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Medford Mail Tribune Scanned Obituary Index for 1923

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Our JCGL volunteers are scanning and indexing microfilmed images of Medford Mail Tribune Obituaries and Death Notices. Below is an index to the 1923 scanned images. It includes the name of the deceased person, his/her place of birth (when available), and the number we have assigned to the image. If the deceased person is a married woman and her maiden name was given in the obituary, this is included in the index. If you would like to receive a copy of a scanned obituary, follow this link, Postal Request Form to display the request form. Complete and print the form, then send it to the address shown along with a check for $10 and a stamped, self-addressed envelope. Some of the scanned obituaries require more than one image. We will send them all for a single $10 fee, but you must put all the image numbers (e.g., scan123456, scan123457) on your request. Be sure to provide all the required information on the form.

For faster turnaround, use the Buy Now button below to make a secure online payment and to provide the information needed to fill your request. Be sure you fill ALL fields in the form including all image scan numbers. When you complete the transaction, our librarian will copy the requested information and email it to you as an attachment. It will be sent as a .jpg (picture) file. When you receive this .jpg file, click on it and it will be loaded into your picture viewer from which you can print a hard copy.

Scanned Mail Tribune Obituaries
Last Name, First Name
Year, Image Number

Name Place of Birth Image Number
Anderson, Sarah Elizabeth Lenora County TX scan121887
Applegate, Hubert   scan121842
Austin, Wilbur J. White County IN scan121885
Barneburg, Oda I Sterlingville OR scan121934
Barron, (Mrs. M. A.) 90th Birthday   scan121853/121854
Bates, S. L   scan121990/91/92
Beacher, H. R. Ashland OH scan122000
Beardsley, Albert   scan121814
Beck, John IA scan121980
Beltz, John F. Russia scan121999
Bergman, Jettie Sacramento CA scan121803
Berry, James H. Mt Pleasant IA scan121908
Bershon, Benjamin Franklin Winterset IA scan121910
Bethel, Sarah Jane Harpers Ferry VA scan121810
Biddle, W. B.   scan121879
Bingham, Helen   scan121974
Blackburn, A. S.   scan122004
Bliss, F. A. Watts Flats NY scan121964
Bodenhamer, Barbara   scan121967
Bonham, Octavia   scan121836
Bonham, Octavia New Richmond IN scan121837
Bowman, A. J.   scan121943
Bradley, Louise Blakesburg IA scan121835
Briggs, George R. Eldorado County CA scan121895
Buck, Charles Patterson Stanton IL scan121799
Burchell, Elsie Christina   scan121987
Byrne, Aletha Margaret Applegate OR scan121974
Cameron, Harvey   scan121929
Campbell, Harold Minneapolis MN scan121857/121858
Carithers, Gladys   scan121935
Carr, Wandana Marivalle ME scan121910
Caster, Labon B. Bentonport IA scan121800
Cherry, Barbara Marie   scan121888
Chisholm, Margaret   scan121950
Clark, Frank   scan121968
Clark, Frank L. Lakeview OR scan121966
Clemens, Hannah Jane VA scan121877
Cline, Alta   scan121903
Coleman, Sobra A. MO scan121805
Comstock, Oda I Sterlingville OR scan121934
Conaty, Howard J. Taunton MA scan121932
Corthell, Eva White County IL scan121803
Corum, J. W.   scan121968
Coughtry, Anne Ayreshire Scotland scan121872
Cowan, Alfred   scan121940/121944
Coy, Helen   scan121957
Crandell, Jettie Sacramento CA scan121803
Crews, Ackie L. Shasta County CA scan121897
Cruger, Elizabeth Issaqueena MS scan121851
Cushman, William H. Albany OR scan121849
Daily, Michael J. Ireland scan121811
