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Medford Mail Tribune Scanned Obituary Index for 1959

photo of a Raven

Our JCGL volunteers are scanning and indexing microfilmed images of Medford Mail Tribune Obituaries and Death Notices. Below is an index to the 1959 scanned images. It includes the name of the deceased person, his/her place of birth (when available), and the number we have assigned to the image. If the deceased person is a married woman and her maiden name was given in the obituary, this is included in the index. If you would like to receive a copy of a scanned obituary, follow this link, Postal Request Form to display the request form. Complete and print the form, then send it to the address shown along with a check for $10 and a stamped, self-addressed envelope. Some of the scanned obituaries require more than one image. We will send them all for a single $10 fee, but you must put all the image numbers (e.g., scan123456, scan123457) on your request. Be sure to provide all the required information on the form.

For faster turnaround, use the Buy Now button below to make a secure online payment and to provide the information needed to fill your request. Be sure you fill ALL fields in the form including all image scan numbers. When you complete the transaction, our librarian will copy the requested information and email it to you as an attachment. It will be sent as a .jpg (picture) file. When you receive this .jpg file, click on it and it will be loaded into your picture viewer from which you can print a hard copy.

Scanned Mail Tribune Obituaries
Last Name, First Name
Year, Image Number

Name Birth Place Image Number
Adams, Annie Scotland scan106220
Adams, Aubrey Lee Carroll County GA scan106023
Adams, Fred Daniel Clarkesville IA scan106008
Adams, Mary Janeva Alexander ND scan106168
Adkins, Bradley   scan106191
Adkins, Bradley Ray Medford OR scan106193
Albern, Gary Dale   scan106016
Alexander, Rutherford Harrison KS scan106371
Alexander, Ruthford H.   scan106372
Allen, Pearl May Joplin MO scan106286
Allen, Rodney Cole Medford OR scan106068
Alley, Frank R.   scan106013
Allison, Chester Sumner   scan106156
Allison, Cora Mae Laurel IN scan106225
Ambrose, James Marion   scan106361
Ambrose, James Marion Yoncalla OR scan106362
Ames, Lena Perry Belfast ME scan106356
Amick, Dexter Franklin   scan106048
Anderson, Christian G. Minneapolis MN scan106016
Anderson, Dora E. Talent OR scan106280
Anderson, Essie Ellen "Ella" Webber Falls OK scan106208
Anderson, Frederick W.   scan106130
Anderson, Mary Maybelle SD scan106200
Anderton, Marguerite   scan106274
Anderton, Marguerite Hammond IL scan106275
Ansted, Arthur B.   scan106295
Ansted, Arthur B.   scan106297
Arant, Lary Clifford Ashland OR scan105969
Arant, Lary Clifford Ashland OR scan105970
Armstrong, Alice Irene Englevale ND scan105975
Arnold, Thornton B. Chicago IL scan106046
Arnold, Thornton B. Chicago IL scan106049
Ashburn, Aubrey   scan106110
Ashcraft, Ester Isabelle Pueblo CO scan106195
Asher, Albert Allen Hugo OR scan106372
Atkin, Catherine May NE scan106312
Auld, Luther C.   scan106216
Ayer, Candace Marie   scan106165
Ayer, Candace Marie Medford OR scan106166
Ayres, May Barbara O'Fallon MOI scan106069
Bahler, Irving Great Bend KS scan106085
Bailey, John Ora   scan106016
Bailey, Winfield H.   scan106308
Bailey, Winfield H. "Bill" Burlington IA scan106309
Baker, Dianna Lynn Klamath Falls OR scan106081
Baker, Dianna Lynn   scan106082
Baker, John Merle Shelby OH scan106127
Baker, Roderick   scan106179
Baker, Roderick Blackburn Kalamazoo MI scan106180
Baldwin, Albert   scan106227
Baldwin, Albert WA scan106233
Baldwin, Harold Eugene Portland OR scan106378
Ball, Cora Mae   scan106225
Ball, Cora Mae Laurel IN scan106225
Ball, Willard   scan106347
Ball, Willard CO scan106351
Ballard, Gerald H. Lakeview OR scan106377
Ballard, Samuel A. Nashville TN scan106099
Ballard, Samuel J. Nashville TN scan106096
Barnes, Marjorie Grenell. Dodge City KS scan106163
Barnes, Marjorie K.   scan106161
Barraclough, Ambrose F. Salt Lake City UT scan106375
Bartels, Lillie Kingman KS scan106276
Bashaw, Lewis S.   scan106307
Bashaw, Lewis Sherman Winside NE scan106308
Basin, Chester Alfred   scan105970
Basin, Chester Alfred Westboro WI scan105971
Basore, G. Howard Franklin OH scan106071
Bauman, Infant son   scan106144
Bauman, Thomas Joseph   scan106147
Beck, Joseph   scan106223
Beck, Joseph Emanuel KS scan106225
Becker, Louise M. Chehalis WA scan106205
Beekman, Carrie Miss   scan106192
Beelby, Wellington E.   scan106144
Beelby, Wellington Ernest Thornton Ontario Canada scan106147
Bellows, Arthur   scan106137
Bellows, Arthur Sheboygan MI scan106147
Bellows, Sarah   scan106140
Bellows, Sarah Camas Valley OR scan106147
Belvail, Lewis C. Placerville CA scan106092
Bemis, Aurelia L. "Aurie" Beloit WI scan106257
Bennett, Lily (Mrs. F. M.)   scan105989
Bergen, William Graham "Billie" Kemmerer WY scan106377
Bergen, William Graham "Billie" Kemmerer WY scan106378
Berry, Rollie Augustus Hillsboro OR scan106257
Bertram, Ernest Storer (Rev.) England scan106338
Beverlin, Samuel B. Kinney WV scan106103
Bevis, Vincent Poole Spokane WA scan106092
Bibby, Lulu G.   scan106356
Bice, Mary Elizabeth "Peggy" Polk NE scan106038
Bigham, Ida Mae   scan106315
Bigham, Ida Mae KS scan106317
Billings, Jean Ashland OR scan106220
Bimbrell, Marjorie Grenell Dodge City KS scan106163
Bishop, Lucille   scan106157
Bishop, Lucille K. Lewiston ID scan106159
Blackman, Dewey Allen LaPorte Co IN scan106061
Blair, George Melvin Woodville CA scan106144
Blevins, Thomas Byron Lake Creek TX scan106239
Blumer, Claire   scan106195
Blumer, Claire M. J. Sioux City IA scan106198
Boen, John Lewis   scan106044
Boen, John Lewis Cold Water OH scan106046
Boernor, Lisa Kathleen Ashland OR scan106049
Bogart, Effie Cordelia Pike Co IL scan106341
Bohl, Minnie Central Point OR scan106078
Bond, Gladlys Irene Miss Malcolm NE scan106160
Bond, Gladys Irene Miss   scan106158
Bond, Gladys Miss   scan106156
Boner, Mildred R.   scan106148
Boone, Al   scan106309
Boone, Alphons Lilburn Elko NV scan106310
Booth, Clarence Samuel   scan106180
Booth, Clarence Samuel Gold Hill NV scan106181
Booth, Mary Elizabeth "Peggy" Polk NE scan106038
Boothby, Charles W. Ashland OR scan106328
Borges, John Carl   scan106065
Borjes, Jeffie Lee   scan106354
Borjes, Jeffie Lee Bowie TX scan106355
Boshears, Charity E.   scan106198
Boshears, Charity E. Lawrence KS scan106200
Boulden, Ruth B. Lafayette MO scan106081
Bounds, Steven S. Centerville MO scan106008
Bounds, Steven S.   scan106009
Boussum, Charles   scan106021
Boussum, Charles Wellington KS scan106023
Bowman, Archie W.   scan106322
Bowman, Archie Wells Milton OR scan106323
Boyd, Adlai C.   scan105970
Boyd, Adlai C. Virginia City NV scan105971
Boyer, Scott   scan106160
Boyer, Scott NE scan106161
Bradley, Annie Yreka CA scan106198
Brady, Victor   scan106263
Brahs, Walter William   scan106185
Brahs, Walter William Henderson MN scan106186
Brainerd, Charles P.   scan106108
Brainerd, Charles Porter Russell KS scan106106
Braley, C. Rease North Creek NY scan105968
Braxton, Rosetta Belle Cass County MI scan105982
Breeding, Laura OR scan106376
Brentnall, Velma Martha Adams County IA scan106198
Brewer, Mark Gail   scan106236
Brewer, Mark Gail Albuquerque NM scan106238
Brisbane, Andrew C.   scan106353
Brisbane, Andrew C. Downey IA scan106354
Bristow, May Barbara O'Fallon MOI scan106069
Brockway, A. E. MN scan106153
Brockway, A. E.   scan106156
Brooks, Lela Mable Cynthiana IN scan106025
Brophy, Vernon D.   scan105974
Brown, Agnes   scan106337
Brownlee, J. E.   scan106144
Brownlee, Jesse Erastes Encampment WY scan106147
Bruin, Hattie   scan106154
Bruin, Hattie Belle KS scan106156
Buchanan, Lucy M.   scan106130
Buchanan, Lucy M. Provo UT scan106136
