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Medford Mail Tribune Scanned Obituary Index for 1941

photo of a Raven

Our JCGL volunteers are scanning and indexing microfilmed images of Medford Mail Tribune Obituaries and Death Notices. Below is an index to the 1941 scanned images. It includes the name of the deceased person, his/her place of birth (when available), and the number we have assigned to the image. If the deceased person is a married woman and her maiden name was given in the obituary, this is included in the index. If you would like to receive a copy of a scanned obituary, follow this link, Postal Request Form to display the request form. Complete and print the form, then send it to the address shown along with a check for $10 and a stamped, self-addressed envelope. Some of the scanned obituaries require more than one image. We will send them all for a single $10 fee, but you must put all the image numbers (e.g., scan123456, scan123457) on your request. Be sure to provide all the required information on the form.

For faster turnaround, use the Buy Now button below to make a secure online payment and to provide the information needed to fill your request. Be sure you fill ALL fields in the form including all image scan numbers. When you complete the transaction, our librarian will copy the requested information and email it to you as an attachment. It will be sent as a .jpg (picture) file. When you receive this .jpg file, click on it and it will be loaded into your picture viewer from which you can print a hard copy.

Scanned Mail Tribune Obituaries
Last Name, First Name
Year, Image Number

Name Place of Birth Image Number
Abel, Berdell "Buster Jessen" Sloan IA scan114545
Adams, True Miles Henning MN scan114272
Adkins, Katie Bromley England scan114261
Albaugh, Minnie H. Kickeyville WI scan114215
Allen, Infant son   scan114520
Allen, Rose Marie (Mrs. Walter H.) Medford OR scan114520
Anderson, Ida Lou (Miss) Morgantown TN scan114310
Anderson, Lloyd William Valley Springs SD scan114173
Anderson, Ola May Chilacothe TX scan114375
Andrews, Ed MN scan114369
Andrews, Flora Annetta Fort Wayne IN scan114420
Andrews, Jennie   scan114245
Andrews, Jennie M. Edgewood IA scan114250
Arens, Rodney   scan114197
Armstrong, Hazel   scan114354
Armstrong, J. T. Pupelo OK scan114171
Arthur, Etta Elizabeth Somerset KY scan114475
Asher, Louis Hugo OR scan114648
Bailey, Rebecca H. Elliott IA scan114548
Baker, David E.   scan114287
Baker, Earl   scan114587
Baker, Earl   scan114588
Baker, Earl   scan114589
Baker, Earl   scan114590
Baker, Earl   scan114593
Baker, Earl   scan114594
Baker, Earl LeVern Newburg OR scan114595
Baker, George L.   scan114651
Baker, Ida M.   scan114469
Baker, Ida May Haley ID scan114466
Baldwin, John Truman   scan114453
Barber, Wilson Marshall Cambridge OH scan114623
Barnett, (Mrs. Weston Bender)   scan114239
Barrow, (Mrs. Albert R.)   scan114278
Barrow, Ethelyn Elizabeth Medford OR scan114280
Bateman, Karen Margaret Prasto Denmark scan114447
Bateman, Karen Margaret   scan114453
Beardsley, Ida Jackson County OR scan114166
Beaver, James   scan114322
Becker, Gertrude Chicago IL scan114143
Beers, Ruby E. Pierce County WI scan114410
Belcher, Margaret Elizabeth Blackhawk CO scan114302
Belcher, Thomas Rufus Eugene OR scan114571
Beman, Beten Ellen   scan114318
