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Medford Mail Tribune Scanned Obituary Index for 1931

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Our JCGL volunteers are scanning and indexing microfilmed images of Medford Mail Tribune Obituaries and Death Notices. Below is an index to the 1931 scanned images. It includes the name of the deceased person, his/her place of birth (when available), and the number we have assigned to the image. If the deceased person is a married woman and her maiden name was given in the obituary, this is included in the index. If you would like to receive a copy of a scanned obituary, follow this link, Postal Request Form to display the request form. Complete and print the form, then send it to the address shown along with a check for $10 and a stamped, self-addressed envelope. Some of the scanned obituaries require more than one image. We will send them all for a single $10 fee, but you must put all the image numbers (e.g., scan123456, scan123457) on your request. Be sure to provide all the required information on the form.

For faster turnaround, use the Buy Now button below to make a secure online payment and to provide the information needed to fill your request. Be sure you fill ALL fields in the form including all image scan numbers. When you complete the transaction, our librarian will copy the requested information and email it to you as an attachment. It will be sent as a .jpg (picture) file. When you receive this .jpg file, click on it and it will be loaded into your picture viewer from which you can print a hard copy.

Scanned Mail Tribune Obituaries
Last Name, First Name
Year, Image Number

Name Place of Birth Image Number
Abbott, Rexford Chesterfield   scan119543
Abel, Abe Ottumwa IA scan120057
Allen, Oliver   scan120054
Anderson, Bert   scan119266
Anderson, Bert (cont'd)   scan119265a
Anderson, Joseph Herbert "Bert" Greenfield OH scan119265
Anderson, Joseph Herbert "Bert"   scan119283
Anderson, Robert Frances   scan120121
Applegate, Josephine Umpqua Co OR scan119226
Bailey, Clarence Warren Day's Creek OR scan120110
Bailey, Cleland Butler   scan120126
Baker, Sarah Wilmina Yamhill Co OR scan119256
Barneburg, Samuel Peter   scan119468
Barnett, Eva E.   scan119467
Barry, (Mrs. Phil)   scan119249
Bates, Elizabeth Elvira Blanchester OH scan119294
Beale, Christopher C. Putnam County MO scan119935
Beck, Erma I.   scan119992
Bedford, Viola Lee   scan119306
Beekman, Julia E. Attica IN scan119464
Beers, Perry L.   scan119985
Bell, Erma I.   scan119992
Berkeley, Elena Montreal Canada scan119476
Bish, Allen W.   scan120038
Bixby, Reuben A.   scan119494
Boelkner, Christian G. Bremen Germany scan119979
Bolds, Charles Edward   scan119915
Bonham, Eunice (Miss)   scan119964
Bouderaux, Ray   scan119504/119505
Bradshaw, Evelyn V.   scan119502
Breen, Charlotte San Juan CA scan119530
Brock, Alma M. La Harpe IL scan119962
Brown, L. S.   scan120022
Burch, (Mrs. Albert)   scan119279
Burch, Lovina MO scan120018
Burkhart, Bessie Battle Creek NE scan120006
Butts, Irene Della   scan119462
Callaghan, Henry   scan119270
Callaghan, T. Henry   scan119269
Callaghan, T. Henry   scan119273
Canfield, Elizabeth   scan119258
Canfield, Elizabeth Day   scan119262
Canoose, Barbara Jean   scan119523
Canoose, Barbara Jean   scan119527
Carpenter, Jennie E. Carlton NY scan120062
Carpenter, Jennie E.   scan120064
Carpenter, Rocelia Adline Racine WI scan119927
Castner, Nancy M. Johnstown PA scan119970
Castren, Nancy M. Jamestown PA scan119968
Cates, William Alexander Lane County OR scan119950
Cauller, Bertha M.   scan119974
Caven, Alice   scan120000
Cays, Duane Eldon   scan119222