Buck, Lorraine   scan106181
Buck, Lorraine Lillian Anson TX scan106184
Buck, Margaret   scan106009
Buck, Margaret Kurtz Hazelton ND scan106010
Buckley, James Thomas   scan106103
Buckley, James Thomas Ruch OR scan106105
Buehling, Fred C. Germany scan106318
Bunnell, Ida May Red Rock IA scan106040
Burleigh, Infant son   scan106227
Burleigh, John   scan106229
Burns, Hattie   scan106371
Burns, Hattie A. Jackson Co OR scan106373
Burns, Michael Dennis Medford OR scan106088
Burris, John Albert   scan106224
Burris, John Albert Plattsmouth NE scan106225
Burrows, Dora   scan106240
Burrows, Dora E. TN scan106241
Buss, Lois Verna Donaldlee MN scan106039
Bussemer, Frederick L.   scan106327
Bussemer, Frederick Louis Zanesville OH scan106328
Bussey, Barney Keith Ashland OR scan106003
Bussey, Barney Keith   scan106004
Butcher, Anne Adeline Ionia MI scan106298
Byerly, Minnie   scan106290
Byerly, Minnie   scan106292
Byerly, Minnie Marie Walsh Co ND scan106295
Calame, L. H.   scan106014
Caldwell, Thomas P. "Tom"   scan106334
Caldwell, Thomas P. "Tom" Chicago IL scan106337
Calhoun, Janice A. Darlene Ashland OR scan106292
Calhoun, Janice Darlene   scan106290
Call, Leo Claude Grand River OH scan106035
Cameron, Bernice Miss   scan105984
Campbell, Wilhelmena   scan106079
Campbell, Wilhelmena Canada scan106080
Cardinal, Agnes Marie Ilwaco WA scan106144
Carey, George Edward Paris TX scan106106
Carl, William Norvel Norway OR scan106250
Carlile, Geraldine Ashland OR scan106085
Carlton, Helen J. Elizabeth NJ scan106273
Carlton, Helen J.   scan106276
Carpenter, Emily L.   scan106205
Carpenter, Emily L. Grafton ND scan106206
Carpenter, Mae Jacksonville OR scan106371
Carr, E. Mabel Crawford County KS scan106023
Carr, Leslie C. Gold Hill OR scan106195
Carr, Leslie C. Gold Hill OR scan106197
Carr, Mabel   scan106021
Carrico, Infant daughter Medford OR scan106144
Carroll, Andrew Jackson   scan106016
Carroll, Andrew Jackson Floyd County KY scan106017
Carson, Wilson   scan106333
Carson, Wilson   scan106334
Carson, Wilson Pleasanton KS scan106337
Carter, Edwin A.   scan106284
Carter, Edwin Albert Lawrence KS scan106286
Case, Elizabeth   scan106307
Casebolt, Donald Lionel Medford OR scan106158
Casey, John Joseph Elkader IA scan106298
Casey, Leslie (2 articles)   scan106012
Cassady, George   scan106314
Cassady, George N. Correct IN scan106316
Cassal, James Ira   scan106238
Cassal, James Ira Burke KY scan106240
Cassetta, Elizabeth Hattie Rogue River OR scan106319
Caston, Nina Elizabeth Pikesville KY scan106164
Cave, Joel Ward   scan106106
Cave, Joel Ward Comanche TX scan106108
Chambers, Hettye Irene Ada AR scan106249
Champion, Kate Gay San Francisco CA scan106127
Chance, Jeraldeane   scan106224
Chance, Jeroldeane J. Canby MN scan106225
Chapple, Ethel B. Nevadaville CO scan106229
Chapple, Ethel B.   scan106230
Charley, Floyd Walter   scan106191
Charley, Walter F. Brownsboro OR scan106195
Cheney, Albert E. Lebanon NH scan106350
Cheney, Albert Elias   scan106348
Childers, Elmer   scan106327
Childers, Elmer N. Weston OR scan106328
Chrismon, Pearl Humboldt Co CA scan106086
Christensen, Henry Denmark scan105984
Clark, Minnie M. Climax OR scan106257
Clarke, John R.   scan106188
Clarno, Bernard E.   scan106315
Clarno, Bernard Eblo Clarno OR scan106316
Clason, Nellie Violet Tama County IA scan106021
Claycomb, Herschel L. Olney IL scan106307
Claycomb, Herschel L.   scan106308
Click, Houston James OK scan105977
Coburn, Julius Madras OR scan106200
Cocks, Richard C.   scan105976
Cocks, Richard Cooper Van Nuys CA scan105981
Coffeen, John W. Kent OH scan106262
Coffeen, William   scan106260
Cole, Kenneth B. Ashland OR scan105996
Coleman, Clifford M. "Pappy" Hastings England scan106217
Collins, Benjamin M. White Hall IL scan106226
Collins, Homer E.   scan106265
Collins, Homer E. Jacksboro TX scan106267
Collins, Walter A.   scan106083
Collins, Walter Alexander Canada scan106084
Colpitts, Edmund   scan106096
Colpitts, Edmund Ivan Wallowa OR scan106099
Colpitts, Robert W.   scan106362
Conley, Vernon   scan106291
Conley, Vernon Edward Medford OR scan106295
Conner, Elizabeth Wichita KS scan105986
Conner, Mamie   scan105984
Conner, Mamie Mae MO scan105987
Conner, Ruth E.   scan106315
Conner, Ruth Elizabeth   scan106317
Conner, Walter S. Wilmington OH scan106319
Connor, Elizabeth   scan105984
Conrad, Laura Tennessee Tennessee scan106101
Conway, Rena E. Butte NE scan105983
Cook, Annie C. England scan106258
Cook, Bert Lawrence Lostine OR scan106076
Cook, Melvin   scan106112
Cook, Melvin Emmett Bieber CA scan106115
Cook, William John Bolling Co MS scan106046
Cookson, Ollie May Virden IL scan106220
Cooley, Charles R. Kenesaw NE scan106129
Coon, Sarah Camas Valley OR scan106147
Cooper, Dora Mae Coquille OR scan106051
Cooper, Herbert Henry   scan106148
Cooper, Herbert Henry Williams Creek OR scan106151
Cooper, Thora Belle Lebanon VA scan106078
Corliss, Catherine May   scan106311
Corliss, Catherine May NE scan106312
Corum, Ray   scan106287
Covey, Denie Lee Buffalo Gap TX scan105972
Cowan, Elizabeth   scan106327
Cowan, Elizabeth AR scan106328
Cox, John Thomas   scan105995
Cox, John Thomas Sams Valley OR scan105996
Cox, Martha Effie Crawford County KS scan105967
Crank, L. D. OK scan106257
Cranston, Esther A.   scan106026
Crawford, Arthur Samuel Hornbrook CA scan106274
Crawford, Yvonne Elaine   scan106374
Crocker, Hervey W.   scan106065
Crocker, Hervey W. Idlewild TN scan106067
Crocker, Hervey W.   scan106068
Crosby, Agnes   scan106143
Crosby, Agnes Marie Ilwaco WA scan106144
Crosby, Delbert Hedges OH scan106032
Crosby, Delbert R.   scan106028
Crow, Cora   scan105983
Crow, Cora Custer County CO scan105984
Crow, Rosa Elner Gulon TX scan106165
Culbertson, Samuel William Selma CA scan106347
Culbertson, Thomas A. Sr.   scan106025
Culbertson, Thomas A. Sr. Washington PA scan106026
Cunningham, A. B. Elsberry MO scan106089
Curtis, Howard J.   scan106003
Custance, Roy James Canada scan106070
Custard, Ruth B. Lafayette MO scan106081
Daily, Sadie   scan106284
Daily, Sadie Helen Harriman TN scan106287
Daily, Sadie Helen   scan106288
Datson, Roy Gilbert Stanton MI scan106200
Davenport, Tilly May   scan106132
Davenport, Tilly May Fayette IA scan106134
Davidson, John L. (Col.) Lew Beach NY scan106359
Davis, Anne Adeline   scan106296
Davis, Anne Adeline Ionia MI scan106298
Davis, Arthur Taylor PA scan106297
Davis, DeLafayette   scan106264
Davis, DeLafayette Pendleton OR scan106265
Davis, Guy Everett Wallowa County OR scan106126
Davis, Henry A.   scan106073
Davis, Henry A. South Wales scan106075
Davis, Jack Dewey   scan106090
Davis, Jack Dewey Rexford KS scan106092
Davis, Mabel D. Cuba IL scan106360
Davis, Richard Mark   scan106081
Davis, Rosa Elner Gulon TX scan106165
Davis, Rosalie   scan106094
Davis, Rose May Grand Junction MI scan106205
Davis, Rose May   scan106207
Davis, Rose N. Fulton MO scan106099
Day, Henry A. MO scan106128
Day, Henry Allan   scan106127
Dean, Anna Margaret Jacksonville OR scan106000
Dean, George Brookhouse Dr. Cincinnati OH scan106211
Decker, Douglas   scan106080
Decker, Douglas   scan106081
Dee, Edmund F.   scan106356
Dee, Edmund F. New Haven CT scan106357
Deer, Albert James IL scan106008
Deer, Albert James   scan106009
DeMar, Julie Ann Davis County IA scan106147
DeMoss, Louise M. Chehalis WA scan106205
DeNure, Mary   scan106197
Deurksen, Laura Cozad NE scan106094
DeVore, Con   scan106040
DeVore, Con P. KS scan106039
Dewey, John C.   scan106238
Dewey, John C. IA scan106239
DeWit, Ralph   scan106239
DeWit, Ralph Holland scan106242
DeYoung,Henry Holland scan106067
Dickey, Sadie Helen Harriman TN scan106287
Dodge, May Cora Jefferson Island MT scan106033
Doll, Nellie May Boise ID scan106213
Dolman, Annie Gold Hill NV (Territory) scan106125
Donahoe, Michael J. Springfield MO scan106297
