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Medford Mail Tribune Scanned Obituary Index for 1958

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Our JCGL volunteers are scanning and indexing microfilmed images of Medford Mail Tribune Obituaries and Death Notices. Below is an index to the 1958 scanned images. It includes the name of the deceased person, his/her place of birth (when available), and the number we have assigned to the image. If the deceased person is a married woman and her maiden name was given in the obituary, this is included in the index. If you would like to receive a copy of a scanned obituary, follow this link, Postal Request Form to display the request form. Complete and print the form, then send it to the address shown along with a check for $10 and a stamped, self-addressed envelope. Some of the scanned obituaries require more than one image. We will send them all for a single $10 fee, but you must put all the image numbers (e.g., scan123456, scan123457) on your request. Be sure to provide all the required information on the form.

For faster turnaround, use the Buy Now button below to make a secure online payment and to provide the information needed to fill your request. Be sure you fill ALL fields in the form including all image scan numbers. When you complete the transaction, our librarian will copy the requested information and email it to you as an attachment. It will be sent as a .jpg (picture) file. When you receive this .jpg file, click on it and it will be loaded into your picture viewer from which you can print a hard copy.

Scanned Mail Tribune Obituaries
Last Name, First Name
Year, Image Number

Name Birth Place Image Number
Aarseth, Allison Ann   scan106543
Adam, James C. Caldwell ID scan106483
Adam, James Carter   scan106482
Adams, Jackie   scan106723
Adams, Jacquelyn L. Klamath Falls OR scan106724
Adkins, Carl   scan106575
Adkins, Carl Springfield OH scan106578
Albrecht, Lydia A. Pollock SD scan106621
Alicki, Philip   scan106395
Alicki, Philip Torrington CT scan106397
Allen, Bess Ira IA scan106696
Allen, Beverly Ann   scan106716
Allen, Beverly Ann   scan106720
llen, Daryl "Mike   scan106411
llen, Daryl "Mike Caldwell Canada scan106414
Allen, George S.   scan106431
Allen, George S. Tumwater WA scan106432
Allen, Irene Brosley MO scan106446
Allen, Janis   scan106479
Allen, Janis Leann Albany OR scan106480
Allen, Walter R.   scan106594
Allen, Walter R. Derby OR scan106596
Allingham, George W.   scan106398
Allingham, George W. Darling ND scan106399
Ambrose, Harriet   scan106432
Anderson, Bessie C.   scan106384
Anderson, Bessie C. Weaverville CA scan106385
Anderson, Gordon Cherokee IA scan106483
Anderson, Ida Estella Lane County OR scan106508
Anderson, Selma   scan106474
Anderson, Selma Sweden scan106475
Anderton, Glenn Leroy Vail IA scan106614
Andren, Emil   scan106573
Andren, Emil Vedum Sweden scan106574
Andrews, Jay P. Lamar MO scan106567
Andrews, William P. Sparta NC scan106460
Andrews, William Preston   scan106459
Ankney, Harry A.   scan106534
Ankney, Harry A. Crawford County OH scan106536
Armpriest, Walter   scan106649
Armpriest, Walter M. Fprest Creek OR scan106650
Arnold, Eugene R.   scan106584
Arnold, Eugene R. Rockport MO scan106585
Ash, Walter Lewis Madison NE scan106549
Ashpole, Roy   scan106644
Ashpole, Roy Eagle Point OR scan106646
Ayers, Arthur W.   scan106590
Ayers, Arthur W. Grand Junction IA scan106593
Ayers, Bonnie Jean Gold Hill OR scan106631
Ayers, Bonnie Jean Gold Hill OR scan106647
Babb, Jennie May   scan106567
Bailey, Mary Elizabeth Newport PA scan106520
Baker, Ella Butler MO scan106618
Bakke, William A. Norway scan106627
Balderston, Gregory   scan106760
Balderston, Gregory Medford OR scan106762
Baldwin, Hazel E. Kings County CA scan106706
Barilla, Sylvia Beatrice   scan106700
Barker, Richard M. Klamath OR scan106549
Barker, Roger   scan106405
Barker, Roger Medford OR scan106408
Barney, Mae V. Happy Camp CA scan106623
Barr, Emma A. Phoenix OR scan106487
Barr, Jessie   scan106486
Barr, Jessie C. OK scan106488
Barrett, Jay A. WI scan106700
Barrett, Jay Allen   scan106699
Barrick, Rosemary   scan106715
Barrick, Rosemary   scan106721
Beale, Ernest George Carroll NE scan106745
Bear, Stephen J.   scan106581
Bear, Stephen J. Long Prairie MN scan106582
Beaton, James P. Fargo ND scan106654
Bechdoldt, Irene Elizabeth Forest Grove OR scan106382
Beebe, Gladys Mildred Jacksonville OR scan106561
Beer, Ernest Lee   scan106678
Beer, Ernest Lee Medford OR scan106679
Beigel, Charlotte Elsie Manitowoc WI scan106383
Belcher, Lenora V.   scan106637
Belcher, Lenora V. KS scan106638
Bell, Thomas J. Talent OR scan106435
Bell, Thomas J. Talent OR scan106436
Bender, Frances I.   scan106645
Bender, Frances I. AR scan106646
Bengtson, Anna G.   scan106705
Bennett, Cora May PA scan106558
Berry, James Walter MS scan106671
Biles, Bonnie Jean Gold Hill OR scan106647
Bisrude, Kenneth Monona County IA scan106552
Bisrude, Kenneth   scan106553
Biwer, Anna Germany scan106492
Bixler, Hazel E. Kings County CA scan106706
Blackburn, Gilbert Tyrone PA scan106713
Blaine, William R.   scan106607
Blaine, William Russell   scan106606
Blankenship, John Richard Protem MO scan106637
Blyth, Lewis S. Orrick MO scan106567
Blythe, Lewis   scan106566
Bodell, Charles C.   scan106617
Bodenhammer, Geraldine I. North English IA scan106672
Boggs, James B.   scan106677
Boggs, James B. Roseburg OR scan106678
Bohman, Elizabeth Anna St Joseph MI scan106423
Bolen, Flossie   scan106580
Bolen, Flossie E. Salina UT scan106581
Boling, Bessie C.   scan106384
Bolt, Jennie May La Grande OR scan106568
Bolten, John Germany scan106492
Bond, Ed   scan106655
Bond, Eddy Everett Monroe Ardmore OK scan106657
Booth, Grace Azalea OR scan106557
Booth, Unknown Willmar MN scan106453
Bostwick, Bert Clark   scan106571
Bostwick, Bert Clark Santa Rosa CA scan106573
Boswell, Lou Della Hartford IA scan106531
Bounds, Margaret   scan106735
Bounds, Margaret Lydia Calistoga County CA scan106736
Boutelle, Ralph Upton   scan106549
Boutelle, Ralph Upton Fitchburg MA scan106550
Bowen, Ralph E.   scan106389
Bowers, Charles E.   scan106605
Bowers, Charles E. Windsor MO scan106608
Bowlin, Leon Brownlee Meridian MS scan106482
Bowman, Judith Yvonne   scan106667
Boyd, Mamie Chicago IL scan106605
Brayton, Everett Medford OR scan106669
Brayton, Everett   scan106671
Brayton, Everett H. Spokane WA scan106672
Braziel, Eugene Kelly Lorena TX scan106543
Brecount, Hubert Othello   scan106459
Brennesholtz, L. A.   scan106741
Brennesholtz, Linder Allen Waterville WA scan106742
Briggs, Lydia A. Pollock SD scan106621
Briggs, Nellie Emma Austin MN scan106739
Brndt, Walter   scan106460
Broadbent, Mildred A. MN scan106612
Brooks, Alden Ira   scan106705
Brooks, Alden Ira Wichita KS scan106706
Brown, Bertha I.   scan106605
