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Medford Mail Tribune Scanned Obituary Index for 1960

photo of a Raven

Our JCGL volunteers are scanning and indexing microfilmed images of Medford Mail Tribune Obituaries and Death Notices. Below is an index to the 1960 scanned images. It includes the name of the deceased person, his/her place of birth (when available), and the number we have assigned to the image. If the deceased person is a married woman and her maiden name was given in the obituary, this is included in the index. If you would like to receive a copy of a scanned obituary, follow this link, Postal Request Form to display the request form. Complete and print the form, then send it to the address shown along with a check for $10 and a stamped, self-addressed envelope. Some of the scanned obituaries require more than one image. We will send them all for a single $10 fee, but you must put all the image numbers (e.g., scan123456, scan123457) on your request. Be sure to provide all the required information on the form.

For faster turnaround, use the Buy Now button below to make a secure online payment and to provide the information needed to fill your request. Be sure you fill ALL fields in the form including all image scan numbers. When you complete the transaction, our librarian will copy the requested information and email it to you as an attachment. It will be sent as a .jpg (picture) file. When you receive this .jpg file, click on it and it will be loaded into your picture viewer from which you can print a hard copy.

Scanned Mail Tribune Obituaries
Last Name, First Name
Year, Image Number

Name Place of Birth Image Number
Abbot, Bertha A. Forest Prairie MN scan105723
Abel, Lillie E.   scan105924
Abel, Lillie Ellen NC scan105925
Adams, Hazel Jean   scan105793
Adams, Hazel Jean Fruitland ID scan105796
Adams, Hazel Jean   scan105795
Adams, Zelda Emma   scan105906
Addington, Zelda E.   scan105904
Addington, Zelda Emma   scan105906
Addy, Walter Hugh Madison County IA scan105656
Adler, George H. Dr.   scan105603
Ahart, Raymond B.   scan105654
Ahart, Raymond B. Columbia MO scan105656
Albers, Alfred Amos   scan105865
Albert, Estelle   scan105706
Albert, Estelle Minneapolis MN scan105707
Albert, William J.   scan105560
Albert, William J.   scan105561
Albro, Frank Eugene Worcester MA scan105604
Alexander, Edna E.   scan105889
Alexander, Edna Esther Phillips County KS scan105892
Alger, William Harold Ballard WA scan105582
Allen Infant twins   scan105623
Allen, Edith   scan105562
Allen, Elsie Union OR scan105917
Allen, James Michael   scan105790
Allen, Linnie Mae   scan105790
Allison, Edna Blanche Indianola IA scan105741
Allyn, Greg   scan105704
Ames, Orilla TX scan105610
Anders, Morley H. Ogden UT scan105656
Anderson, Carl Alfred   scan105863
Anderson, Leonard Alvin Jamestown NY scan105703
Anderson, Polly Phoenix OR scan105930
Andrews, Alan K.   scan105848
Applewhite, Guy Eugene OR scan105876
Applewhite, Guy   scan105878
Arant, Jay J.   scan105723
Arant, Jay J. Klamath Falls OR scan105724
Arens, Susan   scan105902
Armstrong, Ewring L.   scan105886
Armstrong, Ewring L. Farmersville AR scan105889
Arrington, Edna May   scan105751
Arrington, Edna May KS scan105752
Ashley, Agnes E. Miss   scan105928
Ashley, Agnes Elmira Miss Frazee MN scan105929
Avent, Rabon C.   scan105942
Aya, Theo C.   scan105710
Aya, Theo Candis Evanston IL scan105711
Ayris, Elsie   scan105871
Ayris, Elsie Eva Bijou Hills SD scan105873
Bachert, Glen E.   scan105656
Bachert, Glen Earl   scan105658
Bachert, Glen Earl Aurora OR scan105659
Bade, Elsie Union OR scan105917
Bailey, Clara IL scan105607
Bailey, Glen Frank Drain OR scan105795
Bailey, Inez E. Lynville IA scan105749
Baily, Glen F.   scan105794
Baird, Ruby Violet Peterville CA scan105947
Baldigan, Alex Helsinki Finland scan105963
Barnard, Nellie May AR scan105685
Barnes, Joseph Curtis KY scan105820
Bates, Elizabeth   scan105828
Bates, Elizabeth   scan105829
Bates, William W.   scan105802
Bates, William W. Eldon IA scan105806
Baughman, Nora Etta Boone County AR scan105575
Baze, Charles Frank Elgin KS scan105659
Beadle, Addie Eldora IA scan105716
Beals, Helen Pine Valley PA scan105588
Beaman, Nell Verna   scan105944
Beaman, Nell Verna Denver AR scan105949
Beasley, Alvin   scan105657
Beatty, Myretta   scan105664
Becker, Joseph   scan105607
Becker, Joseph Yakima WA scan105608
Beer, Harry   scan105930
Beer, Harry ID scan105932
Beery, Charles H.   scan105761
Beery, Charles H. Dillon MT scan105762
Beeson, Marian S. Union OR scan105600
Beeson, Marian S. Union OR scan105601
Belcher, Emanuel C.   scan105612
Belcher, Emanuel Charles McDowell County WV scan105613
Bellows, Herbert Franklin   scan105651
Bellows, Herbert Franklin Talent OR scan105653
Bellows, Lena L. Ashland OR scan105787
Bench, Daniel Paris AR scan105694
Benedict, Marian   scan105604
Benedict, Marian Milwaukee WI scan105606
Benefield, Thomas F.   scan105737
Benefield, Thomas F.   scan105739
Benefield, Thomas Franklin Hoffman OK scan105738
Bennett, Charles Frederick   scan105616
Bennett, Charles Frederick Squaw Lake OR scan105618
Bennett, Earl C.   scan105607
Bentley, Clyde W.   scan105684
Bentley, Clyde Willard Boone IA scan105685
Benton, Nicholas A.   scan105783
Benton, Nicholas A. Lebanon MO scan105785
Bernard, Nellie   scan105682
Berry, Ernest C.   scan105869
Berry, Ernest Chester Brush Prairie WA scan105874
Bessiger, Arthur   scan105949
Beswick, Sarah Ann Miss   scan105662
Beswick, Sarah Ann Miss Ashland OR scan105663
Biegel, Earl J. Manitowoc WI scan105959
Biegel, Earl J.   scan105961
Bilderback, John Redmond   scan105687
Bilderback, John Redmond   scan105688
Biles, Archie B. Springfield MO scan105815
Bills, Martha   scan105753
Bills, Martha Trail OR scan105754
Bingham, Willard   scan105697
Bingham, Willard C. DeWitte NE scan105698
Bish, Amos A. Ashland OR scan105861
Bish, C. C. Ashland OR scan105695
Bishop, Clayton Franklin Wolcott IN scan105621
Bisseger, Arthur Prentice WI scan105950
Bixel, Helen Catherine   scan105845
Black, Zelah May   scan105858
Blackington, Nina M   scan105854
Blackmer, William Anamosa IA scan105613
Blackmer, William B. Anamosa IA scan105614
Blair, Walter M.   scan105674
Blair, Walter Marshal New Brunswick Canada scan105676
Blair, William G.   scan105705
Blair, William Gilbert Red Cloud NE scan105707
Blakeway, Horace Burlington IA scan105667
Blankenship, Florence   scan105582
Blankinship, Flossie Joplin MO scan105583
Blaylock, Marian Eleanor Scotty   scan105727
Blew, Jessie D.   scan105722
Blew, Jessie Diana Rockwell City IA scan105723
Blockwell, Mary Jacksonville OR scan105579
Blue, George Verne   scan105702
Bodemhammer, Velma M. What Cheer IA scan105631
Boe, Roald Olson Trondjhelm Norway scan105917
Boen, Floyd   scan105581
Bogart, Orville Ray III   scan105916
Bohrnstedt, Mildred   scan105736
Boosey, Martha Louisa Miss Matty Petrolia Ontario Canada scan105582
Boosey, Matty   scan105580
Bortz, Fred   scan105589
Bortz, Fred   scan105590
Boutelle, Martha Orchard Park NY scan105592
Bowker, Danny   scan105956
Bowles, Robert Williamson   scan105700
Bowles, Robert Williamson   scan105701
Bowles, Robert Williamson Acequia ID scan105703
Bowman, Francis Ernest   scan105722
Bradford, Ina Marian   scan105647
Bradford, Iva Marian MO scan105648
Bradford, Wealtha P.   scan105604
Bradley, James Vorace Grain Valley MO scan105693
Bradley, James Vorace Grain Valley MO scan105696
Bradley, Thomas Garrison   scan105713
Bradley, Thomas Garrison Yreka CA scan105714
Brainerd, Flora   scan105614
Brainerd, Flora Cedarville CA scan105615
Branson, Joseph Steven   scan105715
Breedlove, John Eric   scan105862
Brewer, Charles L.   scan105641
Brewer, Charles Lewis Craig MT scan105643
Brewer, Jessie Florence Rochester WA scan105650
Brewster, Kathleen F.   scan105592
Brewster, Kathleen F. Billings MT scan105595
Brient, Ella Crawford Co AR scan105773
Briscoe, (Mrs. Robert)   scan105778
Briscoe, Gladys Yvonne Klamath Falls OR scan105779
Briscoe, Olena   scan105634
Briscoe, Olena   scan105636
Bristow, Joseph Benjamin Boone County AR scan105566
Bristow, Joseph E.   scan105565
Brittson, Arla A. New Hampton IA scan105705
Brown, Grace Ellen Beagle OR scan105942
Brown, Lillie Ellen NC scan105925
Brown, Pearl Greenwood MO scan105925
Buchanan, Florence East Grand Forks MN scan105656
Buck, Charles Henry   scan105592
Buck, Charles Henry Decatur IL scan105593
