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Medford Mail Tribune Scanned Obituary Index for 1928

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Our JCGL volunteers are scanning and indexing microfilmed images of Medford Mail Tribune Obituaries and Death Notices. Below is an index to the 1928 scanned images. It includes the name of the deceased person, his/her place of birth (when available), and the number we have assigned to the image. If the deceased person is a married woman and her maiden name was given in the obituary, this is included in the index. If you would like to receive a copy of a scanned obituary, follow this link, Postal Request Form to display the request form. Complete and print the form, then send it to the address shown along with a check for $10 and a stamped, self-addressed envelope. Some of the scanned obituaries require more than one image. We will send them all for a single $10 fee, but you must put all the image numbers (e.g., scan123456, scan123457) on your request. Be sure to provide all the required information on the form.

For faster turnaround, use the Buy Now button below to make a secure online payment and to provide the information needed to fill your request. Be sure you fill ALL fields in the form including all image scan numbers. When you complete the transaction, our librarian will copy the requested information and email it to you as an attachment. It will be sent as a .jpg (picture) file. When you receive this .jpg file, click on it and it will be loaded into your picture viewer from which you can print a hard copy.

Scanned Mail Tribune Obituaries
Last Name, First Name
Year, Image Number

Name Place of Birth Image Number
Abbott, Martha Jane Lebanon IL scan120742
Abbott, Oscar Thomas   scan120631
Alexander, (Mrs. W. J. Smith)   scan120632
Alming, Lud Christiania Norway scan120585
Alming, Ludwig Christiania Norway scan120586
Anderson, Florence MO scan120559
Anderson, Joel R. TN scan120787
Anderson, Lodema Bloomfield Canada scan120648
Anderson, Mildred Medford OR scan120517
Anderson, Quinten   scan120499
Anderson, Quinten Nix TX scan120498
Andrews, Jessie Irene   scan120780
Andrews, Jessie Irene (Miss) St Louis MO scan120778
Angle, Ora Williamsport PA scan120764
Austin, Elmer John   scan120730
Barker, George W.   scan120737/120805
Barnhart, William David MO scan120619
Barnum, William S. Danville Canada scan120720
Barnum, William Seldon   scan120721
Barnum, William Vance Washington County PA scan120749
Barr, W. H.   scan120622
Barrell, Alonzo D. Ashburnham MA scan120682
Barrell, Alonzo D.   scan120682
Barry, Thomas Elton IL scan120510
Bashford, Emma Jane WI scan120634
Bashford, Emma Jane   scan120636
Bates, Lottie Zoe Independence OR scan120633
Bays, Lodema Bloomfield Canada scan120648
Bays, Lodema   scan120649
Beeson, Elton   scan120508
Beeson, Elton Talent OR scan120511
Belcher, Barbara   scan120722
Belcher, Barbara   scan120724
Bell, Amanda   scan120770
Bell, Amanda   scan120771
Bell, Amandy Platt County MO scan120772
Bennett, Edward P. Sullivan County MO scan120660
Bennett, Edward P.   scan120661
Bennett, Lester   scan120493
