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Medford Mail Tribune Scanned Obituary Index for 1925

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Our JCGL volunteers are scanning and indexing microfilmed images of Medford Mail Tribune Obituaries and Death Notices. Below is an index to the 1925 scanned images. It includes the name of the deceased person, his/her place of birth (when available), and the number we have assigned to the image. If the deceased person is a married woman and her maiden name was given in the obituary, this is included in the index. If you would like to receive a copy of a scanned obituary, follow this link, Postal Request Form to display the request form. Complete and print the form, then send it to the address shown along with a check for $10 and a stamped, self-addressed envelope. Some of the scanned obituaries require more than one image. We will send them all for a single $10 fee, but you must put all the image numbers (e.g., scan123456, scan123457) on your request. Be sure to provide all the required information on the form.

For faster turnaround, use the Buy Now button below to make a secure online payment and to provide the information needed to fill your request. Be sure you fill ALL fields in the form including all image scan numbers. When you complete the transaction, our librarian will copy the requested information and email it to you as an attachment. It will be sent as a .jpg (picture) file. When you receive this .jpg file, click on it and it will be loaded into your picture viewer from which you can print a hard copy.

Scanned Mail Tribune Obituaries
Last Name, First Name
Year, Image Number

Name Place of Birth Image Number
Abbott, Hazel Talent OR scan121373
Alford, Catherine C.   scan121557
Alford, Catherine K. MO scan121548
Anderson, George N. Talent OR scan121380
Anderson, W. H. VA scan121453
Anderson, William Henry WV scan121449
Anning, Agnes Grace KS scan121418
Arnet, Willard   scan121486
Arrasmith, Sylvester Farmington IA scan121530
Arrasmith, Sylvester   scan121531
Arthurs, William Nashville TN scan121519
Badger, C. E.   scan121497
Badger, Charles Edmund Ionia MI scan121498
Ballard, Mary Leaella   scan121492
Barron, (Mrs. M. A.)   scan121396
Barron, Martha A.   scan121445
Barron, Martha A. Bethany IL scan121297
Beach, Homer   scan121475
Beard, Belle Downingsville KY scan121544
Bigalow, Clarissa Charity Steamboat Rock IA scan121409
Boggis, Stella   scan121569
Boothby, A. H. Athens, ME scan121478
Boraker, Wesley E. Crawfordsville IN scan121395
Bowman, Margaret E. Atlas IL scan121546
Bradney, Sarah Savannah MO scan121367
Brandt, Jacob   scan121446
Breeden, Amelia What Cheer IA scan121478
Briggs, Iline Gold Hill OR scan121378
Bright, Jefferson Aurora IN scan121432
Brunkal, Louis   scan121459
Buelna, Bessie May   scan121570
Burrows, Thomas Gilbert NY scan121525
Burrows, Thomas Gilbert NY scan121526
Calhan, Charolette   scan121566
Cameron, Dan   scan121491
Cameron, Dan   scan121492
Cameron, Dan   scan121493
Cameron, Dan   scan121495
Campbell, Edgar Newton WI scan121429
Campbell, P. L.   scan121524
Cardwell, William W. Canyonville OR scan121386
Carnahan, Frank W.   scan121556
Carter, Ransome OH scan121424
Case, Lilly   scan121404
Casey, Robert TX scan121509
Centers, Elizabeth Napa CA scan121374
Centers, Elizabeth Napa CA scan121376
Chamberlain, Francis H. Davenport IA scan121561
Chamberlain, Francis H.   scan121562
Chapman, Charolette   scan121566
Chapman, Emma Amelia London England scan121470
Chapman, Reta Medford OR scan121485
Chapman, Sumner G. OH scan121536
Chapman, Sumner G.   scan121537
Charley, Patricia   scan121371
Cingcade, David   scan121420
Cingcade, David Jackson County MO scan121421
Clayton, Joe Franklin County, IN scan121477/121478
Cleveland, Richard Aurora IL scan121458
Coghill, Archie Leonard   scan121444
Cole, Martha Exeter PA scan121560
Collier, John B.   scan121561
Collier, John Benjamin Waterloo IA scan121560
Combest, Francis Voluntine   scan121485
Compton, L. A. Mendocino CA scan121494
Compton, Louis A.   scan121496
Conley, John NY scan121413