Buckley, Rose Ann Miss   scan105592
Buckley, Rose Ann Miss Ruch OR scan105593
Bullis, Martha Orchard Park NY scan105592
Bullock, Priscilla   scan105762
Bullock, Priscilla Sams Valley OR scan105763
Bumgardner, Jerry   scan105701
Bumgardner, Jerry   scan105703
Buragianopoulos, Gust   scan105954
Buragianopoulos, Gust Greece scan105959
Burgess, Edward C.   scan105804
Burgess, Edward Guyer Montclair NJ scan105806
Burnell, Thomas Francis Rushville NE scan105768
Burnell, Thomas P.   scan105764
Burnell, Thomas P.   scan105765
Burnham, Margaret   scan105751
Burnham, Margaret Homer IL scan105752
Burns, Pamela Jean   scan105787
Burrell, Faye   scan105964
Butler, Elizabeth Oak Valley KS scan105736
Butler, Mabel Edna Scranton IA scan105788
Buttram, William Homer Jane MO scan105611
Caley, Clare C.   scan105633
Caley, Clare C. Leonardville KS scan105634
Calhoun, Carl W. Wabash Co IN scan105748
Calhoun, Vivian Seneca MO scan105858
Call, Monty Ray   scan105918
Call, Monty Ray Fresno CA scan105920
Cameron, Frances Virginia Applegate OR scan105782
Campbell, Charles S.   scan105685
Campbell, Charles Sherman   scan105688
Campbell, Donald C.   scan105861
Campbell, Donald C.   scan105866
Campbell, Ethel E. Border Springs WV scan105764
Campbell, William Carley   scan105805
Campbell, William Carley Valley City ND scan105807
Campbell, William Charley   scan105804
Cardoza, Flora   scan105797
Cardoza, Mary Hayward CA scan105665
Carpenter, Leo E.   scan105934
Carpenter, Leo E. Ramponia SD scan105938
Carson, Debbie   scan105933
Carson, Diane   scan105933
Carter, Alice M.   scan105752
Carter, Alice M. Grants Pass OR scan105753
Cary, Carl Verne Mitchell OR scan105653
Case, Clara Amanda   scan105668
Case, Clara Amanda Cainesville MO scan105669
Casey, Richard   scan105948
Casey, Richard Ireland scan105954
Cash, Louesa Ellen   scan105871
Cash, Louesa Ellen Steuben County IN scan105873
Cassidy, Edward J.   scan105956
Cassidy, Edward J. Lowell MA scan105957
Caster, Effie Humansville MO scan105880
Cattanach, William A.   scan105712
Cattanach, William A. Marshfield WI scan105713
Caulfield, Ruth (Mrs. Raymond)   scan105878
Cavin, Debbie Lynn   scan105693
Cavin, Lena Ray Keno OR scan105817
Chancellor, John Oliver Chrisney IN scan105607
Chandler, Ralph   scan105756
Chappelle, William Carlos   scan105835
Chase, (Mrs. Merrill B.)   scan105883
Chase, (Mrs. Merrill B.)   scan105884
Chase, Flora Cedarville CA scan105615
Cherry, Elsie Kathryn   scan105897
Childers, John   scan105689
Chin, Henry   scan105666
Chitwood, Dorothy M. San Francisco CA scan105682
Chitwood, Frank L. Kings County OR scan105878
Chrisler, Bertha   scan105589
Chrisler, Bertha Plymouth England scan105590
Christphier, Richard I. IA scan105846
Church, Lulu   scan105698
Clancy, Robert E. Medford OR scan105856
Clancy, Robert E. Bob   scan105855
Clark, Beverly   scan105637
Clark, Beverly Jean   scan105633
Clark, Grace B. San Francisco CA scan105689
Clark, John W.   scan105786
Clark, Julie Kay Medford OR scan105753
Clark, Terrie Elaine   scan105788
Clark, Wilda Ann Scotts Bluff NE scan105801
Clarke, Nellie May (Mrs. John)   scan105579
Clarkson, Nora Etta Boone County AR scan105575
Claus, Harold William   scan105707
Claus, Harold William Gregory SD scan105710
Close, Sara Chippewa Falls WI scan105595
Coates, Emma G. Rossland BC Canada scan105691
Cole, Anna B. Oakland OR scan105776
Cole, Lee Alex Townsend WI scan105942
Cole, Lee Alex   scan105941
Coleman, Charles Lee   scan105836
Coleman, Clare C. Leonardville KS scan105634
Coleman, John W.   scan105883
Coleman, John W. Uvalde County TX scan105892
Coleman, John W.   scan105893
Collins, Blanche R.   scan105679
Collins, Blanche Rosie LaPlata MO scan105680
Collins, James C.   scan105888
Collins, James C. Springfield MO scan105890
Collins, Kate M. Howard District OR scan105907
Colver, Minnie Wagner Creek OR scan105748
Combest, Hugh   scan105663
Combest, Hugh Wixville MT scan105665
Combest, Louisa   scan105745
Combest, Louisa Jane Pulaska Co KY scan105748
Congdon, Ray Fenton   scan105616
Conley, Malinda Catherine CA scan105682
Conley, Priscilla Sams Valley OR scan105763
Conner, Clarence Henry Chaonia MO scan105705
Conover, Lottie   scan105608
Convill, James O.   scan105962
Convill, James O. Goffs KS scan105963
Cook, Alta Fay   scan105575
Cook, Alta Fay Ukiah CA scan105577
Cook, Daniel Elias Himera IN scan105680
Cook, Frank J.   scan105835
Cook, Frank Jay Sandy Hook NY scan105836
Cook, Jean   scan105568
Cook, Ouida M.   scan105890
Cook, Ouida M. Safford AZ scan105893
Cook, Ouida Mae   scan105892
Cook, Wilma LaVerne   scan105913
Cook, Wilma LaVerne Perrydale OR scan105915
Cooper, Perry L. Cleveland TX scan105864
Copinger, Iva   scan105732
Copinger, Iva S. Wilmington OH scan105733
Cornutt, James N.   scan105662
Cornutt, James N. Riddle OR scan105663
Correll, Alfred Alexander TN scan105942
Correll, Alfred Alexander   scan105940
Corthell, Bertha A. Forest Prairie MN scan105723
Couey, Laura   scan105749
Coursey, Carolyn Mae Parsons KS scan105782
Cowden, George Edward Osage County KS scan105854
Cowden, Grace Eagle Point OR scan105880
Cox, George E. Laphrop MO scan105801
Cox, George E. Plattsburg MO scan105804
Craig, Roy Virden   scan105856
Craig, Roy Virden   scan105855
Crawfore, Frieda Jean Germany scan105748
Crewe, Clifford Howorth Marshalltown IA scan105768
Crisel, Sadie Garner AR scan105621
Croft, Bertha C. Corvallis OR scan105691
Cummings, Charles   scan105641
Cummings, Charles Edward MI scan105642
Cummings, Eleanor   scan105706
Cummings, Eleanor Louise Sams Valley OR scan105707
Cummins, George A.   scan105952
Cummins, George A.   scan105765
Cummins, George A. Portville NY scan105767
Cunningham, Leo Maurice Maupin OR scan105727
Curl, Sarah Ellen   scan105881
Curl, Sarah Ellen Newton County AR scan105884
Curtis, Claude R. Minneapolis MN scan105798
Dahack, Irvin   scan105733
Dahack, Irvin Wilmington OH scan105736
Dailey, Arthur KS scan105633
Daily, Beverly   scan105637
Daily, Beverly Jean   scan105633
Dalton, Annie   scan105701
Dalton, Annie Martha IA scan105705
Daly, Joseph L.   scan105689
Daly, Joseph Leonard Kansas City MO scan105690
Dark, Olive Mayrene Pickering MO scan105705
Darland, Rita Therese Medford OR scan105616
Davenport, Samuel S. Parkersburg IA scan105629
Davis, C. H. Doc Gazelle CA scan105648
Davis, Charles Herbert Doc Gazelle CA scan105650
Davis, Della   scan105928
Davis, Della   scan105929
Davis, Irma Rose Minneapolis MN scan105779
Davis, Lloyd L.   scan105921
Davis, Lloyd Logan North Platte NE scan105923
Davis, Perl Ottawa County KS scan105655
Davis, Perl Ottawa County KS scan105656
Davis, Rollie L.   scan105934
Davis, Rollie Lincoln   scan105938
Davis, Rollie Lincoln Frazee MN scan105939
Davis, Sadie Garner AR scan105621
Dawson, Robert R.   scan105744
Dawson, Robert R. Trail OR scan105745
Deardorf, Sharon   scan105946
Deatherage, Laura Alice AR scan105794
DeFord, Alice Mildred   scan105671
DeFord, Alice Mildred Stayton OR scan105672
DeLara, Allyn C.   scan105928
Dempster, Marcus Joseph Atlantic City NJ scan105751
DeVall, Marjorie Martha Miss Coos Bay OR scan105637
DeVall, Marjory Miss   scan105636
Dexter, Ethel E.   scan105763
Dexter, Ethel E. Border Springs WV scan105764
DeYoung, Peter   scan105817
DeYoung, Peter Alfen on the Rhine Holland scan105818
Dick, Edna May KS scan105752
Dickerson, Eugene   scan105811
Dickerson, Eugene Barrie Atchinson KS scan105812
Dillman, George Robert Acencion Chihuaha Mexico scan105929
Doane, Lewis Eldon Pendleton OR scan105669
Dobkins, Dow   scan105849
Dobkins, Dow   scan105851
Dodson, Ruth Mary Gregory KY scan105726
Dodt, Bernard H. Jr. Phoenix AZ scan105903
Dodt, Bernard Henry Jr.   scan105902
Donaca, Alexander Logan   scan105671
Dooley, Fay William   scan105959
Dooley, Fay William Spokane WA scan105962
Douglas, Harry   scan105656
Douglas, Harry M. Duluth MN scan105658
Dow, Cora Davenport WA scan105854
Dowen, Carrie D. Shell Lake MN scan105727
Dowgun, Magdalen Poland scan105680
Dowgun, Nick Poland scan105597
Doyle, Jack   scan105826
Doyle, Jack   scan105827
Doyle, Jack Snohomish WA scan105830
Drake, George H.   scan105802
Drake, George H. Talent OR scan105804
Driver, William Wesley Sonoma County CA scan105561
Dudley, A. H.   scan105802
Dudley, A. H. Prescott IA scan105804
Duggan, John Owen Sams Valley OR scan105778
Duggan, Lillian May   scan105924
Duggan, Lillian May   scan105925
Dunbar, Augusta   scan105632
