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Medford Mail Tribune Scanned Obituary Index for 1930

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Our JCGL volunteers are scanning and indexing microfilmed images of Medford Mail Tribune Obituaries and Death Notices. Below is an index to the 1930 scanned images. It includes the name of the deceased person, his/her place of birth (when available), and the number we have assigned to the image. If the deceased person is a married woman and her maiden name was given in the obituary, this is included in the index. If you would like to receive a copy of a scanned obituary, follow this link, Postal Request Form to display the request form. Complete and print the form, then send it to the address shown along with a check for $10 and a stamped, self-addressed envelope. Some of the scanned obituaries require more than one image. We will send them all for a single $10 fee, but you must put all the image numbers (e.g., scan123456, scan123457) on your request. Be sure to provide all the required information on the form.

For faster turnaround, use the Buy Now button below to make a secure online payment and to provide the information needed to fill your request. Be sure you fill ALL fields in the form including all image scan numbers. When you complete the transaction, our librarian will copy the requested information and email it to you as an attachment. It will be sent as a .jpg (picture) file. When you receive this .jpg file, click on it and it will be loaded into your picture viewer from which you can print a hard copy.

Scanned Mail Tribune Obituaries
Last Name, First Name
Year, Image Number

Name Place of Birth Image Number
Adams, (Mrs. F. W.)   scan119683
Adams, (Mrs. Lester)   scan119744
Adams, Ada J.   scan119687
Adams, Ora   scan119746
Aherin, William S.   scan119901
Alcock, Fred Earl Medicine Hat Alberta scan119650
Allen, Virginia Lee   scan119711
Allwood, Laura Newell Griswold IA scan119639
Andrews, Eugene   scan119900
Angle, Henry D. PA scan119874
Atkins, William James   scan119591
Atkins, William James   scan119591
Babb, Alfred Calvin MO scan119723
Bailes, Elsie Emiline Jackson County MO scan119800
Bailey, Bernice Leslie Slater MO scan119849
Bailey, Charles W.   scan119852
Barneburg, John W. IA scan119625
Barneburg, Neil   scan119833
Barnett, Inez   scan119793/119796
Bassett, May   scan119681
Bays, Williams Solsberry, Green County IN scan119862
Beeks, Mattie Emma Shenandoah IA scan119601
Benson, Ellen Rock Island IL scan119549
Betts, Merrill Otto   scan119586
Bingham, John W. Woodland CA scan119621
Bishard, Rebecca May   scan119597
Bishard, Rebecca May   scan119598
Blew, Dale Clinton   scan119693
Bloom, Mary A. Brown County OH scan119881
Boenig, Florence Villetta Belle Plain WI scan119691
Boshears, Lyman Worrell Roberta TN scan119726
Boussey, Alice Amherstburg Ontario scan119882
Boyd, Isaac H.   scan119752
Boyd, Isaac H. "Dad"   scan119754
Boyd, T. N.   scan119756
Boyd, T. N.   scan119751
Branham, H. M.   scan119745
Branham, Henry Milton Prestonsburg KY scan119743
Bray, Bannister R. Calhoun County GA scan119740
Briggs, (Mrs. B. G.)   scan119793/119796
Briggs, Lois   scan119793/119796
