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Medford Mail Tribune Scanned Obituary Index for 1929

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Our JCGL volunteers are scanning and indexing microfilmed images of Medford Mail Tribune Obituaries and Death Notices. Below is an index to the 1929 scanned images. It includes the name of the deceased person, his/her place of birth (when available), and the number we have assigned to the image. If the deceased person is a married woman and her maiden name was given in the obituary, this is included in the index. If you would like to receive a copy of a scanned obituary, follow this link, Postal Request Form to display the request form. Complete and print the form, then send it to the address shown along with a check for $10 and a stamped, self-addressed envelope. Some of the scanned obituaries require more than one image. We will send them all for a single $10 fee, but you must put all the image numbers (e.g., scan123456, scan123457) on your request. Be sure to provide all the required information on the form.

For faster turnaround, use the Buy Now button below to make a secure online payment and to provide the information needed to fill your request. Be sure you fill ALL fields in the form including all image scan numbers. When you complete the transaction, our librarian will copy the requested information and email it to you as an attachment. It will be sent as a .jpg (picture) file. When you receive this .jpg file, click on it and it will be loaded into your picture viewer from which you can print a hard copy.

Scanned Mail Tribune Obituaries
Last Name, First Name
Year, Image Number

Name Place of Birth Image Number
Abel, Amelia Butte County CA scan120312
Abel, Frank Kennedy   scan120441
Abel, Frank Kennedy   scan120444
Abel, Frank Kennedy   scan120446
Abel, Maggie Dayton WA scan120420
Akers, Viola   scan120351
Alexander, (Mrs. W. E.)   scan120354
Alexander, Ida Josephine Union County OH scan120343
Almy, Jane A. PA scan120227
Anderson, Henry Albert Phoenix OR scan120153
Andrews, George Lake Washington MN scan120201
Andrews, George   scan120203
Andrews, George   scan120205
Antle, Katherine Margaret South Milwaukee WI scan120451
Applegate, Dan Yoncalla OR scan120406
Armstrong, Marcus Vinton   scan120373
Arthurs, Fannie Brownsville OR scan120388
Arthurs, Fannie   scan120389
Aseneth, Mary CA scan120318
Ashpole, John W Huntingtonshire England scan120147
Ashpole, John   scan120149
Ashpole, John   scan120150
Bailey, Mae   scan120215
Bailey, Mae Douglas County OR scan120216
Baldwin, Josephine N. Williamsburg OR scan120427
Banta, Florinda Hulda Aberdeen CA scan120255
Banta, Florinda Hulda   scan120256
Barr, Nannie   scan120383
Bartlett, James   scan120392
Bartlett, James   scan120395
Bartlett, James   scan120396
Bates, Dora Victoria Ione OR scan120275
Bates, Dorothy Evelyn   scan120281
Bauer, Henry Lester   scan120436
Bauer, Ralph   scan120447
Bauer, Ralph   scan120450
Beale, Mary CA scan120318
Beeson, Richard Medford OR scan120222
Belcher, Sarah Jane Marion County OR scan120214
Bennett, Alma Rockford MI scan120330
Berry, Dora Lavonia   scan120407
Bieberstedt, Carl Germany scan120294
Bills, Francis Albert Bloomfield IL scan120481
Bishop, Julia Evelyn Ringwood IL scan120290
Blackburn, James Andrew   scan120475
Blackburn, Nancy K.   scan120409
Blackburn, Nancy K.   scan120410
Blackmer, Roy C.   scan120439
Blackmer, Roy C.   scan120440
