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Medford Mail Tribune Scanned Obituary Index for 1932

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Our JCGL volunteers are scanning and indexing microfilmed images of Medford Mail Tribune Obituaries and Death Notices. Below is an index to the 1932 scanned images. It includes the name of the deceased person, his/her place of birth (when available), and the number we have assigned to the image. If the deceased person is a married woman and her maiden name was given in the obituary, this is included in the index. If you would like to receive a copy of a scanned obituary, follow this link, Postal Request Form to display the request form. Complete and print the form, then send it to the address shown along with a check for $10 and a stamped, self-addressed envelope. Some of the scanned obituaries require more than one image. We will send them all for a single $10 fee, but you must put all the image numbers (e.g., scan123456, scan123457) on your request. Be sure to provide all the required information on the form.

For faster turnaround, use the Buy Now button below to make a secure online payment and to provide the information needed to fill your request. Be sure you fill ALL fields in the form including all image scan numbers. When you complete the transaction, our librarian will copy the requested information and email it to you as an attachment. It will be sent as a .jpg (picture) file. When you receive this .jpg file, click on it and it will be loaded into your picture viewer from which you can print a hard copy.

Scanned Mail Tribune Obituaries
Last Name, First Name
Year, Image Number

Name Place of Birth Image Number
Ables, George   scan119311
Ackley, Samuel E. Midway Village MA scan118311
Adair, Minnie May Belle Springfield MO scan119105
Adams, Francis Marion "Frank" Brownsville OR scan119191
Adams, Francis Marion "Frank"   scan119195
Anderson, Ellen May Mooreville IA scan119127
Andrews, Henry Leeson England scan118357
Andrews, Henry Leeson   scan118358
Ankeny, Cordelia   scan119336
Ankeny, Cordelia   scan119340
Ankeny, Cordelia (cont'd)   scan119336a
Anseth, Dorothy Lee   scan118401
Austin, William   scan118409
Bacon, (Mrs. Frank)   scan119341
Badgerow, Elmina Margaret Shardon Co MO scan119179
Bailey, Eleanor Ann   scan118353
Bailey, Eleanor Ann   scan118356
Balch, Ella Winnifred Lakeville MN scan119140
Banister, Homer A. Armada MI scan118403
Banister, Homer R.   scan118399
Bannister, Sadie   scan118330
Barkdull, Sarah Charlotte Keokuk IA scan119126
Barquist, Fred H.   scan118358
Barr, Ellazan Marshall Co KS scan118291
Bartle, Fleeta Smith Independence OR scan118426
Bates, Henry G. VanBuren Co IA scan119314
Beach, William   scan118278
Beal, Wilhelmina Coffeyville KS scan119157
Beal, Wilhelmina   scan119160
Beall, Clara Ellen Elmira CA scan119369
Beall, Lulu Medford OR scan119121
Becknell, Herbert S.   scan118290
Becknell, Herbert S. Zionsville IN scan118293
Bennett, Agnes   scan118320
Bennett, Mary Agnes   scan118324
Berry, Isaac Wilson Delhi IN scan119102
Biege, Harriet Ft Covington NY scan119198
Bilings, Frances Myer   scan119136
Bingman, Carl James Eagle ID scan119145