Dunford, Oscar William Ike   scan105582
Dunlap, Alta Fay Ukiah CA scan105577
Dunlap, William K.   scan105943
Dunlap, William Kenneth Cripple Creek CO scan105947
Dunnette, Beatrice Rochester MN scan105934
Dunphy, Arabell   scan105909
Dunphy, Arabell Margaret Topeka KS scan105913
Durand, Leda N. St Anne IL scan105943
Durand, Leda N. St Anne IL scan105948
Durgin, James P. Pat   scan105584
Dusseau, Paul R.   scan105851
Dusseau, Paul R. OH scan105852
Duston, Sarah Marie   scan105724
Earl, Infant daughter   scan105884
Easom, Douglas Brown   scan105917
Easom, Douglas Brown MS scan105920
Eastwood, John W.   scan105643
Eastwood, John W.   scan105645
Eaton, Ruth Irene Jacksonville OR scan105673
Ebnother, Audrey   scan105573
Ebnother, Audrey Laverne Barnston NE scan105574
Eckstein, Elizabeth Oak Valley KS scan105736
Edick, Ruth Astoria OR scan105712
Edmunson, Dovie Indian Territory (now OK) scan105572
Eifert, Callie Kenton OH scan105877
Eikley, Fred E.   scan105674
Eikley, Fred E. Columbia PA scan105679
Einkopf, Fred L.   scan105736
Einkopf, Fred L. Avon SD scan105737
Elder, Addie L. Parkland WA scan105600
Elder, James Robert   scan105601
Eldredge, Fred L.   scan105957
Eldredge, Fred L. Dunlap KS scan105959
Elliott, Katherine   scan105785
Elliott, Katherine Detroit MI scan105786
Ellis, Bryon N.   scan105780
Ellis, Byron N..   scan105782
Ellis, Byron Nelson Snider TX scan105785
Ellison, Harold Minneapolis KS scan105749
Elney, Phillip   scan105840
Engleman, Claudia A. Litchfield NE scan105648
Ericson, Carl M.   scan105870
Ericson, Carl Magnus Victoria IL scan105871
Etters, Earl W.   scan105851
Etters, Earl Walter Tyrone PA scan105852
Evanson, Edward A.   scan105798
Eyer, Carry Franklin Emmett NE scan105848
Fagan, Marie Katherine The Dalles OR scan105926
Fanger, Mary   scan105626
Fanger, Mary Germany scan105628
Faria, Mary Ann WI scan105798
Farley, K. C. Dr.   scan105619
Farley, Kenneth C. Dr. Lisbon LA scan105623
Feddersohn, Philip Rodolph   scan105663
Feddersohn, Philip Rodolph Missoula MT scan105665
Fenters, Byron   scan105907
Ferguson, Charles V. Jr.   scan105948
Ferguson, Charles Vardemen Jr. Klamath Falls OR scan105950
Ferns, Mona   scan105761
Ferns, Mona May Newman Grove NE scan105762
Fields, Ruby Melvina Provolt OR scan105632
Finel, Viola Amanda Fondulac WI scan105766
Fink, Eldon Dean Creighton MO scan105705
Fisch, Ora A. MO scan105767
Fish, Hazel   scan105697
Flackus, Cynthia Ann Osceola MO scan105570
Flanagan, John Thomas St Paul MN scan105633
Fleming, Nettie   scan105614
Fleming, Nettie Placer County CA scan105615
Fleming, Susie A. Oshkosh WI scan105568
Fletcher, Thomas   scan105629
Flitcroft, Mary Louise Coos Co OR scan105776
Florea, Cecil O.   scan105753
Florea, Cecil O.   scan105754
Florea, Cecil Otis Blackton IA scan105757
Flury, George W.   scan105563
Flury, George W. Riverdale NE scan105564
Flury, Lenora   scan105560
Forney, Myrtle E. Victor IA scan105615
Foster, Ida Iona Jackson County OR scan105689
Francis, Harold   scan105848
Francis, Harold Somerville MA scan105853
Frank, Sarah   scan105733
Frank, Sarah Jane Canada scan105738
Franklin, Albert Edward Catarina TX scan105963
Fredenburg, (Mrs. H. A.)   scan105821
Fredenburg, Eva May Farmville KS scan105823
Freeland, Mace D.   scan105823
Freeland, Mace David Licking MS scan105824
Freeman, Sarepta Memphis MO scan105963
Freitas, Louie Oro Fino CA scan105856
French, Ida Iona Jackson County OR scan105689
French, Iona   scan105687
French, Mary Frances   scan105618
Frey, George   scan105791
Frey, George Frederick Herman Lake Creek OR scan105794
Frideger, Isaac R. Ike Columbus OH scan105795
Frohreich, Robert Dale Asland OR scan105743
Frye, Garland A.   scan105804
Fulkerth, Thomas J.   scan105602
Fulkerth, Thomas J. Nashville TN scan105604
Furry, Josephine   scan105811
Furry, Josephine May Phoenix OR scan105812
Fuson, T. J. TN scan105754
Fuson, Thomas J.   scan105757
Gall, Ardilla May Sams Valley OR scan105817
Gammill, Wendell B.   scan105904
Gammons, Albert Howard Hastings MN scan105685
Gandy, Samuel Joseph Leesville LA scan105880
Gannaway, Hugh Boyd Harlem MT scan105877
Gannaway, William C.   scan105575
Gano, Ada Irene Brownsboro OR scan105961
Garcia, Mary Hayward CA scan105665
Gardiner, Belle   scan105659
Garle, Fred Ernest Poland scan105641
Garle, Fred Ernest   scan105642
Garrett, J. M.   scan105611
Garrett, J. M. Springfield MO scan105612
Gates, Mary C. Shelbyville IN scan105816
Gauthier, William M.   scan105814
Gay, Rose   scan105831
Gentile, Ilda Wynonia   scan105646
Gentile, Ilda Wynonia Marysville WA scan105647
Gentner, Louis Napoleon Mill City NV scan105776
George, Lydia Orena Savoya NM scan105663
George, Lydia Orene Savoya NM scan105662
Gerhardt, Lizzie   scan105679
Germer, Margaret   scan105860
Germer, Margaret East Fork ID scan105862
Gertson, Peter Manitoba Canada scan105621
Gertson, Peter   scan105623
Gifford, Thomas Jackson   scan105706
Gifford, Thomas Jackson Cleveland OH scan105707
Gilbert, Jesse   scan105742
Gilchrest, Mathilda Creswell OR scan105595
Gilchrist, Charles Edward Eddy Medford OR scan105662
Gile, Kenneth R.   scan105802
Gile, Kenneth Raymond   scan105801
Gile, Kenneth Raymond Wichita KS scan105804
Gill, J. S.   scan105766
Gill, Unknown   scan105884
Gillespie, John Jack Covington KY scan105858
Gillim, Viola Aiken IL scan105768
Gillis, Myrtle   scan105670
Gillis, Myrtle Belle McMinnville OR scan105671
Gish, Rachel   scan105801
Gish, Rachel   scan105802
Gish, Rachel Indian Territory (OK) scan105804
Gitzen, Bermuda Eagle Point OR scan105757
Glasscock, Dudley Luther   scan105926
Gleim, Harry N.   scan105713
Gleim, Harry N. Rock Island IL scan105716
Glenn, Lillie Ellen NC scan105925
Gletcher, Thomas Pasadena CA scan105628
Godlove, Clay G.   scan105623
Godlove, Clay Guy Idaville IN scan105624
Goin, Ray Franklin   scan105736
Goin, Ray Franklin Liberty NE scan105737
Golay, Elmer E.   scan105962
Golden, John William Sawyers Bar CA scan105858
Goldin, William A.   scan105959
Goldy, George Washington   scan105727
Goldy, George Washington   scan105728
Gomer, Katherina Elizabeth Russia scan105768
Good, Claire New Boston IL scan105807
Good, Maude LaSalle IL scan105723
Good, Maude   scan105722
Goodale, Louesa Ellen Steuben County IN scan105873
Gore, Robin   scan105585
Gore, Robin L. (Mrs. John G.) Champaign IL scan105587
Gorrie, Jack   scan105694
Goswick, Mollie Madisonville KY scan105654
Gott, Elmer   scan105712
Gott, Elmer New Sharon IA scan105713
Goucher, Jess W.   scan105624
Goucher, Jesse Walentine AR scan105626
Goucher, Maurice R.   scan105569
Goucher, Maurice Rowell Holt MI scan105570
Graham, Susan Jane   scan105728
Graham, Susan Jane La Plata MO scan105730
Gray, Harold Monroe Dufur OR scan105723
Green, Ida May   scan105598
Green, Ruth Kathryn Moreland KS scan105939
Green, Ruth Kathryn Moreland KS scan105942
Greene, Lena M. Albion IL scan105590
Greene, Lena Margaretta   scan105589
Greenwald, Bertha Albertina Germany scan105909
Grein, Otto   scan105564
Gresham, Leann   scan105630
Grieve, infant daughter   scan105824
Grieve, Mary E.   scan105821
Grieve, Mary Etta Sams Valley OR scan105822
Griffard, Arthur C.   scan105884
Griffard, Arthur C. MO scan105886
Griffith, David Hess Jackson County OR scan105591
Griggs, Tom H.   scan105834
Griggs, Tom H. Harding County SD scan105836
Grove, William Henry Ashland OR scan105663
Grover, Kenneth Raymond   scan105734
Grow, Millie Laviona Miss Jackson County OR scan105904
Grow, Millie Miss Emigrant Creek OR scan105903
Grow, Nora Etta Boone County AR scan105575
Grow, William   scan105665
Guiley, Dale Dexter OR scan105934
Guisinger, Dovie Indian Territory (now OK) scan105572
Gullifer, Anna F.   scan105745
Gullifer, Anna F. Jordan MN scan105748
Guss, Pamela Lynn   scan105850
Hach, Robert Weams Hastings MN scan105722
Hackathorn, Orilla TX scan105610
Hacker, Bertha Belle Marysville CA scan105768
Hadley, Albert J.   scan105836
Hadley, Albert Julian Redding IA scan105837
Hagen, Bertha Elizabeth MO scan105939
Haley, Steven L.   scan105629
Haley, Steven L. St Louis MO scan105631
Halfhill, Evelyn   scan105961
Hall, Axel William Sweden scan105787
Hall, Margaret Homer IL scan105752
Hall, Olive A .Miss Sun Valley ID scan105614
Hamer, Laura E.   scan105618
Hamer, Laura Ellen Blue Rapids KS scan105621
Hamilton, Marion Stella   scan105644
Hamilton, Robert M. Glendale CA scan105689
Hamilton, William D. Bellville KS scan105943