Cook, Emma   scan121372
Cook, Harriett Adelle Kansas City KS scan121362
Cook, Sarah Elvira Lebanon OR scan121533
Coshow, (Mrs. O. P.) Ellensdale OR scan121489
Coshow, (Mrs. O. P.)   scan121490
Cothlin, Margaret Ellen Atlas IL scan121547
Craddock, Elizabeth Napa CA scan121374
Crowson, (Mrs. W. W.) VT scan121567
Cummings, A.   scan121457
Cummings, Albert KS scan121451
Cummings, Albert   scan121453
Dahl, Lulu Boonesboro IA scan121469
Dalkey, Bertha Germany scan121567
Dalkey, Bertha   scan121568
Davis, Evaline Ruby   scan121534
Davis, Inez C. Salem OR scan121446
Davis, James Eagle Point OR scan121438
Davis, Lucy   scan121553
Davis, Sarah M. NY scan121439
Davis, Wm. D.   scan121484
Day, John R. Bedford England scan121426
Day, Mary E. Boone County MO scan121529
Deen, Katie Susan Lakeview OR scan121553
Denham, James Franklin Saline County MO scan121549/121550
Derrick, Mary Jane O'Neil NE scan121498
Devore, Sarah Iroquois County IL scan121486
Dunford, Vern   scan121558
Dunlap, Nellie Violet Jackson County OR scan121408
Dynan, Dorothy   scan121481
Dynan, Dorothy   scan121482
Dynau, Dorothy Helen   scan121480
Eddings, Norton   scan121433
Elson, Martha Ash Grove MO scan121540
Elson, Martha Elizabeth Ashgrove MO scan121543
Eoff, Inez C. Salem OR scan121446
Farra, Mary Davis County MO scan121461
Ferry, Jefferson   scan121430
Fick, George   scan121413
Force, Kenneth Norman   scan121499
Frazee, Mary Emma   scan121564
Frazee, Mary Emma   scan121565
Fry, Jennie Sonestown PA scan121377
Gentry, Charles   scan121509
Gentry, Charles   scan121513
Gibbs, Jesse James   scan121535
Gilbert, E. E. Canada scan121452
Gilbert, E. E.   scan121454
Gilbert, E. E.   scan121455
Gorman, Iola Fern   scan121373
Graham, Edith   scan121534
Hall, Fay Rebecca   scan121473
Hall, Mose Lee OR scan121522
Hall, Stacy J. IN scan121464
Hammett, William H. Devonshire England scan121368
Hammond, Albert E.   scan121419
Hammond, Albert Ernest Johnson IN scan121450
Hanna, Odessa Trail OR scan121483
Hartman, Ellen Eagle Point OR scan121379
Hascall, Lorraine Waukeshau WI scan121532
Haworth, Emily Margaret   scan121486
Headlee, Raymond Glenwood Wilcox SK Canada scan121451
Hendrick, Emily   scan121424
Hendrick, Emily IA scan121425
Highriter, Sarah M. NY scan121439
Hoppin, Frederick Layton   scan121441
Hopps, (Mrs. H. H.)   scan121443
Hopps, H. H.   scan121443
Hopps, Herman   scan121443
Hopps, Ruth   scan121443
Hopps, Vernon   scan121443
Hoskins, Odessa Trail OR scan121483
Householder, Olivia   scan121370
Howland, Martha   scan121518
Irwin, David T. NE scan121566
Janney, (Mrs. Edwin M.)   scan121391
Jenison, James T.   scan121541
Johnson, Eliza Jane IN scan121435
Johnston, Albert A.   scan121384
Jones, Frank Delbert Weston OR scan121414
Jones, Martha Exeter PA scan121560
Jones, Thomas E. Placer County CA scan121461
Keller, Anna   scan121442
Kendall, George S. Marion County MO scan121386
Killgrove, Chester KS scan121438
King, Emma   scan121471
Kingery, Peter J. Platte Center NE scan121402
Kinyon, Ada May Douglas County MN scan121461/121462
Klassen, Abe C.   scan121448
Kouns, Mary Elis   scan121555
Landram, Belle Downingsville KY scan121544
Lawrence, Julia   scan121517
Lawrence, Julia L.   scan121516
Lawrence, Thomas F.   scan121538
Little, Florence Ransome County MI scan121568
Luman, Euna June OR scan121429
Lyons, Ella M.   scan121537
Lyons, Ella M.   scan121538
Mathes, Christina   scan121398
McClanahan, Sidney Ann IL scan121424
McClay, William B.   scan121438
McDaniel, Sarah Elvira Lebanon OR scan121533
McDonald, Angus Scotland scan121427
McDonough, J. W. Willow Springs OR scan121563
McDonough, Martin Gold Hill OR scan121508
McDonough, Martin   scan121514
McDonough, Thomas Ireland scan121518
McGinnis, Louise   scan121479
McKinnis, Hazel Talent OR scan121373
McKinnis, Louise   scan121480
McMerrick, Curtis W. Buffalo NY scan121430
McPherson, Robert Lee   scan121500
McWilliams, Frances   scan121542
Meeker, Mary J. McDonough NY scan121544
Meeker, Mary Jane   scan121545
Miller, Anna   scan121437
Miller, Anna   scan121442
Miller, James Wilson Covington IN scan121416
