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Medford Mail Tribune Scanned Obituary Index for 1917

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Our JCGL volunteers are scanning and indexing microfilmed images of Medford Mail Tribune Obituaries and Death Notices. Below is an index to the 1917 scanned images. It includes the name of the deceased person, his/her place of birth (when available), and the number we have assigned to the image. If the deceased person is a married woman and her maiden name was given in the obituary, this is included in the index. If you would like to receive a copy of a scanned obituary, follow this link, Postal Request Form to display the request form. Complete and print the form, then send it to the address shown along with a check for $10 and a stamped, self-addressed envelope. Some of the scanned obituaries require more than one image. We will send them all for a single $10 fee, but you must put all the image numbers (e.g., scan123456, scan123457) on your request. Be sure to provide all the required information on the form.

For faster turnaround, use the Buy Now button below to make a secure online payment and to provide the information needed to fill your request. Be sure you fill ALL fields in the form including all image scan numbers. When you complete the transaction, our librarian will copy the requested information and email it to you as an attachment. It will be sent as a .jpg (picture) file. When you receive this .jpg file, click on it and it will be loaded into your picture viewer from which you can print a hard copy.

Scanned Mail Tribune Obituaries
Last Name, First Name
Year, Image Number

Name Place of Birth Image Number
Ackley, Lorenzo Dow OH scan122942
Adams, (Mrs. J. Frank)   scan122730
Allen, Lola Estelle Selma OR scan122714
Angle, Wm. Bradford County PA scan122888
Baer, Ralph Bennett   scan122925
Bailey, Francis Marion IL scan122964
Baker, Mary Ella   scan122915
Baldock, (Mrs. Earl)   scan122993
Bartlett, Anna Esther Bangor ME scan122720
Basye, Charles H.   scan122945
Basye, Charles H.   scan122947
Beeson, Emmett   scan122858
Bender, Hiram   scan122871
Bender, Hiram MD scan122872
Bennett, Mary Agnes Sullivan County MO scan122972
Benson, Frank   scan122946
Bjerregaard, Olaff Vieborg Denmark scan122854
Blakeley, (Mrs. Fred J.) Toledo OH scan122893
Bradbury, Noah B.   scan122935
Bradbury, Noah B.   scan122936
Brobeck, Geo. R. Circleville OH scan122985
Brobeck, Geo. R. Circleville OH scan122986
Brown, (Mrs. Charles A.)   scan122920
Brown, Burton T.   scan122967
Brown, Estelle B.   scan122931
Brown, Reginald Penfield Chicago IL scan122930
Buchanan, (Mrs. J. D.)   scan122904
Buchanan, Sarah Jane Canada scan122902
Buckley, Mary   scan122951
Burch, Robert IL scan122939
Byrum, William Riley Ryland NC scan122966
Byrum, William Riley Riley NC scan122969
Cameron, Katherine Caroline Kickapoo Valley WI scan122716
Cameron, Lloyd V.   scan122951
Campbell, (Mrs. Charles) VT scan122899
Campbell, Piera Louisa Nacadoces County TX scan122957
Carlton, S. A.   scan122960
Carnahan, Elizabeth Cadiz OH scan122714
Caster, John T. MO scan122724
Caughtran, Louise   scan122982
Chapman, Artimeeria West Liberty OH scan122860
Chapman, Daniel   scan122987
Chapman, Daniel England scan122989
Cheesman, Urania   scan122908
Chittendent, Albert   scan122975
Coffin, Anna Esther Bangor ME scan122720
Cottrell, David   scan122957
Cottrell, David Elmer   scan122958/122959
Couch, (Mrs. Robert Bruce Wilson)   scan122868
Courtney, Kenneth Robert   scan122970
Craig, Lola Estelle Selma OR scan122714
Croft, Sarah Beeville TX scan122922
Crowder, Leah   scan122710
Crum, Sarah E.   scan122710
Culver, Margaret Crawford County PA scan122867