Davis, Frank Ottawa County KS scan121910
Davis, Frank   scan121912
Davis, N. E.   scan121910
De Ford, Benjamin Easley Wheeler County OR scan121849
Devlin, Annie Cork Ireland scan121985
Devlin, Annie County Cork Ireland scan121984
Douglas, Nannie Wichita KS scan121953
Douglass, May G. Fayette IA scan121954
Douglass, May G.   scan121955
Downing, Mary Cornwall England scan121832
Driskel, D. W. Cass County MI scan121979
Driskel, Daniel Wellington Cass County MI scan121980
Dusenberry, Lucetta Alice Polk County IN scan121893
Dyke, Emily Alice Putman OH scan121808
Eads, Ibbie Belle IL scan121912
Eckler, Nancy NY scan121971
Evans, James S. IN scan121843
Flater, Annie E.   scan121891
Fletcher, Edith Florence (Miss) Detroit MI scan121837
Forbes, Amelia   scan121976
Forbes, Amelia Catherine Talent OR scan121978
Foster, Charles S.   scan121958
French, Mary A. Corona MI scan121807
Garrett, (Mrs. Vernon)   scan121932
Garrett, Gladys   scan121935
Gay, (Mrs. L. J.)   scan121941
Gaylord, Miriam (Miss)   scan121855/121856
Gill, Lenora R. Cedar County IA scan121860
Gillespie, Annie E. Ontario Canada scan121890
Gillispie, Annie E.   scan121891
Gilmer, May Fayette IA scan121954
Gilmer, May   scan121955
Gober, Emily   scan121985
Goddard, Sobra A. MO scan121805
Goodhue, Mary J. Buro County IL scan121907
Grigsby, Edward G. Portland OR scan121874
Hanson, Carl F. Denmark scan121873
Harding, Edward G. DeSoto MO scan121969
Helms, Amonda Jacksonville OR scan121985
Hemphill, Earl Nelson Norway MI scan121984
Hesselgrave, Mary Cornwall England scan121832
Hicken, Annie M.   scan121908
Hill, Sarah   scan122004
Hill, Sarah Joyce VA scan122002
Hollopeter, (Mrs. S. T.)   scan121965
Hollopeter, Lucy   scan121968
Houston, M. A. MO scan121852
Howlett, A. C. (advanced age)   scan121938
Hubbs, Ella   scan121841
Hull, Nannie D. Wichita KS scan121952
Hurst, Fred Eagle Point OR scan121880/121881
Huson, Byron Franklin Erie County NY scan121937
Ingram, LeRoy Jacksonville OR scan121864
Janes, Milton Sanford Bradford PA scan121812
Jarvey, Mary Louise Portland OR scan121931
Johnson, C. O.   scan121990/91/92
Johnson, C. O.   scan121993
Johnson, Charles O. Colorado Springs CO scan121996
Johnson, Coyle O.   scan121994/121995
Johnson, Laura A. Forest City MO scan121913
Jones, Sarida J. Fortville IN scan121808
Kane, (Mrs.) KY scan121980
Kane, James   scan121973
Kane, Marinda Elizabeth Zanesville OH scan121983
Keegan, Nancy Bangor ME scan121896
Kenny, William G. Jacksonville OR scan121868
Kilborn, Norman Lenard   scan121869
King, Walter Sherwood Ann Arbor MI scan121844
Kinney, William T.   scan121867
Kirkham, Martha (Miss) Lincoln NE scan121987
Klippel, Allie (Miss) Jacksonville OR scan121802
Knighton, Kenneth   scan121846/121847
Knox, Dora Ann Murphy OR scan121975
Koob, John M. Germany scan121959
Kreiger, Charles Ely IA scan121980
Krutzler, Wilhelmina Salina County MO scan121876
Land, Cynthia Elizabeth MO scan121980
Langdon, W. C. Dr. Mt. Pleasant NJ scan121878
Lewis, Edward R.   scan121949
Lindstrom, August E. Sweden scan121898
Linn, (Mrs. L. J. Gay)   scan121940
Luke, D. W. Beaver County PA scan121945
Matney, Dora Ann Murphy OR scan121975
Maust, Winnie Maye (Miss) McDoel, CA scan121837
McCord, William Rankin   scan121848
McNay, Charles A.   scan121948
McNulty, Edward Thomas Patterson NJ scan121884
McPherson, Joshua IN scan121998
Mego, Pat   scan121801
Mego, Pat   scan121806
Merrill, George E. ME scan121901
Merriman, Mary E. Freeport IL scan121989
Mershon, Benjamin F.   scan121911
Mershon, Benjamin F.   scan121912
Mickey, George M. Louisa County IA scan121809
Mickey, George M.   scan121810
Miller, John William Benton County MO scan121961