Cays, Duane Eldon   scan119545
Cays, Duane Eldon   scan119547
Cearley, (Mrs. R.C.)   scan119478
Chalk, Andrew J. KY scan119526
Chaplin, Alfonzo IL scan119285
Clark, Henry G.   scan120011
Clay, Elsie Ionia County MI scan120059
Coffeen, William J. Coburne Ontario Canada scan119920
Coffin, James Ostrander West Troy NY scan119514
Coggins, Ada May Wright County MO scan120045
Coleman, Jennie E. Carlton NY scan120062
Coleman, Jennie E.   scan120064
Collar, Evelyn   scan120051
Coller, Evelyn Katherine Battle Lake MN scan120053
Conklin, Anna Fairfield IA scan120111
Conklin, Anna   scan120117
Conley, Eva IL scan119429
Conover, Thomas Jefferson   scan119448
Constant, Lavinia Jane Springfield IL scan120041
Constant, Margaret Edmunson Sprinfield IL scan119230
Contant, Philip   scan119916
Cook, Billy   scan119461
Cooksey, Emmitt McDonald Izzard County AR scan120123
Cordiner, Minnie A. Nova Scotia scan119284
Cotton, John A. Myrtle Point OR scan120019
Cotton, John L. MO scan119946
Crawford, Elsie Ionia County MI scan120059
Crosby, Myrtle A. Menomone WI scan119528
Crum, Ray   scan119949
Culp, Mary Louisa   scan119220
Culp, Mary Louisa Medford OR scan119544
Dahlberg, William   scan119506
Dahlberg, William   scan119510
Daniels, Raymond Safford Jr.   scan119989
Daron, John A.   scan120048
Daron, John A. Medoe MO scan120050
Davidson, Eva E.   scan119467
Davidson, Loomis (Miss)   scan120050
Davidson, Loomis (Miss) OK scan120058
Davis, Guy Allen Farmington WV scan120042
Davis, Ida H. Washington PA scan119995
Davis, William Cuba IL scan119253
Davis, William "Billy"   scan120061
Dawson, Hattie Trail OR scan119501
Dean, Ralph Furnham Jackson County OR scan119496
Demmer, John L. Austria-Hungary scan119963
DeVore, Rosella   scan119507
DeVore, Rosella Hutson IL scan119509
Dickerson, M. A. Steam Corners OH scan119457
Duby, William   scan120055
Easton, Minnie A. MI scan120013
Eldridge, DeLosh   scan119291
Ellestad, Andrew T. Western Sledere Norway scan119959
Emerick, Mattie Lucinda Boise ID scan119298
Esterly, George M.   scan119272
Esterly, George Max   scan119268
Estes, Josephine Umpqua Co OR scan119226
Fenton, A. E. IA scan119242
Fewell, Elsie Ophelia MO scan119955
Field, Susan N. Madison County IL scan119986
Fields, Eugene   scan119475
Fields, Eugene Kelley Provolt OR scan119469
Finch, William M.   scan120120
Firestone, N. E.   scan119295
Firestone, N. E.   scan119301
Fisher, (Mrs. H. S.)   scan120034
Fisher, Ida   scan119922
Foster, Ed   scan119498
Foster, Ed   scan119503
Fraley, Edward E.   scan119942
Frey, Frederick Rudolph Lake Creek OR scan119938
Frideger, Abraham Columbus OH scan120013
Frink, Edward L. PA scan119482
Frost, Mary E.   scan120040
Furry, Fred Burlington IA scan119484
Furry, Fred   scan119488
Gains, Thomas Coleman Marys County MO scan120036
Gallup, Minni Etta Wolcott VT scan119503
Gardner, Mary L.   scan120037
Garlock, Emma May Llano TX scan120003
Gerber, Donald Sewell   scan119453
Gerber, Donald Sewell   scan119454
Godfrey, William C.   scan120021
Gordon, Infant daughter   scan119928
Gordon, Lovina MO scan120018
Great, Alma Mildred   scan119277
Greb, John Christian Houack MI scan119493
Greer, (Mrs. Elbert Noelle)   scan120124
Greer, Gloria   scan120119
Greer, Jane C. WV scan119919
Gregory, J. Franklin Carson City NV scan120112
Grigsby, William Central Point OR scan119481
Groat, Alice   scan120000
Groat, Billy   scan120000
Groat, Dorothy   scan120000
Groat, Jack   scan120000
Guenther, Rosella   scan119507
Guenther, Rosella Hutson IL scan119509
Hale, J. F.   scan119921
Hall, John Kendall Fayette Co PA scan119231
Hall, Joseph Florence PA scan119251
Hall, Lorinda Covington OH scan119427
Haller, George Fred OR scan119267
