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Medford Mail Tribune Scanned Obituary Index for 1939

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Our JCGL volunteers are scanning and indexing microfilmed images of Medford Mail Tribune Obituaries and Death Notices. Below is an index to the 1939 scanned images. It includes the name of the deceased person, his/her place of birth (when available), and the number we have assigned to the image. If the deceased person is a married woman and her maiden name was given in the obituary, this is included in the index. If you would like to receive a copy of a scanned obituary, follow this link, Postal Request Form to display the request form. Complete and print the form, then send it to the address shown along with a check for $10 and a stamped, self-addressed envelope. Some of the scanned obituaries require more than one image. We will send them all for a single $10 fee, but you must put all the image numbers (e.g., scan123456, scan123457) on your request. Be sure to provide all the required information on the form.

For faster turnaround, use the Buy Now button below to make a secure online payment and to provide the information needed to fill your request. Be sure you fill ALL fields in the form including all image scan numbers. When you complete the transaction, our librarian will copy the requested information and email it to you as an attachment. It will be sent as a .jpg (picture) file. When you receive this .jpg file, click on it and it will be loaded into your picture viewer from which you can print a hard copy.

Scanned Mail Tribune Obituaries
Last Name, First Name
Year, Image Number

Name Place of Birth Image Number
Abbey, Howard S.   scan115678
Adams, Frank H.   scan115543
Adams, Katherine A. Central City CO scan115637
Adams, Katherine Anna   scan115636
Aitken, Jack Scotland scan115208
Akers, William S.   scan115456
Aldrich, Alvin E.   scan115303
Aldrich, Alvin Eugene   scan115299
Allen, Carol Eileen Hoffman MN scan115295
Allen, John Marian   scan115613
Allen, John Marion   scan115612
Almy, William I. Rock Island IL scan115205
Amick, Ely Tulare County CA scan115501
Anderson, Mae Chicago IL scan115470
Andrus, Frank Merlin WI scan115496
Arens, Melvin   scan115401
Arens, Melvin   scan115407
Arens, Melvin   scan115412
Arnold, Billie   scan115497
Arnold, Helen Yuba City CA scan115696
Arnspiger, Olen Harrisburg OR scan115217
Arnspiger, Olen   scan115219
Arnspiger, Olen   scan115225
Ash, Dorothy Lenore Glendora MI scan115242
Ashcraft, Melissa Chloe IL scan115408
Ashinhurst, Arthur   scan115451
Atkins, Lula M. Napa County CA scan115464
Ayres, Sharon Lee   scan115364
Bailey, Charles H.   scan115696
Baker, (Mr. & Mrs. George A.)   scan115554
Baker, (Mr. & Mrs. George A.)   scan115558
Baker, (Mrs. George A.)   scan115549
Baker, Elita Fay   scan115415
Baker, George A.   scan115549
Baker, George W.   scan115197
Baker, George W. Medford OR scan115201
Baker, George W.   scan115203
Baker, L. R. "Lou" Butte Falls OR scan115413
Baker, Thomas C. Benton County AR scan115187
Barneburg, Aaron A.   scan115291