Blatter, Conrad   scan120349
Blore, Frank Leslie Medford OR scan120363
Bohnert, Frederick Norman   scan120420
Bolt, Elizabeth Germany scan120255
Booth, Mary S. (Miss)   scan120442
Bowles, Jane A.   scan120229
Bowles, Jane A. "Aunt Jane" PA scan120227
Boyd, James   scan120270
Breimo, Charlotte Kristine Hilgeland Norway scan120384
Breimo, Charlotte Kristine Helgeland Norway scan120384
Bright, Harry   scan120190
Britten, Ore Alice Jackson County OR scan120252
Broadley, Claris   scan120218
Brooks, Amelia Fowler OH scan120301
Brosius, Frank   scan120142
Brosius, Frank P.   scan120148
Brown, Nelle M.   scan120402
Brown, Nellie M.   scan120391
Brown, Nellie M.   scan120392
Brown, Nellie M.   scan120396
Brown, Nellie M.   scan120399
Brown, William   scan120156
Brown, William   scan120350
Brown, William   scan120351
Brugger, Sarah Ellen Muskingum County OH scan120403
Bundy, Dr. L.   scan120476
Bundy, George Louis Dr. Benton County OR scan120473
Bundy, L. Dr.   scan120477
Bunnell, Morris B. Bunnell Hill PA scan120285
Burkhart, Elizabeth Margaret Marshall County IN scan120166
Burkhart, Elizabeth Margaret Marshall County IN scan120161
Byrd, William H. Dr. Marion County scan120172
Cameron, Mary A.   scan120400
Campbell, Dora E.   scan120144
Campbell, Jean Glasgow Scotland scan120359
Campbell, William N. Addison County VA scan120143
Cantrall, Andrew Lake County IL scan120225
Carlton, (Mrs. Newcomb)   scan120147
Carlton, Alameda Eagle Point OR scan120460
Carpenter, John R. New Fane NY scan120177
Carson, Thomas D. Roseburg OR scan120334
Carson, Thomas D.   scan120335
Chamberlain, Edgar   scan120411
Chamberlin, Vonnie Mildred   scan120317
Chase, Joshua F.   scan120418
Chase, Joshua F.   scan120419
Chastain, Henrietta KY scan120156
Clark, James A. MO scan120221
Clark, Jeneva California MO scan120150
Clarkson, William Simpson   scan120383
Claspill, Scott H.   scan120256
Clay, Wilson S.   scan120162
Clements, James Joseph   scan120366
Coats, Minnie MO scan120185
Cochran, Ida Josephine Union County OH scan120343
Codex, L. H.   scan120437
Cole, Charles S.   scan120198
Cole, Willie   scan120461
Collins, Margaret Benton County MO scan120428
Conner, Mary Elizabeth Kerakerk County IA scan120299
Connover, Owen O. Eagle Point OR scan120167
Conover, Owen O. Eagle Point OR scan120171
Converse, Edward   scan120343
Crocker, James Grant   scan120355
Crosby, Margaret Benton County MO scan120428
Crowl, Harold   scan120224
Culbertson, Emma Jane   scan120335
Cummings, Calice V.   scan120175
Daily, Rose Ella Appanoose IA scan120315
Darling, Clara Muscatine IA scan120386
Daugherty, Nannie   scan120383
Davis, Anna Eliza Camden OH scan120380
Davis, Anna Eliza   scan120383
Davis, Emery L. Willow Springs OR scan120197
Davis, Ruth Marion   scan120364
Delameter, Ruby Eline North Port WA scan120401
Delaney, Jeneva California MO scan120150
Dellenbach, Elizabeth Canton Berne Switzerland scan120392
Demmer, Mathias   scan120297
Denison, Mollie A.   scan120309
Dennis, W. B.   scan120478
Donnegan, Johnny   scan120353
Drake, Lavinia A. MO scan120451
Drake, Marguerite C.   scan120423
Duggan, Ethel   scan120168
Eldridge, Lottie   scan120303
Elkin, Ruby Leona Butte County CA scan120308
Elwood, Lloyd R. Portland OR scan120487
Elwood, Lloyd R.   scan120488
Emmens, Amelia   scan120315
Engel, Theodore   scan120450
Engle, Theodore Germany scan120448
Felten, Fred   scan120425
Felten, Fred   scan120426
Felten, Fred   scan120430
Ferns, Harold Charles   scan120344