Hammack, John M.   scan105614
Hammack, John M. Elsberry MO scan105616
Hammersley, Allie B.   scan105571
Hammond, Iva   scan105836
Hammond, Iva Irene Elkhart IN scan105837
Handy, Minnie Ardell Valentine NE scan105810
Hansen, Alice Emma Harrisburg PA scan105723
Hansen, Alice Emma   scan105722
Hansen, Frank George Mt. Jewett PA scan105720
Hansen, Frank George Mt. Jewett PA scan105722
Harden, Alonzo Ross Jamestown MO scan105845
Hare, Gordon Asahel LaPorte MI scan105752
Haring, Henry Ludwig Russia scan105632
Harris, Albert John   scan105934
Harris, Albert John Austin NV scan105938
Harrison, Darryl Daniel   scan105833
Harrison, Darryl Daniel Toledo OH scan105837
Harrison, Harry Lee Hemingford NE scan105709
Harrison, John W.   scan105705
Harrison, John William Grass Creek IN scan105707
Harrison, Mollie   scan105961
Hart, James M.   scan105654
Hart, James Michael   scan105652
Hart, Viola Frances   scan105923
Hart, William F. New Meadows ID scan105836
Hartig, Ray   scan105807
Harvey, H. Caith   scan105691
Harvey, Norah Belle Foots Creek OR scan105958
Hass, Henry Ebear   scan105673
Hatfield, Emanuel Isaiah Putman County MO scan105697
Hayhurst, Olive May   scan105689
Hazen, James Edward   scan105738
Head, Ann   scan105621
Heaton, Edna Esther Phillips County KS scan105892
Heckathorn, Martha Trail OR scan105754
Hedgpeth, Marian   scan105799
Hedgpeth, Marian Jacksonville OR scan105800
Hegseth, Annetta Mary Goodhue Co MN scan105776
Heim, Eyer Guy   scan105858
Heim, Eyer Guy Canton OH scan105860
Heller, Ann   scan105621
Helms, Mary   scan105850
Helms, Mary I. Weaverville CA scan105854
Hendrick, Edna Blanche Indianola IA scan105741
Henley, Bernard Joseph   scan105939
Henley, Bernard Joseph Louisville KY scan105948
Herbert, Helen Miss   scan105861
Herbert, Helen Miss   scan105864
Herbstruth, George M. Marian IA scan105931
Herbstruth, George M.   scan105929
Herd, Daisy   scan105605
Herd, Daisy M. IN scan105606
Herriott, Kate A. Applegate OR scan105677
Hess, Rose Harrison AR scan105850
Hesselgrave, Anzonetta Virginia Medina OH scan105810
Hetrick, Oscar   scan105562
Hetrick, Oscar NE scan105564
Hewitt, William T.   scan105655
Hewitt, William Thomas King County MO scan105656
Hiatt, Henry Albert   scan105604
Hiatt, Henry Albert Warren County IA scan105605
Hibnes, Archie IA scan105626
Hickman, Rose Harrison AR scan105850
Hickox, Marie   scan105686
Hiers, Clinton Ray Peru IN scan105610
Higgins, Claire   scan105584
Higgins, Claire Glee Medford OR scan105585
High, Roy E.   scan105573
High, Roy E. Cummings KS scan105579
Hightower, Clercy Jane Coker Creek TN scan105588
Hill, Joe Pierre   scan105818
Hill, Joe Pierre Junction City OR scan105819
Hoare, Joseph Anthony   scan105612
Holbrook, Frances Virginia Applegate OR scan105782
Holbrook, Frank   scan105938
Holbrook, Frank J.   scan105939
Holbrook, Frank J. Huntington IN scan105941
Holbrook, Virginia   scan105781
Holiman, Hubert Benjamin   scan105855
Holst, Flora Jean PA scan105826
Homes, Elizabeth M. IA scan105643
Homes, Elizabeth M.   scan105645
Hood, Florence Elizabeth Wilmington NC scan105909
Hoover, Alberta Mae LaGrange IN scan105582
Hopkins, Leonard Murry   scan105668
Hopkins, Leonard Murry Staplehurst NE scan105669
Horn, Geneva Klamath CA scan105785
Hottenstein, John Dale   scan105945
Houk, Hugh Walter, Jr. Asland OR scan105757
House, Diane Marie   scan105846
House, Diane Marie Medford OR scan105847
Howard, Clifford L. Sully County SD scan105675
Howard, Olive Mayrene Pickering MO scan105705
Howell, Hollis   scan105870
Howell, Hollis Lloyd Tell City IN scan105873
Hoyt, Lydia Ann Jefferson IA scan105636
Huff, Inez E.   scan105748
Huff, Inez E. Lynville IA scan105749
Huggerth, Alice M. Grants Pass OR scan105753
Hundley, Bertha B.   scan105767
Hundley, Bertha Belle Marysville CA scan105768
Hurley, Bertha Plymouth England scan105590
Hurley, William E.   scan105696
Hurley, William Edward Brimley MI scan105697
Hust, Joy Evelyn   scan105724
Hutton, (Infant Daughter)   scan105732
Hutton, Debra Lynne   scan105733
Hyatt, Chester D.   scan105763
Hyde, Kate A.   scan105676
Hyde, Kate A. Applegate OR scan105677
Hyde, Maude P. Canton NY scan105709
Hyde, Maude P.   scan105711
Hydorn, Mattie Elizabeth Sleepy Eye MN scan105860
Irwin, Eliza Ann Tilbury Ontario Canada scan105672
Jack, Merle W.   scan105696
Jack, Merle Wilfred Ashland OR scan105697
Jacks, Lewis Hamlet Phoenix OR scan105670
Jacks, Lewis Hamlet   scan105671
James, Elizabeth Joplin MO scan105592
James, Mary Alice   scan105788
James, Mary Alice MO scan105791
James, Mary E.   scan105845
James, Mary E. Brainerd MN scan105846
Jarrett, Margaret May Marshall WA scan105738
Jaslma, Orilla TX scan105610
Jenkins, Sarepta Memphis MO scan105963
Jennings, Ilda Wynonia Marysville WA scan105647
Jennings, Millie   scan105889
Jennings, Nellie Mae Amherst NE scan105890
Jennison, William   scan105866
Jerry, John William   scan105869
Jessel, John Chris Rushville NE scan105628
Johnson, Albert C.   scan105735
Johnson, Albert Ceverson Watertown SD scan105737
Johnson, Emil Leroy Bill   scan105564
Johnson, Emil Leroy Bill Holdman OR scan105565
Johnson, Infant   scan105629
Johnson, Infant twins   scan105569
Johnson, Lydia   scan105634
Johnson, Lydia Ann Jefferson IA scan105636
Johnson, Mabel Edna   scan105788
Johnson, Mabel Edna Scranton IA scan105788
Johnson, Mable   scan105873
Johnson, Mable Alberta OR scan105877
Johnson, Oscar   scan105615
Johnson, Oscar Arvid Lulea Sweden scan105616
Johnson, Samuel   scan105900
Johnson, Samuel Carthage MO scan105902
Jolley, L. G. Larry   scan105621
Jones, Capriel A.   scan105569
Jones, Capriel A. Casey   scan105566
Jones, Capriel A. Casey Aberdeen WA scan105568
Jones, Claude Emerson   scan105890
Jones, Claude Emerson   scan105892
Jones, Dee   scan105610
Jones, Dee AR scan105611
Jones, Estelle Minneapolis MN scan105707
Jones, Fannie Mae Tuscaloosa AL scan105752
Jones, Frank M.   scan105814
Jones, Frank Melvin McMinnville OR scan105815
Jones, Leo Lester Medford OR scan105902
Jones, Mildred V. Brush CO scan105925
Jones, Mildred Vera   scan105922
Jones, Nettie Placer County CA scan105615
Jones, Samuel L. Murfreesboro TN scan105612
Jordan, Ethel Central City IA scan105773
Kasshafer, Emma C.   scan105911
Kasshafer, Emma Caroline Trinidad CA scan105913
Kee, Darrell W.   scan105714
Kee, Darrell W. Hugo CO scan105716
Keen, Charles Everett   scan105693
Keen, Charles Everett Logan KS scan105695
Keener, Elza Lee   scan105655
Keener, Elza Lee Richville MO scan105656
Keeney, John Floyd   scan105920
Keller, Ruben Elwin Fairfield IA scan105693
Kelley, Clarence Jesse Kingman KS scan105748
Kells, Laura Ellen Blue Rapids KS scan105621
Kennedy, Marian S. Union OR scan105601
Kerr, Bruce Kevin   scan105748
Kerr, Bruce Kevin   scan105749
Kerr, John   scan105660
Kerr, John Dunlap Philadelphia PA scan105661
Keyes, Marian Eleanor Scotty   scan105727
Kime, Kate M.   scan105905
Kime, Kate M. Howard District OR scan105907
Kirby, Florence Elizabeth Wilmington NC scan105909
Kirkpatrick, Elizabeth Seady Barton County MO scan105870
Klander, Theodore Roosevelt Ted Hensler ND scan105858
Klefeker, (Mrs. Harold Lee)   scan105857
Klefeker, Harold Lee   scan105857
Klein, Erle L. Dr.   scan105817
Klein, Erle Lyle Dr. Sandusky OH scan105819
Klimek, Julie Czechoslovakia scan105745
Klimek, Julie   scan105748
Knight, Zula Elizabeth MO scan105712
Knighten, Cleo Amos   scan105926
Knox, Gladys Yvonne Klamath Falls OR scan105779
Koehly, William Burton Chillicothe MO scan105588
Kofahl, James G.   scan105959
Kofahl, James G. Tom Licking MO scan105961
Kohn, Sheldon William   scan105919
Kohn, Sheldon William Gillet WI scan105920
Kom, Charley J.   scan105938
Kom, Charley J. SD scan105941
Krauss, Anna B.   scan105775
Krauss, Anna B. Oakland OR scan105776
Kroschel, Robert   scan105567
Kruggel, Fred C.   scan105955
Kruggel, Fredrick Ernest Mason City IA scan105957
Kruggel, Wilda Ann   scan105799
Kruggel, Wilda Ann Scotts Bluff NE scan105801
Kuhl, Olina Norway scan105770
Kuhn, Robert Frank   scan105680
Kurth, Timothy Lee   scan105594
Kurth, Timothy Lee   scan105595
Lacey, Frank X.   scan105631
Lacey, Frank X.   scan105633
Lamport, Edward H.   scan105926
Lamport, Edward H. Salem OR scan105927
Lane, Wilfred C.   scan105866
Lane, Wilfred C. Herne Bay Kent England scan105868
Lanegan, Kathleen F. Billings MT scan105595
Lappin, Hugh Morton Scotland scan105845
Larson, Douglas George   scan105826