Briscoe, (Mrs. J. M. Rogers) Cass County MO scan119554
Brooke, Claude Glenn   scan119580
Brooks, Infant son   scan119587
Brown, Beth Grace Medford OR scan119893
Brown, Edward E.   scan119563
Brown, Edward E.   scan119565
Brown, Florence Dayton WA scan119635
Buchter, J. J.   scan119613
Buchter, John J.   scan119604
Buchter, John J. Thaingen Switzerland scan119611
Buchter, John J.   scan119616
Burnett, Loueen MO scan119724/119755
Burnett, Louesa   scan119726
Burns, "Jimmie" Ireland scan119629
Bursell, Sarah E.   scan119852
Busby, John H.   scan119618
Cameron, Zach Van Buren County IA scan119880
Campbell, "Dick Posey"   scan119669
Campbell, H. T.   scan119662
Campbell, Margaret Jane Estancia NM scan119749
Campbell, Margaret Jane   scan119752
Campbell, Richard "Dick Posey"   scan119668
Cantrall, John Leland   scan119558
Cantrall, John Leland   scan119559
Cantrall, John Leland Ruch OR scan119567
Carey, Clinton   scan119581
Carlon, Margaret Sweden scan119624
Carpenter, William   scan119657
Chambers, William Douglas County MO scan119767
Chase, Laura Newell Griswold IA scan119639
Clapp, Robert E. Salida OH scan119908
Coin, Manta C. "Minnie" Bass Point, Boone Co IA scan119787
Compton, Leslie F.   scan119869
Compton, Leslie Franklin   scan119872
Conkling, Emma MI scan119702
Cook, Dolores Nadine   scan119601
Cook, Infant daughter PA scan119602
Copple, Catherine   scan119642
Corey, George Edwin Hennepin MN scan119557
Corlies, Henry DeWitt Shrewsburg NJ scan119809
Cota, Marion Margaret Dunsleth ND scan119589
Cown, T. L.   scan119710
Cranfield, Ophelia   scan119785
Cranfill, Ophelia   scan119790
Crum, Oscar O.   scan119552
Crum, Oscar Oliver   scan119550
Dahack, Everett   scan119873
Dahack, Everett   scan119864
Dahack, Everett Vance   scan119863
Dale, Robert Goode Liverpool England scan119849
Dale, Robert Goode   scan119850
Daley, Mr.   scan119610
Daley, W. C. "Bill"   scan119606
Daley, William C.   scan119605
Daley, William C.   scan119607
Daley, William Carter Florence, Erie Co, OH scan119609
Dallaire, Arthur   scan119772
Dallaire, Arthur Lake St John Quebec scan119774
David, Neva Gilliaspie Wichita KS scan119644
Davis, A. A. MN scan119647
Deen, Mary A. IN scan119693
DeLosh, Beaumont T.   scan119784
DeLosh, Beaumont T.   scan119788
Demarest, Henry   scan119801
Demorest, A.   scan119797
Detweiler, Anna Barbara   scan119792
Dimick, Donald Benjamin Grants Pass OR scan119612
Dimmick, Donald Benjamin   scan119619
Doe, Roy A. Barron WI scan119835
Dougherty, Neva   scan119645
Dougherty, Neva Gilliaspie Wichita KS scan119644
Doyle, Edward T.   scan119779
Drexler, Charles W.   scan119781
Drexler, Charles W.   scan119791
DuBois, Harry H. Jones County IA scan119885
Dunbar, Clara A. Portland OR scan119741
Dungan, Charles L.   scan119626
Durham, Burnette C. Merritt OR scan119648
Edeleman, Emma Rose PA scan119601
Edwards, John   scan119762
Edwin, William   scan119782
Ehlers, Jennie   scan119625
Evans, (Mrs. W. R. Nash)   scan119861
Evans, William F.   scan119660
Fairbanks, Ellwin Martin   scan119593
Fallis, (Mrs. G. V.) Ontario Canada scan119712
Farlin, Emily   scan119715
Feckley, Adeline IA scan119854
Feckley, Adeline Harper IA scan119857
Ferney, Bernice Leslie Slater MO scan119849