Bennett, N. H. Bonepart IA scan114194
Bennett, N. S.   scan114191
Bennett, Noah S. Lee County IA scan114188
Bennett, Roger S.   scan114233
Bingham, Reita Klamath Falls OR scan114223
Binns, Daisy   scan114440
Binns, Daisy D. Chippewa Falls WI scan114437
Black, John MI scan114418
Black, Larry Edward   scan114581
Bladine, Lars E. Sweden scan114459
Bladine, Lars E.   scan114462
Bleil, Clarence Jay   scan114306
Boje, Henry Kankakee IL scan114554
Boomer, Garland A. Escanaba MI scan114164
Booth, Chester Mack   scan114347
Bortz, Lena Maude Seneca Falls NY scan114600
Boswell, Robert Wayne County IA scan114454
Bowers, Hattie E.   scan114442
Bowman, (Mrs.)   scan114390
Boyce, Aymer A. St Albans VT scan114525
Boyce, Margaret Elizabeth Wellsville OH scan114340
Boyd, Blanche Mable Washington County OR scan114512
Boynton, Wesley E.   scan114635
Braden, Richard Alan   scan114515
Bradford, Ella Putnam County MO scan114269
Bradford, Ella   scan114274
Breese, Elizabeth   scan114203
Breese, Elizabeth Wilkes-Barre PA scan114204
Breshears, Louise Kelso WA scan114237
Brewer, Patricia Jean   scan114582
Brewer, Patricia Jean   scan114584
Brewer, Patricia Jean   scan114598
Briggs, Leon R.   scan114625
Broad, Joseph Lead City SD scan114160
Brookfield, Elsie Ashland OR scan114321
Brooks, Gladys Adell Cayuga ND scan114252
Brown, James E. Cedar County MO scan114401
Brown, Martha Ellen IA scan114471
Browne, Etta Florence   scan114374
Browning, Earl W.   scan114231
Bryan, Karen Lee   scan114330
Burchfield, Rose   scan114364
Burns, Aaron Frank Spring Valley WI scan114235
Burns, Aaron Frank   scan114237
Burns, Etta Florence   scan114374
Burton, Robert Hawthorne Hayes County TX scan114247
Burton, Robert Hawthorne   scan114250
Cammerer, Arno B.   scan114627
Campbell, (Mrs. Eugene A.)   scan114198
Campbell, Grace Lisbon ND scan114201
Carney, Marie   scan114397
Carter, Andrew B.   scan114149
Carter, Andrew B. Bristol IA scan114150
Centers, Alice Albany OR scan114586
Chamberlain, Lyman Arthur Hope MI scan114415
Chambers, Alta May Modoc County CA scan114431
Charley, Nimrod N. Cardin IN scan114640
Chenoweth, Virginia C. Bloomfield IA scan114621
Childers, Albert M. Swan IA scan114501
Chitwood, Kate   scan114572
Clark, Cynthia Oliva Madison County IA scan114145
Clark, Francis   scan114345
Clark, Francis L.   scan114349
Clark, Kitty   scan114133
Clark, Orville   scan114243
Cleveland, Mary Frances Van Buren AR scan114295
Clute, Emma IA scan114574
Collins, Ella Putnam County MO scan114269
Colver, Caroleta Phoenix OR scan114389
Conger, J. L. "Jack"   scan114305
Conger, Johnnie "Jack" Cincinnati IA scan114304
Conner, Boudinot   scan114647
Constable, Ray V.   scan114633
Constable, Ray V.   scan114634
Cook, John Eve Bosque TX scan114455
Cook, John Eve Bosque TX scan114456
Cook, Lemmie H. Butte Falls OR scan114270
Cook, R. Lee   scan114499
Cook, Robert Lee Applegate OR scan114501
Cooley, J. H.   scan114268
Cooley, Jeremiah H.   scan144381
Cooley, Jeremiah Henry Balasore India scan114271
Corey, Dora Elinor New Martinsville WV scan114366
Cormany, George Junior Medford OR scan114360
Coverstone, Bertha   scan114266
Cox, Fannie Luella Putnam County MO scan114630
Craft, Sarah Ann Washington County PA scan114565
Crawford, Amy Harrisburg OR scan114221
Crawford, Amy M.   scan114226
Crump, Ida Jackson County OR scan114166
Culp, Walter E.   scan114205
