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Medford Mail Tribune Scanned Obituary Index for 1924

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Our JCGL volunteers are scanning and indexing microfilmed images of Medford Mail Tribune Obituaries and Death Notices. Below is an index to the 1924 scanned images. It includes the name of the deceased person, his/her place of birth (when available), and the number we have assigned to the image. If the deceased person is a married woman and her maiden name was given in the obituary, this is included in the index. If you would like to receive a copy of a scanned obituary, follow this link, Postal Request Form to display the request form. Complete and print the form, then send it to the address shown along with a check for $10 and a stamped, self-addressed envelope. Some of the scanned obituaries require more than one image. We will send them all for a single $10 fee, but you must put all the image numbers (e.g., scan123456, scan123457) on your request. Be sure to provide all the required information on the form.

For faster turnaround, use the Buy Now button below to make a secure online payment and to provide the information needed to fill your request. Be sure you fill ALL fields in the form including all image scan numbers. When you complete the transaction, our librarian will copy the requested information and email it to you as an attachment. It will be sent as a .jpg (picture) file. When you receive this .jpg file, click on it and it will be loaded into your picture viewer from which you can print a hard copy.

Scanned Mail Tribune Obituaries
Last Name, First Name
Year, Image Number

Name Place of Birth Image Number
Anderson, Thomas PA scan121572
Ashpole, Twin infants daughter/son   scan121650
Ayres, Fielden J. IN scan121702
Baer, Victoria Wabash IN scan121616
Baker, Alta May Morgan County OH scan121593
Barnes, Hezekiah E.   scan121676
Beall, Ann Maria Buffalo Heart IL scan121620
Beaulien, Deihless   scan121652
Beck, Aaron   scan121617
Beeson, Emma Louisa J. Sacramento County CA scan121610
Bellis, Chauncey L. Minneapolis MN scan121585
Bennett, Samuel Lewis Sullivan County MO scan121637
Bennett, Samuel Louis Sullivan County MO scan121638
Best, William E.   scan121606
Biden, Elizabeth I.   scan121688
Bigham, William H.   scan121684
Bigham, William Henry Benton County MO scan121685
Blackburn, Raymond Mahaffey PA scan121683
Blake, Susan G.   scan121733
Bligh, T. G.   scan121754
Bolt, Frederick Joseph Applegate OR scan121581
Bolt, Sophia M. Eagle Point OR scan121696
Bolt, Sophia M.   scan121700
Bolz, Justine Germany scan121705
Bosworth, Fred   scan121661
Bowman, Maggie Holland scan121596
Briggs, Eileen   scan121798
Briggs, Helen Olive Rockford IL scan121779
Brooke, John Sullivan IL scan121646
Brown, Frank Anthony Rosedale WI scan121713
Brown, Susan McDonald County MO scan121692
Brownlee, (Mrs. John G.) Shubuta MS scan121732
Buck, Joseph T. Tyrone PA scan121611
Burdick, H. S.   scan121752
Burdick, Harry S.   scan121755
Caldwell, Emma Langell's Valley OR scan121783
Calhoun, John D. Calhoun Prairie IL scan121639
Campbell, Abner B. Tipacanoe IN scan121601
Carless, William Ontario Canada scan121654
Carless, William   scan121655
Carley, Franklin Alva VT scan121711
Carlton, Cora Dayton OH scan121777
Carney, Anna Elymira   scan121753
Carney, Anna Elymira Mono County CA scan121752
