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Medford Mail Tribune Scanned Obituary Index for 1935

photo of a Raven

Our JCGL volunteers are scanning and indexing microfilmed images of Medford Mail Tribune Obituaries and Death Notices. Below is an index to the 1935 scanned images. It includes the name of the deceased person, his/her place of birth (when available), and the number we have assigned to the image. If the deceased person is a married woman and her maiden name was given in the obituary, this is included in the index. If you would like to receive a copy of a scanned obituary, follow this link, Postal Request Form to display the request form. Complete and print the form, then send it to the address shown along with a check for $10 and a stamped, self-addressed envelope. Some of the scanned obituaries require more than one image. We will send them all for a single $10 fee, but you must put all the image numbers (e.g., scan123456, scan123457) on your request. Be sure to provide all the required information on the form.

For faster turnaround, use the Buy Now button below to make a secure online payment and to provide the information needed to fill your request. Be sure you fill ALL fields in the form including all image scan numbers. When you complete the transaction, our librarian will copy the requested information and email it to you as an attachment. It will be sent as a .jpg (picture) file. When you receive this .jpg file, click on it and it will be loaded into your picture viewer from which you can print a hard copy.

Scanned Mail Tribune Obituaries
Last Name, First Name
Year, Image Number

Name Place of Birth Image Number
Ackerman, Jennie S. Battle Creek MI scan117068
Adamson, George H.   scan118182
Aitken, William Alexander Scotland scan118111
Aitken, William Alexander   scan118113
Alexander, Martha E. TN scan118243
Allaway, Belle Dora   scan116955
Almstead, Christina Santa Cruz CA scan118132
Anderson, Mary Catherine Jackson Co OR scan117065
Andresen, Marjory Lillis   scan118183
Applegate, Annie Linkville OR scan118108
Applegate, Catherine Klamath Falls OR scan118156
Applegate, Catherine   scan118159
Ash, Edward Ernest Ashton MI scan118096
Babb, Florence Flossie SD scan118038
Bailey, Hattie E.   scan116945
Bailey, Lola Luella Myrtle Creek OR scan118275
Bailey, William   scan118234
Baird, Clifford J. Visalia CA scan117085
Baker, Madie H. Weiser ID scan117072
Baldwin, George Washington Platte Co MO scan118019
Barbre, Minnie Frances Eugene OR scan117003
Barneburg, Addie M. Monterey CA scan117042
Baughman, Everett Harding   scan116919
Beach, Lilah Marie Delta CO scan117027
Beagle, Lida B.   scan118150
Bell, Mollie Jane Bedford Co TN scan118186
Berfgeld, Charlotte Germany scan118172
Bernard, Isabel Mary Louther IA scan118194
Bickerdike, James Arthur (Rev.)   scan116991
Bickerdike, Mary Ella   scan116991
Bickerdyke, Mary Ella IL scan116933
Biege, William   scan118252
Biehn, Roy   scan118088
Bingham, Viola V.   scan118241
Bitterling, Ruby Coquile OR scan118007
Blitch, Charles Dupont GA scan118265
Boggs, Robert R.   scan118173
Bond, Hattie A. WI scan118276
Booher, Roy   scan117015
Boshears, Jerome Templeton Huntsville TN scan118114
Bostwick, Harold William Jacksonville OR scan118203
Boussum, Clarence R. Wellington KS scan117095
Bowen, Nancy A. Macomb IL scan118138
Bowers, Floyd Paul   scan118219