Fewel, Ella G. IA scan120135
Fields, Aloie   scan120178
Fields, Andrew   scan120269
Fields, Andrew   scan120272
Fields, Jean   scan120178
Fish, Jessie Leona   scan120391
Fish, Jessie Leona (Miss)   scan120390
Fish, Leona (Miss)   scan120394
Florey, Andrew J.   scan120470
Florey, Jack   scan120469
Fountain, John Marion St Joseph MO scan120215
Fower, Alice D.   scan120310
Fulton, Lillian ME scan120212
Fulton, Lillian H.   scan120214
Gale, Lewis L.   scan120282
Gale, Lewis L.   scan120283
Garrison, Dexter E.   scan120392
Garrison, Dexter E. Willows CA scan120398
George, Mary A.   scan120400
Geppert, Joseph Baden Germany scan120312
Gilham, Thomas Kent England scan120298
Gill, Davis H. Dr.   scan120264
Gill, Davis H. Dr.   scan120265
Gill, Davis Harrison Dr.   scan120262
Gillaspy, Jasper Lamar MO scan120313
Gilson, Elsie Sterling OR scan120455
Glass, Ermina   scan120471
Gleim, Harry Spaulding Belleville IL scan120275
Glenn, Billy Malvern AR scan120371
Godding, Anne Belle VA scan120203
Goff, Lemuel   scan120363
Goff, Lemuel   scan120366
Grazier, Sarah Jane Marion County OR scan120214
Gregory, Loren H. Klamath County OR scan120316
Greiner, Bernard Condon OR scan120479
Greiner, Bernard   scan120480
Greiner, Bernard Condon OR scan120482
Grieve, Eliza IL scan120211
Grieve, Eliza   scan120213
Grigsby, Thomas Upton Antelope District OR scan120479
Guches, Sarah A. OH scan120296
Gushes, Sarah A.   scan120297
Guthery, Henrietta KY scan120156
Guy, Fred G. Brainard MN scan120412
Hall, Willis England scan120357
Halleary, Sarah Ellen Muskingum County OH scan120403
Hamlin, Lavina A. Clackamas County OR scan120204
Hamlin, Lavinia A.   scan120205
Hammett, Elizabeth Ann   scan120343
Hammond, Vivian   scan120421
Haney, Robert   scan120236
Haney, Robert   scan120235
Hannaford, James   scan120315
Hannaford, Ruby Eline North Port WA scan120401
Hansen, Charlotte Kristine Hilgeland Norway scan120384
Hansen, Charlotte Kristine Helgeland Norway scan120384
Hansen, James Peter   scan120407
Hansen, James Peter Shellin Denmark scan120404
Hansen, William Peter Davenport IA scan120264
Hanson, Carrie May Redwood Falls MN scan120179
Hanson, Lillian ME scan120212
Hardy, Charlotte   scan120329
Harper, Coloma "Grandma"   scan120413
Harrison, Frederick John   scan120137
Hart, Susan   scan120253
Hart, Suzan Carolina   scan120246
Hart, Suzan Carolina   scan120249
Haselton, Allen L.   scan120364
Hastings, Clara Muscatine IA scan120386
Hayes, (Mrs. Otis)   scan120435
Hayman, Howard Wilbur   scan120443
Hearing, Mary Elizabeth Kerakerk County IA scan120299
Heckathorn, Della Ann Wabash IN scan120209
Heckman, Sallie Bedford IN scan120462
Henderson, Fannie Brownsville OR scan120388
Hermann, Flora Lawrenceburg IN scan120369
Hewitt, Elizabeth "Betty" (Miss)   scan120326
High, Ore Alice Jackson County OR scan120252
Hildreth, "Grandma"   scan120305
Hildreth, Eliza A. "Grandma" Norwalk NY scan120304
Hildreth, Eliza A. "Grandma"   scan120308
Hile, Elizabeth Canton Berne Switzerland scan120392
Hinkle, Sarah Jane Marion County OR scan120214
Hoffman, F. E.   scan120182
Hoffman, Fred   scan120169/70/74
Hogstrom, Elmer   scan120308
Hogstrom, Helmer   scan120305
Holbrook, William P. Chicago IL scan120233
Hollis, Frank W. Berrian County MI scan120287
Holllis, Frank W. Berrian County MI scan120286
Holmes, Amelia   scan120315
Houck, Oliver E. "Bert"   scan120480
Howard, Harry   scan120422
Howry, Carol   scan120314
Howry, Charles   scan120315
Hubbard, Frank W.   scan120151
