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Medford Mail Tribune Scanned Obituary Index for 1933

photo of a Raven

Our JCGL volunteers are scanning and indexing microfilmed images of Medford Mail Tribune Obituaries and Death Notices. Below is an index to the 1933 scanned images. It includes the name of the deceased person, his/her place of birth (when available), and the number we have assigned to the image. If the deceased person is a married woman and her maiden name was given in the obituary, this is included in the index. If you would like to receive a copy of a scanned obituary, follow this link, Postal Request Form to display the request form. Complete and print the form, then send it to the address shown along with a check for $10 and a stamped, self-addressed envelope. Some of the scanned obituaries require more than one image. We will send them all for a single $10 fee, but you must put all the image numbers (e.g., scan123456, scan123457) on your request. Be sure to provide all the required information on the form.

For faster turnaround, use the Buy Now button below to make a secure online payment and to provide the information needed to fill your request. Be sure you fill ALL fields in the form including all image scan numbers. When you complete the transaction, our librarian will copy the requested information and email it to you as an attachment. It will be sent as a .jpg (picture) file. When you receive this .jpg file, click on it and it will be loaded into your picture viewer from which you can print a hard copy.

Scanned Mail Tribune Obituaries
Last Name, First Name
Year, Image Number

Name Place of Birth Image Number
Adams, Doris Arlene Danville VT scan118930
Albert, George William Herman Dushore PA scan118770
Allen, James R. PA scan118533
Allen, Walter S. scan118767
Allen, Walter S. scan118768
Anderson, C. A. "Gus" scan118950
Anderson, Mary Jane scan118976
Arthur, Charles M. Fon Du Lac WI scan118766
Arthurs, Sarah Knoxville, IL scan118623
Atkins, Douglas Gordon scan118785
Atkins, Gordon Meredith scan118827
Austin, Martha Oranna scan118663
Ayres, Howard A. scan118804
Baer, Laura Wabash IN scan118498
Bailey, Mary Katherine Jackson Co OR scan118696
Baldwin, Earl R. scan118635
Barneburg, John scan118951
Barneburg, John Jackson Co OR scan118955
Barron, Homer Walker Ashland OR scan118787
Baucom, Burrell Milo scan118741
Baucom, Burrell Milo scan118742
Baucom, Burrell Milo (Lieut.) Portland OR scan118375
Baucom, Burrell Milo (Lieut.) scan118379
Baucom, Burrell Milo (Lieut.) (cont'd) scan118739a
Baucom. Burrell Milo scan118733
Baucom. Burrell Milo (cont'd) scan118733a
Bear, A. F. scan118791
Beers, Cora scan118450
Beers, Cora L. scan118460
Beldin (Belden), Emma Joy IA scan118544
Bell, Joseph VT scan118539
Bennett, Theresa South Bend IN scan118856
Bevan, Arthur Cyril England scan118748
Bichan, John B. Scotland scan118979
Bingham, Lucy A. Amsterdam scan118468
Bischoff, (Mrs. J. A.) scan118915
Blackburn, Georgia Ann Clearfield Co PA scan118946
Blackburn, Georgia Ann scan118949
Blow, Susan Plattsburg NY scan118678
Bonin, August Prairie Town IL scan118989