Larson, Infant son   scan105820
Larson, John F. Boston MA scan105903
Larson, William O.   scan105956
Larson, William O. Keysport PA scan105959
Larum, Ingeborg   scan105951
Larum, Ingeborg Oslo Norway scan105954
Lasher, Dorothy Belle VT scan105706
Lathrop, Rose Harrison AR scan105850
Lauchner, David Glendale AZ scan105959
Launspach (Mrs. Herbert)   scan105663
Lawrence, Emma G. Rossland BC Canada scan105691
Lea, Susan Jane La Plata MO scan105730
Leach, Jessie L. MO scan105575
Lee, Daniel Cheung   scan105919
Lee, Robert E. Dr. Davis Creek CA scan105916
Lee, Robert Elmer Dr.   scan105913
Lee, Robert Elmer Dr.   scan105917
Leever, Elizabeth Jane   scan105834
Leever, Elizabeth Jane Linnville IA scan105836
Lempke, Ada   scan105959
Lempke, Ada Irene Brownsboro OR scan105961
Lenderman, Margaret Henryetta Etta   scan105564
Lenderman, Margaret Henryetta Etta Monroe County TN scan105565
Lentell, Martha L. Canton MA scan105750
LeRoy, Raymond Peter Dr. Arnott WI scan105957
Leslie, Lynn John Winona MN scan105821
Leuzinger, Margaret East Fork ID scan105862
Leverette, Evelyn   scan105961
Leverette, Evelyn (Mrs. Walter H.) Mitchell SD scan105959
Lewis, Bermuda Eagle Point OR scan105757
Lewis, Ella Brient Crawford Co AR scan105773
Lewis, Nell Verna Denver AR scan105949
Lewis, Vincent   scan105830
Leyva, Gladys   scan105773
Leyva, Gladys North Bennington VT scan105776
Lieb, Dolly TN scan105634
Lillie, Jeanette Augusta England scan105694
Lindner, Mae Elizabeth   scan105889
Lindner, Mae Elizabeth Spencer IA scan105890
Linton, Jessie L.   scan105574
Linton, Jessie L. MO scan105575
Littrell, Nell Verna Denver AR scan105949
Locker, Mary   scan105777
Locker, Mary Isabelle Baltimore MD scan105779
Loftis, Ronald   scan105628
Loftis, Ronald Medford OR scan105629
Loftis, Tommy James   scan105908
Loge, Alice C.   scan105622
Loge, Alice Crystal Whitefish MT scan105624
Logston, Ruth Kathryn Moreland KS scan105939
Logston, Ruth Kathryn Moreland KS scan105942
Lombard, Ben T. Portland OR scan105825
Long, Clercy Jane Coker Creek TN scan105588
Longwill, Jennie Applegate OR scan105661
Louth, Orville M.   scan105948
Louth, Orville M. Kellogg ID scan105949
Love, Belle   scan105659
Lowden, Marian Jacksonville OR scan105800
Lowe, Belle E. NY scan105962
Lowis, Harry   scan105676
Lowis, Harry Sioux St Marie MI scan105677
Lucas, Robert T. Dr. Hudson KY scan105852
Luce, Foster   scan105834
Luce, W. Foster South Union ME scan105835
Luelling, John Gerald OR scan105634
Lukenvill, Areslee OK scan105900
Luman, James Arthur Medford OR scan105942
Luman, James Arthur   scan105941
Lusk, James C.   scan105712
Lusk, James Calloway Coryell County TX scan105713
Luttrell, Alice   scan105856
Luttrell, Charles James   scan105583
Luttrell, Mary Alice Sugar Loaf AR scan105857
Lynch, Hazel Jean Fruitland ID scan105795
Lyons, John A.   scan105823
Lytle, Effie Belle IL scan105791
Magers, Nellie Eleanor Carthage MO scan105688
Magers, Nellie Eleanor Carthage MO scan105689
Magill, Ida May   scan105598
Mansfield, Dennis Bewick CA scan105673
Maple, Mathilda Tillie Creswell OR scan105595
Maple, Tillie   scan105592
Markoff, Agnes Alexandria Miss Russia scan105795
Markoff, Agnes Miss   scan105794
Marlow, Dora E. CA scan105656
Marsh, Belle   scan105659
Marshall, Joseph R Sr. Youngstown OH scan105688
Marshall, Ruby Melvina Provolt OR scan105632
Martin, Abner Curly Custer WA scan105932
Martin, Eliza Ann Tilbury Ontario Canada scan105671
Martin, Eliza Ann Tilbury Ontario Canada scan105672
Martin, Emma Caroline Trinidad CA scan105913
Martin, Iva Irene Elkhart IN scan105837
Martin, James Andrew   scan105821
Martin, James Andrew Beagle OR scan105822
Mason, Victor   scan105821
Mason, Victor IA scan105826
Masters, Bernard R.   scan105845
Mastersm John Henry   scan105741
Mastersm John Henry Monterey Co CA scan105744
Mathewson, Joseph E. Dr. Fort Jones CA scan105916
Maxfield, Joseph   scan105616
Maxfield, Joseph KS scan105618
Mays, G. W.   scan105850
Mays, General W. Booneville AR scan105851
McArthur, Hugh L.   scan105588
McArthur, Hugh L. Shelby NC scan105589
McBee, Charles W.   scan105598
McCarty, Charles M.   scan105901
McCarty, Charles Michael Merna NE scan105903
McClure, Clara Marion KY scan105853
McClure, Clara   scan105855
McCord, Ethel May   scan105626
McCord, Ethel May   scan105629
McCord, Ethel May Des Moines IA scan105632
McCoy, David   scan105724
McCoy, David Fayetteville AR scan105725
McCoy, Viola A.   scan105765
McCoy, Viola Amanda Fondulac WI scan105766
McCracken, Mattie Elizabeth Sleepy Eye MN scan105860
McCrary, Mary Eagle Point OR scan105832
McCredie, Clell H. Medford OR scan105568
McCurley, May Westfield IN scan105580
McDaniel, Mary C.   scan105815
McDaniel, Mary C. Shelbyville IN scan105816
McDonald, Areslee OK scan105900
McDonald, Ellen Adelaide Forest Grove OR scan105643
McDonald, Margaret Miss   scan105892
McDonald, Margaret Miss Grass Valley CA scan105893
McDonald, Robby H. LA scan105884
McFarland, Lillian   scan105676
McFarlane, Lillian Rosella Woodstock NB Canada scan105677
McIntire, Jessie L. MO scan105575
McIntyre, Ernest Delbert   scan105618
McIntyre, Ernest Delbert Forest Creek OR scan105621
McKinney, Nellie LaVelda   scan105820
McKinney, Nellie LaVelda   scan105821
McMullen, Robert Condon OR scan105674
McNutt, Bernice Eliza Crocketville KY scan105682
McPherson, Ola   scan105884
McPherson, Ola N. Eagle Point OR scan105886
McQuarrie, Blanche A. Twisp WA scan105750
McQuigg, Chester   scan105588
McQuigg, Chester Robert Junction City OR scan105588
Medcalf, Leonard B. Bill   scan105690
Medcalf, Leonard Belmont Bill Evansville IN scan105691
Medcalf, Leonard Belmont Bill Evansville IN scan105692
Medley, Claude C.   scan105898
Medley, Claude Clement Cottage Grove OR scan105899
Medley, Walter B.   scan105651
Mekemson, Effie Belle IL scan105791
Melvin, Clara L. KS scan105730
Merrick, Ruth   scan105878
Mershon, Le Roy F.   scan105850
Mershon, LeRoy Franklin Auburn NE scan105851
Mesplie, Julius F.   scan105765
Mesplie, Julius F. The Dalles OR scan105768
Messal, Rose Lake Creek OR scan105819
Messecar, Walter E. Valier MT scan105889
Messecon, Walter   scan105886
Messineo, Salvadore Sam Irabia, Palermo Italy scan105667
Middlebusher, Elva Kebo KS scan105853
Miller, Annie L. Mt Vernon IN scan105695
Miller, C. W.   scan105764
Miller, C. W. Wes Gold Hill OR scan105765
Miller, George W. Mt Vernon IN scan105696
Miller, H. Caith   scan105691
Miller, John Gordon   scan105726
Miller, John Gordon Gold Hill OR scan105727
Miller, Laura   scan105791
Miller, Laura Alice AR scan105794
Miller, Nellie   scan105562
Miller, Nellie   scan105563
Miller, Nora Belle   scan105957
Miller, Norah Belle Foots Creek OR scan105958
Miller, Oscar   scan105701
Miller, Oscar H. Sykeston ND scan105705
Miller, Robert J. Keystone SD scan105884
Miller, Theodore Boyd   scan105854
Miller, Theodore Boyd Trail OR scan105855
Mills, Virtus C.   scan105696
Mills, Virtus Cleo   scan105697
Milton, Truman L.   scan105607
Milton, Truman Lee Las Animas CO scan105610
Mitchel, Ida May   scan105598
Mitchell, Cora Granis AR scan105887
Mitchell, John Frederick Indianola IA scan105962
Mittag, Herman C. Hankinson ND scan105642
Moir, Viola Frances   scan105923
Moir, Viola Frances   scan105924
Monroe, Craig Mitchell   scan105667
Moody, Dwight Eugene   scan105867
Moore, Hattie May McMinnville OR scan105662
Moore, Hattie May McMinnville OR scan105661
Moore, Hugh   scan105856
Moore, James A. Balaton MN scan105738
Morgan, Claudia   scan105647
Morgan, Claudia A. Litchfield NE scan105648
Morgan, Robert A.   scan105748
Morgan, Robert A. Medford OR scan105749
Morgan, Robert W. Jr.   scan105853
Morin, Gordon   scan105632
Morrill, Cora   scan105853
Morrill, Cora Davenport WA scan105854
Morris, Harry R.   scan105827
Morris, Harry Robert Montague CA scan105829
Morris, Herschel Edward ID scan105801
Morris, Wealtha P.   scan105602
Morris, Wealtha P.   scan105604
Morrisey, Joseph E.   scan105570
Morrisey, Joseph E. Paris IL scan105572
Morrison, Joseph   scan105647
Morrison, Joseph Delmont OR scan105648
Morse, Martha L.   scan105749
Morse, Martha L. Canton MA scan105750
Morser, V. J.   scan105959
Morser, Vivien J. Logan Township SD scan105961
Mose, Ella Irene   scan105897
Mose, Ella Irene NE scan105898
Mosher, Donna Ann San Antonio TX scan105633
Mount, Helena Clinton OH scan105854
Mount, William S.   scan105848
Mount, William S. Charleston WV scan105850
Muchmore, Anna H. Oshkosh WI scan105677