Brown, Bertha I. Lewiston ME scan106607
Brown, Cora B.   scan106470
Brown, Dwight L. Bells TX scan106756
Brown, Fred M.   scan106556
Brown, Fred M. Bozeman MT scan106558
Brown, George Brownsboro OR scan106447
Brown, George B. Brownsboro OR scan106446
rown, John Johnson "Jack Washington County AR scan106474
rown, John Johnson "Jack   scan106472
Brown, Stanley H.   scan106732
Brugman, John Joseph Nichols IA scan106731
Bryant, Minnie Brazil IN scan106647
Bucher, Mae V. Happy Camp CA scan106623
Buck, Arthur Glenn   scan106676
Buck, Arthur Glenn Kossta IA scan106677
Budden, Edmond Virgil   scan106386
Budden, Edmond Virgil Lexington OR scan106388
Burchfield, Bruce F. Ridgeway PA scan106509
Burchfield, Bruce Fredrick   scan106506
Burleson, Lena   scan106745
Burleson, Lena   scan106746
Burleson, Lena   scan106747
Burroughs, Margaret   scan106703
Burroughs, Margaret J. Medford OR scan106704
Bursell, Bertha Ann MO scan106488
Bushnell, Ruth Anna Canton IL scan106416
Butler, Anna   scan106722
Byers, Laura Mary Glenwood IA scan106435
Byrd, John Clifton   scan106435
Cain, Mary Louisa Isle of Man England scan106467
Caldwell, Emma Catherine Medford OR scan106675
Campbell, Alvin D. Chatham Ontario Canada scan106437
Campbell, Stella Ethel Mountain View MO scan106385
Campbell, Stella Ethel Mountain View MO scan106387
Canter, Juan C.   scan106474
Cantrall, Amy Uniontown OR scan106514
Cantu, Juan C.   scan106476
Cariker, Maude Cyrena Dixie TX scan106718
Carpenter, Edna Fredricka Dunsmuir CA scan106552
Cash, Agnes   scan106700
Cash, Agnes A. Port Hood Novia Scotia scan106702
Caskey, Noah W.   scan106560
Caskey, Noah W. Keokuk County IA scan106561
Cassey, Ione Lewiston ID scan106418
Cassey, Ione Lewiston ID scan106423
Catlett, Bill A.   scan106627
Catlett, Bill A. Fulton County PA scan106630
Cavanaugh, Robert Alameda CA scan106566
Cays, Clara Fair IN scan106432
earley, John W. "Johnnie   scan106543
earley, John W. "Johnnie Marion VA scan106545
Cearly, John   scan106541
Chamberlain, Frankie Ellen   scan106510
Chamberlain, Frankie Ellen Ashland KY scan106511
Champion, Reta Aleta   scan106481
Chandler, Laura Mary Glenwood IA scan106435
Chapman, Andrew J. Riley KS scan106726
Cheadle, Edmond   scan106484
Cheadle, Edmond   scan106486
Cheadle, Edmond   scan106500
Cheadle, Edmond   scan106507
Cheadle, Edward LeRoy   scan106487
Cheff, Laura Marie   scan106671
Cheff, Laura Marie Medford OR scan106672
Childers, Mary Elizabeth Jackson County OR scan106407
Chisholm, William P. Dr.   scan106575
Chisholm, William P. Dr. Orlinda PA scan106577
Christean, Carol   scan106425
Christean, Carol M. Medford OR scan106428
Christensen, Samuel   scan106740
Christensen, Samuel Distrup Denmark scan106741
Christian, Johannah Smollen Sweden scan106471
hristlieb Sylvia Beatrice "Gayle   scan106700
Cingcade, Charles   scan106419
Cingcade, Charles Samuel Mono County CA scan106421
Clark, Buford Albert   scan106691
Clark, Buford Albert KS scan106692
Clark, Donald Stewart Evanston IL scan106400
Clark, George Alfred   scan106597
Clark, George Alfred Springfield MO scan106599
Clark, Margaret Idella Waterford WI scan106639
Clarke, Carroll Vincent   scan106647
Clarke, Carroll Vincent KS scan106649
Clary, Rebecca Adeline   scan106440
Clary, Rebecca Adeline Ft. Scott KS scan106441
Clay, Alma Rankin OK scan106694
Cleveland, Flossie May Grants Pass OR scan106537
Cline, Edith Grace   scan106643
Cline, Edith Grace IA scan106645
Cline, James   scan106681
Cobleigh, Guy   scan106687
Cobleigh, Guy MI scan106686
Coe, Helen Louise Miss Klamath Falls OR scan106596
Coe, Helen Miss   scan106593
Coffeen, Gordon M. Marseilles IL scan106540
Coffeen, Gordon Monroe   scan106539
Coffman, Jennie   scan106639
Collins, (Mrs. Earl)   scan106623
Collins, Charlotte Louise Keokuk IA scan106623
Collins, Charlotte Louise (Mrs. Earl) Keokuk IA scan106620
Collins, Cora May PA scan106558
Conley, James Arthur Deer Lodge MT scan106580
Cook, George Theodore   scan106748
Cook, George Theodore Parksville MO scan106750
Cook, George Theodore   scan106756
Cook, Mamie Chicago IL scan106605
Cooper, Donald   scan106444
Copley, Cindy Gene Hepner OR scan106757
Cornell, Garfield G.   scan106469
Cornell, Garfield George Stone County MO scan106470
Cortesy, Dorothy Frances Spokane WA scan106613
Corum, Bertha Ann MO scan106488
Corum, John A.   scan106402
Corum, John A. Medford OR scan106403
Costa, Flonnie Marie   scan106707
Costa, Flonnie Marie OK scan106708
Costanzo, Mary Spokane WA scan106646
Coulter, Alvin Clarence Myrtle Point OR scan106639
Coulter, Clarence   scan106638
Coulter, Jennie E. Phoenix OR scan106516
Courtney, Bess Ira IA scan106696
Courtney, David C.   scan106429
Courtney, David C. Strasburg MO scan106431
owin, Monroe "Bud Ladysmith WI scan106617
Cowling, Kate Beatrice Troutdale OR scan106492
Crabb, Willie Leota   scan106439
Crabb, Willie Leota Stoneburg TX scan106440
Craig, Robert IA scan106652
Craig, Robert Webster City IA scan106654
Crotty, Charley A.   scan106703
Crotty, Charley A. West Union IA scan106704
Crowl, Lawrence   scan106714
Crowl, Lawrence Syracuse IN scan106715
Croy, Leslie J. Kingsville MO scan106532
Culey, Katharine E. Castlewood SD scan106440
Culy, Bertha M.   scan106524
Culy, Bertha M. Scottsville KS scan106525
Cumming, Malcolm M. Boone IA scan106423
Cunningham, Ethel   scan106479
Cunningham, Ethel Sophia Miss England scan106480
Cunningham, William John   scan106645
Cunningham, William John Stockton CA scan106646
Currier, W. J. Henry Grundy County IL scan106510
Currier, William J. Henry   scan106509
Dahl, Louis F. Omaha NE scan106459
Dailey, Charles E.   scan106565
Dailey, Charles E. Ganges Township MI scan106566
Dailey, Wayne Wilbur Staples MN scan106463
Daily, Bertha M. Scottsville KS scan106525
Daily, Charles   scan106404
Daily, Charles Portland OR scan106407
Daley, George Willard Ashland OR scan106518
Davies, Claude Benton   scan106618
Davis, Acksah E.   scan106398
Davis, Acksah E. Ft Scott KS scan106399
Davis, Claude B. Corvallis OR scan106619
Davis, Edith   scan106562
Davis, Edith Emeline Princeton MN scan106565
Davis, Ida Minnie Trinity Center CA scan106556
Davis, Jack Franklin   scan106466
Davis, Jack Franklin Liberty TX scan106467
Davis, Oscar C.   scan106733
Dawson, Hannah   scan106719
Dawson, Hannah   scan106717
Day, Lilly Mae Birmingham England scan106715
Day, Lilly Mae Birmingham England scan106716
Day, Nancy B.   scan106541
Deacon, Florence   scan106746
Deacon, Florence Philadelphia PA scan106747
Dean, James   scan106563
Dean, James L. New York City NY scan106565
DeArmond, Hugh L.   scan106652
Deiwert, Elmer Claude Little Rock IN scan106448
DeLisle, Andrew James Montreal Quebec scan106672
DeLisle, Andrew L.   scan106669
Demmer, Sophia Hungary scan106406
DeRycke, Marie   scan106526
DeRycke, Marie Josephine Mishawaka IN scan106527