Bowes, Sarah Evaline WI scan118603
Bowman, Adam Erie Co NY scan118689
Bowman, Adam scan118694
Bowman, Dee Adams Co IL scan118702
Bowman, Julia Marie Ireland scan118838
Boyce, Cassie Elizabeth Tolo OR scan118583
Boyles, Forrest Donald Ashland OR scan118981
Bradbury, Margaret LaVerne Clarine scan118642
Brayton, William Everett Rochester MN scan118523
Brayton, Wm. scan118536
Bressie, Mattie Calistoga CA scan118562
Brophy, Annie Susan Talent OR scan118903
Brown, Charles O. Joplin MO scan118583
Brown, Frederick Arthur Marshalltown IA scan118639
Brown, Frederick Arthur scan118641
Brown, Jackie scan118991
Brown, Mary Louise Coeur d'Alene ID scan118475
Brown, Mary Louise scan118482
Brownlee, John Delbine IN scan118758
Brubaker, Leroy scan118541
Bryson, William Edward Iowa City IA scan118617
Bryson, William Edward scan118620
Buchanan, John D. Canada scan118952
Buckley, John D. Jackson Co OR scan118992
Buckley, Maggie T. Trenton NJ scan118520
Burgess, Arthur scan118721
Burke, Jennie Bedelle Syracuse NY scan118518
Burnett, Lorella scan118752
Burnette, Lovella L. Almeda OR scan118754
Callaghan, Mary Ellen Elkader IA scan118676
Cambers, Viola Chippewa Falls WI scan118790
Campbell, Charles scan118875
Canaday, John F. KS scan118599
Canaday, John F. scan118606
Cappler, Louis P. Etna Mills CA scan118862
Carey, Clinton Cincinnati OH scan118677
Carlson, Erica Louise Anoka Co MN scan118822
Carpenter, Mary Oblesby scan118698
Carpenter, Mary Oblesby scan118699
Carpenter, W. J. IL scan118872
Carter, E. B. IA scan118451
Carter, Ernest Victor Elkader IA scan118452
Caster, Dean Clarence scan118611
Chamberlain, Albert M. scan118547
Chapman, John W. scan118986
Chapman, Samuel England scan118556
Charley, Lemon C. Omaha NE scan118588
Charley, Lemon C. scan118592
Chisholm, Lulu scan118965
Chisholm, Samuel Corpus Christi TX scan118934
Chisholm, Samuel scan118940
Churchill, Caroline L. DeKalb Co IL scan118688
Clark, Oscar B. MN scan118667
Clark, Sarah Jane IA scan118602
Clay, Lydia M. Springfield MO scan119958
Clayton, Christ scan118824
Clute, Vera Blanche Fort Jones CA scan118538
Coffman, Viola May Ruch OR scan118645
Cogan, Simeon R. Titusville PA scan118990
Coker, Emily M. Canada scan118995
Colliepriest, Harry scan118764
Colver, Mary Dooia Phoenix OR scan118471
Conner, Stillman H.  scan118897
Conner, Stillman H. (Dr.) Wilmington DE scan118994
Conser, Elder T. scan118759
Cook, Ianthe Jacksonville OR scan118692
Cooper, Mary A. Putman Co IN scan118839
Copeland, Agnes E. Independence KS scan118964
Copeland, Agnes E. Independence KS scan118977
Corbin, Charles Ezra scan118911
Corbin, Charles Izera IA scan118908
Cotton, Fred G. "Blackie" San Francisco CA scan118723
Cotton, Fred G. "Blackie" scan118724
Cottrell, Sarepta scan118693
Cottrell, Serepta scan118697
Courteny, Mary Ireland scan118659
Cover, George A. scan119923
Cox, Mary Elmira Fort Churchill NV scan118914
Crandall, Theodore scan118823
Crandall, Theodore AL scan118833
Crandall, Theodore scan118835
Cronemiller, Elizabeth Rose Jacksonville OR scan118848
Csrney, Thomas J. Bridgeport CA scan118504
