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Medford Mail Tribune Scanned Obituary Index for 1942

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Our JCGL volunteers are scanning and indexing microfilmed images of Medford Mail Tribune Obituaries and Death Notices. Below is an index to the 1942 scanned images. It includes the name of the deceased person, his/her place of birth (when available), and the number we have assigned to the image. If the deceased person is a married woman and her maiden name was given in the obituary, this is included in the index. If you would like to receive a copy of a scanned obituary, follow this link, Postal Request Form to display the request form. Complete and print the form, then send it to the address shown along with a check for $10 and a stamped, self-addressed envelope. Some of the scanned obituaries require more than one image. We will send them all for a single $10 fee, but you must put all the image numbers (e.g., scan123456, scan123457) on your request. Be sure to provide all the required information on the form.

For faster turnaround, use the Buy Now button below to make a secure online payment and to provide the information needed to fill your request. Be sure you fill ALL fields in the form including all image scan numbers. When you complete the transaction, our librarian will copy the requested information and email it to you as an attachment. It will be sent as a .jpg (picture) file. When you receive this .jpg file, click on it and it will be loaded into your picture viewer from which you can print a hard copy.

Scanned Mail Tribune Obituaries
Last Name, First Name
Year, Image Number

Name Place of Birth Image Number
Abbott, Infant son   scan113989
Adams, Emma "Illgah" Tillamook OR scan113835
Albaugh, Lydia Vincent Admire KS scan113864
Alexander, Claudius Reid Sr.   scan113815
Allen, Albert R.   scan114053
Allen, Albert R.   scan114057
Allen, Gene   scan114045
Anderson, John Wesley Medford OR scan113878
Anderson, Lelia Edna Willows CA scan114011
Andren, Nils Eric Medford OR scan113863
Anning, Henry S. Exeter England scan114003
Anning, Henry S.   scan114008
Armpriest, Louisa "Aunt Lou" Lane County OR scan113891
Armstrong, Emma Alice Jacksonville OR scan114073
Austin, Robert Charles Plainfield MO scan113946
Auten, John Benjamin IN scan113773
Averill, Ernest L.   scan114118
Bagley, Patricia Ann Medford OR scan114091
Bahr, Harold V.   scan114001
Baird, Clissie Elizabeth MN scan114128
Baker, Charles Ashley Chatham Ontario Canada scan113916
Baker, Charles T. "Ted"   scan114127
Baldwin, Belle   scan114019
Barker, William Hurley   scan113876
Barnhart, Lillie WY scan113954
Barnum, Louella Little Shasta CA scan113877
Barnum, Louella   scan113882
Beck, Francis M. KS scan113974
Beck, Francis M.   scan113977
Bedingfield, John L. Springfield MO scan113845
Beeson, Richard B.   scan113767
Beeson, Richard B. Salem OH scan113770
Beneka, Clarissa Marie Minneapolis MN scan113854
Bernum, Gertrude Waterloo IA scan113953
Best, George Harold   scan113893
Bevens, Martha Salt Creek, OR scan113840
Bierma, Nicholas Holland scan113803
Bigalow, Carl H.   scan114129
Bish, Minnie Eagle Point OR scan113997