Hubbard, Frank Willys Urbana IL scan120152
Hubbard, Frank Willys   scan120154
Hudson, J. Raymond   scan120309
Hughes, John P. IL scan120425
Hughes, John P.   scan120426
Hukill, Orpha Hester and infant son Jacksonville OR scan120155
Hurd, Carrie May Redwood Falls MN scan120179
Hurd, E. H.   scan120227
Hurd, Elijah Harlan Jackson County IA scan120223
Hurd, Elijah Harlan   scan120230
Hurd, Elizabeth Margaret Marshall County IN scan120166
Hurd, Elizabeth Margaret Marshall County IN scan120161
Hurley, William Fort Defiance OH scan120242
Hurt, James Ballard Bolivar MO scan120483
Hurt, James Ballard   scan120484
Huson, Edward Byron Sheridan IA scan120180
Ingalls, Robert   scan120458
Ingalls, Robert   scan120459
Jackson, E. H.   scan120278
James, William M   scan120451
Jennings, Gene B. Middleton KY scan120424
Jensen, Josephinen L. M. Norway scan120314
Jessiman, Adam Scotland scan120291
Johnson, Richard Roy   scan120234
Jones, Carrie May Redwood Falls MN scan120179
Jones, Melvin DeWitt Ruch OR scan120206
Jordan, Anna H. Freeport IL scan120387
Joy, B. F.   scan120332
Joy, Benjamin Franklin "Dad" ME scan120336
Kerr, Marian C.   scan120205
Kerr, Mary IA scan120146
Kerr, Sarah C.   scan120207
King, Marguerite C.   scan120423
Kirkland, William M. TN scan120292
Kirkland, William M.   scan120293
Knowles, Alma Ruth WA scan120434
Konkel, Harry   scan120140
Krah, Minnie Germany scan120237
Kronholm, Iris Jean   scan120419
Lange, Augustis F.   scan120148
Launspach, George Dubuque County IA scan120179
Laws, Harriet Ann "Grandma"   scan120280
Leabo, James   scan120181
Leabo, James E.   scan120185
Leek, John   scan120304
Leek, John   scan120305
Leek, John   scan120308
Lees, John Henry Forestville MI scan120145
Lenderman, Raymond   scan120331
Lewis, Della Ann   scan120207
Lewis, Della Ann Wabash IN scan120209
Lewis, Della Ann   scan120211
Lewis, Minnie Germany scan120237
Lewis, Orpha Hester Jacksonville OR scan120155
Lisenbee, Nora Alice   scan120372
Looker, William Henry New Richmond PA scan120324
Lord, Harvey H. West Almond NY scan120267
Lovel, (Mrs. John)   scan120365
Lovell, Isabelle   scan120364
Lowe, Newton Ross Monroe County OH scan120200
Ludwig, John P.   scan120357
Luman, Ellen Hanna KS scan120371
Lynn, Mable Jacksonville OR scan120337
MacCollister, Ruth Edith   scan120219
MacCollister, Ruth Edith   scan120220
Malmgren, Dr. Union County SD scan120247
Malmgren, Theo. D. Dr.   scan120248
Malmgren, Theodore J. Dr. Union County SD scan120244
Malmgren, Theodore John Dr. Union County SD scan120244
Malmgren, Theodore John Dr.   scan120250
Marion, Ruby Leona Butte County CA scan120308
Marsh, Ethel   scan120168
Marshall, Meda Mae   scan120319
Martin, Archie John   scan120456
Martin, Mary R. TN scan120368
Massengill, Infant daughter   scan120152
Masters, Fannie Brownsville OR scan120388
Masters, Fannie   scan120389
Mathews, Mary S.   scan120150
Mathews, Mary S. (Miss)   scan120149
Matlock, Albert   scan120226
Matlock, William Albert   scan120219
McCarthy, Mary   scan120260
McConichie, Shirley May   scan120210
McFarland, A. E.   scan120347
McFarland, Herman   scan120340
McHardie, Robert   scan120251
McIntire, Cecil Audrey   scan120366
McIntyre, William I.   scan120190
McKay, Sarah Dade County MO scan120362
McKay, Sarah Ann   scan120363
McKendree, Mary   scan120260
Meehan, Peter   scan120476
Merrill, Frank R.   scan120348
Messick, Sallie Bedford IN scan120462
Miller, J. V.   scan120307
Miller, James Monroe Jefferson County MT scan120392