Bingman, Carl James   scan119148
Binns, Ann J.   scan119376
Bitterling, Frances A. Rainier OR scan119319
Blaine, Frances A. Rainier OR scan119319
Blosser, Elizabeth Chillicothe OH scan119395
Boardman, Minnie May Belle Springfield MO scan119105
Bostwick, (Mrs. W. T.) Virginia City NV scan119373
Bowman, George H.   scan119172
Boyd, Eliza T. Hot Springs AR scan119122
Boyd, Eliza T.   scan119126
Bradbury, Edith A. Cairo IL scan119322
Bradley, Eolah Ottumwa IA scan119418
Bradley, Samuel Walter Bay City MI scan118398
Broad, Johanna Wales scan119325
Broadwood, John Canada scan119174
Brown, A. V.   scan119413
Brown, Juneva Olive   scan119396
Brown, Mack Oliver KS scan119102
Brown, Sarah   scan119324
Bryson, Sarah Jane Garfield AR scan119398
Buck, Katherine Frances Ukiah CA scan119108
Bunch, Elizabeth L. Trenton MO scan119378
Bunn, Mellie P.   scan118327
Burgess, Mary Anne   scan119216
Busby, William M. AR scan119193
Cameron, William Utica IA scan119189
Canon, Fay Jessup   scan119173
Carlton, Mary Blanche IA scan119098
Carter, John Wesley Jacksonville OR scan119095
Castile, S. R.   scan119130
Centers, Thomas M. Linn Co OR scan119347
Chambers, Minnie Myrtle Jackson Co OR scan119206a
Cheatham, Ray   scan119144
Childs, Mary Magdalene Liberty MS scan119133
Christenson, Harry   scan119154
Christenson, Harry (cont'd)   scan119154a
Clift, Pauline B.   scan119176
Colan, Julia L. Lincoln WI scan118358
Colver, Jimmia (Jemima) IN scan118366
Corey, Jennie M. Loganport IN scan119397
Coulter, Georgia Elizabeth Manistee MI scan119205
Cox, John W.   scan118380
Crabb, Leucious L.   scan118445
Crandall, Harry   scan119154
Crandall, Harry (cont'd)   scan119154a
Cross, (Mrs. W. W.)   scan118303
Croucher, Clara A. Damascus OR scan118425
Croxton, Thomas F. IL scan119106
Cullen, Thelma   scan119317
Curtis, Claude Eugene   scan119403
Dahack, Eli Bloomington IL scan118369
Daley, George W. IL scan119321
Daley, John H.   scan119424
Daley, John Henry Dixon IL scan119420
Danielson, G.   scan119188
Danielson, Gottfried   scan119194
Day, David W. Brookings ND scan119419
Deen, Perry Newton IA scan119407
DeSouza, Henry F. Azores scan119185
Ditzler, Frank "Fritz"   scan118378
Dollarhide, Jimmia (Jemima) IN scan118366
Down, Mary J. Wales scan118405
Drake, Charity F.   scan118279
Drew, J. H.   scan119415
Driskel, Emma N.   scan118431
Driskel, Emma Nelms   scan118438
Dyer, Fleeta Smith Independence OR scan118426
Edler, August Germany scan118906
Edler, August   scan118410
Edsall, Thomas Milton Mendicino Co CA scan119210
Edwards, Mary   scan118361
Edwards, Nova Irene Allegan MI scan119351
Emig, Adam Germany scan118308
English, Charles M. Cooperstown NY scan118312
Evans, George   scan118302
Evans, George   scan118304
Evans, George E. Ashland OR scan118307
Ezzell, Irene   scan119132
Ezzell, Irene   scan119169
Fabrick, Glen, Sr.   scan118349
Fabrick, Glen, Sr. (cont'd) Harlem IL scan118349a
Farlow, Augusta R.   scan119166
Fewell, Mary Ann Belleview IL scan119362
Fifer, Benjamin F.   scan119363
Fifer, Benjamin Franklin Mount Crawford VA scan119352
Finley, Irvin A. East Glastenbury CT scan118288
Fix, Floyd F. Newkirk OK scan118359
Foeller, Daniel Germany scan118319
Force, Katherine F.   scan119109
