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Medford Mail Tribune Scanned Obituary Index for 1927

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Our JCGL volunteers are scanning and indexing microfilmed images of Medford Mail Tribune Obituaries and Death Notices. Below is an index to the 1927 scanned images. It includes the name of the deceased person, his/her place of birth (when available), and the number we have assigned to the image. If the deceased person is a married woman and her maiden name was given in the obituary, this is included in the index. If you would like to receive a copy of a scanned obituary, follow this link, Postal Request Form to display the request form. Complete and print the form, then send it to the address shown along with a check for $10 and a stamped, self-addressed envelope. Some of the scanned obituaries require more than one image. We will send them all for a single $10 fee, but you must put all the image numbers (e.g., scan123456, scan123457) on your request. Be sure to provide all the required information on the form.

For faster turnaround, use the Buy Now button below to make a secure online payment and to provide the information needed to fill your request. Be sure you fill ALL fields in the form including all image scan numbers. When you complete the transaction, our librarian will copy the requested information and email it to you as an attachment. It will be sent as a .jpg (picture) file. When you receive this .jpg file, click on it and it will be loaded into your picture viewer from which you can print a hard copy.

Scanned Mail Tribune Obituaries
Last Name, First Name
Year, Image Number

Name Place of Birth Image Number
Abbott, Charles D. Buffalo NY scan120975
Adams, Bertha IN scan120811
Albert, Glenn W. H. New Plymouth ID scan120957
Albert, Glenn W. H.   scan120959
Anderson, Joseph R   scan120830
Anderson, Joseph R.   scan120825
Anderson, Joseph R.   scan120832
Anderson, Lodema Bloomfield Canada scan120648
Anderson, Lydia Emelia Sweden scan120986
Armstrong, George   scan121018
Bailey, James F. OH scan121020
Baird, John O.   scan120944
Baker, Hiram Henry Lake Champlain VT scan121065
Ball, E. A.   scan121058
Barker, Lillian May Monona IA scan120993
Barrett, Mable H. Red Oak IA scan121040
Bays, Lodema Bloomfield Canada scan120648
Bays, Lodema   scan120649
Beard, G. P.   scan120913
Beard, George P.   scan120918
Bebb, Roberta Anne   scan121008
Bedingfield, James   scan120906
Beek, Elle A. Placerville CA scan120926
Behnert, Frederick William   scan120812
Beiberstedt, Rudolph   scan121102
Bennett, Edward P. Sullivan County MO scan120660
Bennett, Edward P.   scan120661
Bennett, Lester   scan120493
Berdan, Florence Josephine Nelson NY scan121091
Bernst, Kate   scan120937
Beucler, Aletha M. IA scan120815
Beucler, Oletha   scan120816
Bishop, Nellie Gertrude   scan120490
Black, William Alexander TX scan120946
Blackford, Nancy C.   scan121060
Blackford, Nancy Catherine Jackson County OR scan121056
Blessing, Mildred   scan120831
Bodenheimer, Doris   scan120948
Bohnert, Frederick William Medford OR scan120813
Borthers, Edith   scan120879
Bourne, George F. Cambridge MA scan120987
Boussum, Emma Melissa PA scan121005
