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Medford Mail Tribune Scanned Obituary Index for 1943

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Our JCGL volunteers are scanning and indexing microfilmed images of Medford Mail Tribune Obituaries and Death Notices. Below is an index to the 1943 scanned images. It includes the name of the deceased person, his/her place of birth (when available), and the number we have assigned to the image. If the deceased person is a married woman and her maiden name was given in the obituary, this is included in the index. If you would like to receive a copy of a scanned obituary, follow this link, Postal Request Form to display the request form. Complete and print the form, then send it to the address shown along with a check for $10 and a stamped, self-addressed envelope. Some of the scanned obituaries require more than one image. We will send them all for a single $10 fee, but you must put all the image numbers (e.g., scan123456, scan123457) on your request. Be sure to provide all the required information on the form.

For faster turnaround, use the Buy Now button below to make a secure online payment and to provide the information needed to fill your request. Be sure you fill ALL fields in the form including all image scan numbers. When you complete the transaction, our librarian will copy the requested information and email it to you as an attachment. It will be sent as a .jpg (picture) file. When you receive this .jpg file, click on it and it will be loaded into your picture viewer from which you can print a hard copy.

Scanned Mail Tribune Obituaries
Last Name, First Name
Year, Image Number

Name Place of Birth Image Number
Abel, Hattie L.   scan113549
Adams, Allen North Baltimore OH scan113341
Adams, Dick Mitchell SD scan113628
Adams, Oliver Brownsville OR scan113302
Adams, Rebecca Louisa TN scan113481
Adkins, William S.   scan113469
Adkins, William Shephard Redding CA scan113465
Agens, Frederic Thomas Newark NJ scan113655
Aggens, Agnes Mina Detroit MI scan113313
Aikins, Harold S. Aledo IL scan113204
Allen, George W. Placerville CA scan113363
Allen, Ida May Logan UT scan113657
Alvord, Pearl Jacksonville IL scan113402
Amsbary, Charles E.   scan113351
Amsbary, Minnie L. Black River Falls WI scan113168
Amsbary, Minnie L.   scan113176
Anderson, Curtis   scan113641
Anderson, Irvin T. Table Rock OR scan113541
Andrews, Walter Edwin Cleveland OH scan113357
Archer, Ernest T.   scan113556
Arens, William   scan113529
Aschoff, Ellen E. OR scan113370
Ashcraft, Dean   scan113375
Atwell, James H. AR scan113345
Auer, Infant daughter Ashland OR scan113504
Averill, Carrie Knox NE scan113340
Ayers, Cordelia Lutica Denver AR scan113240
Ayres, John R. Bolliver MO scan113418
Backes, Nicholas Jackson IL scan113548
Bailey, Benjamin F. Cincinnati OH scan113394
Baker, Ethel May Webster County NE scan113439
Baker, Marcus P. Kalamazoo MI scan113326
Baker, Marcus P.   scan113327
Baker, Naomi Medford OR scan113652
Baker, William E. Kirksville MO scan113524
Baker, William Edward   scan113520
Ball, Frank KS scan113206
Ball, Son   scan113480
Barkley, Eli Clark Irdell County NC scan113244
Barneburg, Fred Jackson County OR scan113506
Barneburg, Fred Medford OR scan113507
Barnett, Nellie Council Bluffs IA scan113650
Barry, Benjamin L.   scan113656
Barry, Benjamin Leroy "B L" Baldwin Township WI scan113659
Baughman, Rosa Lee Platte County MO scan113401
Beach, Harry Milford PA scan113213
Beach, Reason Walter Knox County OH scan113445