Cupinski, Theresa South Bend IN scan118856
Curtis, Frank scan118718
Curtis, Frank scan118720
Curtis, Mary Walker CA scan118959
Daley, Victor Hugo Eagle Point OR scan118809
Daley, Victor Hugo scan118814
Danford, Eva scan118562
Daniels, David MO scan118828
Daniels, David scan118830
Daniels, Joseph E.  scan118477
Daniels, Joseph E. "Joe" Merom IN scan118474
Davis, Clara A. Willow Creek CA scan118699
Davis, Ed scan118619
Davis, Robert Colkins Medford OR scan118671
Densmore, Orpha Spring Prairie WI scan118480
Dewey, George Wesley scan118969
Dewey, George Wesley Jersey Co IL scan118971
Diehm, Alice A. IL scan118550
Dodd, Albert scan118863
Dodge, Ira J. Akron OH scan118938
Drake, Lonzo A. DuBuque IA scan118937
Drew, Waldron G. Truckee CA scan118985
Duggan, Mary Ellen Elkader IA scan118676
Duncan, Roy R. scan118729
Dunford, Alvon Foster North Lupe NE scan118522
Dunlap, Charles scan118921
Dunlap, Charles (cont'd) scan118921a
Dunlap, E. Franklin scan118529
Dunn, Mary Hill scan118858
Eakin, (Mrs. John) scan118707
Eakin, (Mrs. John) (cont'd) scan118707a
Eakin, Freda scan118712
Eakin, Freda Caroline Dorchester WI scan118719
Eakin, John scan118707
Eakin, John (cont'd) scan118707a
Eakin, John L. scan118712
Eakin, John L. Lake City IA scan118719
Eaton, James G. Jacksonville OR scan118859
Eaton, Nellie WI scan118899
Eaton, Nellie scan118901
Edler, Christian scan118511
Edler, Christian August scan118517
Edsall, John B. Hickory Co MO scan118476
Elliott, Abigail  Canada scan118811
Elson, Leona Frances Urbana MO scan118549
Elson, Leona Frances scan118552
Emig, Margaret Germany scan118509
Epler, Martin Lancaster PA scan118730
Falwell, Charles scan118755
Falwell, Charles Alexander Ironton OH scan118761
Farlow, Mary Dooia Phoenix OR scan118471
Farmer, Sarah A. scan118777
Farmer, Sarah A. Trenton GA scan118771
Fawcett, Joan Cape Giradeau MO scan118813
Fenton, Indiana New Carlisle IN scan118638
Fernlund, Mattie Calistoga CA scan118562
Ferren, James Albert scan118962
Fewel, John S. scan118909
Fewel, John S. IN scan118910
Flood, Sarah Jane Hickman Co TN scan118499
Fluhrer, John scan118983
Fluhrer, John A. Germany scan118987
Folkenburg, (Mrs. T. H.) scan118664
Foster, James William "Pete" Jackson Co OR scan118703
Foster, Pete scan118701
Frazee, Margaret E. scan118903
Frazier, Walter scan118933
Fridegar, Gilbert scan118729
Fridegar, Gilbert A. Medford OR scan118725
Fridegar, Gilbert Adolph scan118732
Fry, John Earl, Jr. scan118819
Gadapee, Doris Arlene Danville VT scan118930
Gall, Nellie M. Dunlap IA scan118788
Galloway, Samuel scan118643
Gates, Harry E. scan118715
Gaylord, Kate Markham Rochester MN scan118776
Geary, Richard Everett Medford OR scan118654
Geary, Richard Everett scan118658
Geffert, Wilhelmine Germany scan118569
Gentry, Floyd scan118928
Gentry, Helen Ileen Klamath Falls OR scan118942
Germer, Minnie Maude scan118861
Germer, Minnie Maude scan118865
Gillette, Albert Canada scan118611
Gillette, Elsie scan118879
Good, Elizabeth Claire "Betty" Medford OR scan118850
Gordon, George S. scan118854
Gould, Alfred James Canada scan118521
Grant, Henry D. Chicago IL scan118631
Graves, Lydia L. Derby VT scan118553