Bauman, Benno Bernard Lewiston ID scan115610
Beall, Asbury Jackson County OR scan115674
Beals, Burr L. Pine Valley PA scan115698
Belcher, Ruby Kathleen   scan115479
Beldin, Eleanora F. San Francisco CA scan115469
Bellows, Fred Adelbert Sheboygan WI scan115563
Bergen, Urn Hilliar LeSuer MN scan115572
Berry, William T.   scan115520
Berry, William Tecumseh Saranac MI scan115516
Bertelson, Anna M. Oslo Norway scan115426
Best, Ella J.   scan115463
Bish, Adla Catherine IA scan115230
Blair, A. A.   scan115361
Blair, Amanda V.   scan115240
Blanchard, Wellman   scan115316
Blanchard, Wellman   scan115324
Blitch, Charles Frederick GA scan115525
Bonney, Annie Carol Hamilton NY scan115311
Boudewyns, Bernard C. Keokuk IA scan115664
Boussum, Kenneth Orville Jackson County OR scan115363
Bower, Helen Agnes   scan115249
Bower, Helen Agnes Tumwater WA scan115251
Bowers, Martha J.   scan115397
Bowman, Leona L. Adams County IL scan115290
Boyd, Minnie Blackrock AR scan115430
Bradley, Myra Wells Plano TX scan115422
Bradley, Thomas   scan115209
Brewer, Daisy A. LaPlata MO scan115585
Brittsan, Grace E. Springfield OH scan115630
Brower, David M. Dr.   scan115594
Brown, Clyde William   scan115487
Brown, Clyde William   scan115490
Brown, Elmer John Leon IA scan115247
Brown, Emma J.   scan115695
Brown, Emma J.   scan115696
Brown, Wallace E.   scan115625
Brown, William   scan115484
Brown, William Henry   scan115454
Brunner, Ernest J. IA scan115326
Buchanan, Sidney Alfred   scan115322
Buckmaster, Joshua Harrison "Rodney" WY scan115562
Budge, (Mrs. William)   scan115406
Butler, Frances (Mrs. Edward N.) Jonesville MI scan115313
Cameron, Frank Uniontown OR scan115424
Campbell, Infant daughter   scan115386
Canode, George B.   scan115280
Cantrall, Mary Ashland OR scan115396
Carlson, Carl John   scan115228
Carlton, Mildred (Miss)   scan115192
Carter, E. Ernest Lowell MA scan115635
Carter, Laura E.   scan115671
Cary, Matilda Almira Portland OR scan115456
Cary, W. S. Dr. Zanesville OH scan115602
Casebolt, Ira D.   scan115526
Casebolt, Ira Daniel Fort Scott KS scan115521
Catching, Sarah Ann Forest Grove OR scan115302
Chamberlain, Norman Cottage Grove OR scan115402
Chambers, Elbert LeRoy Island Mountain CA scan115509
Chapman, Viola Blanche   scan115458
Chauncey, William E. CA scan115532/115533
Christner, C. H. Dr. Ontario Canada scan115362
Christner, Christian H. Dr.   scan115359
Christphier, (Mrs. Richard) Zillah WA scan115223
Christphier, Blanche Zillah WA scan115213
Clark, Ethel May Kiowa County KS scan115255
Clark, Grace   scan115368
Clark, Leonora   scan115307
Clark, Robert Carlton   scan115654
Clarke, R. W.   scan115593
Cline, Emma C. KS scan115461
Cloud, Lucinda Ellen Jacksonville OR scan115270
Cobb, William Edwin Minneapolis MN scan115524
Cochran, Louisa Ripley OH scan115294
Collier, Albert Donald "Don" Ohio City OH scan115296
Collins, Ed David IA scan115527
Collins, Edward D.   scan115523
Conley, Viola Blanche   scan115458
Cooper, Robert Ivan   scan115628
Copeland, Pearl Dewey   scan115539
Copeland, Pearl Dewey   scan115543
Copeland, Pearl Dewey Independence KS scan115546
Coppock, Charles   scan115668