Cummons, Georgia A. F. Windom MN scan114225
Darby, Susan B. Urbana MO scan114412
David, Salem A. Dr.   scan114562
Davidson, Ruth Irving Lacon IL scan114599
Davis, Preston J.   scan114649
Davis, Preston J.   scan114650
Davis, Preston J. Burns OR scan114652
Davis, Steve   scan114148
Davis, Steve   scan114149
Day, Sophia Eliza Waddams Grove IL scan114394
Day, Sophia Elizabeth   scan114391
Dean, Clara Willow Springs OR scan114609
Dean, Clara   scan114611
Dean, Nellie   scan114325
Dean, Nellie   scan114326
Devereaux, Eva Adell Tecumsah NE scan114467
Dickinson, John Lawrence   scan114246
Dodson, Eliza Belle Cottage Grove OR scan114185
Dole, John Edward Baden Germany scan114433
Dollarhide, Vern   scan114136
Doran, Mason A. Wilmer MN scan114534
Dorothy, Dora Fredericks Denmark scan114604
Downing, Martha L. IL scan114196
Drown, unknown   scan114561
Duff, Ella Marshall MO scan114518
Duffy, Gertrude   scan114624
Dugan, T. C.   scan114139
Dugan, Timothy Grass Valley CA scan141140
Dugger, Greene W.   scan114276
Dungey, Walter Tumbridge Wells England scan114560
Dunham, (Mrs. Robert)   scan114561
Dunlap, John Wesley Wapello County IA scan114501
Durham, James Terre Haute IN scan114460
Durham, James D.   scan114464
Dusenbury, Leonard R. Alma MI scan114328
Dutton, Esther "Grandma Dutton" Scarborough England scan114422
Dutton, Esther "Grandma Dutton" Scarborough England scan114423
Eddington, T. B. Webster County MO scan144384
Edington, T. B.   scan144382
Eifert, Rose Gertrude Sandusky OH scan114307
Eifert, Rose Gertrude   scan114314
Einkopf, Hannah Mary Dana IL scan114175
Elden, John Woodman Windham ME scan114333
Elliott, Margaret Dorinda Boone County IN scan114404
Enright, John   scan114243
Enright, John   scan114253
Enyart, Alex   scan114240
Epler, Caroline   scan114165
Everhard, Andrew T. Ripon WI scan114433
Farlow, Robert J.   scan114331
Farlow, Robert J.   scan114332
Farmer, Thomas Benjamin Liverpool England scan114312
Farra, Clara Willow Springs OR scan114609
Farra, Clara   scan114611
Farrel, Dora Elinor New Martinsville WV scan114366
Fenner, Charles William   scan114458
Ferguson, George E. Lemont IL scan114602
Fernlund, Robert A.   scan144379
Fernlund, Robert A. Butler OK scan114380
Fields, Ida Jackson County OR scan114166
Findlay, Mable May Chatham Ontario Canada scan114617
Findley, Alberta   scan114153
Fitzgibbon, James Frederick Oregon City OR scan114619
Flakus, Minnie E. "Grandma"   scan114563
Flynn, Alice E. Hancock MI scan114251
Foster, Florence E. Corvallis OR scan114181
Foster, Walter V.   scan114172
Foster, Walter V. AL scan114177
Fournier, Rose   scan114364
Foutch, Goy Charles   scan114542
France, Edward John Meshoppen PA scan114568
France, Edward John   scan114570
Frazier, Hazel   scan114354
Freeman, Minnie O. Jacksonville OR scan114557
French, Restora   scan11418
French, Restora   scan114184
Frick, John S. Wanneberga Sweden scan114531
Frick, John S.   scan114541
Furry, Caroleta Phoenix OR scan114389
Furry, Carolita Phoenix OR scan114387
Gardner, Albert J.   scan114390
Garrison, Ruby E. Pierce County WI scan114410
Geary, Maggie J. IL scan114372
George, Clarence Conway NH scan114209
George, Edna   scan114624
George, Infant son   scan114624
Gilbert, William   scan114236
Gill, Ralph Henry Wentworth SD scan114396
Goade, Jane (Mrs. Taylor) AR scan114135
Goble, Ernest E. Westfield IL scan114484