Graves, Lydia L. scan118554
Gray, Susan Plattsburg NY scan118678
Green, Franklin Herbert IA scan118679
Greene, Nannie E. scan118592
Gregory, Mary Elmira Fort Churchill NV scan118914
Griffin, Verna L. scan118607
Griffin, Verna L. Jackson Co OR scan118611
Guches, John M. Columbus OH scan118848
Guches, John M. Columbus OH scan118852
Guiley, Wayne scan118710
Guiley, Wayne scan118717
Hacker, William CA scan118820
Haddock, Martin scan118454
Haddock, Martin Z. scan118466
Haddock, Martin Zacharah scan118458
Haeuser, Freda Caroline Dorchester WI scan118719
Hale, Mollie Little Rock AR scan118551
Hall, Avon E. Wilmington NC scan118768
Hall, Josephine A. New Richmond WI scan118910
Halley, William L. MO scan118832
Halley, William L. scan118835
Halstead, Charles (Dr.) scan118726
Haney, Bert E. scan118674
Hanley, Michael Finley Jacksonville OR scan118860
Hanley, Mike scan118855
Hardin, William Foster scan118706
Hardman, Hattie May Eagle Point OR scan118487
Hardman, Hattie May scan118492
Harmon, Tilmon Gibbs Knoxville TN scan118590
Hart, Walter Virgil Star ID scan118907
Harvey, James W. Knoxville TN scan118773
Harvey, James W. scan118777
Hauffe, Ernestine Rosalie Germany scan118895
Hayse, Robert N. Holden MO scan118902
Heberlie, Lizzie B. scan118945
Heckman, James scan118869
Helms, Addison David Denver CO scan118893
Helms, Addison David Denver CO scan118898
Helms, Elizabeth Rose Jacksonville OR scan118848
Hendrickson, Nancy Jane Yell Co AR scan118792
Hepler, Mary A. Putman Co IN scan118839
Higley, John "Jack" scan118449
Higley, John B. scan118455
Hill, Mary scan118858
Hockersmith, Mary Lane Co OR scan118948
Hogan, Viola Chippewa Falls WI scan118790
Hogue, George Samuel scan118562
Hoke, (Mrs. R. D.) scan118584
Holdridge, Clara Belle Cortland IL scab118527
Hoskins, Harry scan118967
Hoskins, Harry scan118974
Houck, Jesse Crescent City CA scan118479
Houck, Jesse scan118485
Houlihan, Indiana New Carlisle IN scan118638
Howell, Howard L. Albuquerque NM scan118510
Howlett, Millie Eagle Point OR scan118775
Howlett, Millie scan118784
Howsley, Richard Leroy scan118743
Hoyt, Georgia Ann Clearfield Co PA scan118946
Hoyt, Millie Eagle Point OR scan118775
Hoyt, Millie scan118784
Huguenin, Emil scan118643
Huguenin, Emil scan118647
Humphrey, Louisa B. scan118497
Hurley, Clara Belle Cortland IL scan118527
Hyde, Nettie Mae WA scan118640
Isaacs, George W. Brownsboro OR scan118925
Jackson, (Mrs. D. H.) scan118772
Jackson, William Ulrich Burlington IA scan118514
James, Clara Maupin OR scan118473
Jay, Lucille scan118713
Jester, George P. scan118622
Johnson, Donald Lee scan118546
Johnson, Frank L. MO scan118826
Johnson, Frank L. scan118834
Johnson, William Rube St Joseph MO scan118980
Johnston, Joseph (cont'd) Greensburg PA scan118779a
Johnston, Joseph Baron "Bud" scan118779
Johnston, Mary Ireland scan118659
Jones, Ada C. Jacksonville OR scan118943
Jones, Fred scan118646
Jones, Mary Elizabeth Laurel Co KY scan118700
Kallstrom, Josephine Sweden  scan118508
Kerr, Alexander Scotland scan118627
Kitson, Frederic Wellington Cloversville NY scan118757
Kline, William M. PA scan118652