Cormany, Margaret L. Denver CO scan115269
Coy, William Kane County IL scan115614
Crandall, William H.   scan115210
Crawford, John S. Lewiston NY scan115268
Croft, Ola Eleanor   scan115376
Croft, Ola Ellender San Sabien TX scan115379
Crowson, Lettie Anna Winona MN scan115231
Crume, "Grandma"   scan115578
Crume, Mary "Grandma"   scan115577
Crump, Thomas A. Macoupin County IL scan115324
Curry, Cassie Central Point OR scan115245
Curry, Helen Lucile Phillysburg KS scan115544
Curry, Helen Lucile   scan115546
Dahack, Zera Edward   scan115652
Dahack, Zera Edward   scan115657/115658
Dahack, Zera Edward Bloomington IL scan115665
Dahack, Zera Edward   scan115673
Dahack, Zera Edward   scan115679
Dahack, Zera Edward   scan115689/115690
Dahack, Zera Edward   scan115691
Dahack, Zera Edward   scan115698
Dahlke, Louise Germany scan115424
Dailey, James F.   scan115628
Daily, James F.   scan115624
Daily, James Francis Putnam County MO scan115620
Damaske, Regene Vina   scan115203
Davis, Ada May Rheinland WI scan115190
Davis, Clara Belle Ottawa County KS scan115662
Davisson, (Mrs. Harry W. )   scan115668
Dawson, Lou L. Burns OR scan115467
Day, Maud E.   scan115645
Day, Maud E.   scan115649
De Masters, David W. KY scan115482
De Souza, (Mrs. Henry F.) Oulart, County Wexford, Ireland scan115264
De Souza, (Mrs. Henry F.)   scan115269
Delaney, Lucy Newcastle PA scan115439
Denham, Cora   scan115288
Dent, J. B.   scan115301
Devlin, Mary Ashland OR scan115396
Dickerson, Billy Gene Cape Girardeau MO scan115506
Dickson, W.   scan115649
Dinsmore, Fred Andrea Rio Dell CA scan115340
Dixon, Laura Ann IL scan115421
Dodge, Belie   scan115546
Dodge, Delia M. Lorain OH scan115548
Dole, James Floyd Post Falls ID scan115663
Donelson, John Sweden scan115378
Doty, James Benjamin Spangle WA scan115342
Doty, Melville Eugene Henry County IL scan115403
Doyle, Geneva Adel Spokane WA scan115482
Drake, Grace   scan115646
Dunford, Jennie South Norfolk England scan115200
Dunlap, Minnie Nova Scotia Canada scan115678
Durno, John P.   scan115452
Eakin, Clyde S.   scan115477
Eddy, Frank Eugene   scan115513
Edington, Lula M. Napa County CA scan115464
Edwards, Maggie B.(Miss) Greenfield IL scan115684
Eldridge, Kersey Coates Sr.   scan115360
Elfers, George Hanover Germany scan115629
Elliott, Herbert J.   scan115312
Elliott, Herbert J.   scan115315
Elliott, Thomas Merom IN scan115309
Elson, Richard P. Ash Grove MO scan115530
Elson, Richard P.   scan115531
Erskine, Julia Etta Oakland CA scan115581
Evans, Elizabeth Longford Ireland scan115194
Faris, unknown (Mrs. Frank Johnson)   scan115405
Ferguson, Robert Leonard Willow Springs OR scan115677
Fichtner, Clara May ND scan115323
Fichtner, Clara May   scan115329
Fiero, A. Conro   scan115211
Fitch, Wanda Lee   scan115611
Frederick, Martha J.   scan115397
Freeland, Grace   scan115368
Frideger, Mary L. OH scan115642
Frink, James L. Montrose, PA scan115254
Frink, James L.   scan115255
Frost, Mary Belle St Helena CA scan115394
Fry, Sarah I.   scan115320
Gagnon, Joseph T. St Agnes Quebec Canada scan115648
Garietz, William M. WI scan115390
Garietz, William M.   scan115393
Gebauer, Ted IL scan115301