Fisher, James F. Idaho Falls ID scan120132
Flanagan, W. H. Dr.   scan119594
Flanders, William Winchell NY scan119810
Fleming, Lizzie   scan119763
Flynn, Alice Amherstburg Ontario scan119879
Flynn, Alice Amherstburg Ontario scan119882
Forbes, Catherine O. PA scan119602
Forbes, Catherine O.   scan119603
Forbes, Myrtle Carroll WA scan119703
Frederick, William H. Rodney OH scan119724
Freeman, Mary   scan119561
French, Benjamin N. Fulton County AR scan119655
Garrett, (Mrs. W. R. Nash)   scan119861
Garrison, (Mrs. F. E.)   scan119695
Gates, John P.   scan119838
Gaunyaw, Emma O. (Miss) Yamhill OR scan119843
Glover, Don Eugene   scan119603
Godding, William Kelsoe ME scan119816
Godfrey, Mary   scan119910
Godfrey, William C.   scan119871
Goode, Aura Bell IA scan119844
Goode, W. E.   scan119768
Gray, James Martin Christian County IL scan119725
Grieve, John London Ontario Canada scan119828
Grieve, John   scan119831
Grieve, John   scan119825
Grieve, John   scan119827
Grune, Maria C. Hennepin IL scan119593
Haertle, Harry E. Richfield WI scan119623
Haertle, Harry E.   scan119624
Haley, Patrick W. Monmouth IL scan119603
Halfhill, John P. Mitchell SD scan119836
Hall, Emma MI scan119702
Harris, Maud   scan119771
Hart, Annie Margaret Dexter MO scan119622
Hawley, Burnette C. Merritt OR scan119648
Heart, (Mrs.)   scan119564
Hersey, George   scan119865
Hewlett, Roselle Monument OR scan119560
Higgins, S. A. D. "Sad"   scan119605
High, Julie Aalborg Denmark scan119824
High, Julie Christine   scan119830
Hill, Anne Hazelton   scan119875
Hill, Florence   scan119752
Hoag, Edwin A.   scan119633
Hoefs, Christian Frederich   scan119819
Hoefs, Christian Frederick Germany scan119812
Hogan, Patrick J.   scan119803
Hoglund, Martha Indols Liden Sweden scan119646
Holmes, Shadrach Bond "Governor" Chester IL scan119789
Homes, Mary   scan119811
Hoover, Alma M. TX scan119727
Horn, Anna Barbara   scan119792
Horner, Fred   scan119649
Hosley, E. L. Ashland OR scan119856
Hughes, James   scan119802
Hull, Rheda J. Milford OH scan119603
Hull, William   scan119568
Hussong, Manta C. "Minnie" Bass Point, Boone Co IA scan119787
Hutchens, Eugene A.   scan119624
Hutchens, Eugene Aaron Auburn CA scan119623
Ika, Bob   scan119898
Irons, William H.   scan119806
James, Nellie B. New York scan119557
Jaqua, Ernest William Napoleon OH scan119684
Jensen, James J. Denmark scan119890
Jensen, James J.   scan119893
John, Mary "Grandma John" 93rd BD   scan119620
John, Mary "Grandma"   scan119910
Johnson, August   scan119847
Johnson, O. H. Cincinnati OH scan119848
Jones, Harry   scan120130
Jones, Marion Margaret Dunsleth ND scan119589
Jones, Marion Margaret   scan119591
Jones, Sam Lee   scan119757
Jordan, Leona Lucretia   scan119823
Jordan, Liona Lucretia IA scan119822
Joycox, Harry R. Rochester NY scan119775
Kajsa, Martha Indols Liden Sweden scan119646
King, William H.   scan119728/119729
King, William H.   scan119730
Kinney, Amy Margaret   scan119624
Kinney, Annie Margaret Dexter MO scan119622
Kring, Elizabeth   scan119731
Kroger, G. H. Brooklyn NY scan119799
Kyle, Robert Belfast Ireland scan119688
Kyle, Robert   scan119689
LaBarre, Mary H. San Francisco CA scan119565
Lawton, Amelia H. Wood Hall NY scan119734