Force, Katherine Frances Ukiah CA scan119108
Fordney, Cyrena M. Memphis MO scan119211
Foster, Minnie Myrtle   scan119206
Foster, Minnie Myrtle   scan119209
Foster, Minnie Myrtle (cont'd) Jackson Co OR scan119206a
Frees, Pearl   scan119343
Frees, Pearl Ellen   scan119346
Frey, Henrietta   scan119213
Frick, Adolphus   scan119384
Frick, Adolphus   scan119386
Frick, Adolphus C.   scan119385
Gamble, Annie Laura Astoria OR scan119387
Gardner, William Hoyle Shelby NC scan119409
Gardner, William Hoyle   scan119412
Garner, Ellen Frances Castle Rock WY scan119168
Gilbert, Mary   scan119163
Gilbert, Mary   scan119165
Gilbert, Mary (cont'd)   scan119163a
Gilman, Daniel P. Oceola IA scan119392
Gober, Louise Cordelia Parker Co TX scan118332
Goldsmith, Edith A. Cairo IL scan119322
Goodrich, Leota Belle Oceola IA scan119381
Gore, Martha J. Union Mills IN scan119138
Grieve, James E.   scan119374
Grieve, James E.   scan119414
Grieve, James Elliot NE scan119371
Grieve, James Elliot (cont'd)   scan119371a
Griffin, Mary A.   scan119357
Grishman, Clarence William Central Point OR scan119364
Grosh, William Germany scan119405
Gruver, Martha J. Union Mills IN scan119138
Gutches, Gertrude Lucy OH scan118280
Halley, Sylvia E.   scan119103
Hamlin, William Henry Champaign Co IL scan118370
Hammond, Martha Caroline Withe Co MO scan119129
Hampton, Leota Belle Oceola IA scan119381
Hansen, Frances L.   scan119201
Hansen, Nels Christian Norway scan119329
Harris, Charles Franklin Forest Grove OR scan119203
Harrison, Alice England scan119159
Hartman, Ellis Frank ND scan119315
Harvey, Sylvia E.   scan119103
Hatch, Lydia Agnes Menominee MI scan118365
Hay, John Francis "Dick" Wilderville OR scan118299
Hazelwood, Louisa C.   scan119101
Hazelwood, Louisa Catherine TN scan119099
Herriott, Thomas W. Applegate OR scan118358
High, William H. Springfield IL scan118436
Hiraoka, Shina Japan scan118337
Hitzler, Blanche   scan118437
Hitzler, Blanche   scan118351
Hogstrom, George Sweden scan119196
Holland, Ole H.   scan118386
Holland, Ole H.   scan118388
Holland, Ole H. (cont'd)   scan118386a
Holmes, Charles Lester Hollister CA scan118429
Holmes, Ellen Reynolds Andover CT scan119377
Howard, Nettie L. Kewanee IL scan118286
Hubbard, Luther Prescott New York City NY scan118417
Hudgins, Anna A.   scan118383
Huff, Juneva Olive   scan119396
Hull, Arthur B.   scan119342
Hull, Sarah   scan119162
Hull, Sarah Adaline Lambertville NJ scan119161
Inch, Una Ellen Portland OR scan118328
Inch, Una Ellen   scan118329
Inlow, Serepta Ellen Eugene OR scan118432
Iseminger, Hattie Elsie   scan119327
Jackson, M. D.   scan118388
Jeffrey, Mary L. Fayetteville AR scan118393
Jermsta, Philip Odin Minneapolis MN scan119187
Johnson, Ferd A. Waltham MN scan118420
Johnson, Rose   scan118411
Johnston, John   scan119154
Johnston, John (cont'd)   scan119154a
Johnston, Mary Blanche IA scan119098
Jones, Ada Fayette Co WI scan118402
Jones, Mary   scan118361
Judy, Edward Nicholas IN scan119360
Jury, Ann J.   scan119376
Kado, Shina Japan scan118337
Kentner, H. C.   scan119408
Kenworthy, Ida Rockford IL scan118400
Kenyon, Rachel   scan118284
Kime, Clara Clinton Co MO scan119167
Kindred, Corliss   scan119389
