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Medford Mail Tribune Scanned Obituary Index for 1940

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Our JCGL volunteers are scanning and indexing microfilmed images of Medford Mail Tribune Obituaries and Death Notices. Below is an index to the 1940 scanned images. It includes the name of the deceased person, his/her place of birth (when available), and the number we have assigned to the image. If the deceased person is a married woman and her maiden name was given in the obituary, this is included in the index. If you would like to receive a copy of a scanned obituary, follow this link, Postal Request Form to display the request form. Complete and print the form, then send it to the address shown along with a check for $10 and a stamped, self-addressed envelope. Some of the scanned obituaries require more than one image. We will send them all for a single $10 fee, but you must put all the image numbers (e.g., scan123456, scan123457) on your request. Be sure to provide all the required information on the form.

For faster turnaround, use the Buy Now button below to make a secure online payment and to provide the information needed to fill your request. Be sure you fill ALL fields in the form including all image scan numbers. When you complete the transaction, our librarian will copy the requested information and email it to you as an attachment. It will be sent as a .jpg (picture) file. When you receive this .jpg file, click on it and it will be loaded into your picture viewer from which you can print a hard copy.

Scanned Mail Tribune Obituaries
Last Name, First Name
Year, Image Number

Name Place of Birth Image Number
Abel, Anna Bertha St Paul MN scan115797
Adams, Nancy E. Danville IL scan114680
Aitken, Clara M. Oak Grove District OR scan114979
Alford, Rachel Lindsay Douglas County OR scan115152
Alford, Rachel Lindsay Yoncalla OR scan115155
Allen, Bertha OR scan114987
Allen, Susannah   scan114892
Anderson, (Mrs. Archie)   scan114732
Anderson, Andrew Linkopin Sweden scan114692
Anderson, Frank G. Elmulund Sweden scan115869
Anderson, Frank G.   scan115872
Anderson, Martha A. Napa County CA scan114665
Andresen, Ethel Florence Missouri Valley IA scan114922
Andrews, Lillian Eva   scan115863
Ansted, David B.   scan114752
Ansted, David Byron Laguna Beach CA scan114750
Applegate, Oliver   scan114678
Applegate, Rachel Lindsay Yoncalla OR scan115155
Armes, Nettie M. Humboldt IA scan115128
Asher, Daisy Woodland CA scan114962
Ashpole Mary Adeline Andrew County MO scan114938
Ashpole, Mary Adeline   scan114935
Atkinson, Sharon Irene   scan114680
Austin, Mathew Wilbur   scan114917
Austin, Mathew Wilbur   scan114919
Babcock, Hugh Perry Winona MN scan115808
Bain, William Daniel Marion County OR scan115814
Baker, Lulu M.   scan115033
Baldwin, Maria   scan115883
Banish, Ella   scan115061
Barnes, Etta L. Mendon MI scan115178
Barnum, Sadie TX scan115102
Barron, Alice Ashland OR scan115002
Beal, Marie Ernestine Sterling OR scan114961
Beek, Josephine (Mrs. John) Medford OR scan115181
Beers, Ida   scan114711
Bennett, Emma Marshalltown IA scan114744
Bennett, Emma Marshalltown IA scab144745
Biggs, James IA scan115801
Birkholz, Julius William Cleveland OH scan115173