Getchell, Delroy Galion OH scan115625/115627
Gibson, Orval   scan115540
Gibson, Orval C.   scan115545
Gielitz, (Mrs. Julius) Logansport IN scan115250
Gifford, Mattie Claire Audubon IA scan115433
Gilman, Ellen Mount Rose MI scan115431
Gilman, Ellen Mount Rose MI scan115435
Ginn, George W.   scan115308
Ginther, Michael   scan115344
Glenn, Daniel L. Claremont County OH scan115634
Glenn, Harry B.   scan115297
Goble, J. G. Dr.   scan115699
Goetz, Alfred   scan115569
Goetz, Alfred C.   scan115559
Goetze, Albert C.   scan115570/115571
Goff, Clarence Leroy Norton KS scan115306
Golding, Juda Ann   scan115411
Goodrich, Anna   scan115472
Gottlieb, Chris Chicago IL scan115488
Gottlieb, Chris   scan115492
Gould, William E. Peterborrow Ontario Canada scan115591
Green, William   scan115473
Gregory, Louisa Ripley OH scan115294
Grieve, Helen C. London Ontario Canada scan115460
Griffin, John B.   scan115384
Griffin, John B. "Uncle John" Jacksonville OR scan115380/115383
Grover, J. W.   scan115573
Guilliford, Samuel Lloyd Prineville OR scan115367
Gulliford, Mary Prineville OR scan115371
Hale, Patience M. Laurel County KY scan115641
Halley, Addie   scan115656
Halley, Addie   scan115608/115609
Halley, Addie   scan115592
Hamilton, William Bowling Jr. Minneapolis MN scan115273
Hamilton, William Bowling Jr. Minneapolis MN scan115277
Hammersley, John   scan115645
Hammersley, John B.   scan115650
Hammond, Edna Dora Jewel Ridge VA scan115589
Hampton, Minnie Blackrock AR scan115430
Hamrick, John S. MO scan115296
Hamrick, Marion (Miss)   scan115511
Hamrick, Mary Elizabeth (Miss) Jackson County OR scan115517
Haney, Mabel Crookston MN scan115398
Harbke, John A.   scan115227
Hargis, Rodolph   scan115399
Harper, Thomas San Diego CA scan115379
Harrell, Ola Ellender San Sabien TX scan115379
Harris, Lyda A. IL scan115553
Harris, Pat J.   scan115494
Hart, Edward IL scan115438
Hartman, Alpha Fort Jones CA scan115493
Harvey, Arlene (Miss)   scan115451
Harvey, Bette Elenore Umatilla OR scan115453
Haskins, Newton O.   scan115365
Haswell, Henry T.   scan115465
Haswell, Henry T. Norman OK scan115467
Hathaway, Lavinia (Mrs. F. F.)   scan115450
Hatley, Emma Mankato MN scan115619
Hatley, Emma   scan115622
Hatton, W. OH scan115605
Hawk, Malinda Jane Punxsutawaney PA scan115204
Healon, Melissa Clinton County KY scan115216
Hearn, Nell Viola   scan115557
Heath, Fred L.   scan115347
Heath, Fred L.   scan115334
Heath, Fred Lincoln Hastings MI scan115327/115328
Hedrick, Luretta B. IA scan115479
Henderson, Oliver Perry OR scan115226
Henry, Mary L. OH scan115642
Henry, Mary L.   scan115644
Henselman, George   scan115395
Heriford, May Hope   scan115305
Herriott, Helen C. London Ontario Canada scan115460
Hicinbotham, Carl Prentiss Medford OR scan115547
Higgins, William H.   scan115260
Hill, Joe   scan115423
Hillman, May Hope   scan115305
Hitzler, Cornelius Allentown PA scan115404
Hockersmith, Florence Isadora Junction City OR scan115235
Hodney, Oscar   scan115425
Hogan, Patricia Angella (Miss) Chippewa Falls WI scan115246
Hogan, Patricia Angella (Miss)   scan115253
Holland, G. H. IA scan115210
Holland, Maxine Clare Medford OR scan115670
