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Medford Mail Tribune Scanned Obituary Index for 1926

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Our JCGL volunteers are scanning and indexing microfilmed images of Medford Mail Tribune Obituaries and Death Notices. Below is an index to the 1926 scanned images. It includes the name of the deceased person, his/her place of birth (when available), and the number we have assigned to the image. If the deceased person is a married woman and her maiden name was given in the obituary, this is included in the index. If you would like to receive a copy of a scanned obituary, follow this link, Postal Request Form to display the request form. Complete and print the form, then send it to the address shown along with a check for $10 and a stamped, self-addressed envelope. Some of the scanned obituaries require more than one image. We will send them all for a single $10 fee, but you must put all the image numbers (e.g., scan123456, scan123457) on your request. Be sure to provide all the required information on the form.

For faster turnaround, use the Buy Now button below to make a secure online payment and to provide the information needed to fill your request. Be sure you fill ALL fields in the form including all image scan numbers. When you complete the transaction, our librarian will copy the requested information and email it to you as an attachment. It will be sent as a .jpg (picture) file. When you receive this .jpg file, click on it and it will be loaded into your picture viewer from which you can print a hard copy.

Scanned Mail Tribune Obituaries
Last Name, First Name
Year, Image Number

Name Place of Birth Image Number
Aiken, Harry V.   scan121105
Albert, Murle   scan121211
Anderson, Alfred J. Sweden scan121163
Anderson, Axel   scan121301
Anderson, William Edward "Ed" Fenton MO scan121342
Baer, Rollin   scan121171
Bailey, Isaac William Canyonville OR scan121287
Baker, Sarah M. Eagle Point OR scan121233
Balch, Maria R. Lyme NH scan121325
Beckett, Thomas Clifford Pratt County KS scan121151/121152
Beebe, Nora E. NE scan121235
Beebe, Norma E.   scan121235
Beeson, Elizabeth A. Talent OR scan121140
Behnke, Theodore H.   scan121167
Beige, (Mrs. N. T.)   scan121290
Beige, (Mrs. N. T.)   scan121292
Beige, (Mrs. N. T.)   scan121267/12169-72
Beige, (Mrs. N. T.)   scan121274
Beige, N. T.   scan121267/12169-72
Beige, Nathan Teo   scan121277
Bennett, Delbert Franklin NY scan121354
Berger, Helene Sophia Chicago IL scan121216
Bishop, Laura   scan121341
Bishop, Laura L. Buchanan County MO scan121340
Blackwell, Wm. I.   scan121203
Blackwood, Jessie Ashland OR scan121252
Blackwood, Jessie   scan121253
Bolton, Thomas K. Paisely Scotland scan121146
Bonney, Margaret May   scan121158
Booker, Sabery A. (Miss) Wilmington ME scan121146
Booker, Sabrey (Miss)   scan121154
Bowlby, Clara Oneta Chariton IA scan121258
Bowling, James   scan121173
Boyer, Mable E.   scan121236
Bradford, Annie Boston, MA scan121199
Bradley, Mabel Juanita   scan121334
Bragg, Ishmael M. VA scan121334
Branner, Mary Frances Fredrickstown MD scan121150
Brenner, Ed E.   scan121203
Brenner, Ed E.   scan121205
Brenner, Lillie Jane Hancock County IL scan121177
Briner, Elizabeth A. Talent OR scan121140
Britten, Frank E. WI scan121206
Brown, John Sanford MO scan121121
Brownlee, (Mrs. John)   scan121280
Brownlee, Lizzie R. PA scan121282
Butler, Miriam   scan121138
Byers, George Circleville OH scan121134
Calhoun, Henry H. AR scan121295
Calhoun, Henry H.   scan121297
Carpenter, John Wesley   scan121121
Caster, Frances N. IA scan121302
Caster, Frances N.   scan121306
Caton, Anna   scan121298
Caton, Anna Central Point OR scan121299