Miller, LaVonne Maxine   scan120141
Millett, John   scan120381
Mills, (Mrs. J. W. Jr.)   scan120279
Minkkler, Mary J.   scan120463
Montgomery, Claris   scan120218
Moon, Carrie R. West Rumney NH scan120467
Moore, Ed   scan120268
Moore, Edgar   scan120266
Moore, Estella J. TN scan120276
Morgan, Oscar T.   scan120323
Morris, Alton   scan120303
Morris, Alton   scan120295
Morris, Alton   scan120297
Morris, Alton B.   scan120296
Morris, Nelle M.   scan120402
Morton, James "Uncle Jimmy"   scan120207
Morton, James T. Springfield IL scan120204
Murray, James Mt Hope NY scan120324
Neuber, George E.   scan120375
Nichols, Alameda Eagle Point OR scan120460
Nichols, Edward Francis   scan120202
Nickell, Daisy Blanche Oarn County MO scan120360
Noble, Margaret Frances Aurora IL scan120472
Norman, Claude   scan120343
Norman, Claude W.   scan120342
Norval, Catherine IA scan120257
Nueber, George K. "Bum" Jacksonville OR scan120374
Oard, Peter R.   scan120200
Oard, Peter Royal West Cairo OH scan120199
Obenchain, Carrie   scan120317
Obenchain, Minnie Germany scan120237
O'Brian, Elizabeth Margaret Marshall County IN scan120166
O'Brien, Mary   scan120266
O'Brien, Mary   scan120267
O'Neal, Marshall   scan120195
Pankey, Elinor N.   scan120468
Parker, Mike S. Dallas OR scan120261
Pate, Eliza IL scan120211
Patterson, Ella G. IA scan120135
Patterson, Ella G.   scan120137
Patterson, Hattie H. Fennimore WI scan120474
Patterson, Hattie H.   scan120476
Patterson, Hattie H.   scan120477
Paul, Carrie May Redwood Falls MN scan120179
Paxson, Robert H.   scan120163
Paxson, Robert Hambleton Orchard Park NY scan120160
Paxton, R. H.   scan120164
Payne, Elizabeth   scan120243
Phair, Earl S. Ord NE scan120433
Phillips, James B.   scan120422
Pierce, Robert Enos Jackson County KS scan120284
Pitz, Albert A.   scan120207
Plymale, Ben   scan120189
Plymale, Benjamin Harrison Jacksonville OR scan120186
Plymale, Frank   scan120190
Plymale, Victor Jacksonville OR scan120202
Pointer, William A. Jacksonville IL scan120162
Poole, Andrew T.   scan120416
Poole, Andrew T.   scan120417
Poole, Andrew T. Canyonville OR scan120419
Porter, Amelia Fowler OH scan120301
Powell, Anson   scan120316
Powell, L. K.   scan120378
Prescott, Elizabeth Ann   scan120343
Randall, Platt Talcott Portland OR scan120282
Randles, Elsie Sterling OR scan120455
Ray, Enola Ruth   scan120328
Ray, Enola Ruth Time IL scan120325
Reames, Lavica A. IA scan120429
Rease, E. M.   scan120319
Rease, Edson Monroe NY scan120320
Reeder, George Washington Lebanon OH scan120171
Rice, W. C.   scan120183
Rice, W. C.   scan120187
Rice, W. C.   scan120193
Rice, William Crews KY scan120184
Rickman, Thomas T.   scan120139
Rickman, Thomas Y.   scan120137
Rippey, Albert Franklin Amador County CA scan120134
Ritter, Carl Brown Gold Hill OR scan120388
Ritter, Carl Brown   scan120389
Roberts, T. A.   scan120359
Robinson, Mary TN scan120368
Rogers, Barry Twin Falls ID scan120449
Rogers, Barry   scan120452
Rogers, Barry H.   scan120451
Ruch, Lavinia A. MO scan120451
Russell, Hannah Elizabeth Lockport NY scan120273
Saltzman, George D.   scan120360
Saltzman, George D. Polo IL scan120361
Schatz, Sophie E. PA scan120355
Schiffer, Minnie Mt Vernon IN scan120368
Schleigh, Leona Imogene   scan120361
Schultz, A. F.   scan120254
Schulze, Carl   scan120258
Schuman, Dorothy Lavern   scan120264
Scofield, J. H.   scan120194
Scott, Della   scan120327
Shafer, Elizabeth K.   scan120451