Bowers, Mary Margaret   scan116905
Boyd, John Wesley   scan117096
Boyles, Richard E. Los Angeles CA scan118036
Bragg, Thomas H. St Charles Co MO scan118232
Brandon, Charles W. Joliet IL scan117029
Braun, Hannah M. Janesville MN scan118249
Braun, Hannah M.   scan118251
Brewer, Joseph Theodore PA scan118004
Brown, Ann Moniteau Co MO scan117008
Brown, Ella C. Mondamin IA scan117022
Brunson, Golda Mae Idaho Falls ID scan117034
Brunson, Golda Mae   scan117036
Buck, Verlinda V.   scab118048
Buck, Verlinda V. Ukiah CA scan118058
Buckles, Glennie   scan118033
Burgess, Frank O.   scan117049
Burgess, Rosie   scan118191
Burton, Dan   scan117045
Campbell (Mrs. Donald Springer)   scan118013
Canon, W. H. (Judge)   scan118223
Canon, William H. (Judge) Sullivan Co NY scan118218
Canon, William H. (Judge) (cont'd)   scan118218a
Cantrall, Sarah A. Mercer Co MO scan118093
Cantrall, Verlinda V.   scan118048
Cantrall, Verlinda V. Ukiah CA scan118058
Carkin, E. W. L.   scan118001
Carkin, E. W. L. Appleton ME scan118005
Carney, Agnes C. Canada scan118273
Carpenter, Emmitt J. (Dr.) Lebanon MS scan116971
Carpenter, F. S.   scan118193
Carr, Chamberlain   scan118201
Carter, Mae Coma CO scan118107
Cartwright, William Frederick Tehama Co CA scan118162
Case, Ella C. Mondamin IA scan117022
Casebeer, Martha New Philadelphia OH scan116982
Casner, William H. KS scan116917
Cass, Robert TN scan118086
Center, Elmer J.   scan116949
Center, Elmer J.   scan116944
Center, Elmer J. (cont'd)   scan116949a
Chandler, Benjamin F. Twin Falls ID scan118135
Chandler, Rosie   scan118191
Chapman, William S.   scan116953
Chauncey, Ina E. Willsboro PA scan118016
Chisholm, William (Dr.) Canada scan116916
Cingcade, Mary E.   scan118000
Clark, (Mrs. Franklin C.)   scan117011
Clark, Anna   scan118155
Clark, Anna   scan118157
Clark, James W. IL scan118061
Clement, Della Canada scan118072
Clements, Jack   scan118275
Clogston, Muriel   scan118089
Clute, Frank Black Hawk Co IA scan118250
Clute, Frank   scan118252
Coffee, Georgie Winifred   scan118084
Coffenberry, George   scan117071
Coke, Muriel   scan118089
Colvig, Frederick Leroy Canyonville OR scan116913
Conklin, Charles W.   scan118149
Conklin, Charles Walter Atlanta IL scan118152
Cook, Addie Napa Co CA scan116988
Cook, Alice Dade Co MO scan118104
Cook, Thomas Vic Indianapolis IN scan118083
Cooke, James Henry KY scan116977
Coss, Jessie Warmon   scan117998
Coss, Jessie Worman Nebraska City NE scan117999
Costain, Lida B.   scan118150
Costain, Lida Beagle   scan118153
Cox, Mary Ella Boston MA scan118046
Crabtree, William H. Litchfield IL scan117041
Cradle, William "Pop"   scan118067
Crandall, Edson A. Cedar Falls IA scan118023
Cromar, Elizabeth Ruxton Scotland scan118157
Cummings, William Isaac Garden City MN scan116928
Curl, Dudley Charles Waterloo OR scan118069
Curran, Ethel   scan118242
Cusick, Ida May   scan116906
Dallaire, Della Canada scan118072
Dalton, Mae Coma CO scan118107
Daniels Robert Lee   scan118060
Davidson, (Mrs. T. B.)   scan118253
Davies, James   scan116907
Davis, Charles Keokuk, IA scan117007
Davis, Eber R. Eagle Point OR scan117093
Davis, Glennie   scan118033
Davis, John W.   scan116975
Davis, Lloyd Ellsworth Des Moines IA scan116924
Davis, Rachel Quincy Co IL scan118272
Dean, Louis P. MI scan118231
Decker, Ernest   scan117015
Delaney, Anna Mildred   scan118115
Dessery, Victor D. KS scan118040
Dew, Clara A. Dubuque IA scan117030