Gordon, Ruth Irving Lacon IL scan114599
Gould, Alta May Modoc County CA scan114431
Gray, Lincoln Wolf Lake IN scan114547
Gray, Lincoln   scan114549
Greene, Charles M.   scan114524
Grosvenor, Walter Dale Fairplay CO scan114352
Grubb, Paul   scan114311
Guthrie, Rose Fort Worth TX scan114413
Halladay, Emma Electa Kneasha WI scan114348
Hallam, Veda WV scan114495
Hamilton, Elsie Ashland OR scan114321
Hamlin, Mary Elizabeth Drain OR scan114592
Hammond, P. K. London England scan114300
Hamor, Margaret Elizabeth   scan114299
Hamor, Margaret Elizabeth Blackhawk CO scan114302
Hampson, (Mrs. Edward Whalley)   scan114486
Hamrick, Jesse Benton   scan114338
Hamrick, Jesse Benton Sullivan County MO scan114341
Hance, Ella A.   scan114579
Handler, Mildred Portland OR scan114262
Hansen, Vern H. Cumberland WI scan114218
Harmen, (Mrs. O. H.)   scan114569
Harris, Mabel TX scan114324
Harrison, Phillip B. Baltimore MD scan114638
Harrison, Phillip B.   scan114642
Harrison, Thomas H. Lancashire England scan114631
Hawley, Willis C. Benton County OR scan114216
Haynes, Sadie Elizabeth   scan114232
Hazelrigg, Florence Greensburg IN scan114564
Helms, William H. Winchester IN scan114516
Hemstreet, Mary C. Kent County Ontario Canada scan114452
Henninger, E. L. Lakenon MO scan114559
Hewitt, Addie Jackson County OR scan114202
Higginbotham, Charles T. NE scan114159
Higginbotham, Charles T.   scan114161
Higgins, George Edward Bend OR scan114279
Higgins, George Edward   scan114297
Higgins, George Edward   scan114316
Hildreth, (Mrs. Vern)   scan114498
Hildreth, Vernetta Ann Howell County MO scan114502
Hilkey, Benjamin Franklin IN scan114545
Hilkey, Erwin W.   scan114282
Hilkey, Erwin W. North Bend OR scan114286
Hilton, George William IN scan114560
Hitch, Joe E.   scan114531
Hobbs, William Ward Lima OH scan114174
Hoffman, Bertha   scan114266
Hoffman, Reita Klamath Falls OR scan114223
Holbrook, John Freelan Sparta NC scan114506
Holbrook, John Freelan Sparta NC scan114507
Holmberg, Sophie (Miss) Macon City MO scan114189
Hopkins, Addison A. Bloomingdale IN scan114343
Hopkins, Al Phoenix OR scan114402
Horning, Jennie Corvallis OR scan114190
Horton, Gwen   scan114573
Houston, Macie H. LaClede County MO scan114230
Houston, Sanford "Sam"   scan114530
Houston, Sanford "Sam"   scan114532
Howard, Martha Ellen IA scan114471
Hoyt, Mary Elenor Louise Westchester NY scan114399
Hubbard, Otis A. Morrison IL scan114556
Hubbell, Elmer   scan114178
Huber, Eva May Gladwin MI scan114507
Huber, Eva May   scan114511
Hughes, Edwin P   scan114385
Hughes, Emma Florence San Francisco CA scan114320
Hunt, Guy W. IL scan114591
Ingram, Mamie   scan114224
Jackson, Cleo Fay Wilson County KS scan114254
Janes, W. Carleton Erie PA scan114531
Janes, W. Carleton   scan114533
Janney, Paul M.   scan114465
Janney, Paul M.   scan114470
Janney, Paul M.   scan114483
Janney, Paul Mills Minneapolis MN scan114472
Jenison, Eva   scan114461
Jenison, Eva Adell Tecumsah NE scan114467
Johns, Edward H.   scan114303
Johns, Hattie E.   scan114442
Johns, Hattie E.   scan114448
Johnson, (Mrs. R. R.)   scan114319
Johnson, Charles Sweden scan114323
Johnson, Floyd H. "Red"   scan114294
Johnson, J. S. Dr. Great Falls MT scan114167
Johnson, James Everett Medford OR scan114644
Johnstone, Pearl Elizabeth   scan114565
Johnstone, Pearl Elizabeth   scan114566
Jones, Eleanor I. Cross Timber MO scan114187