Bowlby, J. S.   scan121017
Bowlby, James S. PA scan121016
Boyd, (Mrs. W. H.)   scan120875
Brashear, Albert Ross Warrensburg scan120826
Brett, Joe P.   scan120911
Britten, William M. MI scan120887
Britten, William M.   scan120888
Brown, Weta   scan120904
Bruhn, Bernhard   scan121012
Buckley, Francis   scan120908
Buckley, Francis   scan120916
Buckley, James Frances   scan120909
Burgess, Ellen M. Padeville WI scan121081
Burgess, Ellen M. Padeville WI scan121082
Burns, (Mrs. W. H.)   scan120903
Burns, Bernice   scan120904
Calhoun, Mable C. Prairie City OR scan121051
Campbell, Margaret   scan121074
Carpenter, Edith   scan120879
Carpenter, Edith   scan120880
Casebeer, Edward   scan120893
Cash, Leny   scan120847
Cassady, Mary Elizabeth Medford OR scan120652
Chamberlain, Alice H. IA scan120930
Chapman, (Mrs. Horace Mitchell)   scan120917
Chapman, Walter Clifton London England scan120837
Cherry, Albert Salem IN scan120955
Cherry, Albert   scan120956
Cherry, Elizabeth Bellwood, Blair County PA scan120884
Cherry, Elizabeth   scan120885
Cherry, Elizabeth   scan120888
Childers, William H. Howard County MO scan120992
Childers, William H.   scan120993
Church, Milton OH scan121100
Clark, George W. Indianapolis IN scan121050
Clarke, Dale   scan120825
Clement, Charles H. IA scan121094
Cleveland, Nova Clement   scan120820
Clifford, Margaret   scan121074
Coleman, Elmer G. Phoenix OR scan120901
Collins, Alfreda Medford OR scan120918
Collins, Thomas Benton St Clair County MO scan120641
Conroy, Robert J. Dr.   scan120642
Cornwall, (Mrs. O. L.)   scan120655
Coulter, George   scan120842
Criteser, Minnetta Boise ID scan120983
Critesor, Tom   scan120980
Crumpacker, Maurice E.   scan121092
Currie, J. A. Port LaLunce Canada scan120923
Cusick, Kathryn   scan121012
Dallaire, Hippolite St Irene Quebec Canada scan120994
Dallaire, Hippolite   scan120996
Davidson, Elijah   scan120822
Davidson, Vernon Ray   scan121009
Davis, George Clarke MO scan120808
Decker, Joseph Allen   scan121076
Denton, Elijah Boone County AR scan120982
Denton, Elijah   scan120983
Denzer, Irene Agnes St Paul MN scan120969
DeVore, Thomas L.   scan120885
DeYoe, J. Willard   scan121045
Dial, (Mrs. E. A.)   scan121058
Dial, E. A.   scan121058
Dias, Mabel R.   scan121071
Dillingham, H. A. Dr.   scan120823
Dimick, Clarence Abel Calistoga County CA scan120950
Dobbs, Margaret Elizabeth Heath NE scan121099
Dodge, J. P.   scan120658
Donaldson, Mable C. Prairie City OR scan121051
Douglas, J. A.   scan120661
Dunham, Sylvester W. Arcadia NY scan121037
Dunham, Sylvester W.   scan121040
Dunkin, Sarah   scan121056
Dunkin, Sarah   scan121060
Dunkin, Sarah Hamilton County OH scan121055
Dunlap, John Wesley NC scan121014
Dunn, J. H.   scan120657
Dyer, Nancy E. Platt County MO scan120807
Dyer, Nancy E. Platt County MO scan120808
Early, (Mrs. H. Lee)   scan121064
East, Kathryn   scan121012
Edsell, Jed E. Ashland OR scan121010
Edwards, James Oscar   scan120973
Ellisen, Thomas B.   scan121040
Ellison, Thomas B. Adams County OH scan121038
Ellison, Thomas B.   scan121039
Ellsworth, Chester "One-Shot Grizzly"   scan121034
Erdmann, Ernestine   scan121008
Fawcett, Jeff   scan120927
Fawcett, Jefferson   scan120929