Champlin, Abbie G. Davenport NY scan121249
Chandler, Eldora   scan121307/121308
Clayton, Thomas Hamilton County IN scan121115
Clearwater, Nancy S.   scan121279
Cody, Archie   scan121182
Cody, Archie   scan121183
Coffeen, Annie Sarah Ottawa Canada scan121240
Cohrs, Kenneth Dale   scan121246
Condon, MN scan121279
Conner, John   scan121327
Conser, Catherine J. Flat Rock OH scan121106
Conser, Catherine Jane Flat Rock OH scan121108
Cooper, Luella   scan121215
Cooper, Octavia   scan121172
Courter, Katherine Maria IN scan121190
Crane, Albert   scan121115
Cripps, Eva Independence WI scan121196
Cross, Ella May   scan121330
Dahack, John   scan121225
Daoust, Leonie St Polycarpe Quebec CAN scan121145
Daoust, Leonie   scan121147
Davis, Henry Everett   scan121360
Davis, Henry Everett   scan121361
Davison, Mary A.   scan121259
DeArmond, Nancy E.   scan121218
Dewey, Harvey S. MN scan121133
Doonst, Leonie   scan121148
Doren, George Samuel Central Point OR scan121267
Dunlap, Ira D. Butte Falls OR scan121235
Dunlap, Owen   scan121189
Dunlap, Owen   scan121190
Duran, Charles William   scan121264
Duran, Charles William   scan121266
Edwards, Harriett Eleanor   scan121218
Ferns, Livonia Jane St Helens OR scan121248
Flater, Daniel Cottom Ontario Canada scan121360
Flater, Daniel   scan121361
Foley, Katherine (Miss) Gold Hill OR scan121227
Foster, Elizabeth H.   scan121229
Fountain, Octavia   scan121172
Frizzie, Emil   scan121326
Frost, Elizabeth H.   scan121329
Furry, Frederick Milo Jr.   scan121194
Furry, Milo   scan121193
Gallaspy, Louis   scan121109
Gardner, George A.   scan121122
Gardner, George A. "Judge" Gold Beach OR scan121119
Garrison, Charles   scan121237
Garrison, Charles F. Bement IL scan121238
Garrison, George   scan121149
Gay, James H.   scan121319
Gee, Lillian Belle Whigville MI scan121300
Gleim, Margaret Annie   scan121192
Gould, Francis C. Knowlesville NY scan121240
Green, Bercele A. Vernon NY scan121349
Green, Bercele A.   scan121351
Green, Susan Hamilton MO scan121180
Green, Susan   scan121181
Greer, Bert   scan121245
Greer, Bert R. Fort Leavenworth KS scan121262
Grigsby, Lorena May Agate OR scan121147
Hall, Mary Frances Fredrickstown MD scan121150
Hammett, Anna   scan121298
Hammett, Anna Central Point OR scan121299
Harris, William B.   scan121201
Harris, William Blue   scan121203
Hay, James W. KY scan121178
Hay, James W.   scan121179
Haymond, Benjamin Rock Point OR scan121111
Haymond, Benjamin   scan121112
Heath, Elizabeth   scan121257
Hedgpeth, John W. Nodaway County MO scan121356
Hedgpeth, John W.   scan121357
Hendrickson, Donald William Medford OR scan121181
Hermon, Mary A.   scan121332
Hickson, Eula Belle Boone NC scan121244
Hitzler, Maria   scan121178
Hoff, Howard   scan121230
Hogan, Michae D. Douro Canada scan121172
Hollars, John Marshall KY scan121110
Holmes, R. A.   scan121315
Holmes, Robert A. Rock Grove IL scan121318
Howard, Charlotte L.   scan121221
Howard, Elmira   scan121288
Howarth, J. A.   scan121352
Howath, J. P.   scan121337
Howe, Francis C. Knowlesville NY scan121240
Howel, Thomas Andres Sonora County CA scan121212
Hughes, Luella   scan121215
Hukill, Oren W.   scan121264
Ingling, Altha E. Cardington OH scan121161
Ingram, Leroy   scan121164
Ingram, Leroy   scan121167
Jensen, Peter   scan121309
Johnston, Howard Leroy IA scan121194
Jones, Harley Fay Curry County OR scan121250
Jones, Judith   scan121144
Jones, Laura L. Buchanan County MO scan121340
Jones, Laura L.   scan121341
Jones, Thomas J.   scan121222
Jones, William Jones Scotland scan121188
Kasshafer, Mary Elizabeth Stockton CA scan121129
Kennard, Alice   scan121167
Kennard, Alice (Miss)   scan121165
Kennard, Alice (Mrs.)   scan121165
Kennard, Alice (Mrs.)   scan121170
