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Medford Mail Tribune Scanned Obituary Index for 1956

photo of a Raven

Our JCGL volunteers are scanning and indexing microfilmed images of Medford Mail Tribune Obituaries and Death Notices. Below is an index to the 1956 scanned images. It includes the name of the deceased person, his/her place of birth (when available), and the number we have assigned to the image. If the deceased person is a married woman and her maiden name was given in the obituary, this is included in the index. If you would like to receive a copy of a scanned obituary, follow this link, Postal Request Form to display the request form. Complete and print the form, then send it to the address shown along with a check for $10 and a stamped, self-addressed envelope. Some of the scanned obituaries require more than one image. We will send them all for a single $10 fee, but you must put all the image numbers (e.g., scan123456, scan123457) on your request. Be sure to provide all the required information on the form.

For faster turnaround, use the Buy Now button below to make a secure online payment and to provide the information needed to fill your request. Be sure you fill ALL fields in the form including all image scan numbers. When you complete the transaction, our librarian will copy the requested information and email it to you as an attachment. It will be sent as a .jpg (picture) file. When you receive this .jpg file, click on it and it will be loaded into your picture viewer from which you can print a hard copy.

Scanned Mail Tribune Obituaries
Last Name, First Name
Year, Image Number

Name Place of Birth Image Number
Adamson, (Infant Daughter)   scan107369
Aldridge, Nancy Empire OR scan107320
Allen, Amy   scan107689
Allen, Amy Marie Wheeler IL scan107691
Allen, Caska E. MN scan107596
Allen, Caska Eugene   scan107594
Anderson, (Mrs. Charles E.)   scan107715
Anderson, Carl Russell   scan107555
Anderson, Charles   scan107635
Anderson, Doris L. Taunton MN scan107306
Anderson, Emory G.   scan107691
Anderson, Emory G. Oakville TX scan107693
Anderson, Fred S. KS scan107620
Anderson, Frederick S.   scan107616
Anderson, Loveta   scan107477
Anderson, Loveta Rose Medford OR scan107478
Anderson, Mary E. Butler Co IA scan107692
Andrews, (Mrs. J. B.)   scan107655
Andrews, Henry   scan107476
Andrews, Henry Malvern IA scan107481
Angell, (Mrs. Joseph W.) Wooster OH scan107455
Antle, Anetta Barneburg   scan107429
Arant, Imogene L. Talent OR scan107667
Asher, Charles L. Hot Springs AR scan107379
Ashley, Bobby Burdett Oxford MS scan107532
Ashley, Bobby Burdette   scan107526
Askin, Charles G.   scan107305
Askin, Charles G. Newport KY scan107310
Atkins, Mary Ellen CA scan107591
Austin, Mathew John Joliet IL scan107520
Bach, Leo March   scan107283
Bach, Leo Mark Greensburg PA scan107285
Bailey, Job   scan107653
Bailey, Job   scan107618
Baize, Samuel W.   scan107552
Baize, Samuel W. Taylorville TX scan107555
Baker, Grace   scan107361
Baker, Grace Kistle Springfield OH scan107363
Banta, Bertha   scan107370
Banta, Bertha   scan107370
Barbee, Hattie L.   scan107303
Barbee, Hattie Lee Boise City OK scan107304
Barker, Fred William   scan107566
Barker, Fred William Coos Co OR scan107567
Barnum, John Corbin   scan107653
Barrett, Arthur M.   scan107350
Barrett, Arthur M. Marysville CA scan107353
Barrett, Della   scan107495
Barrett, Della Loveland CO scan107496
Barrett, Nola   scan107527
Barrett, Nola Portland OR scan107529
Bartch, Frank   scan107611
Bartch, Frank Davenport IA scan107612
Bartley, Glen H.   scan107304
Bartley, Glenne H. Cherry Co MT scan107307
Barton, Ira   scan107444
Baugh, Everett E. OK scan107630
Baugh, Everett E.   scan107631
Baugus, Anne Gemetrul AR scan107501
Baugus, Chester D. Duncan Co MO scan107501
Baugus, Chester Douglas   scan107497
Baugus, Genetrul   scan107497
Baugus, Jim Douglas   scan107497
Baugus, Jimmy AR scan107501
Baumann, Ida B. Germany scan107704
Beard, Austa A. Bell Plaion IA scan107601
Bearden, Dolores Irene San Bernardino CA scan107365
Beardon, Dolores Irene   scan107361
Beck, James Houston Mountain Home AR scan107644
Beherns, Mae Sweet Home OR scan107416
Bell, Mabel Medford OR scan107317
Belles, Patricia   scan107345
Belles, Patricia   scan107344
Bellinger, Jennie Waitsburg WA scan107595
Bench, Cecil O.   scan107666
Bench, Cecil O. Paris AR scan107668
Benull, Michael Austria scan107496
Bergstron, Ingrid   scan107632
Bergstron, Ingrid Maria Sweden scan107635
Biden, Elva   scan107620
Biden, Elva Phoenix OR scan107621
Bishop, Mary L.   scan107302
Bishop, Mary L. Burnettville IN scan107303
Bishop, Stephen Robert MN scan107506
Bishop, William Henry   scan107637
Bishop, William Henry Ionia Co MI scan107640
Bittiker, Bertha May KS scan107632
Blackburn   scan107396
Blackwood, Lilly D.   scan107562
Blankenship, Emma C.   scan107409
Blankenship, Emma C. Germany scan107410
Bliss, Fannie   scan107294
Blomstrom, Vernon R.   scan107673
Blomstrom, Vernon R. Minneapolis MN scan107674
Bollinger, Ira B.   scan107692
Bollinger, Ira B. White Pigeon MI scan107693
Boothby, A. Tracy   scan107278
Boothby, Imogene L. Arant   scan107666
Boothby, Imogene L. Arant Talent OR scan107667
Boothby, Tracy Ashland OR scan107279
Borah, Effie   scan107551
Borah, Effie Louise Gillett WI scan107552
Botts, Mayme   scan107693
Botts, Mayme ND scan107696
Bowdoin, Eva Klamath Co OR scan107504
Bowman, Olive G. Newcastle PA scan107483
Boye, (Mrs. Carl F.)   scan107471
Boye, Anne J. Bohemia scan107472
Boye, Anne J.   scan107474
Braae, Cora Sue   scan107393
Brandon, George W.   scan107602
Brandon, George W. Monterey CA scan107603
Branham, Forest   scan107631
Branham, Forest A. Holinford MN scan107632
Bray, O. A.   scan107343
Bray, Olive May   scan107282
Bray, Olive May Rock Springs WY scan107285
Breeding, Robert Elmer Rogue River OR scan107447
Breeding, Robert Elmer Rogue River OR scan107449
Briscoe, Elva   scan107712
Briscoe, Elva Montague CA scan107714
Brookshire, Frank   scan107404
Brookshire, Frank William Montpelier ID scan107405
Brown, Edward Graydon Westfork AR scan107689