Bishop, Ada Jane Phoenix OR scan115841
Bishop, James A.   scan114677
Black, James   scan115816
Black, Lynne   scan115093
Bliton, A. S. Clyde NY scan114884
Bliton, A. S. Clyde NY scan114885
Bliton, Albert S.   scan114886
Bodenhamer, Estella Jane Mahaska County IA scan114695
Bogart, Elmira M. Greenfield IL scan115066
Bolz, Ida   scan115104
Bolz, Ida MN scan115105
Borah, William E.   scan114663
Borah, William E.   scan114664
Borah, William E.   scan114668
Borah, William E. "Lion of Idaho"   scan114657,58,59,60
Botts, Ralph A. Henderson MN scan115003
Bourne, Jonathan Jr. New Bedford MA scan114982
Boussum, Florence May Unionville MI scan115799
Bradford, Christina A. Jackson MI scan114701,02
Bradford, Christina A.   scan114698
Bradford, Christina Adelia   scan114696
Bradshaw, Ira Lee Madison County NE scan114662
Bradshaw, Reed Harris Madison County NE scan114916
Bragg, (Mrs. Lawrence)   scan114731
Bragg, Catherine Ishpeming MI scan114723
Brainerd, Edward E. Toulon IL scan115812
Braisted, Stanley Lewis   scan115067
Breeding, Warren Goodser   scan114706,09
Brewer, Paula   scan114714
Brown, Emily Amelia Racine WI scan115855
Brown, Fred Springville CA scan114783
Brown, Mary   scan115803
Bryant, Burton H.   scan115831
Bryant, W. T.   scan115069
Bryant, W. T.   scan115081
Bryant, W. T.   scan115084
Bryant, W. T.   scan115086
Bryant, Wythe Tompkins Wise County VA scan115075
Bryant, Wythe Tompkins   scan115076
Bryson, Nora   scan115878
Bryson, Nora Indianola IA scan115881
Burbidge, Elizabeth O. Ontario Canada scan114740
Burbidge, Mary Isobel Park River ND scan114942
Butler, Alice Ashland OR scan115002
Buzan, Margery Catherine IA scan114908
Caldwell, Sam A.   scan115120
Cameron, (Mrs. George)   scan114936,37
Cameron, Pauline Igo CA scan114936
Cargill, Caroline Headly England scan115011
Caruthers, Edward   scan115072
Chapman, Charles M. IA scan115798
Cheadle, William Centralia WA scan115867
Childers, Raymond I. Portland OR scan114771
Childers, Spencer Clarksburg WV scan114929
Childers, Spencer   scan114930
Childs, William Adair West Rainton England scan114786
Cleland, Maud Mae Chessning MI scan115090
Clifford, unknown (Mrs. Spade)   scan114891
Clownes, Fannie Paradise PA scan114739
Cobleigh, Amos Josiah Worcester MA scan115094
Cochran, Anna Laura Ellen KS scan115792
Cochran, J. H. Burnetts Creek IN scan114766
Coe, Jay H.   scan114894
Coleman, Marcia E. Phoenix OR scan114707
Collins, Matilda   scan114758
Combs, Martha   scan114925
Conley, Warren   scan114985
Conley, Warren Dale Medford OR scan114986
Cook, Ward M. Nashua IA scan115010
Cooper, Henry Lee   scan114713
Copeland, Mabel Aileen Logan IA scan114948
Cornelius, Dewey   scan114903
Cornwell, Sara A. Martin MI scan114735
Cornwell, Sara A.   scan114737
Covalt, Blanch Mae Villas County CO scan115862
Covey, Bert O. "Bud Snyder" Concordia KS scan115115
Cowan, Britanna Ashland OR scan114767
Cox, Gladys Heppner OR scan115815
Cox, Rebecca Ann   scan115870
Crow, Britanna Ashland OR scan114767
Cullen, Thomas Ireland scan114703
Cummings, Frank M. "Dad"   scan114784
Daly, Maurice   scan115087
Darneille, Edna Sapphire Renton WA scan114729/30
Davis, Belle Adams County IL scan115793
Davis, Frank Ronald   scan115145
Davis, Sam T. Jacksonville OR scan114712
Davis, Thomas E. Wales UT scan115821