Knips, Lena Lucille Medford OR scan118841
Knips, Lena Lucille scan118844
Kornstead, Edward W. scan118683
Laird, Elva Caster IA scan118783
Lane, Mary Ada Rutan scan118896
Larsen, Annie L. Lucin UT scan118988
Leach, Frederick Robinson Hamburg NY scan118563
Leach, Mary Johnston Ireland scan118659
Lee, Lena scan118753
Lehnherr, Gerald Douglas Co OR scan118953
LeMoine, Lillian Minerva Monroe UT scan118782
Lennox, Jack scan118705
Leonard, W. H. scan118503
Lewis, Mary E. Stillwater MN scan118562
Lewis, Sabra M. Calhoun Co MI scan118570
Lindley, Clara Maupin OR scan118473
Lindsey, Grundy B. scan118455
Locke, William H. scan118910
Lockwood, Edwin C. Wilson NY scan118447
Long, Lovella L. Almeda OR scan118754
Lord, Sisely R. scan118966
Lucas, Flavius Guy NE scan118743
Lucas, Katherine Twigg scan118831
Lucas, Mike (Mike X. Aucs) scan118769
Lytle, Lucien Coburg OR scan118555
Maben, Carol Jane scan118466
Madison, Mary E. Stillwater MN scan118562
Mang, Stella scan118868
Mann, Abigail Canada scan118811
Mannich, Frederick C. Detroit MI scan118684
Mansfield, Cassie Elizabeth Tolo OR scan118583
Marsh, H. E. scan118567
Marsh, Henry E. scan118571
Marsh, Henry Everett North Vernon IN scan118557
Mason, Clara A. Willow Creek CA scan118699
Mason, Susie Belinda Minneapolis MN scan118493
Maury, Gillis Miller Jacksonville OR scan118929
McAllister, Sarah Knoxville, IL scan118623
McClure, William scan118960
McCoy, H. R. Corvallis OR scan118681
McCoy, H. R. scan118686
McIntosh, Arthur R. scan118565
McIntosh, Arthur Renfrew KS scan118562
McKay, Agnes Elizabeth Independence KS scan118977
McKay, Elsie Forbes Scotland  scan118660
McKay, William Scotland scan118765
McKenzie, James Canada scan118642
McMurtrey, Clyde Sage Town IL scan118781
McMurtrey, Clyde scan118583
McPheeters, John Thomas Sedalia MO scan118778
McRae, Harriett Freeport IL scan118970
McVay, Viola May Ruch OR scan118645
Mendenhall, Martha M. IA scan118963
Merriman, Thomas T. Oakland OR scan118680
Merriman, Thomas T. Oakland OR scan118684
Meyer, Herman Gustof Germany scan118691
Middlebusher, Clara Lee Coffee Co KS scan118883
Miles, Fred scan118478
Miller, Henry J. scan118935
Miller, Ianthe Jacksonville OR scan118692
Miller, Mary Katherine Jackson Co OR scan118696
Milligan, Floyd scan118984
Mills, Harry D. scan118632
Mills, Verni Victor scan118525
Minear, Emma L. OH scan118870
Minear, Emma L. Findlay OH scan118876
Minear, Emma L. scan118882
Minear, Emma L. (cont'd) scan118870a
Misner, Christopher C. scan118564
Misner, Ephriam Asbury MO scan118470
Mitchell, J. W. scan118917
Mohr, Emil Germany scan118462
Mohr, Emil scan118469
Mohr, Emil (cont'd) scan118462a
Mohr, Emil H. scan118467
Monich (Monnich), C. F. scan118682
Moore, Andrew J. McDonough NY scan118502
Moore, Caroline L. DeKalb Co IL scan118688
Moran, Kathleen Vivian Medford OR scan118939
Morris, Tolbert B. Warren IL scan118709
Morse, J. H. scan118629
Morse, J. H. (cont'd) scan118629a
Murphy, John J. Jackson Co OR scan118972
Myer, William Jackson Co OR scan118542
Narragan, Lynden Carl scan118651
Nash, Lora Ellen Mammoth Springs AR scan118889
Nelson, K. scan118690