Holman, George W. Peoria IL scan115331/115332
Holmer, Hans J. Holmby Sweden scan115534
Holt, Richard Walter   scan115239
Holt, Richard Walter   scan115243/115244
Holt, Richard Walter   scan115245
Holt, Richard Walter   scan115248
Homes, Charles Ives Waverly IL scan115486
Honner, Frederick George Redwood Falls MN scan115607
Horn, L. Jennie   scan115528
Horn, Lucy J. NY scan115527
Hosmer, Martha Jane Marshall MO scan115666
Hostutler, Flora Belle Milton KY scan115482
Howard, Laura Jane WI scan115387
Howell, Charles M. "Charlie" Fairfield IN scan115678
Hoxworth, Harry J. Maquon IL scan115610
Hughey, A. Vernon Stapp OK scan115414
Hunsaker, Otho O. Heppner OR scan115276
Hurst, Ada Sterling District OR scan115282
Hutchins, Cleo Hastings NE scan115346
Hutchins, Cleo   scan115348
Inman, Ben C. Benton County OR scan115575
James, Frank Louisville KY scan115431
Jeffers, Mark Wexford County Ireland scan115319
Jenkins, Frank E. Varna IL scan115604
Jennings, William T.   scan115292
Jennings, William T. Williamson County TX scan115293
Jewell, Jackie Alamogordo NM scan115502
Johnson, (Mrs. Frank)   scan115405
Johnson, (Mrs. Frank)   scan115409
Johnson, Helen "Grandma" Yuba City CA scan115696
Johnston, Donald   scan115410
Johnston, Mabel Crookston MN scan115398
Jones, Patience M. Laurel County KY scan115641
Kellogg, Mary Michigan City IN scan115474
Kettlewell, Edith S.   scan115392
Kincade, Sarah E. IL scan115285
King, Don   scan115601
Kingsley, Clara May ND scan115323
Kinney, Albert E.   scan115418
Kinsman, William E. England scan115382
Kirkpatrick, Gertrude Ladoga IN scan115566
Kirkpatrick, Pearl Jackson Greensburg IN scan115507
Knight, George L.   scan115252
Knox, (Mrs. W. F.) Stillwater MI scan115669
Knox, John G. Provoldt OR scan115417
Knutzen, John J. Downingville CA scan115492
Konkel, William   scan115515
Konkel, William Claybourne   scan115519
Kranitz, Stephen Lydan Austria-Hungary scan115371
Krugel, Jessie B.   scan115473
Kruggel, Jessie Belle Belvidere NE scan115476
Lambert, Byron F.   scan115646
Landers, Henry H. Barrie MA scan115614
Landers, Henry Herbert   scan115614
Larivee, Maude A. Mattoon IL scan115389
Laughead, Della L. St. Mary's IN scan115589
Leaders, Henry A. Bettengrode Germany scan115286
Lee, Charles Edwin   scan115361
Lee, Helen Agnes Tumwater WA scan115251
Leever, Lavinia   scan115450
LeMay, Minnie Blackrock AR scan115430
Lewis, Cora Emma Sturgeon MO scan115470
Lewis, Isaac Newton Albany OR scan115514
Lewis, Newton Willamette Valley OR scan115512
Lewis, William D.   scan115315
Lively, James Madison   scan115492
Lord, Lucy Newcastle PA scan115439
Lyman, Arthur Emmet   scan115700
Lyons, Ray P. Neillsville WI scan115298
Maddox, Annie Carol Hamilton NY scan115311
Malarkey, Dan J.   scan115651
Malash, Ellen Mount Rose MI scan115435
Malone, James Daniel   scan115212
Manguine, Ada Sterling District OR scan115282
Mannin, (Mrs. Henry) Eaton County MI scan115375
Manning, Randolph MI scan115304
Marks, Herman San Francisco CA scan115686
Martin, Chester A. Miller County MO scan115369
Martin, John Earl MO scan115561
Martin, Leona L. Adams County IL scan115290