Lawton, Myrtle Carroll WA scan119703
Lehman, Barbara Ruth Summerfield IL scan119723
Lemen, Dade   scan119628
Lemen, Harold Dale   scan119630
LeVander, Edward   scan119699
Levi, Mary J.   scan119816
Lindsey, Lewis C. Lawrence County TN scan119621
Liversidge, Albert Arthur Brandon Ontario Canada scan119870
Lomax, Sarah   scan119854
Long, George Smith Rush County IN scan119759
Longwill, William H. Clairen County PA scan119761
Love, Lola Grace Cripple Creek CO scan119905
Lucas, Mary   scan119680
Lyman, William "Billy"   scan119745
Lyman, Wm.   scan119748
Lyman, Wm. "Billy"   scan119750
Lynch, Easter Annie Boxlayville IN scan119753
Maassen, Joseph Herbert Jr. Ponchatoula LA scan119905
Maddox, George "Little George"   scan119627
Martin, F. E.   scan119577
Martin, Franklin E. La Porte County IN scan119576
Martin, Mary   scan119561
Mathes, George W.   scan119821
McAhron, Josie Carrol County IN scan119696
McCarvel, Mary M. Santa Clara County CA scan119884
McCollum, Martha J.   scan119552
McCoy, Joseph W. Georgetown TN scan119605
McDonald, Angus Roy Cornwall Ontario Canada scan119556
McDonald, Meldrum Cressey Blendon MI scan119704
McDonald, Meldrum Cressey   scan119708
McDonough, Helen Flint Jackson County OR scan119685
McFadden, Charles W. Dr. Lake Geneva WI scan119722
McFadden, Chas W. Dr.   scan119723
McGrath, Charles   scan119642
McGrew, Mary C. Nevada City CA scan119569
McKinney, Ive Harriman TN scan119701
McKinney, Ive   scan119705/119706
McNaught, Alice M.   scan119737
McNerney, Grace   scan119818
McPheeters, Alice SC scan119805
McReynolds, Easter Annie Boxlayville IN scan119753
Meacham, Maria C. Hennepin IL scan119593
Mears, (Mrs. Fred)   scan119773
Meiling, Hannah   scan119659
Merrick, F. E.   scan119562
Merriman, Edward F.   scan119566
Merryman, Ella (Miss)   scan119866
Messner, William A.   scan119876
Meyer, Helen Lake Creek OR scan119894
Miller, Dessie Lou   scan119908
Miller, Florence Dayton WA scan119635
Miller, Margaret Ann (Miss)   scan119760
Million, William Ashland OR scan119856
Millsaps, Daisy B. Hot Springs AR scan119570
Minter, John IA scan119814
Minter, John   scan119816
Mitchell, Shirley Bernice Bend OR scan119817
Moffet, William A.   scan119718
Moffet, William A.   scan119723
Moody, Frank IL scan119911
Moore, Janett M. Glasgow Scotland scan119555
Moore, John C.   scan119717
Moore, John C.   scan119718
Mosher, Daisy B. Hot Springs AR scan119570
Murray, George W. Freeport IL scan119859
Nahss, Charles Jr.   scan119892
Nalley, Anna C. Chicago IL scan119709
Narregan, Norten L.   scan119680
Narregan, Norton L. Medina OH scan119676
Nash, (Mrs. W. R.)   scan119861
Nash, Cora Eliza   scan119854
Neil, Frank R. Jacksonville OR scan119877
Nelson, Carrie Denmark scan119650
Neumann, Lilly Hertha Arcadia WI scan119838
Newman, Florence Villetta Belle Plain WI scan119691
Nichols, Annie IA scan119846
Nichols, Donald William   scan119753
Noble, George A.   scan119649
Noble, George Alexander Callon county Ireland scan119650
Norris, (Mrs. T. C.)   scan119765
Norris, Christina Belle Coos County OR scan119764
Norris, Christine   scan119770
North, Sarah   scan119618
Nuding, William Henry Dr.   scan119549
Olson, Anna Varmland Sweden scan119553