Bishop, Alonzo G. McHenry IL scan113674
Blankenship, Katherine E. Cincinnati OH scan113673
Blotter, Alvin   scan114056
Bond, Ollie Mae (Mrs. Edward E.) Medford OR scan114120
Boone, Janet G. Alvon WV scan113751
Boothby, Margaret Jennie Hillsboro OR scan114000
Borthwick, Ethel KY scan114110
Boss, Rose Ann   scan113664
Bostwick, Eva KY scan113705
Bowman, Amelia Prussia scan114050
Boyd, Philindia   scan114025
Bradford, William Henry MI scan114037
Breen, Frank   scan113760
Breen, Frank Walla Walla WA scan113762
Brodeur, "Sister Seriphine" Hartford CT scan113834
Brown, Ceciela Mary Jacksonville OR scan114012
Brown, Daniel Wilmer   scan114054
Brown, Ethel KY scan114110
Brown, Mary Burns OR scan113925
Brown, Mary Ann Asotin WA scan113907
Brown, May E.   scan113979
Brown, Samuel Henry "Sam"   scan114043
Brownrigg, Estella Phoenix OR scan113829
Brownrigg, Estella Phoenix OR scan113830
Bryant, Edgar Lloyd Boston MA scan114097
Bryant, Grace E. MN scan113980
Buckley, Emma Catherine Jacksonville OR scan113675
Bullock, Harold E. Oakland CA scan113721
Bullock, Harold T.   scan113719
Burke, Louise (Miss)   scan113861
Burleson, Robert R. Proctor TX scan113676
Burrell, Betsey U. Dayton IN scan113933
Butterfield, Charles S.   scan113880
Butterfield, Charles S. Webberville MI scan113885
Cahen, Herbert   scan113867
Cahen, Herbert A.   scan113888
Calder, Richard James Aberdeen Scotland scan114044
Calvert, Hattie Phoenix OR scan114125
Cameron, Robert K.   scan114117
Cameron, Robert Keith   scan114084
Carey, Charles A. Portland OR scan113966
Carlow, Eva M. Dr. Dexter MI scan113689
Carlow, Eva M. Dr. Dexter MI scan113692
Carlton, Lyle Hurst Wellen OR scan113903
Carter, Arvell Theodore   scan114109
Carter, Benjamin Newton County AR scan113871
Carter, William Gordan Portland OR scan113948
Cartmel, Gertrude Grand Junction CO scan114006
Casterlin, Clissie Elizabeth MN scan114128
Chaplin, Martha Ellen IL scan113950
Chapman, Martha Jane Needy OR scan114130
Charboneau, Frank L. Forrester MI scan114065
Chenoweth, George Wesley Maringo IN scan113808
Childers, Cordelia B.   scan113932
Christy, Lula E. Hillsboro KY scan113817
Chubbuck, Grace Hornesville NY scan113661
Clark, Ina C. Butler OK scan113721
Clayton, Thomas Harvey   scan113828
Clifford, Charles Sidney Sidney CO scan113999
Close, Thomas S. "Tommy"   scan113807
Cobb, Edwin R.   scan114101
Cobb, Edwin Rollins Roxbury VT scan114103
Cobb, Nettie May   scan113994
Coffenberry, Myra A. PA scan113899
Coffman, Emma Logtown OR scan114036
Coghill, Leonard W. Pinevillage IN scan113774
Coleman, Hattie Phoenix OR scan114125
Collins (Mrs. Ben)   scan113875
Colvig, Mary Platte County MO scan113801
Conner, Ida Regina   scan113866
Conway, Charles E. Stockton UT scan113728
Cook, Sally Ann Ashville NC scan114071
Coppock, Warren   scan113711
Corey, Minnie Howard Lake MN scan114078
Cornutt, Effie L. Marshfield OR scan113886
Couper, John B. Coldwater MI scan113879
Cowles, Doyle   scan114042
Cowles, Doyle Charles Maynard IA scan114041
Cox, Izaac H.   scan113981
Cox, Milindia L. Rose County TN scan114040
Crabtree, Catharine N. Mercer County IL scan113715
Craig, David Scotland scan113806
Crane, William A.   scan113930
Cratty, Paul J. Peoria IL scan113807