Dickey, Alphonso Belfast ME scan116942
Dinwiddie, Martha Ann Salt Lake City UT scan118065
Dolph, Edward Ashley Albion MI scan116934
Dolph, Edward Ashley   scan116936
Doty, Orpha E. Monroe WI scan117097
Doubleday, J. H.   scan116946
Doubleday, J. H.   scan116957
Dougherty, Alice E. Nevada IA scan118012
Dow, Cyrua Willard Sherbune NY scan118132
Dow, M. McMorris (Dr.)   scan118254
Downie, Bessie Evelyn Milbank SD scan118160
Duncan, William M. (Judge)   scan117056
Durham, Joyce   scan117023
Durham, Joyce (cont'd)   scan117023a
Durr, William   scan118010
Eads, Rachel Quincy Co IL scan118272
Eaton, Lettie Albert Lee MN scan118128
Edmonds, Samuel E. Clinton IA scan118256
Edwards, James Tate TN scan118123
Elliff, Lola Luella Myrtle Creek OR scan118275
Elliff, Lola Luella   scan118277
Elmer, Clara OR scan116989
Emmert, Elsie Switzerland scan118042
Emmert, Elsie   scan118047
Ertell, Edward P.   scan117041
Estes, Mary Jane Newcastle IN scan116990
Everett, Frances   scan117075
Everett, Frances   scan117078
Faber, Henry B. Miltonsburg OH scan117041
Farlow, Alice Ashland OR scan118184
Ferrias, Allen B.   scan116927
Fetzer, Virginia E. Halifax Co VA scan118131
Fetzner, Bertha   scan116996
Fifer, Turner A. WV scan118097
Fifer, Turner A.   scan118101
Fisher, Jeanne Paula New Orleans LA scan116972
Fisk, Roselma A. Greenwood ME scan118071
Fletcher, Mary E. Johnson Co TN scan118178
Forde, Amy Mendenhall   scan118202
Foster, (Mrs. Charles J.) Newcastle PA scan116981
Foster, Horace   scan118020
Foster, Horace (cont'd) Denver CO scan118020a
Foutch, Lulu Hamey Berry Co MO scan117038
Fraley, Douglas   scan116997
Fraley, Francis   scan118143
Fraley, Francis   scan118148
Fredenburg, Letetia Maude Long Island NY scan117052
Frye, Frederick E.   scan118248
Frye, Frederick E.   scan118244
Fuell, Stacy Elizabeth Keatsville MO scan116968
Galloway, Ruth Bend OR scan116983
Garrett, George Culver Springfield MO scan118233
Gilham, Phillip England scan117050
Gilmore, Martha E. TN scan118243
Glover, Jonah A. Salem IN scan118214
Goldsberry, Alice E. Nevada IA scan118012
Gorden, James Lincoln Davenport IA scan116904
Goulder, Laura K.   scan118124
Graves, Ida E.   scan116943
Graves, Ida Emily   scan116940
Green, Luther Linden Castalla IA scan116941
Gregory, Ann Moniteau Co MO scan117008
Griffiths, Julia B.   scan116979
Grifith, Charles Marion O'Brien Co IA scan118151
Grigsby, Addie Napa Co CA scan116988
Grimm, Clara Blanche Phillips NE scan117076
Gustin, Strauss Chauson   scan117017
Hadley, Adelaid H. Canada scan116929
Hall, George Franklin   scan117039
Hall, Lettie E. Albert Lee MN scan118128
Haloferty, Annie Linkville OR scan118108
Hamor, Harry David Bald Mountain CO scan118192
Hanley, Bill   scan116931
Hanley, William "Bill" Jacksonville OR scan116921
Hanley, William "Bill" (cont'd) Jacksonville OR scan116921a
Hanscom, Ella C. Mondamin IA scan117022
Hansen, June   scan118049
Hansen, June   scan118053
Hansen, June (cont'd)   scan118053a
Hansen, June Rose   scan118055
Hanson, Mary H. Denamrk scan118247
Harris, Carrie Sweden scan118215
Harris, Elliott Ray Sams Valley OR scan118269
Harris, Mathilda E.   scan117074
Harvey, Sarah Ann Troy IA scan118222
Hash, Lottie   scan118134
Hay, Mary A. Kerby OR scan116994
Hay, Robert Lee   scan117014
Heckathorn, Henrietta Siskiyou Co CA scan117089
Hedges, Mary Ella   scan116991
Heitcamp, Elizabeth Ann   scan118181