Newell, Nancy B. scan118800
Newell, Nancy Ball scan118794
Newman, Samuel E. scan118878
Newman, Samuel Eugene Henderson Co NC scan118873
Nichols, Druzella S. scan118665
Nichols, Druzella S. scan118668
Nickerson, Thomas Jackson Jackson Co OR scan118489
Noe, Mamie scan118634
Noe, Mary "Mamie" scan118637
Noe, Mary Grace Iowa Hill CA scan118636
Norby, (Mrs. John R.) scan118736
Norton, Walter H. Portlamd OR scan118840
O'Harra, Thomas Jasper Centerville IA scan118919
Offenbacher, Henry scan118675
Oglesby, Mary scan118698
Oliver, Andrew D. scan118829
Oliver, Andrew D. scan118834
Olson, Clara Lee Coffee Co KS scan118883
Overton, Sarah Evaline WI scan118603
Palen, George W. scan118515
Palen, George Washington Napoleon MI scan118513
Pankey, Obediah Saline Co IL scan118448
Parker, George W. scan118540
Parker, William Kelley Winnebago Co WI scan118687
Pashby, Mary Grace Iowa Hill CA scan118636
Patterson, Clara Martha J. MI scan118978
Peebler, Osee V. Hancock Co IL scan118874
Pegg, Mary Louise Coeur d'Alene ID scan118475
Pence, Hattie May Eagle Point OR scan118487
Perkins, Richard N. scan118558
Peterson, Charles Emil scan118825
Phifer, Nancy Jane Yell Co AR scan118792
Plymale, Ada J. Jacksonville OR scan118943
Plymale, David H. (Dr.) scan118877
Plymale, David Hovey (Dr.) Jacksonville OR scan118881
Pool, Lucinda Mercer Co IL scan118672
Porter, Mary Jane scan118976
Prescott, George scan118586
Prescott, George scan118591
Prescott, George scan118601
Prescott, George (2) scan118587
Prescott, George (2) scan118597
Prescott, George (Constable) scan118780
Prescott, George J. Rockford IL scan118578
Prescott, George J. scan118582
Prescott, George J. (Constable) scan118572
Prescott, George J. (Constable) scan118585
Prescott, George J. (Constable) scan118594
Prescott, George J. (cont'd) scan118572a
Prescott, George J. (cont'd) scan118585a
Prescott, George J. (cont'd) scan118594a
Prescott, George J. (Contstable) scan118575
Prescott, George L. scan118616
Pring, Pernetta A. Fort Wayne IN scan118626
Pringle, William Henry Hastings MN scan118500
Quigley, Mary Walker CA scan118959
Radcliffe, Laura Wabash IN scan118498
Ramey, Hermine Lincoln NE scan118700
Rancipher, James IA scan118810
Randall, Stewart Burns OR scab118519
Randles, Lydia M. Springfield MO scan118958
Ray, Orpha Spring Prairie WI scan118480
Ray, Orpha scan118486
Redantz, William Germany scan118993
Reddy, John Francis (Dr.) scan118912
Reddy, John Francis (Dr.) scan118916
Reddy, John Francis (Dr.) scan118918
Reddy, John Francis (Dr.) (cont'd) scan118912a
Reeder, Sarah C. Fayetteville AR scan118670
Renshaw, E. scan118867
Richardson, Henry Haley Macon Co MO scan118612
Ricks, James Lincoln Co MO scan118961
Riggens, Samantha Anna Marshall Co IN scan118531
Roberts, John Edward Silver City NV scan118716
Roberts, Nellie M. Dunlap IA scan118788
Robinson, Annie Susan Talent OR scan118903
Robinson, Sarah Jane Hickman Co TN scan118499
Rock, Ada Jane scan118481
Rookard, Mattie Calistoga CA scan118562
Rose, Edgar Dewitt Syracuse NY scan118655
Ross, Marland Medford OR scan118560
Ross, Mary Katherine Jackson Co OR scan118696
Rostel, Ernestine Rosalie Germany scan118895