Beall, Marian   scan113306
Beardsley, William Jefferson Freeborn County MN scan113644
Beckelhymer, Edmund P. Cairo IL scan113617
Becker, Allen   scan113188
Bedingfield, Laurel I.   scan113329
Bedingfield, Laurel I.   scan113350
Bennett, Marie Elisabeth Central Point OR scan113403
Bergner, David Stanley Rochester NY scan113398
Berwert, Ada L. Glenburn CA scan113580
Bettner, Martha Marie   scan113492
Bettner, Martha Marie   scan113494
Beveridge, Ida May Logan UT scan113657
Bigham, P. C. Ventura CA scan113519
Bigham, Pearl C. Ventura CA scan113525
Birch, William Harvey Greenup County KY scan113497
Birdsall, Henry D. St. Peter MN scan113333
Birdsall, Henry D.   scan113335
Bish, Dora   scan113225
Bish, Rebecca Louisa TN scan113481
Bishop, LaNora L. Phoenix OR scan113479
Blackburn, Nellie G. Goshen MO scan113357
Blackwell, Eliza Elizabeth Polk County AR scan113232
Blair, Aurell R.   scan113314
Blair, Joseph A.   scan113577
Blair, Joseph A.   scan113578
Blair, Joseph Aurele St Charles Quebec Canada scan113572
Blixt, Paul Sweden scan113619
Boardman, James S.   scan113378
Boardman, James S. Albany NY scan113379
Bogle, Charles   scan113242
Bohnert, William Lahr Germany scan113180
Book, Amos Leroy   scan113518
Borchert, Max A. Washington DC scan113533
Borland, Frank Polk Sterling NE scan113200
Boussum, Carrie Knox NE scan113340
Bowling, Mary E. MO scan113582
Bowling, Mary E.   scan113584
Bowman, Carl D.   scan113509
Bowman, Carl D. IN scan113512
Bowman, John F. Boone County IA scan113569
Bowman, John F.   scan113571
Bradley, Lawson G. Jackson County OR scan113429
Bradshaw, Douglas L.   scan113460
Bradshaw, Douglas L.   scan113463
Brinkman, Mary Ellen Lamars IA scan113347
Brisco, (Mrs. Gip)   scan113411
Brown, Elizabeth Jane Logan UT scan113305
Brown, Lillian Winifred Medford OR scan113400
Brown, William A.   scan113640
Brown, William Andrew MO scan113639
Bumgardner, Lillian Winifred Medford OR scan113400
Burch, Albert   scan113536
Burch, Albert   scan113537
Bure, Arthur Henry IL scan113457
Burgess, Nellie Annette & Infant son TX scan113515
Cady, Theodore S.   scan113489
Campbell, Flossie May NE scan113508
Campbell, Mary Rosetta Berlin MO scan113253
Cantrall, James Madison Uniontown OR scan113269
Carello, Victor   scan113351
Carkin, Ada Winterport ME scan113341
Carlile, Mary E. Oregon City OR scan113286
Carlow, Frank G. Dr.   scan113483
Carlson, August Victor Sweden scan113332
Carlton, Marion Hannah Pueblo CO scan113314
Carter, David Lee Klamath Falls OR scan113493
Case, Clarence F. Medina County OH scan113606
Casey, Laurel Jean Medford OR scan113481
Cash, Maggie Jane Hannibal MO scan113231
Cash, Mark Frank Nebraska City NE scan113318
Cate, Gussie Calhoun TN scan113199
Caton, Harry F. Jacksonville OR scan113464
Christensen, Caroline D. Hamburg Germany scan113409
Clem, Nellie Annette TX scan113515
Close, Edith Alice   scan113365
Clute, Lydia Helena Jackson County OR scan113501
Clute, Lydia Helena   scan113504
Coffey, Jay R. Dr. Moscow ID scan113600
Coffin, Howard   scan113626
Coggins, Josie Vlanna   scan113462
Coleman, Fred A. Kalamazoo MI scan113216
Collins, George   scan113491
Combest, Wayne V.   scan113427
Combs, Ruth Marie   scan113325
Conger, Irene Centerville IA scan113440
Conley, Fred W.   scan113166
Conley, Fred W.   scan113171
Conley, Fred W. Central Point OR scan113175
Conner, Charles "Jack"   scan113467
Conway, Frank   scan113257
Cook, William Alexander Lane County OR scan113424
Cooley, Allen H. "Jack"   scan113589
Cooley, Allen H. "Jack"   scan113591