Carpenter, Stephen   scan121609
Chambers, Mary Ann Stoddard County MO scan121644
Champlin, Charles Pope Chicago IL scan121597
Charley, Amdremeda   scan121588
Church, (Mr. and Mrs. Will)   scan121785
Clarke, Ed   scan121775
Clarno, Ora Belle Curry County OR scan121682
Clary, Charles   scan121712
Coggins, Amanda Cole County IL scan121735
Colvig, Volney Athens OH scan121743
Colvin, Estelle   scan121707
Courtney, Deihless   scan121652
Coy, Charles Edward   scan121765
Crabtree, Abraham Jackson County MO scan121618
Crandell, James H.   scan121746
Daily, Winnifred Canada scan121756
Dallaire, Dolphine St Agnes Quebec scan121780
Daniels, Clinton Charles VT scan121605
Davidson, (Brother of O.L.)   scan121737
Davis, Sophia M. Eagle Point OR scan121697
Day, (Mrs. D. L.)   scan121733
Day, Hattie   scan121736
Denton, William   scan121635
Dillon, Helen Olive Rockford IL scan121779
Ditsworth, Infant son   scan121704
Dixon, John Toronto Canada scan121722
Dow, George W. Charles City IA scan121723
Downing, Charles E. IL scan121625
Drake, Anna Ellen Tulula IL scan121672
Draws, John Royal   scan121753
Draws, John Royal Republic MI scan121750
Dufur, Addie Alice   scan121576
Durham, James Daniel   scan121663
Durning, Maria Monoghan County Ireland scan121784
Eaton, Irene IN scan121600
Eaton, Prior KY scan121663
Elksnat, Golt Germany scan121611
Embree, (Mrs. J. B.)   scan121587
Estabrook, Albert F.   scan121727
Estabrook, Albert P.   scan121730
Evans, J. B.   scan121615
Evans, Mabel   scan121720
Ewing, Doctor Lesslie   scan121717
Ewing, Vivian Sterling OR scan121606
Farmer, Belzora MO scan121641
Farnsley, Margaret E. Elizabeth IN scan121764
Fenn, Hattie M. NY scan121645
Fish, Carrie   scan121627
Flannagan, George   scan121709
Ford, Josephine OR scan121699
Fordyce, Susan G.   scan121734
Foss, Emma Louisa J. Sacramento County CA scan121610
French, Harriet Hillsdale County MI scan121701
Fries, Mary Ellen Perry County OH scan121649
Frost, Infant daughter   scan121607
Gale, Henry Charles CA scan121628
Gates, Maria Monoghan County Ireland scan121784
Gilmore, Orson Harris Norfolk NY scan121604
Gilpin, Rachel Wilmington OH scan121592
Givan, Edward Truman   scan121728/121729
Goodman, John Wesley OR scan121751
Gravel, George   scan121747
Gregg, Emma Della Columbus OH scan121740
Griffin, Jeanette Macon County MO scan121668
Grubb, James C. Tulare County CA scan121650
Gwin, Joseph W.   scan121688
Haley, Alice V. Caldwell MO scan121691
Hall, Ada May WI scan121774
Hall, Ora Belle Curry County OR scan121682
Hammond, E. J.   scan121775
Hanna, Rose   scan121742
Harrison, Hattie M. NY scan121645
Hartzell, Herbert   scan121578
Hausman, Mina (Miss)   scan121598
Hays, Addie Alice   scan121576
Heard, Jeff D.   scan121651
Helman, (Mrs. O. O.)   scan121708
Helmick, Sarah J. Harrison County IN scan121790
Hendry, Emma Ursa IL scan121794
Hensler, Francis Edith   scan121719
Heublein, John Franklin   scan121711
Hicks, Anna Elymira   scan121753
Hicks, Anna Elymira Mono County CA scan121752
Hittson, (Mrs. J. F.)   scan121677
Hittson, Laura Belle   scan121678
Hobbs, Josephine Ellen Lacine KS scan121742
Hoey, Henry P. Shasta CA scan121718
Holcomb, Emma Della Columbus OH scan121740
Holdridge, Ella Alsine St Charles IL scan121682
Horn, Barbara N. Willamette Valley OR scan121721
Howe, Nancy Ellen IN scan121665
Howlett, Alfred C. Augusta ME scan121657