Brown, Etta Mae Leon IA scan107515
Brown, Helen   scan107305
Brown, John Orr Leon IA scan107583
Brown, Mabel Medford OR scan107317
Brown, Miriam Katherine Renton WA scan107450
Buchanan, Gay Boise ID scan107350
Buchanan, Gregory Allan Medford OR scan107453
Buchanan, Gregory Allen   scan107451
Buchanan, James H. Buck Pulaski TN scan107618
Bucher, Charles Alfred   scan107712
Bucher, Charles Alfred DeSoto MO scan107715
Bucholz, Abraham L.   scan107552
Bucholz, Abraham L. Wagner SD scan107555
Burdell, Mary Helen Smith Center KS scan107685
Burgess, Mabel Florence   scan107377
Burk, Dale   scan107340
Burk, Dale Michael Medford OR scan107341
Burkholder, Addie   scan107677
Burkholder, Mary Addie Nauvoo IL scan107679
Burley, Lloyd   scan107359
Burley, Lloyd Willson   scan107351
Burley, Lloyd Willson ND scan107361
Burns, Della Loveland CO scan107496
Burright, Bertha May KS scan107632
Butler, Jennesse Sally Clarion IA scan107688
Butler, Mary   scan107487
Butler, Mary Ottumwa IA scan107488
Butler, Mary   scan107489
Butler, Nellie May Tugh Valley OR scan107608
Cady, Nellie Elizabeth   scan107417
Cady, Nellie Elizabeth Topeka KS scan107418
Caldwell, Lilly D.   scan107562
Cameron, Evelyn Estelle   scan107477
Camp, Marlin R.   scan107671
Camp, Marlin Romaine Colville WA scan107672
Campbell, Bessa   scan107494
Campbell, Elizabeth J. Lexington MO scan107706
Campbell, Elizabeth Jane   scan107705
Carlisle, Clarence Bud   scan107510
Carlisle, Clarence D. Bud Klamath Co OR scan107512
Carlon, Mayme ND scan107696
Carlton, Edward W. NJ scan107411
Carlton, Edward Wallace Elizabeth NJ scan107412
Carson, Wilda Opal   scan107538
Carson, Wilda Opal Grafton WV scan107540
Carter, Vinis   scan107679
Carter, Vinis Cordell OK scan107681
Casey, James A.   scan107660
Casey, James A. KS scan107661
Cattanach, Debra   scan107332
Chapman, Caldora Ann   scan107664
Chapman, Caldora Ann Coleman City TX scan107666
Chapman, Fleta Jacksonville OR scan107590
Chapman, Fleta Jacksonville OR scan107591
Chapman, V. H. Ashland OR scan107600
Childers, Evelyn G. Cambridge ID scan107392
Childreth, George M.   scan107361
Childreth, George Morris Mountain Grove MO scan107363
Childreth, George Morris Mountain Grove MO scan107363
Chouchot, William   scan107371
Chouchot, William Dawson OH scan107374
Chouchot, William   scan107371
Chouchot, William Dawson OH scan107374
Clark, (Mrs. Frank F.) Sterling NE scan107475
Clark, Bessa   scan107494
Clark, Dora   scan107474
Clark, Walter L.   scan107614
Clark, Walter Lyman Boone IA scan107618
Clark, William John   scan107498
Clark, William John PA scan107499
Cleveland, Charles   scan107682
Cleveland, Charles Edward Colo IA scan107684
Clevenger, Amy   scan107677
Clevenger, Amy Clay Co IA scan107678
Cline, Parley B.   scan107642
Cline, Parley B. Jasper MO scan107644
Close, Patricia   scan107622
Close, Patricia (Mrs. Claude E.) Grandin MO scan107623
Clubb, Clara I.   scan107538
Clubb, Clara I. New York City NY scan107540
Coates, John Clayton   scan107321
Coates, John Clayton Saline Co NE scan107322
Cochran, Edward L.   scan107368
Cochran, Edward Lee Pembina Co SD scan107369
Cofer, Eugene F.   scan107567
Cofer, Eugene F. Redwing KS scan107568
Coffman, Anna L. Lamar MO scan107649
Coffman, Lulu May Portland OR scan107510
Coffman, Thomas N. Wasco MO scan107518
Cogeshall, Harry   scan107320
Cogeshall, Harry Eugene Randolph IA scan107321
Coghill, Cecil Howard   scan107491
Coghill, Cecil Howard Lakeview OR scan107495
Coleman, Mae Lawler IA scan107504
Colley, Cathy Lynn   scan107693
Colpitts, Willetta OR scan107414
Combes, Evelyn G.   scan107389
Combes, Evelyn G. Cambridge ID scan107392
Combest, Fred Althantus MS scan107541
Combest, Fred Alanthus MO scan107543
Conner, Bessie Manito OK scan107315
Cooley, Lewie James   scan107479
Cooley, Lewie James Hornbrook CA scan107483
Cooper, Maud Jane Putnam OK scan107494
Copeland, Ruby I. Stanfield OR scan107290
Corbell, Ida Belle Dorris CA scan107318
Cox, Gertrude Grace Osseo WI scan107653
Coyle, Louis B. Sorento IL scan107389
Coyle, Louis B.   scan107379
Coyle, Louis B.   scan107379
Cresap, Idessa Bell IL scan107605
Crouse, Gay   scan107352
Crouse, Gay Boise ID scan107350
Cummings, Albert C. MN scan107716
Cummings, Emilie Nahss   scan107529
Cummings, Emilie Nahss Germany scan107533
Cunningham, Amy Clay Co IA scan107678
Cunningham, Virginia Jacksonville OR scan107453
Curtis, Jacob E. Pawnee City NE scan107660
Dale, Sadie   scan107552
Dale, Sadie Alburquerque NM scan107555
Davenhill, Arthur H. England scan107516
David, Isaac F.   scan107332
David, Isaac F. Utica MT scan107335
Davis, Avery H.   scan107541
Davis, Charles Edward   scan107352
Davis, Charles Edward AR scan107355
Davis, Jonas T. Canada scan107651
Davis, Kaylene   scan107363
Davis, Robert Arthur   scan107676
Davisson, Harry Warren OH scan107694
Daw, Mae Lawler IA scan107504
de Grandmont, Marie Brockton MA scan107402
De Hart, Mildred E.   scan107488
DeHaas, Martha E.   scan107541
DeHaas, Martha E. Paradise OR scan107544
DeHaven, Lemuel A. Rocheport MO scan107540
Denham, Bessie May   scan107312
Denham, James Frank   scan107312
Denham, James, Jr. Talent OR scan107315
Denike, Thomas E.   scan107396
DeNike, Thomas Edward New York City NY scan107398
Dent, Edgar H. Douglas Co SD scan107371
Deter, Rex F.   scan107368
Deter, Rex F.   scan107368
Diess, Henry G. Lane Co OR scan107431
Diestler, Ella   scan107681
Diestler, Ella V. IA scan107683
Doe, Zelia M. Phlox WI scan107494
Dole, Hazel Viola Ava MO scan107444
Doolen, Horace M.   scan107488
Doolen, Horace M. Childress TX scan107490
Dorn, Dave Jacksonville OR scan107679
Dorsey, Emma Sweden scan107360
Dovre, Hilda Minneota MN scan107316
Doyle, Marie Brockton MA scan107402
Dozier, Franklin Marion Emigrant Creek OR scan107374
Drake, Joseph Ellsworth Linn KS scan107598
Drew, Louise P.   scan107611
Drew, Louise Perry Cambridge MA scan107612
Drouillard, Elmira   scan107354
Drumm, Laura B.   scan107433
Drumm, Laura Belle Hardin Co IL scan107434
Dugan, Mary   scan107301
Dugan, Mary Ireland scan107302
Dugan, William A.   scan107417