Crouse, Margaret Jane Sparta NC scan114030
Crow, Carrie Solona County CA scan113714
Crowley, Martha Salt Creek, OR scan113840
Daddysman, B.   scan114111
Dale, Robert Durango CO scan114052
Danielson, Johanna Marie Copenhagen Denmark scan113798
Daugherty, Albert PA scan113739
Davidson, Clyde Williams Creek OR scan113985
Davis, O. L. Paris TX scan114012
Davis, O. L. "Oat"   scan114009
Davis, Sarah E. Canada scan113853
Deck, Frances Edna   scan113811
Deck, Francis   scan113809
Demmer, Mary Russia scan113776
Dews, Thomas Garret   scan113883
Dews, Thomas Garrett Jackson County OR scan113888
Dicken, Lydia Vincent Admire KS scan113864
Dickey, Walter David   scan113985
Dickey, Walter David Harriman TN scan113986
Doran, Gertrude Waterloo IA scan113953
Dorland, Serena Eleanor Knoxville IA scan114131
Doty, Mary Evalyne Calous ME scan113687
Dow, Rhoda WI scan114121
Drew, John R.   scan113734
Drew, John R. MN scan113755
Duhamel, Joseph J. SD scan113964
Dungy, Charity England scan113983
Dyer, Mary Platte County MO scan113801
Dyer, Olivia South Hampton Ontario Canada scan113869
Eddy, B. L.   scan113765
Edmiston, James   scan114039
Edwards, Joy V. Jackson County OR scan113937
Edwards, Robert   scan113725
Elder, Serena Eleanor Knoxville IA scan114131
Elledge, George B.   scan113939
Ellestad, Leulla Claybourne County IA scan114013
Eppler, Martha Ohlowa NE scan113724
Farlow, Frank   scan113748
Farlow, Frank Albany OR scan113754
Farnquist, Edna H. Laurel NE scan113714
Farrell, Charles Robert Yreka CA scan113888
Ferguson, William H. WV scan113746
Fernlund, Ina C. Butler OK scan113721
Fick, Henrietta Wilhelmina Stelberg Germany scan113897
Field, Grace Hornesville NY scan113661
Fireman, Kathleen E.   scan113706
Fish, Earl   scan113708
Fisher, Margaret E. "Mother Fisher" Jay County IN scan113998
Fiske, William Prince Muscatine IA scan113965
Flamme, Carl   scan113696
Flitcroft, Craig H.   scan113862
Foeller, Charles A. Kanechbach Germany scan113906
Ford, Seth A.   scan114062
Foreman, Louise Marie Portelas NM scan113922
Forsyth, Robert J. Governeur NY scan113894
Foster, Charles Augustus "Grandad Foster" Shasta CA scan113772
Fox, Frank   scan114115
Fox, George E. Oskaloosa IA scan113804
Fraker, Perry J. Nashville IN scan113744
Fredenburg, Emma Logtown OR scan114036
Fredette, (Mrs. H. C.)   scan113978
Fredette, Grace E. MN scan113980
Fridegar, William   scan113812
Fridegar, William Kirkersville OH scan113814
Fry, Earl C. Albany OR scan113941
Fullerton, Catherine Lucretia Pontiac IL scan114096
Furman, Clara Jane Tomaque Pa scan113959
Gagnon, Emma Moose Creek Canada scan113795
Garnett, Elizabeth Lee Dover MO scan114048
Garrett, Raymond Walker "Rod" Flora OR scan113942
Garwood, George Sylvester OR scan113872
Gay, Charles B.   scan113993
Gay, Charles B. MI scan114026
Geppert, Josephine IL scan113968
Glass, Theodore A. Fairview TX scan113793
Goodman, Frank M.   scan113851
Gordon, Sarah E. Canada scan113853
Gore, Walter S. (90th Birthday) Jacksonville OR scan113766
Gottig, Ida   scan114094
Gottig, Ida Charlotte Germany scan114098
Gould, Cordelia E. TX scan113791
Grassley, Ida   scan114094
Grassley, Ida Charlotte Germany scan114098
Griffiths, David   scan114085