Cooper, Frances Lebanon OH scan113228
Copple, Fred A.   scan113322
Copple, Fred A. Hawkeye IA scan113324
Cornell, A. B.   scan113645
Coulter, Clarence L.   scan113426
Cowley, Robert Christian La Center WA scan113393
Cox, Emma Jane Yamhill County OR scan113271
Cox, Mary A. Pardum NE scan113590
Craddock, Alice Janet Gold Hill OR scan113446
Crawford, Ira Charles   scan113435
Crawford, Ira Charles Malone NY scan113436
Creech, J. D.   scan113234
Croft, Ward Verdi Jr. Clovis NM scan113430
Croucher, Alta Marguerete Molalla OR scan113540
Cunningham, John T. Medford OR scan113554
Cunningham, John T.   scan113559
Daily, Charles Andrew Cincinnati IA scan113354
Daily, Charles Andrew   scan113357
Daily, Nancy Johanna Appanoose County IA scan113563
Dale, Anne Bloomington IL scan113529
Dalton, Martin Miles Patrick County VA scan113419
Dark, William Preston Medford OR scan113575
Dark, William Preston   scan113577
Darnielle, unknown (Mrs. Virtue) Thompson Creek OR scan113265
Davis, Martha E. Flat River MO scan113371
Davis, William R.   scan113275
Davison, Mabel   scan113289
Dawson, Ira C. Beagle OR scan113262
De Rose, Dona Mae   scan113167
Dean, Oliver   scan113391
Denman, Albert G. Parson KS scan113432
Dennis, Effie Elizabeth Corvallis OR scan113428
Devenney, California CA scan113561
DeVries, Ned J. Toppenish WA scan113241
Devries, Ned J.   scan113255
Dick, Alonzo Germantown OH scan113315
Dodge, Minnie IL scan113473
Dodge, Minnie Springhill IL scan113473
Donegan, James E. "Jimmy" Jacksonville OR scan113412
Dorothy, Orrin Charles IA scan113541
Drake, Emma Detroit MI scan113307
Duncan, Robert M. Cobden IL scan113437
Dunnington, John G. Harney County OR scan113495
Duston, Joseph James IA scan113389
Eaton, Horace A.   scan113337
Eaton, James D. Twin Lakes MN scan113532
Eaton, Mylinda Canyonville OR scan113656
Eaton, W. H.   scan113170
Eaton, W. H. Olathe KS scan113178
Eaton, W. H.   scan113181
Edmonds, Margaret Antelope OR scan113550
Edmonds, Ruth Marie   scan113325
Edsall, LaNora L. "Granny" Phoenix OR scan113479
Edwards, Aubry St. Clair Philadelphia PA scan113419
Eldon, Ralph W.   scan113233
Elliott, Paulina Elizabeth Auburn IA scan113549
Emison, Eva Adelia Payette ID scan113425
Engel, Lavina Ellen Pepin WI scan113209
Engstrom, Mabel North Powder OR scan113237
Engstrom, Mabel   scan113289
Erb, Donald Milton Brooklyn NY scan113647
Erb, Donald Milton   scan113649
Estes, Exa V. Coleman County TX scan113229
Evans, unknown Chicago IL scan113304
Fargier, Boyd   scan113484
Fendall, George F. Yamhill County OR scan113197
Fernlund, Edwin A. Sweden scan113308
Flaherty, Dorsey U.   scan113352
Flaherty, Dorsey U.   scan113367
Flaherty, Dorsey U.   scan113372
Flaherty, Dorsey U.   scan113373
Floyd, Mary R. Greenville IL scan113421
Force, David Stephen   scan113328
Ford, Seth A.   scan113320
Ford, Seth A.   scan113358
Foren, William F. OR scan113311
Foren, William F.   scan113314
Forsee, Imo Eufalla OK scan113338
Foster, Mabel Grace (Miss) Boston MA scan113511
Friend, Alta Marguerete Molalla OR scan113540
Fry, Orville David Medford OR scan113488
Fryling, Jon A. Holland scan113381
Furch, Marvin   scan113299
Furch, Marvin   scan113300
Furch, Marvin R.   scan113294
Garner, Agnes S. Detroit MI scan113162
Garnett, Ben   scan113272
Garnett, Ben   scan113276
Garnett, Ben Hart Mountain KY scan113279
Gaster, Clyde E. IA scan113593
Gault, Alma Berlin MO scan113308
Gault, Mary Roseabel   scan113248
Gault, Mary Rosetta Berlin MO scan113252
Gaunyaw, Ray Edward Everett WA scan113504
Geary, Arthur M.   scan113585