Fawcett, Ray   scan120927
Fawcett, Ray   scan120929
Fehl, Henry W. Wyandotte County OH scan120991
Fehl, Henry W.   scan120997
Ferguson, Francis Marion Macon County IL scan121001/121002
Fish, Theodore Johnston Sidney Plains NY scan120910
Fleming, James M. NJ scan120990
Fleming, James M.   scan120991
Fletcher, Mary Yorkshire England scan120877
Fletcher, Mary   scan120878
Fredenburg, Alfreda   scan120918
French, William CA scan120826
Friend, Kate   scan120639
Friend, Kate   scan120641
Fries, C. M.   scan120646
Frost, Vivian G. Mineral Point WI scan120915
Fry, John J.   scan120878
Fry, John Jefferson   scan120876
Furry, Arthur S.   scan120812
Gall, Elam R. Sams Valley OR scan120970
Garich, (Mrs. J. M.)   scan120834
Garrett, Ida Oelwein IA scan120960
Garrett, Ida   scan120961
Gay, Ellen Melvina Craig County VA scan120650
Gerdes, Frank Marlon Pekin IL scan121015
Gerdes, Frank Marlon   scan121016
Gerdes, Frank Marlon   scan121018
Gilchrist, C. C.   scan121053
Ginet, Joseph St Jean de La Porte France scan120641
Ginet, Joseph   scan120643
Givens, Ellen Melvina Craig County VA scan120650
Glasjow, Orville   scan120814
Gleim, Cora Amelia   scan120957
Graham, Mary Jane Courtland Center MI scan120927
Gray, J. W.   scan121006
Gray, John Wilson   scan120992
Green, Anna   scan120651
Green, Anna M.   scan120656
Griffith, Nellie Gertrude   scan120490
Grim, John J. Westmoreland County PA scan120950
Grim, John J.   scan120951
Gudehus, Henry Edward   scan121002
Gudehus, Henry W.   scan121004
Guenther, Herbert Myron   scan121012
Gustafson, Lydia Emaline   scan120988
Gustafson, Lydia Emelia Sweden scan120986
Hall, Nora Alice   scan120973
Hanna, Lillian May Monona IA scan120993
Hanna, Lillian May   scan120994
Hanna, Mable H. Red Oak IA scan121040
Hanscom, B. H.   scan120495
Hargrave, Stella   scan121104
Harrington, Jack Harley Rushville IL scan121079
Harris, John Bates County MO scan121003
Harrison, (Mrs. P. B.)   scan120491
Harrison, (Mrs. Phil B.)   scan120492
Hart, Minnie E.   scan120831
Haskin, Oren   scan120640
Haskins, Oren   scan120644
Haskins, Oren   scan120645
Haymond, Rupert Lee   scan121016
Haynes, Frances Isabell Boone County IN scan120833
Haynes, Frances Isabell   scan120835
Hazelrigg, Arthur   scan120489
Hazelwood, Roberta Jefferson County TN scan120961
Heine, T. G. Dr.   scan120929
Heine, Thompson G. Dr. New Brunswick Canada scan120928
Helms, Samuel V.   scan121042
Hickman, Bert C.   scan121012
Hill, Dillon R. Half Rock MO scan121095
Hillis, (Mrs. C. C. Pierce)   scan121028
Hoagland, Samuel L. Rolla MO scan121093
Holdridge, Martha Smithville NY scan120926
Hollenbeck, Floyd   scan121097
Hollis, Frankie B. MI scan120931
Holmes, Robert   scan121077
Hopkins, Mason J.   scan120829
Hornbeck, John KY scan120990
Hornbeck, John   scan120991
Howard, John Adam PA scan121020
Hubert, Rosanna   scan120899
Hull, Sarah A. Dayton IN scan120985
Hunter, Minerva Griffin Creek Dist OR scan120838
Hunter, Minerva Jackson County OR scan120839
Hurd, Laura Ann OH scan120810
Kee, Kessander Caroline Somerset KY scan120834
Kellogg, Thomas MO scan120896
Kelsoe, Thomas J. MO scan121089
Kirkpatrick, William R. IA scan121072
Kirkpatrick, Wm. R.   scan121073
Klippel, Elizabeth   scan120825