Bennett, Lester   scan120498
Bennett, Lucy Ann Bussy IA scan120775
Bigham, John   scan120796
Billings, John Cacanada IL scan120757
Billings, John   scan120758
Bishard, Charles A. Fort Scott KS scan120692
Bishard, Charles A.   scan120694
Bishop, Nellie Gertrude   scan120490
Black, Helen Rockford IL scan120559
Blaine, Fred   scan120525
Blue, James Edward   scan120525
Bowman, Herbert E. Sauk County WI scan120669
Bowman, Herbert E.   scan120672
Bowman, Herbert E.   scan120674
Bowman, Irma Astoria IL scan120634
Bozett, George H.   scan120622
Bradley, George   scan120785
Brazille, (Mrs. Frank)   scan120721
Brazille, Mabel Vera Hampton MO scan120721
Brown, Dora Lydia Fort Worth TX scan120534
Brown, Jennie M.   scan120779
Bullis, Spencer Seth   scan120535
Bunnell, Sarah IA scan120715
Burch, Armetin CA scan120507
Burch, Armetin CA scan120512
Burch, Mildred Medford OR scan120517
Burgess, Henry Clay IN scan120541
Byrd, Rosa Ann   scan120791
Cacka, John Czechoslovakia scan120551
Callaghan, Mary Ann St Johns Canada scan120761
Cameron, John MO scan120717
Cameron, John   scan120718
Campbell, James Millerton NY scan120619
Carberry, (Mrs. Clyde Ripley) CA scan120607
Cardin, Annie Lucile   scan120548
Carter, Mary Ann   scan120666
Carter, Mary Ann   scan120667
Carter, Mary Ann   scan120669
Casebeer, Nola G.   scan120538
Casebeer, Nola Grace Nyssa OR scan120537
Cassady, Mary Elizabeth Medford OR scan120652
Caton, Catherine MO scan120767
Centers, Charlie B. Jackson County OR scan120534
Chastain, Chris   scan120553
Chastain, Chris   scan120555
Cherry, Celia   scan120546
Cherry, Mary Norway scan120543
Childreth, Robert Lee   scan120718
Childs, Lewis Washington Bradley County AR scan120788
Clancy, Agnes Sterling ON CAN scan120575
Cole, (Mrs.)   scan120721
Collier, Sarah   scan120605
Collier, Sarah   scan120607
Collins, Thomas Benton St Clair County MO scan120641
Conger, Enos OH scan120610
Conger, Enos   scan120612
Conn, Maggie E.   scan120570
Conner, Mary Emaline MO scan120549
Conover, Lucy Ann   scan120676
Conroy, Robert J. Dr.   scan120642
Conroy, Robert J. Dr.   scan120617
Conroy, Robert J. Dr.   scan120617
Conroy, Robert J. Dr.   scan120621
Conroy, Robert J. Dr.   scan120622
Conroy, Robert J. Dr.   scan120624
Cook, Vernon   scan120591
Corbin, Mary Norway scan120543
Corlies, Celena T.   scan120727
Corlies, Selena Middlefield MA scan120728
Cornwall, (Mrs. O. L.)   scan120655
Cowley, Mr.   scan120678
Craft, Mary   scan120667120668
Craft, Mary F. Jacksonville OR scan120670
Crayton, Victor   scan120667
Criteser, Erma   scan120535
Crosby, John Talent OR scan120797
Crosby, John   scan120799
Cummings, Benjamin Franklin VT scan120516
Cummings, Louise   scan120795
Daily, Patrick Henry   scan120729
Daley, Levinnia IA scan120550
Davis, Evelyn   scan120685
Dawson, Gwendolyn Hazel Trail OR scan120622
Dews, Florence MO scan120559
Dews, James M.   scan120791
Dews, James M.   scan120791
Dodge, J. P.   scan120658
Dollar, Louis   scan120726
Douglas, J. A.   scan120661
Drugger, Julia Ann   scan120716
Duffield, Charles   scan120680
Duffield, Charles E.   scan120682
Dunlap, R. W. Porterville PA scan120697