Donaldson, Paul D.   scan106060
Donaldson, Paul D. MN scan106063
Donaldson, Sleatha M. "Jerry" Superior NE scan106114
Donaldson, Sleatha Marie   scan106113
Donelson, Royal John Essex IA scan106219
Dougherty, Patrick   scan106028
Dougherty, Patrick Ireland scan106030
Douglas, Lillie Kingman KS scan106276
Douglas, Roscoe Frederick Wayland TX scan105998
Douglas, Roscoe Frederick   scan105997
Dozier, Hattie A. Jackson Co OR scan106373
Dragoo, Isaac R. M.   scan106037
Dragoo, Isaac R. M. Burnett TX scan106038
Dressel, Albert William   scan106274
Dressel, Albert William KS scan106276
Ducker, William   scan106162
Ducker, William A. Gooding ID scan106163
Dudley, Bessie Maud   scan106190
Dufek, Frank   scan106080
Dufek, Frank Antigo WI scan106081
Dumphy, George Edward Denver CO scan105987
Dunham, Dennis   scan106167
Dunlap, Clara Florence WI scan106143
Dunn, Ella Ashland OR scan106305
Durbin, William Henry   scan105993
Durno, Clara Estelle Marian AL scan106087
Dusenberry, Alice May Gold Hill OR scan105996
Dwyer, Thomas A. Jr. Deming NM scan106126
Dwyer, Thomas Jr.   scan106125
Eagle, Rollard   scan105989
Eagle, Rollard   scan105992
Earle, Thelma F. Klamathon CA scan106020
Easterling, Artemesia   scan106181
Eatherton, Phyllis Odene   scan106135
Eatherton, Phyllis Odene Medford OR scan106136
Ellery, Frank E.   scan106296
Ellery, Franklin Edward Eureka CA scan106297
Ellison, Jeroldeane J. Canby MN scan106225
Emerson, Pearl   scan106085
Emerson, Pearl Humboldt Co CA scan106086
Epps, David   scan106174
Erfle, Louise   scan106019
Erfle, Louise   scan106021
Estelle, Elmer Bert   scan106045
Ewing, Mary Maybelle SD scan106200
Failing, O. C.   scan106123
Failing, O. C. "Todd"   scan106125
Farlo, Laura   scan106371
Farlow, Frederick Perry Lake Creek OR scan106037
Farlow, Laura   scan106375
Farlow, Laura OR scan106376
Faske, August Germany scan106243
Fazier, Cloe Emily   scan106127
Ferguson, Charles Green River WY scan106270
Ferguson, Charles Floyd   scan106268
Ferguson, Elizabeth Topeka KS scan106033
Ferguson, Wilhemina   scan106111
Ferguson, Wilhemina Miss   scan106113
Ferguson, William Sheridan IN scan106002
Ferlen, Jerry Arthur   scan106333
Ferlen, Jerry Arthur Stratford IA scan106334
Fernlund, Augusta   scan106280
Fernlund, Augusta Cornelia Valparaiso IN scan106281
Ferren, Jeff Albert Butte Co CA scan106274
Finch, Jennie R.   scan106331
Finch, Jennie R.   scan106332
Finch, Jennie R. Port Ewen NY scan106333
Finney, Robert N.   scan105982
Finney, Robert Nelson   scan105983
Fitzgerald, Thomas   scan106030
Fitzgerald, Thomas Salem OR scan106031
Flagsted, Eva   scan106164
Fleming, Annie   scan106197
Fleming, Annie Yreka CA scan106198
Flenner, Keith Carl   scan105996
Flury, Chester A.   scan106245
Flury, Chester Arthur Collins CO scan106247
Follmer, Hazel Saunemin IL scan105981
Foster, Amelia Charlotte "Molly" Sweden scan106103
Foster, Irene   scan105989
Fowler, Kelli Elaine   scan105994
Frakes, Myra Grace Indianapolis IN scan105970
Frakes, Myra Grace Indianapolis IN scan105971
Fraley, Mildred M. Thompson Creek OR scan106118
Fralick, Marjorie Ruth MI scan106365
Frank, Albert   scan106187
Frank, Albert   scan106189
Frank, Albert   scan106195
Frank, Albert Jewell County KS scan106197
Fraser, Harry Emsley   scan106366
Frazier, Emily Cloe Pottersdale PA scan106128
Freeman, Lulu   scan106060
Frobson, Marypolly Lansing MI scan106177
Frohbeck, Lucille   scan106163
Fry, Charles J. Fort Wayne IN scan106269
Fry, Charles Joseph   scan106266
Gabie, Edna Marie   scan106232
Gabie, Edna Marie Stockton CA scan106233
Gallop, Myra   scan105972
Gandee, Steven Roy   scan106329
Garboden, Milton Paul Myrtle Creek OR scan106188
Gardner, Gene   scan105978
Gardner, Ida Mae KS scan106317
Garr, Magdeline   scan106118
Garrett, Cecil E.   scan106270
Garrett, Clarice Avilla Vale OR scan106096
Gautier, Marguerite Hammond IL scan106275
Gebhard, Edward W. Stella NE scan106196
Gibson, David H.   scan106321
Gibson, David H.   scan106323
Gibson, David H. Sidney MO scan106326
Gier, Herman   scan106127
Gier, Herman   scan106128
Gier, Herman J. Chillicothe MO scan106130
Giesler, Jerry Austin Portales NM scan106377
Gilbert, Kay Louise   scan105985
Gilbert, Kay Louise Miss Ashland OR scan105987
Ginn, Nancy Jane   scan106284
Ginn, Nancy Jane MO scan106286
Gipson, Doris Murphy OR scan106067
Glass, Hugh "Joe"   scan106091
Glass, Hugh "Joe" Chicaville AR scan106092
Gleason, Ted Martin   scan106169
Goodale, Ina   scan106284
Goodroad, B. V.   scan106356
Goodroad, Bert V. Elk Point SD scan106357
Gordon, Carl E. Jefferson City MO scan106353
Gordon, Carl E. Sr.   scan106352
Gore, John   scan106128
Gore, John Oshkosh WI scan106130
Gorman, Mary Kate San Leandro CA scan106347
Graham, Thelma F.   scan106016
Graham, Thelma F. Klamathona CA scan106017
Graham, Thelma F. Klamathon CA scan106020
Graham, Thelma F. Klamath CA scan106050
Graten, Fred H.   scan106068
Graten, Fredrick Henry Everett WA scan106069
Grave, Llewellyn George CA scan106358
Gray, Carroll S.   scan105966
Gray, Clark A.   scan106049
Gray, Clark A. Stockholm NE scan106051
Gray, Ethel May Perry OK scan106330
Gray, May Louise Eros LA scan106134
Gray, William Lee   scan106004
Gray, William Lee Millville NJ scan106005
Green, Ada D.   scan106274
Green, Ada D. NE scan106275
Green, Katherine B. Terra Haute IN scan106256
Green, Lora Marie Medford OR scan106375
Green, Myrtle   scan106233
Green, Myrtle Centerville IA scan106234
Greer, Illa Miss   scan105995
Greer, Lilla   scan105994
Gregory, Mabel E.   scan106029
Gribble, Elva May Duck Lake MI scan106378
Grieve, Robert Bruce Prospect OR scan106007
Griffing, Frank   scan106004
Grimes, Henry Jacksonville OR scan106371
Grimes, Mae Jacksonville OR scan106371
Grondahl, Signart Burgen Norway scan106216
Gross, Laura Cozad NE scan106094
Grover, Nettie   scan106082
Grover, Nettie May Butte Falls OR scan106083
Guches, Gertrude E. Medford OR scan106043
Guthrie, Denie Lee   scan105971
Guthrie, Denie Lee Buffalo Gap TX scan105972
Haff, George L. Mt Vernon CO scan106009
Haff, George L.   scan106010
Hagen, Alfred   scan106275
Hagen, Alfred Peor Portland OR scan106276
Hager, Emma Augusta Atkinson NE scan106138
Hague, Robert L. Ottumwa IA scan106163
Hale, Stella   scan106278
Hale, Stella Emmerine Bonnie IL scan106280
Haley, Lyle Frederic   scan106127
Haley, Lyle Frederic Arcata CA scan106128
Hall, Artemesia   scan106181
Hall, Cora   scan106292
Hall, Joe   scan106319
Hall, Joseph J. Republic Co KS scan106321
Hallett, Clara Florence WI scan106143
Hallgren, Fred E.   scan106295
Hallgren, Fred E. Marquette MI scan106296
Ham, William   scan105970
Ham, William O. Humansville MO scan105971
Hand, Bert Hiram   scan106141
Hand, Burt Hiram   scan106143
Haney, Katheryn Sacramento CA scan106035
Hannah, Joseph C. Trail OR scan106229
Hannah, Joseph Carter   scan106227
Hansen, Anna Sophia Little River CA scan106230
Hansen, Oran S. "Oge" Seattle WA scan106031
Hansen, Orin   scan106030
Hanson, Inez Vera Superior WI scan106360
Harding, Ronald Bernard (2) Coos Bay OR scan106349
Hardwick, Marjorie   scan106077
Harnsberger, Thomas Jeffries Sedalia MO scan106354
Harper, John Thomas "Jack" Wolsey SD scan106327
Harper, Lani LaRue   scan106233
Harper, Ruhama   scan106119
Harper, Ruhama John Day OR scan106122
Harr, Virginia Edith Newark SD scan106028
Harris, Cora Custer County CO scan105984
Harris, Emma A. Richmond UT scan106219
Harrison, Harry Samuel CO scan106138
Harrison, Harry Samuel CO scan106139
Harrison, Ona M. Medford OR scan106280
Hart, Lois A.   scan106104
Hart, Richard Wayne Iowa Center WY scan106305
Harter, Nancy Lou   scan106076
Harter, Nancy Lou Corvallis OR scan106078
Harvey, Homer H.   scan106088
Harvey, Homer Hendrix Santa Rosa CA scan106089
Haslett, Francis "Frank" Westmoreland County PA scan106185
Hastings, Annie   scan106258