Dugan, William Ambrose Williamsport PA scan107418
Dunham, Bessie Manito OK scan107315
Dunlap, Duane L.   scan107369
Dunlap, Duane L.   scan107370
Dunn, David William Crescent City CA scan107389
Dunphy, Irene   scan107545
Dunphy, Irene Mabel VA scan107546
Dupray, Mary L. Black Walnut PA scan107324
Durant, Earl D.   scan107540
Durant, Earl D. Fort City IA scan107543
Durkin, Timothy James   scan107277
Durkin, Timothy James   scan107278
Dutro, Norman   scan107373
Dutton, Agnes M.   scan107593
Dutton, Agnes Matilda Kylertown PA scan107595
Dutton, Agnes Matilda Kylertown PA scan107599
Dutton, Minnie Mae Bell   scan107483
Dyer, Veva M. Myrtle Creek OR scan107701
Eacret Alvin William   scan107430
Eacret Alvin William   scan107432
Eacret Alvin William   scan107435
Eacret, Alvin William   scan107425
Eacret, Alvin William   scan107428
Edington, Lawrence A. Rice Lake WI scan107460
Edmonds, Lawrence E. Medford OR scan107718
Edmondson, Elizabeth   scan107693
Edmondson, Elizabeth Teagarden IN scan107695
Edwards, Doris L. Taunton MN scan107306
Edwards, Ella Linn Creek MO scan107346
Elhart, Bessie Fay Medford OR scan107335
Ellis, Nellie Middle Grandville NY scan107316
Ellis, Warren James Medford OR scan107519
Emerick, Myrton Jerry MT scan107514
Emery, Hattie Lee Boise City OK scan107304
Emrick, Myrton J.   scan107510
Englert, Alice M.   scan107377
Englert, Alice Margaret Moweaqua IL scan107379
Ervin, Ruth Mary Kansas City MO scan107703
Evernden, Floyd, Jr.   scan107701
Evernden, Johnny   scan107702
Faber, Beulah   scan107397
Faber, Beulah   scan107399
Farmer, Ella Linn Creek MO scan107346
Farvour, Sarah Cora CA scan107698
Fauset, Harvey A.   scan107449
Fauset, Harvey A. Logansport IN scan107450
Fenton, Mary Elizabeth TN scan107472
Fenton, Mary Elizabeth   scan107469
Ferguson, E. C. Ord NE scan107280
Ferguson, E. C.   scan107284
Ferris, Fay Walter   scan107619
Ferris, Fay Walter Greenfield IN scan107622
Ferris, Fay Walter   scan107627
Fields, Amy Annetta St Mary's KS scan107388
Fitch, Margaret   scan107598
Flaherty, James Arthur MacDonald Co MO scan107692
Fleming, Jonathan Christopher   scan107546
Fleming, Jonathan Christopher   scan107550
Floyd, George J.   scan107313
Floyd, George J. San Francisco CA scan107315
Flynn, Diamond L.   scan107378
Flynn, Diamond L. Dime Palouse WA scan107375
Forsyth, Pearl   scan107311
Forsyth, Pearle   scan107314
Foster, Cynthia A. Platt Co MO scan107426
Foster, Lena   scan107455
Foster, Lena Murphy OR scan107458
Fowler, Robert G. Canada scan107362
Franks, Effie Louise Gillett WI scan107552
Franzke, Edna Beatrice Bellingham WA scan107699
Fritz, Belle Watertown NY scan107517
Frost, Dick North Bend OR scan107363
Funk, (Infant Daughter)   scan107348
Funk, Tina Louise   scan107350
Furnas, Horace Tomlin   scan107480
Furnas, Horace Tomlin Linneus MO scan107481
Furrer, Rosemary   scan107476
Gagnon, Edward   scan107571
Gagnon, Edward NH scan107572
Galbraith, George   scan107678
Galbraith, George Florence CO scan107679
Galentine, Lovey   scan107486
Galentine, Lovey CO scan107487
Galliher, Milas Sherman   scan107715
Gardner, Nancy   scan107317
Gardner, Nancy Empire OR scan107320
Garfield, James Augusta Garfield Jim Wexford Co MI scan107451
Garrett, Suzanne   scan107561
Garris, Gerald Matthew   scan107395
Gates, William A. Winamac IN scan107456
Gayer, Irvin A.   scan107295
Gayer, Irvin A. Fairmount ND scan107298
Gaylor, Douglas   scan107487
Gaylor, Douglas Marion East St Louis IL scan107488
Genner, Mattie Jefferson City MO scan107314
Gentry, Robert McKinley Medford OR scan107372
Gentry, Robert McKinley Medford OR scan107372
George, Mary E. Villisca IA scan107690
George, Morris S. IN scan107584
Gerety, Thomas M. Monrovia KS scan107701
Gerety, Thomas Martin   scan107700
Gibbs, Sabin A,. Menominee MI scan107333
Gibson, Leslie Los Angeles CA scan107504
Gibson, Leslie J.   scan107502
Gidney, (Infant son)   scan107672
Gile, Charles H. North Lawrence OH scan107409
Giles, Charles H.   scan107405
Gilson, Letitia Sterling OR scan107510
Gist, W. G.   scan107418
Gist, William G. Wheatland MO scan107419
Glenn, Frank   scan107707
Glenn, John F. Nashville TN scan107708
Godfrey, Florence   scan107598
Godfrey, Florence   scan107599
Godfrey, Florence Bates Co MO scan107600
Goguey, (Infant Son)   scan107551
Goldsmith, Larry Howard   scan107575
Goldsmith, Larry Howard Medford OR scan107577
Gorum, Pamela Marie   scan107672
Gorum, Pamela Marie (2) Medford OR scan107670
Gossman, Vincent Cedar Rapids IA scan107409
Gossman, Vincent James   scan107405
Graff, (Infant son)   scan107624
Graham, Zelia M. Phlox WI scan107494
Grainger, (Mrs. T. H.)   scan107477
Grantham, William H. Huntington WV scan107711
Gray, Mary D. Shasta Co CA scan107288
Greaser, Frank A. Fort Scott KS scan107659
Greaser, Frank Augustus   scan107657
Green, Lillian M.   scan107557
Green, Lillian M. Moreland KS scan107558
Greenleaf, Leah   scan107347
Greenleaf, Leah Australia scan107350
Greenleaf, Leah   scan107347
Greenleaf, Leah Australia scan107350
Greer, Carlene Rae   scan107335
Greer, Carlene Rae   scan107337
Gregg, Valerie Gail Medford OR scan107301
Grigsby, James A. Paducah KY scan107452
Grigsby, James C.   scan107610
Grigsby, James C. Medford OR scan107612
Grimmett, Elsie   scan107629
Grise, (Mrs. Verbie Edward)   scan107547
Grise, Verbie Edward   scan107547
Grooms, Mary Ottumwa IA scan107488
Grove, John Gerald   scan107459
Grove, John Gerald Red Oak IA scan107462
Groves, Jesse L.   scan107605
Groves, Jesse Lee, Jr. La Grande OR scan107603
Grubb, Thaddeus Sivori Camp Point IL scan107513
Gunning, Winnie Champaign IL scan107413
Gunter, Jean   scan107360
Gustandas, John Turkey scan107464
Gustandas, John D.   scan107462
Haapa, Eino   scan107469
Haapa, Eino E. New York City NY scan107472
Haas, Charles J. Waukon IA scan107542
Hahn, Loyd   scan107523
Hahn, Loyd Franklin Oran MO scan107525
Hale, Mary E.   scan107690
Hale, Mary E. Butler Co IA scan107692
Hall, (Infant Son)   scan107601
Hall, Arthur   scan107653
Hall, Arthur Byron, Sr. Norman OK scan107610
Hall, Bessa   scan107494
Hall, John Ilwaco WA scan107500
Hall, Pearl   scan107474