Mundlin, Hazel Dell   scan105864
Mundlin, Hazel Dell Creighton NE scan105866
Murphy, James A.   scan105947
Murphy, James Arnold Billings MT scan105944
Murphy, Mabel Miller   scan105757
Murphy, Mary Carson City NV scan105665
Murrey, M. C.   scan105859
Murrey, Morris C. Webster City IA scan105862
Myers, George Ersal   scan105813
Myers, George Ersal Flora OR scan105815
Myers, Jacob Gorden   scan105707
Myers, Jacob Gorden Beagle OR scan105709
Myers, Weaver W. (Rev.) LeRoy KS scan105726
Nahss, Henrietta   scan105934
Nahss, Henrietta Cincinnati OH scan105938
Nandie, Francis Emil Venice Italy scan105917
Naumes, Dillie Nevins Highland Park IL scan105759
Naumes, Dillie Nevins Highland Park IL scan105760
Naumes, Dillie Nevins   scan105762
Neasham, Lena Stevenson Selma OR scan105783
Neathammer, Ida May   scan105830
Neeley, James F. Texhoma TX scan105925
Neeley, Thomas Sidney   scan105827
Neeley, Thomas Sidney   scan105828
Neeley, Thomas Sidney Des Moines NM scan105829
Neil, Malinda Catherine CA scan105682
Neill, Jessie Donzella Vermilion IL scan105773
Nelsen, Julius A.   scan105629
Nelson, Emil George Norway scan105732
Nelson, Emil George   scan105733
Nelson, Nils Gunnar   scan105575
Nelson, Nils Gunnar Warmland Sweden scan105577
Nelson, Ronald D.   scan105818
Neuberger, Richard L.   scan105635
Neuberger, Richard L.   scan105640
Nevins, Dillie Highland Park IL scan105759
Nevins, Dillie Highland Park IL scan105760
Newhall, Adabelle   scan105724
Newhall, Adabelle   scan105725
Newlan, Myrtle Edith Lovington IL scan105608
Newland, Ardilla May Sams Valley OR scan105817
Newland, Robert Asbury French Lake IN scan105767
Nicewood, Bertha C.   scan105690
Nicewood, Bertha C. Corvallis OR scan105691
Nichols, Ola Eagle Point OR scan105886
Nickell, Sadie Garner AR scan105621
Nickell, William Marvin   scan105922
Nickell, William Marvin Jr.   scan105924
Nickell, William Marvin Jr. Sikeston MO scan105926
Niedermeyer, Philip Ernest   scan105668
Nielsen, Niels J. Kolding Denmark scan105624
Nimrichter, Julius Germany scan105819
Nirk, William A.   scan105789
Nirk, William Andrew. Baxter IA scan105791
Nivison, Leonora   scan105668
Nivison, Leonora C. Lee Oro Fino CA scan105669
Norris, Riley J.   scan105959
Norris, Riley John Boone NC scan105961
Northup, Nelson M. Jr.   scan105947
Northup, Nelson M. Jr. Hot Springs ND scan105953
Oakes, Infant   scan105653
Oaks, Robert Oliver Bob IL scan105802
O'Brien, Howard   scan105682
O'Brien, Howard Dewey Renick WV scan105684
O'Brien, Joseph Thomas Mount Pleasant MI scan105653
Ockerman, Omar   scan105861
O'Connor, Luman   scan105900
Ogden, Edna St Paul AR scan105713
Ogle, Vernon L.   scan105631
Ogles, Lloyd B. Stephensville TX scan105897
Ogles, Lloyd B.   scan105894
Ogye, Vernon L.   scan105627
Oliver, Wilbur H.   scan105593
Olmscheid, Walter J. LeSueur Co MN scan105756
Olson, Carrie D. Shell Lake MN scan105727
Olson, Nels   scan105887
Olson, Nels Norway scan105889
Olson, Olina Norway scan105770
O'Neil, Dorothy M. San Francisco CA scan105682
O'Neil, Edward   scan105588
O'Neil, Edward Glasgow Scotland scan105589
Oren, Luther   scan105907
Orlow, Wilda Ann Scotts Bluff NE scan105801
Osborne, Nellie Belle Mt Olive IL scan105574
Ostrom, Marian Milwaukee WI scan105606
Ostrum, Anton St Paul MN scan105671
Ostrum, Anton R. W.   scan105669
O'Sullivan, Philip Ireland scan105851
Ottinger, Elizabeth Seady Barton County MO scan105870
Ottoman, Milton   scan105919
Ottoman, Milton Modesto CA scan105920
Overholser, Edwinna   scan105684
Owen, Polly Phoenix OR scan105930
Owings, Earl Edwin   scan105916
Owings, Earl Edwin Rogue River OR scan105917
Owsley, John Emery Benton County MO scan105718
Paddock, Charles Benjamin   scan105794
Paddock, Charles Benjamin Cleveland OH scan105795
Page, Mary Carson City NV scan105665
Palm, Callie Kenton OH scan105872
Palm, Callie Kenton OH scan105877
Palmer, James W.   scan105574
Palmer, James W. Henrysville UT scan105575
Pankey, Mary Etta Sams Valley OR scan105822
Parker, Clement Malcolm   scan105934
Parker, Clement Malcolm Pendleton KY scan105938
Parker, Elmer   scan105680
Parker, Elmer W. Poynette WI scan105682
Parks, Hollis   scan105699
Parks, Hollis Jacksonville OR scan105701
Parr, Mary Jacksonville OR scan105579
Paschal, Charles G.   scan105856
Paschal, Charles G. Montgomery AL scan105858
Patten, Gladys G. Cleveland OH scan105724
Patton, Samuel F.   scan105786
Patton, Samuel F. Barton OH scan105787
Paulsen, Myrtle E. Victor IA scan105615
Paulsen, Myrtle Elva   scan105614
Pavey, Charles H.   scan105848
Pavey, Charles H. Nemaha City NE scan105851
Payne, Jessie Donzella Vermilion IL scan105773
Pearson, Mary Eagle Point OR scan105832
Perdue, John Gilbert   scan105687
Perdue, John Gilbert   scan105688
Perkins, Melissa   scan105651
Perkins, Melissa Medford OR scan105654
Perreard, Frank   scan105687
Peters, Ford Selene   scan105751
Peterson, Bernice Claire Lehrville IA scan105714
Peterson, Ida   scan105834
Peterson, Ida Berlin Germany scan105835
Petrenc, Frieda Jean Germany scan105748
Pfaff, May Westfield IN scan105580
Pfefferle, Myrtle   scan105607
Pfefferle, Myrtle Edith Lovington IL scan105608
Phillips, Bernice Hazel Star NE scan105753
Pickens, Mary Frances   scan105618
Pinelli, Alesa   scan105794
Pinelli, Alessio   scan105795
Pittack, Ralph E.   scan105924
Pittack, Ralph E. Bremerton WA scan105925
Pittam, Frank Will   scan105771
Pittam, Frank Will Hebron NE scan105772
Pittenger, Clyde C. Cherryvale KS scan105819
Pittinger, Clyde C.   scan105818
Pitts, Carl Melbourne Applegate OR scan105723
Pitts, Carl Melbourne   scan105722
Pitts, Harvey B.   scan105820
Pitts, Harvey Brackett Williams AZ scan105821
Plymale, Kate M. Howard District OR scan105907
Pollard, Clara L.   scan105728
Pollard, Clara L. KS scan105730
Porter, Alice Crystal Whitefish MT scan105624
Potts, Myretta   scan105665
Powell, Cynthia Ann Osceola MO scan105570
Praed, Albert V. Republic MI scan105963
Praed, Albert V. Republic MI scan105964
Pratt, Willis   scan105880
Pratt, Willis V. Wallowa OR scan105881
Pratt, Willis V.   scan105886
Prescott, Grace Lee Centerville IA scan105677
Preston, Bessie J. Nova Scotia scan105724
Prior, Mabel Edna Scranton IA scan105789
Pritchard, Dean Emery   scan105956
Pritchard, Dean Emery Gaston OR scan105958
Pruett, Effie   scan105878
Pruett, Effie Humansville MO scan105880
Pruett, Guy Jacksonville OR scan105618
Pruett, Guy   scan105623
Pullen, Clarence Elston   scan105627
Puryear, Omar W.   scan105707
Puryear, Omar Wright Independence MO scan105710
Putman, Floyd Thomas   scan105668
Putman, Floyd Thomas Garfield WA scan105669
Queen, Richard Pringle   scan105879
Quigley, William   scan105751
Quigley, William Cleo Eureka Springs AR scan105752
Quinlin, Dorothy   scan105682
Quinlin, Dorothy M. San Francisco CA scan105682
Ramsay, Fred J. Tokyo Japan scan105864
Rea, James A.   scan105773
Rea, James Albert   scan105774
Rea, James Albert Santa Cruz CA scan105776
Reade, John Meyers   scan105961
Reade, John Meyers Ft Wayne IN scan105962
Reames, Harry W.   scan105741
Reames, Harry W. Phoenix OR scan105744
Reddick, Bessie J. Nova Scotia scan105724
Reed, Addie   scan105713
Reed, Addie Eldora IA scan105716
Reed, Edna St Paul AR scan105713
Reed, Viola Aiken IL scan105768
Reeder, George Smith OK scan105908
Reeder, George Smith   scan105909
Reel, Myrtle Daisy AR scan105902
Rehberg, Kenneth D. Boise ID scan105570
Reid, Carrie Harrison AR scan105660
Reid, Carrie   scan105661
Reinking, Emma Caroline Trinidad CA scan105913
Reiter, Frieda Emma   scan105953
Reiter, Frieda Emma Leipzig Germany scan105954
Render, Albert E. (Rev.) England scan105737
Reynolds, John Frank   scan105881
Reynolds, John Frank MO scan105883
Reynolds, Olive Mayrene Pickering MO scan105705
Rice, Nellie Mae Amherst NE scan105890
Richardson, Bel   scan105604
Richardson, Bel Florence Clinton IA scan105606
Ricter, Fred William Bloomington KS scan105650
Ridge, Olive I.   scan105926
Ridge, Olive I. Grant City MO scan105928
Ridley, Grace Lawton OK scan105772
Rikard, Edward Goodlow   scan105804
Rikard, Edward Goodlow Worth AR scan105806
Riley, Josephine Oakland CA scan105565
Rinabarger, Loretta   scan105564
Rinabarger, Loretta Springfield OH scan105565
Riney, Philip Merwyn   scan105838
Ring, Gary   scan105639
Ring, Gary Medford OR scan105641
Ring, James Lee   scan105862
Rivers, Hattie   scan105757
Roach, Donna Ann San Antonio TX scan105633
Robbins, Bertha   scan105938