Kindred, Corlyss Greeley CO scan119393
Knipe, Thomas Ireland scan119361
Koppes, Roma A.   scan119137
Koppes, Roma Addison Wadsworth OH scan119134
Koppes, Roma Addison   scan119135
Krouse, Gloria A.   scan119131
Krueger, Wilhelmina Coffeyville KS scan119157
Laing, Alfred   scan119359
Lambert, Ida K. Rockford IL scan118400
Land, Emma R.   scan118313
Lange, Charles E. Germany scan119120
Lange, Chas. E. Germany scan119118
Lewis, Allen Harry   scan119380
Lewis, Arthur George   scan119182
Lewis, John F.   scan119406
Lewis, John Franklin Polk Co OR scan119399
Lewman, Ester Arline   scan119151
Little, George S. Marion Co IA scan118283
Little, George S.   scan118285
Logan, John Henry Nashwauk MN scan119156
Long, Marion   scan119153
Long, Walter F.   scan118434
Long, Walter F. (cont'd)   scan118434a
Lounsbury, Nova Irene Allegan MI scan119351
Lowe, (Mrs. A. C. Waterman)   scan118313
Lucas, Hattie Elsie   scan119327
Lundine, John E.   scan119219
Lundine, John E.   scan118278
Luy, (Mrs. William Merriman) Jacksonville OR scan119332
Magill, Mary L. Fayetteville AR scan118393
Mahoney, Michael Nova Scotia scan118338
Mahoney, Michael   scan118339
Mann, Elizabeth Clay Co MO scan118442
Manning, Frank Merritt Belvidere NY scan119367
Martin, Jennie M. Loganport IN scan119397
Martin, Mary H.   scan119368
Martinex, Pauline B.   scan119176
Mason, William Edgewood CA scan118396
Mason, William T. Edgewood CA scan118392
Maxedon, John Riley   scan119115
Maxson, (Mrs. Frank)   scan119192
McClung, Martha C.   scan119132
McClung, Martha Caroline Withe Co MO scan119129
McClure, Thommas Shephard MN scan119183
McCollom, Esther   scan118413
McCollom, Esther   scan118415
McCollom, Esther M.   scan118424
McDole, George Dunlap IA scan119312
McGowan, Blain Okley   scan118364
McKinney, Eugene   scan118331
McMullen, Annie Laura Astoria OR scan119387
McOuat, Irma   scan118374
McRae, Mary Canada scan119318
Meeker, Ellen May Mooreville IA scan119127
Merriman, (Mrs. William) Jacksonville OR scan119332
Miles, Ruth White IN scan118437
Miller, Harriet   scan119190
Miller, Julia H.   scan119310
Miller, Waldo S.   scan119316
Moor, Ella M. Rochester Mills PA scan119112
Moore, Rebecca Ann Robinson Springfield UT scan118428
Morrison, Serepta Ellen Eugene OR scan118432
Morrow, Irene Edna Riddle OR scan118376
Moulton, Amelia Monticello IA scan118314
Myers, Minerva Jane Marcheill Co KS scan119150
Neathamer, Lindsay E.   scan118343
Neathamer, Lindsay E. (cont'd)   scan118343a
Neff, Hugo Frank NY scan119123
Neff, Hugo Frank   scan119125
Neilson (Nielson), Jacob Denmark scan119421
Nichols, Eola Bradley   scan119422
Nichols, Eolah Ottumwa IA scan119418
Nichols, Gus Eagle Point OR scan118412
Nichols, Gus   scan118416
Nichols, Thomas F. Lake Creek OR scan118346
Norton, John G. Windsor OH scan118443
Nuding, Mary K.   scan119139
O'Brien, Sarah Charlotte   scan119124
O'Brien, Sarah Charlotte Keokuk IA scan119126
Oden, H. J.   scan118423
Oden, John   scan118298
Oliver, Eugene Wayland Quincy WA scan118430
Orchard, Mary Josephine Portland OR scan119313
Overton, Watson (Major)   scan119170
Page, William L. MO scan119180
Pankey, H. T.   scan119147
Pankey, William   scan119152
Paul, C. M.   scan119390