Howlett, Alfred C.   scan121660
Hubbard, Harriet New York City NY scan121632
Hugger, Christian J.   scan121771
Ice, Gladys   scan121773
Irwin, Allen Montana   scan121589
Isaacs, Mary   scan121633
Jacks, John Wilbur Eagle Point OR scan121597
Jackson, William B.   scan121626
Jackson, William Barlett   scan121621
Jackson, William Barlett Trenton MO scan121622
James, Emma Madison IN scan121782
Janes, William D.   scan121755
Janes, Wm. D. Erie PA scan121759
Jennings, Charles H. IL scan121627
Jones, Mary Francis   scan121596
Keith, James   scan121681
Keizur, Margaret Irene   scan121627
Kellogg, Basil Boyce Portland OR scan121757
Kelty, (Mr. and Mrs. T. H.)   scan121748
Kendall, H. J.   scan121689
Kester, Belzora MO scan121641
King, William P.   scan121636
King, William R. Ottawa County MI scan121744
Kirk, Josephine Ellen Lacine KS scan121742
Kirkpatrick, Guy   scan121642
Klkanat, Gottlieb   scan121612
Klum, (Mrs. C. K.)   scan121714
Knapp, Harriet New York City NY scan121632/121633
Lee, Anna Sparta WI scan121706
Leland, (Mrs. Harry E.)   scan121780
Letteken, Myrtle (Miss)   scan121670
Ling, J. W.   scan121578
Loomis, (Ashland Mayor)   scan121714
Loomis, Clarles L.   scan121715
Loomis, Hannah Belle Perry NY scan121580
Loughridge, Samuel Dr.   scan121582
Loughridge, Sherman Dr.   scan121582
Loughridge, Sherman Dr.   scan121586
Lyon, L. M.   scan121745
Manning, John Wesley Mansfield OH scan121613
Mansfield, James Nicholas Keytesville MO scan121624
March, Martha Morning   scan121795
Marsh, Rose   scan121742
Marshall, Martin Clymer NY scan121687
Martin, Leroy Victor Mt Vernon IL scan121609
Maxfield, Ruby Elizabeth Santa Barbara CA scan121723
McAbee, Ramona Margery   scan121740
McClendon, Susan McDonald County MO scan121692
McConochie, Lizzie Frances Siskiyou County CA scan121719
McDermott, William E.   scan121611
McDermott, William E.   scan121614
McDonald, Beatrice Lenore   scan121662
McDonald, George T. Warren County PA scan121710
McDonald, James Ottawa Canada scan121659
McDowell, Lennie M. Bates County MO scan121686
McKeever, Emma Ursa IL scan121794
McKeever, Emma H.   scan121796
Meece, John   scan121646
Merchant, William   scan121703
Mickey, Caroline D. IN scan121606
Mingus, (Mrs. F. M.) Jacksonville OR scan121739
Minnick, Sterling   scan121646
Mitchell, Herbert R. Jacksonville OR scan121655
Montgomery, Jeanette Macon County MO scan121668
Mosher, Charles D.   scan121579
Muller, Louisa   scan121642
Muller, Louisa Kirneau Germany scan121643
Nelson, Austin Herbert Odell NE scan121723
Nenic, Bessie   scan121712
Newman, Louisa Tehema CA scan121666
Newman, Louisa Elvira CA scan121671
Nowlin, Harriet Hillsdale County MI scan121701
Nussbaum, Minnie Posen Germany scan121741
Obenchain, Jennie Lake Tahoe CA scan121640
Oden, Cecil   scan121656
Oden, unknown   scan121653
Olson, Paulus Norway scan121633
Olson, Paulus   scan121634
Owen, Glenn Central Point OR scan121690
Page, Arthur A.   scan121758
Page, Arthur A.   scan121760
Page, Arthur Edward   scan121761/121762
Parsons, George W. Saline County MO scan121672
Patterson, Elizabeth Jane Adams County OH scan121668
Patterson, Mabel Frances Portland OR scan121726
Pech, Otillia Henrietta Schwabencoln Germany scan121602
Petford, Emma Madison IN scan121782
Pickel, Francis Edna IL scan121591
Pitard, Albert France scan121630
Pruitt, Laura Belle   scan121678
Reed, Hattie M. NY scan121645