Mathes, Mary W. IN scan115555
Mathes, Mary W.   scan115556
Matney, Jeff Applegate OR scan115472
Maxfield, Ellen Jane Petaluma CA scan115632
Maxwell, Irwin "Sonny"   scan115653
McCasland, Henry Harrison   scan115420
McCormack, Lincoln   scan115701
McFarlane, Josephine   scan115584
McGinty, Clarence B.   scan115481
McGinty, Clarence B.   scan115483
McIntosh, (Mrs. Richard Christphier) Zillah WA scan115223
McJimcy, Della Medaryville IN scan115373
McKenzie, Percy Jacksonville OR scan115688
McLaren, William   scan115229
McLaughlin, Orpha Vivian Sams Valley OR scan115536
McNamara, John G. Ontario Canada scan115343
Merrill, (Mrs. William)   scan115436
Merrill, Edward T. Newayago County MI scan115590
Meyer, (Mrs. John N.) Germany scan115261
Miflin, Alice Washington DC scan115190
Miles, T. W.   scan115355
Miles, Thaddeus W.   scan115341
Miles, Thaddeus W.   scan115335/115336
Millard, John A.   scan115416
Miller, (Mrs. Dan)   scan115580/115583
Miller, Burrell W. Medford OR scan115647
Miller, Burrell Willis   scan115594
Miller, Daisy A. LaPlata MO scan115585
Miller, Daisy A.   scan115586
Miller, Dan   scan115580/115583
Million, Laura Jane WI scan115387
Milton, William H.   scan115516
Milton, William H.   scan115518
Mitchell, Orpha Vivian Sams Valley OR scan115536
Moe, Warren D. Applegate OR scan115508
Moore, Berry Houston   scan115544
Moore, Berry Huston Alvoid TX scan115538
Moore, Elizabeth Longford Ireland scan115194
Moore, Ray   scan115688
Morava, Kenneth   scan115631
Morcom, Joseph Parr England scan115188
Morris, Nelson Edgar Marengo IL scan115579
Morrison, Hugh A. Lancaster NY scan115298
Morrison, Hugh A.   scan115300
Morrow, Osborn B.   scan115692
Morrow, Osborn Belt Portland OR scan115687
Murray, Robert S. Kansas City MO scan115427
Murray, Robert S.   scan115429
Musty, Barbara Louise   scan115448
Myers, Chester L. Portland OR scan115681
Myers, Chester L.   scan115683
Naylor, Margaret Ann (Mrs. James O.) Elizabethville Ontario Canada scan115349
Newton, Eva Davenport IA scan115440
Nicholson, Cassie Central Point OR scan115245
Nickel, Edward B. Galena IL scan115664
Nunn, Winfield Scott OH scan115633
Nye, Anna C.   scan115288
Obenchain, Lorine A. Butte Falls OR scan115224
Oeser, Waldmar Germany scan115189
O'Farrell, Elizabeth Longford Ireland scan115194
Offenbacher, Fred Bavaria Germany scan115618
Offenbacher, Fred   scan115621
Ogelsby, Charles Jackson County OR scan115366
O'Neill, Thomas J. Chippewa Falls WI scan115255
Orchard, (Mrs. Richard Christphier) Zillah WA scan115223
Orchard, Blanche Zillah WA scan115213
Orr, Bette Elenore Umatilla OR scan115453
Ostrander, A. J. Dr.   scan115582
Owen, John S.   scan115447
Parke, James E. Peoria IL scan115196
Parker, Elizabeth Linn County OR scan115680
Parker, Matilda Almira Portland OR scan115456
Parker, Sarah Ann Forest Grove OR scan115302
Peart, L. B.   scan115441
Peck, Ella Veretta   scan115705
Penland, Lula M. Napa County CA scan115464
Perdue, Sarah E. IL scan115285
Perry, Lucy J. NY scan115527
Peters, Harry A.   scan115262
Peters, Harry Abram   scan115259
Peterson, Dorothy Lenore Glendora MI scan115242
Petri, W. M. Erie PA scan115485