Hastings, Martha Ann "Annie" AR scan106259
Hay, Carrie Jackson County OR scan106223
Hays, Cleveland   scan106113
Heard, Charles Clifford   scan106359
Heard, Charles Clifford Montague Co TX scan106360
Hedges, Helena   scan106004
Hedgpeth, Elbert W. "Bert" Prineville OR scan106329
Heer, Bertha Jane Linkville (Klamath Falls) scan106009
Heffner, Ralph E. Amego KS scan106055
Heffner, Ralph Ellsworth   scan106052
Heffner, William A.   scan106371
Heffner, William Arthur Beagle OR scan106374
Heitman, Clarence F.   scan106066
Heitman, Clarence F. Mapeton ND scan106068
Helman, Viola Margaret Crabtown IA scan106372
Helmick, Harry A. Masontown PA scan106267
Henderson, Anita Izella   scan106127
Henderson, Joe Davis Redding CA scan106354
Henderson, Joe Davis   scan106337
Hendrickson, Clifford Walter   scan106181
Hendrickson, Clifford Walter Harriman TN scan106184
Hendrickson, Cora E. Friend NE scan106321
Hendrickson, Sadie Helen Harriman TN scan106287
Hendrickson, Sadie Helen   scan106288
Henry, Myra   scan105972
Henry, Robert J.   scan106144
Henry, Robert J. OK scan106148
Hess, Carl Herman WY scan106033
Hetland, Danny Errett   scan106250
Hetland, Danny Errett Portersville CA scan106257
Heyden, Homer E.   scan106099
Heyden, Homer E. WA scan106106
Hibbs, James Frank   scan106366
Hicks, Elmer A. IL scan106357
Hight, Viola Margaret Crabtown IA scan106372
Hilkey, Ralph Irwin   scan106144
Hilkey, Ralph Irwin MO scan106148
Hill, Lewis Calvin Monet MO scan105986
Hill, Lewis Calvin   scan105987
Himmelsbach, Lois A.   scan106106
Hober, Samuel Burton   scan106282
Hober, Samuel Burton Wells MN scan106283
Hodgins, Lesley Ellis Boise ID scan106003
Hodgins, Leslie E.   scan105999
Holbrook, C. V. Sparta NC scan106341
Holbrook, Ernest L.   scan106181
Holbrook, Ernest L. Lakeview OR scan106183
Hollingsworth, William Farrell Ashland NE scan106063
Holloway, Lydia Ruth   scan106002
Holloway, Lydia Ruth Alliance NE scan106003
Holman, Rufus Portland OR scan106346
Holmes, Ada B. Webb City MO scan106108
Holmes, Gladys Maxine Chester IL scan106031
Holmes, Harry   scan106205
Hoots, Harold David Shuck Moline IL scan106076
Hoover, Diane Lynn   scan106353
Hoover, Diane Lynn   scan106354
Hopkins, Bessie L. Latah Co ID scan106260
Hopkins, Vela Matilda   scan106374
Hopkins, Vela Matilda McAlester OK scan106375
Horn, Charles Nick   scan105982
Horn, Charles Nick   scan105983
Horn, Charles Nick KY scan105984
Horne, Charles Earl Morning Sun IA scan106357
Horner, Lorraine Lillian Anson TX scan106184
Hoser, Joseph   scan106136
Houck, John Jr.   scan105973
Houghton, Byrel N.   scan106148
Houghton, Byrel Noah "Bill" Walkerville MI scan106151
Houston, Alice Irene Englevale ND scan105975
Howard, Eunice   scan106142
Howe, Mary Beuford OH scan106133
Hudson, Mildred Myers   scan106057
Hudson, Walter H. Chicago IL scan106267
Huffman, William Jess Pine Prairie AR scan106220
Hughes, Ermina B. Ludlow CO scan106046
Hughes, Gertrude Maryann Marshfield WI scan106197
Hughes, Harold Raymond Cornelius OR scan106073
Hukill, Oran "Bert"   scan106220
Hukill, Oran Egbert "Bert" Phoenix OR scan106225
Hull, Amelia Margaret Conway AR scan106044
Hull, Elmer R.   scan106083
Hull, Elmer R. Elva NY scan106084
Hull, Jeanette Esther   scan105995
Hull, Lona Ethel MO scan106010
Hunsaker, Judy Ann   scan106190
Hunsaker, Judy Ann Medford OR scan106191
Huntley, Clarence M.   scan106283
Huntley, Clarence M. Stayton OR scan106284
Hurst, Sarah G. Sterling OR scan106022
Hutchens, Daniel W.   scan106317
Hutchens, Daniel Webster   scan106318
Hutchins, George S. St Joseph MO scan106214
Iliff, Mary F. IN scan106307
Ingle, Edith Young   scan106066
Inlow, Lois Vivian Newcross IN scan106062
Inskeep, Annie Dr. Gold Hill NV (Territory) scan106124
Irwin, Effie   scan105965
Irwin, Frank Pierce   scan106330
Irwin, Frank Pierce Tipton Co IN scan106331
Irwin, Martha Effie Crawford County KS scan105967
Isaacs, Charles W.   scan106173
Isaacs, Charles Wilkes Brownsboro OR scan106176
Ives, Gregory   scan106021
Jackson, Martin Elwood   scan106097
Jackson, Martin Elwood   scan106099
Jackson, Martin Elwood Phoenix AZ scan106100
Jammerthal, Emma Worthington IA scan106316
Jefry, Sleatha Marie   scan106113
Jenkins, Ethel B. Nevadaville CO scan106229
Jenkins, Minnie Marie Walsh Co ND scan106295
Jimerson, Cecil Lou Liberty NE scan106356
Johns, Cyrus Evan   scan106029
Johns, Cyrus Evan Franklin WA scan106030
Johnson, Cecil Byron   scan106270
Johnson, Cecil Byron Seattle WA scan106271
Johnson, Charles Edward CA scan106329
Johnson, Gary Medford OR scan106148
Johnson, Gary Lee   scan106145
Johnson, Gary Lee   scan106147
Johnson, Gertrude Elizabeth Etna CA scan106213
Johnson, John C.   scan106101
Johnson, John C.   scan106108
Johnson, Ludwig Henry Norway scan106089
Johnson, May Cora   scan106032
Johnson, May Cora Jefferson Island MT scan106033
Johnson, Ross A.   scan105986
Johnson, Ross A. Coloma MI scan105987
Johnson, Selma   scan106093
Johnson, Selma Sofia Sweden scan106094
Jolliffe, Richard L. Aberdeen WA scan106123
Jolliffe, Richard Lee   scan106121
Jones Dora S. Kimball MN scan106094
Jones, Dora S.   scan106093
Jones, Edith   scan106031
Jones, Edith Ora Brownsboro OR scan106032
Jones, Louis M. "Pappy" Fort Scott KS scan106078
Jordan, Harold B. Bloomington IN scan106347
Jordan, Harold B. Bloomington IN scan106343
Jordan, Rose Marie   scan106043
Jordan, Rose Marie Chicago IL scan106046
Judson, Walter H.   scan106265
Kadlovec, Anna K.   scan106323
Kadlovec, Anna Katherine Pisek ND scan106325
Kearns, Cora A. Phillipsburg KS scan106297
Keizur, Ethel May   scan106328
Keizur, Ethel May Perry OK scan106330
Kell, May Louise Eros LA scan106134
Keller, Lloyd   scan106371
Keller, Lloyd The Dalles OR scan106373
Keller, Vernon   scan106212
Keller, Vernon W. Dodge OR scan106213
Kendall, Lillian   scan106052
Kengla, Mary Janeva   scan106166
Kengla, Mary Janeva Alexander ND scan106168
Kennedy, Odessa J. Yuton NE scan106316
Kenner, Cora   scan106305
Kent, Bryan   scan105980
Kent, Bryan David Santa Barbara CA scan105982
Kent, Clara   scan106142
Kent, Clara Florence WI scan106143
Kenyon, Cleo Dale Ashland OR scan106307
Kerns, Danny   scan106214
Kerr, Isobel Marion Quebec City Canada scan105998
Kerston, Edgar A.   scan106359
Kerston, Edgar Alan St Paul MN scan106361
Kester, Lucille Lewiston ID scan106159
Kettles, Robert James   scan106340
Kettles, Robert James Canada scan106341
Kimbell, Blanche Irene Harrisonville MO scan105982
Kincaid, Charles Glenn   scan106215
Kincaid, Charles Glenn Williams OR scan106220
King, Charles M.   scan106014
King, Charles M. High Point IA scan106016
Kingsley, Annie L.   scan106245
Kingsley, Annie L. Carlton NY scan106246
Kinsman, W. J.   scan106327
Kline, Charles Weldon Birdsboro PA scan106370
Klingle, Charles E.   scan106163
Klingle, Charles Emmett Lake Creek OR scan106165
Klingle, Charles Emmett Lake Creek OR scan106166
Klingle, Elsie Eola Eagle Point OR scan106257
Klingler, Herman Alois Switzerland scan106078
Klow, Gladys Irene Spokane WA scan106259
Klukkert, Edith Leona   scan106143
Klukkert, Edith Leona Des Moines IA scan106144
Klum, Joseph L. Central Point OR scan106365
Knapp, Addie May Saginaw MI scan106032
Knutzen, Frank D. (Dr.) Applegate, OR scan106366
Koger, Glen K. Des Moines IA scan106197
Koglin, Olga L. Excel Township MN scan106062
Kolstad, Andrew   scan106056
Kolstad, Andrew   scan106058
Kolstad, Andrew A. Benson MN scan106060
Kounz, Jessie W.   scan106190
Kounz, Jessie Z. Fremont MI scan106191
Kozak, Matt Joseph   scan106185
Kozak, Matt Joseph St Louis MO scan106186
Krenerick, Elva May   scan106377
Krenerick, Elva May Duck Lake MI scan106378
Krows, Ralph   scan106327
Krows, Ralph Swift's Landing NY scan106328
Krupp, Joseph R. Sr. Hays KS scan106197
Krupp, Joseph Richard Sr.   scan106195
Kubli, Chester   scan106278
Kubli, Chester Cameron Jacksonville OR scan106280