Hamlin, "Ed"   scan119966
Hamlin, Ed   scan119953
Hamlin, George Edward Medford OR scan119954
Hamlin, George Edward   scan119956
Hansen, Henry Lewis Denmark scan119473
Hard, James Lyle   scan119297
Hardman, Amelia Agnes Dry Creek WY scan119239
Harper, Milton R. Creswell OR scan119221
Harris, Clarence   scan119434
Harris, Israel Dade County MO scan119951
Harvey, Isaac Milburn Greenville IN scan120004
Hatton, Alzora A. IN scan120065
Hazel, Douglas Wallace Canada scan119235
Heimroth, Charles R. Elverfield IN scan119973
Heinie, Lottie   scan119918
Hendrickson, Della S.   scan119913
Hendrickson, William N. Yamhill County OR scan120035
Hewitt, Frank Ernest IA scan119988
Hewitt, Frederick Thornton Niagara Falls NY scan119485
Hicks, Della S.   scan119913
Hilderbrand, Bessie Ogden UT scan119241
Hill, Francis M. Gaston OR scan120024
Hill, Marion T. Yountville CA scan119999
Hill, Nell   scan119949
Hill, Samuel NC scan119994
Hoagland, William   scan119232
Hoffman, Albert   scan119933
Hoffman, Julia E. Attica IN scan119464
Hoffman, Robert Clinton Maryhill WA scan119932
Holt, Wm. S. (Rev.)   scan119254
Hooker, Rebecca Jane Newton County MO scan119929
Hoppe, Bessie Battle Creek NE scan120006
Horner, Philip A.   scan119426
Horner, Philip A.   scan119428
Houston, Nora   scan119965
Houston, Nora A. Laclede County MO scan119961
Hunt, Charles W. SD scan119957
Hutton, Henry Silverton OR scan119436
Jamison, Mabel E. Marysville MO scan119495
Jeschke, Hans San Francisco CA scan120008
Jeschke, Hans Fritz San Francisco CA scan120009
Johnson, Evan Benjamin Montrosa AR scan119520
Johnson, John T. Norway scan119255
Johnston, Gloria Mildred   scan119474
Jones, Harriet P.   scan119244
Jordan (Jordon), Emma Florence   scan119287
Jordan (Mrs. George W.)   scan119286
Kahler, Thomas   scan119537
Kane, Alice Ashland OR scan119237
Keliehor, Annie Ridgetown Canada scan120012
Keller, George T. IN scan119437
Keller, George T.   scan119438
Kingery, Elva Maria Medford OR scan119541
Kinney, James   scan119517
Kline, Lawrence Willard   scan119516
Knott, Victor   scan119245
Knott, Victor   scan119247
Knott, Victor (cont'd)   scan119245a
Knott, Victor (cont'd)   scan119247a
Knotts, Perry A. Roseburg OR scan119955
Konop, Loretta Genevieve (Miss) Ewen MI scan120069
Kubli, Harold Douglas Jacksonville OR scan119960
Larsen, Irene Della   scan119462
Lawrence, Sarah A.   scan119916
Leam, Arthur A.   scan119515
Lindsay, James William Saline County MO scan119479
Littlefield, Edgar Edgarton Ypsilanti MI scan120070
Long, (Mrs. H. H.)   scan120039
Long, Mary E.   scan120040
Long, Mary E.   scan120043
Lorton, Berdilia B. MO scan119995
Loveland, Gladys A. Canada scan119978
Lozier, (Mrs. L. F.)   scan119939
Lull, Mariana R. Andover CT scan119458
Lull, Marrianna H. Andover VT scan119449
Lull, Marrianna R.   scan119450
Lumsden, (Mrs. D.J.) "Grandma" Dayton OH scan119486/119487
Lusk, Sidney Oral Mayger OR scan119947
Macaulay, W. C. Cauindagua NY scan119491
Magruder, Margaret Edmunson Sprinfield IL scan119230
Mains, Minnie A. MI scan120013
Malone, Kenneth   scan120050
Marcho, Nettie V.   scan119261
Marion, William Ira Frankfort IA scan119238
Marshall, George E. Will County IL scan119984
Marshall, George E. Will County IL scan119987
Martin, Albert LeRoy   scan119980
Martin, Fred   scan119483
Martin, James Sr.   scan119948
Martin, Loris   scan119531/119532
Martin, Loris   scan119533,119534
Martin, Loris   scan119536
Mathews, Alex   scan119227
Mathews, Sally   scan119223
Maulding, Clyde Keeling Silverton OR scan120113
Maule, Eleanor Freeport IL scan119274
Maury, Lawrence Pike Jacksonville OR scan119275
Maxwell, John Houston IL scan119492
