daisy   scan123901
Kanapka (old man)   scan123846
Karnes, John Everett Long Beach CA scan123969
Kelso, James (Rev.) PA scan123868
Kincaid, William MO scan123967
Kinkol. (Son)   scan123939
Knappa, Angus   scan123845
Knaucke, Agnace   scan123847
Kubli, Henry D. Applegate OR scan123976
Lambert, Geo.   scan123999
Languish, A.   scan123872
Leary, Thomas   scan123962
Leatherman, Minnie E.   scan123895
Lee, Booth   scan123938
Leonard, Robert NY scan123997
Lincoln, (Son)   scan123016
Long, Margaret D.   scan123889
Long, Margaret D.   scan123887
Maben, Floyd Colorado Springs CO scan123993
Martin, James Clendon   scan123998
Martin, Mamie   scan123898
McCain, (Mrs. J. S.)   scan123957
McCain, (Mrs. J. S.)   scan123958
McCain, N. VA scan123956
McClure, J. O. St Cloud MN scan123849
McClure, John Otis   scan123852
McDonald, Clara   scan123895
McLellan(d), H. A.   scan123878
McLellan, H. A.   scan123876
McLellan, H. A.   scan123884
McNary, Crystal   scan124042
McNary, Crystal   scan124043
Meade, Helen   scan123853
Meade, N. B.   scan124039
Megerle, George   scan123985/123985a
Merley, Sara J.   scan124010
Minier, C. E.   scan123886
Minnick, (Mrs. S. C.)   scan123857
Montgomery, Jack   scan123974
Moore, Dee   scan123897
Neil, Claiborne   scan123937
Newberry, (Mrs. B. F.)   scan123945
Newell, Herbert Lake Co OR scan123935
Newell, Walter Lake Co OR scan123935
O'Brien, James   scan124001
Parker, Guy   scan123963
Pegg, Henry L.   scan123975
Pittenger, Walter R.   scan124004
Pottinger, (Mrs. Alexander) OH scan124030
Prather, Thomas   scan123944
Price, Jack   scan123912
Putnam. Mabel   scan123970/123970a
Ralls, Lillian Gold Hill OR scan123933
Read, (Mrs. T.P.)   scan123905
Richardson, Florence   scan123864
Ritter, Hattie L. IL scan123860
Roberts, (Mrs. W. J.)   scan123877
Roberts, (Mrs. W. J.)   scan123881
Rollins, America E. Bourbon Co KY scan123927
Ross, George Perry PA scan123890
Sam, T.   scan124008
Satterfield, John R. AL scan123871
Sawyer, E. B.   scan123984
Scudder, (Mrs. E. E.)   scan123867
Scudder, Selstine PA scan123866
Shaffer, W. H.   scan123906
Sherman, Salisbury   scan123859
Small, Viola Irene   scan123965
Smith, Hattie   scan123919,123919a
Smith, Hattie   scan123922
Smith, Jesse A.   scan123987/123987a
Smith, Jesse C.   scan124037
Smith, Jesse C.   scan123989
Smith, Jesse C.   scan123990
Smith, Jesse C.   scan123991/123991a
Smith, Thomas E. MD scan123940
Smylie, Ida Lavernia Joel Co KS scan123848
Spencer, Isaac   scan123930
Spencer, Robert "Bob"   scan124044
Staiger, Susan Whitney   scan123924
Stanley, Susan M. KY scan123015
Stevens, Garrett NY scan123920
Stewart, (Mrs. J. D.)   scan123892
Stewart, (Mrs. J. D.)   scan123883
Sumner, Florence   scan123954
Swenning, (Mrs. P.)   scan123924
Swenning, (Mrs. Paul)   scan123923
Terrill, Horace Jefferson OH scan124046
Thompson, America E. Bourbon Co KY scan123927
Thompson, Frank M.   scan123924
Thrasher   scan123926
Thrasher, Jess   scan123921
Thrasher, Jesse Jacksonville OR scan123910
Thrasher, Jesse   scan123911
Thrasher, Jesse F.   scan123914
Thrasher, Jesse F.   scan123615
Thrasher, Jesse F.   scan123915a
Thrasher, Jesse F.   scan123915b
Tinker, Chester Charles   scan123899
Tynan, Ed P.   scan123903
Unknown [Ellis, Belle]   scan124031,124031a
Veach, Susan   scan124047
Vial, Addie O.   scan123919,123919a
Vial, Adeo Pittsburg PA scan123922
Voorhies, (Mrs. A. E.)   scan124005
Weeks, (Child)   scan123888
Whitehead, (Mrs. R. H.) Rock Co WI scan123996
Wolff, John   scan123965
Woodson, M. D.   scan123924
Wright, (Infant Son)   scan123961
Young, James Canada scan123909