Dawson, Mary Jane Tippecanoe IN scan115175
Dean, Robert Albert   scan115098
DeFord, Emma Dora Colfax WA scan115078
DeJarnette, Sharon Grace   scan114683
Demmer, Paul   scan114911
Demmer, Paul "Uncle Paul" Gols Hungary scan114915
Dennis, Martha A. Napa County CA scan114665
Devaney, Henry Joseph   scan114756
Dew, Irvin A. Jackson County MI scan115143
Diercoff, Amy Belle IL scan115178
Dittemore, James Henry St Joseph MO scan114743
Dix, Emmitt Jack   scan115046
Dole, Thomas E.   scan151123
Dolley, Wardell   scan115050
Dolley, Warren L.   scan115054
Dolley, Warren L.   scan115059
Dow, Ora L.   scan115823
Dowd, Chancey M. IA scan115043
Downie, William Hamilton Ontario Canada scan115022
Downing, William M. Newton IA scan114988
Drager, (Mrs. W. F.)   scan114770
Drake, Howard F. La Crosse WI scan114689
Drake, Howard F.   scan114703
Duley, Hazel   scan114992
Dunham, Edna Sapphire Renton WA scan114729/30
Dunlap, Bertha Butte Creek OR 1scan15179
Dunn, Philip H. Gage County NE scan114724
Dutton, Laura Belle Spirit Lake IA scan114790
Eachus, Emma Marshalltown IA scan114744/45
Eastman, Watson New Sharon ME scan114914
Eaton, Laura Alvina NY scan114675
Eaton, William E. "Yockey" Jacksonville OR scan115009
Edwards, Elmira M. Greenfield IL scan115066
Edwards, Herbert Newton Greenfield IL scan115109
Edwards, Patricia Jane   scan114988
Eggers, Andrew Jackson   scan114921
Elledge, Laura Belle Spirit Lake IA scan114790
Ellison, Mary Adeline Andrew County MO scan114938
Emerick, Pheris Franklin Fort Wayne IN scan114741
Enyart, Jess E. "Dad" Logansport IN scan115073
Estes, Miles J. Chambers County AL scan114769
Fairdoe, Evangeline Foots Creek OR scan115830
Farrell, Isabelle M. Lexington VA scan114682
Farrell, Isabelle M.   scan114686
Felton, Dorothy E.   scan114760
Ferren, Rebecca Ann   scan115870
Fiske, Maggie Luxembourg scan115150
Flitcroft, (Miss)   scan114656
Folger, W. A.   scan151136
Foster, John S. "Dack" Hillsboro OR scan115829
Foster, Perry Audrane County MO scan114710
Foster, Samantha Cedarville CA scan114736
Fowler, Loren W. Arcadia NE scan115045
Fox, Susannah   scan114892
Foy, Grover "Joe"   scan114753
Frazier, Amy M. Apton IA scan114938
Fredenburg, Benjamin Franklin ID scan114728
Fry, John T. Kansas City scan115089
Fuhrman, Alberta Crested Butte CO scan115040
Fuhrman, Alberta   scan115042
Fuller, (Mrs. John H.)   scan115165
Gaines, Oliver Burton Mary's County MO scan115828
Gairns, Jean Forbes Dundee Scotland scan115024
Gall, Albert L. Sams Valley OR scan114973
Gammill, Sadie TX scan115102
Garner, James   scan115054
Garner, James   scan115059
Garner, James Gerald   scan115055
Garrett, Henry   scan151138
Garver, George Martin Steel City NE scan115810
Gensnud, Annie Noestfossen Norway scan115854
Gilbert, David W. San Luis Obispo CA scan114661
Gilstrap, unknown (Mrs. Severson)   scan114893
Glover, Lilly Grace   scan115028
Gober, James A. TX scan115141
Goetze, Albert C.   scan114969
Goetze, Albert C.   scan114971
Goffe, Florence   scan115088
Golden, Robert E. Dr.   scan114920
Gonderman, Mary Alice   scan114984
Gonderman, Mary Alice   scan115062
Grant, B. F. Boone County MO scan114681
Graves, Lillian Wolcott VT scan115879
Green, Nannie A. Rolla MO scan115120
Green, Samuel T.   scan115051
Green, Samuel Thomas Indianapolis IN scan115050