Hall, Ruby I. Stanfield OR scan107290
Hallett, Cheryl Elizabeth   scan107488
Hamilton, Margaret   scan107474
Hamilton, Margaret M. Canada scan107476
Hamlin, Chub Alfred Grants Pass OR scan107336
Handke, Fred   scan107581
Handke, Frederick Gustav Germany scan107582
Haney, (Mrs. B. E.)   scan107488
Hanna, George Calvin New Chicago MT scan107589
Hanshew, Michael   scan107530
Hanshew, Michael Elmer   scan107526
Hapgood, Annie Mary Wales scan107660
Harbison, Olive G.   scan107481
Harbison, Olive G. Newcastle PA scan107482
Hardy, Bess   scan107292
Hardy, Bess Oskalooso IA scan107295
Harper, Ralph B.   scan107487
Harper, Ralph B. Union OR scan107489
Harrison, Laura G. MO scan107566
Harter, William M.   scan107371
Harter, William M. Mt Victory OH scan107377
Hartlerode, Josie Talent OR scan107642
Harvey, Clarence Millard   scan107709
Harvey, Clarence Millard Clyde KS scan107710
Hatt, Jenora Greensburg IN scan107553
Hawkins, John S.   scan107319
Hawkins, John S. Ghent KY scan107322
Hearn, Frederick Thomas   scan107554
Heaton, Ernest   scan107502
Heaton, Ernest Ray Harrison AR scan107505
Heckler, Julius A. Curley Celina OH scan107508
Hedges, Carolyn Mae Medford OR scan107569
Heffelfinger, Jack E.   scan107712
Heffelfinger, Jack Edward PA scan107716
Heimroth, Withamina   scan107618
Heller, Sarah England scan107368
Hemphill, Ruth   scan107535
Henderson, Eula   scan107574
Hendricks,Otis (Dr.)   scan107643
Henson, William TN scan107444
Hentges, Emma   scan107445
Hentges, Emma Millville MN scan107446
Herman, Charles Henry   scan107352
Hesketh, Lillian Mary St John ND scan107622
Heston, L. D.   scan107441
Hewitt, William B.   scan107545
Hewitt, William B. Rapid City SD scan107546
Hibbard, Josiah Gibson Alma KS scan107517
Hill, Pearl A. WI scan107568
Hillis, Eunice U.   scan107705
Hillis, Eunice Ulen Pendleton IN scan107706
Holbrook, W. J.   scan107664
Holmes, William L.   scan107307
Holmes, William L.   scan107308
Holmes, William Livingston   scan107301
Holzhauser, Iva   scan107354
Holzhauser, Iva WV scan107355
Honey, John A. Canada scan107576
Hopper, Samuel B. Benton Co AR scan107714
Horton, Terrence Matthew Medford OR scan107711
Hosea, Mary Elizabeth TN scan107472
Hoser, Leopold Alexander   scan107677
Hournbuckle, Simeon L. Denton TX scan107661
Howard, Alice Ann Jackson Co OR scan107675
Hoxsey, Alice Margaret Moweaqua IL scan107379
Hubbard, Ferdie   scan107630
Hubbard, Ferdie Medford OR scan107633
Hubert, Edward F. Jacksonville OR scan107320
Hueners, Walter Robert Medford OR scan107492
Hughes, Deana Justine Klamath Falls OR scan107720
Hughes, Lemuel H.   scan107556
Hughes, Lemuel Harrison Glen Cove TX scan107557
Hughes, Raleigh E.   scan107474
Hughes, Raleigh E. Rogue River OR scan107475
Hughes, Viola H. Wilbur OR scan107551
Hukill, Virginia   scan107451
Hukill, Virginia Jacksonville OR scan107453
Hull, Frank   scan107608
Hull, Frank W. Seattle WA scan107604
Hull, Nancy Mattilda Eagle Bend MN scan107720
Humphrey, Charlie J.   scan107529
Humphrey, Charlie J. Eau Claire WI scan107533
Humphrey, Melvin Claire   scan107617
Humphrey, Melvin Claire Clearfield PA scan107622
Hurt, Dessa   scan107589
Hurt, Dessa Austin MS scan107590
Ingram, Willard Mead Cove OR scan107295
Ingram, Willard Mead   scan107296
Iverson, Albert F. Leigh NE scan107550
Jackson, Lulu May Portland OR scan107510
Jackson, Minnie Bernice Ashland OR scan107572
Jackson, Winnie Champaign IL scan107413
Jacobs, Ruth   scan107535
James, Ed (or Frank)   scan107349
James, Ed (or Frank)   scan107349
Janney, (Mrs. Paul) MN scan107587
Jarmin, Walter H.   scan107669
Jarmin, Walter H. IA scan107671
Jeffries, (Mrs. Joseph Angell) Wooster OH scan107455
Jeldness, Andrew   scan107533
Jeldness, Andrew Norway scan107535
Jennings, Letitia Sterling OR scan107510
Jennings, Walter T. TX scan107584
Jensen, Emma Sweden scan107360
Jensen, Emma Sweden scan107360
Jensen, Nancy Mattilda Eagle Bend MN scan107720
Jirous, Anne J. Bohemia scan107472
Johnsberg, Morris G.   scan107498
Johnsberg, Morris G. Norway scan107499
Johnson, Evelyn Estelle   scan107477
Johnson, Frank Thomas   scan107326
Johnson, Frank Thomas Bonner Spring KS scan107328
Johnson, Hazel Viola Ava MO scan107444
Johnson, Hazel Viola   scan107445
Johnson, Howard Fortuna CA scan107668
Johnson, Howard Ray   scan107666
Johnson, Josie   scan107638
Johnson, Josie Talent OR scan107642
Johnson, Velda Holdman OR scan107347
Johnson, Vera   scan107281
Johnston, Mae Lawler IA scan107504
Jones, Amy Annetta St Mary's KS scan107388
Jones, John TN scan107429
Jones, John H.   scan107427
Jones, Nellie   scan107605
Jones, Nellie May Tugh Valley OR scan107608
Jones, Nora   scan107653
Jones, Nora May Georgetown OH scan107610
Jones, Warren A.   scan107667
Jones, Warren A. Marysville MO scan107669
Kallerson, William A.   scan107338
Kallerson, William A. Sweden scan107340
Keeler, Herman Lee   scan107489
Keeler, Herman Lee Hennessey OK scan107490
Keep, Claud William   scan107437
Keep, Claud William Kalamazoo MI scan107439
Kelley, Howard A.   scan107446
Kelley, Howard A. OH scan107449
Kellogg, Catherine Josephine   scan107605
Kellogg, Katherine J. Butte Falls OR scan107607
Kelly, Fred W. DeWitt IA scan107615
Kelly, Frederick Wwilliam   scan107618
Kenworthy, Bess Oskalooso IA scan107295
Kercher, James Richard   scan107526
Kercher, James Richard Boonville MO scan107531
Kettlewell, C. H. Chet   scan107415
Kincaid, Etta Frances Ashland OR scan107586
Kindrick, Arthur J. Idabelle OK scan107596
Kirtley, William   scan107340
Kirtley, William M. Denver CO scan107341
Klaus, Charles E.   scan107550
Klaus, Charles Elwell   scan107547
Knapp, Hiram   scan107610
Knox, Oscar   scan107589
Knutson, Kittil   scan107560
Knutson, Kittil Norway scan107571
Knutzen, Charles E. Steamboat OR scan107342
Kohn, Effie Louise Gillett WI scan107552
Koski, Miriam Katherine Renton WA scan107450
Koyl, Minnie Bernice Ashland OR scan107572
Kreiger, Clayton R. Mulino OR scan107453
Krieger, LeRoy   scan107713
Krieger, LeRoy Beef Lingle WY scan107719
Krieger, LeRoy Victor   scan107717
Kuchenbecker, John C. Hammond IN scan107389
Kuchenbecker, John Carl   scan107387