Geary, Arthur M.   scan113587
Gellet, Benjamin H. Belgrade MT scan113392
Gerking, Emma Jane Yamhill County OR scan113271
Getchell, (Mrs. Delroy)   scan113177
Gilchrist, Anna Christine Newport IL scan113648
Gilmore, Mattie Ellen Rogue River OR scan113314
Goodyn, Barbara C. Bonanza OR scan113482
Gordon, Alfred D. OR scan113472
Gore, Walter S. Jacksonville OR scan113596
Gove, I. H. Dr.   scan113274
Graham, Elizabeth Louise Germany scan113404
Graham, Elizabeth Louise   scan113406
Grams, Rudolph   scan113247
Green, Richard Noble Sheridan Lake CO scan113382
Green, Richard Noble   scan113386
Greene, Fred W. Fayetteville AR scan113303
Greenwood, Mary R. Greenville IL scan113421
Griffin, Desdia Mae Salina TX scan113215
Griffin, Zoa Belle   scan113627
Griffin, Zoa Belle (Miss) Medford OR scan113634
Griffiths, Thomas M. Stockton CA scan113207
Grigsby, Edward Ezmon Medford OR scan113222
Grigsby, Ira Agate OR scan113296
Grigsby, Ira   scan113301
Grove, Frank C.   scan113377
Groves, Frank C.   scan113366
Grubb, Millard W. Ashland OR scan113553
Gustin, James H. "Gus the Tailor" Marysville MO scan113268
Gustin, James H. "Gus the Tailor"   scan113270
Guthrie, Bruce   scan113356
Haertle, Walter E. Richfield WI scan113276
Haff, Emma   scan113179
Haff, Emma B. Lara OH scan113183
Hagerty, Frank R.   scan113255
Hagerty, Frank R. Brooklyn MI scan113260
Hamilton, Nathan Dewey "Nate" Kankakee County IL scan113583
Hamlin, Ellen Eagle Point OR scan113487
Hampshire, John Grants Pass OR scan113339
Hampshire, John F.   scan113342
Haney, Bert Emory Lafayette OR scan113498
Hanley, Edward Burnett Jackson County OR scan113581
Hanna, Andrew Moore   scan113190
Hanna, Andrew Moore "Andy" Denison IA scan113186
Hannaford, Rose A. Bedford IA scan113267
Harbaugh, Dora Phoenix OR scan113278
Harbaugh, Dora   scan113280
Harr, John B.   scan113616
Harris, Annie B.   scan113319
Harris, Annie B.   scan113321
Harris, Darlene F. Stonington CO scan113640
Hart, Emma B. Lara OH scan113183
Hartley, Clara Louise   scan113527
Hartley, James E. Vinton County OH scan113477
Harvey, John R. "Jack"   scan113642
Hatch, Charles Ray   scan113481
Hatch, Linda Elizabeth   scan113487
Hathaway, William L. Kerby OR scan113159
Haymond, Rose A. Springfield MO scan113360
Hayward, Vern Earl Eaton Rapids MI scan113475
Head, Agnes Lane County OR scan113650
Head, Henry Warren Springfield IL scan113481
Heine, Minnie Belle Norton New Brunswick Canada scan113160
Heine, Minnie Belle   scan113164
Heldt, Phillip Russia scan113474
Henderson, Nellie L. Hamden MO scan113283
Henry, Percy A. Medford OR scan113274
Henry, Percy A.   scan113274
Herriott, George W. Applegate OR scan113543
Hicken, Nellie L. Hamden MO scan113283
Hicks, Wright Ashland OR scan113528
Higginson, Edward Thomas Canada scan113486
Higinbotham, J. E. "Ed"   scan113630
Higinbotham, James Edward Central Point OR scan113633
Hill, Otis Hiram Jr.   scan113639
Hille, Minnie Springhill IL scan113475
Hitzler, G. S.   scan113226
Hodgkins, Anne Bloomington IL scan113529
Hodgson, Harry Lancashire England scan113275
Hoefft, Harlan L. Medford OR scan113455
Hoefft, Theodore J. Lake Creek OR scan113186
Hoglund, Eric P. Sweden scan113382
Holland, Vernon Leroy   scan113202
Holman, Bessie Illene Ashland OR scan113545
Holmes, Marian   scan113306
Hooton, Hiram Andrew "Andy" IN scan113651
Hooton, Mary Katheryn Greenburg IN scan113230
Houston, Ora Belle Beagle OR scan113607
Howard, Lavina Ellen Pepin WI scan113209
Howard, Lavina Ellen   scan113212
Hubbard, A. C.   scan113405
Hubbard, A. C.   scan113408