Kufner, John   scan105971
Kula, Frank   scan106374
Kuntz, Magdeline   scan106118
Kurth, Virginia Edith Newark SD scan106028
Kurtz, Clifford E.   scan106247
Kurtz, Clifford E. Hazelton ND scan106249
Kyle, Emma Oconee IL scan106347
Kyle, Emma   scan106345
Kyniston, William Arthur   scan106055
Kyniston, William Arthur Halsey OR scan106057
Kynsi, (Infant Son)   scan106355
Lacy, Eva Ellen Albany OR scan106352
Lacy, William Arnet Milo Ia scan106305
LaFever, Jodie Dean Medford OR scan106148
Lance, Marion "Minnie"   scan105984
Lance, Minnie E. Rogue River OR scan105986
Langston, Essie Ellen Webber Falls OK scan106208
Lanini, Vincent   scan106251
Lanke, Bertha Ann IA scan106353
Lasater, Monte F. Lockwood MO scan106062
Lasater, Monte F. Lockwood MO scan106064
Lathrop, Grace Anna Elrod IN scan106288
Lathrop, Martha C.   scan106270
Law, Elva J. OR scan106092
Lawrance, Lucy Edith   scan106168
Leabo, Bertha Jane Linkville (Klamath Falls) scan106009
Ledell, Eva   scan106163
Ledell, Eva   scan106164
Ledell, John A.   scan106013
Ledell, John A. MN scan106014
Lee, Beatrice M. Stroud OK scan106066
Lee, Beatrice M.   scan106064
Lee, Robert Harold Marietta MN scan106314
Lehman, Albert F.   scan106076
Leighton, (Mrs. A. C.)   scan105988
Leighton, Irene   scan105992
Leith, Dora Mitchell   scan106139
Lenderman, Pearl   scan106091
Lenderman, Pearl Atchison KS scan106093
Lenderman, Thomas W.   scan106125
Lenderman, Thomas W. NC scan106126
Lengele, Dolph   scan106059
Lengele, Dolph M. Silverton OR scan106060
Lennox, Eunice   scan106142
Levine, Clyde R.   scan106298
Levine, Clyde R.   scan106301
Lewin, Gertrude Estelle Silver Creek NE scan106013
Lewis, Emery I. IA scan106265
Lewis, George Spirit Lake ID scan106043
Lewis, Ida B.   scan106191
Lewis, Ida B. Jackson County OR scan106193
Lewis, Minnie Mae Tehama County CA scan106225
Lifschitz, Eva Russia scan105981
Lilja, Mabel E.   scan106029
Linderman, Pearl   scan106095
Lindholm, Russell A.   scan106239
Lindholm, Russell A. Southampton NY scan106241
Lindley, Anna B.   scan105997
Lindley, Anna Belle Medford OR scan105998
Lindley, Anna Belle   scan106000
Lipton, Eva Russia scan105981
Lister, Louise Oshkosh WI scan106201
Litster, John Scotland scan106353
Lockard, Alpha May Axtel KS scan106350
Long, Leola Katherine Hamilton City CA scan106081
Longan, Bruce Medford OR scan106049
Loos, Charles F. Alton IL scan106100
Loudermilch, Robert C. Upper Sandusky OH scan106234
Loudermilch, Robert C.   scan106237
Louie, Philomena "Minnie" Montague CA scan106122
Love, E. Mabel Crawford County KS scan106023
Love, Martin Johnson Granett KS scan106019
Lowe, David Marion Chillicothe MO scan105980
Lowther, Mabel Edna Russell Ashland OR scan106084
Luce, Ruhama John Day OR scan106122
Ludwick, Owen W.   scan106063
Ludwick, Owen W. Cadillac MI scan106064
Luetke, Henry Edward   scan106203
Luetke, Henry Edward Chicago IL scan106204
Lynch, James F.   scan106238
Lynch, James F.   scan106239
Lynch, James F. IL scan106240
Lynes, Susan Jefferson OR scan106267
MacCollister, Ruth Audrey   scan106200
MacIntosh, John William Wiley   scan106042
Main, Alice Irene Englevale ND scan105975
Mallon, John H.   scan106083
Mallon, John Henry Craig MO scan106085
Mallory, Frances C.   scan106347
Mallory, Frances C.   scan106345
Malone, John C.   scan106046
Malone, John Cusack Portland OR scan106047
Marchand, Alice Little Falls MN scan105986
Marsh, Dilla Burdette   scan106197
Martell, Gladys Irene Spokane WA scan106259
Martin, Euclid Joseph   scan106103
Martin, Euclid Joseph Kankakee IL scan106108
Martin, Louis Rupert   scan106282
Martin, Louis Rupert Papineau IL scan106283
Martin, Marquis Lorne Ontario Canada scan106239
Martin, Marquis Lorne Ontario Canada scan106240
Martin, Myra Grace Indianapolis IN scan105970
Martin, Paul   scan105984
Martin, Paul Edmondston NB Canada scan105986
Martin, William Oscar Fairfield IL scan106249
Martin, William Oscar Fairfield IL scan106250
Marx, Gertrude Elizabeth Etna CA scan106213
Mason, John Victor   scan106315
Mason, John Victor Gazelle CA scan106315
Mason, Nannie Lou   scan106034
Mason, Nannie Lou   scan106035
Matheny, L. M.   scan106083
Matheny, Leon Merle Dassel MN scan106084
Matney, Martha Jane   scan106060
Matney, Martha Jane Applegate OR scan106061
Maurer, Roland Albert   scan106234
Maurer, Roland Albert   scan106235
Maurer, Roland Albert Balta ND scan106237
Maxson, Hazel   scan105980
Maxson, Hazel Saunemin IL scan105981
Mayfield, Marion Jackson County OR scan106123
McArdle, Owen   scan106253
McBride, Vela Matilda McAlester OK scan106375
McConnell, Arthur   scan106226
McConnell, Arthur Boonville AR scan106227
McCormick, Helen C.   scan106290
McCoy, Nina Elizabeth Pikesville KY scan106164
McCullough, Omer Chester Troy MO scan106166
McCurdy, Claud   scan106200
McCurdy, Claude E.   scan106201
McDonald, Geraldine   scan106084
McDonald, Geraldine Ashland OR scan106085
McDonald, Irma G. Claude OK scan106224
McDonald, Leslie Ray   scan106128
McDougall, Virgil Ray Eugene OR scan106177
McDougall, Virgil Ray Eugene OR scan106173
McFarland, Diane   scan106025
McFarland, Jerald   scan106023
McFarlane, Robert A.   scan106303
McFarlane, Robert Alfred Canada scan106305
McGarvie, Peter Bruce Oakland CA scan106037
McGarvie, William S. Canada scan106031
McGraw, Jesse S. Wildcat KY scan106000
McGreavey, Martin J. MO scan106091
McGreavney, Martin J.   scan106089
McGreavy, Martin J.   scan106080
McIntosh, Edward   scan106151
McIntosh, Edward William Washington County KS scan106155
McKean, Lura Belle Independence KS scan106177
McKee, Nelson W. Rogue River OR scan105983
McKee, Ralph "Mac"   scan106048
McKinnon, David William New Haven CT scan105998
McKinnon, David William   scan105996
McLallen, Charles O.   scan106200
McLallen, Charles O. Breckenridge MO scan106201
McManama, Ruhama   scan106119
McManama, Ruhama John Day OR scan106122
McNeff, Myrtle   scan106234
McNeff, Myrtle Centerville IA scan106233
McVay, Velma Martha Adams County IA scan106198
Mead, James Martin   scan106238
Mead, James Martin Medford OR scan106240
Meals, John   scan106023
Meeker, Lloyd A.   scan105967
Meeker, Lloyd A. Rob Roy IN scan105969
Meier, Carl   scan106246
Meier, Carl Germany scan106247
Mellin, Carl B.   scan106020
Mellin, Carl B. Sweden scan106025
Mellin, Carl B.   scan106050
Melvin, Clarence W.   scan106283
Melvin, Clarence W. Astoria OR scan106284
Mercer, Thomas Otto   scan106135
Mercer, Thomas Otto Liberty OH scan106136
Merkel, Wilhelmena Canada scan106080
Merriman, Dick Lawrence Medford OR scan106175
Merriman, Dick Lawrence   scan106171
Meshew, L. T.   scan106005
Meshew, Luke Thomas AR scan106008
Meyer, Otto Samuel Lakecreek OR scan106282
Middlebusher, Denzil Harry   scan106231
Middlebusher, Denzil Harry Eagle Point OR scan106233
Millard, Billy Lee   scan106117
Millard, Billy Lee Ashland OR scan106119
Miller, Charles Delbert   scan105990
Miller, Charles Delbert Columbia County PA scan105992
Miller, Cora E. Friend NE scan106321
Miller, Earl Herbert Hope KS scan106257
Miller, Edith L.   scan106103
Miller, Edith L. Clay Center KS scan106106
Miller, George E.   scan106100
Miller, George E.   scan106103
Miller, Jim   scan106006
Miller, Lloyd Sylvester Stanley WI scan105992
Miller, Thomas L.   scan106143
Miller, Thomas Lyons Fountain County IN scan106147
Miller, Virginia   scan106026
Miller, Virginia Edith Newark SD scan106028
Miller, Walter Alonzo   scan106333
Miller, Walter Alonzo Manden IA scan106334
Mills, D. C. Red Bluff CA scan106116
Minear, Luly   scan105998
Minear, Luly Bell Oregon IL scan106000
Mintle, Fred Boaz Glenwood IA scan106094
Mintle, Fred Boaz Glenwood IA scan106096
Mitchel, Anna Magdeberg Germany scan106000
Mitchell, Andrew Dow   scan106374
Mitchell, Andrew Dow Gainsville MO scan106375
Mitchell, Cora   scan106232