Kurtz, Harley Jay   scan107643
Kurtz, Harley Jay Dutch Marion Co OH scan107646
Lade, Ira Nova Scotia scan107311
Lafon, Velda Holdman OR scan107347
Lafon, Velda Fern   scan107346
Lamb, Jennie   scan107592
Lamb, Jennie Waitsburg WA scan107595
Lambert, Glen A.   scan107707
Lambert, Glen A. Portland OR scan107708
Landrith, Blanche Coos Co OR scan107642
Lange, Amy Annetta St Mary's KS scan107388
Lange, Amy Annettie   scan107379
Larch, William Stanford   scan107691
Large, William M. Kansas City MO scan107429
Larsen, Johannes Andreas   scan107630
Larsen, Johannes Andreas Norway scan107631
Larsen, Robert   scan107462
Larson, Robert Richard Sweden scan107469
Lasley, Fred   scan107618
Lasley, Fred MO scan107620
Laubscher, Johana   scan107417
Laubscher, Johanna Germany scan107418
Laughead, Thomas   scan107639
Laughead, Thomas   scan107643
Launer, Beulah   scan107399
Leach, Harry L. IL scan107311
Leach, Henry   scan107308
Leach, Henry L.   scan107310
Leblanc, Adeland Joseph   scan107654
Leeper, Mae Sweet Home OR scan107416
Leonard, Carrie Ellen Star City IN scan107585
Leonard, John   scan107612
Leonard, John Wesley Stone Co MO scan107614
Lewis, Ida B.   scan107702
Lewis, Ida B. Germany scan107704
Lewis, Sarah Cora   scan107697
Lewis, Sarah Cora CA scan107698
Lichti, Carl A.   scan107318
Lichti, Carl A. Lucien OK scan107320
Lilly, Beverly Myrle Milwaukee WI scan107504
Lindros, Adolph Finland scan107659
Lindsay, Lena Murphy OR scan107458
Little, Robert   scan107679
Little, Robert Melvin Matamaras Village OH scan107682
Little, Robert Melvin   scan107683
Lockard, William A.   scan107592
Lockard, William A. IA scan107593
Loffer, Dorothy Alice Lowell MA scan107697
Long, Effie Wilhoyt Springs OR scan107476
Long, Sam   scan107467
Loughray, Frank (Lt. Col.)   scan107387
Loveland, Carl Herbert Fort Wayne AL scan107680
Lowry, Burton G. Medford OR scan107401
Lowry, Burton G.   scan107403
Luy, George Harry Jacksonville OR scan107549
Luy, George Harry   scan107551
Lynch, George T. Pilot Point TX scan107667
Magerle, Hattie B. Woodville OR scan107486
Maguin, E. L.   scan107439
Mallon, Carrie Gertrude   scan107547
Mallon, Samuel Norman   scan107547
Malone, Mary   scan107345
Malone, Mary New Orleans LA scan107346
Malone, Mary   scan107345
Malone, Mary New Orleans LA scan107346
Manke, Julius A.   scan107591
Manke, Julius A.   scan107592
Manke, Julius A. Germany scan107593
Marin, (Infant Daughter)   scan107487
Marin, John   scan107449
Marin, John Clayton Port Huron MI scan107450
Marin, June Marie   scan107488
Marks, Ray F.   scan107662
Marks, Ray F. Meridian ID scan107663
Marschall, William   scan107600
Marschall, William Herman New Albion IA scan107601
Marsh, A. R.   scan107652
Marsh, Arhtur B.   scan107658
Marshall, Charles OH scan107505
Marshall, Charles   scan107503
Marshall, John D.   scan107296
Marshall, John D. Little Falls WA scan107297
Martin, Christie Sparta Center MI scan107661
Mascott, Emma Dorsey   scan107357
Mascott, Emma Dorsey Sweden scan107360
Massey, Christie   scan107660
Massey, Christie Sparta Center MI scan107661
Mathison, Clarence H.   scan107624
Mathison, Clarence H. Bismark ND scan107625
Matthews, Amelia Jacksonville OR scan107551
Maury, Henry   scan107325
Maury, Henry C. Ft Vancouver WA scan107327
MaZar, Mark   scan107512
Mazar, Mark Yugoslavia scan107514
McAdams, Margaret MO scan107449
McClain, George C.   scan107329
McClain, George Crooks Galeon Co OH scan107332
McClay, Margaret   scan107598
McCleary, Roy Clyde Axtel KS scan107692
McCollister, Chauncey E. Chillicothe OH scan107655
McConnell, Frances   scan107529
McConnell, Frances   scan107535
McCumber, Terry Lynn   scan107468
McCurtain, Emnma Grace Pendleton OR scan107299
McDuffie, Joseph W., Sr.   scan107409
McDuffie, Joseph Wellborn Beaumont TX scan107405
McGotty, Harold W.   scan107580
McGraw, John D.   scan107507
McGraw, John D. Louisville KY scan107510
McGrotty, Harold William WA scan107581
McKay, Sarah Scotland scan107605
McKerchie, Clarence E.   scan107529
McLaughlin, Clara Williams OR scan107471
McLaughlin, Clara   scan107467
McNair, Harry D. Marysville MO scan107408
McNeill, Georgia   scan107345
McNeill, Georgia St Joseph MO scan107347
McNulty, John C.   scan107424
McNulty, John Clyde St Helens OR scan107429
Mead, Arthur B.   scan107553
Mead, Arthur B. Gloversville NY scan107555
Meneley, Eula   scan107574
Messal, Julius   scan107546
Messal, Lester   scan107545
Messal, Lester Julias Lake Creek OR scan107548
Messer, Michael Alan   scan107339
Messer, Michael Alan Medford OR scan107340
Metcalf, Dorothy Iola Ft Collins CO scan107420
Metschan, Robert Carl   scan107666
Metschan, Robert Carl Reno NV scan107667
Metternich, James G. II   scan107649
Metternich, James Grant II   scan107650
Meyers, Frank C.   scan107653
Meyers, Frank Charley Enid OK scan107610
Miller, Banra   scan107278
Miller, Banra A. Medford OR scan107283
Miller, Harold C.   scan107712
Miller, Harold C. Rock Island IL scan107716
Miller, James L.   scan107632
Miller, James LeRoy CO scan107642
Miller, Lucille Hampshire IL scan107490
Miller, Mary D.   scan107287
Miller, Mary D. Shasta Co CA scan107288
Miller, Mildred K.   scan107681
Miller, Mildred K. Rhinelander WI scan107682
Mills, William Daniel OH scan107683
Misek, George Wilbur NE scan107471
Mitchell, Hattie Lee Boise City OK scan107304
Mitchell, Ronald Riley   scan107674
Mitchell, Ronald Riley   scan107678
Modrell, David O.   scan107496
Modrell, David O. Optima OK scan107499
Monia, Edna Coulterville IL scan107454
Monia, Edna Irene   scan107453
Montonye, Mina Peoria IL scan107308
Moore, Benjamin H. Gold Hill OR scan107685
Moore, Charles H.   scan107279
Moore, Charles H. Louisburg KS scan107283
Moore, Douglas Medford OR scan107427
Moore, Edgar Allan Nova Scotia scan107560
Moore, Emma C. Germany scan107410
Moore, Kenneth Douglas   scan107423
Moore, Reed   scan107420
Moore, Reed Louis   scan107422
Moore, Thomas   scan107475
Moore, Thomas B. Parsons WV scan107478
Moran, Carrie May   scan107340
Moran, Carrie May   scan107342
Morgan, John O.   scan107677
Morgan, John O. Portland OR scan107679