Dunn, J. H.   scan120657
Eagle, Arthur Raymond   scan120761
Eagle, Arthur Raymond   scan120763
Earhart, Arthur K. PA scan120704
Earhart, Arthur K. PA scan120706
Earhart, Arthur K.   scan120709
Edington, (Mrs. W. W.)   scan120533
Edington, Frances E. MO scan120531
Enyart, Margaret Peoria County IL scan120535
Farlow, Edward J. Rock Creek County IL scan120530
Felch, Jane C.   scan120802
Felch, Jane C.   scan120804
Ferguson, Allen E.   scan120605
Fisk, Hazel   scan120561
Fisk, Hazel   scan120560
Fisk, Jack   scan120561
Forbis, (Mrs. William T. Walker)   scan120764
Fox, Curtis H.   scan120525
Francis, Elmore Calvin   scan120561
Freudenberg, August   scan120765
Frey, George W. Germany scan120730
Friend, Kate   scan120639
Friend, Kate   scan120641
Fries, C. M.   scan120646
Gardner, Thomas J. Belfast Ireland scan120786
Gardner, Thomas J.   scan120788
Garner, Alfred William Jr.   scan120793
Gay, Ellen Melvina Craig County VA scan120650
Gibson, Ernest   scan120738
Ginet, Joseph St Jean de La Porte France scan120641
Ginet, Joseph   scan120643
Gitchel, Alma Traverse City MI scan120619
Givan, Martha Martinsville IN scan120718
Givens, Ellen Melvina Craig County VA scan120650
Gleim, Frances IA scan120544
Gleim, Frances E. IA scan120538
Gleim, Frances E.   scan120539
Godlove, Grant C.   scan120573
Goings, Clyde Frederick   scan120716
Gore, Annetta J.   scan120666
Gould, Laura O. Midland County MI scan120616
Gray, Annetta J.   scan120666
Gray, Merle C.   scan120535
Gray, Merle E. King Fisher County OK scan120534
Green, Anna   scan120651
Green, Anna M.   scan120656
Griffith, George P. IN scan120528
Griffith, Nellie Gertrude   scan120490
Grim, Nola   scan120539
Grim, Nola G.   scan120538
Grim, Nola Grace Nyssa OR scan120537
Grimm, W. F.   scan120712
Gustin, Stuart Phillip   scan120718
Hall, William Centerville PA scan120529
Hamilton, Levinnia IA scan120550
Hanna, W. A.   scan120691
Hanna, W. A. "Bill"   scan120696
Hanna, William   scan120689
Hanna, William A.   scan120710
Hanna, William A. "Bill"   scan120686
Hanna, William Alger "Bill" Jacksonville OR scan120708
Hanna, Wm. A. "Bill"   scan120665
Hannah, Joseph C. Cincinnati OH scan120746
Hannah, Joseph C.   scan120747
Hanscom, B. H.   scan120495
Hanscom, Daniel H.   scan120498
Hard, Thomas Joseph Brownsboro OR scan120571
Harrison, (Mrs. P. B.)   scan120491
Harrison, (Mrs. P. B.)   scan120499
Harrison, (Mrs. Phil B.)   scan120492
Harrison, (Mrs. Phil B.)   scan120497
Harrison, Cora D.   scan120500
Hartzell, W. J. Davenport IA scan120623
Hartzell, W. J.   scan120626
Harvey, Evelyn   scan120677
Harvey, Olive Evelyn Portland OR scan120676
Haskin, Oren   scan120640
Haskins, Oren   scan120644
Haskins, Oren   scan120645
Haskins, Owen Applegate OR scan120637
Haugham, Aaron   scan120802
Hazelrigg, Arthur   scan120489
Headlee, Allie Mae   scan120556
Heaston, John A. "Jack"   scan120800
Hemstreet, Benjamin Ontario Canada scan120574
Henry, Amandy Platt County MO scan120772
Henselman, John Henry   scan120735
Henselman, John Henry   scan120736
Hewitt, Mary Catherine PA scan120586
Hewitt, Mary Catherine   scan120588
Hildreth, Nathan B. Arcadia MI scan120535