Dews, Oliver Edmund OR scan106457
Dickert, William R. GA scan106553
Dickert, William Robert   scan106552
Dickey, Dolores   scan106457
Dillon, Ella Butler MO scan106618
Dillstrom, Myrtle M. OR scan106392
Dingman, Ada Isabel   scan106633
Dispenziere, Joseph Anthony Newark NJ scan106396
ispenziere, Joseph Anthony "Joe Newark NJ scan106394
Disrude, Kenneth   scan106555
Divert, Claude E.   scan106446
Dizick, Twila   scan106756
Doak, Alta Lucille   scan106647
Doherty, Marma Jean Yuba City CA scan106457
Domrose, Lydia   scan106543
Doran, Daniel Montreal Canada scan106388
Dow, Amy   scan106512
Dow, Amy Uniontown OR scan106514
Dow, Carol Ann   scan106525
Dow, Carol Ann   scan106526
Dow, George L. Stoughton WI scan106618
Duane, Dexter   scan106731
Duane, Dexter Robert Mt. Pleasant IA scan106734
Duhaime, John Joseph   scan106584
Dunagan, Velma Z.   scan106429
Dunagan, Velma Z. Post Falls ID scan106431
Dunlava, Geraldine I. North English IA scan106672
Dunn, Emma Jane Granada MN scan106608
Dunn, William H.   scan106465
Dunn, William Henry Burgman AR scan106469
Dunnington, Thomas E.   scan106485
Dunnington, Thomas E. Burns OR scan106486
Dusenberry, Ada L. Thief River Falls MN scan106617
Dyer, Carol   scan106425
Dyer, Carol M. Medford OR scan106428
Eades, Etta May Red Oak IA scan106435
Earl, Clarence   scan106623
Earl, Clarence C. Elma NE scan106625
Ebnmother, James Floyd Goodland KS scan106697
Edwards, Carlyn   scan106488
Edwards, Carlyn Salem NE scan106492
Edwards, Lillie A.   scan106660
Edwards, Lillie A. Waverly IL scan106661
Ehrke, Lydia   scan106557
Ehrke, Lydia   scan106559
Ehrke, Lydia R. Wurttemberg Germany scan106558
Elbert, Martha   scan106721
Elbert, Martha Ann   scan106725
Elfers, Bertha M. NE scan106718
Elliot, Christopher Sidney   scan106614
Ellis, Leland   scan106676
Ellis, Leland James Phoenix OR scan106677
Ellis, Lester F. Onalaska WI scan106379
Elrod, Elsie   scan106678
Ely, Carlyn Salem NE scan106492
Elzea, Bettie Jean   scan106444
Emerson, Roland R.   scan106463
Emerson, Roland Rufus Bloomdale OH scan106466
Emery, Annie Loetta Baker OR scan106648
Emery, Elmer Earl Swan IA scan106516
Emmens, Thomas H. Dr.   scan106710
Emmens, Thomas, Dr.   scan106707
Emory, Earl   scan106515
Engel, J. Fred   scan106686
Engel, J. Fred Gordon NE scan106688
England, Laura Edinburg IN scan106487
Evans, Ernest   scan106398
Evans, Ernest E.   scan106399
Eversole, Daniel L.   scan106558
Eversole, Daniel L. Gilmore City IA scan106559
Falkenberg, Max   scan106519
Falkenberg, Max Washington TX scan106521
Farster, Ord P.   scan106666
Farster, Ord P. Elba IL scan106667
Fauver, Tommy J. Modesto CA scan106631
Fawcett, Patricia J. Miss   scan106608
Fenton, Ella Rachel Hightown VA scan106685
Fenton, Rachael   scan106684
Fergeson, Michael E.   scan106742
Ferguson, Lillian Vivian Sycamore IL scan106680
Ferguson, Michael Eugene North Bend OR scan106746
Ferguson, Walter W.   scan106486
Ferguson, Walter W. English IN scan106487
Ferrens, Grace Geraldine Juntura OR scan106447
Fields, Emma A. Phoenix OR scan106487
Fierling, Chauncey P.   scan106487
Fierling, Chauncey P. Wauneta NE scan106489
Fillinger, Velma   scan106765
Fillinger, Velma Deloras Sumner IA scan106766
Fischer, Georgia Adelia Door Center MI scan106549
Fisher, Terry Lynn   scan106468
Fitzgerald, Carol L. Crabtree OR scan106401
Flanery, Mary   scan106645
Flanery, Mary Spokane WA scan106646
Flett, Ben Harrison Spangle WA scan106407
Flett, Benjamin H.   scan106406
Flint, Victor W.   scan106399
Flint, Victor W. Nashua IA scan106401
Flynn, Thomas K.   scan106528
Flynn, Thomas K. Lake Linden MI scan106530
Foster, Shirley   scan106384
Fowler, Grace B.   scan106556
Fowler, Grace B. Azalea OR scan106557
Fraley, Elizabeth M.   scan106528
Fraley, Elizabeth M. Henry County MO scan106530
Frame, Henry W.   scan106499
Francis, Archibald C.   scan106597
Francis, Archibald C. Rock Springs WY scan106601
Francis, Joe   scan106425
Francis, Joe Hawkinsville CA scan106426
Franco, Tony Paul Tucson AZ scan106631
Franklin, Joseph   scan106607
Franklin, Joseph Hornbrook CA scan106608
Franklin, Orville John   scan106505
Fredenburg, Samuel J. Gold Hill OR scan106655
Fredenburg, Samuel Jess   scan106656
Freiburger, John A.   scan106766
Freiburger, John A. Ottoville OH scan106769
Frick, Sadie   scan106543
Frick, Sadie Sweden scan106545
Fries, Etta M. Debello WI scan106414
Furnas, Charles C. Lafayette KS scan106490
Furnas, Charles C.   scan106495
Gardiner, Avis Frances Providence RI scan106501
Garman, Carol   scan106398
Garman, Carol L. Crabtree OR scan106401
arvin, Walter "Babe Wagner Creek OR scan106696
Gearing, Raymond Charles   scan106655
Gebhard, Harold KS scan106493
Gebhard, Harold LeRoy Long Island KS scan106498
Gentry, Jess Lee   scan106501
Gentry, Jesse Lee Rome County TN scan106503
Gentry, Will G.   scan106556
George, Helen Adele Gainesville TX scan106714
Ghelardi, Charles   scan106685
Ghelardi, Charles Carlo Pina Italy scan106687
Gibson, Florence Z. Salt Lake City UT scan106466
Giffin, Robert Bernard   scan106632
Giffin, Robert Bernard Severy KS scan106635
Gilbert, Vera Ashland NE scan106530
illaspey, John W. "Jack Oakley IA scan106416
illaspey, John W. "Jack   scan106414
Gillette, Laura Edinburg IN scan106487
Gillette, Laura England   scan106486
Gillmore, Charles M. Salem OR scan106437
Gillmore, Charles Maurice   scan106436
Gilson, Bernard   scan106429
Gilson, Bernard Allen IN scan106431
Gilson, James Harvey Hornbrook CA scan106516
Givan, Fay A. Eagle Point OR scan106438
Gleason, James W.   scan106422
Goin, Donald   scan106472
Goin, Donald William   scan106474
Goldthorp, George A.   scan106586
Goldthorp, George A. Tomah WI scan106587
Goodrich, Margaret   scan106637
Goodrich, Margaret Idella Waterford WI scan106639
Gould, Evelyn (Mrs. R. E.)   scan106573
Gould, Evelyn A. Los Angeles CA scan106575
Govenor, Pamela   scan106446
Govenor, Pamela Gail   scan106447
Graeber, Lena   scan106746
Gray, Carroll S.   scan106763
Gray, Carroll S.   scan106766
Green, Ada Isabel   scan106633
Green, Ada Isabell   scan106631
Green, Mildred   scan106611
reen, Walter D. "Pop   scan106715
reen, Walter Douglas "Pop Westboro OH scan106712
Greene, Mildred A. MN scan106612
Greer, Lazzarre Genevieve Miss MO scan106765
Greer, Lezzatt Lela   scan106763
Gregory, Lillian Central Point OR scan106462
Grey, Mary   scan106658
Grey, Mary Memphis MO scan106660
Grigsby, Edith Matilda OH scan106700
Grim, Laura Edinburg IN scan106487
Grim, Lowell Samuel Aurora NE scan106639
Grisham, Estella M. Aurora NE scan106679
Grohe, Cora Ravenna OH scan106617
Guess, Irene Brosley MO scan106446
Gulliford, Verla E.   scan106583
Guyton, Alberta Ruth Placerville CA scan106708
Hagbery, William   scan106393
Hagbery, William IA scan106395
Hake, Johannah Smollen Sweden scan106471
Hall, Albert I.   scan106392