Jones, James Edmond Morrison IL scan114365
Jones, James Edmond   scan114367
Jones, Weldon Martin   scan114186
Judge, Katie A.   scan114258
Judge, Katie A. Bromley England scan114261
Keach, John R.   scan114356
Keener, Ulrich C. Boswell OK scan114292
Kellogg, Margaret Elizabeth Wellsville OH scan114340
Kelsoe, Myrtle   scan114177
Kelsoe, Myrtle Yakima County WA scan114179
Kemp, Martha M. Rossville IL scan114565
Kendall, Reita Klamath Falls OR scan114223
Kennon, (Mrs. M. A.) Injury   scan114192
Kimball, Julia Shoreham VT scan114357
King, Rebecca H. Elliott IA scan114548
Klippel, Florence E. Corvallis OR scan114181
Koster, George Sylvester Gold Hill OR scan114503
Kreiger, Amy Muscatine IA scan114557
Krutzler, Paul Moravia Austria scan114616
Kubli, Kathryn Switzerland scan114550
Lageson, Beatha Perry WI scan114457
Lancaster, (Mrs. G. W.) MO scan114551
Lancaster, Samuel C. Magnolia MS scan114544
Lawrence, Claude V. Princeton IL scan114450
Lawrence, Claude Virgil   scan114453
Lawrentz, Delbert J. "Bud" IA scan114528
Lee, Benjamin Wesley   scan114629
Lee, Burton H. WI scan114513
Lee, Burton H. WI scan114514
Lee, Charles   scan114437
LeeClair, Ida May   scan114134
LeeClair, Ida May Gold Hill OR scan114137
Lees, William Clare   scan114587
Lees, William Clare   scan114588
Lees, William Clare   scan114589
Lees, William Clare   scan114950
Lees, William Clare   scan114593
Lees, William Clare   scan114594
Lees, William Clare   scan114596
Lees, William Clare   scan114597
Lees, William Clare III "Bill" Central Point OR scan114591
Lewis, Franklin   scan114277
Livengood, Mary Elizabeth Portland OR scan114536
Logan, James T.   scan114281
Loucks, Mable May Chatham Ontario Canada scan114617
Lucas, Matilda Catherine Kewaunee IN scan114329
Lusk, William M. Batesville AR scan114636
Lusk, William M.   scan114641
Lyles, Ruth Irving Lacon IL scan114599
Mahoney, Libbie S. Menomonenu WI scan114491
Malaby, Ross E. Sumner County, KS scan114287
Malone, Clyde A. "Cap" Wiota IA scan114208
Maltby, Jennie Ethelyn (Miss) Riceville IA scan114508
Mann, John C. MO scan114376
Martin, Annie P. Scotland scan114474
Martin, Mary Frances Van Buren AR scan114295
Maruyama, Masuzo "Maru" Japan scan114308
Maruyama, Masuzo "Maru" Japan scan114315
Mason, A. Roy   scan114553
Mason, Frank S. Berlin WI scan114199
Mason, Rex   scan114429
Mass, Robert J.   scan114646
Matheny, Paul Eden Valley MN scan114342
Mathes, Mary Virginia Phoenix OR scan114296
Mathews, Mary L.   scan114444
Mathews, Mary L.   scan114445
Mathews, Mary Lucy North Ridgeville OH scan114400
Matthew, George W.   scan114612
Matthew, George William   scan114610
Matthews, Nye Eagle Point OR scan114263
Matthews, Nye Eagle Point OR scan114264
Matthews, Nye   scan114265
Maxwell, unknown (accident)   scan114284
Maxwell, William A.   scan114283
Maxwell, William A.   scan114285
Maxwell, William A.   scan114289
Maxwell, William M.   scan114293
Maynard, William Edwin MA scan114168
McBee (Mrs. Archie)   scan114317
McBee, Emma Florence San Francisco CA scan114320
McBee, Ethelyn Elizabeth Medford OR scan114280
McBee, unknown   scan114278
McCauley, James   scan114580
McDonald, William G. Ottawa Canada scan114496
McElhose, Florence Greensburg IN scan114564
McFadden, Kathryn Switzerland scan114550
McLean, Cora Frances Tie Siding WY scan114252
Meadows, Mabel Zola Eskdale WV scan114348