Helms, Hazel Hallie Joseph OR scan117019
Helms, Hazel Hallie   scan117021
Helms, Mary Catherine Jackson Co OR scan117065
Hembree, Amanda A.   scan118150
Hemmingsen, Tena Margaret Thief River Falls MN scan118102
Hendrix, Sarah Ann Troy IA scan118222
Henney, Mary Ella Boston MA scan118046
Henry, Addie M. Monterey CA scan117042
Henry, Adelaid H. Canada scan116929
Herndzinski, Walter A.   scan118246
Herron, Floyd Elmer Leoti KS scan118181
Hicks, Harry H.   scan118237
Higginbotham, Rachel Isabel   scan118199
Hilton, Miranda   scan118116
Hinman, Alice Ashland OR scan118184
Holibaugh, Ethelyn   scan118147
Holly, George Harry Mosley CO scan116976
Howard, Ethel   scan118242
Hubbard, Betty Lou Medford OR scan118121
Hubbart, Francia Frances   scan118136
Hudson, Thomas Walter Milford TX scan117051
Hughes, M. F. Tuscaloosa AL scan118017
Hughes, Martha F.   scan118018
Hungate, Jonathan S. AR scan118080
Hunt, Clara Blanche Phillips NE scan117076
Hurley, Ethelyn   scan118147
Jackson, Marson   scan117033
Jackson, Sarah   scan117055
Jackson, Viola V.   scan118241
Jenkins, Grace Gertrude Fayetteville IL scan118270
Johnson, Floyd   scan118143
Johnson, Floyd (cont'd)   scan118143a
Johnson, William L.   scan118134
Johnston, Evelyn   scan117092
Jones, Delbert Emerick   scan117081
Jorgensen, Gertrude May Yreka CA scan117048
Kahler, Josephine E.   scan118181
Kallstrom, John Maurice Sweden scan118034
Kallstrom, Maurice   scan118029
Kathan, Ida Eliza Freeport IL scan116951
Kellogg, Amanda A.   scan118150
Kellogg, Edward J. Portland OR scan116958
Kendall, Abby K. Riverside IL scan116960
Kendall, Charles Emmett MO scan118161
Kennedy, Daniel Wilson Canada scan116910
Kennedy, Daniel Wilson (cont'd) Canada scan116910a
Kent, Mary Jane ID scan117087
Kenton, (Infant Son)   scan116980
Kerslake, Chet   scan118206
Kilgore, Florence   scan117058
Kime, Mary Ellen   scan117004
Kleinhammer, Frederich Sterlingville OR scan118267
Knight, Cora L. Hyde Park VT scan116966
Knowlton, Samuel Ruel   scan118002
Koch, (Mrs. Julius) Ireland scan118134
Koozer, Effie V. Jackson Co OR scan116903
Koozer, Hattie A. WI scan118276
Kummer, Elsie Switzerland scan118042
Lageson, Lage J. Norway scan116995
Laidley, George Vassas MI scan116908
Lalakes, Mary   scan117043
Lamoureux, Gara Newbry VT scan118035
Landram, Francis Marion Gallatian Co KY scan117032
Lawton, Joseph West Edgerton WI scan118031
Leard, Ada M.   scan118039
Leonard, Ina E. Willsboro PA scan118016
Lewis, Henrietta Siskiyou Co CA scan117089
Lewis, Henrietta   scan117092
Lewis, William   scan118198
Lightner, Lucille   scan116937
Linbarger, Ina Santa Paula CA scan117994
Lindsey, Elizabeth C.   scan118226
Linebarger, Mary M.   scan117016
Livingston, Belle Havanna IL scan118062
Lorton, Floy Beulah Montgomery City MO scan118189
Lorton, Floy Beulah (cont'd)   scan118189a
Lougley, Sarah   scan117055
Love, George McKay Jacksonville OR scan118085
Low, G. Earl (Dr.)   scan117066
Low, George E. (Dr.)   scan117057
Lusk, Burton   scan117044
Lyman, Harry Sterling   scan118261
Lynch, Harry Sterling Talent OR scan118260
Mackey, Henry Clinton   scan116965
Magers, Isaac Wilson TN scan116974
Mansfield, Clara Pearl Craig CO scan118068
Mansfield, Darrell   scan117025
Mansfield, Darrell   scan117031
Marion, John F. New Sharon IA scan117014
Marsh, John Alexandre Williamsburg NY scan118003
Martin, Catherine Klamath Falls OR scan118156