Gregg, Clara D. W.   scan115176
Gregg, Clara D. W. Newport KY scan115177
Grey, Joseph O.   scan115018
Grey, Joseph O. Chicago IL scan115021
Grieve, Elizabeth O. Ontario Canada scan114740
Grigsby, Daniel Lindsey Napa County CA scan115147
Grigsby, Maude Ellen Hanaford CA scan115827
Grigsby, Maude Ellen   scan115833
Grimes, William P. Sr. Baltimore MD scan114966
Grimsley, (Mrs. John) Osage City KS scan114931
Grimsley, Kate   scan114932
Grone, August Dr. Hanover Germany scan115038
Guches, Gladys E.   scan114918
Hale, Charles F. Tyler WA scan115117
Hall, Catherine Ishpeming MI scan114723
Hall, Court Carysville OH scan114983
Hamilton, unknown (Mrs. Osgood)   scan225800
Hamlin, Sylvester Jackson County OR scan115058
Hammack, Bert Thomas Summersville OR scan114980
Hammon, Adin   scan115127
Hammond, Adin Lincoln NE scan151125
Hankins, Orey IA scan114908
Hanley, Alice (Miss)   scan114965
Hanley, Alice (Miss) Douglas County OR scan114923
Hanley, Alice (Miss)   scan114927
Hanley, Alice Eliza (Miss) Jacksonville OR scan114928
Hanners, John William "Bill"   scan114998
Hansen, Charles (oldest carrier)   scan114989
Hansen, Lena Rosina Astoria OR scan114672
Harbaugh, Lavina Jackson County OH scan114952
Harley, William L.   scan114997
Harley, William L.   scan115001
Haskell, Judith E. Farmington ME scan115831
Hastings, George Washington MO scan151139
Hawkins, Mark Aaron Aldrich MO scan115007
Hawley, Ida   scan115042
Hayden, Nelle (Miss)   scan115837
Hayes, Cordelia Frances Ottawa Canada scan115122
Heckard, Lena Rosina Astoria OR scan114672
Heimroth, Mabel Center KY scan115871
Hemstreet, (Mrs. Andrew J. Jr.) Kerby OR scan114747/48
Hemstreet, (Mrs. Andrew J.)   scan114742
Hensen, Riley D. Greenville TN scan115157
Hensen, Riley Daniel   scan115163
Hickson, Lester   scan115796
Hilderbrand, J. B.   scan115143
Hildreth, Lola   scan115015
Hill, Addie Whittier Ridge NB Canada scan114665
Hillman, Gladys E.   scan114918
Hite, Reuben L.   scan114956
Hite, Reuben Lawrence Orient OR scan114953
Hittson, J. F. TX scan115832
Hittson, J. F.   scan115842
Hoffman, Maggie Luxembourg scan115150
Hollopeter, Silas Ted Meringo IA scan114655
Holloway, Charles Lincolnshire England scan115172
Holmes, Emily Amelia Racine WI scan115855
Holmes, John R.   scan115052
Hood, William D. Harrison AR scan114943
Hornbeck, Matilda Douglas Flats CA scan114900
Horner, Cordelia Frances Ottawa Canada scan115122
Howard, George B. Calaway County MO scan114888
Howe, H. C.   scan114954
Hoyt, John W. Jersey City NJ scan114999
Hubbs, Maude Ellen Hanaford CA scan115827
Hudson, Charlie Albert Loana NY scan115162
Hutchinson, Josephine B. Westmoreland County PA scan115852
Hutton, Leota Joplin MO scan114733
Illidge, Clarence E.   scan114772
Irvine, B. F. Scio OR scan115836
Irvine, B. F.   scan115838
Irvine, Benjamin Franklin   scan115839
Irwin, Lester   scan114950
Irwin, Lester   scan115850
Irwin, Lester   scan115849
Irwin, Lester   scan115844
Irwin, Lester   scan115848
Irwin, Lester   scan115096
Irwin, Lester "Les"   scan115851
Irwin, Lester Willis   scan115846/47
Irwin, Lester Willis Basin WY scan115853
Irwin, Lester Willis   scan115861
Irwin, Lester Willis   scan115865
Irwin, Lester Willis   scan115873
Isbell, Walter H. Ontario Canada scan114734
Iverson, Engvald   scan115154
Jackson, Jeanette   scan115184