Meeker, Galen S. Butte Falls OR scan114329
Mengos, Frank (Civil War vet) France scan114288
Metzger, Robert Roland   scan114397
Metzger, Robert Rollo MO scan114398
Miller, A. H.   scan114178
Miller, Alfred Harmer Union Mills IN scan114182
Miller, Byron   scan114587
Miller, Byron   scan114588
Miller, Byron   scan114589
Miller, Byron   scan114590
Miller, Byron   scan114593
Miller, Byron   scan114594
Miller, Byron Lord Central Point OR scan114595
Miller, Gladys Adell Cayuga ND scan114252
Miller, H. K.   scan114430
Miller, John Alford Brownsboro OR scan114405
Miller, Kenneth   scan114154
Miller, Lucy Ann   scan114505
Miller, Lucy Ann   scan114509
Mills, Mary Virginia Phoenix OR scan114296
Mintle, J. Trenton NJ scan114155
Mitchell, Ben F.   scan114555
Moffatt, Alberta   scan114153
Moffitt, Georgia A.F. Windom MN scan114225
Mongold, May Nancy Benzie County MI scan114490
Moore, Alta Rose   scan114419
Moore, Andrew Edward Provolt UT scan114434
Moore, Andrew Edward Provolt UT scan114435
Moore, Gertrude Big Springs NE scan114558
Moore, Paulette Gay   scan114335
Morelock, Amy Harrisburg OR scan114221
Morelock, Amy   scan114226
Muller, William Jacksonville OR scan114643
Mundy, John F. Lincoln IL scan145576
Murphy, Livy Alexander Medford OR scan114169
Murray, Bertha   scan114266
Neff, Bert F.   scan114238
Neff, Bert Francis Fountain CO scan114228
Neilson, Karen Margaret   scan114453
Nelson, Emil M. Norway scan114435
Neville, Catheryn R. McMinnville OR scan114349
Newton, William T. Gold Hill OR scan114373
Norris, Ralph   scan114620
Norris, Ralph A. MO scan114613
Norris, Ralph A. MO scan114614
Nunan, Delia   scan114370
Offenbacher, John   scan114219
Offenbacher, John Bavaria Germany scan114222
Offenbacher, John   scan114234
Ogle, Kate C.   scan114572
O'Grady, Franklin Lester   scan114309
Olson, Marie Denmark scan114526
Olson, Marie Denmark scan114527
Olson, Richard Sweden scan114540
Owen, Minnie Jacksonville OR scan114557
Pack, J. R.   scan114416
Padgett, Vernetta Ann Howell County MO scan114502
Palmer, Lena Margaret White Pine NV scan114552
Pankey, Martha L. IL scan114196
Park, Ambros S. KY scan114552
Patterson, W. E.   scan114213
Peart, B. F. Grant County WI scan114408
Peart, B. F. Grant County WI scan114409
Pease, A. C.   scan114195
Peck, Kitty   scan114133
Peck, Manley D. Keosauqua IA scan114479
Pederson, Olava Holland Holland Norway scan114607
Pence, Maggie J. IL scan114372
Perkins, Louise B. Kelso WA scan114237
Perozzi, D.   scan114567
Perozzi, Domingo "D"   scan114517
Peterson, Ralph   scan114637
Peterson, Rocky   scan114414
Peterson, Victor Earl WI scan114501
Polley, Alfaretta Claremont County OH scan114290
Porter, Gertrude Jane   scan114351
Porter, Gertrude Jane   scan114353
Porter, Martin Lee MO scan114141
Potter, Major Wesley NE scan114497
Potter, Major Wesley   scan114499
Preston, (Mrs. Robert Dunham)   scan114561
Pritchett, Ray Ellis Chrisman IL scan114510
Pullen, Lucinda Goshen IN scan114372
Rancipher, Amy Muscatine IA scan114557
Raymond, David Marion County NY scan114535
Raypholtz, Elva   scan114436
Raypholtz, Elva Highland NY scan114438
Raypholtz, Elva Highland NY scan114439
Redpath, Robert   scan114488
Redpath, Robert F. Griffin Creek OR scan114494
Reed, Roscoe   scan114523
Reeve, Clarence M. Happy Camp CA scan114193
Reter, Mildred (Mrs. Raymond R.) Portland OR scan224262
Richards, Lucy Ann Quincy IL scan114503