Morris, Etta Frances Ashland OR scan107586
Morris, Major McKinley Lebo KS scan107391
Morris, Major McKinley Lebo KS scan107394
Morris, Margaret MO scan107449
Morris, Ray E.   scan107514
Morris, Ray Ellsworth Douglas Co WA scan107518
Morris, William Curtis   scan107351
Morris, William Curtis Hobart WA scan107354
Mosher, Molly   scan107320
Mosher, Molly Leavenworth KS scan107322
Moulton, Jenora   scan107552
Moulton, Jenora Greensburg IN scan107553
Muir, Bess Oskalooso IA scan107295
Mulkey, Josie Talent OR scan107642
Mundus, John F.   scan107311
Mundus, John F. St Vincent AR scan107313
Murphy, Arthur Pat Petaluma CA scan107377
Murray, Thomas   scan107363
Murray, Thomas Ireland scan107364
Murrow, Roy H.   scan107584
Murrow, Roy H. Ty Ty GA scan107586
Murry, Oscar   scan107518
Musty, William   scan107352
Musty, William   scan107354
Nahss, Emilie Germany scan107533
Nansen, Mable Lorrine   scan107465
Neel, Bert Clark Trinidad CO scan107388
Neel, Mary   scan107702
Neel, Ruth Mary Kansas City MO scan107703
Neil, Ida Belle Rockwell City IA scan107484
Nelson, John   scan107469
Newbry, Edward Thomas Brown Co OH scan107421
Nicholson, Lonnie Clayborn Co AR scan107689
Nicholson, Lonnie   scan107683
Nine, Iva WV scan107355
Nitzchke, Paul   scan107278
Noble, John Henry Fairfield MA scan107600
Norris, Della C. Mound Valley KS scan107586
Northrup, Mary E. IN scan107462
Nunn, Ethel Irene   scan107584
Nunn, Ethel Irene Jacksonville OR scan107586
Nutting, Henry L.   scan107355
Nutting, Henry L. WI scan107357
Nyroos, Mary   scan107357
Nyroos, Mary Sundvull Finland scan107360
O'Brien, James Alfred   scan107645
O'Connor, Thomas MI scan107558
Oliver, Allison T.   scan107679
Osborn, James Irvin Cowley Co KS scan107663
Ovelman, Frank W.   scan107671
Ovelman, Frank West Nelson NE scan107672
Owens, Annie Mary   scan107659
Owens, Annie Mary Wales scan107660
Packard, Louise OK scan107332
Palmer, (Infant Daughter)   scan107598
Parker, Alice Ann Jackson Co OR scan107675
Parker, Katherine J. Butte Falls OR scan107608
Parks, Ella A. Murphy OR scan107663
Parrish, Mary Ottumwa IA scan107488
Parrish, Philip H. Constantine MI scan107626
Parsons, Chester C. Guymon OK scan107505
Parsons, Chester C.   scan107498
Pasmore, Jean   scan107510
Pasmore, Jean Canada scan107512
Pasmore, R. Frank   scan107590
Pasmore, R. Frank Canada scan107591
Patrick, Charles   scan107588
Patrick, Charles L. Okaloosa IA scan107589
Patrick, Ethel L. Beacon IA scan107444
Patton, Alice Margaret Moweaqua IL scan107379
Paulson, Maurice   scan107331
Paulson, Maurise Denis (Cadet)   scan107334
Paulson, Maurise Denis (Cadet) Modesto CA scan107337
Paulson, Willetta OR scan107414
Paxton, Edward R.   scan107696
Paxton, Edward R. Salix IA scan107697
Peachey, Albert L.   scan107591
Peachey, Albert L.   scan107592
Peachey, Albert L. Clearwater MO scan107593
Pearson, Zelda   scan107673
Peck, Della Loveland CO scan107496
Pefley, Martha   scan107570
Pefley, Martha LaPorte IN scan107571
Pelham, Ivy A.   scan107392
Pelham, Ivy A. Beeville TX scan107393
Pence, Clara M. Williams OR scan107553
Pence, Sadie OR scan107479
Pence, Sadie Jackson Co OR scan107481
Perkins, Rosa May   scan107500
Perkins, Rosa May Hart MI scan107503
Perry, Ida May Sams Valley OR scan107564
Peterson, Ethel   scan107306
Peterson, Henry A. Fountain MN scan107316
Peterson, Henry Alfred   scan107314
Petrers, Ernest G.   scan107300
Petrers, Ernest G. Mankato MN scan107301
Peyton, Robert H.   scan107591
Peyton, Robert Harold Medford OR scan107592
Phares, Mollie Wimer Talent OR scan107679
Phillips, John Lindsay Canada scan107580
Phillips, Sarah A. Putnam Co MO scan107705
Phillips, Sarah Alice   scan107703
Pieper, Clara A.   scan107299
Pieper, Clara A. Waumandee WI scan107300
Pierce, Laura G. MO scan107566
Pilling, James   scan107377
Pilling, Steven   scan107377
Pillsbury, Carrie E. Derry NH scan107288
Pillsbury, Pearl A.   scan107567
Pillsbury, Pearl A. WI scan107568
Pittman, Bonnie Jean Klamath Falls OR scan107613
Pittman, Bonnie Jean   scan107614
Pitts, Charles A.   scan107453
Pitts, Charles Anderson Harland Co NE scan107454
Pitts, Joseph James   scan107393
Pitts, Joseph James Salida CO scan107395
Platko, Anna Victoria Lithuania scan107592
Pollock, Nola Portland OR scan107529
Popple, William T. Diamond Dale MI scan107503
Port, Lee C.   scan107563
Porter, Louis A.   scan107631
Porter, Louis A. Smith Center KS scan107632
Porter, Minnie Mae Bell   scan107483
Porterfield, Rex   scan107470
Prefontaine, Edward   scan107451
Preikshat, William Germany scan107664
Preikshot, William   scan107662
Pruett, Vila H.   scan107550
Pruett, Viola H. Wilbur OR scan107551
Pruitt, Mary Ellen   scan107590
Pruitt, Mary Ellen CA scan107591
Pull, (Mrs. Charles Anderson)   scan107715
Purdum, Nora May Georgetown OH scan107610
Purucker, Anne K.   scan107473
Purucker, Anne K.   scan107475
Putnam, Amy Clay Co IA scan107678
Putney, Marguerite M.   scan107635
Rabjohn, Gregory Lynn   scan107518
Ragsdale, Wesley Trail OR scan107595
Randall, Dorothy Iola   scan107419
Randall, Dorothy Iola Ft Collins CO scan107420
Randles, Alice A. Eureka CA scan107665
Randles, Mary D. Shasta Co CA scan107288
Ray, Martin Douglas   scan107508
Ray, Martin Douglas   scan107509
Ray, Mary Bell Molly Ruch OR scan107449
Ray, Molly Ruch OR scan107445
Ray, Myron   scan107679
Ray, Myron Murphy Boise ID scan107682
Ray, Rethmond   scan107659
Reber, Emery J. Thayer Co NE scan107499
Redbarn, Al   scan107700
Redbarn, Al Des Moines IA scan107701
Reddich, Katherine M. Heber Springs AR scan107325
Redington, (Infant Son)   scan107597
Redington, Walter Ray   scan107598
Reed, Carl M.   scan107321
Reed, Carl M. Waverley MO scan107328
Rethemeyer, Ruth   scan107286
Rethemeyer, Ruth Clayton ID scan107287
Rhoades, Caldora Ann Coleman City TX scan107666
Rhodes, Dorothy   scan107711
Rhodes, Susie Dorothy Medford OR scan107712
Rhoten, Helen Marie   scan107693
Rice, Milton Bert Paintsville KY scan107557
Rice, Sadie Alburquerque NM scan107555
Riddle, Jerald Marvin Medford OR scan107409
Riddle, Letitia Sterling OR scan107510
Riddle, Robert H. IL scan107625