Miner, Joseph S.   scan121555
Miner, Joseph Stillman Weathersfield IL scan121553
Mixer, Alida R.   scan121534
Moore, Rebecca Rose Frankfort PA scan121435
Morava, Billy   scan121492
Morrison, William M. Scotland scan121411
Morse, Amelia What Cheer IA scan121478
Murphy, (Mrs. James H.)   scan121365
Murphy, Emma   scan121471
Murphy, Emma   scan121472/121473
Murphy, Emma Elsie   scan121501
Murray, Thomas B.   scan121399
Neuner, Frank   scan121383
Norman, Fred   scan121477
Norman, Fred   scan121474
Norman, Fred J.   scan121476
O'Connor, Elihu T.   scan121522
Ogg, (Mrs. G. G.)   scan121503
Ohrt, John Jacob   scan121392/121393
Oswald, Lulu Boonesboro IA scan121469
Parker, Oscar Owen   scan121520
Parsons, Lorraine Waukeshau WI scan121532
Patten, Mary Jane O'Neil NE scan121498
Pech, Henry Godlieb Lake Creek OR scan121388
Peelor, Thomas M.   scan121384
Pefley, Ora S.   scan121461
Perry, Mark E.   scan121369
Pett, Charles Rotterdam NY scan121525
Pett, Charles   scan121526
Phillips, Robert James   scan121407
Pierce, C. H.   scan121412
Pierce, Charles Herbert Viola IA scan121410
Poe, Arthur   scan121401
Poole, Rhoda Amanda Riddle OR scan121552
Porter, James Safford Fowler OH scan121456
Prinz, May La Crosse WI scan121389
Pritchett, Fay Rebecca   scan121473
Purvis, Robert   scan121528
Rainey, Lewis C.   scan121473
Randall, Dolores Louise NH scan121404
Rathbone, Clarissa Charity Steamboat Rock IA scan121409
Rathbun, Charles Dr. Gloucestershire England scan121523
Ray, Frank H.   scan121436
Ray, Frank H. Chicago IL scan121446
Raypholtz, Scott W. Sweetser IN scan121402
Regan, Ellen May Prince Edward Isl Canada scan121405/121406
Reynolds, Thomas Jefferson   scan121521
Richards, Silas   scan121440
Riddel, Christina   scan121398
Roberts, Frank R.   scan121449
Rodgers, Charles O. Sams Valley OR scan121422
Rodgers, Jasper   scan121400
Rush, Robert Raymond Medford OR scan121381
Russell, Ethan Allen Dubuque IA scan121384
Russell, Rhoda Amanda Riddle OR scan121552
Salter, Charlotta C.   scan121422
Sanborn, Catherine   scan121431
Sanders, Henry   scan121510
Sanders, Henry   scan121512
Sandlin, Rachel C. AL scan121464
Sandry, Samuel Helston England scan121384
Schernder, Hattie   scan121522
Schneider, Frederick Vienna Austria scan121394
Scott, William J. Canada scan121363
Slevin, Katherine Ireland scan121531
Smith, Andrew J. T.   scan121559
Smith, William A. St Louis MO scan121468
Smith, William A.   scan121469
Smith, William F.   scan121364
Smith, William Henry Rochester NY scan121296
Soule, Mary A. Oregon City OR scan121440
Spencer, Frances   scan121542
Spires, Ellen May Prince Edward Isl Canada scan121405/121406
Stoken, James Albert Sanlac County MI scan121466
Strong, May La Crosse WI scan121389
Swartzfager, William M. Northfield MN scan121539
Talent, Martha Ann Louden County TN scan121478
Talent, Martha Ann   scan121479
Thomas, John I. UT scan121293
Thompson, George Lester Jacksonville OR scan121390
Thompson, Martha   scan121518
Thorn, George J.   scan121403
Thornburg, Jonathan Rush Memphis TN scan121502
Towne, Edith M.   scan121551
Towne, Edith M. (Miss)   scan121526
Towne, Edith M. (Miss)   scan121527
Train, Orin W.   scan121415
Train, Orin W.   scan121417
Travis, William Henry   scan121372
Tule, Florence Ransome County MI scan121568
Vincent, Mary Ann Massinaway IN scan121375
Walch, Edna Rose Eagle Point OR scan121470
Walker, Martha A. Bethany IL scan121297
Walter, Sarah Savannah MO scan121367
Weisser, Carol   scan121448
Weisser, Carol MI scan121451
Welch, Edward C. Medford OR scan121422
Wells, Martha Jewel County KS scan121563
Whelpley, Nellie Violet Jackson County OR scan121408
White, Mary E. MO scan121467
White, Mary F. Davis County MO scan121461
Williams, Lucy   scan121553
Wilson, Gula May   scan121382
Wilson, John   scan121418/121419
Wilson, John Wesley "Stub"   scan121420
Wilson, Robert Stanley Medford OR scan121451
Winningham, Audrey Virginia   scan121503
Wood, David McCray   scan121427
Woods, Mary Emma   scan121564
Woods, Mary Emma   scan121565
Wynkoop, Julia H. NY scan121371
Yasler, William F.   scan121554
Yocum, Robert Francis   scan121463