Mitchell, Ewing Young Pezely MO scan106212
Mitchell, Harry D.   scan106247
Mitchell, Harry Donald Rogue River OR scan106249
Mitchell, Mary L.   scan106115
Mitchell, Mary L. Winneshiek County IA scan106116
Mitchell, Robert Henry Gettysburg SD scan106027
Moad, John D. Tygh Valley OR scan106298
Moon, Anna Esther Westboro OH scan105989
Moore, Donna Dayle Medford OR scan105971
Moore, Joseph E.   scan106126
Moore, Joseph Emil Metz MO scan106139
Moore, Lydia J. Hornbrook CA scan106317
Moore, Lydia Jane   scan106316
Moore, Mary D. Millville CA scan106197
Moore, Minnie M. Climax OR scan106257
Morefield, Frank   scan106188
Morefield, Frank N. Clay County IL scan106190
Morgan, Anna   scan106069
Morgan, Anna Pe Ell WA scan106071
Morgan, Beatrice M. Stroud OK scan106066
Morgan, William P.   scan106130
Morgan, William Philips Pittsburgh PA scan106132
Morrill, Jennie   scan106295
Morrill, Jennie Helen Canada scan106296
Morris, Ada B.   scan106106
Morris, Ada B. Webb City MO scan106108
Morrow, Evlyn Rowena Myrtle Point OR scan106227
Morrow, Evlyn Rowena Myrtle Point OR scan106229
Moss, Mary D. Millville CA scan106197
Moulton, Hugh   scan106300
Moulton, Pearl May Joplin MO scan106286
Muir, William E. Chicago IL scan106303
Muir, William E. Chicago IL scan106305
Muir, William Edward   scan106290
Mundlin, Newton Alliance NE scan106165
Murray, James B.   scan105977
Murray, John B. Whitman NE scan105979
Murray, Theresa Myrtle   scan105989
Murray, Theresa Myrtle Chicago IL scan105992
Myers, Clarence   scan106257
Myers, Clarence Grand Junction CO scan106255
Myers, Laura   scan106093
Myers, Laura Cozad NE scan106094
Myers, Lydia Ruth Alliance NE scan106003
Nagayama, Kisco   scan106011
Nagayama, Kisco Japan scan106012
Natland, Robert Alexander Medford OR scan105982
Neathamer, James Evans Valley OR scan106015
Neff, Lois Verna   scan106038
Neff, Lois Verna Donaldlee MN scan106039
Neff, Porter J. Bushnell IL scan106152
Neff, Porter J.   scan106299
Neff, Porter Joseph Bushnell IL scan106150
Neil, (Mrs. Joe R.)   scan106109
Nelson, Clarence   scan106367
Newbry, Electa O. Coon Rapids IA scan106043
Newbry, Electa O. Coon Rapids IA scan106044
Newcomb, Ella Williams Creek OR scan106182
Newcomb, Ella   scan106185
Newland, Dora   scan106203
Newland, Dora Center Junction IA scan106204
Newlun, Addie May   scan106031
Newlun, Addie May Saginaw MI scan106032
Newman, Charles C. Rarden OH scan106093
Newman, Charley   scan106092
Newman, John   scan106265
Newman, John Floyd Co KY scan106268
Newman, Minnie Mae Tehama County CA scan106225
Newton, Gerta (Mrs. B. E.) Axtel KS scan106024
Nicholson, Harry E. Cedar Springs MI scan105989
Nicholson, Harry Elroy   scan105987
Nickerson, Horace F.   scan106130
Noee, Margaret Ellen Fresno CA scan106083
Nolin, Martha Ann "Annie" AR scan106259
Noy, Annie C. England scan106258
Oetinger, Samuel H. Broughton KS scan106288
Offenbacher, Herman   scan106025
Offenbacher, Herman Applegate OR scan106026
Offord, Alfred C. Medford OR scan106366
Offord, Alfred Charles (2)   scan106364
Offord, Debecca Leah Medford OR scan106169
Olson, Mina   scan106169
Olwell, Ina   scan106255
O'Neal, Jonas Reynolds "Pat" Howard County MO scan106245
O'Neil, R. J.   scan106243
O'Neil, William   scan106034
O'Neil, William Martin Muncie IN scan106035
Orr, Lura Belle Independence KS scan106177
Ostrander, LeRoy Clifford Waterloo OR scan106102
Oswald, Leola Katherine Hamilton City CA scan106081
Otis, Eugene   scan106166
Otis, Eugene C. Spokane WA scan106169
O'Toole, Walter H. "Darby" Medford OR scan106081
Overmyer, Oliver Lewis (Lt. Col.) AL scan106374
Owen, Camilla Elizabeth Ashland OR scan106257
Owen, Lillian Jane Applegate, OR scan106374
Owens, Irene   scan106139
Owens, Irene J. Bradley County TN scan106142
Owens, Thora Belle Lebanon VA scan106078
Page, Charles   scan106242
Parker, Harold Lee OK scan106001
Parker, Leo   scan106026
Parker, Leo Fields Cloverdale CA scan106027
Parker, Lydia J. Hornbrook CA scan106317
Pate, Mamie Mae MO scan105987
Paterson, Daisy C.   scan106089
Patterson, Daisey C. KS scan106091
Patton, Nathan Fred Talent OR scan105979
Paul, Leona   scan106130
Paul, Leona Marie Van Buren County IA scan106131
Paup, Mamie   scan106181
Paup, Mamie Scranton IA scan106184
Paxson, Dora Mae Coquille OR scan106051
Payne, Fred   scan106013
Payne, Fred Yreka CA scan106020
Payne, Fred Yreka CA scan106050
Peabody, Aurelia L. "Aurie" Beloit WI scan106257
Pearson, Effie Cordelia   scan106340
Pearson, Effie Cordelia Pike Co IL scan106341
Pearson, Paul Charles   scan106252
Pearson, Paul Charles Medford OR scan106257
Pedersen, Anna W.   scan106204
Pedersen, Anna W. Anaconda MT scan106205
Peery, De Ann   scan106062
Pence, Edward Springfield IL scan106086
Pence, Minnus F. Jacksonville OR scan106033
Pence, Sleatha M. Superior NE scan106114
Pennington, A. W. "Bill" San Francisco CA scan106377
Pennington, Albert William   scan106376
Pennington, John Jr. "Jack" Mozier OR scan106322
Pennington, John Ralph   scan106320
Pepper, William M.   scan106089
Pepper, William M. or L. Pierre SD scan106091
Perkins, Clara Blanche   scan106219
Perkins, Clara Blanche Burnt Prairie IL scan106223
Perl, John A.   scan106332
Perl, John A.   scan106289
Perl, John A.   scan106295
Perry, Lena Belfast ME scan106356
Perry, Nettie May Butte Falls OR scan106083
Person, Elva Wheeler Grants Pass OR scan106037
Peters, Andrew Anthony, Jr.   scan106257
Peters, Lavonne H.   scan106324
Peters, Lavonne H. Portland OR scan106327
Peters, Linda   scan106172
Peterson, Fern   scan106098
Pflieger, Hazel   scan106279
Pflieger, Hazel Evelyn CA scan106281
Phelan, Dane Ray Westwood CA scan106362
Phelan, Dave Ray   scan106359
Phipps, Anna Belle   scan106000
Phipps, Ira Dell (Dr.) Medford OR scan106054
Phipps, Ira Dell (Dr.) Medford OR scan106057
Phipps, Preston   scan105969
Phipps, Preston Medford OR scan105970
Pierce, Julia OR scan106197
Pierce, Julia Cecilia Oregon City OR scan106200
Pike, James Howard   scan106040
Pike, James Howard Pooleville TX scan106041
Pike, Luly Bell Oregon IL scan106000
Pinker, John   scan106258
Pinker, John Germany scan106260
Pinkerton, Clarence   scan105985
Pinkerton, Clarence Frank   scan105986
Pinkerton, Clarence Frank   scan105987
Pipes, Julie Ann   scan106144
Pipes, Julie Ann Davis County IA scan106147
Poley, Wilmer M. Auburn IL scan106186
Pollard, Sam K.   scan106210
Pollock, Nellie P.   scan106265
Post, Dorothy   scan106184
Post, Dorothy MI scan106188
Powell, David Sherman Osceola MO scan106225
Powell, Laura Cozad NE scan106094
Pratt, Elizabeth Wichita KS scan105986
Price, Chester Floyd   scan106170
Price, Floyd   scan106173
Pritt, Joy Dawn MO scan105971
Proctor, Ruth M.   scan106160
Proctor, Ruth M. Sacramento CA scan106161
Provost, Blanche   scan106216
Provost, Blanche   scan106219
Puhl, Carrie Jackson County OR scan106221
Purdin, G. Emory Eagle Point OR scan106333
Ragland, Bruce Allan   scan105998
Ragsdale, Edith Ora Brownsboro OR scan106032
Randolph, George H.   scan106322
Randolph, George Hervey Auburn WA scan106326
Raph, Harry Council Bluffs IA scan106267
Ratrie, Edith Ora Brownsboro OR scan106032
Ray, Ina   scan106255
Rector, Ernest   scan105987
Rector, Ernest   scan105989
Reddell, Thedford   scan106335
Reddell, Thedford Quenton   scan106338
Reddell, Thedford Quenton Harrison AR scan106339
Reedy, Lora Marshfield WI scan105970
Remaly, Cora   scan106292
Remly, Cora A. Phillipsburg KS scan106297
Rice, Ella Dunn Ashland OR scan106305
Rice, Jack   scan106181
Rice, Jack Clackamas County OR scan106184
Richardson, Isobel Marion Quebec City Canada scan105998
Richardson, Jesse L.   scan106256
Richardson, Jesse L. Etna OR scan106258
Riggens, George Earl   scan106149
Riggens, George Earl Etna Green IN scan106151
Riggins, Charles Leo Portland OR scan106347
Riggins, Charles Leo   scan106345
Riley, Joanne   scan105982