Hillyer, Minnie Laura New Richmond WI scan120552
Hoagland, Beatrice Central Point OR scan120722
Hoagland, Elva B.   scan120718
Holliday, Infant son   scan120615
Holtan, Helen Rockford IL scan120559
Hubler, Ruth Elizabeth   scan120739
Hudson, Mary E. MO scan120547
Hudson, Mary Emaline MO scan120549
Hull, Archie O. NY scan120546
Humphrey, Donald Nolan Medford OR scan120589
Hyde, Zebediah WI scan120739
Inman, Lizzie   scan120670
Inman, Lizzie   scan120674
Inskeep, L. D. Homer OH scan120743
Ivanhoe (Mrs. A. E.)   scan120755
Johnson, Edwan I.   scan120746
Johnson, James William   scan120739
Jones, Roland C.   scan120694
Jordan, Francis   scan120507
Jordan, Lucy Ann Bussy IA scan120775
Jordan, Lucy Ann   scan120776
Kime, Frank   scan120744
Kinerk, John   scan120546
Kinney, Alice   scan120511
Kinney, Inez F.   scan120803
Kinney, Inez F.   scan120804
Kinney, W.A.   scan120501
Kinney, William A.   scan120502
Kirkpatrick, Clara MO scan120676
Kirkpatrick, Clara MO scan120677
Klippel, Mary F. Jacksonville OR scan120670
Knighten, William Green   scan120537
Koenig, Edwin M.   scan120651
Koenig, Edwin M.   scan120659
Kohn, Helen M. WI scan120703
Kroeger, Carl   scan120699
Kroeger, Carl   scan120685
Kroeger, Charles Holstein Germany scan120688
Kurz, Emma Morning Sun IA scan120627
Laird, Charles Johnson   scan120519
Lakin, Eliza Jane IA scan120730
Lamport, (Mrs. Edward S.)   scan120711
Lawless, James   scan120511
Lawrence, Gilbert   scan120651
Laws, Walter H. Rogue River OR scan120733
Leaverton, Mabel Vera Hampton MO scan120721
Leggett, Henry J.   scan120622
LeRoy, Malden Lucas Chonte MI scan120615
Lewis, Amandy Platt County MO scan120772
Lewis, William Edward Bellingham WA scan120519
Lewis, William Edward Bellingham WA scan120521
Lewis, William Edward   scan120523
Lindley, George Washington County IN scan120608
Little, (Mrs. R. P.) Goliad TX scan120500
Long, Frank AR scan120775
Lounsbury, Sarah E. Allegan MI scan120669
Luman, Martha Caroline   scan120574
Manfull, Maude   scan120587
Markham, J. C.   scan120781
Marsh, Lena   scan120494
Marshall, George Whitfield   scan120532
Martin, Guy M.   scan120754
Mathews, Lucy Ann   scan120676
McCabe, Leocadia Hatley WI scan120532
McCann, Eileen Baker OR scan120620
McCollum, Echo Fay Worden OR scan120707
McCurdy, (Mrs. D. A.)   scan120684
McCurdy, Florence   scan120688
McCurdy, Florence   scan120692
McKinney, (Mrs. H. N.)   scan120614
Medley, Infant daughter   scan120731
Medley, Peggy   scan120730
Melvin, Elizabeth B. Myrtle Creek OR scan120632
Metz, (Mrs. Henry)   scan120721
Metz, Frances Ellen New Philadelphia OH scan120724
Miksche, Leo J. Vienna Austria scan120772
Milam, (Mrs. G. W.) Platt County MO scan120733
Milam, Mary Jane Platt County MO scan120730
Milam, Mary Jane   scan120731
Mitchell, Frederick William Little Rock AR scan120537
Mitchell, Frederick Wm.   scan120539
Mitchell, William Robert   scan120793
Moon, Lela MO scan120789
Morris, Gus R.   scan120730
Morris, Thelma G.   scan120614
Morse, Alma Traverse City MI scan120619
Mose, Lela MO scan120789
Nave, Frank H.   scan120514
Nave, Frank H.   scan120515
Naylor, Adolphus "Dolph" Wagner Creek OR scan120667