Grigsley, Ollie Mae Medford OR scan114120
Grimsley, John M.   scan113791
Guisness, Frances Louise   scan113846
Hagen, Thomas Vine Grove KY scan113856
Hager, Charles Jr.   scan113938
Hall, Amory J. Eugene OR scan113826
Hall, Archie Ira   scan113923
Hall, Archie Ira   scan113924
Hall, Charles Jr.   scan113750
Hamaker, John B. IA scan113951
Hamm, Steve F.   scan113703
Hammon, Ellen Amelia IA scan113786
Hammond, Kate Yankton SD scan114049
Hampson, Lena Estelle Louisiana MO scan113763
Hannaford, Elizabeth Jane MO scan113800
Hanscom, Margaret L. Locust Grove OH scan113775
Hansen (Mrs. Will)   scan114027
Hansen, Ina Belle Ruch OR scan114032
Hargrave, Henry P. Dr. Woodstock Ontario Canada scan113991
Harlow, Lathoa Viola St Paul MN scan113686
Harlow, Leotha   scan113683
Harris, Martha Etta Fairfield IL scan113680
Harris, Otto W. TN scan113665
Harris, Otto W.   scan113666
Harrison, Samuel B. Hollinwood England scan114079
Haskins, Lilla Jane Sterling/Applegate OR scan113745
Hawk, Mabel Mahaffey PA scan113988
Hawley, Daryl Cox Klamath Falls OR scan113963
Hayden, Louella   scan113882
Hayden, Louella Little Shasta CA scan113877
Heckner, John   scan114114
Helman, John Henry Cleveland OH scan113929
Helms, Donald Edward Detroit Lakes MN scan114109
Helt, Alice IN scan113778
Hendricks, Carl   scan114124
Herbert, Harold Hastings NE scan113738
Herriford, Claude D. Louisville KY scan113816
Higginbotham, Margaret E. Jay County IN scan113998
Hill, Martin Van Luttrell TN scan113865
Hill, Martin Van   scan113868
Hillyer, Samuel Wesley Wilton WI scan114076
Hohl, Esther E. Cottage Grove OR scan113797
Holbrook, Margaret Jane Sparta NC scan114024
Holbrook, Margaret Jane Sparta NC scan114030
Holliday, Sarah N. Atlanta GA scan113833
Holmes, Ceciela Mary Jacksonville OR scan114012
Hooker, Henry Edwin Mound City KS scan114028
Hooper, Sally Ann (Mrs. J. D.) Ashville NC scan114071
Horn, William Elkton SD scan113945
Houston, William T.   scan114099
Houston, William Thomas Jacksonville OR scan114100
Howard, Charles James Kewanee IL scan113909
Hoyt, Hiram Hollis OH scan113945
Hoyt, Inez Freeland MI scan113952
Hubert, William Alexander Florisant MO scan113996
Hurst, (Mrs. W. E.)   scan113701
Hurst, Jessie May MN scan113740
Hutchinson, Samuel William "Sam" Wayne County IA scan113962
Inlow, Fred E. Eagle Point OR scan113858
Inlow, Sarah Margaret Langell's Valley OR scan113720
Irion, Charles W. Colorado Springs CO scan114068
Isaacs, Grover D. Paola KS scan114067
Isaacs, Grover D.   scan114069
Isabell, James R.   scan113759
Jackson, John   scan113685
Jackson, John B. Sulphur Springs TX scan113668
Jackson, William L. Boone County AR scan113847
Jacobs, Fred L. "Babe"   scan114031
Jennings, Lena Germany scan113831
Johnson, Amy F.   scan113841
Johnson, Elmer   scan113748
Johnson, Elmer   scan113753
Johnson, Everett Robert   scan113750
Johnson, Frank E.   scan113832
Johnson, William E. Helsinborg Sweden scan113969
Johnson, William Ernfrid Helsingfors Sweden scan113970
Johnston, Effie L. Marshfield OR scan113886
Johnston, T. Slater Rochester NY scan114090
Johnston, T. Slater   scan114092
Jones, (Mrs. Ivan H.) Daily City ND scan113901
Jones, Louise Marie Portelas NM scan113922