Kentner, Bess (Miss)   scan121348
Kerns, Quentin Scott "Scotty" Enterprise OR scan121285
Kershaw, Laura M. IA scan121311
Kich, George   scan121291
Kilborn, Ira   scan121322
Knight, James Albert KS scan121357
Kollath, Jane   scan121264
Konkel, Sarah F.   scan121185
Konkel, Sarah Frances   scan121186
Kubli, Eleanor Jane   scan121193
Kurtz, Lena   scan121335
Kurz, Lena Louise   scan121336
Langalier, Elizabeth   scan121214
Law, T. C.   scan121172
Lewis, (Mrs. Roy)   scan121344
Lewis, Eva Winterset IA scan121289
Love, Sarah Jane TN scan121160
Lyons, (Mrs. D. A.) KS scan121133
Lyons, Phoebe Ellen Pauling County OH scan121139
Manguson, Harley Fay Curry County OR scan121250
Marshfield, Freddie Richart   scan121160
Mason, Livonia Jane St Helens OR scan121248
Maxcy, Steve   scan121230
McAuley, Catherine Jane Flat Rock OH scan121108
McCoy, Alfred David   scan121137
McCrary, Viola   scan121225
McDonough, Sarah Elizabeth Lafayette IN scan121177
McGinnis, Joseph   scan121277
McIntyre, Harvey Moon Delaware County NY scan121287
McLean   scan121322
McNelly, Anna K.   scan121254
McNelly, Anna Katherine KS scan121254
McRae, Kenneth Nova Scotia Canada scan121133
Messner, Georgia Anna   scan121209
Meyers, (Mrs. Charles Riedel)   scan121122
Miller, Charles Kendrick   scan121173
Miller, Cyril Dan   scan121210
Miller, Elmira   scan121288
Miller, Eva Independence WI scan121196
Minter, Nancy S.   scan121279
Monia, Jacob Switzerland scan121174
Moore, Martha Lucina OH scan121141
Mordoff, George M. Chicago IL scan121186
Mordoff, George M. Chicago IL scan121168
Mordoff, George M.   scan121169
Morris, Maria Catherine   scan121283
Morton, Edward E. Carthage MO scan121361
Mosher, Rosalie Rebecca   scan121182
Mosher, Rosalie Rebecca   scan121185
Murphy, H. E. Dr.   scan121198
Murphy, Harvey E. Dr.   scan121197
Musty, Francis Xavier Akron OH scan121286
Myers, Sidney J. OH scan121134
Neiman, John Germany scan121154
Neiman, John   scan121156
Nelson, Axel Sweden scan121317
Nelson, Axel   scan121303
Newman, Catherine Plymouth MI scan121322
Nichols, Thomas   scan121265
Nichols, Thomas E.   scan121276
Nichols, Thomas Everett MO scan121266
Nichols, Thomas Everett   scan121273
Norris, Eula Belle Boone NC scan121244
Olanham, Dollie E. IA scan121213
Olson, Anna Sweden scan121260
Olson, Lester Orris   scan121282
Orr, Edith Annie Eastwood Canada scan121175
Orr, Edith Annie Eastwood Canada scan121176
Pankey, Ronald Lee   scan121225
Paxson, R. H.   scan121324
Pearce, Sarah Alice Logansport IN scan121174
Pech, Henry Medford OR scan121332
Pech, Henry   scan121333
Pellett, Martin L. OH scan121294
Pellett, Martin L.   scan121297
Pellett, Martin L. "Mart"   scan121296
Pelton, Lottie   scan121131
Peterson, Maria Catherine   scan121283
Pickel, Helen M. Macomb County MI scan121356
Pierce, Frederick Brittain Melrose MA scan121333
Pillsbury, Oliva NY scan121279
Pitz, Henry OH scan121113
Potter, Frances C.   scan121238
Potter, Francis C. Knowlesville NY scan121240
Priest, (Mr.)   scan121171
Rankin, Lizzie R. PA scan121282
Ratcliff, Anderson   scan121200
Ray, Charles R. Dr.   scan121136
Ray, Charles Reginald Dr. Florence IL scan121125/121126
Ray, Charles Reginald Dr.   scan121128
Ray, Dr. Charles R.   scan121130
Ray, Dr. Charles R.   scan121132
Raymond, Abner   scan121156
Ream, Edward Childs Marysville CA scan121225
Reed, Christlana Hanover Germany scan121109
Richardson, S. A.   scan121228
Richardson, Samuel Arthur Clinton IL scan121229
Riedel, (Mrs. Charles)   scan121122
Roberts, George M.   scan121211
Robinson, John W.   scan121242
Robinson, John W.   scan121243
Rodschon, Hansine Karoline Denmark scan121262
Roper, Julia S.   scan121251
Rowley, Infant son   scan121212
Rulifson, Nora E. NE scan121235