Hall, Albert I. San Miguel CA scan106393
Hall, Albert I.   scan106395
Hall, Jacquelyn L. Klamath Falls OR scan106724
Hallett, Charles Crawford WI scan106408
Hamill, (Mrs. Philip W.)   scan106501
Hamlin, Everett Verne Medford OR scan106459
Hanna, Edward C. Sr. Nauvoo IL scan106523
Hannaford, John Nelson   scan106582
Hansen, William   scan106647
Hansen, William M. Etna CA scan106648
Hard, Carlyn Salem NE scan106492
Harding, Harry E. Jackson MI scan106734
Hardy, Joseph Henry Ortonville MI scan106564
Haring, Marie Terre Haute IN scan106702
Haring, Marie Gertrude Terre Haute IN scan106700
Harper, Vivian Joseph OR scan106411
Harris, Lillian   scan106419
Harris, Lillian   scan106421
Harris, Lillian Cornwall England scan106422
Hart, Jackson Clyde Braddyville IA scan106383
Hartley, Elizabeth C. Indianapolis IN scan106447
Hartley, Elizabeth Catherine   scan106446
Hartley, Jack M.   scan106602
Hartley, Jack M. Portland OR scan106603
Hartsook, J. Paul   scan106700
Hartsook, J. Paul Portland OR scan106702
Hash, Walter Lewis Madison NE scan106550
Haskins, Darcel   scan106740
Haskins, Darcel Louise Los Angeles CA scan106741
Hawk, Simon M. Canoe Ridge PA scan106487
Hawken, Ida Estella Lane County OR scan106508
Hawkes, Cora Belle Dunlap IA scan106740
Hawks, Cora   scan106738
Hawks, Cora Bell   scan106739
Hayes, Terance Lyn   scan106685
Hayes, Terance Lyn Medford OR scan106687
Haynes, Ralph W.   scan106760
Hazelrigg, Sue   scan106671
Hazelrigg, Sue Lawrenceburg IN scan106672
Head, Robert Leesburg VA scan106684
Hearin, Emma Marie Austin MN scan106530
Heffner, Rose Flounce Rock OR scan106720
Heffner, Rose Flounce Rock OR scan106721
Heft, Estella M.   scan106678
Heft, Estella M. Aurora NE scan106679
Hemenway, Alonso   scan106519
Hemenway, Alonzo Morgan County UT scan106520
Hendrickson, Albert Sweden scan106677
Henneberry, John G.   scan106711
Henneberry, John G. Shiocton WI scan106715
Herd, Ina India Nashville TN scan106671
Hesse, Grace Geraldine Juntura OR scan106447
Hickman, Laura Evelyn   scan106384
Hickman, Laura Evelyn Santa Fe KS scan106387
Higinbotham, William Albert Lincoln NE scan106637
Hill, Clara H. Wellsville UT scan106730
Hill, William   scan106459
Hill, William H.   scan106663
Hill, William Henry Republic County KS scan106664
Hill, William W. KS scan106460
Hilt, Lillian Vivian   scan106678
Hilt, Lillian Vivian Sycamore IL scan106680
Hilton, George Defiance IA scan106570
Hinch, Francis Seigle   scan106613
Hise, Leroy V.   scan106555
Hise, Leroy V. Lane County OR scan106557
Hittle, William   scan106537
ittle, William W. "Bill Castana IA scan106538
Hodgkins, Arthur   scan106510
Hodgkins, Arthur Dean Baxter Springs KS scan106512
Hofer, Mary E.   scan106602
Hofer, Mary E. San Leandro CA scan106603
Hoffman, George H. Jeffersonville OH scan106732
Hoffman, George H.   scan106728
Hohweiler, Albert Austin Germany scan106663
Holliday, Lester G.   scan106564
Holliday, Lester G. Olympia WA scan106565
Holmes, Amelia L.   scan106735
Holmes, Amelia L. Oakland CA scan106736
Holmes, Estella   scan106657
Holmes, Estella Carthage MO scan106658
omes, William H. "Hank   scan106716
omes, William Henry "Hank Ashland OR scan106720
Hon, May   scan106411
Hon, May Bedford IN scan106414
Honnor, Hannah   scan106590
Honnor, Hannah Nicolett County MN scan106593
Hooper, Eugene E.   scan106423
Hooper, Eugene E. Lewiston ID scan106425
Hooten, Anna Florence Booneville MO scan106741
Hopper, Elmer Louis Santa Rosa CA scan106648
Hornseth, Gunda E. Norway scan106757
Horton, Marnette   scan106600
Hostutler, James Kline   scan106403
Hostutler, James Kline Newtown PA scan106406
Hotchkiss, Avis Frances Providence RI scan106497
Hotchkiss, Avis Frances Providence RI scan106501
Houlihan, John   scan106561
Houlihan, John Patrick Monterey VA scan106563
Howard, Warner Whitham Dr. Dana IA scan106622
Howe, Ida Mina Santa Cruz CA scan106696
Howsley, William Willard McNair Tonganoxie KS scan106517
Hoxie, Johnson Eugene   scan106391
Hoxie, Johnson Eugene Adrian MI scan106392
Huber, Katharine E. Castlewood SD scan106440
Huber, Katharine Elizabeth   scan106439
Huff, William H. PA scan106623
Hughes, George B.   scan106595
Hughes, George B. Pueblo CO scan106596
Hull, Edna L. Woodvine IA scan106601
Hunter, Lena   scan106758
Hunter, Lena M. Davis Creek CA scan106760
Hunter, Robert Grant   scan106407
Hunter, Robert Grant Anaconda MT scan106408
Hunter, William Gold Hill OR scan106731
Hunter, William Gold Hill OR scan106732
Hurst, Frank M.   scan106765
Hurst, Frank Martin Agate OR scan106766
Hurst, Mary S. Miss Atchison County MO scan106739
Irion, Rickey Anthony Medford OR scan106747
Isaacs, Edward Lyle   scan106512
Isaacs, Edward Lyle Chelsea OK scan106513
Iverson, Ada L. Thief River Falls MN scan106617
Jackson, Carrie Vinning MN scan106640
Jackson, Laura Bell   scan106640
Jackson, Laura Belle OH scan106643
James, William   scan106749
James, William Edward   scan106754
Jennings, David R.   scan106420
Jennings, David R.   scan106423
Jennings, David R. Kearney NE scan106424
Jensen, Beulah Marie Haysville IA scan106655
Jensen, Beulah Marie Haysville IA scan106656
Jensen, Maria   scan106654
Jensen, Paul   scan106700
Jensen, Paul N. Norway scan106702
Jewell, Bert William KS scan106444
Johnson, Andrew W.   scan106474
Johnson, Andrew W. Bessemer MI scan106475
Johnson, Anna Myrtle KS scan106642
Johnson, Beulah Marie Haysville IA scan106655
Johnson, Beulah Marie Haysville IA scan106656
Johnson, Charles   scan106761
Johnson, Charles Washington IA scan106763
Johnson, Cornelia H. Old Hadley MA scan106423
Johnson, Edward H. Ironton OH scan106543
Johnson, Frank Oscar Smolen Sweden scan106597
Johnson, Frank Oscar Smolen Sweden scan106601
Johnson, Joseph M.   scan106583
Johnson, Mary   scan106663
Johnson, Mary Vernettie Modoc IL scan106664
Johnson, Pearl M. Moravia IA scan106633
Johnson, Troy   scan106641
Johnson, Troy Mable NC scan106643
Johnson, Troy   scan106645
Johnson, Velma Z. Post Falls ID scan106431
Johnston, John B. Douglas County MN scan106665
Johnston, John B.   scan106664
Johnston, Robert S. Grants Pass OR scan106762
Johnston, Robert Stanley   scan106759
Jones, Effie Cornlea NE scan106630
Jones, Emma A.   scan106485
Jones, Emma A. Phoenix OR scan106487
Jones, John A.   scan106422
Jones, John A. Marysville MO scan106424
Jones, Lou Della Hartford IA scan106531
Jones, Maye Dulcena MO scan106573
Jones, Maye K.   scan106571
Jones, Nellie (Mrs. Wilbur A.) Jackson County OR scan106472
ordan, Aldo Elbert "Al Mulberry IN scan106747
Jordan, John Samuel Michigan City IN scan106475
Jordan, Ruth E. Osceola MO scan106746
Jordan, Sam Michigan City IN scan106476
Jordan, William   scan106432
Jordan, William Henry Jackson County OR scan106433
Jorgensen, Andrew   scan106696
Jorgensen, Andrew Fyn Denmark scan106697
udd, E. H. "Ed Salt Lake City UT scan106649