Jones, Mildred Ann   scan113906
Kelley, Edward L. Butte MT scan113947
Kelsoe, C. C.   scan113931
Kelsoe, Emma Josephine   scan113975
Kelsoe, J. Wesley   scan113737
Kendall, Gerald E.   scan113688
Kenney, Rosetta Burlington IA scan113958
Kerr, Grace B. MN scan113704
King, Julia Lee Bruin KY scan114122
Kirby, Ila Fay Wagner Creek OR scan113874
Kirkpatrick, W. L. Washington County IA scan113712
Kisling, Margaret L. Locust Grove OH scan113775
Klingle, Ella   scan113908
Knox, Louisa Lane County OR scan113891
Knutson, Ole K. IL scan113711
Kruggel, (Mrs. Reinhart F.)   scan113794
Kruggel, Esther E. Cottage Grove OR scan113797
Kurz, Mary Burns OR scan113925
Lane, Bernice Scotland scan113735
Laughlin, John   scan113661
Law, Catharine N. Mercer County IL scan113715
Law, Minnie   scan113713
Lawton, D. T. (90th Birthday) Leon WI scan114081
Lawton, Denison Taylor Leon WI scan113747
Layton, Emma J. MO scan113732
Layton, Theresa Eugene OR scan114126
Lee, Estella Phoenix OR scan113830
Lee, Estella (Mrs. Edward) Phoenix OR scan113829
Lehman, Ulysses Simpson Orville OH scan113712
Leonard, Sam L. Green Bay IA scan114093
Lewis, Ella Adeline PA scan114089
Lewis, Raymond John Ursa IL scan114035
Lightner, Ella Adeline PA scan114089
Liming, Henrietta E. Dubuque IA scan114063
Lineker, Lydia Vincent Admire KS scan113864
Lollar, Alice IN scan113778
Loosley, Phil S. McMinnville OR scan113677
Loyd, Janet G. Alvon WV scan113751
Lungren, Axel T. Sweden scan114086
Lynch, Lelia Edna Willows CA scan114011
MacBain, Arthur Glenn   scan113982
Mace, Mary I. Canada scan113920
Mackay, Harry Philadelphia PA scan113718
Mackin, John R. Graves Creek OR scan133844
Maginn, Pierce P.   scan113905
Maloney, Katherine E. Cincinnati OH scan113673
Manly, (Mrs. W. S.)   scan113943
Manning, James Worcester MA scan113741
Marks, Martha Jane Needy OR scan114130
Marsh, George Loren Table Rock OR scan113904
Martin, Emma M Logtown OR scan114036
Martin, Joseph Trinidad CA scan113699
Martin, William Albert Jefferson MO scan113784
Maurel, Maurice A. Odessa Russia scan113761
May, Ellis Thompson Oswego KS scan113837
McBride, Bernice Scotland scan113735
McBride, Hurlburt Daniel Belvidere IL scan114022
McBride, Lottie   scan113824
McCleary, Isaac Wilson Griffin IN scan113881
McCredie, William Elrig Village Scotland scan113849
McGinley, Charles J.   scan114060
McGinley, Charles John Ogallala NE scan114059
McGrew, Curtis A. Polk County OR scan113884
McJimsey, John H. Ringo County IA scan114082
McKee, Emma Logtown OR scan114036
McLean, James W. Lawrence County PA scan113729
McManus, Elizabeth Cleora Medford OR scan113774
Mee, Lucy Fresno County CA scan113870
Meeker, Minnie C. Howard Lake MN scan114078
Meilleur, O.   scan113823
Meisinger, George   scan113927
Mendenhall, S. G.   scan113679
Mendenhall, Sterling G.   scan113670
Mendenhall, Sterling G. "Mendy" Crete NE scan113667
Merriman, Martha Etta Fairfield IL scan113680
Merritt, Catherine Lucretia Pontiac IL scan114096
Metcalf, Lee   scan114066
Mete, Alessandro Sambiase Italy scan114006
Metternich, Joseph Keokuk IA scan113727
Meyer, Amelia Russia scan113911
Meyer, Ella   scan113908
Michaels, Nancy Rosalee   scan113898
Michaels, Norman Ray   scan113898