Phair, Earl Simons   scan115535
Phair, Earl Simons   scan115541/115542
Phelps, Adaline Medford OR scan115350
Phelps, James   scan115401
Phelps, John Jamie   scan115419
Phetteplace, Walter   scan115623
Pierce, Arthur Earl Harrisburg OR scan115459
Plymale, Cassie Central Point OR scan115245
Pollock, Eclus Linn County OR scan115667
Poole, Harry W.   scan115434
Porter, Lettie Anna Winona MN scan115231
Pray, Edgar A. Dr.   scan115638
Prettyman, Alcie Tobby   scan115560
Raffety, Mary Prineville OR scan115371
Raney, P. Edward   scan115640
Rau, Louise Germany scan115424
Reames, Nell Viola   scan115557
Rector, Irene   scan115471
Rhoades, John K.   scan115388
Rhoades, John K.   scan115391
Richards, Windser L.   scan115234
Richardson, Gale D.   scan115626
Richardson, John W. Leon IA scan115375
Richardson, Randolph L.   scan115694
Rifenbark, Emma C. KS scan115461
Rippey, (Mrs. Henry)   scan115455
Roberson, Frank J. Malvern AR scan115616
Roberts, Benjamin T.   scan115519
Roberts, Benjamin T.   scan115521
Robinson, Mary Frances   scan115319
Robnett, Isom C. Shedd OR scan115498
Rose, Theodore Victor Wimbledon ND scan115353
Ross, Adaline Medford OR scan115350
Ross, Martin "Toney"   scan115338
Rowe, John L.   scan115508
Rowe, John Laffette "Fett" Sams Valley OR scan115519
Ruff, Mary Michigan City IN scan115474
Rusk, Lucinda Ellen Jacksonville OR scan115270
Sappe, John   scan115675
Sargent, Perry E. Deer Creek OR scan115417
Sattler, Mary G.   scan115437
Scheffel, Alma Sophia (Miss) Cincinnati OH scan115702
Schenck, Mattie Claire (Mrs. A. Orin) Audubon IA scan115433
Schrecengost, John E. PA scan115529
Schumacher, George H. Brunswick Germany scan115271
Sellars, Arthur P.   scan115222
Sellars, Arthur Preston Hubble NE scan115218
Shaw, William Alger Dr.   scan115207
Sheets, Henry C. Louisville KY scan115489
Sheets, Henry C.   scan115490
Shelley, Melissa Clinton County KY scan115216
Shely, Ann   scan115283
Sims, Robert Henderson McKenzie Bridge OR scan115606
Sleeth, Hazel Clovis NM scan115482
Smith, Calvin Avon   scan115346
Smith, Ernest Edwin Sr. Wooster OH scan115238
Smith, Herbert Aaron Etna CA scan115381
Smith, Lewis P.   scan115267
Smith, Lewis P. Monett MO scan115269
Smith, Perrian R. Ottawa KS scan115342
Snow, Melissa Clinton County KY scan``5216
Stafford, John LeMoyne Chicago IL scan115603
Stayton, Sarah I.   scan115320
Stearns, Robert Wilson Dr. Webster City IA scan115317/115318
Stearns, Robert Wilson Dr. Webster City IA scan115321
Steiwer, Frederick Jefferson OR scan115233/115236
Steiwer, Frederick   scan115237
Steiwer, Frederick   scan115241
Stewart, Anna B. Hannibal MO scan115223
Stewart, Treva Mary   scan115473
Storrs, Elmer Jack Grand Rapids MI scan115562
Strong, Eldred M. Clarissa MN scan115672
Sturlin, LeRoy Bloomfield WI scan115473
Subreurre, Daniel   scan115622
Tamblyn, Margaret Ann Elizabethville Ontario Canada scan115349
Taylor, (Mrs. C. M.)   scan115567
Taylor, Everett Edward Decatur County IN scan115655
Taylor, Florence Isadora Junction City OR scan115235
Taylor, Geneva Adel Spokane WA scan115482
Taylor, Grace   scan115368
Taylor, Grace F.   scan115370