Richardson, Charles M. Oroville CA scan114441
Rigg, Virginia C. Dr.   scan114615
Rigg, Virginia C. Dr. Bloomfield IA scan114621
Ringuette, L. A.   scan114400
Robar, Mabel TX scan114324
Roberts, Gertrude Chicago IL scan114143
Roberts, Gertrude B.   scan114147
Robison, John Robert Anderson Creek OR scan114480
Rogers, Elton A.   scan114587
Rogers, Elton A.   scan114588
Rogers, Elton A.   scan114589
Rogers, Elton A.   scan114590
Rogers, Elton A.   scan114593
Rogers, Elton A.   scan114594
Rogers, Myrtle Yakima County WA scan114179
Rogers, William J. Portland OR scan114523
Rolfe, unknown   scan114291
Rolfe, unknown   scan114298
Rose, Gladys Applegate OR scan114595
Ross, Shipley L. Medford OR scan114170
Roten, Ida May Gold Hill OR scan114138
Runk, Rose M. Titusville PA scan114386
Rutledge, Cecil   scan114476
Ryan, Fred   scan114417
Ryan, Fred Springfield MO scan114421
Sanford, (Mrs. C. A.)   scan114362
Sanford, L. E.   scan114311
Sauer, Marie   scan114397
Scheffel, Theresia P. Cincinnati OH scan114210
Schieffelin, Rose Fort Worth TX scan114413
Schmitling, Joseph Switzerland scan114206
Schow, John M. Trent SD scan114138
Schultz, August Frederick   scan114176
Seigrist, (Mrs. Al)   scan114291
Seigrist, (Mrs. Al)   scan114298
Seigrist, Al   scan114298
Seitz, Theresia P. Cincinnati OH scan114210
Severance, unknown   scan114319
Severin, Dora Fredericks Denmark scan114604
Seward, Robert W.   scan114618
Sheets, Lucinda   scan114371
Sheets, Lucinda Goshen IN scan114372
Sheffield, William Payne Saybrook Point CT scan114537
Shimoda, Kameichi Japan scan114156
Shimoda, Kameichi   scan114157
Short, Charles Weller Lake City CA scan114522
Short, Grace Lisbon ND scan114201
Short, Winifred (Mrs. Arthur Short) Phillipsburg KS scan114255
Siferte, Alfred F.   scan114346
Simmons, Cora Frances Tie Siding WY scan114252
Singler, Mabel Zola Eskdale WV scan114348
Singler, Rose Marie   scan114521
Sipes, Dwayne Bernard   scan114603
Sisemore, Marjorie "Marge"   scan145578
Smith, Fred   scan114406
Smith, Marjorie   scan145578
Smith, Roy A.   scan114256
Smith, Roy Albert Hope ID scan114257
Smith, Tom   scan114626
Smith, William   scan114146
Smith, William S. CO scan114138
Snow, A. M.   scan114543
Snyder, Rose M. Titusville PA scan114386
Snyder, Victor L.   scan114493
Snyder, Victor Leslie Ava MO scan114500
Spence, Joseph H.   scan114477
Spence, Joseph H.   scan114481
Spence, Joseph H.   scan114485
Spencer, Ralph Milton Marquette MI scan114151
Spencer, Ralph Milton   scan114152
Spruill, Ola May Chilacothe TX scan114375
Starboard, Frank   scan114241
Starboard, Frank   scan114248
Starkey, Jesse A. MO scan114463
Statler, William   scan114538
Statler, William C.   scan114529
Statler,William C.   scan114546
Stelle, Joseph H. Dalgreen IL scan114327
Stevens, Jennie M. Edgewood IA scan114250
Stimson, Alice Albany OR scan114586
Stockstill, Charles E. MO scan114260
Stone, Harry   scan114608
Stowell, May Nancy Benzie County MI scan114490
Stuart, Richard Irwin New York City NY scan114601
Sturgess, William James Birmingham England scan114528
Sundell, Beverly   scan114577
Sutherland, Hattie E.   scan114442
Svenson, Emma C. IA scan114574
Sweeney, Edith (Miss)   scan114403
Sweeney, Edith May (Miss)   scan114411
Swingle, (Mrs. F. D.)   scan114451
Taylor, Charles M.   scan114489
Taylor, Charles Mark Racine WI scan114482