Rienll, Benhart Jacob   scan107581
Rifenbark, Nellie Elizabeth Topeka KS scan107418
Rinell, Benhart Jacob Astoria OR scan107583
Ring, Stephanie   scan107307
Robbins, Elva Montague CA scan107714
Roberts, Edgar R. Tarrytown PA scan107285
Robertson, Bobby   scan107470
Robinson, Minnie   scan107541
Robison, Lloyd L.   scan107661
Robison, Lloyd L. Columbus OH scan107663
Robison, W. W.   scan107307
Rolfe, Layman   scan107348
Rosecrans, Melody Ann   scan107444
Ross, Elmira   scan107348
Ross, Elmira Drouillard   scan107354
Ross, Elmira Drouillard   scan107352
Ross, Mary Ella Elgin MN scan107398
Ross, Sheila   scan107334
Ross, Sheila San Diego CA scan107336
Rost, Cornelius E. Con Pochahontas Co IA scan107357
Rowden, Louise OK scan107332
Rowland, Leo A.   scan107396
Rowland, Leo Arthur Cosmopolis WA scan107398
Rowley, Caldora Ann   scan107664
Rowley, Caldora Ann Coleman City TX scan107666
Rowley, Charles Albert   scan107585
Rowley, Charles Albert IA scan107588
Rusho, Lulu Mae   scan107427
Rusho, Lulu Mae Laclede Co MO scan107429
Ryall, Willetta OR scan107414
Ryden, Axel   scan107388
Ryden, Axel William   scan107392
Ryno, Harry E.   scan107566
Ryno, Harry E. Gaines MI scan107568
Samuelsen, Hazel I. Amity OR scan107368
Samuelson, Hazel   scan107367
Sanders, Lloyd L. (Dr.)   scan107289
Sanders, Lloyd L. (Dr.) Rosalia WA scan107293
Sanford, Lake   scan107405
Sanford, Lake Earl IL scan107409
Sayle, James T.   scan107345
Sayle, James T.   scan107346
Saylor, Collins Parker   scan107345
Saylor, Collins Parker OK scan107346
Schamberger, E. R.   scan107571
Schamberger, Edeard R. Bleeker Twp NY scan107572
Schmidt, Cynthia A. Platt Co MO scan107426
Schmidt, Emma Millville MN scan107448
Schmidt, George   scan107370
Schmidt, George Riley IN scan107374
Schmidt, Lillian Chicago IL scan107347
Schmidt, Lillian (2)   scan107345
Schmidt, Mary Ellen CA scan107591
Schollars, Molly Leavenworth KS scan107322
Schortgen, Ray   scan107668
Schortgen, Ray Merrill OR scan107669
Schuler, Mary Helen   scan107684
Schuler, Mary Helen Smith Center KS scan107685
Scott, Edna Beatrice Bellingham WA scan107699
Scott, Ida May Sams Valley OR scan107564
Scott, Lulu   scan107658
Scott, Lulu Glad Tidings OR scan107659
Scoville, Hubert H.   scan107613
Scoville, Hubert H. IA scan107614
Seaber, Bonnie Jean Klamath Falls OR scan107613
Seaver, Bonnie Jean   scan107614
Seawell, Minnie   scan107683
Seawell, Minnie Marie Okawville IL scan107684
Semple, Elizabeth   scan107655
Semple, Elizabeth   scan107656
Semple, Elizabeth Scotland scan107658
Severson, Olaf T.   scan107569
Severson, Olaf T. Norway scan107571
Shambeau, Beverly Myrle Milwaukee WI scan107504
Shaver, Lulu Glad Tidings OR scan107659
Shearer, Belle   scan107514
Shearer, Belle Watertown NY scan107517
Shelby, Gladson Roy   scan107610
Shelby, Gladson Roy Pike Co IL scan107611
Shirey, J. Newton   scan107283
Shirey, J. Newton   scan107285
Shirley, Arthur B.   scan107429
Shirley, Arthur Blaine Julesburg MO scan107433
Shoemaker, Jack David   scan107598
Shoemaker, Jack David Tillamook OR scan107599
Shontz, Francis Marion Sheldon IA scan107596
Showers, Melville J.   scan107533
Showers, Melville James Hope IN scan107536
Shuck, Claudette   scan107470
Silliman, Ernest Chester Portland OR scan107471
Silliman, Ernest Chester   scan107469
Simmons, Mabry (Lt. Col.)   scan107387
Simonsen, Herman F.   scan107574
Simonsen, Herman Frederick Verona NE scan107575
Sipes, Sterling   scan107679
Skaggs, C. Lee   scan107533
Skaggs, C. Lee Florence TX scan107537
Skelton, Mina Montonye Peoria IL scan107308
Skyrman, Dawn Rae   scan107366
Skyrman, Dawn Rae Reno NV scan107365
Skyrman, Dolores Irene   scan107366
Skyrman, Dolores Irene San Bernardino CA scan107365
Skyrman, John   scan107366
Skyrman, John Dawson Dunsmuir CA scan107365
Slcak, Le Roy Marvin, Jr.   scan107283
Sletten, Carl   scan107434
Sletten, Carl Edwin Cumberland WI scan107437
Smallwood, Preston Lewis Co WA scan107689
Smallwood, Preston   scan107684
Smallwood, Preston   scan107685
Smarnes, James   scan107563
Smarnes, James Greece scan107565
Smedley, Edward Ambrose Hudsonville MI scan107536
Smith, Cecil   scan107368
Smith, Cecil McCloud CA scan107369
Smith, Charles D. NE scan107296
Smith, Christie Sparta Center MI scan107661
Smith, Doug   scan107507
Smith, Douglas R. Willada WA scan107508
Smith, Emma Grace` Pendleton OR scan107299
Smith, George F. WI scan107679
Smith, Geralda Rebecca Harmony PA scan107512
Smith, Joseph Lester TX scan107505
Smith, Lillian Mary St John ND scan107622
Smith, Marcus Eugene Medford OR scan107322
Smith, Mark Eugene   scan107320
Smith, Minnie Marie Okawville IL scan107684
Smith, Nancy Mattilda Eagle Bend MN scan107720
Smith, Sarah England scan107368
Smith, Sharon Jean Yreka CA scan107600
Smith, Thomas E.   scan107577
Smith, Thomas E. Arapahoe NE scan107580
Smothers, Anne Gemetrul AR scan107501
Soderlund, Deana Justine Klamath Falls OR scan107720
Solomon, Loveta   scan107477
Solomon, Loveta Rose Medford OR scan107478
Sparrow, Ruth Cleveland OH scan107461
Speaks, Cynthia Jean   scan107322
Speaks, Cynthia Jean   scan107325
Sperry, Mary Ella Elgin MN scan107398
Sperry, Ruby Blanche Lamoine CA scan107353
Stearns, Eva Klamath Co OR scan107504
Stearns, Floretta Rebecca   scan107691
Stearns, Floretta Rebecca Koszta IA scan107693
Steele, David   scan107318
Steele, David Brice OH scan107320
Stelle, Andra Fay Medford OR scan107546
Stephens, Susie Beulah ND scan107481
Sterrett, Simeon R. Paris ID scan107454
Stevens, John Alan Medford OR scan107601
Stewart, Iral L. Coffeyville KS scan107606
Stewart, James Medford OR scan107451
Stewart, Robert Allen McMinnville OR scan107490
Stewart, Sidney Mack LA scan107338
Stewart, Sidney Mark   scan107336
Stimson, Fred   scan107417
Stimson, Fred Clarence Medford OR scan107420
Stimson, Frederick C.   scan107418
Stinson, William H.   scan107308
Stinson, William H. Medford OR scan107310
Stratton, Rachel Estelle Williams OR scan107577
Straus, Walter H. Buena Vista Co IA scan107569
Stringer, Lena Murphy OR scan107458
Stueven, Anno Catherine SD scan107278
Sturdevant, Mary L. Black Walnut PA scan107324