Paul, Cyrus McNeely Hopedale OH scan119394
Pelton, James W. Sams Valley OR scan119149
Pendleton, Jasper C. IA scan118422
Pendleton, Maude H. Decatur IL scan119423
Perry, Mary Elizabeth Marysville CA scan118289
Peters, Ella Winnifred Lakeville MN scan119140
Peters, Ella Winnifred   scan119143
Pheister, Rosetta Alice Miami Co IN scan118358
Phipps, Alla Rena Western Grove AR scan118300
Pickel, Elijah Barton (Dr.) Sweetwater TN scan119401
Pickel, Elijah Barton (Dr.) (cont'd)   scan119401a
Pitchford, Charles   scan119338
Poellnitz, Robert Withers (Dr.) Greensboro AL scan119096
Poelnitz, Robert Withers (Dr.)   scan119100
Porter, Claude Berkhardt (Rev.) Danvers MA scan119331
Pottenger, Alexander Camden OH scan118381
Potter, A. C.   scan118363
Potter, Mary   scan118361
Powell, Charles H. IL scan118334
Powell, Elmina Margaret Shardon Co MO scan119179
Prunk, (Mrs. M. L.)   scan119158
Pursel, Charles Willits Jacksonville OR scan118352
Ramsey, John M. Effingham Co IL scan199111
Redpath, Gertrude Lucy OH scan118280
Reeder, John G. OK scan118341
Rians, Corrine May Brimfield IL scan118377
Rians, Corrine May   scan118379
Riddle, (Mrs. George R.) Kerby OR scan118439
Riggs, Roy Leon   scan118418
Rippey, Clara Ellen Elmira CA scan119369
Rissue, William   scan119107
Rissue, Wm.   scan119110
Roberts, Kate H.   scan119348
Robinson, Lilbert J.   scan119146
Roderick, Edward S.   scan119400
Rose, Jemmia   scan118368
Rose, Jimmia (Jemima) IN scan118366
Roth, Frances E.   scan119410
Ruhl, (Mrs. A. S.)   scan118297
Satchwell, Gilbert Raymond St Paul MN scan119114
Scheble, William   scan118904
Scheble, William James   scan118407
Schumpf, George Francis Jacksonville OR scan119142
Schumpf, Mabel KS scan119174
Schweiger, August   scan119370
Scott, Earl W. Clay Co IA scan119178
Scott, John W.   scan118391
Seyler, Clara A. Damascus OR scan118425
Shearer, Henry Gaines Page Co IA scan119186
Shepherd, Sarah Adaline Lambertville NJ scan119161
Shoemaker, Joseph M.   scan118373
Short, Rebecca   scan119323
Shults, Lillie   scan118372
Siglinger, Amelia M. Monticello IA scan118314
Sisley, Leticia OH scan118360
Sisley, Lettie J.   scan118354
Slater, Alice Mary MO scan119365
Sloan, Willliam J. Ashland OH scan119171
Smith, Paul A.   scan118335
Smith, Paul A. (cont'd)   scan118335a
Smith,Euphemia Charlotte Richland OR scan119416
Snider, (Mrs. W. T. Bostwick) Virginia City NV scan119373
Snook, Lewis   scan119200
Sowell, John Andrew Josephine Co OR scan119382
Sowell, John Green   scan118316
Sparrow, Alex (Judge)   scan119333
Sparrow, Alex (Judge)   scan119339
Sparrow, Alex (Judge)   scan119345
Sparrow, Alex (Judge)   scan119349
Sparrow, Alex (Judge)   scan119350
Sparrow, Alex (Judge)   scan119353
Sparrow, Alex (Judge) (cont'd)   scan119333a
Sparrow, Alex (Judge) (cont'd) Canada scan119333b
Spatz, Joseph E. (Dr.) PA scan119141
St. Germain, Joseph   scan118355
Stafrin, Conrad (Colonel)   scan118384
Stanton, Francis Eugene   scan119113
Stanwood, Edwin Carlyle   scan119093
Stearns, Howard R.   scan119197
Stearns, Howard R.   scan119199
Steel, Lydia Agnes Menominee MI scan118365
Steele, Raymond B. San Francisco CA scan119309
Steiger, Everett   scan118287
Steiger, Mary Agnes   scan118324