Jacobs, Edward Franklin Corvallis OR scan114684
Janes, Harris Buckley Bradford PA scan115112
Janes, Harris Buckley   scan115116
Jennings, Jean Forbes Dundee Scotland scan115024
Jennings, William F. Hawkinsville CA scan115083
Johansen, Raymond Harlan Eureka CA scan115050
Johnson, Charles P. Dr. Independence KS scan115000
Johnson, Charles Parker Dr. Liberty KS scan115005
Johnson, John R.   scan115077
Johnson, John Wells WI scan115180/82
Johnson, William O. "Bud"   scan115070
Johnson, William Otto "Budd" Phoenix OR scan115074
Johnston, Ruth   scan115118
Johnstone, Jeanette Medford OR scan115146
Jorgensen, R. C. Copenhagen Denmark scan115882
Jorgensen, Rasmus Christian "Chris" Copenhagen Denmark scan115876
Kay, (Mrs. W. H.)   scan115082
Kendall, Nora Indianola IA scan115881
Kiekhoefer, Florence May Unionville MI scan115799
King, Evangeline Foots Creek OR scan115830
Kinney, Maud Mae Chessning MI scan115090
Knapp, Martha Clark County IL scan114654
Knight, Isaac G.   scan115087
Knight, Isaac G.   scan115088
Koppen, E. C.   scan115097
Kranitz, Mattie   scan114665
Krueger, Augusta Stibbe Germany scan115132
Krueger, Augusta   scan151135
Kurtz, Illa Welch Rockville IN scan115840
Kyle, William M. Scotland scan115148
Langley, Bertha OR scan114987
Larimer, Ethel Florence Missouri Valley IA scan114922
Larimer, John Franklin Millersport OH scan115028
Law, (Mrs. Dick)   scan115169/70
Law, (Mrs. Dick)   scan115171
Law, Laura   scan115185
Law, Loretta I. Santa Cruz CA scan114674
Leake, James   scan114785
Leake, James   scan114791
Leavitt, Annie L. San Andreas CA scan115056
Lewis, C. H. B.   scan114906
Lewis, Martha MO scan114746
Lewis, Thomas Franklin Jacksonville OR scan114755
Lindgren, Fred   scan114675
Lindsay, Richard A.   scan115845
Lininger, Milton C.   scan115105
Little, Viola Ann MO scan115023
Little, Viola Ann   scan115028
Lively, (Mrs. James Madison)   scan114768
Lobley, Carl D.   scan114993
Lockard, (Mrs. William J.)   scan114701/02
Lockard, Estella Jane Mahaska County IA scan114695
Lockard, Estella Jane   scan114698
Loesch, Lewis Robert Jefferson City MO scan115874/75
Loesch, Louie R.   scan115809
Loesch, Louie R.   scan114774
Loosley, John Frederick   scan114764
Loosley, John Frederick McMinnville OR scan114768
Loudenbeck, Charles IL scan114944
Loudenbeck, Charles   scan114945
Louma, unknown (Mrs. Dick Law)   scan115169/70
Love, Ira Olive Vernon County MO scan115004
Lucas, Eveline   scan115858
Lundsten, Theodore   scan114679
Luoma, Laura   scan115186
Magerle, Ida   scan114711
Magladry, J. S. "Jack"   scan115144
Mahar, Jennie M. New Brunswick Canada scan115029
Markley, Isabelle M. Lexington VA scan114682
Marsh, Addie Whittier Ridge NB Canada scan114665
Marshall, Arthur Franklin Gervais OR scan114990
Martin, Anna Estella Chico CA scan115826
Martin, Charles   scan114690
Martin, Charles G.   scan114697
Martin, Nancy E. Danville IL scan114680
Maule, Roy L. Medford OR scan115063
Maultby, Marie Ernestine Sterling OR scan114961
Mayer, Henry   scan151134
Mayham, John Andrew Eagle Point OR scan115794
McAllister, James Harold Grand Island NE scan115807
McCroskey, David Oran Lawrenceville IL scan115031
McCune, Joseph Hillsboro OR scan115831
McDonald, George White Plains NY scan114912
McDowell, William Edwin Trading Post KS scan115844