Nelson, Charles   scan120746
Nelson, Lyman   scan120582
Newsome, Charles Maxwell   scan120652
Nichols, John Meade   scan120772
Nicholson, Horace G.   scan120684
Noe, Mary F.   scan120742
Norris, Effie Portsmouth OH scan120753
Oatman, Segourney Ann Knoxville TN scan120702
Obenchain, Malderen N.   scan120570
O'Brien, James A. Canada scan120494
O'Brien, James A.   scan120498
O'Brien, Thomas A.   scan120679
Palmer, Irma Astoria IL scan120634
Parton, Leocadia Hatley WI scan120532
Patching, Frederick Nichols London England scan120747
Penoyar, Wedworth C.   scan120763
Penoyar, Wedworth Clark Flat Rock, MI scan120761
Penter, William H.   scan120635
Perkins, (Mrs. F. C. )   scan120557
Perkins, Allie Mae   scan120556
Petard, Marie Brittany France scan120664
Peterson, Etta May Clark County WA scan120707
Peterson, James Denmark scan120762
Peterson, John Sweden scan120625
Petruska, Joseph L.   scan120647
Petruska, Joseph L.   scan120651
Phipps, Frehlyn   scan120591
Pierce, C. H.   scan120663
Pierce, Wealthy Anna Solon NY scan120782
Plymale, Frank M.   scan120748
Pool, Mary Elizabeth   scan120679
Pool, Mary Elizabeth Jackson County OR scan120680
Porter, Beatrice Central Point OR scan120722
Porter, Elva B.   scan120718
Porter, Elva Beatrice Bonanza OR scan120725
Porter, Peter   scan120514
Powell, Milton   scan120732
Price, Irene Fonda OK scan120771
Purkeypile, Maria   scan120514
Putney, Stella Meneminee Falls WI scan120745
Quackenbush, Robert   scan120590
Rader, Joseph M.   scan120700
Rader, Joseph M.   scan120692
Rader, Joseph M.   scan120698
Ralls, John   scan120741
Rankin, W. W.   scan120584
Rankin, Wm. W.   scan120586
Rathe, Mary Elizabeth Wellington Canada scan120628
Ray, Sarah E. Louisville KY scan120549
Ray, Sarah E.   scan120550
Raymond, Adalaide IA scan120759
Raymond, Euseb Fred Toronto Canada scan120666
Reed, Katherine Jacksonville OR scan120616
Rees, Mary Jane Platt County MO scan120730
Reynolds, Emily Erie PA scan120667
Reynolds, Emily   scan120669
Rice, Mary Emaline MO scan120549
Richardson, Mary Elizabeth Medford OR scan120653
Riley, Mary   scan120751
Ripley, (Mrs. Clyde) CA scan120607
Robbins, John Edgar Dallas OR scan120777
Rodgers, Minnie Belle   scan120583
Roff, Charles CA scan120526
Rogers, Lydia Lucerne County PA scan120592
Ross, Daniel Benjamin   scan120677
Rostel, Carl Filehue Germany scan120504
Rostel, Carl Filehne Germany scan120506
Rostel, Carl Berthold   scan120509
Scaupp, Henry V.   scan120525
Schaupp, H. V.   scan120522
Schermerhorn, Etta May Clark County WA scan120707
Schrecengost, Ernest Manhattan MT scan120502
Schulz, Lottie IN scan120643
Schulz, Lottie IN scan120643
Sears, Helen M. WI scan120703
Sergent, Maggie E.   scan120570
Sharp, Evelyn   scan120685
Sharp, W. H. Smith New Brunswick Canada scan120543
Sharp, W. H. Smith   scan120546
Sharpe, J. W.   scan120768
Sharpe, J. W.   scan120769
Short, Eldon   scan120639
Short, Eldon Milton OR scan120637
Simmons, S. B. Stoddard County MO scan120787
Simmons, Samuel B.   scan120788
Skelton, Melvin   scan120520
Slater, Ellen Melvina Craig County VA scan120650
Slater, Ellen Melvina   scan120651
Smith, (Mrs. W. J.)   scan120632