Sturgeon, Clara M. Williams OR scan107553
Sturgis, Ida Belle Rockwell City IA scan107484
Sullivan, Charles M.   scan107308
Sullivan, Charles Mathew Johnson Co MO scan107307
Sutherlin, William O.   scan107296
Swanson, John Sweden scan107325
Swayne, Mary Barbara Jacksonville OR scan107525
Swayne, Mary Barbara   scan107527
Swihart, Elizabeth Teagarden IN scan107695
Swing, Margeritt   scan107371
Swing, Marguerite Okanogan WA scan107374
Tate, William W.   scan107643
Tate, William Wesley Marshall Co IA scan107644
Taylor, Blanche Coos Co OR scan107641
Taylor, Clarence Clyde   scan107474
Taylor, Clarence Clyde Belfast IA scan107476
Taylor, Conrad Heck Howkan AK scan107294
Taylor, Floyd Wallace WI scan107323
Taylor, James Robert Central Point OR scan107667
Terpenning, Marie   scan107393
Terpenning, Marie   scan107400
Terpenning, Marie Brockton MA scan107402
Thompson, Allison T.   scan107679
Thompson, Harvey Logan   scan107711
Thompson, Harvey Logan Carroll Co MO scan107712
Thoreson, Merrill Claude SD scan107520
Tillery, James W.   scan107598
Tillery, James W. Fort Worth TX scan107599
Tilley, Herbert Richard   scan107551
Tilley, Herbert Richard England scan107553
Tinkham, Margaret M. Canada scan107476
Tobin, Jerry N. Louisville KY scan107448
Todd, Jesse Porter   scan107548
Todd, Jesse Porter Columbus KS scan107551
Toohey, Joseph A.   scan107705
Toohey, Joseph A. Racine WI scan107706
Trautman, Frederick G.   scan107371
Trautman, Frederick G. Butte NE scan107374
Trautman, Theodore   scan107300
Trautman, Theodore Butte NE scan107301
Treichler, Cora E. SD scan107544
Tripp, Grace M.   scan107441
Tripp, Grace M. Jasper Co IA scan107443
Tumy, Helen Severance Boston MA scan107339
Turnbough, Elizabeth A. Phoenix OR scan107353
Turner, Fred   scan107310
Turner, Fred G. NE scan107311
Tuttle, Nancy Empire OR scan107320
Twite, Louie Norway scan107558
Tyrrell, Alice A. Eureka CA scan107665
Ulrich, Fleta Jacksonville OR scan107590
Ulrich, Fleta Jacksonville OR scan107591
Unruh, Harry Steele City NE scan107467
Unruh, Harry Roy   scan107464
Van Donselaar, Ethel   scan107443
Van Donselaar, Ethel L. Beacon IA scan107444
Van Dyke, Paul R.   scan107440
Van Galder, Raymond Monroe Rocky Ford CO scan107292
Van Houten, William Lewis Adams Co NE scan107438
Vann, John L.   scan107286
Vaughn, Bertha May KS scan107632
Vaughn, Frank Lee   scan107526
Verdon, C. A.   scan107698
Verdon, Charles Allen Butte MT scan107699
Vieira, Bonnie   scan107373
Vimont, Idessa   scan107602
Vimont, Idessa Bell IL scan107605
Vines, Pinkey E.   scan107647
Vines, Pinkney E. San Angelo TX scan107655
Volkenant, Katherine C. Ottawa IL scan107283
Vroman, Elizabeth A. Phoenix OR scan107353
Wade, Russell Alfred   scan107329
Wade, Russell Alfred Des Moines IA scan107332
Wadsworth, Lewis E. Winterburn PA scan107449
Wahl, Cathie Lou   scan107436
Walgamott, Mollie Talent OR scan107679
Wallace, George   scan107570
Wallace, George Mercer PA scan107571
Ward, Mabel Fargo ND scan107409
Warner, Edward N.   scan107377
Warner, Edward N., Jr.   scan107368
Warren, Lila Viola Indanola IA scan107522
Washburn, Kathryn H. Colfax LA scan107316
Watkins, Jesse W.   scan107692
Watkins, Jesse W. MO scan107693
Watkins, Sarah A. Putnam Co MO scan107705
Watson, Eunice Pearl   scan107360
Watson, Eunice Pearl Nevada MO scan107361
Watson, Pearl   scan107355
Webber, William Kinta OK scan107622
Weeks, Henry A.   scan107364
Weimer, Carl Everett   scan107634
Weimer, Carl Everett   scan107636
Weimer, Carl Everett Omaha NE scan107652
Weise, (Mrs. Frank F. Clark) Sterling NE scan107475
Welborn, Viola   scan107396
Welborn, Viola   scan107398
Welburn, Kenneth Lowell   scan107557
Welburn, Kenneth Lowell   scan107559
Weren, Ingrid Maria Sweden scan107635
West, Arthur A.   scan107574
White, Helen   scan107305
Whitted, Katherine   scan107324
Whitted, Katherine M. Heber Springs AR scan107325
Wicher, Marguerite M.   scan107635
Wignall, Glenn H. Hines IA scan107632
Wilcox, (Mrs. Lyle P.) Larimore ND scan107476
Wilcox, Lucy   scan107450
Wild, Eddie   scan107334
Wild, Eddie Grundy Co MO scan107335
Wiley, Elva Phoenix OR scan107621
Wiley, George Robert Coleville CA scan107493
Williams, Charlie V.   scan107707
Williams, Charlie Virgil Sweethome AR scan107708
Williams, Hattie B. Woodville OR scan107486
Williams, Hattie B.   scan107487
Williams, Marie Talent OR scan107653
Williams, Roy Jack MO scan107405
Wilson, James   scan107445
Wilson, James Arthur   scan107449
Wilson, James Arthur Jim Medford OR scan107451
Wilson, Kathryn H. Colfax LA scan107316
Wilson, Marie L.   scan107624
Wilson, Marie Lavina Alton KS scan107628
Wilson, Mary L. Burnettville IN scan107303
Wilson, Olive May Rock Springs WY scan107285
Wimer, (Mrs. George)   scan107700
Wimer, Mollie Talent OR scan107679
Wimer, Veva M. Myrtle Creek OR scan107701
Wisdom, Anno Catherine SD scan107278
Withington, Ruth Cleveland OH scan107461
Witt, Ralph Loyd MO scan107444
Wolf, Mamie   scan107302
Wolf, Mamie Freedom WI scan107303
Wolgamott, Vance K. MO scan107621
Wollfe, Viola   scan107396
Wolter, Ruby Blanche   scan107350
Wolter, Ruby Blanche Lamoine CA scan107353
Wolter, Tresey   scan107674
Wong, James M. China scan107638
Woods, Frances   scan107535
Woodside, Edna Coulterville IL scan107454
Woodward, Emma J. Spokane WA scan107288
Woodward, Emma Jean   scan107287
Woody, Joseph Henry Phoenix OR scan107702
Wooldridge, Eula Alder OR scan107622
Wooley, Sherman   scan107681
Wooley, Sherman Eagle Point OR scan107683
Workman, Melvin A. Mackay ID scan107688
Workman, Melvin A.   scan107685
Works, Frank   scan107529
Works, Frank Stockville NE scan107533
Worley, Eva Klamath Co OR scan107504
Wyatt, Ida Belle Rockwell City IA scan107484
Yank, Max Albert Lincoln NE scan107400
Yocum, Thomas Jefferson   scan107476
Yocum, Thomas Jefferson Wallowa Co OR scan107481
York, Austa A. Bell Plaion IA scan107601
Young, Carrie E.   scan107287
Young, Carrie E. Derry NH scan107288
Young, George G. Jack Wynnewood OK scan107684
Zabas, Anna Victoria Lithuania scan107592
Zeitler, Mae   scan107701
Zeitler, Mae Maurine Saginaw MI scan107702