Olson, Margaret Sweden scan119807
Orchard, James Albert Dallas TX scan119878
Orth, Anna   scan119829
Orth, Anna Jacksonville OR scan119826
Owings, James J. MO scan119907
Owings, James J.   scan119908
Pankey, Jobediah D.   scan119674
Pankey, Jobediah D.   scan119682
Pankey, Jobydiah Cass County IL scan119677
Pankey, Obediah R. Beardstown IL scan119667
Parisot, Mary A. IN scan119693
Payette, Alice SC scan119805
Pearce, Merrell   scan119888
Pearce, Merrell "Mel" Girard, Crawford County, KS scan119889
Pearson, Margaret Sweden scan119624
Peil, Margaret Sweden scan119807
Pendleton, Lee   scan119721
Pendleton, W. H.   scan119661
Perry, Edward A. Belfast ME scan119698
Perry, Edward A.   scan119700
Pettegrew, Helen Lake Creek OR scan119894
Petty, Rollie Atkin Sr. Huntsville AL scan119832
Peyton, Paul Arthur Prospect OR scan119559
Phillips, Edwin J. Muscatine IA scan119663
Pieper, Lilly Hertha Arcadia WI scan119838
Pierce, James Atchison Williams OR scan119590
Pointer, Anna C. Chicago IL scan119709
Pollard, Robert H. Council Grove KS scan119622
Postan, Katherine Chilicothe IA scan120133
Priest, Johanna M.   scan119815
Pursell, Ellen Rock Island IL scan119549
Putnam, Roselle Monument OR scan119560
Ray, Lora KS scan119579
Reeves, Lester James   scan119593
Reinking, Edward Champion NE scan119613
Reinking, Edward Wilhelm Champion NE scan119612
Revell, Paul Wayne   scan119808
Riddell, Marion Morrisburg Ontario Canada scan119675
Riddle, Mary Francis   scan119845
Riley, George H.   scan119585
Rill, Alice SC scan119805
Roberts, Delia Westchester County NY scan119735
Roberts, Phyllis (Miss)   scan119820
Robertson, (Mrs. Arthur)   scan119793/119796
Robertson, Ailene   scan119793/119796
Robertson, Emma Rose   scan119600
Robertson, Emma Rose PA scan119601
Robertson, Lois   scan119793/119796
Rodschou, Julie Aalborg Denmark scan119824
Rogers, (Mrs. J. M.) Cass County MO scan119554
Rogers, Mary Emma   scan119593
Root, Nettie F.   scan119641
Ross, George Brown Jacksonville OR scan119580
Ross, George Brown   scan119585
Ross, Girard L. KS scan119852
Ross, Llewellyn W. Altona, DeKalb County IN scan119859
Ross, Mary M. Santa Clara County CA scan119884
Rowe, Helen Flint Jackson County OR scan119685
Rowe, Helen Flint   scan119687
Royse, Elsie Emiline Jackson County MO scan119800
Ruch, Casper Mitchell Applegate OR scan119707
Ruch, Casper Mitchell Applegate OR scan119708
Rummel, Andrew Edward Antelope District OR scan119585
Russell, Anne Hazelton   scan119875
Russell, Eliza Jane   scan119679
Rust, Melvina Martha Henderson County, IL scan119738
Sargent, Margaret   scan119879
Schafer, Anna M. Germany scan120131
Schuler, R.   scan119694
Schuler, R. WI scan119692
Schuler, R.   scan119693
Schuman, Adeline Harper IA scan119857
Seiler, Kathleen   scan119573
Seiler, Kathleen Portland OR scan119571
Selle, Robert Henderson MN scan119631
Semon, Annah Yorkville MI scan119795
Senter, George A.   scan119736
Shelden, Russell Joseph   scan119733
Sheldon, Russell Joseph   scan119732
Shellum, Pearle Marian (Miss) Minneapolis MN scan119645
Sherwood, William Arthur   scan119782
Sherwood, William Arthur   scan119786
Shewmake, E. J.   scan119778
Shewmaker, W. J.   scan119776
Shoeman, Elizabeth   scan119731