McKay, Albert E.   scan115014
McKay, Albert Edward Palmyra NY scan115008
McLin, Frank   scan115853
McManama, Mary   scan115803
McNeill, James O.   scan115164
McNeill, Orison James   scan115167
McNeill, Orison James "Jim" St Joseph MO scan115166
McReynolds, John R. Fayetteville MO scan114776
McVeigh, E. J.   scan115864
McVeigh, E. J.   scan115868
Meade, Jennie New Brunswick Canada scan115029
Melton, Richard   scan114691
Merkel, Maralee Gay   scan114895
Merkel, Maralee Gay   scan114897
Merrill, William   scan115047
Merriman, Josephine Medford OR scan115181
Michael, Elvin James   scan114791
Michaels, James PA scan114782
Miller, Daisy E.   scan114955
Miller, Henry Canada scan115065
Mills, Loretta I. Santa Cruz CA scan114674
Mines, Cornelia Frances Bath County VA scan115818
Mingus, Frank (100th Birthday) Jacksonville OR scan115186
Minnick, Laura Alvina NY scan114675
Minter, Samantha Cedarville CA scan114736
Moberg, Amanda Louise Terrace Falls MN scan114904
Moore, Charles A.   scan115045
Moore, Mary M. Phoenix OR scan115025
Moore, Robert Hamilton Clinton County IN scan115064
Moore, Viola Ann MO scan115023
Morris, George H. Nodaway County MO scan115158
Morris, unknown (Mrs. Grimsley) Osage City KS scan114931
Morris, William M. Central Point OR scan115057
Mosher, Alberta Crested Butte CO scan115040
Mulkey, S. A. Dr.   scan115080
Murphy, E. V. D.   scan114905
Myers, Stanley   scan114946
Neff, John H. Jamestown IN scan115048
Neilson, unknown (Mrs. Hemstreet) Kerby OR scan114747/48
Nelson, Andrew William Mist OR scan115817
Nelson, Andrew William   scan115819
Nelson, Anna Estella Chico CA scan115826
Nelson, Mabel Aileen Logan IA scan114948
Ness, Thomas H. Smithfield Ontario Canada scan114970
Nichols, Cad G.   scan115843
Normile, Nettie G.   scan114687
Norris, J. A. "Alex" Doeville TN scan114777
Norris, Myron J. Jackson PA scan115044
Noth, Albert F.   scan114653
Oden, John Thomas Douglas County OR scan115824
Oldenburg, Ernest A.   scan115027
Orr, Frank Leslie Walton NY scan114939
Osgood, (Mrs. Stanwood N.)   scan115799
Otterbein, Margery Catherine Medford OR scan114909
Owens, Ada Jane Phoenix OR scan115841
Owings, George F.   scan115006
Park, Illa Welch Rockville IN scan115840
Parker, Daisy Woodland CA scan114962
Patrick, Bert   scan114977
Patrick, Bert L. Oskaloosa IA scan114978
Patterson, (Mrs. John T.)   scan115813
Patterson, Isobel   scan114967
Patterson, Isobel   scan114968
Patterson, Robert E. Raymond WA scan115001
Patterson, Robert E. "Bob"   scan114997
Paul, Benjamin F. MN scan114725
Paul, Benjamin F.   scan114731
Payne, Hannah J. (Miss) Adel IA scan114988
Payne, Hannah J. (Miss)   scan114995
Payton, Ora Frances Bloomington IL scan114981
Peart, Rachel IN scan115053
Pelton, Ellen   scan115106
Perry, Martin Sams Valley OR scan114941
Persons, Kathryn   scan115149
Pesch, Herman Matthew   scan115047
Phillips, Charles Raymond Buncom OR scan115156
Pike, Judith E. Farmington ME scan115831
Pittenger, Caroline Headly England scan115011
Pittenger, Caroline   scan115012
Porter, Charles Lawrence "Larry" Volga SD scan115159
Potts, Andrew Jackson Rensselaer IN scan115085
Powers, John W. NY scan115860
Price, Reuben N.   scan114976
Price, Reuben Noah KY scan114974
Prickett, Laura Belle Spirit Lake IA scan114790
