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Medford Mail Tribune Scanned Obituary Index for 1922

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Our JCGL volunteers are scanning and indexing microfilmed images of Medford Mail Tribune Obituaries and Death Notices. Below is an index to the 1922 scanned images. It includes the name of the deceased person, his/her place of birth (when available), and the number we have assigned to the image. If the deceased person is a married woman and her maiden name was given in the obituary, this is included in the index. If you would like to receive a copy of a scanned obituary, follow this link, Postal Request Form to display the request form. Complete and print the form, then send it to the address shown along with a check for $10 and a stamped, self-addressed envelope. Some of the scanned obituaries require more than one image. We will send them all for a single $10 fee, but you must put all the image numbers (e.g., scan123456, scan123457) on your request. Be sure to provide all the required information on the form.

For faster turnaround, use the Buy Now button below to make a secure online payment and to provide the information needed to fill your request. Be sure you fill ALL fields in the form including all image scan numbers. When you complete the transaction, our librarian will copy the requested information and email it to you as an attachment. It will be sent as a .jpg (picture) file. When you receive this .jpg file, click on it and it will be loaded into your picture viewer from which you can print a hard copy.

Scanned Mail Tribune Obituaries
Last Name, First Name
Year, Image Number

Name Place of Birth Image Number
Aldrich, Marcus J. NY scan122137
Allen, Eliza Jane Douglas County OR scan122084
Ames, Frank B. Boston MA scan122136
Anderson, (Mrs. George N.) Jackson County OR scan122046
Anderson, Bertha M.   scan122123
Baker, William S.   scan122166
Ball, Frances D. MO scan122028
Behling, H. C. Watertown WI scan122149
Behling, Henry C. Watertown WI scan122151
Benault, John B. Sr. Montreal Canada scan122183
Bergman, Christopher Germany scan122130
Blackburn, Frank Edwin Cincinnati OH scan122161
Blankenship, Barnett J. Sedalia MO scan122116
Bostwick, (Mrs. Bert)   scan122095
Brittson, Isaac F. OH scan122065/122066
Brittson, Isaac F. OH scan122078
Brommer, Emelia Pauline   scan122011
Brooks, Roy   scan122102
Brown, Elmina OH scan122153
Bruley, Minnie   scan122053
Buck, Cynthia E. Stanton IL scan122205
Budgeon, John Ontario Canada scan122056
Budgeon, John   scan122058
Buoy, Delbert W.   scan122118
Butler, Willliam Claringdon Bontear MO scan122085
Caldwell, Dora May IL scan122025
Card, T. J.   scan122146
Card, T. J. OH scan122145
Card, Todd J.   scan122147
Casad, Ralph Emerson Squiresville KS scan122133
Casebolt, Jennie Burton County KS scan122062
Caster, Mary Ann OH scan122075
Caster, Mary Ann   scan122076
Chaubin, Julia Montreal Canada scan122191
Childers, J. M. TN scan122081
Cleveland, Relief Montreal Quebec Canada scan122120
Cleveland, Relief Montreal Quebec Canada scan122122
Close, Bernice L. Elgin OR scan122006
Clyde, (Mrs. J. M.)   scan122143
Coghill, Sara IN scan122202
Coleman, (Mrs. George N. Anderson) Jackson County OR scan122046
Collins, Loren F.   scan122073
Cook, Vincent   scan122171
Cormany, Arnold Gaylord   scan122063
Crain, Sarah Jane KY scan122022
Creighton, (Mrs. J. J. Walker) CA scan122051
Cronemiller, Kate (Miss) Jacksonville OR scan122133
Crowell, William S.   scan122023
Crowell, William S.   scan122040/122042
Crowell, William S. "Judge" Rock Point OH scan122017/20/21
Crum, Ray Vernon Riceville IA scan122117
Darneille, Grover   scan122109/122111
Denham, W. H. Miami MO scan122059
Denton, Harold   scan122115
DeRoboam, Emil Saint La Grande France scan122211
DeRoboam, Emil Saint La Grande France scan122212
Dollar, Ruby   scan122163
Dorland, Frank Ontario Canada scan122150
Dorland, Frank   scan122151
Dow, Herman F. Sycamore IL scan122053
Drake, C. W.   scan122186
Duggan, Dennis Ireland scan122038
Dussault, Alphone M. St Jean Baptiste Canada scan122170