Klippel, Elizabeth Ann Cooper County MO scan120821
Knight, Noah Y.   scan120955
Knight, Noah Y.   scan120956
Koenig, Edwin M.   scan120651
Koenig, Edwin M.   scan120659
Kramer, John   scan120937
Laffer, Alanzo L.   scan121032
Lafland, Edith   scan120984
Lamb, Cora L.   scan121068
Lamb, Cora Leona Harrison County MO scan121067
Lamb, Cora Leona Harrison County MO scan121070
Larson, Andrew   scan121023
Larson, Ragnor Sweden scan121022
Lathrop, Adelbert Aurelius Madison NY scan120922
Lawrence, Gilbert   scan120651
Learned, Virgil   scan121063
Learned, Virgil Medford OR scan121062
Leland, May Tiffany   scan120881
Lewis, Arthur Orlande MI scan120812
Lewis, Ida A. Highland IA scan120825
Linebarger, Caroline   scan121012
Littlefield, Natalie Old Town ME scan120992
Littrell, Elijah Alexander Lauderdale County AL scan121005
Lofland, Edith   scan120985
Lofland, Justice M. Laurel IN scan121104
Losher, Florence May   scan120831
Lumsden, H. U.   scan120840
Lumsden, Harold U.   scan120824
Lumsden, Harold U.   scan120825
Lumsden, Harold U.   scan120826
Lumsden, Harold Union Lakeview MN scan120819
Lyons, Infant son   scan120837
Mack, Helen Frances   scan120930
March, James Samuel Scotland County MO scan120926
Markle, Mary Gertrude Terre Haute IN scan121080
Markle, Mary Gertrude Terre Haute IN scan121083
Marlow, Louisa England scan120997
Marr, William Ogilvie "Scotty" Garmouth Scotland scan121030
Marsh, Lena   scan120494
Martin, Lewis   scan120947
Martin, Lewis R.   scan120949
Mason, Olivette Margot   scan120938
Mathews, Carl   scan120944
Matteson, Martha Smithville NY scan120926
McBride, William IL scan120981
McBride, William   scan120982
McCallister, Earl   scan120976
McClanahan, Patricia Louise   scan121093
McClarey, Robert W.   scan121048
McClarey, Robert W.   scan121052
McCormick, Nancy A.   scan121008
McCormick, Nancy Agnes Butler County PA scan121007
McCoy, Emma M. Santa Rosa CA scan120953
McCoy, Emma M.   scan120954
McDougall, Herbert Wadsworth IA scan121012
McKinnis, Francis M. Dubuque County IA scan121086
McNary, Catherine Adaline St Louis MO scan120943
Melavin, Frank   scan121104
Melavin, Frank   scan120807
Melavin, Frank   scan120808
Merritt, Viola Caroline   scan121096
Miller, Thelma Geneva   scan121039
Miller, Thelma Geneva   scan121040
Minton, Mary Denver CO scan120964
Mitchell, (Mrs. Horace)   scan120917
Modrell, George W. Bloomfield IL scan121080
Moore, Ida Oelwein IA scan120960
Morava, Irene   scan121104
Morgan, Mark Pomroy OR scan120986
Morse, Noble Willis   scan120957
Morton, (Mrs. J. C.)   scan121011
Morton, E. E.   scan120935
Morton, J. J.   scan120935
Mulhollen, Elizabeth Bellwood, Blair County PA scan120884
Murrell, Mary   scan120979
Murrell, Mary Isabelle   scan120981
Nakano, K. S.   scan120889
Nakano, K. S. "Tommy"   scan120892
Naylor, Ida May Griffin Creek OR scan121078
Naylor, Minerva Griffin Creek Dist OR scan120838
Naylor, Minerva Jackson County OR scan120839
Neff, Mary P. KY scan120978
Nelson, Florence May   scan120831
Nelson, Florence May   scan120833
Newcomb, Ida A. Highland IA scan120825
Newsome, Charles Maxwell   scan120652
Nordmann, Margaret   scan121031
O'Brien, James A. Canada scan120494
Oden, Esther WA scan121035
Odgers, J. W. Dr. WI scan120817