Middlebusher, Mary Elizabeth Beardstown IL scan114004
Miller, Earl Fort Scott KS scan113834
Miller, Elva Jane Scio OR scan113758
Mintle, Nevada   scan113833
Mitchell, William F.   scan113726
Moore, Charles Russell Mono County CA scan113780
Moore, Douglas   scan114102
Moore, Effie L. Marshfield OR scan113886
Moore, John William WV scan113843
Moore, Patricia   scan114102
Moore, Virginia   scan114102
Moore, William Dalson Pikesville TN scan113915
Moran, Phillip Channing   scan113681
Morelock, Mary Jane Brownsville OR scan114019
Morelock, Mary Jane Brownsville OR scan114020
Mortimer, Charles   scan113987
Mottern, Lillie WY scan113954
Murrey, Rose Ellen NY scan114064
Muse, Lulu Holland OR scan113926
Muskopf, Richard   scan113756
Neathamer, Jesse David Rock Point OR scan113972
Nelson, Johanna Marie Copenhagen Denmark scan113798
Nelson, Lovy Jane Nashville TN scan114010
Nelson, Olaf Kenneth Sweden scan113712
Newnham, Alfred A. London England scan113690
Newnham, Alfred A.   scan113695
Newnham, Alfred A.   scan113702
Newton, Joseph Harold Vankleek Hill Ontario Canada scan113796
Newton, Joseph Harold   scan113800
Niedermeyer, Louis Krais Halle Germany scan113940
Nordwick, Hans Oliver   scan113842
Norman, Catharine N. Mercer County IL scan113715
North, Harry D. Stillman Valley IL scan113821
Nye, Mildred Ann   scan113906
Nye, unknown (Mrs. Ivan H. Jones) Daily City ND scan113901
Nyswaner, W. R.   scan113956
Nyswaner, William Riley Phoenix OR scan113957
Oakes, William England scan113709
O'Brien, Etta   scan113672
O'Brien, Flora Bavaria scan113944
O'Brien, Martha Etta Fairfield IL scan113680
Offenbacher, Flora Bavaria scan113944
Offutt, B.   scan114111
Oldaker, Manilla (Mrs.)   scan113693
Oliver, Arley Gene   scan113900
Oliver, Frank   scan113714
Oliver, William Franklin Chanute KS scan113717
Olson, (Mrs. C. F.)   scan113813
Olson, Matilda (Mrs. C. F.) Claestrop Sweden scan113815
Olson, Robert   scan114016
Orr, Jack IL scan114029
Orr, Jack   scan114033
Orr, Mary Evalyne Calous ME scan113687
Osborn, Mary J. Jacksonville IL scan113921
Osborne, Olivia South Hampton Ontario Canada scan113869
Owen, Lucy Fresno County CA scan113870
Pankey, Hampton Thomas Meridosia IL scan114074
Parker, John M. Spokane WA scan113917
Parker, Margaret Park City UT scan113905
Parks, Floyd E.   scan113764
Patee, Alice IN scan113778
Patterson, Cora May Clinton MO scan114038
Patterson, Donald   scan113662
Paul, Daisy   scan113971
Paul, Daisy   scan113973
Peachey, A. H.   scan114116
Pearce, Valerie Llewllyn Juneau AK scan114017
Pickel, Charles   scan114058
Pickel, Charles Albert Ray Center MI scan114061
Pierce, Elizabeth Jane MO scan113800
Pierce, Loyd B.   scan113834
Pittman, Kenneth   scan114002
Poellnitz, Ada   scan113918
Poellnitz, Ada   scan113919
Porter, Ada   scan113788
Porter, Ada Thedford Ontario Canada scan113792
Poston, Henry A.   scan113693
Potter, Kate E. Fairfield IA scan114015
Pratt, John R. Ashland OR scan114123
Prickett, Charles Clifford Outlook WA scan113790
Priem, Matilda Eloise Eulzen Germany scan113848
Pruett, Milindia L. Rose County TN scan114040
Pruett, Milindia L.   scan114046
Pruitt, Emma J.   scan113731
Pruitt, Emma J. MO scan113732
Ravenor, Gertrude Grand Junction CO scan114006