Robbins, Bertha Elizabeth MO scan105939
Robertson, O. W.   scan105663
Robertson, Oscar Whallon Buda IL scan105665
Robinson, Isaac Thomas Carthage MO scan105817
Robison, Jessie   scan105648
Robison, Jessie Florence Rochester WA scan105650
Robison, Minnie Wagner Creek OR scan105748
Roda, Mary Carson City NV scan105665
Rodgers, Grace Ellen Beagle OR scan105942
Rodgers, Iola M.   scan105911
Rodgers, Iola Marvel Independence OR scan105913
Rogers, Berttie M.   scan105748
Rogers, Berttie Milum Grandbury TX scan105750
Rogers, Ida May Portland OR scan105637
Rubier, Mark Lee Vancouver WA scan105730
Rudisaile, Zula Elizabeth MO scan105712
Ruegg, Gladys Yvonne Klamath Falls OR scan105779
Rush, Eugene Edward Ashland OR scan105584
Rushing, Paula Jean Ventura CA scan105647
Rushing, Tonya Maria Ashland OR scan105956
Rynning, Mildred   scan105736
Sadler, Carl Gordon   scan105768
Sadler, Carl Gordon TX scan105769
Sample, Carl Don   scan105697
Sample, Carl Don West Fork AR scan105698
Samples, Carl Don   scan105693
Sampson, Evelyn   scan105903
Samuels, Albert D.   scan105682
Samuels, Albert D. Mason City IA scan105684
Santo, Ida May   scan105636
Santo, Ida May Portland OR scan105637
Sawalish, Bertha Albertina Germany scan105909
Sawyer, Louis   scan105866
Sawyer, Louis At sea off British Coast scan105868
Scalberg, Annetta   scan105775
Scalberg, Annetta Mary Goodhue Co MN scan105776
Scavey, Myrtle Belle McMinnville OR scan105671
Schaffer, Rosa E.   scan105590
Schaffer, Rosa Ella Clay City IN scan105592
Scharf, Mary Isabelle Baltimore MD scan105779
Schlappi, Jennie   scan105659
Schlappi, Jennie Applegate OR scan105661
Schneider, Frank E.   scan105658
Schneider, Frank E.   scan105659
Schneider, Frank E.   scan105660
Schrack, Arthur Leroy   scan105853
Schrack, Arthur Leroy Grand Forks ND scan105854
Schuerman, Beatrice Rochester MN scan105934
Schuette, Herman Quincy IL scan105760
Schuette, Herman   scan105757
Schwebs, Leo E.   scan105864
Schwebs, Leo E. St Paul MN scan105866
Scott, Betty San Francisco CA scan105883
Scott, Byron Fred   scan105706
Scott, Byron Fred WA scan105707
Scoville, John Raymond   scan105767
Scoville, John Raymond Freeborn MN scan105768
Scruggs, William Freeman Bell Buckle TN scan105880
Semisch, Elmer Philadelphia PA scan105621
Semisch, Theodore Elmer   scan105617
Semisch, Theodore Elmer   scan105620
Senodenos, Agnes S.   scan105806
Senters, Byron   scan105908
Settles, Garner   scan105904
Settles, Garner IN scan105908
Shafer, Rowens Agnes OR scan105941
Shann, William T.   scan105961
Shann, William Thomas   scan105962
Sharyon, Leon Gilbert Appleton MN scan105795
Shaul, Minnie Ardell   scan105806
Shaul, Minnie Ardell Valentine NE scan105810
Shearer, Paul B.   scan105772
Shearer, Paul B. Monette OH scan105778
Shepherd, Edward Robert Australia scan105584
Shepherd, Ervina A.   scan105733
Shepherd, Scrilda   scan105577
Sherman, Annie Martha IA scan105705
Sherrill, Ida May   scan105830
Shinar, Mary Jacksonville OR scan105579
Shipley, Elsie Union OR scan105917
Shirkey, George W. H. Dr. Rouseville PA scan105692
Shoemaker, Clifford   scan105605
Shoemaker, Clifford Indianapolis IN scan105608
Sholin, Mollie Madisonville KY scan105654
Shortridge, Ray Jake Roselawn IN scan105958
Shrum, George   scan105565
Shrum, George Washington Greenforest AR scan105566
Sidwell, Ted   scan105699
Silva, Frank F.   scan105754
Silver, Catherine Elizabeth   scan105834
Silver, Catherine Elizabeth Defiance OH scan105836
Simmons, Blanche A.   scan105748
Simmons, Blanche A. Twisp WA scan105750
Simmons, Garnet Buren Bert   scan105908
Simmons, Garnett Buren Bert ID scan105913
Simmons, Kevin Pat   scan105642
Simpson, Anna B. Oakland OR scan105776
Simpson, Mary Eagle Point OR scan105832
Sims, James Melvin   scan105829
Sims, James Melvin Rhodes MS scan105830
Sisson-Jones, Areslee OK scan105900
Six, Laura Norris Junction City KS scan105873
Slavin, Harry   scan105810
Slavin, Harry Dublin Ireland scan105811
Slorah, Florence   scan105655
Slorah, Florence East Grand Forks MN scan105656
Slough, Andrew E, (Lt. Col.) IL scan105770
Smith, (Mrs. Perram Dow)   scan105857
Smith, Addie L. Parkland WA scan105600
Smith, Anna Swanson Lost River ID scan105763
Smith, Cynthia   scan105839
Smith, Cynthia Ann   scan105831
Smith, Cynthia Ann Greencastle IN scan105832
Smith, Ella Irene NE scan105898
Smith, Grace Eagle Point OR scan105880
Smith, Hazel Dell Creighton NE scan105866
Smith, Kelly   scan105921
Smith, Kelly   scan105924
Smith, Leo St. Libory NE scan105925
Smith, Lloyd W.   scan105959
Smith, Lloyd W. OH scan105962
Smith, Nellie Eleanor Carthage MO scan105688
Smith, Nellie Eleanor Carthage MO scan105689
Smith, Perram Dow   scan105857
Smith, Robert Lee   scan105632
Smith, Stephen Francis   scan105806
Smith, Stephen Francis Kanesville MO scan105807
Smith, Susan Lee   scan105770
Smith, Susan Lee Roseburg OR scan105771
Smith, Velma M.   scan105629
Smith, Velma M. What Cheer IA scan105631
Smith, Walter Layton Independence OR scan105745
Smurr, Margaret Peggy Evanston IL scan105950
Snedicor, Jennie Mae Miss Ypsilanti MI scan105604
Snedicor, Jennie Miss   scan105602
Snook, (Mrs. W. C.)   scan105816
Snook, David Leon   scan105840
Snook, David Leon Westwood CA scan105840
Snook, David Leon   scan105846
Solenberger, Sandra Lee   scan105925
Sommers, Rose Lake Creek OR scan105819
Spangler, William Allen Mogollon NM scan105609
Sparks, Jennie Ruth Mattoon IL scan105687
Sparks, Jennie Ruth Miss Mattoon IL scan105688
Spence, Ella Levina Holnian OR scan105719
Spencer, Ira A.   scan105920
Spencer, Ira Albert Fort Wayne IN scan105923
Spencer, Lottie   scan105607
Spencer, Lottie   scan105608
Spencer, Raymond   scan105738
Spencer, Raymond Carlton Eagle Point OR scan105740
Spencer, Robinson   scan105753
Spencer, Robinson   scan105754
Sprague, John B.   scan105659
Sprague, John Bray Orient ME scan105662
St. John, Ray R.   scan105599
Stafford, Milton E. Philadelphia PA scan105948
Stanley, Edith   scan105562
Stanley, Edith A. Carthage MO scan105563
Stanley, H. A.   scan105577
Stanley, Henry A. Los Angeles CA scan105578
Starr, Maude B. Richland IA scan105847
Staub, Willie May   scan105801
Staub, Willie May Shreveport LA scan105802
Stennett, Lucius E.   scan105626
Stennett, Lucius Everett Red Oak IA scan105624
Stephens, Raymond Ernest   scan105767
Stephens, Raymond Ernest Crescent IA scan105768
Stepp, Dixie M.   scan105636
Stepp, Dixie Montgomery CO scan105637
Stevens, C. B. WI scan105752
Stevenson, Alice Mildred Stayton OR scan105672
Stickle, Fred   scan105757
Stickley, Fred Holly   scan105624
Stickley, Fred Holly Mendota VT scan105626
Storm, Elva Kebo KS scan105853
Stough, Lena Ray Keno OR scan105817
Strang, Helen Pine Valley PA scan105588
Stratton, Hanna M. Mt Forest, Ontario Canada scan105577
Straus, Ruth   scan105770
Straus, Ruth Stella Renville MN scan105772
Stringer, Lulu   scan105697
Stringer, Lulu   scan105698
Strother, Sara Chippewa Falls WI scan105595
Stuart, Isobel Clara Miss   scan105832
Stuart, Isobel Miss Fresno CA scan105831
Sullivan, Jessie J. Prairie City OR scan105733
Surrett, Grover Everett Marion Co MO scan105727
Suttle, Mildred V. Brush CO scan105925
Sutton, Blanche   scan105714
Sutton, Blanche Gardner, KS scan105716
Swartsfager, John   scan105572
Swartsfager, John William MN scan105573
Swingle, Hollie Frank Bonanza OR scan105954
Swoape, James Samuel W. TN scan105921
Tamm, Fred   scan105928
Tamm, Fred Cawker City KS scan105929
Tanner, Jacqueline Miss Medford OR scan105685
Tayler, Claire New Boston IL scan105807
Taylor, Charles H.   scan105770
Taylor, Charles H. England scan105771
Taylor, Delane   scan105726
Taylor, Infant daughter   scan105893
Taylor, Laura Ellen Blue Rapids KS scan105621
Tedrick, Clarence C.   scan105622
Tedrick, Clarence C. SD scan105624
Tedrick, Inez   scan105584
Tedrick, Inez Pearl Medford OR scan105585
Telford, Belle R.   scan105592
Thacker, Homer Leon   scan105681
Thames, Fannie   scan105751
Thames, Fannie Mae Tuscaloosa AL scan105752
Thayer, Etta   scan105862
Thayer, Etta W. Eugene OR scan105861
Thomas, Mary Violet   scan105861
Thomas, Mary Violet England scan105864
Thomas, Michael Wayne   scan105880
Thompson, Carl   scan105705
Thompson, Carolyn Mae   scan105781
Thompson, Carolyn Mae Parsons KS scan105782
Thompson, Jane Anna Halsey OR scan105560
Thompson, Jane Anna Halsey OR scan105561
Thompson, Jesse Orley Bud   scan105822
Thompson, Jesse Orley Bud   scan105823