Reed, James E.   scan121753
Reed, James Eugene   scan121752
Reichman, John   scan121655
Reynolds, Lillian May Applegate OR scan121623
Rhoten, Josephine OR scan121699
Richardson, (Mrs. C. S.)   scan121725
Richardson, Mabel Frances Portland OR scan121726
Riddle, Ann Maria Buffalo Heart IL scan121620
Roberts, Abygail E.   scan121617
Rodman, (Mrs. Jack)   scan121712
Rodman, Jack   scan121712
Roe, Mary E. IA scan121584
Roessler, Gustav Henry Sachsen Germany scan121763
Root, Anna Sparta WI scan121706
Ross, Franklin Ottumwa IA scan121633
Rowan, Gladys   scan121773
Sample, Jennetta T. L. Ridgeway OH scan121686
Sandefer, Alta May Morgan County OH scan121593
Saunders, George A.   scan121794
Schafer, Lewis L.   scan121741
Schendel, Gustaves Germany scan121696
Schleichert, Grace   scan121669
Schleichert, Grace Isabelle McCone IL scan121668
Schumaker, Charles   scan121749
Scott, William Walter   scan121634
Scranton, Helen Jackson County OR scan121647
Seaman, Effie M. Monroe County IA scan121679
Sears, Carrie   scan121627
Shepherd, Charles Foster Bureau County IL scan121658
Short, William Aaron Sawyers Barr CA scan121724
Signor, (Mrs. John C.)   scan121575
Signor, John C.   scan121575
Skeel, Myron W. Duanesville NY scan121716
Slugger, Christian J.   scan121765
Smith, Henry Conklin Gouvernor NY scan121781
Smith, Lester W. Jackson County OR scan121629
Smith, Maggie Holland scan121596
Stallsworth, Lizzie Frances Siskiyou County CA scan121719
Stanley, Cora   scan121777
Stearns, Chas. Henry IL scan121592
Stelburg, Carl   scan121598
Stoddard, Harry C.   scan121731
Stone, John Milwaukee WI scan121786
Stoner, S. B.   scan121787
Stratton, Percy C.   scan121693
Striker, William Hanley Canada scan121619
Struthers, Luther Canada scan121594
Swaner, Joseph   scan121637
Talent, John   scan121589
Talent, John White County TN scan121590
Taylor, David VA scan121599
Taylor, Margaret Lochtay Scotland scan121694
Terrill, Effie M. Monroe County IA scan121679
Thompson, G. A.   scan121631
Thompson, J. W. CA scan121680
Trowbridge, A. Henry   scan121599
Turvey, Donley   scan121667
Van Scoyoc, Charles Edwin   scan121768
Van Scoyoc, Charles Edwin   scan121769
Verbick, Anna Ruth Douglas AZ scan121772
Vroman, Ada A. Dunn County WI scan121614
Vroman, Elmer E.   scan121675
Vroman, Elmer Edward Grants Pass OR scan121673
Vroman, Elmer Edward Grants Pass OR scan121676
Wagoner, Eunice   scan121640
Walker, Lelah Augusta Baker OR scan121603
Walker, Sarapta MO scan121642
Wall, Everett R. Niobrara NE scan121721
Ward, Francis Edna IL scan121591
Watt, Emma Madison IN scan121782
Way, Helen Jackson County OR scan121647
Westerlund, John A. Orion IL scan121608
Wetmore, Martin D. Calhoun County MI scan121717
Whitley, Orra M. Blandenville IL scan121775
Willis, John T.   scan121623
Willits, Amos R.   scan121573/121574
Willits, Amos R.   scan121577
Wilson, Alex   scan121765
Wilson, Emma Langell's Valley OR scan121783
Wilson, Faurest F.   scan121788
Wilson, Faurest F. Carrington ND scan121789
Wilson, Faurest F.   scan121792
Wilson, Grace Isabelle McCone IL scan121668
Wilson, Jennie Lake Tahoe CA scan121640
Wilson, Karen C. Dane County WI scan121771
Wimer, Deliah A. IN scan121591
Wiseman, Lelah Augusta Baker OR scan121603
Wood, Rachel Wilmington OH scan121592
Woodcock, Loran R. Conklinville NY scan121789
Worden, David   scan121639
Wright, (Mrs. F. M. Mingus) Jacksonville OR scan121739