Eads, William   scan122078
Eads, William   scan122082
Eaton, Velma Jane   scan122046
Edington, Orlena Jackson County OR scan122124
Edwards, Charles M. NC scan122055
Edwards, Charles Marion Leicester NC scan122056
Ensley, Mary Ann OH scan122075
Evensizer, Harold Orville   scan122055
Farlow, Wm. Lee Lake Creek OR scan122043
Feltges, Sophia IL scan122087
Fickitt, Annie Portland ME scan122129
Fielder, Julia (Miss)   scan122126
Fielder, Julia Cheetham Coldwater MI scan122127
Fitzgerald, Amanda Leora Crown Point NY scan122206
Fitzgerald, Charles Byron Jefferson County WI scan122190
Foley, Michael   scan122057
Foley, Michael L. Davenport IA scan122058
Forsythe, Samuel Wells   scan122205
Foss, Julius E. Franklin VT scan122200
Fox, Elisha Philip Johnson County TX scan122049
Freesh, George J. Mercer County OH scan122009
French, Bertha M.   scan122123
Frost, Gertrude   scan122155
Ganyard, Rachel Fayette MI scan122044
Gay, Rachel Fayette MI scan122044
Gilbert, Irene Cedar Falls IA scan122024
Glass, Susan TN scan122200
Goodwyn, Thomas J. Fairfield England scan122011
Gordon, Elmina OH scan122153
Greenman, Frank IL scan122031
Gregg, Elizabeth A. Loudonn County VA scan122061
Grey, Neil   scan122148
Grigsby, Lou R. Central Point OR scan122102
Grigsby, Orlena Jackson County OR scan122124
Hale, Bernice L. Elgin OR scan122006
Hannaford, Alva D. Stark County OH scan122189
Harr, Louise Albany NY scan122194
Harrington, Elmer LeRoy   scan122204
Hartley, Lillian Elizabeth Lane County OR scan122050
Harvey, Ella O. Gresham OR scan122138
Haskins, John Alanzo Drain OR scan122179
Hayman, James Millard PA scan122123
Hearn, (Mr.)   scan122105
Hearn, C. England scan122104
Higinbotham, Edward Milton Jackson County OR scan122080
Hildreth, E. A.   scan122012
Hildreth, Edward Albert Leon NY scan122013
Hippensteel, Dora May IL scan122025
Hitzler, Mattie L. Columbus OH scan122154
Hoagland, (Mrs. Bill)   scan122029
Hoagland, Frances D. MO scan122028
Hoarn, Melvin   scan122184
Hoarn, Melvin   scan122186
Hobbs, Emma Newton IA scan122098
Hobbs, Emma Zeda Newton IA scan122096
Holmes, Joseph B.   scan122025
Holmes, Joseph B. "Joe" Chester IL scan122029
Hovey, Annie Portland ME scan122129
Howard, George W.   scan122140
Howard, Lillian Elizabeth Lane County OR scan122050
Hull, (Mrs. M. F.) Weaverville CA scan122094
Hurler, Harriett Alice Fulton County IL scan122038
Ingram, Wesley   scan122169
Iverson, (Mrs. C. W. Sinclair)   scan122176
Jacobs, Lester H.   scan122033
Jacobs, Lester Henry Morgan Hill CA scan122045
James, Edwin C. Brady's Bend PA scan122084
Job, Ona Wayne   scan122075
Job, Ona Wayne   scan122076
Johnson, Charles   scan122055
Jones, Elizabeth A. Loudonn County VA scan122061
Jones, F. Ernest Sams Valley OR scan122007
Jones, Virginia Etta Sidney IA scan122135
Joy, John   scan122157
Joy, John   scan122159
Keith, Ida M. (Miss) Naperville IL scan122132
Kelley, Patrick MI scan122046
Knight, George Horace Charleston MA scan122100
Knighton, Julia Ann Nodaway County MO scan122049
Lance, (Mrs. M. F. Hull) Weaverville CA scan122094
Logsdon, Emma Newton IA scan122098
Mahoney, William Ireland scan122039
Martin, John A.   scan122198
Mathes, Jessie Phoenix OR scan122081
Mathes, Jessie   scan122083
McCabe, Thomas Flood Perry County MO scan122134
McClendon, Christopher C. Bledsoe County TN scan122167
McCormick, Martha G.   scan122174
McCurdy, Austin PA scan122097
McLaughlin, Robert Kirkwood Canada scan122175
McTeague, William   scan122186
Merriman, Isaac Bear Creek OR scan122207
Merriman, Isaac   scan122208
Messecar, Lewis Walter   scan122139
Miller, (Mrs. Kirby S.)   scan122101
Miller, (Mrs. Kirby S.)   scan122103
Minnick, (Mrs. F. E.)   scan122030
Minter, Robert R. Hillsboro OR scan122173
Mitchell, Nicholas Joseph Salem OR scan122065
Morenz-Oeser, Elsie Philadelphia PA scan122035
Morris, Joseph Elza MO scan122128
Mowery, (Mrs. F. E. Minnick)   scan122030
Murphy, Jas. H. Montreal Canada scan122048
Myers, Jennie Burton County KS scan122062
Neil, Elmo   scan122207
Neil, Robert Proctor   scan122158
Nichols, Jane Elizabeth Mercer County MO scan122008