Martin, Catherine   scan118159
Martin, Grace Gertrude Fayetteville IL scan118270
May, Albert E. England scan118164
Mays, James A. Johnson City TN scan118211
McAllister, Clara Blanche Phillips NE scan117076
McCoy, Ina Santa Paula CA scan117994
McFadden, John   scan118268
McGinnis, Floy Beulah Montgomery City MO scan118189
McGrotty,Elizabeth Irene Woodland WA scan118076
McGrotty,Elizabeth Irene   scan118077
McInnis, Florence   scan118266
McKeen, (Mrs. Floyd S.)   scan118045
McKim, Alice E. Nevada IA scan118012
McKinzie, Libby MO scan117001
McNeill, John St Joseph MO scan116959
McRae, John Delbert Morine MN scan116967
Meader, Hiram F.   scan118057
Meader, Hiram Franklin PA scan118056
Medley, William A. Jefferson Co MO scan118169
Meek, Louis   scan118188
Meeker, Clara J. IN scan118008
Merriman, Edith   scan118041
Merriman, Sharon   scan118210
Merriman, Sharon C. Medford OR scan118207
Meyer, Robert   scan116926
Meyers, Mollie Jane Bedford Co TN scan118186
Meyers, Mollie Jane   scan118187
Meyers, Sarah   scan117055
Milkowski, Helen Agnes Easton KS scan118105
Miller, Charley E.   scan116969
Miller, Gara Lamoureux Newbry VT scan118028
Milnes, Edwin England scan118168
Montgomery, Hugh W.   scan118063
Moody, Alice Anne Summerville Glenco MN scan118100
Moore, George Samuel Aubort MO scan118137
Morgan, Edith   scan118041
Morris, Alice Dade Co MO scan118104
Morrison, Roselma   scan118070
Morrison, Roselma A. Greenwood ME scan118071
Mulkey, J. F. Blairsville IL scan118176
Murray, Cecil C.   scan117067
Murray, Cecil Calvert Iola KS scan117073
Murray, William Barre VT scan118139
Neale, George L Woodford Co KY scan118166
Nealon, Rose Table Rock OR scan118133
Neff, Nancy Jean   scan118255
Newlin, Sarah A. Mercer Co MO scan118093
Nichols, George W.   scan118163
Nichols, George Washington Mercer Co MO scan118167
Nicholson, Myrtle M.   scan118032
Nicholson, William Elmore Grinnell IA scan116992
Niedermeyer, Charlotte Germany scan118172
Niedermeyer, Charlotte   scan118174
Nolan, Vern E.   scan116984
Nolan, Vern E. (cont'd)   scan116984a
Noland, Vern E. Lakefield MN scan116987
Nussbaum, William Herman Applegate OR scan116952
Nyswaner, Effie V. Jackson Co OR scan116903
Oldham, John Edward   scan118080
Olds, M. H.   scan116909
Oliver, Shirley   scan116935
Oliver, Stacy Elizabeth Keatsville MO scan116968
Olson, Andrew Olaf Sweden scan116918
Orr, Emily A. Berryville AR scan118154
Owens, James   scan117054
Owens, James (cont'd) pg one missing   scan117053
Palen, Katie B. Hillsdale Co MI scan118009
Parker, William Wanton Eldora IA scan118074
Parks, Martha Ann Salt Lake City UT scan118065
Parr, Lodia   scan116970
Paul, Charles H. Cowlitz WA scan118011
Payne, Frederic   scan118995
Peart, George   scan118126
Peart, George D.   scan118130
Pederson, Andrew O. Norway scan118204
Penwell, Ruby Coquile OR scan118007
Peterson, (Mrs. John)   scan118245
Peterson, Mary H. Denamrk scan118247
Petry, Clarence L. "Dick" Pamona CA scan118095
Petry, Clarence Lewis, Jr.   scan118103
Phillabaum, Sena Dorothy   scan118259
Phillips, Jesse   scan116930
Phillips, Jesse Republic Co KS scan116938
Phillips, Katie B. Hillsdale Co MI scan118009
Pierce, Sadie Bonney Marion Co OR scan118258
Pollock, Muriel Lowell OR scan118025
Pratt, Maude Matilda Enterprise OR scan118064
Price, Robert Harold   scan118112
Prince, Stella E. OK scan118175
Pritchard, Elizabeth C.   scan118226