Davis, M. P.   scan122985
Day, John   scan122862
Day, John Emery Sparta WI scan122864
DeArmond, Mary Marysville TN scan122859
Dodge, June   scan122900
Drumhill, Maggie OH scan122875
Dunlop, Margaret P. Johnstone Scotland scan122728
Dyer, Lloyd   scan123001/123002
Emerick, Sarah Elizabeth IN scan122721
Engle, George IL scan122887
Enyart, Mary   scan122951
Felch, John H. Limerick ME scan122971
Fletcher, William Garten England scan122933
Fredenburg, James Isaac MO scan122944
Fridegar, Lucinda   scan122709
Frost, Grace Lincoln NE scan122901
Fry, Sarah Goble Beeville TX scan122922
Gall, Christopher Columbus   scan122711
Gall, Christopher Columbus Washington MO scan122713
Goodale, Randilla Cannan ME scan122979
Gordon, Margaret PA scan122867
Greene, Carrie O.   scan122903
Grim, David   scan122961
Grimes, Effie Lakeview OR scan122991
Hall, Albert A. MI scan122939
Harnish, Susanna   scan122990
Harrell, Piera   scan122956
Harrell, Piera Louisa Nacadoces County TX scan122957
Hatfield, Frank B.   scan122912
Hatfield, Frank Beaty   scan122914
Hazelrigg, Eliza Ann Waterford KY scan122953
Headley, Edgar Glenwood   scan122917
Healy, (Mrs. Wm.)   scan122863
Heeley, Frederica Baden Germany scan122866
Hendricks, (Mrs. S. S. Skaggs)   scan122911
Higinbotham, Susie OH scan122981
Higinbotham, Thomas Benton Cass County MI scan122712
Hodges, Cliway   scan122867
Holst, Jeaunesse   scan122903
Holst, Juennesse Marla Lucretia Eagle Point OR scan122910
Hooker, J. L. KS scan122889
Hooker, James L.   scan122889
Howard, Martha B. London England scan122923
Hueners, Christina Germany scan122898
Hull, William   scan122884
Humphrey, W.   scan122896
Humphrey, William T. PA scan122897
Johnston, Ella Jane Lawler IA scan122869
Jones, Elizabeth   scan122928
Jones, Even L. "Coolgardie Jones" Dodgeville WI scan122992
Jones, Sarah   scan122988
Kaiser, Mary A.   scan122976
Kent, James Masquodoit Nova Scotia scan122955
Kent, James Masquodovit Nova Scotia scan122957
Kilgore, David C.   scan122891
Kimball, Jane   scan122974
King, R. T.   scan122906
Kinney, Elizabeth IL scan122934
Klippel, Jacob   scan122924
Knobel, Louise   scan122982
Koyama, Saduma   scan122870
Leach, Sadie Philadelphia PA scan122722
Lee, Etta Ella "Babe" Wimer OR scan122917
Leo, Sadie Philadelphia PA scan122722
Lewis, Alfred Toronto Canada scan122965
Lindley, Nolo Medford OR scan122973
Lindley, Nolo Milton Medford OR scan122971
Lindsay, Margaret Forfarshire Scotland scan122996
Lounsberry, Wells   scan122921
Lundberg, Victor Hugo Missoula MT scan122712
Lynch, George Harry Nodaway County MO scan122718
Lynch, George Henry Nodaway County MO scan122715
Maham, J. Rachel   scan122962
Margreiter, John D. OR scan122894
Marsh, Denver Jacksonville OR scan122967
Martin, Alice M. VT scan122938
Massie, William Albert Powhatan OH scan122899
Mathews, J. Rachel   scan122962
Mathews, Samuel Peter   scan122997
Mattingly, James   scan122949
Mattingly, Louise   scan122982
McKee, Fort A.   scan122909
McKeen, Sarah M.   scan122857
McLane, Mary Marysville TN scan122859
Meade, Alzina H. Espeyville PA scan122943
Merriman, "Grandma"   scan122861
Merriman, Artimeeria "Grandma" West Liberty OH scan122860
Meyers, Elizabeth Jane Benton County IN scan122926
Mickey, Allan Guy Antelope NE scan122718
Miller, David H.   scan122883
Miller, David Henry Jefferson County IA scan122880
Miller, David Henry   scan122881
Miltenberger, Julia C.   scan122903
Morris, Sarah E.   scan122927
Morris, Sarah E.   scan122932
Morris, William M.   scan122889
Morris, William M. Green County MO scan122895
Morris, WilliamM. Green County MO scan122890
Mortagugh, John   scan122911
Mott, Nellie IL scan122976
Mulkey, I. N.   scan122913
Muller, Robert   scan122980