Probst, Ruth   scan115118
Pursell, Ivan Lee   scan114780/81
Pursell, Ivan Lee   scan114778
Putman, Lillie Filmore MO scan115795
Radcliff, Thomas J. NY scan115099
Radcliffe, Thomas J.   scan115103
Rains, Archie Marshall Silverton OR scan114721
Ramey, Dorothy E.   scan114760
Reasoner, Matilda Douglas Flats CA scan114900
Reavis, Amy A. Midvale ID scan114951
Reese, King L. Kansas City MO scan114787
Reese, King L.   scan114789
Reinking, Augusta Stibbe Germany scan115132
Reinking, Augusta   scan151135
Rhea, James Mercer County MO scan114715
Ridgley, John N. Chambersburg PA scan115041
Riggert, Henry Ferdinand Quincy IL scan115114
Ring, Lulu M.   scan115033
Ring, Lulu M.   scan115035
Roadarmel, Charles Taylorville IL scan115856
Roadarmel, Charles   scan115859
Roberts, Ada May Coos County OR scan115160
Roberts, Ada May   scan115161
Robinson, James C.   scan114719/20
Robinson, James Carson Rogue River OR scan114717/18
Robinson, James Carson   scan114722
Robinson, Marcia E. Phoenix OR scan114710
Ross, Aurola Jane Asotin WA scan115068
Routh, Samuel L.   scan114754
Rugg, (Mrs. George W.)   scan115141
Russell, Gladys   scan115019
Russell, Gladys   scan115015
Russell, Gordon   scan115060
Rutledge, Frederick L. Topeka KS scan114761
Rutledge, Frederick L.   scan114764
Sabin, George C. Sparta WI scan114749
Sabin, George C.   scan114751
Sabin, George C.   scan114779
Sabin, Oliver Corwin West Ilma WI scan115101
Sackett, Thomas Marion County OR scan115095
Satterlee, Norman   scan115039
Schnurr, Albert Pittsburgh PA scan114924
Schnurr, Albert Sylvester   scan114926
Schnurr, Robert E.   scan114959/60
Schnurr, Robert Edward Butte Falls OR scan114957/58
Schollenburg, Thomas Warren   scan114788
Schuler, Ella   scan115061
Scott, Nellie S. Jacksonville IL scan114887
Seefield, Charles Germany scan114762
Seefield, Charles   scan114764
Seley, Etta Marion IN scan115111
Severson, (Mrs. Edward P.)   scan114893
Shearin, John A. Indianapolis IN scan114672
Shearin, John Augustus Indianapolis IN scan114670
Sherrig, Mary Isobel Park River ND scan114942
Shoemaker, Arthur E. Eaton IN scan114949
Shoemaker, Joseph S. Gall Creek OR scan115877
Showers, Orville J. Aplington IA scan114991
Shunterman, Anderson OH scan114666
Silliman, Flora M   scan114964
Silliman, Robert R.   scan114964
Slinger, James W. "Dick" Bethany MO scan114972
Slosson, Dewey (Mrs. E. C.)   scan114903
Smith, F. E. W. Polk County OR scan114716
Smith, Horace D. WI scan115049
Smith, Rebecca Ann   scan115866
Smith, Rebecca Ann   scan115870
Snearley, Lester St Joseph MO scan114933
Snearley, Lester   scan114934
Snook, Thadius L. IA scan115034
Snook, Thadius L.   scan115036
Soderstrom, Annie Noestfossen Norway scan115855
Soderstrom, Annie   scan115857
Sorensen, Charles D. Germany scan115802
Southwell, Alberta Crested Butte CO scan115040
Southwell, Alberta   scan115042
Spade, (Mrs. Robert "Bob")   scan114891
Squier, Etta Marion IN scan115111
Stacy, Chales Dean Hillsboro OR scan114890
Stacy, Charles D.   scan114889
Standclift, Sara A. Martin MI scan114735
Stewart, Nannie A. Rolla MO scan115120
Stinson, Mary M. Phoenix OR scan115025
Stokan, Catherine   scan114699
Stokan, Catherine   scan114704
Sturgis, Ida   scan115129
Style, Maggie Luxembourg scan115150
Sullivan, Ida   scan115129
Sullivan, Leo Clair Lawrence KS scan114765