Hubbard, Margaret Truesdell (Miss) Grinnell IA scan113570
Hull, Lola Mary Logan IA scan113203
Hungate, Don   scan113551
Hunt, Clarence G. Salina KS scan113210
Hunt, George   scan113476
Hunt, George Arthur Crete NE scan113478
Huntley, Patricia K.   scan113365
Hupp, Raymond Relfe Muncie IN scan113420
Ingram, William A. "Navy Bill"   scan113369
Irion, Effie Francis   scan113625
Isaacs, Frank Butte Creek OR scan113292
Iverson, George Hans MN scan113615
James, Florence   scan113284
Jantzer, Frank Germany scan113660
Jenkins, Naomi Medford OR scan113652
Jensen, Infant daughter   scan113215
Jobe, Jess G.   scan113639
Jobe, Jess G. KY scan113643
Johnson, Carl Olaus   scan113302
Johnson, Carl Olaus Albert Lea MN scan113310
Johnson, Edwin L. "Ole"   scan113624
Johnson, unknown Talent OR scan113305
Johnson, William H. Wheeler OR scan113344
Jones, Fleeta M. Grant City MO scan113453
Jordan, Tillie   scan113623
Keener, Imo Eufalla OK scan113338
Keiffer, Alice Elvira San Mateo CA scan113470
Keithley, Dorothy M. Central Point OR scan113531
Keithley, Dorothy M.   scan113538
Kelly, Roland H.   scan113382
Kenly, Farwell   scan113621
Kennedy, Sylvestor Madison County IA scan113179
Kerrigan, Rose Emma   scan113388
Kilker, Mary Ellen Lamars IA scan113347
Kincaid, Josephine Medford OR scan113604
King, George F.   scan113612
Kirtley, Kenneth W.   scan113622
Kitzmiller, Leo Halbert Cabco MO scan113364
Kline, Margaret C. Seneca County OH scan113185
Klocker, August J. "Gus"   scan113258
Koenig, Carl V.   scan113416
Koenig, Carl V.   scan113417
Kortright, Milfrid Lee Rockford IL scan113238
Kraft, Herman New York City NY scan113399
Kubli, Kaspar K. Jacksonville OR scan113646
LaFonte, Alice Elvira San Mateo CA scan113470
Lapree, Effie Francis   scan113625
Latham, Peter Conway Latham MO scan113450
Layton Charley Andrew   scan113517
Layton, Charles A.   scan113516
Leaders, Christine Germany scan113502
Lehmon, William T.   scan113515
Lewis, Cordelia Lutica Denver AR scan113240
Liberty, Benjamin Eastern Canada scan113217
Light, Everett S.   scan113223
Lindley, John S. Godfree IL scan113297
Linville, Hattie Jacksonville OR scan113256
Linville, Hattie Willow Springs OR scan113259
Livingston, Joseph W.   scan113515
Long, Gerald Glen   scan113637
Lucas, Elmer R. Telluride CO scan113552
Lund, Helga   scan113335
Lundy, Ellen Eagle Point OR scan113487
Lyman, Mary Katheryn "Aunt Kate" Greenburg IN scan113230
Lyons, Charles S. Hennepin County MN scan113510
Magerle, Mattie Ellen Rogue River OR scan113314
Mallery, E. N. Cedar Falls IA scan113195
Mallery, Edwin Nelson   scan113192
Marks, Raymond C.   scan113505
Martin, John Paul   scan113579
Martin, Robert Comfort Woodstock Ontario Canada scan113323
Martina, Infant daughter   scan113515
Marx, Raymond C.   scan113530
Mathews, Green Banks Eagle Point OR scan113293
Matney, Francis Fern "Fanny" Tacoma WA scan113490
Mayfield, Josephine Medford OR scan113604
McClanahan, Lloyd Allen Medford OR scan113481
McClure, Alice Margaret   scan113457
McCoy, Mark Leslie   scan113298
McDonald, Chester Smithland IA scan113215
McDonough, Emma KY scan113634
McDonough, Hattie Jacksonville OR scan113256
McDonough, Hattie Willow Springs OR scan113259
McNair, William Haller "Hal" Versailles MO scan113413
McPhee, Burton J. Nova Scotia Canada scan113539
McPike, Hattie   scan113555
McPike, Hattie L.   scan113549
McShane, (Mrs. M. J.)   scan113295
Meehan, Jennie R. Ashtabula OH scan113542
Merriman, Marie Elisabeth Central Point OR scan113403
Messenger, Nathan H.   scan113211