Thatcher, Jessie Belle Belvidere NE scan115476
Thomas, Ralph B. Morehouse MO scan115587
Thrasher, Mary Belle St Helena CA scan115394
Thurman, Helen Yuba City CA scan115696
Tilton, James Spencer St Joseph MO scan115495
Townsend, George E.   scan115314
Tresham, William A. Manchester OH scan115206
Trevorrow, J. E.   scan115232
Trusty, John Henry MO scan115543
Tucker, Julia Etta Oakland CA scan115581
Turnbaugh, Elizabeth N. "Lizzie" Hartford IL scan115466
Turner, Cora   scan115288
Turner, Gordon Klamath Falls OR scan115198
Turner, Gordon   scan115202
Upton, Herbert E. Clymer NY scan115400
Utz, Russell E.   scan115683
Vance, Anna   scan115472
Vann, Audrey (Miss)   scan115442
Vann, Audrey (Miss)   scan115446
Wakefield, John Wesley   scan115289
Wald, Emma Mankato MN scan115619
Wales, Mae Chicago IL scan115470
Wallace, Myrtle Aleta   scan115385
Warner, Lou L. Burns OR scan115467
Warnock, Nealie   scan115703
Warnock, Nealie   scan115704
Waterman, Thomas Allen Johnson VT scan115330
Waters, J. M. Dr.   scan115693
Watson, Ann   scan115283
Weaver, Edward   scan115255
Webb, Eleanora F. San Francisco CA scan115469
Webster, Helen H.   scan115588
Weeks, Anna B. Hannibal MO scan115223
Weeks, Anna Belle   scan115211
Weiss, Abraham Phillip   scan115564
Weiss, Abraham Phillip Lake County OR scan115565
Wellman, Dema A. Crawford County PA scan115499
Wells, Sprat   scan115191
Wells, Spratt Ashland OR scan115193
West, William TN scan115500
Whalen, Mary IN scan115555
Whit, Edna Dora Jewel Ridge VA scan115589
White, Ada May Rheinland WI scan115190
Whiteline, Henry Nicholas PA scan115310
Whittemoore, Orin Lee   scan115362
Whittemoore, Orion Lee NE scan115358
Whitworth, A. O.   scan115373
Whitworth, Amos C. Coos County OR scan115377
Wiehn, Mary G.   scan115437
Wiley, unknown (Mrs. Julius Gielitz) Logansport IN scan115250
Williamson, Henry C.   scan115279
Williamson, Henry Clyde   scan115274
Williamson, Henry Clyde   scan115281
Williamson, Hiram M. NY scan115442
Wilson, Charles Liberty IL scan115499
Wilson, Clarence True   scan115263
Wilson, Clarence True   scan115275
Wilson, E. G.   scan115337
Wilson, Maud E.   scan115649
Wilson, Ora C. (Miss)   scan115425
Wilson, Willet C. OH scan115396
Wilson, William Franklin   scan115574
Wise, Alice Washington DC scan115190
Wolf, Hazel Clovis NM scan115482
Wolter, Anna Germany scan115478
Wood, Charles G. El Dorado IL scan115442
Wood, Charles G.   scan115445
Woods, Mary Fidelia Wyandotte OH scan115659
Woodson, Laura Jane WI scan115387
Woody, Adla Catherine IA scan115230
Wortman, Harry Goodwin   scan115195
Wortman, Harry Goodwin Rockford IL scan115199
Wrassmann, Anna Germany scan115478
Wright, Rosco   scan115345
Wulf, Elizabeth   scan115676
Wulf, Elizabeth Linn County OR scan115680
Wyland, Joseph Lane   scan115491
Young, Dorothy R.   scan115639/115643
Young, Elizabeth L.   scan115660
Young, Elizabeth L.   scan115685
Young, Elizabeth L.   scan115639/115643
Young, Goodwin Allen Salt Lake City UT scan115333
Young, Helen Lucile Phillysburg KS scan115544
Young, John Hopkins New Hampton IA scan115519
Young, John Hopkins   scan115520
Young, Peter F. Eagle Point OR scan115461