Taylor, Edith Monroe OR scan114359
Tellier, George Heneple IL scan114630
Thompson, Jennie   scan114185
Thompson, Jennie Corvallis OR scan114190
Thompson, Nettie Venice Italy scan114217
Thorson, Marie Denmark scan114526
Thorson, Marie Denmark scan114527
Throckmorton, Gladys Applegate OR scan114595
Tibbets, Gertrude Jane   scan114351
Tonne, Louis   scan114334
Tonne, Louis New York City NY scan114337
Towenski, Adolph Lithuania scan114368
Tozier, Edith Monroe OR scan114359
Trebesch, Charles A. Germany scan114361
Trill, Wallace G. MI scan114207
Trowbridge, Alice E.   scan114244
Trowbridge, Alice E. Hancock MI scan114251
Tryer, Samuel D. Lowell IA scan114552
Tryon, Joseph J. Kansas City KS scan114385
Tucker, Lewis Boyd Jacksonville OR scan114220
Valentine, Charles Leroy "Jimmie" Gladstone MI scan114162
Valentine, Charles Leroy "Jimmie"   scan114163
Valentine, Jimmy   scan114200
Van Dyke, Everet L.   scan114392
Van Dyke, Everett L.   scan114393
Van Wegen, Elva   scan113436
Vilm, Eugene N. St Avold Alsace-Lorraine France scan114639
Vinson, Josephine Ann Cottage Grove OR scan114622
Wade, Clyde Tennel Christiansburg VA scan114605
Wahl, B. Albert   scan114585
Wait, Perry L. Detroit MI scan114377
Wait, Perry L.   scan114388
Walbert, Alta Eliza   scan114336
Walbert, C. E. "Dick" & Mrs.   scan114645
Walbert, C. E. (Mr. & Mrs)   scan144383
Walbert, Clarence E.   scan114336
Walbert, Clarence E. (Mr. and Mrs.)   scan114606
Walden, Eli O. KS scan114301
Walker, David E.   scan114469
Walker, David Edgar Ontario Canada scan114468
Walker, George West La Grande OR scan114242
Walker, J. G. "Butler" Polk County OR scan114339
Walker, Theodore   scan114626
Walton, Lester J. Slater MO scan114212
Walton, Lester J.   scan114214
Warner, Mary D. Kahoka MO scan114628
Waters, Elizabeth Wilkes-Barre PA scan114204
Way, Kenneth James   scan114249
Weir, Russell Samuel   scan114575
Welch, William Leland Jackson County OR scan114424
Welch, William Leland Jackson County OR scan114425
Whalley, (Mrs. Edward)   scan114486
Wheeler, Clarence   scan114441
Wheeler, Clarence   scan114449
Wheeler, Mahlon W. Scio OR scan114142
Whetstone, Lucinda Goshen IN scan114372
White, Jennie Indianapolis IN scan114446
White, Minnie E. Little Falls MN scan114267
Wilcox, Pearl Elizabeth   scan114564
Wilcox, Pearl Elizabeth   scan114566
Wilfley, John M.   scan114363
Wilkinson, Edward Naffiton England scan114473
Williams, Fannie Luella Putnam County MO scan114630
Williams, James Henry   scan114504
Wilson, Vernetta Ann Howell County MO scan114502
Winningham, Addie Jackson County OR scan114202
Wirth, Irma M. Silverton IA scan114488
Wisdom, Joseph M. Umatilla County OR scan114358
Wisdom, Joseph M.   scan114355
Wolfe, Lilith   scan114583
Wortman, (Mrs. Frank)   scan114503
Wortman, Lucy Ann Quincy IL scan114503
Wright, Hallie E. Yreka CA scan114407
Wright, Jess B.   scan114158
Wright, Macie H. LaClede County MO scan114230
Yockey, Mary Eliza Brighton IA scan114487
Young, Winifred Phillipsburg KS scan114255
Zanon, Martin DeZano Austria scan114471
Zemke, Harvey Henry   scan144378
Zimmerman, Orville Sherwood   scan114587
Zimmerman, Orville Sherwood   scan114588
Zimmerman, Orville Sherwood   scan114589
Zimmerman, Orville Sherwood   scan114590
Zimmerman, Orville Sherwood Medford OR scan114591
Zimmerman, Orville Sherwood   scan114593
Zimmerman, Orville Sherwood   scan114594