Runnels, Harold L. scan118797
Runnels, Harold L. Pickering MO scan118801
Runnels, Harold Lyle scan118802
Salade, (Dr.) (cont'd) scan118926a
Salade, L. A. (Dr.) scan118932
Salade, Louis Audenried (Dr.) West Penn PA scan119926
Samuels, Joseph M. Madison Co IN scan118887
Schnier, David William scan118673
Scott, Walter M. scan118472
Scott, Walter M. scan118483
Scranton, Charles Albert scan118609
Sert. John Austria scan118722
Shaw, Edwin B. Summerville CT scan118821
Sheldon, William scan118656
Sheldon, William (cont'd) scan118656a
Shelton, Dave scan118808
Shoemaker, Sena D. scan118835
Short, Bess scan118711
Short, Darrell scan118711
Short, Richard scan118711
Shoup, John Oliver IN scan118662
Simers, Lora Ellen Mammoth Springs AR scan118889
Simmers, Oscar E. Trenton OH scan118957
Simmons, Gwen scan118712
Simmons, Gwen Elsie scan118717
Singleton, Phil Roseburg OR scan118805
Singleton, Phil scan118806
Skinner, H. C. scan118973
Skinner, H. C. scan118979
Skinner, Robert scan118454
Skinner, Robert John scan118459
Skinner, Robert John scan118464
Skinner, Robert John scan118465
Slagle, Sarah J. KY scan118695
Slater, James W. Vermillion Co IN scan118956
Slough, Edith Lenore Lenox IA scan118892
Small, Ella Lee Norfolk VA scan118628
Smith, Amos Francis scan118490
Smith, Lauretta Roselene Freewater OR scan118512
Smith, Mary Ella Morning Sun IA scan118625
Snavley, Charles Edward Pickway OH scan118603
Soukup, Albert H. Austria scan118494
Southworth, Annie L. Lucin UT scan118988
Spaght, Etta L. Hugo OR scan118890
Spellman, William Charles IA scan118975
Spires, Georgia F. Medford OR scan118704
Stallsworth, Anna Belle Harrison Co MO scan118786
Stallsworth, Jessie May scan118884
Stallsworth, John Taylor scan118453
Stallsworth, John Taylor scan118461
Stalsworth, Jossie M. scan118885
Stanley, Carl E. scan118505
Stanley, Carl E. scan118507
Stanley, Carl E. (cont'd) Harlan IA scan118505a
Starkey, George Washington scan118789
Steele, Walter Dana scan118845
Steele, Walter Danna Monte Cristo CA scan118849
Steep, Ed scan118880
Steiger, Lillian Ward Fremont WI scan118842
Steiger, Lillian Ward Fremont WI scan118843
Steiner, David J. Rome NY scan118747
Stennett, Mary Elizabeth "Betty" Medford OR scan118666
Stennett, Mary Elizabeth "Betty" scan118669
Steward, Pernetta A. Fort Wayne IN scan118626
Stewart, Mary Ella Morning Sun IA scan118625
Stewart, Sophenia Ida Butte Creek OR scan118457
Stimson, Ralph Roscoe Medford OR scan118816
Stine, Kate Grace Burnettsville IN scan118618
Stine, Kate Grace scan118620
Stinson, Ralph Roscoe scan118812
Stock, Herman C. Germany scan118853
Stone, Dorothy May Bismark ND scan118644
Stone, John W. Independence VA scan118944
Stoner, Earl C. scan118621
Stott, Ella Lee Norfolk VA scan118628
Strain, James Robert Milsap TX scan118903
Strain, James Robert scan118905
Swihart, Samantha Anna Marshall Co IN scan118531
Swingle, Charles Arthur Lorella OR scan118484
Taylor, Jessie May scan118884
Taylor, Jossie M. scan118885
Teatsworth, Emma L. OH scan118870
Teatsworth, Emma L. Findlay OH scan118876
Teatsworth, Emma L. scan118882
Tedrick, Georgia F. Medford OR scan118704