Judy, John Wesley Sr. Centerville WA scan106623
Junge, Roy Frank   scan106524
Junge, Roy Frank Leola SD scan106526
Kafader, Julia AR scan106720
Kay, Vivian Joseph OR scan106411
Kelling, Elinor B.   scan106546
Kelling, Elnora B. Versailes OR scan106547
Kendle, Infant daughter   scan106564
Kendle, Marquita   scan106565
Kennedy, Eugene   scan106480
Kennedy, Eugene WV scan106482
Kennedy, Kate   scan106489
Kennedy, Kate Beatrice Troutdale OR scan106492
Kenney, Donald L.   scan106459
Kenney, Geraldine I.   scan106671
Kenney, Geraldine I. North English IA scan106672
Kerrigan, Walter John New Haven CT scan106510
Kerrigan, Walter John New Haven CT scan106511
Kilpatrick, Maye Dulcena MO scan106573
Kindle, Gladys Mildred Jacksonville OR scan106561
Kindred, Edna   scan106599
Kindred, Edna L. Woodvine IA scan106601
King, Emma Catherine Medford OR scan106675
Kinney, Ted R. Brownsboro OR scan106440
Kleinsmith, Frederick Albert Jr.   scan106707
Kleinsmith, Frederick Jr.   scan106708
Knox, Fred Willis Wheeler County OR scan106517
Knox, Fred Willis Wheeler County OR scan106518
Koch, David H.   scan106700
Koch, David H. Canada scan106702
Koyama, Juichi Joe   scan106686
Kraft, Guy D. IL scan106581
Kreller, Stella Mountain Grove MO scan106457
Kroger, Franklin Raymond Tieton WA scan106733
Kyle, Robert F. Republic County KS scan106522
Lake, Anna Elizabeth Marion County OR scan106587
Lander, Herbert H.   scan106637
Lander, Herbert H. San Lucas CA scan106638
Landing, Charles T.   scan106614
Landing, Charles T. Charleston AZ scan106617
Landing, Charles T.   scan106619
Lane, Frankie Elmer   scan106668
Lane, Frankie Elmer Fairfield CA scan106671
Lang, Louis H.   scan106505
Lang, Louis Henry   scan106508
Langlois, William O.   scan106643
Langtry, Joseph A. Fulton MO scan106488
Lantzy, Ora Agnes Burnside PA scan106649
Larch, Robert J.   scan106731
Larch, Robert James Bemidji MN scan106732
Larkin, Lois (Mrs. Garth) Medford OR scan106665
Larson, Oscar Wilhelm Amery WI scan106633
Lary, Waine A.   scan106618
Lary, Waine A. Sand Coulee MT scan106619
Lassen, Amelia Oakland CA scan106736
Lathrop, Charles L.   scan106533
Lathrop, Charles L. Evansville WI scan106534
LaVier, Flossie May Grants Pass OR scan106537
awrence, A. J. "Larry   scan106655
Lawrence, Ira V. Sterling KS scan106409
Lawrence, Ira Vernon   scan106408
awrence, R. J. "Larry Lebanon MO scan106657
Laws, Basil W.   scan106635
Laws, Basil W. Washburn TN scan106638
Lawson, Edith A. Lexington NE scan106428
Lawton, Amanda   scan106560
Lawton, Amanda Daisy MO scan106561
Lawton, Pleasant H.   scan106637
Lawton, Pleasant H.   scan106639
Leaf, Clifford Clark   scan106661
Leaf, Clifford Clark Colfax IL scan106663
Leaming, Frank C. Gold Hill OR scan106731
Leaming, Frank Collier   scan106729
LeClair, Paul Dwight   scan106529
Legg, Marcus   scan106741
Legg, Marcus G. Pendleton TX scan106743
Lehman, Alberta Ruth Placerville CA scan106708
Lehman, Ruth   scan106706
Lesh, William B. OH scan106513
Leveille, Bonnie Jean Gold Hill OR scan106631
Lewin, Ida B.   scan106540
Lewis, Albert F.   scan106403
Lewis, Albert F. Payette ID scan106406
Lewis, Chester Leon Greeley CO scan106543
Lewis, Guy   scan106676
Lewis, Guy Mendocino County CA scan106677
Lindsay, William Crawford   scan106415
Lindsay, William Crawford   scan106418
Lindsey, Robert C. Murphy OR scan106526
Lindstrom, Elizabeth Anna St Joseph MI scan106422
Lindstrom, Elizabeth Anna St Joseph MI scan106423
Linhart, Roger Donald   scan106653
Linhart, Roger Donald Medford OR scan106655
Livingston, Boyd   scan106448
Livingston, Boyd Joseph   scan106450
Lofland, Adrain Mason Medford OR scan106561
Long, Catherine A. Maresville IA scan106573
Long, Edith Matilda OH scan106700
Long, Isham S.   scan106583
Long, Lovella M. IA scan106393
Lorton, Charles Hopson Montgomery County MO scan106542
Lovell, Edwin Miles   scan106409
Lovell, Edwin Miles Cadwell KS scan106411
Low, Irene Elizabeth Forest Grove OR scan106382
Lowe, Edna Fredricka Dunsmuir CA scan106552
Lowe, Linda Ann   scan106623
Lowell, Ruth Anna Canton IL scan106416
Lower, Eugene Rock Falls IA scan106678
Lucas, Laura Evelyn Santa Fe KS scan106387
Lull, Charles L. MN scan106545
Luman, Grace Emma WI scan106495
Luman, Grace Emma WI scan106496
Lyon, Florence   scan106464
Lyon, Florence Z. Salt Lake City UT scan106466
Lyon, Ray W. Burley ID scan106570
Lyon, Ray W.   scan106569
Mann, (Mrs. John C.)   scan106455
Mann, (Mrs. John) Willmar MN scan106452
Manning, John Edward   scan106502
Manning, Ora   scan106648
Manning, Ora Agnes Burnside PA scan106649
Maplesdan, John Whitman Siskiyou County CA scan106654
Marak, Anton Frank   scan106387
Marak, Anton Frank Czechoslovakia scan106388
Marrington, Patricia JoAnn OR scan106628
Marsh, Mary E.   scan106488
Marsh, Mary E. Crawford County OH scan106492
Martin, Acey Calvon   scan106671
Martin, Acey Calvon Danville IL scan106672
Martin, George   scan106385
Martin, George E. NE scan106387
Martin, Hugh A. Salem OR scan106450
Martin, Isabella   scan106424
Martin, Isabella Philadelphia PA scan106426
Martin, Maurice M.   scan106643
Martin, May Bedford IN scan106414
Mathison, Christian Lillestromen Norway scan106419
Matika, Marion   scan106765
Matika, Marion   scan106771
Mattern, Harry S.   scan106526
Mattern, Harry Scott Fillmore County NE scan106528
Maxwell, George Ian   scan106459
Mayben, Charles   scan106533
Mayben, Charles Richard Grants Pass OR scan106536
Mayer, Dorthea M. MI scan106637
Mayfield, Finis Oregon City OR scan106543
McCall, Elmer B.   scan106671
McCall, Elmer Burrel Dayton WA scan106672
McCall, Everett Fred   scan106609
McCann, Marie Terre Haute IN scan106702
McCann, Marie Gertrude Terre Haute IN scan106700
McCleary,Janet Kay   scan106746
McClung, Sophie   scan106579
McConnell, Fred W. Shannon City IA scan106746
McConnell, Leon   scan106408
McConnell, Leon Moore Osceola MO scan106409
McCord, William A.   scan106426
McCord, William Andrew Boscobel WI scan106427
McCormick, Paul Jr.   scan106673
McCormick, Paul Jr. Junction City MT scan106675
McCoy, J. P.   scan106416
McCoy, J. Walter Golconda IL scan106417
cCullough, Lloyd A. "Mac   scan106563
cCullough, Lloyd A. "Mac Oklahoma Territory scan106564
McDannel, Carrie   scan106740
McDannel, Carrie Ottawa KS scan106741
McDougall, Susie   scan106601
McDougall, Susie Adell Kane County IL scan106602
McFall, Leslie   scan106557
McFall, Leslie E.   scan106558
McFall, Leslie E. MN scan106559
McGarity, Roy D.   scan106401
McGarity, Roy David Norton KS scan106402
McGee, Ida Minnie Trinity Center CA scan106556
McGrath, Bertha Allena Phoenix OR scan106723
McKemie, Lori Beth Medford OR scan106561
McKinnon, Verdina L. Miss Columbia IA scan106474
McLaren, Edith   scan106460
McLaren, Edith S. Mill City OR scan106462
McLaughlin, Frank Hugh   scan106675
cLaughlin, Franklin H. "Frank WI scan106676
McManama, Benjamin F.   scan106626