Smith, Frank   scan120518
Smith, James   scan120785
Smith, Lydia Lucerne County PA scan120592
Smith, Margaret Peoria County IL scan120535
Smith, Selena Middlefield MA scan120728
Soliss, Katherine Jacksonville OR scan120616
Southwell, Claribell   scan120549
Southwell, Robert London England scan120704
Southwell, Robert   scan120709
Speirs, James Glasgow Scotland scan120703
Spencer, M.   scan120543
Spitzer, Wm. C. Richmond MO scan120493
Stacy, Minnie Belle   scan120583
Stailey, William Brown County OH scan120682
Stailey, William   scan120683
Stailey, William   scan120684
Stearns, Emma Morning Sun IA scan120627
Stearns, Infant son   scan120646
Stearns, Orval LaGrande OR scan120565
Stevens, Sylvester S. IN scan120539
Stevens, Sylvester S.   scan120540
Stewart, William Arthur   scan120579/120580
Stewart, Wm. A.   scan120581
Stine, Harry   scan120527
Stockam, Retha (Miss)   scan120736
Stocks, Owin Albert Epworth IA scan120551
Strong, Mary Catherine   scan120588
Stuart, Virginia Claire Montague CA scan120549
Stuart, Virginia Claire   scan120550
Swager, Wm. H.   scan120494
Talent, Segourney Ann Knoxville TN scan120702
Talleffon, Alfred   scan120564
Taylor, Austin L.   scan120757
Tedrick, Fred WI scan120502
Tedrick, Fred   scan120503
Thomas, James   scan120577
Thompson, Emma Jane WI scan120634
Thompson, Infant son   scan120541
Thompson, William A. Montreal Canada scan120793
Tillie, Ellen Waterloo ON CAN scan120575
Tillie, Francis Adam Dumfries, Waterloo Co ON scan120649
Todd, (Mrs. Thomas R.)   scan120752
Toffen, Agnes Sterling ON CAN scan120575
Tollefson, Alfred   scan120565
Vance, Sarah Ann A. IN scan120534
Vance, Sarah Ann A.   scan120535
Vincent, John W.   scan120803
Vincent, John W.   scan120804
Virgin, William J.   scan120695
Virgin, William Johnston WI scan120687
Virgin, William Johnston   scan120690
Virgin, William Johnston   scan120693
Virgin, William Johnston   scan120694
Walker, (Mrs. William T.)   scan120764
Walker, William E.   scan120721
Walker, Wm. G. WI scan120543
Wallace, Harry   scan120673
Walters, (Mrs. W. S.)   scan120523
Walters, (Mrs. W. S.)   scan120524
Walters, Anna Denmark scan120536
Watkins, Effie Portsmouth OH scan120753
Webber, Azra IA scan120548
Weeks, Arthur J.   scan120713
Weeks, Arthur J. Paris, Ontario Canada scan120714
Whillock, Floyd B.   scan120526
Whillock, Floyd B.   scan120524
Whitlatch, Maude L. Corvallis OR scan120790
Whitlatch, Maude L.   scan120791
Wing, Jesse Z.   scan120630
Wisbey, (Mrs. C. J.)   scan120516
Wisdom, Ruth M. OH scan120694
Witte, William E. Posen Germany scan120512
Witte, William E.   scan120514
Wolter, Inez F.   scan120803
Wolter, John F. Emil Germany scan120578
Wood, C. H.   scan120764
Woodworth, Velerus Mathias Salem OR scan120734
Woolsey, Louise Isabelle Necedah WI scan120700
Works, Orville Defiance OH scan120749
Wright, Florence MO scan120559
Wright, Irene Fonda OK scan120771
Yarbough, Jerome Butte MT scan120794
Yarbough, Jerome   scan120796
York, William "Billy"   scan120568
York, William "Billy"   scan120569
Yost, George L. Kossuth IA scan120662
Ziebarth, Martin   scan120654
Ziebarth, Martin John Germany scan120651