Riley, Joanne   scan105986
Riley, Sarah G. Sterling OR scan106022
Ringer, Lulu   scan106060
Ritzinger, Theresia K. WI scan106325
Roadarmel, Myrtle   scan106180
Roadarmel, Myrtle Lavona Ashland OR scan106181
Robbins, Dwight   scan106261
Robbins, Dwight Seattle WA scan106262
Roberson, Emmett A. Clifton IL scan106274
Robins, James Central City CO scan106372
Robinson, Ray Harry   scan106004
Robinson, Ray Harry   scan106013
Robison, Anna M. OH scan106326
Robison, Anna Sophia   scan106325
Robson, Marypolly   scan106164
Robuck, Martin B. Texico NM scan106178
Roebuck, Martin B.   scan106176
Rogers, Annie Amelia Alton IL scan106249
Rogers, Daniel Ray Tacoma WA scan106354
Rohrer, Anna Sophia Little River CA scan106229
Rohrer, Anna Sophia Little River CA scan106230
Rombalski, Anna Pe Ell WA scan106071
Root, Leonard Dean   scan106063
Root, Ruth M. Sacramento CA scan106161
Rose, Ella Williams Creek OR scan106182
Rose, Ella   scan106185
Rose, George Franklin   scan106114
Rose, George Franklin Dunlap IA scan106115
Rosenbaum, Fairline Elizabeth Abingdon VA scan106206
Rosenbaum, Fairline Elizabeth   scan106207
Ross, Dewey   scan106065
Ross, Dewey Berkeley CA scan106068
Routh, Carl O. Humansville MO scan106081
Russell, David Lee   scan105998
Russell, David Lee Chelsea OK scan106000
Russell, Louella   scan106315
Russell, Lovella   scan106313
Ryall, Theodore Lee   scan106360
Ryall, Theodore Lee Miles WA scan106361
Ryall, Theodore Lee   scan106362
Ryan, Edmond B. Delta CO scan106106
Ryan, Edward   scan106101
Saimons, Stephen Morgan Valley City ND scan106306
Saimons, Stephenson Morgan   scan106305
Sakraida, August Francis Beaver Falls PA scan106366
Samson, A. O. "Sam" Bloomer WI scan106297
Sandell, Emil   scan106298
Sands, Bertha   scan106352
Sands, Bertha Ann IA scan106353
Sargent, Charlie L. White Water WI scan106372
Sauers, Inez Vera Superior WI scan106360
Savage, Richard   scan106184
Savage, Richard James Carson City NV scan106185
Sawyer, Viola Margaret Crabtown IA scan106372
Scharfe, Anna Esther Westboro OH scan105989
Scharfe, Anna Esther   scan105991
Schnider, Margaret Kurtz Hazelton ND scan106010
Schoate, Dora E. TN scan106241
Schoeni, Helen Elgin IL scan106066
Schollars, Daisey C. KS scan106091
Schuck, Harold Davis   scan106074
Schuler, Charles LeRoy Topeka KS scan106135
Schultz, Willie Prescott "Jack" Cottonwood CA scan106251
Schulz, Max Alexander Kolmer Germany scan106219
Scott, Harry   scan106359
Scott, Harry Harrisburg PA scan106360
Scribner, George Harold   scan106347
Scribner, George Harold Ft Jones CA scan106345
Sellers, Ermina B. Ludlow CO scan106046
Sellers, Hugh Parley   scan106093
Sellers, Hugh Parley Manassa CO scan106094
Sellers, Mina B.   scan106043
Senters, Lora Marshfield WI scan105970
Sevcik, Frank J.   scan106333
Sexton, Mamie Scranton IA scan106184
Seymour, Alice   scan105984
Seymour, Alice Little Falls MN scan105986
Shade, George (Rev.)   scan106094
Shaefer, Bernard Joseph Garfield Co WA scan106246
Shales, Florence   scan106190
Shales, Florence Louella Scranton PA scan106191
Shepherd, Norma Josephine Belvedere SD scan106115
Shepherd, William A.   scan106070
Sherman, Charles W. Clay Co SD scan106366
Shilts, Densel H. Scotts Mills OR scan106030
Shinar, Delbert   scan106190
Shinar, Delbert Yreka CA scan106191
Shock, Esther Los Angeles CA scan106365
Shoemaker, Jerry Don Medford OR scan106376
Shopp, Jerome Niel   scan106139
Shopp, Jerome Niel Frazee MN scan106143
Shufflebarger, James H.   scan106032
Shuffleberger, James H.   scan106029
Shuffleberger, James H.   scan106030
Shumway, Gerta Axtel KS scan106024
Shutt, Harold M.   scan106164
Shutt, Harold M. Condon OR scan106170
Simmons, Joy Dawn MO scan105971
Simmons, Marion   scan106202
Simmons, William B. Seneca KS scan106213
Sizemore, A. R.   scan106249
Sizemore, Albert R. Berry Co MO scan106250
Skeels, Dorothy   scan106184
Skeels, Dorothy MI scan106188
Slack, Olga   scan106061
Slack, Olga L. Excel Township MN scan106062
Sloneker, Ray F.   scan106091
Sloneker, Ray F. Meadeville MO scan106092
Sloneker, Ray F.   scan106093
Slover, Julia Cecilia Oregon City OR scan106200
Slusser, Alta   scan106055
Slusser, Alta Lee Atlantic City NJ scan106057
Smith, Addie Ellen IA scan106030
Smith, Albert L.   scan106099
Smith, Albert Lee   scan106096
Smith, Alexander Malcom "Sandy" Iverness Scotland scan105991
Smith, Alta Lee Atlantic City NJ scan106057
Smith, Anna H.   scan106357
Smith, Anna H. Black Rock KY scan106358
Smith, Effie May Newton IL scan105977
Smith, Effie May   scan105978
Smith, Elmer J. IA scan106169
Smith, Elva J. OR scan106092
Smith, Elva J. (2)   scan106091
Smith, Hazel Hornbrook scan106232
Smith, Kenneth W.   scan106120
Smith, Kent W. Klamath Falls OR scan106125
Smith, Laura B. Sacramento CA scan106340
Smith, Lee A.   scan106000
Smith, Lee A. Grass Valley OR scan106002
Smith, Lester E.   scan106118
Smith, Lester E.   scan106125
Smith, Lester E. Forest Creek OR scan106127
Smith, Marie   scan106176
Smith, Marie Milton Ontario Canada scan106177
Smith, Mary DeNure   scan106197
Smith, Mary DeNure Ft Jones CA scan106198
Smith, Mildred   scan106143
Smith, Mildred B. Calmar IA scan106148
Smith, Thomas Z.   scan106284
Smith, Thomas Zellie Los Animos CO scan106286
Smith, Trev G. Suffern NY scan106268
Smith, William J.   scan106079
Smith, William J.   scan106081
Snow, Ruth Susan   scan106279
Snow, Ruth Susan   scan106281
Snyder, Edward KS scan106301
Snyder, Edward J. Hays KS scan106303
Snyder, George Dewey Binghampton NY scan106374
Snyder, George Dewey NY scan106375
Snyder, Ida   scan106061
Snyder, Ida Pope Healdsburg CA scan106062
Snyder, Irene J. Bradley County TN scan106142
Southard, Agnes   scan106337
Sparks, Hattie Ann   scan106089
Sparks, Paul M.   scan106147
Sparks, Paul M. Lampasas TX scan106148
Spaur, Gary Emerson Crescent City CA scan106376
Spearin, Charles Hornbrook CA scan106191
Spearin, Charles Hornbrook CA scan106195
Spearin, Ella Maude Scott Valley CA scan106265
Spencer, Charles   scan106081
Spencer, Lona Ethel   scan106008
Spencer, Lona Ethel MO scan106010
Spencer, Susan Irene Jefferson Co KS scan106062
Spincer, Elizabeth AR scan106328
Spraguer, Harold Andrew Boone IA scan106037
Staats, Bert J.   scan106031
Staats, Bert Julius Corning IA scan106032
Stabler, William H. Jones County MS scan106162
Stabler, William Horace   scan106161
Stalcup, Charlotte Ethel   scan106046
Stalcup, Charlotte Ethel Unionville MO scan106048
Stallsworth, John H. "Jack"   scan105978
Stallsworth, John H. "Jack" Dorris CA scan105979
Standard, Ward   scan106362
Standard, Ward E.   scan106363
Stanley, Dora S. Kimball MN scan106094
Stanley, Hazel Hornbrook scan106232
Starkey, James B.   scan106190
Starkey, James Bluford   scan106191
Staub, Minnie   scan106076
Staub, Minnie Central Point OR scan106078
Stearns, W. F.   scan106063
Stearns, William Francis Freebourn MN scan106066
Steele, Robert Charles   scan106126
Stegner, Carl   scan106229
Stegner, Carl Leslie Fruitland ID scan106230
Steinhoff, Margaret   scan106009
Stennett, William Sherman Red Oak IA scan106201
Stephenson, Laura B.   scan106339
Stephenson, Laura B. Sacramento CA scan106340
Sterrett, Emma A. Richmond UT scan106219
Stevens, Fred Woodland CA scan106274
Stevens, George Galina KS scan106212
Stevens, George L. Galena KS scan106219
Stevens, Grace Anna Elrod IN scan106288
Stewart, Gertrude E. Medford OR scan106043
Stewart, Hazel Evelyn CA scan106281
Stewart, Kathryn Ann   scan106059
Stocks, Ruth A.   scan106272
Stocks, Ruth Alice Farley IA scan106273
Stone, Jennie Helen Canada scan106296
Stonebreaker, Louis M. MI scan106340
Strawn, William Thomas   scan106176
Strawn, William Thomas Murfreesboro AR scan106179
Sullivan, Joe D. MT scan106107
Summerfield, Leslie Rae Sumner WA scan106065
Surran, Alice Agnes   scan105967
Surran, Alice Agnes Applegate OR scan105970