O'Gara, Patrick J. Dr.   scan120841
Olson, George Copenhagen Denmark scan121069
Osenbrugge, Caroline Lucia Kremps Germany scan120838
Pankey, Henry T. IL scan121020
Pankey, Thomas Polk County OR scan120989
Parker, Franklin Millerd OR scan121090
Parker, Frederick Millard   scan121091
Parsley, Ruth Helen   scan120971
Peart, James W. Tolo OR scan121004
Peasley, Albert   scan120837
Peasley, Albert   scan120838
Peasley, Frances Isabell Boone County IN scan120833
Pence, Calvin E. Jackson County OR scan121017
Pence, Calvin E.   scan121018
Perkins, Oshia Maude   scan120894
Petard, Marie Brittany France scan120664
Petruska, Joseph L.   scan120647
Petruska, Joseph L.   scan120651
Phillips, Esther WA scan121035
Phillips, Esther   scan121036
Phillips, Esther   scan121037
Phillips, Esther   scan121043
Pieper, William   scan120817
Pierce, (Mrs. C. C.)   scan121028
Pierce, C. H.   scan120663
Poe, John T.   scan120944
Pointer, Sarah A. Murphysboro OH scan120904
Pointer, Sarah A. Murphysboro OH scan120905
Polley, Albert H. IA scan121007
Polley, Albert H.   scan121008
Pool, Minnie E.   scan120831
Poole, James M.   scan120941
Price, Kessander Caroline Somerset KY scan120834
Pullen, Leslie Carlton   scan121087
Pullen, Lester Carlton   scan121084
Pursel, Charles Collins PA scan121047
Rancourt, Celia St Gerraise Quebec CAN scan120945
Randall, Homer   scan120929
Rankin, George   scan120832
Rankin, George E.   scan120833
Rathburn, Ed   scan120912
Richardson, Mary Elizabeth Medford OR scan120653
Richardson, Roberta Jefferson County TN scan120961
Richardson, Roberta   scan120962
Riddle, G. W. Springfield IA scan120835
Riley, Elle A. Placerville CA scan120926
Riley, R. D.   scan121064
Roberts, Sarah A. Dayton IN scan120985
Robinson, (Mrs. H. B.)   scan120897
Robison, Hannah Elizabeth   scan120900
Rohnert, Frederick William Medford OR scan120809
Ruhl, Robert Waldo Jr.   scan121098
Runk, Lillian   scan120882
Russell, William A.   scan120895
Rust, Elizabeth Colette Polk County OR scan120965
Salisch, Ralph E.   scan120833
Sanderson, C. S.   scan121049
Sanderson, Charles R. WI scan121044
Sanderson, Charles R.   scan121046
Sandry, Emma Elizabeth England scan120966
Scheffel, William E. Cincinnati OH scan120806
Scheffel, William E.   scan120807
Schermerhorn, Ida May Griffin Creek OR scan121078
Schmidt, Elizabeth   scan121054
Schrecengost, Nellie   scan120898
Schulz, Lottie IN scan120643
Schulz, Lottie IN scan120643
Scott, Kathleen Bernice   scan120878
Sereyka, Margaret   scan120964
Severance, Hattie   scan120883
Shaw, Frank Beatty Philadelphia PA scan120913
Shide, Eliza   scan120816
Short, Eldon   scan120639
Showalter, John Copely   scan121003
Shuck, Stella   scan121104
Siglinger, Charles W. IL scan120904
Siglinger, Chas. M.   scan120905
Simmons, Eldar W. Greenvale IL scan121014
Simons, Mary   scan120963
Simons, Mary M. Denver CO scan120964
Simpkins, Simon Edward Columbus OH scan121088
Sinclair, Alta   scan121104
Sinclair, Alta   scan120807
Slater, Ellen Melvina Craig County VA scan120650
Slater, Ellen Melvina   scan120651
Small, L. L.   scan121018
Small, Lewis L.   scan121020
Small, Lewis L.   scan121026
Smead, Marion William   scan120977
Smedley, Charles William   scan120818