Messenger, Nathan H.   scan113213
Messenger, Nathan Horace   scan113208
Messner, Raphael C. "Roxy" Canada scan113611
Michalski, Infant   scan113309
Middleton, Katherine Jane Hillsboro ND scan113161
Middleton, Katherine Jane   scan113172
Miller, Casper WI scan113515
Miller, Roland   scan113522
Miller, Walter E. Empire NV scan113644
Millsaps, Grover R. ID scan113182
Minear, Ronald Alvin Grenada CA scan113345
Mitchell, Charles M.   scan113605
Mitchell, Ralph H.   scan113184
Moffatt, J. A.   scan113568
Monroe, Archie   scan113566
Monroe, Archie Dallas WI scan113569
Monroe, John Robert Cuffey's Cove CA scan113613
Moore, Janet Toni   scan113235
Moore, William B. Cincinnati OH scan113194
Morgan, Florence Mollala OR scan113499
Morgan, Richard Monroe Sams Valley OR scan113198
Morris, Rose A. Springfield MO scan113360
Morse, Josie V. Wright County MO scan113454
Morse, Josie Vianna   scan113457
Morse, Josie Vlanna   scan113462
Moseley, James Hale   scan113388
Myers, George Riley Birmingham IA scan113513
Myers, Homer   scan113396
Myers, Mary I.   scan113468
Newbry, Loyal   scan113459
Newbry, Loyal C.   scan113462
Nichols, Emma A (Miss) Rippon WI scan113243
Niedrich, Adele Peoria IL scan113165
Niedrich, Adele   scan113169
Noble, (Mrs. James) Talent OR scan113305
Norcross, Lola Mary Logan IA scan113203
Norcross, Warren Henry LaGrange WI scan113361
Norris, M. J.   scan113214
Norris, M. J. South Hero VT scan113218
Nuss, Elizabeth Ann   scan113209
Nuss, Elizabeth Ann   scan113223
O'Brien, Barbara C. Bonanza OR scan113482
O'Hare, Edward H. "Butch"   scan113620
Oliver, (Mrs. Walter) Chicago IL scan113304
Olson, Elizabeth Sweden scan113497
Olson, Elizabeth   scan113500
Olson, Olaf   scan113374
Olson, Robert B. "Bob"   scan113205
Owens, Agnes Lane County OR scan113650
Owens, Charles Oletha KS scan113597
Owings, John   scan113389
Pahl, Mary Melvina Gold Hill OR scan113653
Painter, Mary Springfield MO scan113216
Painter, Mary A. Pardum NE scan113590
Palmer, Robert W.   scan113496
Papworth, William Robert Mackay ID scan113618
Papworth, William Robert   scan113623
Parker, Flossie May NE scan113508
Paske, W. J.   scan113609
Patterson, Jesse   scan113179
Patterson, Jesse James Waterloo IA scan113189
Patton, Alexander A. Kent County England scan113601
Payton, Alfred W. "Fred" Des Moines IA scan113564
Payton, Fred   scan113563
Pech, Rudolph Lake Creek OR scan113227
Peck Emil R. Lake Creek OR scan113348
Pederson, Harold L.   scan113236
Peek, Marion Hannah Pueblo CO scan113314
Peek, Marion Hannah   scan113316
Peet, Claudina   scan113388
Pence, John Thomas Williams OR scan113557
Pernoll, Lydia Helena Jackson County OR scan113501
Phipps, Clara   scan113573
Phipps, Clara Jackson County OR scan113574
Pike, Henry V. IL scan113631
Ping, James H. Laurel County KY scan113644
Planer, Ethel Ruth Manford ND scan113565
Pletzner, Caroline D. Hamburg Germany scan113409
Poelke, Alma Alma KS scan113289
Poelke, Alma   scan113291
Poley, Clara Louise   scan113527
Pool, Joseph John Eagle Point OR scan113315
Pool, Joseph John   scan113317
Pope, Arthur Melvin Muscatine IA scan113242
Porter, Geniva Sullivan County MO scan113534
Powder, Fred H.   scan113376
Power, Emory Philip Nashville IL scan113423
Pracht, Alexander Humboldt St Louis MO scan113448
Pracht, Alexander Humboldt St Louis MO scan113449
Prater, Forman Cloff "Tim"   scan113471
Price, Malvern H.   scan113418
Priddy, George W.   scan113452
Pullen, Thomas Jefferson Coos County OR scan113651
Putnam, Roger K.   scan113533
Radcliffe, William Ambrose Salt River MO scan113599