Sutherland, Charles Portland OR scan106347
Sutherlin, Pollie C. Italy TX scan106076
Sutherlin, Pollie C.   scan106078
Sutton, Gustavis Harrison OK scan106233
Sutton, Oran   scan106186
Sutton, Oran O. IN scan106189
Swayne, Josephine Shara Miss Applegate OR scan106219
Swift, William   scan106025
Swift, William Mathew Klamath Falls OR scan106027
Sylva, Philomena Montague CA scan106122
Syring, Albert B.   scan106232
Syring, Albert B. Sweden scan106233
Syron, Frank A.   scan106093
Syron, Frank A. Dallas OR scan106099
Talbott, William L. Durango CO scan106278
Tant, Harry Lee Bamberg SC scan106023
Tarvin, Lonnie C. AR scan106311
Taylor, Belle   scan106086
Taylor, George N. (Rev.)   scan106063
Taylor, Harvey Nathaniel Ashland OR scan106256
Taylor, Mabel D.   scan106359
Taylor, Mabel D. Cuba IL scan106360
Teeters, Addie Ellen IA scan106030
Telkamp, Herman   scan106193
Telkamp, Herman E. Germany scan106195
TenKotte, Henry J.   scan106303
TenKotte, Henry J. Brown County OH scan106305
Thaut, John Jacob Germany scan106355
Thompson, Thomas   scan106198
Thompson, Thomas Sidney NE scan106200
Thompson, Willie Berry Perrin TX scan106198
Thurman, Lyle B.   scan106247
Thurman, Lyle B. Oconto NE scan106248
Tilley, John B.   scan106328
Tilley, John Burley Jackson Co KS scan106330
Todd, Ben H.   scan106368
Todd, Ben H. Peoria IL scan106371
Toews, Frank D.   scan106315
Toews, Frank Dick Tingle SD scan106316
Tong, George   scan106192
Tonn, Edmund R.   scan106244
Torrento, Wejoe E. Choteau County MT scan106028
Toulouse, Earl J.   scan106256
Toulouse, Earl Joseph MN scan106258
Toulouse, Inez Vera Superior WI scan106360
Townsend, Frank   scan106016
Townsend, Frank F. Milltown ME scan106017
Trainer, Clarence E.   scan106292
Trainer, Clarence E. Orange Co IA scan106297
Trammell, James C.   scan106111
Tryer, Grace Esther Scott Valley CA scan106332
Tucker, George Henry   scan106276
Tucker, George Henry Sidney Center MI scan106278
Tucker, Martin H. Erwin TN scan106072
Tucker, Martin H.   scan106073
Tungate, Jasper   scan106257
Tungate, Jasper "Jack" Butte Falls OR scan106255
Turner, Charles S. Kanosh UT scan106055
Turpin, Laura Medford OR scan106071
Underwood, Nellie May Boise ID scan106213
Unrath, Bill   scan106224
Urup, Andrew   scan106025
Urup, Andrew Varde Denmark scan106027
Valiquette, Rock Charles "Rocky" Fall River MA scan105983
Van Houten, Clarence M. "Mike" Jefferson OR scan106218
Vaughan, John Mason   scan106010
Vaughan, John Mason   scan106011
Vaughan, William H. Marysville CA scan106021
Vaughan, William Harvel   scan106020
Vaughan, William Harvel   scan106050
Veidt, George August   scan106358
Veidt, George Henry MN scan106359
Vestal, David   scan106151
Vestal, David Medford OR scan106154
Vestal, Harry Graham NE scan106227
Vestal, Harry Graham NE scan106229
Vickery, Hettye Irene Ada AR scan106249
Vincent, George Lee   scan106243
Vincent, George Lee Central Point OR scan106245
Vincent, Ronald Emory   scan106197
Violante, James   scan106138
Wadell, (Infant Daughter)   scan106319
Wakeman, Elizabeth Hattie Rogue River OR scan106319
Walden, Wilbur Leroy Jewell County KS scan106199
Waldron, Rena   scan105982
Waldron, Rena E. Butte NE scan105983
Walker, Charles H. Westport CA scan105969
Walker, Henry R. "Harry" Blue Earth MN scan106160
Walker, Samuel   scan106088
Walker, Samuel Columbia City IN scan106091
Walker, Warren   scan106159
Wall, Carl Booneville AR scan106111
Wall, Jesse Carl   scan106108
Wallace, Bessie L. Latah Co ID scan106260
Walsh, Anna W. Anaconda MT scan106205
Walter, Andrew   scan106063
Walter, Andrew Germany scan106064
Walters, Leona Marie Van Buren County IA scan106131
Walton, Danny Lee   scan106277
Walton, Douglas Jr.   scan106277
Walton, Pamela   scan106277
Wasing, Ricky   scan106313
Watrud, Lavern Cornell   scan106293
Watrud, Lavern Cornell Barneveld WI scan106296
Watrus, Blanche Irene Harrisonville MO scan105982
Watson, Annie Scotland scan106220
Watson, Frederick J.   scan106123
Watson, Frederick J. Waterford PA scan106125
Watson, John   scan106226
Watson, John Pittsburgh PA scan106229
Watson, Kendrick E.   scan106148
Watson, Kendrick E. Ashland OR scan106152
Watson, Mary Belle   scan106366
Watts, Jesse B. Marshall AR scan106181
Webber, Norma Josephine   scan106114
Webber, Norma Josephine Belvedere SD scan106115
Weed, Eber T.   scan106041
Weed, Eber T. Long Island KS scan106043
Wehman, George   scan106151
Wehman, George Henry "Jiggs" Burlington IA scan106152
Weills, John C. S. Jr. Ossining NY scan106204
Weisenburger, Jack Lynn   scan106018
Weisenburger, Jack Lynn Hood River OR scan106019
Werner, Alpha May   scan106351
Wertz, Philip   scan106204
Wertz, Philip Keno OR scan106206
Westerberg, Hjalmar R.   scan106279
Westerberg, Hjalmar R. Sweden scan106278
Westerlund, Ella C.   scan106040
Westerlund, Ella C. Orion IL scan106041
Westerlund, Ella C.   scan106044
Weston, Mary   scan106017
Weston, Mary Evansville IN scan106019
Wetzel, Joseph   scan106084
Wetzel, Joseph NY scan106085
Wheeler, Elva Grants Pass OR scan106037
Whipple, Ella Maude Scott Valley CA scan106265
Whisler, Earl Leroy Sr. Clearfield IA scan106212
White, James L. Gainesville TX scan106030
White, James Lawrence   scan106027
White, Mary Kate San Leandro CA scan106347
Whiteside, Edgar Garfield Hodgeman County KS scan105978
Whitlock, Phyllis Odene Medford OR scan106136
Whitman, Olin Thomas "Tim" Adel IA scan106079
Wight, Dora E. Talent OR scan106280
Wilcox, Joseph Lewis Wright Co IA scan106375
Wilcox, Louise   scan106198
Wilcox, Louise   scan106200
Wilcox, Louise Oshkosh WI scan106201
Wilde, Alice May Gold Hill OR scan105996
Willard, Ralph   scan106225
Willard, Ralph Theodore "Doc" Elizabeth CO scan106227
Willford, Linda Lee   scan106088
Williams, Alice Belle Coshocton Co OH scan106347
Williams, Alice Belle   scan106345
Williams, Amelia Margaret Conway AR scan106044
Williams, Elder R.   scan106162
Williams, Eldred R. Walla Walla WA scan106163
Williams, Eldred R.   scan106164
Williams, Grace Esther Scott Valley CA scan106332
Williams, Inez   scan106358
Williams, Inez Vera Superior WI scan106360
Williams, Kenneth Roy "Ken" Grants Pass OR scan105990
Williams, Lois   scan106061
Williams, Lois Vivian Newcross IN scan106062
Willis, Minnie Richland IN scan105966
Wilmeth, Lamar Peers   scan106162
Wilson, Charles Leslie MO scan106154
Wilson, Ina   scan106284
Wilson, Ina   scan106286
Wingate, John W.   scan106332
Wingate, John W. Wilbur WA scan106333
Winningham, Ona M. Medford OR scan106280
Wise, Marjorie Ruth MI scan106365
Womelsdorf, William R.   scan106243
Womelsdorf, William R."Bill"   scan106245
Wood, Ralph   scan106177
Wood, Robert Harvey Harrisburg OR scan106179
Wood, William H.   scan106233
Wood, William H. Cabool MO scan106234
Woodfin, Walter "Woody"   scan106342
Woodfin, Walter H. "Woody"   scan106344
Woolsey, Harry T.   scan105973
Woolsey, Harry T. Knoxville IL scan105975
Wright, Alonzo Morrow County OR scan106013
Wright, Alonzo Vernon   scan106014
Wright, Jessie Mary Silverton OR scan106032
Wright, Jessie Mary Silverton OR scan106033
Wright, Jessie Z. Fremont MI scan106191
Wright, Minnie Richland IN scan105966
Wright, Robert William Cleveland ND scan106257
Wyatt, Mary Faye   scan106012
Wyatt, Mary Faye Valliant OK scan106013
Wyland, Laura Medford OR scan106071
Yandell, Rosetta   scan106198
Yandell, Rosetta M. LeFlore County OK scan106200
Yost, Harold Trout Lake WA scan106086
Young, Benjamin F.   scan106282
Young, Benjamin F. Indianola IA scan106283
Young, Earl W.   scan106165
Young, Earl W. Lawrence KS scan106168
Young, Lelan C.   scan106209
Young, Leland Clare Lebanon OH scan106210
Young, Lena Germany scan106373
Young, Lucy Nicaragua scan106095
Young, Terri Renee Medford OR scan106084
Zirkle, Lawrence F. Yakima WA scan106197
Zirkle, Lawrence Franklin   scan106193