Nickell, Charles "Charley" Yreka CA scan122077
Norris, Will   scan122110
Norris, William I.   scan122113
North, Sara Carbondale PA scan122072
Nye, Amarantha   scan122158
Orr, Mary B.   scan122190
Owen, Frank G. Eau Claire WI scan122112
Packard, R. B. IA scan122064
Palmer, Iva   scan122141
Patterson, Sophia IL scan122087
Peart, Lou R. Central Point OR scan122102
Pendleton, Theodore H.   scan122199
Perdue, John E. MO scan122195
Perl, Frederick Lewis Jennings LA scan122092
Perry, Emma Dover CA scan122088
Perry, Emma Merced CA scan122091
Perry, Frank Montreal Canada scan122164
Phelan, Margaret Nancy TN scan122182
Phelin, Margaret Nancy AL scan122180
Phelps, Chas. S. Warren IL scan122031
Phipps, William J.   scan122070
Pickel, Betty Nadine   scan122026
Pickel, Betty Nadine   scan122027
Plymale, Jane Elizabeth Mercer County MO scan122008
Price, Minnie   scan122053
Putney, Elizette Ann Lenna IL scan122162
Raines, George   scan122152
Ramsey, Lillamae   scan122182
Ramsey, Lilly May Agate OR scan122181
Randall, Margaret Nova Scotia Canada scan122010
Randles, Joseph OH scan122157
Rawhauser, Kate   scan122029
Riley, W. L.   scan122086
Roberts, George   scan122047
Roberts, William J.   scan122063
Roberts, Wm. J.   scan122068
Robinett, S. F.   scan122014
Rock, Richard Shasta County CA scan122125
Rose, Antone Portugal scan122067
Satchwell, H. R.   scan122188
Scott, William Wright IN scan122049
Seaman, Charles Grant Delevan WI scan122164
Seamon, Charles G.   scan122168
Shaver, Charles Newton Maysville MO scan122178
Sheridan, John E.   scan122114
Shideler, Clara Mageline Linn County OR scan122099
Simmons, William H.   scan122069
Sinclair, (Mrs. C. W.)   scan122176
Slyter, Samuel Wabash IN scan122173
Smith, Catherine IA scan122037
Smith, George N. Orangeville NY scan122055
Smith, Iva   scan122141
Smith, Iva May   scan122160
Smith, Joseph C. Sandusky OH scan122177
Smith, W. H.   scan122060
Smith, W. J.   scan122078
Smith, W. J.   scan122082
Smith, William Passens Victoria IL scan122132
Sopoff, Pete   scan122210
Sopoff, Pete   scan122209
Stelle, Eliza L.   scan122201
Stephenson, George W. Scotland County MO scan122142
Stephenson, John G. Scotland MO scan122196
Stevens, A. J.   scan122141
Stine, Emma Merced CA scan122091
Stokes, Henry A.   scan122034
Stone, Emma Dover CA scan122088
Stump, Sarah Jane Dent County MO scan122093
Sumner, W. A.   scan122165
Sutton, Philip Canada scan122192
Swan, Jean Scotland scan122144
Tackstrom, Emma Newton IA scan122098
Tackstrom, Emma Zeda Newton IA scan122096
Taylor, Louisa Mullion England scan122159
Thompson, Martha M. Jacksonville OR scan122015
Thornton, James IN scan122019
Thrasher, James Cincinnati OH scan122107
Thrasher, James   scan122108
Tomlinson, T. C.   scan122121
Tomlinson, Thomas C.   scan122123
Townsend, Alexander P. Republican Grove VA scan122139
Townsend, Catherine IA scan122037
Trask, James IL scan122106
Trask, Jas. K. P.   scan122107
Trefren, Frank E.   scan122022
Trowbridge, Benjamin James Hancock MI scan122071
Trowbridge, Benjamin James   scan122074
Trudell, Alexander   scan122179
Turpin, Lester   scan122036
Vaughn, Everett LeRoy   scan122197
Vaughn, Mellisan Gloucestershire England scan122193
Velin, Martha Elizabeth Leavenworth KS scan122125
Von der Hellen, Hugo G.   scan122119
Walker, (Mrs. J. J.) CA scan122051
Walker, Ora Sams Valley OR scan122041
Walker, Pearl Elenor   scan122052
Webb, Hannah M. Leepertown IL scan122130
Webb, Hannah M.   scan122131
West, Eleanor Louise   scan122088
West, Eleanor Louise   scan122089
West, William Dennison Wilton MN scan122063
Whitcomb, George Bennett   scan122032
White, Henry L. MI scan122113
White, Relief Montreal Quebec Canada scan122120
White, Relief Montreal Quebec Canada scan122122
Wilder, Elvira E. VT scan122201
Wilder, Elvira Ellecta Lee County IA scan122200
Williams, Isaac B.   scan122187
Williams, William "Billie" Healdsburg CA scan122203
Wilson, James L. Harding County IA scan122018
Wilson, James L. Harding County IA scan122015
Wilson, Jean Scotland scan122144
Winkleblee, George F. IA scan122075
Wolgamott, Ernest Sylvester "Dud" Talent OR scan122156