Rader, Clara Jackson County OR scan113574
Ragsdale, Jesse L. Linn County OR scan113290
Raimey, Thomas G. Sams Valley OR scan113333
Raimey, Thomas G. Sams Valley OR scan113334
Reames, Alfred Evan Jacksonville OR scan113246
Reames, Alfred Evan   scan113249
Reames, Alfred Evan   scan113251
Reames, Alfred Evan   scan113254
Reames, Dora Phoenix OR scan113278
Redfield, John H. Glendale OR scan113594
Redmon, James E. IA scan113313
Reed, James G.   scan113629
Reed, Nellie G. Goshen MO scan113357
Regar, Mary H. UT scan113443
Regar, Mary H.   scan113444
Reinhart, William Essen Germany scan113592
Reinking, Albert Bernard Champion NE scan113349
Rhoads, Susie T. AR scan113157
Rice, Martin Simon Caledonia MN scan113414
Rickman, Dorothy Ann   scan113560
Riegel, Sprague Buffalo NY scan113359
Riegel, Sprague   scan113362
Rinkel, William Danvers IL scan113330
Roberts, Raymond Melburn Kearney County IA scan113597
Robertson, Agnes Mina Detroit MI scan113313
Robertson, Donald F.   scan113407
Robertson, George   scan113602
Robertson, John L. Gentry County MO scan113456
Robinson, Dora Ella Fayetteville AR scan113433
Robinson, Dora Ella   scan113434
Rock, Ada L. Glenburn CA scan113580
Rohrer, George W.   scan113562
Roper, Fred G.   scan113385
Rose, Alma Alma KS scan113289
Rose, Lovis G. Norway scan113216
Ross, Mary Elizabeth Lebanon MO scan113224
Routh, Jack M.   scan113654
Rowe, Lottie Venelle Central Point OR scan113576
Royce, Alma Berlin MO scan113308
Ruch, James Henry "Bob" Phoenix OR scan113431
Runnels, Manford B.   scan113201
Rusho, Frances P. Madison WI scan113535
Ryan, Mary Alice   scan113317
Samuels, Lottie Venelle Central Point OR scan113576
Sanderson, Dorothy M. Central Point OR scan113531
Sanderson, Dorothy M.   scan113538
Sanderson, Zeta Janice   scan113273
Schritt, Howard H.   scan113383
Schritt, Howard H.   scan113390
Seaman, Martha Wheeling WV scan113263
Sellers, Clyde K.   scan113329
Sharp, Minnie Belle Norton New Brunswick Canada scan113160
Sheehan, Andrew E. Williams Creek OR scan113196
Shepherd, Lester W.   scan113325
Shumaker, William A.   scan113608
Shumaker, William A.   scan113611
Silva, Alma Mae (Miss) Talent OR scan113245
Simmons, Florence   scan113284
Simmons, Florence Mollala OR scan113499
Simmons, Nellie L. Hamden MO scan113283
Simpson, Margaret Antelope OR scan113550
Sinclair, Larry James   scan113590
Singler, Francis "Rudy" South Bend IN scan113422
Skeeters, Joseph Andrew William Jacksonville OR scan113384
Smith, Agnes Detroit MI scan113162
Smith, Arthur Edwin Bigelow MO scan113312
Smith, Carol Ellen (Miss) Marshfield OR scan113252
Smith, Clifford Charles Ruch OR scan113266
Smith, Elizabeth Nancy Deleah New Orleans LA scan113328
Smith, Gloria Ellen Medford OR scan113544
Smith, James Wesley Bethany IL scan113242
Smith, John   scan113595
Smith, Maud Geraldine Aurora NE scan113314
Smith, Theodore Watertown WI scan113215
Smylie, James W. KS scan113523
Spannaus, Margaret Antelope OR scan113550
Spindler, Charles L. Hicksville OH scan113588
St. Cyr, Miranda J. IL scan113438
Stafford, Mary Springfield MO scan113216
Stead, Martha Wheeling WV scan113263
Steadman, California CA scan113561
Steele, Cyril   scan113459
Steele, Cyril George Sidney MT scan113461
Steele, Cyril George   scan113546
Stidham, Mary Elizabeth Lebanon MO scan113224
Stinson, Edward Smith Centerville IA scan113277
Stinson, Nancy Johanna Appanoose County IA scan113563
Stolle, Herman Oldenberg Germany scan113163
Stuart, Delwin   scan113250
Stuart, Delwin   scan113257