Swanger, Mary Alice   scan114984
Talent, James Oscar Knoxville TN scan115825
Taylor, Joseph L. MI scan114757
Taylor, Mary B.   scan115091
Taylor, Mary B.   scan115095
Tedrick, Pauline Igo CA scan114936
Theiss, B. Paul   scan115037
Theiss, Paul   scan115032
Thompson, Fannie Paradise PA scan114739
Thompson, Leota Joplin MO scan114733
Thompson, W. Lair   scan114963
Todd, Aurola Jane Asotin WA scan115068
Todd, Aurola Jane   scan115071
Todd, Hillery W. Comanchie County TX scan114727
Trefren, Joseph   scan115805
Trefren, Joseph Broken Bow NE scan115806
Tremaine, Fred A.   scan115799
Trick, unknown (Mrs. Grimsley) Osage City KS scan114931
Troutier, Francis   scan114773
Troutier, Francis Edward "Frank" Montreal Quebec Canada scan114775
Turner, Dixie Lee   scan114907
Turner, Dixie Lee   scan114910
Turpin, Orlando Albert   scan114669
Turpin, Orlondo Albert   scan114673
Van Cleve, Mark   scan115151
Van Cleve, Mark   scan115153
Van Cleve, Mark   scan115156
Van Horn, S. E. Polk County IA scan114708
Van Nurden, Lynne   scan115093
Vaughan, Leota T. Joplin MO scan114733
Vickery, Loretta I. Santa Cruz CA scan114674
Vickery, Loretta I.   scan114676
Vincent, Ada Belle (Miss) Sams Valley OR scan115030
Vincent, Ada Belle (Miss)   scan115033
Vincent, Lydia   scan114688
Vincent, Lydia Cassopolis MI scan114693
von Schriltz, Blanch Mae Villas County CO scan115862
Voorhies, Gordon Lexington KY scan114996
Waggoner, Mary Jane Tippecanoe IN scan115175
Walbert, C. E. (Mr. & Mrs.)   scan115107/08
Walbert, C. E. (Mr. & Mrs.)   scan115119
Walbert, C. E. (Mr. & Mrs.)   scan115121
Walbert, C. E. (Mr. & Mrs.)   scan151124
Walbert, C. E. (Mr. & Mrs.)   scan115127
Walbert, C. E. (Mr. & Mrs.)   scan115131
Walbert, C. E. (Mr. & Mrs.)   scan115140
Walker, Nettie M. Humboldt IA scan115128
Walker, Nettie M.   scan151137
Walker, William R. "Dick" Fort Scott KS scan114979
Walker, William W. Martin County MN scan115179
Ward, (Mrs. J. A.)   scan114940
Warner, Amy A. Midvale ID scan114951
Warner, Bertha Ann   scan115050
Waterman, Lillian Wolcott VT scan115879
Webb, Cornelia Frances Bath County VA scan115818
Webb, Cornelia Frances   scan115820
Webster, Anna Bertha (Mrs. W.O.) St Paul MN scan115797
Wells, Clarence C.   scan114763
West, Joseph A. Myrtle Creek OR scan115130
West, Joseph Alexander   scan151133
Wheeler, Sarah Louise   scan114669
Wheeler, Sarah Louise Fairmount MN scan114671
White, Clayton Orville Pendleton OR scan115028
Whitehead, (Mrs. J. S.)   scan115837
Whiteside, Rachel IN scan115053
Wilkinson, Sigel Augustus KS scan114705
Williams, John F.   scan114913
Wilsman, George Cincinnati OH scan114975
Wilson, Ida   scan115042
Wilson, Jack Allen   scan114896
Wilson, Oliver N. Harding County IA scan115824
Wolf, Julius P. Milwaukee WI scan115113
Wolff, John L. Bergdorf Russia scan114947
Wood, Noah D. Baton Rouge LA scan115183
Wright, Anna Laura Ellen KS scan115792
Wright, John S.   scan115822
Wright, John William Quincy IL scan115804
Wright, Mathew M. Frankfort KS scan115831
Wyatt, Matilda Douglas Flats CA scan114900
Wycoff, Mary Jane Tippecanoe IN scan115175
Yant, William David   scan114917
Young, Frank Osgood Dallas OR scan114899
Young, Gladys   scan115811
Young, Gladys Heppner OR scan115815
Zigler, Zella (Miss) Jacksonville OR scan115126