McManama, Benjamin Franklin Cass County IN scan106627
McPherson, Ward   scan106598
McPherson, Ward IA scan106603
McReynolds, Isaac Leonard Wadsville IN scan106630
McVay, Anita Marie Bend OR scan106555
Mead, Robert Leesburg VA scan106683
Meagher, William J. Father Clomel Ireland scan106614
Meagher, William J. Father Ireland scan106616
Medin, Edith Emeline Princeton MN scan106565
Meilicke, Robert Saskatoon Canada scan106703
Meilicke, Robert J. Saskatchewan Canada scan106701
Meiring, Vivian   scan106408
Meiring, Vivian   scan106409
Meiring, Vivian Joseph OR scan106411
Mekemson, Andrew Thompson Henderson IL scan106463
Menson, Emma Marie Austin MN scan106530
Merlin, Clara H. Wellsville UT scan106730
Meyer, Della Pratt County KS scan106697
Meyer, Ed   scan106408
Meyer, Edward E. Lake Creek OR scan106409
Miller, Charles Richard   scan106428
Miller, Charles Richard Webster City IA scan106429
Miller, DeWayne L. Madison WI scan106556
Miller, Elnora B. Versailes OR scan106547
Miller, Howard Leslie Stanley WI scan106548
Miller, Howard Leslie   scan106549
Miller, Jesse A. Carlin NV scan106649
Miller, Mary V.   scan106474
Millslagle, Christine Margaret Germany scan106654
Minnick, Lillie   scan106584
Minnick, Lillie M. Clear Springs PA scan106585
Misenhimer, David Carl   scan106768
Misenhimer, David Carl Mercedes TX scan106769
Misenhimer, David Carl Mercedes TX scan106771
Misenhimer, John   scan106770
Misenhimer, John Raymond Arcadia CA scan106771
Mitchell, Lillie A. Waverly IL scan106661
Moe, Sarah Jane Gary MN scan106382
Monnin, Elsie M.   scan106764
Monroe, Alma E. Fergus Falls MN scan106688
Monroe, Fred E.   scan106509
Monroe, Fred E.   scan106511
Moore, Agnes A. Port Hood Novia Scotia scan106702
Moore, Bruce   scan106587
Moore, Bruce Medford OR scan106590
Moore, Cora   scan106557
Moore, Cora May PA scan106558
Moore, Etta May Red Oak IA scan106435
Moore, George Joseph   scan106477
Moore, George Joseph   scan106487
Moore, Wilifred Leo Jr.   scan106662
Moore, Willfred Jr. Medford OR scan106665
Moran, (Mrs. Ray)   scan106426
Moran, Irene May Anaconda BC Canada scan106427
Moran, Lois Medford OR scan106666
Morgan, Alvin Charles   scan106479
Morgan, Alvin Charles Albany MO scan106481
Morgan, Bertha   scan106428
Morgan, Bertha M. IA scan106429
Morgan, Bertha M. IA scan106431
Morgan, William I.   scan106523
Morningstar, Sparey H. Stone Bridge Ontario scan106517
Morris, C. G. (Mrs.)   scan106683
Morris, C. G. (Mrs.)   scan106684
Morris, Joseph W. Joplin MO scan106697
Morrison, Mildred Elizabeth Center Point IA scan106406
Mottern, Ira W.   scan106610
Mottern, Ira W. Gower MO scan106612
Mowery, A. John Traer IA scan106676
Mulligan, William F. St Paul MN scan106608
Murphy, Dorothy Pauline Whittier CA scan106735
Murphy, Norma Pearl   scan106714
Murray, Marjorie   scan106401
Murray, Marjorie L. Madison CA scan106402
Myers, Anna Myrtle KS scan106642
Myers, Arthur O.   scan106733
Myers, Arthur O. Wayne County IL scan106734
Myers, Birdeen   scan106468
Myers, Birdeen Thorpe WI scan106469
Myers, James W.   scan106390
yers, James W. "Bud Alberta LA scan106391
Myers, Julia A.   scan106727
Myers, Julia A. Beloit WI scan106728
Neff, Edward Ray   scan106453
Neff, Edward Ray Des Moines IA scan106455
Neil, Estella   scan106657
Neil, Estella Carthage MO scan106658
Neil, Jennie E. Phoenix OR scan106516
Neiswanger, Addie May Noble County OH scan106476
Neuman, Marie Dorothy   scan106735
Newbury, Nellie Jackson County OR scan106472
Newton, Harold   scan106416
Newton, Harold Ernest Chico CA scan106418
Nicholson, Clifford C. Snowmass CO scan106442
Nicholson, Clifford Carl Snowmass CO scan106443
Nicholson, Mary Deborah Lynnville IA scan106418
Nickerson, Ione Lewiston ID scan106418
Nickerson, Ione Lewiston ID scan106423
Nicolle, Jesse J. MO scan106613
Nielsen, Tamara Rae Medford OR scan106741
Nilsen, Tamara Rae   scan106740
Noble, Mark   scan106575
Noble, Mark Hamburg AR scan106577
Norman, Lloyd   scan106580
Norman, Lloyd Rangely CO scan106583
Norton, Teresa   scan106521
Nuckols, Birt Stewart Fruitdale OH scan106512
Nye, Emery George   scan106504
Nye, Emory George Prospect OR scan106505
O'Connor, John R.   scan106610
'Connor, John Raymond "Mike Portland OR scan106611
Ogle, Charles William   scan106588
Ogle, Charles William   scan106589
Ogle, Charles William   scan106591
Ogle, Marie   scan106553
Ogle, Marie Jane Las Cruces NM scan106556
Oldenburg, Minna H.   scan106543
Olen, May L.   scan106577
Olen, May L. Hartford WI scan106580
Olson, Hannah   scan106717
Olson, Hannah Jane   scan106719
Olson, Hannah Jane   scan106717
Otto, Ida B.   scan106540
Ottosen, Cora Lee   scan106651
Ottosen, Cora Lee Medford OR scan106654
Owen, Anna F. Plattsburg MO scan106517
Owens, Anna F.   scan106516
Oxner, Vera C. Crete NE scan106740
Paccassi, Milton Oakland CA scan106683
Pace, Andrew   scan106702
ace, Andrew Jackson "Jack IA scan106703
Palmquist, Carl Andrew Villisca IA scan106686
Parker, Ether Hampton Monteagle TN scan106703
Parker, James W.   scan106459
Parker, James Watt Roseburg OR scan106460
Parker, M. Louie Devon County England scan106393
Parks, Charles H.   scan106543
Parks, Charles H.   scan106543
Parsons, Berkeley James England scan106382
Parton, Edward B.   scan106637
Parton, Edward B. Medford OR scan106638
Patterson, Earle E. Woodland CA scan106498
Paul, Carol L. Crabtree OR scan106401
Payton, Claude L. Tacoma WA scan106488
Peckham, George Frank   scan106463
Peckham, George Frank North Dana MA scan106466
Perdew, Douglas   scan106446
Perdew, Douglas Steven Upland CA scan106447
Petard, Auguste   scan106760
Petard, Auguste Nante France scan106763
Peterman, Alma Medford OR scan106577
Peterman, Burt W. Strawberry Point IA scan106590
eters, James "Tom Seymour MO scan106498
eters, James "Tom Seymour MO scan106501
Peters, Margaret Lydia Calistoga County CA scan106736
Pettegrew, Frank Olathe KS scan106728
Petty, Tom   scan106496
Petty, Tom Aspel AL scan106498
Phelps, Leo   scan106549
Phelps, Leo Wadsworth OH scan106550
Phillips, Flossie E. Salina UT scan106581
Phillips, James Arthur LaSalle CO scan106757
Phillips, Lawrence Raymond Yanktown SD scan106698
Picaud, George Florian Bronx NY scan106757
Pickell, Pearl M. Moravia IA scan106633
Pollard, Jerome Warrenville IL scan106536
Popham, Lillie Agnes   scan106661
Porter, David E. Malvern AR scan106480
Porter, David Edward   scan106474
Porter, David Edward   scan106479
Porter, Mary   scan106658
Porter, Mary Memphis MO scan106660
Potter, Dorothy Frances Spokane WA scan106613
Potter, George Big Rapids MI scan106601
Pounds, Thomas Eugene II   scan106435
Pratt, Ida Mina Santa Cruz CA scan106696
Prescott, Francis George IA scan106518
Pruett, Glenn O.   scan106716
Pruett, Glenn O.   scan106720
Pruett, Glenn O. Medford OR scan106721
Pruitt, Charles Elbert CO scan106532