Stephenson, Cyrena M. Memphis MO scan119211
Stevens, Ephriam PA scan118385
Stevenson, Laney Easton WI scan119116
Stevie, Ralph Fred Council Bluffs IA scan119375
Stevie, Ralph Fred   scan119383
Stewart, John Alexander Sheridan Co MO scan119215
Stone, Len Galopolis OH scan118441
Stout, Harriet   scan119190
Strange, Ferdinand G. (Dr.)   scan118348
Strohmeier, Lulu   scan119117
Strohmeier, Lulu Medford OR scan119121
Stump, A. Jay   scan119326
Tatman, Sarah Rose Baker OR scan118427
Taylor, Alice England scan119159
Taylor, Rolla A. Fairfield IA scan118414
Temple, (Mrs.)   scan119128
Thomas, Mary Blanche IA scan119098
Tice, Annie Jackson Co OR scan119320
Timbrezh, Silvestri P.   scan119344
Toft, Ray   scan118340
Toft, Raymond H.   scan118342
Tou Velle, Elizabeth Chillicothe OH scan119395
Turner, Sarah Elizabeth Taylor Co IA scan119218
Tuttle, Marcus   scan 118317
Tuttle, Marcus (cont'd)   scan118317a
Tuttle, Rosa   scan118317
Tuttle, Rosa (cont'd)   scan118317a
Ulrich, Emma Alice Milner Plymouth IN scan119444
Van Amberg, Ida Rockford IL scan118400
VanClarenbeck, Francis (Rev.)   scan118295
Vaupel, C. H.   scan119104
Vedder, Eleanor V. NY scan118305
Von der Hellen, Julius Henry   scan118321
Wahlers, Henry Germany scan119391
Walker, Ada Fayette Co WI scan118402
Walker, Mary E.   scan118292
Walker, Mary Elizabeth Marysville CA scan118289
Walker, Zella May   scan118389
Wallace, Ella M. Rochester Mills PA scan119112
Wallace, Horace H.   scan119202
Wallace, Horace Hobart (Rev.) Columbus NH scan119204
Wands, Ellen F.   scan119119
Wands, Ellen Frances Castle Rock WY scan119168
Warner, Henry Stark Co OH scan119358
Warnock, Calvin Luther   scan118421
Waterman, (Mrs. A. C.)   scan118313
Watkins, Charles Byron Detroit MI scan119411
Watkins, Hamilton Putnam Co MO scan118382
Watson, George   scan119388
Watterman, Elizabeth Johnson VT scan118375
Webb, Nettie L. Kewanee IL scan118286
Webster, William W. Scotland scan118310
Weeks, Fred W. Canada scan118394
Weeks, Fred W.   scan118397
Weeks, Fred W. (cont'd)   scan118394a
Weiser, Sylvester   scan118282
Welch, Elizabeth Johnson VT scan118375
Welch, Mark Pomeroy DesMoines IA scan119094
Welt, Charles Dennis   scan118367
Welt, Charles Dennis   scan118371
Westman, Algot   scan118362
Westmore, Mabel KS scan119175
Weston, Gustav(e) (Sergeant) Germany scan119177
Wheeler, Pearl   scan119343
White, Saunders A. Whitesville MO scan119217
Whited, H. L.   scan118408
Whited, H. L.   scan118433
Whitsett, Milton M. Roseburg OR scan118345
Wilde, Alice Mary MO scan119365
Wilkins, Sarah Jane Garfield AR scan119398
Williams, Lawrence LeRoy   scan119184
Williams, Sarah Elmira Whtacre Erath Co TX scan119097
Willits, Annie Jackson Co OR scan119320
Wilson, Frances Margaret   scan118306
Wilson, Frank M.   scan119214
Wilson, Horatio Franklin ME scan118315
Winans, Charles A. (Dr.)   scan119379
Winterhalder, Henry   scan118355
Winters, Serepta Ellen Eugene OR scan118432
Withrow, Robert L.   scan118322
Withrow, Robert L.   scan118325
Wootan, Frank   scan119181
Wright, Ellazan Marshall Co KS scan118291
Wright, Minerva Jane Marcheill Co KS scan119150
Yoakum, Donald LeRoy   scan118390
Young, Andrew   scan119417
Young, J. W.   scan118323
Young, James W.   scan118326