McAndrews, Mary Catherine (Miss) Medford OR scan119967
McCollum, Champion J. Jackson Co OR scan119229
McCormick, Alva D. Butler PA scan119282
McCoy, Lewis C.   scan119945
McDonough, Emma May Llano TX scan120003
McFadden, Clara E. Lane Co IA scan119289
McRenolds, Steve R.   scan120007
Meeker, Hattie NY scan120025
Meeker, Hattie   scan120026
Meisner, Noble James   scan119522
Melvin, Alvin   scan120071
Melvin, Alvin "Al"   scan120068
Merryman, (Mrs. T. A.) Huntley NE scan119934
Mesnage, Marie France scan119293
Messenger, Edith Ashland OR scan119971
Millard, Henry PA scan119936
Miller, Amelia Agnes Dry Creek WY scan119239
Miller, Anna Mt Vernon OH scan119224
Miller, Bertha May Beardstown IL scan119917
Miller, Georgia Lillian MO scan120005
Miller, James Arthur   scan119465
Miller, Mary Louisa   scan119220
Miller, Matilda Burlington IA scan120127
Milligan, Charley IL scan120002
Mills, (Mrs. J. W.)   scan119981
Mingus (Mrs F.G. Robley)   scan119471
Montgomery, Elizabeth E. Clay County IL scan119972
Moore, Angaline San Bernardino CA scan119447
Moran, John W.   scan119993
Morava, Hazel Ann   scan119937
Morrison, Harry   scan119225
Morrison, Harry   scan119233
Mosier, Edith (Mrs. D. B.) Ashland OR scan119971
Muller, (Mrs. William)   scan119480
Murray, Eleanor Freeport IL scan119274
Murrey, Charles H. Hillsdale MI scan120029
Murrey, Charles H.   scan120031
Noelle, (Mrs. Elbert)   scan120124
Noelle, Gloria (Mrs. Elbert)   scan120119
Norcross, Leonard Lawrence La Grance Center WI scan120108
Norris, T. C.   scan119513
Norton, Frank   scan120116
Nowell, Anna Fairfield IA scan120111
Nowell, Anna   scan120117
Nylander, Hans   scan119919
Oatman, Elmer R. Phoenix OR scan120128
Obenchain, Charlotte San Juan CA scan119530
Olson, Barbara Darlene   scan120031
Olwell, John   scan119519
Orton, Laura J. Newark OH scan120114
Overton, William Jonathan   scan119538
Overton, William Jonathan Clarke County IA scan119542
Palmer, Gus   scan119455
Palmer, Gus   scan119459
Pankey, Eva IL scan119429
Parker, Clay D.   scan119510/119512
Parks, Emma   scan120010
Patrick, Maude C.   scan119969
Patterson, John Thomas   scan119997
Patterson, John Thomas Hardin County KY scan120001
Paul, Edna   scan119477
Peck, Horace Greely Wichita KS scan119444
Pepper, Louis Henry MA scan120020
Petard, Auguste Verton, Loire Infre France scan120069
Phillips, Georgia Lillian MO scan120005
Piel, Frank A. Sweden scan120052
Pierce, William G. Pilot Point TX scan120014
Pierce, William G.   scan120015
Pitcher, Emily Martinsburg NY scan119497
Pond, George IL scan119489
Pong, George   scan119490
Potter, W. R.   scan120017
Prescott, Sam   scan119943/119944
Prescott, Samuel   scan119940/119941
Proebsting, Lottie   scan119918
Purdin, Mahlon   scan120047
Purdin, Mahlon   scan120049
Ragsdale, Hattie Trail OR scan119501
Railsback, (Mrs. Alfred B.)   scan119958
Railsback, Elsie Ophelia MO scan119955
Railsback, Nora   scan119959
Reagan, Elmo   scan119425
Reames, Evan   scan119442
Reames, Evan Rogers Litchfield IL scan119439/119440
Redden, John William Jackson County IA scan120122
Reichert, Samuel F. Germantown PA scan119991
Reinhart, Nora A. Laclede County MO scan119961
Rhoten, Enos M. Appanoose Co IA scan119281
Rice, Stuart Robert   scan119463
Richards, Harvey   scan119521
Rinehart, Nora   scan119965
Roberts, Emma E. Red Oak IA scan119441
Roberts, Nora   scan119965
Roberts, Nora A. Laclede County MO scan119961
Robinson, Lavinia Jane Springfield IL scan120041
Robinson, Levina Jane Springfield IL scan120066
Robinson, Matilda Burlington IA scan120127
Robley, F. G. (Mrs.)   scan119471
Root, Katy Winnemucca NV scan119990
Root, Katy   scan119992
Rummel, James Edmonson Cedarville IA scan119240