Shoeman, Helen Elizabeth   scan119732
Short, Ella L.   scan120132
Silliman, Janett M. Glasgow Scotland scan119555
Sisemore, Anna   scan119829
Sisemore, Anna Jacksonville OR scan119826
Sitton, Robert O. Ashland MO scan119816
Slack, Lynn   scan119783
Sloan, Barbara Ruth Summerfield IL scan119723
Slough, Clara Eleanor   scan119575
Smith, Benny   scan119673
Smith, Charles Agustus Weston OH scan119595/119596
Smith, Loueen MO scan119724
Smith, Rebecca   scan119817
Snider, John   scan119841
Snider, John W.   scan119842
Sores, Nettie F.   scan119641
Spalding, Benjamin F. Union County KY scan119674
Sparlin, Wilma Bernice   scan119666
Spriggs, Irwin Henry Coalville UT scan119578
Stallsmith, David H. OH scan119839
Steel, Guy   scan119813
Steele, Guy   scan119816
Stevens, Erla Marie   scan119580
Stevens, Erla Marie   scan119585
Stevens, Robert   scan120132
Stines, (Mrs. Harry)   scan119653
Sullivan, Jay J.   scan119739
Swayne, "Pat"   scan119678
Swayne, Patrick Francis Queens County Ireland scan119671
Taylor, Joseph England scan119882
Taylor, Joseph   scan119883
Taylor, Joseph   scan119884
Templin, Ethel (Miss)   scan119651
Thom, Huldah (Miss)   scan119776/119777
Thompson, Alexander   scan119624
Thompson, William B. Ripley OH scan119860
Thornton, (Mrs. S.)   scan119804
Tisdale, Alvah Chapin   scan119775
Tonn, Henry L.   scan119742
Townsend, Lola Grace Cripple Creek CO scan119905
Treffren, Gladys   scan119857
Trefren, Gladys CA scan119850
Trefren, Gladys   scan119852
Tucker, Mary   scan119811
Tucker, Mattie Emma Shenandoah IA scan119601
Turberville, Gladys   scan119857
Twohy, John D. St Paul MN scan119766
Tyrell, Thomas J.   scan119665
Van Hoy, Earl A.   scan119664
Van Slyke, Lora KS scan119579
Vandersluis, Peter   scan119868
Vestal, James F. Eagle Point OR scan120132
Wagner, Charles Elmer IA scan119689
Wagner, Mary A. Brown County OH scan119881
Wahl, Charles A. Bavaria Germany scan119697
Walsh, Katherine   scan119549
Walsh, Katherine Chilicothe IA scan120133
Ward, Melvina Martha Henderson County, IL scan119738
Warnock, Calvin Jr. Carlton TX scan119837
Warren, Glenn   scan119574
Watkins, Marion Morrisburg Ontario Canada scan119675
Watkins, Mark Anthony   scan119713
Watkins, Mark Anthony   scan119713
Weidman, Rudolph A. Zurich Switzerland scan119758
Wells, E. C.   scan119853
Wells, Harold   scan119891
West, Hyrum D. "Hi"   scan119840
West, Mary E.   scan119654
West, Mary E.   scan119656
Whaley, Wayne E.   scan119899
Whaley, Wayne E.   scan119902
Wheeler, Sidney A.   scan119792
Wheeler, Sidney A. Waco TX scan119794
Whetstone, Benjamin Franklin   scan119650
Whisman, Leta   scan119834
Whiteley, Infant daughter   scan119852
Whitley, T. H.   scan119866
Willeke, Frank   scan119599
Williams, Herbert   scan119642
Williams, Herbert   scan119643
Wilson, (Mrs. Lester Adams)   scan119744
Wilson, Gladys CA scan119850
Wilson, Gladys   scan119857
Wilson, Josie Carrol County IN scan119696
Wilson, Ora   scan119746
Wimer, William Keokuk County IA scan119769
Womack, Ace D.   scan119592
Womack, Ace D.   scan119593
Wood, William "Uncle Billy"   scan119652
Woolf, Scott Olathe KS scan119640
Woolf, Scott Columbus OH scan119589
Woolf, Scott   scan119591
Young, William H. Wright County IA scan119904