Thompson, Rose May Bryon CA scan105580
Thompson, Susie A. Oshkosh WI scan105568
Thurston, Jennie Applegate OR scan105661
Timmerman, Roger   scan105721
Timmerman, Roger Carl Stockton CA scan105722
Todd, Margaret Peggy Evanston IL scan105950
Tolle, Wendel J.   scan105746
Tolle, Wendel Jasper Roxbury KS scan105749
Totten, Ella Belton TX scan105682
Townley, Walter H.   scan105726
Townsend, Quida M. Safford AZ scan105893
Travis, James A. NC scan105962
Tripp, Frank LeNeal Junction City OR scan105669
Tucker, James R. Warsaw IN scan105782
Tucker, James Ray (Maj.)   scan105781
Tucker, Joseph   scan105819
Tucker, Joseph J. Richmond VA scan105820
Tuter, (Mrs. Eugene P.)   scan105801
Tuttle, Harvey Martin Moravia IA scan105832
Tyler, James Alfred Ausable MI scan105929
Tyrer, J. Otis Otie Hornbrook CA scan105955
Tyrrell, Arden Mortimer   scan105737
Tyrrell, Arden Mortimer Lake Creek OR scan105738
Uhlry, Nellie Belle Mt Olive IL scan105574
Ulrich, Emma Loraine Medford OR scan105647
Vakoc, George Joseph   scan105878
Vakoc, George Joseph Verdigre NE scan105880
Van Dorn, Gerry Lee   scan105622
Van Dorn, Gerry Lee Harrison AR scan105624
Van Hise, Edith   scan105646
Van Hise, Edith Lincoln NE scan105648
Van Orman, Gladys North Bennington VT scan105776
Van Sickle, Kenneth A.   scan105601
Vanderpool, Milford Earl   scan105758
Vanderpool, Milford Earl Cassville MO scan105760
Vaughn, Willie May Shreveport LA scan105802
Vian, Ruth Beatrice   scan105932
Vieira, Rlaymond Albert Hornbrook CA scan105881
Von Stein, Harold Jr.   scan105936
Voorhies, Amos E. Greenville MI scan105891
Vorheis, M. Luther   scan105947
Vorheis, M. Luther Corralitos CA scan105948
Voss, William   scan105807
Voss, William L. Rockwell City IA scan105807
Vulgamore (Mrs. Eugene P. Tuter)   scan105801
Wade, Myrtle Belle McMinnville OR scan105671
Waggener, Burgeous C.   scan105718
Waggener, Burgeous Cotton Hannibal MO scan105719
Waldren, Ralph E.   scan105819
Walker, Jessie   scan105917
Walker, Jessie Whittley County IN scan105919
Walker, Thomas Logan Sun City KS scan105880
Walker, Vivian Seneca MO scan105858
Wall, Lenore Jeanette   scan105709
Wall, Lenore Jeanette Kit Carson County CO scan105710
Wall, Nina M.   scan105854
Wallace, Mattie Elizabeth Sleepy Eye MN scan105860
Walter, Harry R. Mountain Lake MN scan105748
Walter, Ruth Stella Renville MN scan105772
Wanamacher, Ralph E.   scan105851
Wanamacher, Ralph E. Boscobel WI scan105853
Ward, Mona May Newman Grove NE scan105762
Warner, Bell   scan105959
Warner, Belle E. NY scan105962
Warner, Mable Alberta OR scan105877
Warner, Maude B. Richland IA scan105847
Warner, Robin L. Champaign IL scan105588
Warren, Orpheus P.   scan105893
Warren, Orpheus P. Stewart NE scan105894
Waterfield, Theo Moberly MO scan105898
Waterfield, Theodore   scan105897
Watkins, Annie M. Miss IA scan105799
Watkins, Annie Miss   scan105798
Watkins, L. V. Jerry Lancaster MO scan105955
Watkins, Lee V.   scan105954
Watson, Charles Guy Centralia WA scan105920
Watson, Guy   scan105919
Watts, Louis G. Dennison TX scan105720
Wayment, Samuel James   scan105934
Weaver, James E.   scan105703
Weaver, James Edward   scan105705
Webb, Leon   scan105885
Webb, Leon   scan105886
Webb, Lottie   scan105781
Webb, Lottie Effingham IL scan105782
Webber, Geneva Klamath CA scan105785
Webber, Sherry Lynn   scan105633
Weber, Audrey Laverne Barnston NE scan105574
Weinzinger, Mary Ann   scan105784
Weiss, Theresia Marie New Hampton IA scan105694
Welburn, Harold W.   scan105607
Welburn, Harold W. Laurel NE scan105608
Welburn, Sam   scan105915
Welburn, Samuel Sam Boone IA scan105916
Welch, Edna Marie   scan105960
Welch, Edna Marie Miss   scan105964
Welch, Robert E.   scan105964
Welch, Robert Elmo   scan105960
Welling, Margaret May Marshall WA scan105738
Wells, Rolla D.   scan105849
Wenker, Grace   scan105878
Wenker, Grace Eagle Point OR scan105880
West, Calvin Valentine   scan105654
West, Calvin Valentine Clinton MO scan105655
West, Maggie   scan105900
West, Maggie Belle Anago KS scan105902
Westbrook, Paul M. Kansas City KS scan105583
Westfall, Mable Alberta OR scan105877
Weston, George Leroy   scan105912
Whaley, Josephine Oakland CA scan105565
Wheeler, Emma Los Angeles CA scan105723
Wheeler, Emma   scan105722
Wheldon, Walter L.   scan105750
Wheldon, Walter Leslie Norcatur KS scan105751
Whelpley, George   scan105696
Whelpley, George Albert Flounce Rock OR scan105697
Whillock, Charles Alphon Humansville MO scan105886
Whillock, Charles Alphon Humansville MO scan105893
Whillock, Loren E.   scan105775
Whillock, Loren E.   scan105776
Whillock, Loren E. Humansville MO scan105778
White, Carry Franklin Emmett NE scan105848
Whitlock, Charles P. Wilcox NE scan105919
Whitlock, Charles Philip   scan105920
Whitney, James Walter Etna CA scan105705
Wiggins, Luther O. Peoria IL scan105908
Wilcox, David C. Anamosa IA scan105877
Wilcox, David C.   scan105880
Wild, Robert Stephen MO scan105733
Wild, Robert Stephen MO scan105736
Wiley, William Portland OR scan105654
Wilkinson, Ruth Irene Jacksonville OR scan105673
Williams, Bert Rudolph   scan105605
Williams, Bert Rudolph Moscow ID scan105606
Williams, Claire Medford OR scan105585
Williams, Elsie   scan105677
Williams, Elsie B. Germany scan105679
Williams, Emet   scan105906
Williams, Emet Sedalia MO scan105907
Williams, Emma G. Rossland BC Canada scan105691
Williams, Lewis B.   scan105914
Williams, Lewis B. CT scan105916
Williams, Vinson B.   scan105621
Williams, Vinson B.   scan105626
Williams, William Ralph Emigrant Creek OR scan105953
Wills, Joe   scan105847
Wills, Joe Lewiston ID scan105848
Wilmarth, Marie Katherine The Dalles OR scan105926
Wilson, Edwin Lacy Gallatin MO scan105907
Wilson, Grace B. San Francisco CA scan105689
Wilson, Marie Katherine The Dalles OR scan105926
Wiltse, Harry E. Fredonia KS scan105942
Wimberly, Carl E.   scan105935
Wimer, Verna O.   scan105802
Wimer, Verna O. MO scan105804
Wing, Charles A.   scan105744
Wing, Charles A.   scan105745
Wing, Charles A. McPherson KS scan105748
Winkelman, Rose M.   scan105579
Winkelman, Rose May Bryon CA scan105580
Winn, Frank W.   scan105625
Winn, Franklin Wakefield Portland OR scan105628
Winningham, Mary Stella   scan105851
Winningham, Mary Stella KS scan105852
Winningham, Robert E. Jacksonville OR scan105949
Winter, Leland Allen Rusty Klamath Falls OR scan105919
Wiren, Norman M.   scan105600
Wiren, Norman M. New London CT scan105601
Wisdom, James   scan105866
Wisdom, James Jacksonville OR scan105873
Wolf, J. A. Ade   scan105921
Wolf, J. A. Ade Colby WI scan105924
Wolf, John A.   scan105919
Wolfe, R. P. Bud   scan105831
Wolfe, Royal Powers Bud Etna Green IN scan105832
Wong, Wallace   scan105759
Wong, Wallace China scan105755
Wong, Wallace China scan105757
Wood, Lottie   scan105607
Wood, Sara   scan105800
Woods, John Thurlow   scan105852
Woods, John Thurlow Clinton MO scan105853
Woods, Mary Alice MO scan105791
Wright, Daniel   scan105820
Wright, Daniel Bryan   scan105823
Wright, Eleanor Louise Sams Valley OR scan105707
Wright, Henry H. Ramseur NC scan105699
Wright, Henry H. Ramseur NC scan105703
Wright, Jesse Gilbert Camp Creek CA scan105745
Wright, Orvil R. Hancock WI scan105756
Wright, Tamra Lee   scan105870
Wunsch, Myrtle   scan105904
Wunsch, Myrtle Mae Spokane WA scan105906
Yocel, George Karl ND scan105728
Yockel, George Karl Perth ND scan105729
Yocum, Oran Marie   scan105836
Yocum, Orian Marie Jacksonville OR scan105837
Youmans, Della   scan105929
Younce, Grady H.   scan105623
Young, Bertha Belle Marysville CA scan105768
Young, Elbert Ray Eightmile OR scan105756
Young, Emma Loraine   scan105646
Young, Emma Loraine Medford OR scan105647
Young, Hal Paul AR scan105722
Younger, Lillian   scan105665
Younger, Lillian Orleans CA scan105666
Zeitler, Clarence S.   scan105822
Zeitler, Clarence Stephen Morris IL scan105823
Zemke, Gustav Theodore WI scan105628
Zemke, Gustave Theodore   scan105625
Zemke, Katherina E.   scan105767
Zemke, Katherina Elizabeth Russia scan105768
Zempel, Esther Emma Miss MN scan105856
Zemple, Esther Miss   scan105854
Ziegler, Myrtle Mae Spokane WA scan105906
Zimmerlee, Arla A. New Hampton IA scan105705
Zimmerlee, Arla A.   scan105706
Zimmerman, Ellen Adelaide Forest Grove OR scan105643
Ziske, Frieda Emma Leipzig Germany scan105954
Zumwalt, James I.   scan105903
Zumwalt, James Ike Waitsburg WA scan105905
Zumwalt, Julia K.   scan105791
Zumwalt, Julia K. CA scan105794