Terwilliger, Charlotte Augusta Ellenville NY scan118837
Thomason, Jasper Boone Co AR scan118968
Thompson, Frank scan118906
Thornburg, William G. scan118941
Thorne, Frederick William scan118615
Thurston, Seana D. scan118836
Thurston, Sena D. scan118835
Tingleaf, Albert scan118744
Tingleaf, Albert (cont'd) scan118744a
Tingleaf, Albert J. scan118750
Tingleaf, Albert John Sweden scan118749
Toft, Joseph E. Scotland scan118799
Trefren, Luther NH scan118954
Truax, Vera Blanche Fort Jones CA scan118538
Trusty, George scan118496
Tucker, Ralph E. Davis Co IL scan118756
Tucker, Ralph E. scan118760
Turner, George scan118566
Turner, George scan118568
Turnquist, Erica Louise Anoka Co MN scan118822
Turpin, Ralph scan118653
Turrell, Lilly May Medford OR scan118774
Ulrich, Emma Alice Milner scan118446
Van Dusen, Jennie Bedelle Syracuse NY scan118518
Van Horison, Lucy A. Amsterdam scan118468
Van Valzah, Shannon L. (Major) scan118746
Vickery, Frank A. Atchison KS scan118864
Vining, Mary Hoffman IN scan118471
Wakefield, Wayne Lewis Medford OR scan118947
Walker, Anna scan118501
Walker, Clay A. scan118624
Walker, Robert Stewart scan118793
Ward, Lillian Fremont WI scan118843
Watson, Phyllis Jane scan118795
Webb, Chester scan118888
Webb, Harriett Freeport IL scan118970
Weedon, C. T. Medford OR scan118728
Weedon, Cecil T. scan118727
Weeks, Alfred scan118847
Weeks, Alfred J. Canada scan118851
Weeks, Alfred J. scan118866
Weiss, Mary Lane Co OR scan118948
Welborn, James Henry IN scan118661
Wells, Arthur S. WI scan118781
Wells, Louise OH scan118803
West, Sarah C. Fayetteville AR scan118670
Wheeler, Samuel Forbestown CA scan118650
Whillock, Leona Frances Urbana MO scan118549
White, A. J. scan118886
White, Austin Joseph scan118891
Whitlock, (Mrs. M. E.) Johnson Co IN scan118526
Whitlock, Mathinda E. scan118534
Wies, Emily M. Canada scan118995
Wilde, Lauretta Roselene Freewater OR scan118512
Wiley, (Mrs. Thornton) scan118488
Wilkinson, Herbert E. scan118936
Williams, A. B. scan118731
Williams, Arthur Benjamin Long Valley WA scan118737
Williams, Arthur Benjamin scan118738
Willike, John U. North Washington OHMedford OR scan118648
Wilson, Ephriam W. Olympia WA scan118530
Wilson, James KY scan118982
Wilson, Kenneth R. Jackson Co OR scan118561
Wilson, Kenneth R. scan118562
Winders, Alice A. IL scan118550
Winter, Otto Sauk City WI scan118900
Witte, Johanna Wilhelmina Germany scan118762
Wolff, George Germany scan118633
Woodrich, Hedwig Switzerland  scan118904
Woods, Alice A. IL scan118550
Worden, Samuel Normal IL scan118994
Worman, Edwin England scan118931
Worthington, Sarah A. Trenton GA scan118771
Wright, A. N. scan118537
Wright, Alfred Newton scan118528
Wright, Alfred Newton VA scan118532
Wright, Jack Laverne scan118814
Wyatt, Homer O. Sams Valley OR scan118857
Yahner, Clyde scan118920
Yates, Mary scan118751
Young, Jean Elizabeth scan118548
Young, Matilda M. Canada scan118535
Zimmerlee, John Thomas MO scan118846
Zimmerman, Anna Belle Harrison Co MO scan118786
Zumbaum, Leonard scan118545
Zumbaum, Russell scan118543
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