Sugg, Nelle Woodman WI scan113636
Swadley, Adele Peoria IL scan113165
Swadley, Adele   scan113169
Swartsfager, Francis Fern Tacoma WA scan113490
Swartz, Flora A. Wilkes Barre PA scan113336
Swift, Charles Henry   scan113596
Swift, Charles Henry Cleveland OH scan113598
Taber, Don F.   scan113355
Tarrier, Andrew Linn County OR scan113473
Taylor, Ellen E. OR scan113370
Temple, T. H.   scan113353
Templeton, L. Dell Fairfield IA scan113331
Terrell, Ralph W. Salem OR scan113441
Tetherow, Samuel I. Josephine County OR scan113457
Thiede, Norman J.   scan113503
Thomas, Ethel May Webster County NE scan113439
Thomas, Gussie C. Calhoun TN scan113199
Thomas, Mattie B. Lansing IA scan113311
Thompson, Emma B. Lara OH scan113183
Thorp, Eva Adelia Payette ID scan113425
Throckmorton, Aris Bowling Green KY scan113343
Tiede, Clarence L. "Tommy"   scan113614
Trowbridge, Everette G.   scan113264
Tryon, (Mrs. Joe)   scan113603
Tucker, Edward H. IL scan113387
Turnbough, Sally J.   scan113346
Turnbull, Sally J. Hot Springs AR scan113345
Turpin, Willis L.   scan113650
Van Dyke, Alice Janet Gold Hill OR scan113446
Van Winkle, Isaac H. Halsey OR scan113632
Vanier, William   scan113447
Vanier, William V. Chicago IL scan113458
Vanier, William V.   scan113463
Vaughn, John L.   scan113239
Virtue, (Mrs. Frederick) Thompson Creek OR scan113265
Virtue, Frederick Hilliar Tyrone Canada scan113261
Virtue, Frederick Hilliar Tyrone Canada scan113265
Voight, William J. "Jimmy Boyd"   scan113191
Vroman, Cyrenus WI scan113485
Waddell, Perry Ray Tyrone OK scan113397
Wahl, Paulina Elizabeth Auburn IA scan113549
Wait, F. Wilson   scan113188
Wait, Frank Wilson Creighton NE scan113193
Walker, Ammi C. Woodburn OR scan113194
Walker, Benjamin   scan113287
Walker, Benjamin F. Kearney County NE scan113285
Walker, Harry   scan113451
Wall, John Oceola WI scan113463
Walsh, Angus R. Jacksonville OR scan113368
Warren, Dean E. Elliott NE scan113586
Watkins, Martha M. Forrest Creek OR scan113521
Watson, Exa V. Coleman County TX scan113229
Webb, Alma Berlin MO scan113308
Wedge, Freeman Ebenezer Waukesha WI scan113288
Welch, L. Dell Fairfield IA scan113331
Wells, Irene Centerville IA scan113440
Wert, Maud Geraldine Aurora NE scan113314
West, Joseph Gilbert   scan113541
Westlund, Beda M. Sweden scan113158
White, James H. NE scan113608
Whitelaw, Beda M. Sweden scan113158
Whiteside, Mylinda Canyonville OR scan113656
Whittington, Mary E. MO scan113173
Wilder, Edward Eben KS scan113466
Williams, Alice Elvira San Mateo CA scan113470
Willison, Katherine Jane Hillsboro ND scan113161
Wilmot, Adele Peoria IL scan113165
Wilson, Charles A. Des Moines IA scan113497
Wilson, Emma Detroit MI scan113307
Wilson, Joseph C. IL scan113638
Wilson, Mack E. Boone NC scan113415
Wilson, Mack Edward NC scan113410
Winkelman, Carl Elmer   scan113526
Winningham, Martha M. Forrest Creek OR scan113521
Wolgamott, Dora   scan113225
Wolgamott, Eliza Elizabeth "Lizzie" Polk County AR scan113232
Wolle, Martha   scan113529
Wood, Bernie R.   scan113633
Wood, Burnie Reynolds Ironton WI scan113635
Works, Mary E. MO scan113173
Wright, Sally J. Hot Springs AR scan113345
Wright, Sally J.   scan113346
Wyant, Mary E. Oregon City OR scan113286
Yocom, Frederick Samuel   scan113219
Yocom, Frederick Samuel   scan113220
Yocom, Frederick Samuel Wallowa County OR scan113221
Yocom, Mary Melvina Gold Hill OR scan113653
York, Ada Winterport ME scan113341
York, Lillian Adele Cambridge IL scan113174
Zash, Joe   scan113658
Zattlin, Bessie   scan113547
Zattlin, Bessie Ilene Byron CA scan113548