Mills, (Mrs. J. H.)   scan121817
Millsaps, Donald James   scan121804
Minick, Walter E. Midvale ID scan121843
Minkler, D. L.   scan121986
Moore, Wandana Marivalle ME scan121910
Moore, William H. IN scan121875
Moore, William T. OH scan121838
Morse, Marinda Elizabeth Zanesville OH scan121983
Murphy, (Mrs. J. J.) OR scan121832
Murphy, Annie Cork Ireland scan121985
Murphy, Mary E. Freeport IL scan121989
Nannery, Nancy Bangor ME scan121896
Nell, (Mrs. J. J. Murphy) OR scan121832
Newsome, Benjamin   scan121946
Nichols, Louise Blakesburg IA scan121835
Nicholson, Alonzo L. IN scan121962
Norton, Sarah Elizabeth Lenora County TX scan121887
Obenchain, Sarah Melissa Central Point OR scan121892
O'Brien, Mary Davis County MO scan121898
O'Bryan, James   scan121813
Osborne, William Springfield MO scan121850
Palmer, Annie M.   scan121908
Pankey, Sarah Melissa Central Point OR scan121892
Parker, Nancy Ellen "Grandma Parker" Stouts Grove IL scan121912
Patterson, Mary Louise Portland OR scan121931
Pearce, D. J. S. Mansfield OH scan121814
Peck, Maggie Germany scan121968
Phillips, Beulah Grace   scan121970
Phipps, Minnie Ardella Washington PA scan121972
Ragsdale, Samantha Jane Benton County OR scan121906
Reed, Alfred B. ME scan121984
Richardson, Samuel Taylor Harris MO scan121940
Rose, Orlando DeKalb County IL scan121808
Rothrock, Lucy Jane   scan121802
Russell, Sarah   scan122004
Russell, Sarah Joyce VA scan122002
Ryan, Laura A. Forest City MO scan121913
Sales, Frances Jacksonville OR scan121899
Sales, Frances   scan121900
Schnidling, Frances Jacksonville OR scan121899
Schuchard, Milton E. Salinas CA scan121936
Schuhard, Milton E.   scan121933
Scott, Jennie   scan121973
Scougall, Anne Ayreshire Scotland scan121872
Seltz, Elvina Sparta WI scan121951
Sheridan, Ackie L. Shasta County CA scan121897
Siglinger, Jesse Moulton Webster SD scan121817
Sing, Marvin   scan121994/121995
Smith, Clifford La Crosse WI scan121907
Smith, Margaret   scan121950
Smith, Silas Avery Jackson County OR scan121987
Smyers, W. A.   scan121832
Sparks,Wesley Richard Terre Haute IN scan121981
Sperry, Adaline Hartford CT scan121894
Stokes, Arthur Dale   scan121871
Summers, Leo   scan121956
Taber, Lenora R. Cedar County IA scan121860
Taber, Lenora R.   scan121863
Talent, Percy   scan121960
Teeple, Ralph   scan121859
Teeple, Ralph   scan121861
Teeple, Ralph   scan121865
Tjoelker, Infant   scan121946
Torney, Stewart W.   scan121869
Tryer, Harriet B. Summerset OH scan121963
Tryer, Harriet B.   scan121964
Turnbull, Elizabeth Issaqueena MS scan121851
Turner, Samuel J. MO scan122001
Turpin, Zerilda Scotland County MO scan121838
Twogood, Daniel P.   scan121889
Vonder Naucher, Leo Belgium scan121886
Wait, Annie (Miss) Neleigh NE scan121883
Walker, Elizabeth Issaqueena MS scan121851
Walker, Lee O. Keno OR scan121939
Walsh, Alta   scan121903
Walters, George W. Rendel Germany scan121862
Walton, Kate Rochport MO scan121899
Watson, Fred "Red"   scan121813
Weaver, Infant   scan121946
Weaver, Margaret A.   scan121901
Weaver, Margaret A.   scan121902
Weaver, Minnie Ardella Washington PA scan121972
Welch, J. B. Jacksonville IL scan121905
Whipple, J. H. NY scan121866
White, Elvina Sparta WI scan121951
Whitney, Helen   scan121974
Wilcox, Adaline Hartford CT scan121893
Willits, Amos R.   scan121845
Wimer, George W. MO scan121887
Winder, Joseph A.   scan121954
Winder, Joseph Albright Urbana OH scan121953
Winters, Samantha Jane Benton County OR scan121906
Withrow, Gale   scan121841
Woodmansee, Mary J. Buro County IL scan121907
Woods, Frances Ellanor   scan121872
Wyatt, Thomas Fresno CA scan121882
Young, William W. IL scan121840