Shafer, Elizabeth Katherine Germany scan120450
Shafer, Margaret Lorane   scan120414
Shafer, Margaret Lorane   scan120415
Shaw, Thurston Thomas Dr. Howell Prairie OR scan120485
Sheaffer, Harry A.   scan120264
Sheaffer, Harry O.   scan120259
Sheaffer, Harry O.   scan120259
Sherman, Frances E.   scan120267
Silsby, Mary IA scan120146
Simons, John H.   scan120450
Simons, John Henry   scan120453
Sizemore, Evelyn   scan120333
Sizemore, Evelyn Rosella   scan120334
Slagle, Sarah Dade County MO scan120362
Slover, Sarah Ellen Muskingum County OH scan120403
Slover, Sherry Ellen OH scan120401
Smith, John Eagle Point OR scan120379
Smith, John Robert Eagle Point OR scan120376
Smith, Julia Evelyn Ringwood IL scan120290
Smith, Mary CA scan120318
Smith, Thomas E.   scan120367
Smith, Thomas E.   scan120368
Songer, Mollie   scan120228
South, Marguerite C.   scan120423
Sparks, Lloyd   scan120263
Sparks, Lloyd   scan120265
Sparks, Lloyd E.   scan120264
Speck, Charles M.   scan120338
Speck, Charles M. IL scan120341
Spender, Claude C.   scan120232
Spink, Alice   scan120364
Spink, Alice M.   scan120364
St Louis, Moses E. Little Shute WI scan120346
Starboard, Maggie   scan120320
Starboard, Maggie   scan120320
Steinbach, Carrie A. IA scan120323
Steinbach, Carrie A.   scan120324
Steinbaugh, Phillip A.   scan120339
Stephens, Isaac Harvey Douglas County OR scan120148
Stephens, Isaac Harvey   scan120149
Stewart, George   scan120194
Stinson, Rose Ella Appanoose IA scan120315
Stinson, William Henry Centerville IA scan120488
Stockwell, Nathaniel A. Medford OK scan120334
Storm, Elzina Jane IL scan120163
Strahan, Meda Mae   scan120319
Sunderman, Swendall Smith Pendleton OR scan120352
Sutton, Sylvia Sabina   scan120134
Sutton, Walter   scan120176
Thompson, Adon H. NY scan120296
Thompson, Adon H.   scan120297
Thompson, Carrie Jackson County OR scan120287
Thompson, W. L.   scan120405
Throckmorton, Della   scan120327
Tonn, Andrew   scan120486
Tonn, Ludwig   scan120488
Tower, Alma Rockford MI scan120330
Tuttle, (Mrs. Lee B.)   scan120431
Tuttle, (Mrs. Lee)   scan120432
Tyler, Vivian   scan120421
Underwood, William Irvin   scan120391
Underwood, William Irvin   scan120392
Van Dyke, Carrie Jackson County OR scan120287
Vargas, Felipe   scan120370
Vermeer, Richard The Netherlands scan120288
Wagner, (Mrs. Jacob)   scan120396
Walden, Lavernia Richland County IL scan120188
Walker, Kathryn Jane Boring OR scan120358
Wall, E. A.   scan120277
Wall, Enos A. Springfield SD scan120274
Walsh, Michael County Sligo Ireland scan120148
Walsh, Michael County Sligo Ireland scan120149
Walsh, Michael A.   scan120150
Ward, Joseph W.   scan120246
Ward, Joseph W.   scan120249
Warner, Alma Ruth WA scan120434
Washburn, Lester   scan120454
Washburn, Robert A. "Colonel"   scan120356
Watson, Ralph   scan120319
Welch, Patrick NY scan120136
Weller, Silvia (Miss)   scan120238
Wertz, Santford G. Rogue River OR scan120300
Williams, Mae   scan120215
Williams, Mae Douglas County OR scan120216
Wilson, Ermina   scan120471
Wilson, Simpson Yamhill County OR scan120134
Wilson, Simpson   scan120135
Winburn, Jesse   scan120345
Wines, Abijah Albany OH scan120445
Wood, (Mrs. Oscar C.) NY scan120281
Wright, John   scan120377
Wright, John   scan120382
Wright, John   scan120393
Wright, William Frederick Silver Lake OR scan120149
Young, Estella Anna PA scan120203
Young, Frederic George Burnett WI scan120138
Young, Russell   scan120231
Zimmerlee, Maggie Dayton WA scan120420
Zimmerlee, Maggie   scan120422