Ray, Clark Calvin Fillmore UT scan113760
Ray, William Ruch OR scan113910
Redling, Valerie Llewllyn Juneau AK scan114017
Reed, Charlotte   scan113969
Reich, Karmen Jolene   scan113736
Reynolds, Joseph L. Jackson County OR scan114005
Richardson, Michael J. MO scan114109
Richter, Henrietta Wilhelmina Stelberg Germany scan113897
Riley, Nellie   scan114051
Rittner, Roy W.   scan113730
Rodgers, Belle   scan114019
Roe, Lula E. Hillsboro KY scan113817
Rose, John Redwood Falls MN scan113935
Rosecrans, Annebelle   scan113838
Ross, Bernice Scotland scan113735
Royce, Martha   scan113723
Royce, Martha Ohlowa NE scan113724
Ruch, Fredlin Davenport IA scan113733
Rumley, Lynn Phoenix OR scan113892
Saltmarsh, Lilla Jane Sterling/Applegate OR scan113745
Samuels, Augustus Henry "Gus" Anderson IN scan113787
Samuels, Gus H.   scan113785
Schmidt, Carl J. Germany scan114055
Seaman, Charles Byron Talent OR scan113716
Seaman, Charles Byron   scan113721
Seaman, Clara Brownsboro OR scan113955
Selby, Charles C. Indianapolis, IN scan113949
Settlemire, Roy Allen Albany OR scan113843
Shafer, Mary Russia scan113776
Sharp, Henry H. England scan114095
Shults, Herman J. OK scan113855
Shults, Herman James   scan113854
Sisemore, Lindsey C.   scan113859
Sisemore, Linsy C. Sams Valley OR scan113860
Slover, James A.   scan113839
Smith, Albert William   scan113671
Smith, Daniel R.   scan113742
Smith, Daniel R.   scan113749
Smith, Daniel R.   scan113760
Smith, Eliza Adeline Ukiah CA scan113992
Smith, Fred H. Chatham IL scan113820
Smith, Samuel Brooks IA scan113868
Smith, Stanley   scan113669
Smith, Walter Lemuel Pendleton OR scan114132
Smith, William Alexander Mountain Ontario Canada scan113896
Snyer, Margaret Park City UT scan113905
Solbert, Eric   scan113913
Soop, Rose Ellen NY scan114064
Sowell, Lulu Holland OR scan113926
Spencer, James Galyway Seragorda IN scan114072
Spencer, Joseph S. MO scan113976
Spencer, Millie   scan113912
Sperry, James Edward New Germany Nova Scotia scan113978
Spjuth, Axel T.   scan113827
Spjuth, Axel Theodore Ostergotland Sweden scan113820
Springer, Matt   scan113914
Stancliffe, Marian E.   scan113783
Stancliffe, Mary Ellen (Miss) Frankfort KS scan113789
Staska, Frank J.   scan114018
Stelle, Elizabeth Jane MO scan113800
Stephens, Martin Holton MI scan113806
Stevens, Carl S. Los Angeles CA scan113694
Stevens, Joseph B.   scan114107
Stevens, Thomas A. IL scan113773
Stewart, H. E.   scan113802
Stewart, H. E.   scan113805
Storey, Hugh Sheffield England scan113661
Strang, Charles   scan113852
Sullivan, Rachel Matilda "Grandma" NC scan113811
Summer, George Otto   scan114080
Summers, George O.   scan114083
Sutherlin, William H.   scan113691
Sutherlin, William Henry Blooming Grove TX scan113697
Swartzfager, Lathoa Viola St Paul MN scan113686
Swartzfager, Leotha   scan113683
Swindler, Infant daughter   scan113857
Talbott, Ida Regina   scan113866
Tanner, George Brock Ontario Canada scan113967
Taylor, Grace B.   scan113700
Taylor, Grace B. MN scan113704
Terrill, Clara Brownsboro OR scan113955
Terwilliger, Loella Terresa Ellenville NY scan113912
Thomas, Lelah W. York County NE scan113663
Thompson, Carrie Solona County CA scan113714