Pruett, Rhode H.   scan118177
Purrier, Harry   scan118196
Purrier, Harry (cont'd)   scan118196a
Purves, Ernest Arthur   scan118205
Purvis, Arminda   scan118264
Radcliffe, Letetia Maude Long Island NY scan117052
Rains, Tena Margaret Thief River Falls MN scan118102
Randall, Myles   scan117059
Randall, Myles   scan117061
Randall, Myles (cont'd)   scan117059a
Randall, Myles (cont'd)   scan117061a
Randall, Myles William   scan117047
Ray, Mary Louise Peoria IL scan118037
Raymond, Lee R.   scan118106
Reeder, Charlotte Ann   scan118274
Relling, Virginia Lee   scan117018
Rhoter, R. H. "Wildcat"   scan118129
Riggens, Jesse M. Etna Green IN scan116961
Riggs, Luther Joe   scan118262
Roberts, (Infant Daughter)   scan118185
Roberts, Frank   scan118063
Rock, Elmer   scan117082
Rodgers, Howard E. Harrisburg OR scan118208
Rodgers, Howard Edward Harrisburg OR scan118216
Rogers, (Mrs. Floyd S. McKeen)   scan118045
Ross, Martha New Philadelphia OH scan116982
Rukes, Lew W. Terre Haute IN scan116912
Ryder, Mary A. Kerby OR scan116994
Sage, Rose Table Rock OR scan118133
Sandry, William   scan118141
Sargent, Martha Jane Linn Co OR scan117012
Sawyers, William Spencer Scottsburg OR scan118050
Sawyers, William Spencer Scottsburg OR scan118052
Scammon, George Melvin Olympia WA scan118171
Schaffer, Katie B. Hillsdale Co MI scan118009
Schenck, Daniel Reeder Rockville IN scan116939
Schepflin, Louise France scan118022
Schermerhorn, George Henry Greenwood WI scan116973
Schichtt, Alex   scan118090
Schichtt, Alex   scan118091
Schmidt, Anna Coffman Ruch OR scan118132
Schmidt, William Waverly OH scan118080
Schmitz (Smith), J. J.   scan118145
Schnebele, George Henry Yreka CA scan118230
Scott, Jennie Belina Ackley IA scan116962
Seegmiller, Martha Estella   scan117996
Settle, Loyal H.   scan118082
Shaddock, Bruce   scan118112
Shafer, Harry M. Ottawa IL scan117037
Shamis, Dorothy Zella Killgore NE scan118221
Shaw, William H. ME scan117032
Shearer, Clara Elmer OR scan116989
Shuster, Bingham G. Jefferson City MO scan117046
Silva, Mary   scan118094
Silva, William   scan118235
Silva, William (cont'd)   scan118235a
Simons, Peter R.   scan118243
Singler, William Henry Plymouth IN scan118006
Slorah, James Anderson Plainfield NJ scan118030
Slorah, James E.   scan118027
Smith, Andrew MI scan118122
Smith, Anna Bell   scan118125
Smith, Arthur Lester KS scan117091
Smith, Frances Elzina Elk Creek OR scan118081
Smith, Frederick A.   scan118239
Smith, Frederick A. Sandusky OH scan118240
Smith, George W. MI scan118014
Smith, J. J.   scan118140
Smith, S. Sumpter (picture)   scan117000a
Smith, Sidney Sumpter Bowling Green KY scan117000
Smith, Sidney Sumpter   scan117005
Smith, Sidney Sumpter   scan117009
Smith, Sidney Sumpter   scan117010
Smithline, George F.   scan118043
Soukup, Mary Lee Berlin MO scan118263
Soutter, Edward   scan116915
Sowash, Mary Jane Newcastle IN scan116990
Sparlin, Ira Williams OR scan118066
Sparlin, Ira Fester Williams OR scan118073
Spranger, Fred   scan118098
Spranger, Fred (cont'd)   scan118098a
Spranger, Fred Emil   scan118227
Spranger, Fred Emil (cont'd)   scan118227a
Springer, (Mrs. Donald)   scan118013
St. Louis, Mary M.   scan117016
Stager, Eunice Rozelle Moritz SD scan118217
Standard, Daniel Everett (Dr.) Elco IL scan117083
Standard, Daniel Everett (Dr.)   scan117086
Standard, Daniel Everett (Dr.) (2)   scan117088
Stead, George B. Waterloo IA scan118078