Puett, Robert A. Lenora NC scan106743
Purkeypile, Etta M. Debello WI scan106413
Purkeypile, Etta Myrtle   scan106410
Purvine, Della Pratt County KS scan106697
Rainey, Nettie Belle Seiad Valley CA scan106463
Ramsey, Carrie Lynne Yreka CA scan106407
Rawls, Grover G.   scan106738
Rawls, Grover G. Bear AR scan106740
Ray, Reuben Alonzo   scan106387
Raymond, Charlotte MI scan106437
Redmon, Raymond Vernon   scan106485
Reeder, Thomas Matthew   scan106723
Reedy, Laura   scan106771
Regester, Mildred Elizabeth Center Point IA scan106406
Reinhart, Teresa   scan106521
Rentelman, Lawrence H.   scan106380
Rentelman, Lawrence H.   scan106381
Rentelman, Lawrence H. Germany scan106382
Reynolds, Alberta V.   scan106551
Reynolds, Alberta V. Roseland NE scan106553
Reynolds, Sarah R. Riggs CA scan106685
Rhoten, James Howard   scan106666
Rhoten, James Howard Medford OR scan106669
Richardson, Henry E. West Plains MO scan106715
Riegal, Alma Rankin OK scan106694
Riggins, Thomas H.   scan106548
Rinker, Lydia   scan106557
Rinker, Lydia Wurttemberg Germany scan106558
Robards, Susan B. Miss Louisville KY scan106637
Roberson, Elijah   scan106524
oberson, Elijah Franklin "Robbie Stephenville TX scan106525
Roberts, Artie L. Bowling Green KY scan106540
Roberts, Mary Elizabeth Newport PA scan106520
Robertson, Daniel Manuel Grants Pass OR scan106660
Robertson, Maude Cyrena Dixie TX scan106718
Robinson, H. Jack   scan106699
Robinson, H. Jack Farmington MO scan106700
Robinson, James Alan   scan106572
obinson, James Alan "Jimmie San Francisco CA scan106574
obison, Alfred James "Al   scan106750
Robison, John W.   scan106742
Robison, John W. Porter County IN scan106743
Rogers, Nettie Belle Seiad Valley CA scan106463
Rood, George A.   scan106543
Rood, George A. Bayport MN scan106543
Rose, Helen Adele   scan106709
Rose, Helen Adele Gainesville TX scan106714
Rose, Lewis Arthur   scan106657
Rose, Lewis Arthur Phoenix OR scan106659
Rose, Lewis Arthur Phoenix OR scan106660
Rose, Nellie Jackson County OR scan106472
Ross, Mae V. Happy Camp CA scan106623
Roth, Mary Vernettie Modoc IL scan106664
Rouse, Flonnie Marie OK scan106708
Ruby, John W. Hasting NE scan106610
Ruby, John Wesley   scan106608
Ruddick, Charlotte Louise Keokuk IA scan106620
Ruddick, Charlotte Louise Keokuk IA scan106623
Runnels, Elsie Neatie Pickering MO scan106619
Runnels, Elsie Nettie   scan106618
Russell, Effie   scan106629
Russell, Effie Cornlea NE scan106630
Rusteen, Gunda E. Norway scan106757
Rutherford, Marion Ruth   scan106728
Saari, Lempi   scan106408
Saari, Lempi Brantwood WI scan106409
Sands, Earl L.   scan106578
Sands, Earl Lawrence Keno OR scan106580
Sauvageau, Hubert   scan106721
Sauvageau, Hubert Wildrice ND scan106723
Schatz, Myrtle   scan106390
Schatz, Myrtle M. OR scan106392
Scheble, Dorris   scan106617
Scheble, Dorris Weiser ID scan106618
Schermerhorn, Lillian   scan106461
Schermerhorn, Lillian Central Point OR scan106462
Schindler, Nellie Gladys Oneal NE scan106503
Schliep, Earl L. Hostings NE scan106575
Schram, George Edward Remus MI scan106406
Schultz, John Frank   scan106766
Schultz, John Franklin Chicago IL scan106769
Schumacher, Marie Germany scan106732
Scott, Mildred A. MN scan106612
Scratcher, Gary Eldon Arcadia KS scan106554
Scroggin, Alma P. IL scan106669
Seamon, Minzie Claude   scan106465
Seamon, Minzie Claude Harrison AR scan106469
Seegmiller, Lenora   scan106680
Seegmiller, Lenora D. Spring City UT scan106682
Seitz, William J.   scan106383
Seitz, William J. Jefferson WI scan106384
Serry, Melody (Mrs. Daniel)   scan106466
Settell, Ival E.   scan106474
Settell, Ivol E. Thurman IA scan106475
Seward, Susie Adell Kane County IL scan106602
Shadley, Romona Miss   scan106515
Shaw, Edith   scan106460
Shearin, Celia   scan106575
Shearin, Celia Galveston IN scan106578
Sheets, Myron F.   scan106654
Sheets, Myron F. Lineville IA scan106655
Sheets, William F. Medford OR scan106765
Shepard, (Mrs. William H.)   scan106489
Short, Howard C. Williams County OH scan106464
Short, Howard E.   scan106463
Shrader, Timothy Alan   scan106511
Shtitz, Frank   scan106478
Shuey, Thomas K. Rockfield IN scan106501
Shults, Clyde   scan106508
Simmons, Larry Duane Prescott AZ scan106726
Simpson, Daniel Murray   scan106472
impson, Lewis L. "Doc   scan106693
impson, Lewis L. "Doc Chicago IL scan106695
Skelton, Joseph Moore   scan106683
Skelton, Joseph Moore   scan106684
Skelton, Joseph Moore Long Island KS scan106685
Skinner, George   scan106721
Skinner, George W. Clarksville IA scan106722
Slagle, Mary Deborah Lynnville IA scan106418
Slater, Lewis   scan106435
Slater, Lewis Latrobe PA scan106436
Sloan, George Samuel Cataract (Copco) CA scan106615
Smith, Carrie Ottawa KS scan106741
Smith, Clifford E. Ames CO scan106688
Smith, Clifford Evans   scan106686
Smith, Dino Ray   scan106518
mith, Ella L. "Nellie   scan106393
mith, Ella L. "Nellie San Luis Obispo CA scan106395
Smith, Harry M. Decatur IL scan106705
Smith, Harry Melvin Decatur IL scan106704
Smith, Isabella   scan106424
Smith, Isabella Philadelphia PA scan106426
Smith, John E. Portland OR scan106431
Smith, John Edwin   scan106430
Smithson, Richard Carrol Aberdeen WA scan106739
Smollen, Stanley John   scan106450
Smollen, Stanley John St. Clair PA scan106449
Snodgrass, James Garfield La Grande OR scan106740
Snow, Elvice Holt   scan106495
Snow, Elvice Holt Missoula MT scan106496
Snow, Elvis Holt   scan106491
Snyder, Evelyn A. Los Angeles CA scan106575
Soderlund, Albert C.   scan106762
Soderlund, Albert Carl Linkoping Sweden scan106765
Sonne, Bertie N.   scan106635
Sonne, Bertie N. Smithfield UT scan106637
Spark, William S. Vanceburg KY scan106625
Springer, Francis Emery Russell County KS scan106395
Stagg, Grace Emma WI scan106496
Stagg, Gurden Graves   scan106524
Stagg, Gurden Graves   scan106525
Stanton, Alma   scan106667
Stanton, Alma P. IL scan106669
Stearns, Norma Pearl Ashland OR scan106711
Stearns, Norma Pearl   scan106714
Stephens, Debora Kay   scan106510
tephens, Horace Randal "Tom   scan106585
tephens, Horace Randal "Tom Shamrock MO scan106586
Stephenson, Homer B.   scan106575
Stephenson, Homer B. Ashland OR scan106577
Sterton, Sara J.   scan106381
Sterton, Sarah Jane Gary MN scan106382
Stevens, Addie May Noble County OH scan106476
Stevens, May   scan106475
Stewart, Samuel Clarence Clarkson UT scan106714
Stewart, Samuel Clarence   scan106715
Stewart, William L.   scan106498
Stewart, William L. Baker OR scan106501
Stickle, Mary Jacksonville OR scan106687
Stockman, Ina   scan106669
Stockman, Ina India Nashville TN scan106671
Stockton, William Jackson Stephens TX scan106587
Stockton, William L.   scan106584
Stone, Lee Leonard Latah WA scan106383
Storm, Jesse M.   scan106419
Storm, Jesse Miles   scan106421
Stout, Fletcher   scan106476
Stout, Fletcher C. Joplin MO scan106485
Streeter, Sarah R. Riggs CA scan106685