Rutledge, Mattie Lucinda Boise ID scan119298
Schollars, Elizabeth E. Clay County IL scan119972
Scofield, Mary Jane Rochester MN scan120109
Scott, Elizabeth OH scan119982
Scudder, Thomas   scan119924
Seaman, Bessie Battle Creek NE scan120006
Sears, Benjamin L. Dr. Rock Island IL scan119956
Sears, Benjamin L. Dr. IL scan119952
Sears, Riley Hayes Browning IL scan120027
Shadduck, Hattie NY scan120025
Shadduck, Hattie   scan120026
Shearer, A. W.   scan120028
Sherwood, Richard Ganton England scan119500
Sherwood, Richard   scan119502
Shick, Elizabeth Elvira Blanchester OH scan119294
Shide, Bertha May Beardstown IL scan119917
Shipley, Anna Mt Vernon OH scan119224
Shoudy, Ira   scan120022
Showers, Caleb   scan120115
Showers, Caleb   scan120118
Sinclair, Isaac L.   scan119467
Slavens, Berdilia B. MO scan119995
Smith, Calvin L. Barry Co MO scan119276
Smith, Evelyn Bloomingdale IL scan119540
Smith, Hoyt   scan119443
Smith, Hoyt F.   scan119446
Snyder, Angaline   scan119447
Snyder, Ogden Sidney KS scan119460
Songer, S. T. (Dr.) Xenia IL scan119302
Spiker, John   scan119537
Spurgeon, Rebecca Jane Newton County MO scan119929
Stanley, William   scan119925
Stanley, William   scan119926
Stanwood, E. C. (Mrs.) IL scan119529
Stearns, Lila E. Webster City IA scan119991
Stevens, Clyde   scan119450
Stevens, Clyde Medford OR scan119452
Stewart, Mary Jane Rochester MN scan120109
Stimson, Frederick G. Knox County ME scan119923
Stimson, Ivan Eugene Jackson County OR scan119535
Stimson, Ivan Eugene   scan119539
Stockwell, Dorris Lola   scan119928
Stokes, Roger   scan119998
Stone, Alma M. La Harpe IL scan119962
Stone, Diana Jacksonville OR scan120016
Sturgill, Mable Watova Indian Territory scan120030
Sunderman, A. H.   scan120033
Sunderman, August Henry   scan120037
Swem, Thomas M. Sr. Lima OH scan119977
Swem, Thomas M. Sr. "Daddy" Lima OH scan119976
Takao, Yaeno Japan scan120056
Taylor, Cass   scan120062
Taylor, Henry Hobart Medford OR scan119257
Taylor, James C. Blue Rapids KS scan119271
Taylor, John George Canada scan119278
Taylor, Junita Wilma   scan120129
Taylor, Mabel E. Marysville MO scan119495
Tee, Alfred S.   scan119260
Thompson, Nancy Madison Co AR scan119250
Thompson, Nancy   scan119252
Tibbetts, Forest   scan119430
Tipton, Edward   scan119426
Toft, Cora Monmouth IL scan119473
Tompkins, Annie Ridgetown Canada scan120012
Trent, Mable   scan120030
Trent, Mable Clara Watova Indian Territory scan120023
Tressler, Lillian D.   scan119292
Tryor, Marion Ellsworth Lowell IA scan119259
Vail, Amanda C. St Joseph MO scan120125
Vestal, James Samuel Cass County MO scan119983
Vrooman, Ada May Wright County MO scan120045
Waite, Lillian D.   scan119292
Wakeman, Howard   scan119515
Walch, Lewis Monroe Antelope Dist OR scan120044
Wall, Nancy M. Jamestown PA scan119968
Wall, Nancy M. Johnstown PA scan119969
Walters, Evelyn Bloomingdale IL scan119540
Ward, C. B.   scan110524
Ward, Clarence B.   scan119525
Ward, W. T.   scan120046
Ward, William T.   scan120037
Warren, Joseph F.   scan119518
Weaver, Ida H. Washington PA scan119995
Wells, Nelson Daniel PA scan119243
West, Edna   scan119477
White, Edward   scan119931
Whitney, Alvin Rockford IL scan119236
Wilber, Hiram   scan119472
William, Elmer Ray   scan119466
Williamson, Sarah NE scan119499
Willis, (Mrs. W. R.) Pekin IL scan119975
Wilson, Russell Clark Sams Valley OR scan119546
Wise, George MO scan119547
Woodcock, Emma J.   scan119234
Wulf, Diana Jacksonville OR scan120016
Wygant, Fred   scan120048
Wykoff, Nora L.   scan119520
Wyland, Nancy E.   scan119228
Younger, Robert Lee   scan119967
Younger, Robert Lee   scan119973
Zagman, John MI scan119456
Zimmerlee, James   scan119914