Rulifson, Norma E.   scan121235
Rumley, Frances Polk County MO scan121133
Russell, (Mrs. William)   scan121116
Russell, Catherine Knox County IL scan121120
Sanders, Atha   scan121220
Sanders, Atha Otto Fallon NE scan121225
Schmitt, Joseph J. Dr. Meiers Grove MN scan121143
Schmitt, Leonie   scan121147
Schmitt, Leonie   scan121148
Schmitt, Leonie St Polycarpe Quebec CAN scan121145
Schuette, Henry G. Quincy IL scan121247
Schwerdfield, Merle   scan121195
Schwerdfield, Merle L.   scan121196
Searle, Florence   scan121331
Sheibley, David Alexander New Germantown PA scan121142
Shelby, Mary M. Pike County IL scan121223
Shelby, Mary M.   scan121235
Shelton, Eleanor   scan121302
Shelton, Eleanor   scan121306
Shinn, Matilda Caroline Clarmont County OH scan121115
Simpson, Sarah M. Eagle Point OR scan121233
Sisty, Eva Winterset IA scan121289
Slossen, E. O.   scan121321
Smead, Nancy   scan121221
Smead, Nancy   scan121222
Smeadley, William   scan121233
Smeed, (Mrs. W. A.)   scan121218
Smith, Bardwell Daniel Sandwich IL scan121135
Smith, Lorena May Agate OR scan121147
Snider, Albertus William   scan121349
Stancliff, Jessie Ashland OR scan121252
Stancliff, Jessie   scan121253
Stancliff, Walter Spencer Phoenix OR scan121248
Stearns, Orson A.   scan121241
Steelman, John Wesley OH scan121127
Stefani, James Wadell   scan121210
Stennett, Lafayette A.   scan121358
Stennett, Lafayette A.   scan121359
Stevens, Mary F. IN scan121287
Stine, Isabelle J. Burnettsville IN scan121339
Stone, Jacob   scan121153
Stringer, Therisa Simcoe Canada scan121216
Stringer, Therisa   scan121217
Struthers, Mary   scan121225
Sullivan, Aileen   scan121155
Sullivan, Aileen CA scan121156
Sullivan, Alice Elizabeth Hazelton PA scan121191
Svendsen, Clemmer Matthiis Denmark scan121234
Svendsen, Hansine Karoline Denmark scan121262
Swem, Jack Stewart Medford OR scan121345/121346
Swem, Jackie   scan121343
Swem, Jackie   scan121347
Swem, Jackie   scan121350
Syron, Mary Ann Huntingford England scan121207
Syron, Mary Ann   scan121208
Taylor, Katherine Maria IN scan121190
Taylor, William Chalmers Aberdeenshire Scotland scan121147
Theulmer, Gertrude   scan121208
Thomas, Nellie Cedar Rapids IA scan121202
Thompson, Arthur Ray Cedar Rapids IA scan121353
Tice, Margaret Carrol County OH scan121234
Tice, Margaret   scan121236
Tilley, Herbert England scan121267
Turnbow, James Albert   scan121157
Ulrich, Chris Burlington IA scan121310
Ulrich, Chris   scan121312
Van Dermark, Peter R. Neversink County NY scan121175
Van Dermark, Peter R.   scan121177
von der Hellen, Helene Sophia Chicago IL scan121216
Wakefield, Harold Marshall Marysville KS scan121355
Walch, Easter Venita Eagle Point OR scan121187
Waldron, Alfred G.   scan121124
Waldron, Clara Oneta Chariton IA scan121258
Walter, George   scan121162
Walter, George   scan121163
Ward, Samuel Francis   scan121139
Watkins, Rannus Perrine Leonidas MI scan121311
Watson, Katherine A. Pekin IL scan121261
Watts, John S.   scan121187
Webb, John M.   scan121159
Weeks, Edith Annie Eastwood Canada scan121175
Weeks, Edith Annie Eastwood Canada scan121176
Whitman, (Mrs.)   scan121281
Wilson, Josephine Scio OR scan121115
Wilson, William J. St Louis MO scan121351
Wilson, William J.   scan121352
Winches, Martinus Holland scan121114
Wing, (Mrs. J. Z.)   scan121204
Wing, Eunice   scan121204
Winkleman, Clifford Ray   scan121332
Witheral, W. D.   scan121320
Wolf, George   scan121107
Wolfe, John   scan121300
Wolfe, John S. Sr.   scan121299
Worden, John W. Fairbury IL scan121222
Wright, Annie Boston, MA scan121199
York, Anna Katherine KS scan121254
York, Anna Katherine   scan121254
York, Walter R.   scan121317/121318
Yosts, George Albert   scan121275
Young, Catherine NY scan121149