Thompson, Vernon May (Mrs. W. H.)   scan113928
Thomson, Carrie   scan113713
Throckmorton, Ina Bell Ruch OR scan114032
Timmerman, Bertha L. Germany scan113960
Tison, James   scan114047
Toler, Chester P.   scan113936
Townsend, William Listen MO scan113921
Treichler, George L. Shawnee NY scan113698
Tresham, Lena Germany scan113831
Trill, Terry Noel   scan114014
Trusty, Lovy Jane Nashville TN scan114010
Tucker, May E.   scan113979
Turner, Louis Gerald Council Grove Ks scan114034
Turpin, Zora Thursa Healdsburg CA scan114087
Ulrich, Emma Catherine Jacksonville OR scan113675
Ulrich, Rosetta Burlington IA scan113958
Urup, Sarah Margaret Langell's Valley OR scan113720
Urup, Sarah Margaret   scan113721
Van Dyke, Inez Freeland MI scan113952
Van Valzah, Robert C. Dr. Ashland OR scan113707
Vance, Herbert Townsend   scan113781
Vinson, Benjamin H. Jr.   scan113982
Wagner, Benjamin F. Rock Grove IA scan113678
Wagner, Fred D. Ashland OR scan113890
Walch, Lelah York County NE scan113663
Walker, Asil A. Gold Hill OR scan113799
Walker, Asil A.   scan113800
Walker, Florance Linn County OR scan113934
Walker, Jack   scan113752
Warner, Donald B. Trail OR scan113850
Webster, John Francis South Wayne WI scan114112
Welch, Elizabeth Cleora Medford OR scan113774
Welch, Elizabeth Cleora   scan113777
Werth, Matilda Eloise Eulzen Germany scan113848
Westerlund, (Mrs. William)   scan113961
Wheeler, David W.   scan113825
Wheeler, David Warren Batavia IL scan113818
Wheeler, David Warren   scan113819
Wheeler, David Warren   scan113822
Wheeler, Pauline Canada scan114007
Whelpley, Minnie Eagle Point OR scan113997
White, Clarissa Marie Minneapolis MN scan113854
White, John F. Grayson County KY scan113776
White, William C. Garland PA scan113896
Wilder, Nelson Harlan County KY scan113887
Wilder, Nelson   scan113888
Williams, Ila Fay Wagner Creek OR scan113874
Williams, Julia Lee Bruin KY scan114122
Williamson, Jessie May MN scan113740
Wilson, Sarah Margaret Langell's Valley OR scan113720
Wilson, William Cyrus boonville IN scan113806
Wilson, William Cyrus   scan113810
Winders, John   scan113746
Woelffle, Charles L.   scan114107
Woelffle, Charles Louis   scan114104
Wood, Hoe   scan113889
Woods, J. C.   scan113778
Woods, J. C.   scan113779
Woods, James C. St. Clairsville IN scan113782
Wooley, Raymond Stanford Eagle Point OR scan113768
Wooley, Raymond Stanford Eagle Point OR scan113769
Wooley, Raymond Stanford   scan113771
Woolsey, Clarence   scan113722
Work, Hubert Dr.   scan113743
Workman, Belle   scan114019
Wright, Glen H. Yakima WA scan114023
Wright, Mabel Mahaffey PA scan113988
Wright, Robert L. Jackson County KS scan113757
Wyatt, Lucy Fresno County CA scan113870
Young, Albert A. Jacksonville OR scan113836
Young, Arnold F.   scan114070
Young, Arnold Francis Calgary AB Canada scan114075
Young, George B. Lisbon IA scan114088
Young, Kate Yankton SD scan114049
Young, Lathoa Viola St Paul MN scan113686
Young, Leotha   scan113683
Young, Levi   scan114021
Young, Mary J.   scan113981
Young, Mary Jane Cork County Ireland scan113984
Ysunza, Matilda Eloise Eulzen Germany scan113848
Zimmerlee, Mary Ann Asotin WA scan113907
Zimmerman, Eunice Leola (Miss)   scan113684
Zuccala, Frank Italy scan113798