Steele, Lilah Marie Delta CO scan117027
Stevens, Charles K.   scan116963
Stevens, Charles K.   scan116964
Stevens, Mary Frances Roseburg OR scan116986
Stone, Dow W. (Dr.) Harvard NE scan118009
Stone, Francis F.   scan116925
Storm, Frances Elzina Elk Creek OR scan118081
Stowell, Jesse J.   scan117077
Stowell, Jesse James Shady Cove OR scan117080
Strayer, Verne Roy Canada scan117020
Strong, Elizabeth Irene Woodland WA scan118076
Sturgill, George Lucian New Haven IL scan118225
Styers, William I. NC scan118158
Sullivan, William Henry WI scan118224
Sutcliffe, Christina C. Santa Cruz CA scan118132
Sutton, Agnes C. Canada scan118273
Sutton, Frank A. PA scan118026
Swaim, Sara Alice Hocking Co OH scan118015
Sweet, Lewis Miles Blockville NY scan118075
Swinden, John Edward Gold Hill OR scan118117
Swinden, John Edward (cont'd)   scan118117a
Takahira, Rihachi Japan scan118024
Takao, Joe Central Point OR scan118229
Tate, Henry Pike Co MO scan116993
Tate, Henry   scan116998
Taylor, Harley D. OH scan118110
Taylor, Harriet Jobe Macon City MO scan118092
Taylor, Paul Wesley Lakeview OR scan118238
Tedrick, Florence Flossie SD scan118038
Thatcher, Jennie S. Battle Creek MI scan117068
Thatcher, Jennie S.   scan117070
Thomas, Abby K.   scan116954
Thomas, Abby K.   scan116956
Thomas, Abby K. Riverside IL scan116960
Thorndike, Bessie Evelyn Milbank SD scan118160
Tice, Fred Jackson Co OR scan118119
Tollefson, Viola D. Minneapolis MN scan118059
Toothman, Stella E. OK scan118175
Tower, Frank   scan118044
Tower, Frank Marshalltown IA scan118047
Traxler, Harry   scan118165
Trowbridge, Edwin Guy Hancock MI scan116978
Turpin, Donald Willis Medford OR scan117079
Velin, C. E.   scan117022
Velin, Charles E. WI scan117026
Verloop, Dirk   scan117063
Vincent, Helen Agnes Easton KS scan118105
Vogeli, Minnie Frances Eugene OR scan117003
Waite, John A. Colorado Springs CO scan116932
Walter, Jennie Belina Ackley IA scan116962
Weaver, Maude Matilda Enterprise OR scan118064
Webster, J. B. (Dr.) England scan117064
Webster, J. B. (Dr.)   scan117069
Welch, Samuel Alleghany NY scan116914
Welsh, (Mrs. Pat)   scan118051
Wemple, George Washington Neenah WI scan116923
Whetstone, Donald Eagle Point OR scan118200
White, William Winchuck OR scan117997
Whitehead, R. H. Rock Co WI scan117006
Whrisley, Rachel Isabel   scan118199
Wight, Ida E.   scan116943
Wight, Ida Emily   scan116940
Williams, Martha Ann Salt Lake City UT scan118065
Williams, Mary Frances Roseburg OR scan116986
Wilson, Finley   scan118271
Wilson, Gladys A. Chippewa Falls WI scan118079
Wilson, Lemuel T. Burlington IA scan118209
Wilson, Lemuel T. "Lem"   scan118212
Wilson, Myrtle M.   scan118032
Wilson, Nancy A. Macomb IL scan118138
Wilson, Nancy D.   scan118142
Wing, H. G.   scan118180
Wise, Andrew   scan117090
Wise, Mary Jane ID scan117087
Wolgamott, John M. Billard MO scan117084
Wood, Alexander (Capt.) Ashland OR scan117094
Wood, Ida E.   scan116943
Wood, Ida Emily   scan116940
Worden, Anna Liza DeKalb Co IN scan116999
Worman, Jessie Nebraska City NE scan117999
Worsham, Jack Milton   scan116947
Worsham, Jack Milton (cont'd)   scan116947a
Yarbrough, Adeline   scan118087
Yarbrough, Adeline   scan118088
Yoakum, Isaac Isiah AR scan117028
Zellmore, Mary Louise Peoria IL scan118037
Zimmerlee, (Mrs. J. T.)   scan117009
Zimmerlee, Martha Jane Linn Co OR scan117012
Zimmerlee, Martha Jane (cont'd)   scan117012a