Strunk, Lynda Leann   scan106496
Sullivan, Lena M. Davis Creek CA scan106760
Sullivan, Peter   scan106434
Sullivan, Peter   scan106435
Sullivan, Peter King Williamstown Ireland scan106436
Sult, William H. Pierce City MO scan106605
Sult, William H.   scan106604
Surran, Roy   scan106547
Sutton, Charles   scan106488
Sutton, Charles M. Quebec Canada scan106489
Sutton, Nellie   scan106501
Sutton, Nellie Gladys Oneal NE scan106503
Swendson, Herbert   scan106407
Swendson, Herbert R. Duluth MN scan106408
Talbot, Marma Jean   scan106454
Tallieu, Marie Josephine Mishawaka IN scan106527
Talmot, Marma Jean Yuba City CA scan106457
Taylor, Richard Eugene   scan106680
Taylor, Robert Joseph   scan106608
TenKotte, Katherine M.   scan106664
Terrett, Dade R.   scan106705
Tetherow, Bertha M. NE scan106718
Thomason, William M.   scan106550
Thomason, William M. Liberty MO scan106551
Thompson, Glenn George   scan106725
Thompson, Glenn George Lexington KY scan106726
Thompson, Patrick Kelly   scan106716
Thompson, Pauline   scan106575
Thompson, Pauline Norway scan106577
Thorngren, Stella Salt Lake City UT scan106630
Throne, Paul A. Red Cloud NE scan106556
Throne, Paul T.   scan106555
Ticknor, Cora Ravenna OH scan106617
Tillotson, James E.   scan106466
Tillotson, James E. Osceola IA scan106468
Tilton, Shirley   scan106384
Tockstein, George M. Troy MO scan106543
Tockstein, George M.   scan106541
Tolle, Walter McPherson County KS scan106458
Tomlin, Arthur   scan106578
Tomlin, Arthur MO scan106581
Tostevin, Vera Ashland NE scan106530
Towle, Bertha M. IA scan106429
Towle, Bertha M. IA scan106431
Traylor, Arilla Jane Santa Clara CA scan106411
Triplett, Jessie C. OK scan106488
Truax, Ralph Andrew   scan106737
Truax, Ralph Andrew   scan106739
Truax, Ralph Andrew Grand Rapids MI scan106740
Trude, Katharine E. Castlewood SD scan106440
Tubbs, Lester W.   scan106438
Tubbs, Lester W. Vacaville CA scan106439
Tucker, Earl W.   scan106771
Tulare, Theodore   scan106714
Tulare, Theodore Arcadia WI scan106715
Tupper, Watson Tulelake CA scan106726
Typless, Florence Council Grove KS scan106763
Typless, Florence   scan106766
Tyrer, Otis G. Central City OK scan106379
Ulstad, Edith A. Lexington NE scan106428
Ulstad, Edith Alma   scan106427
Underwood, M. Louie   scan106392
Underwood, M. Louie Devon County England scan106393
Upp, Louis Jacob Spearville KS scan106678
van der Mass, Jacobus M. Amsterdam Holland scan106666
Van Horn, Huey Halleck CA scan106511
Van Tassel, Gerald Charles   scan106535
ance, Winston C. "Chick Dr. Rawlings WY scan106638
Vandermass, Jacobus M.   scan106664
VanGordon, Herbert Phelps   scan106530
VanGordon, Herbert Phelps Detroit MN scan106531
Varner, Joseph A. Soddy TN scan106755
Vincent, Infant daughter   scan106561
Vincent, Infant daughter   scan106563
Vincent, Russell Theodore   scan106638
Vinson, Frank L.   scan106584
Vinson, Frank L. Lakeview OR scan106585
Vogel, Dorothy   scan106734
Vogel, Dorothy Pauline Whittier CA scan106735
Volkman, Anita Marie Bend OR scan106555
Votaw, Wendell M. Newberg OR scan106724
Waggener, Lydia Catherine Holly OR scan106515
Wagner, Mary   scan106658
Wagner, Mary Memphis MO scan106660
Wagnon, James Redding CA scan106584
Walk, Mary E.   scan106543
Walker, Flora Olive   scan106566
Walker, Flora Olive Harrison County IA scan106567
Walker, John T. PA scan106746
Walker, John Tinsman   scan106745
Walker, John Tinsman   scan106747
Walker, Louis E. Cenno Gondo AR scan106587
Wallace, Darrell   scan106494
Wallace, Darrell Porterville CA scan106498
Walty, Walter A. K. Odon IN scan106691
Ward, Laura C. Lakeview OR scan106548
Warriner, Walter Burns Chicago IL scan106471
Watkins, Ray   scan106436
Watkins, Ray Dayton WA scan106437
Watts, Troy William Shasta County CA scan106584
Weir, Creede R.   scan106733
Wertz, Grant F. Central Point OR scan106698
Wertz, Grant Franklin   scan106696
Whelpley, Rose Flounce Rock OR scan106721
Whitaker, Stella   scan106629
Whitaker, Stella Salt Lake City UT scan106630
White, James L.   scan106395
Whitlock, Forbes L.   scan106397
Whitlock, Forbes L. Pittston PA scan106398
Whitt, Florence Council Grove KS scan106763
Whitt, Florence   scan106766
Wichtendahl, George W. San Luis Obispo CA scan106747
Wichtendahl, George William   scan106744
Wigle, Ralph Gay Harrisburg OR scan106446
Wilford, John S. Sr. Northhampton England scan106446
Wilford, John Stanley   scan106445
Williams, Catherine A. Maresville IA scan106573
Williams, Catherine Adeline   scan106571
Williams, Dorothy A.   scan106505
Williams, Dorothy Aleene Red River County TX scan106508
Williams, Mary Elizabeth Jackson County OR scan106407
Williams, Oscar   scan106582
Williams, Oscar F. Jacksonville OR scan106583
Williams, Paul   scan106666
Williams, Paul C. Ladoga IN scan106672
Williamson, Lloyd   scan106604
illiamson, Lloyd "Mutt   scan106603
Williamson, Susann St Francis KS scan106472
Williamson, Susann (Mrs. Roy)   scan106470
Willis, Minnie Bell Richland IN scan106765
Wills, Amanda Daisy MO scan106561
ilson, Byron "Butch   scan106670
Wilson, Flossie May Grants Pass OR scan106537
Wilson, James Dale The Dalles OR scan106556
Wilson, Walter C.   scan106650
Wilson, Walter C.   scan106652
Wilson, Walter C. Spokane WA scan106654
Wimmer, Arnett   scan106406
Wimmer, Herman Arnett Grant County IN scan106408
Winchell, Clara H. Wellsville UT scan106730
Winkleman, Lilly Mae Birmingham England scan106715
Winkleman, Lilly Mae Birmingham England scan106716
Winningham, Mary Jacksonville OR scan106687
Winter, Anna Florence   scan106740
Winter, Anna Florence Booneville MO scan106741
Winter, Ralph Courtney   scan106678
Winter, Ralph Courtney Manson IA scan106680
Wisely, Steven G.   scan106646
Wisely, Steven G. Medford OR scan106647
Wiseman, Zack O. Brownly MO scan106441
Wolfe, Robert Blaine   scan106634
Wolfe, Robert Blaine Lisman KY scan106635
Wood, Clarence C.   scan106517
Wood, Clarence C. Cabool MO scan106518
Wood, Ernest Arthur Dr. Eaglewood IL scan106678
Woods, Elizabeth M. Henry County MO scan106530
Woods, Herbert W. Toronto ON Canada scan106584
Woodson, George B. Ashland OR scan106553
Worthington, William F.   scan106480
Wright, Leora Delpha Dayton WA scan106406
Wright, Leora Delphia   scan106403
Wright, Minnie Bell   scan106763
Wright, Minnie Bell Richland IN scan106765
Wright, William Ellis   scan106520
Wyland, Alma Medford OR scan106577
Wyncoop (or Wyncook), Annie Loetta Baker OR scan106648
Yasmin, Erma J.   scan106680
Yokota, Hyosaburo   scan106743
Yokota, Hyosoburo   scan106742
Young, Anna F. Plattsburg MO scan106517
Zartman, Owen   scan106658
Zartman, Owen Columbus OH scan106664
Zimmers, George L.   scan106523
Zimmers, George L. Uclare County WI scan106525
Zulauf, Ray   scan106508
ulauf, Raymond H. "Zukey Henderson CO scan106509
Zundel, Eberheart Lowell Washaki UT scan106596
Zundel, Lowell   scan106595