Murray, Mary Elizabeth   scan122856
Myer, Mary Amanda   scan122717
Nash, John T. Knox County ME scan122937
Nash, John T.   scan122938
Neathamer, Etta Ella "Babe" Wimer OR scan122917
Neil, James R. McMinn County TN scan122723/122725
Nelson, Lind Marma Sweden scan122991
Nelson, O. N.   scan122998
Nelson, O. N.   scan122999
Newman, Albert E.   scan122710
Norton, Everett   scan122942
Nuttall, Elizabeth (Miss) England scan122878
Nye, Harriet Melinda Pomeroy OH scan122890
Nygren, Gustav   scan122934
Oatman, Frank B. OR scan122882
Odgers, (Mrs. J. W.)   scan122953
Osborne, Ebenezer B.   scan122971
Pankey, Effie Lakeview OR scan122991
Pankey, Nancy Jane   scan122915
Pankey, Nancy Jane Cass County IL scan122919
Paul, Martha   scan122911
Percival, Albert E. J.   scan122896
Perry, George William Wankershaw County scan122719
Piatt, John James Cincinnati OH scan122899
Polly, Earl   scan122952
Powell, Rosannah Tippecanoe County IN scan122978
Price, William Elias Kanesville IL scan122984
Proebsting, E. L.   scan122926
Proebsting, E. L.   scan122927
Proebstring, E. L.   scan122924
Purdy, Samuel P.   scan122726
Purdy, Samuel P.   scan122727
Ragsdale, J. L.   scan122945
Raimey, Edwin Franklin Jackson County OR scan122907
Reuter, Christina Saxony Germany scan122871
Rhodes, Cecil   scan122926
Richards, William M. England scan122994
Riddle, Artimeeria West Liberty OH scan122860
Robinson, Dorland (Miss)   scan122918
Robinson, George   scan122983
Robinson, William   scan122870
Rumsey, Burtis H.   scan122870
Sage, Frederica Baden Germany scan122866
Schearer, Lucinda   scan122709
Scott, Mary Agnes Sullivan County MO scan122972
Searles, Desdemona   scan122995
Sears, William Moline IL scan122931
Shidiler, John H. Howard County IN scan122963
Shoults, Ella Jane   scan122867
Shoults, Ella Jane Lawler IA scan122869
Shoults, Ella Jane   scan122871
Skaggs, (Mrs. S. S.)   scan122911
Smack, John Vincent New York City NY scan122871
Smith, Joseph R.   scan122940
Smith, Levi H.   scan122960
Smith, Mary   scan122951
Speyer, Benjamin R.   scan122877
Spreyer, B. R.   scan122874
Spreyer, Benjamin Ralps New York City NY scan122879
Stewart, William A. Quincy IL scan122865
Stidham, William Thomas   scan122983
Stine, Julia Fern   scan122708
Storm, Ella B. CA scan122878
Stover, D. Marie   scan122885
Talbot, Alma   scan122892
Taylor, Nellie IL scan122976
Tedrick, Harold LeRoy   scan122895
Thomas, Eltid William Newton Wales scan122876
Thomas, I. W. Wales scan122871
Thompson, Nancy Jane Cass County IL scan122919
Thrasher, Nancy V. "Grandma" Niagara Falls Canada scan122941
Tucker, James P. Somerset KY scan123000
Tufts, Reginald L.   scan123001/123002
Tull, Edward Smith St Joseph MO scan122975
Tumy, Carrie O.   scan122903
Vail, Katherine Caroline Kickapoo Valley WI scan122718
Vandercook, Elizabeth   scan122928
Vincent, Elizabeth Jane Benton County IN scan122926
Ward, Mary Amanda   scan122717
Warner, Harriet Melinda Pomeroy OH scan122890
Waterman, Jane   scan122974
Watson, Mary Gertrude   scan122931
Webb, (Mrs. Earl Baldock)   scan122993
Webb, (Mrs. Peter)   scan122993
Webb, Daughter   scan122993
Webster, Alma   scan122892
Weed, Abner   scan122950
Weedon, Thomas H.   scan122948
Welch, Infant son   scan122868
Wells, Dora   scan122958
Wells, John W. IA scan122960
Wetterer, Frederica Baden Germany scan122866
White, (Mrs. J. C.)   scan122873
White, Julia Fern   scan122708
Wiley, Sabra St Lawrence County NY scan122856
Wilhite, Elias D.   scan122729
Wilkinson, Merritt   scan122854
Wilkinson, Merritt   scan122855
Williams, Catherine   scan122977
Williamson, W. E.   scan122916
Wilson, (Mrs. Robert Bruce)   scan122868
Wood, Elizabeth Cadiz OH scan122714
Woolf, Eva Dora   scan122995