Smith, William John Wexford MI scan120939
Sommers, Caroline MO scan120836
Spitzer, Margaret E.   scan121021
Spitzer, Wm. C. Richmond MO scan120493
Stanton, Minnie Eureka KS scan121041
Stanton, Nancy   scan120902
Stanton, Nellie   scan120898
Stearns, Infant son   scan120646
Steele, Laura Ann OH scan120810
Steinmetz, Ralph W.   scan121033
Stewart, Elizabeth Ireland scan121022
Stewart, Sarah Sunbury PA scan120808
Stickel, Walter H.   scan120944
Stickel, Walter H. Creston IA scan120946
Stinson, Oscar   scan120828
Stinson, Oscar E. Appanoos County IA scan120829
Stoltze, Harry C. Madison WI scan120827
Storey, Laura R. Sheffield England scan121041
Strang, Caroline   scan121012
Streets, (Mrs. F. W.)   scan120918
Strong, George   scan120936
Sullivan, Martha Rosella IA scan120940
Swager, Wm. H.   scan120494
Taylor, H. L.   scan121024
Taylor, Hugh Edward New Market Ontario CAN scan121025
Taylor, Louisa J.   scan120918
Taylor, Louisa J.   scan120919
Thomas, Donna Grace   scan120914
Thompson, Eugene A.   scan120906
Thompson, Eugene A. "Gene" CA scan120905
Thornbrue, E. H.   scan121059
Thornbrue, E. H.   scan121065
Thornbrue, Elijah Hedding IA scan121061
Tice, Basil   scan120890
Tice, Basil   scan120891
Tillie, Francis Adam Dumfries, Waterloo Co ON scan120649
Todd, Cecil V. WA scan121072
Todd, Cecil Van   scan121073
Tolin, Edward J.   scan120907
Trefren, Julia K. MI scan121085
Van Dyke, Sarah S. Sunbury PA scan120808
Vincent, A. L. Walla Walla WA scan121008
Vincent, Albert L.   scan121009
Vose, Alice Amalia WI scan120945
Vrooman, Christina W. Neuremburg Germany scan120831
Wakefield, Orrin   scan121035
Walker, Donald   scan120837
Wallace, F. M.   scan120992
Warford, William P.   scan121084
Warrens, Minnie Eureka KS scan121041
Watkins, Mary Jane Courtland Center MI scan120927
Weaver, Sherman   scan121029
Weaver, William E. PA scan121013
Weaver, William E.   scan121014
Webb, Alice H. IA scan120930
Webb, Nora Alice   scan120973
Weeks, Louisa England scan120997
Whillock, C. W.   scan121027
Whillock, Charles W.   scan120998
Whillock, Charles W.   scan120999
Whillock, Charles W. Lowden TN scan121000
Whillock, Charles William Lowden TN scan120995
Whitson, (Mrs.)   scan120970
Williams, Elizabeth Colette Polk County OR scan120965
Williams, John I.   scan120977
Williams, Leonard MO scan121078
Williams, William Claude Jr.   scan120942
Wilson, David C.   scan120921
Wilson, Jeff Yamhill County OR scan120977
Wilson, William P. Ireland scan120902
Winches, Frankie B. MI scan120931
Witte, Christopher Martin "Chris" Tierre County NE scan120886
Witte, Christopher Martin "Chris"   scan120888
Wood, (Mrs. N. E.)   scan120806
Woods, Nancy E. Platt County MO scan120807
Woods, Nancy E. Platt County MO scan120808
Wright, Elinor Limestone MT scan120826
Yost, (Mrs. Ray)   scan120967
Yost, George L. Kossuth IA scan120662
Yost, Irene Agnes St Paul MN scan120969
Yost, Maude L. Athens County OH scan120969
Young, Eva T.   scan120925
Young, Louisa J   scan120918
Ziebarth, Martin   scan120654
Ziebarth, Martin John Germany scan120651
Zimmerlee, Mansford   scan120844-46
Zimmerlee, Mansford   scan120843
Zimmerlee, Mansford   scan120847
Zimmerman, Robert B.   scan120924
Zoeller, Hellen NE scan120943