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Medford Mail Tribune Scanned Obituary Index for 1962

photo of a Raven

Our JCGL volunteers are scanning and indexing microfilmed images of Medford Mail Tribune Obituaries and Death Notices. Below is an index to the 1962 scanned images. It includes the name of the deceased person, his/her place of birth (when available), and the number we have assigned to the image. If the deceased person is a married woman and her maiden name was given in the obituary, this is included in the index. If you would like to receive a copy of a scanned obituary, follow this link, Postal Request Form to display the request form. Complete and print the form, then send it to the address shown along with a check for $10 and a stamped, self-addressed envelope. Some of the scanned obituaries require more than one image. We will send them all for a single $10 fee, but you must put all the image numbers (e.g., scan123456, scan123457) on your request. Be sure to provide all the required information on the form.

For faster turnaround, use the Buy Now button below to make a secure online payment and to provide the information needed to fill your request. Be sure you fill ALL fields in the form including all image scan numbers. When you complete the transaction, our librarian will copy the requested information and email it to you as an attachment. It will be sent as a .jpg (picture) file. When you receive this .jpg file, click on it and it will be loaded into your picture viewer from which you can print a hard copy.

Scanned Mail Tribune Obituaries
Last Name, First Name
Year, Image Number

Name Birth Place Image Number
Abbott, Laura   scan104994
Abbott, Laura Loretta St Elmo IL scan104995
Abbott, Marvin Watkins MN scan105028
Ackerlund, Godfrid S.   scan104908
Ackerlund, Godfrid S. Stockholm Sweden scan104912
Adler, Ester G.   scan104775
Adler, Esther G. Redding PA scan104776
Anderson, B. W.   scan105094
Anderson, Kenneth Paul   scan104920
Anderson, Lucinda C. Medford OR scan104935
Andrews, Celia Agnes Lake Creek OR scan104891
Applegate, Chester A. Ashland OR scan105101
Applegate, Chester Arthur   scan105100
Applegate, Frank M.   scan105101
Arnold, Elvis C.   scan105014
Arnold, Elvis C. OK scan105017
Arnold, Hiram J. "Jim"   scan104776
Arnold, Hiram J. "Jim" Squaw Lake OR scan104777
Arnold, Maude Sarcoxie MO scan104876
Asher, Kelvia   scan104998
Asher, Kelvia Tressa Poole NE scan105000
Asher, Kelvia Tressa   scan105001
Athanas, Verne Cleft ID scan104914
Atteberry, George C. Kalispell MT scan105046
Atteberry, George Charles   scan105045
Atwood, Myrtle L.   scan105088
Atwood, Myrtle L. Walla Walla WA scan105089
Aubrey, Bessie   scan104905
Avery, Loren L.   scan104933
Ayer, Arthur A.   scan104849
Babb, Caleb W.   scan104931
Babb, Caleb W. Osage County MO scan104932
Backtell, Sadie Hetland SD scan105074
Bailey, Alice B. Myrtle Creek OR scan104859
Bailey, Katherina Eleda "Kate" Miss CA scan104798
Bailey, Leonidas "Lee" CA scan105006
Baird, Fred A. Odgen IL scan105012
Baker, Mary Louise   scan104951
Baker, Mary Louise   scan104952
Baker, Mary Louise Medford OR scan104953
Bales, Ora Lexington OK scan105090
Bankworth, Arthur Gatesville TX scan105013
Barker, Fred Lloyd   scan104792
Barker, Fred Lloyd Ventura CA scan104795
Barnes, Jennie M.   scan105024
Barnes, Jennie Myrtle Kirksville MO scan105029
Bartlett, Clayton T.   scan105098
Bartlett, Clayton T. Linn OR scan105099
Bartlett, Effie M. Shelby NE scan104850
Bartlett. Dorothy   scan104858
Barto, Vivian N.   scan104900
Barto, Vivian Norman Logan IA scan104901
Bateman, Florence   scan104948
Bateman, Sam W.   scan104895
Bateman, Samuel William Chotcau MT scan104898
Bates, Ralph   scan105080
Bates, Ralph Dean Long Beach CA scan105084
Baughman, Howard Rees Eugene OR scan105040
Bayliss, Flossie A. England scan105079
Bayliss, John Richard IA scan104944
Bean, George B.   scan104932
Bean, George B. Neihart MT scan104935
Bechtel, Nettie Grace Darlington IN scan104903
Beeney, Gregory Harold   scan105060
Beeney, Gregory Harold Medford OR scan105064
Beers, Amy V.   scan105079
Beers, Amy V. WI scan105081
Bender, Sidna V. "Tante" Viola WI scan104873
Bethune, Hazel   scan105100
Bethune, Hazel Elizabeth Indianapolis IN scan105101
Billings, Myrtle Vine Oregon WI scan104938
Bishop, James W.   scan105046
Bishop, James William Gold Run CA scan105051
Blackburn, Pearl   scan104781
Blackington, O. Eaton   scan104943
Blair, Mamie   scan104889
Blair, Mamie Red Bluff CA scan104890
Blair, Mamie Red Bluff CA scan104891
Bolt, Gerald Louis   scan104888
Bolt, Gerald Louis CA scan104889
Bolt, John E.   scan104943
Bolt, John E. Applegate OR scan104944
Booth, Doris Louise   scan104875
Booth, Doris Louise Grants Pass OR scan104877
Bornaman, L. Roy   scan104773
Bornaman, L. Roy Noblesville IN scan104775
Bostwick, Doris Louise Grants Pass OR scan104877
Bostwick, F. Everett   scan104935
Bostwick, F. Everett Jacksonville OR scan104938
Bostwick, Harlan Wesley   scan104999
Bostwick, Harlan Wesley Williams OR scan105001
Bourne, Kelvia Tressa   scan105001
Boussum, Eleanor   scan104954
Boussum, Elenor KS scan104955
Bowen, Flora Bell Kent NE scan105032
Bowman, Leonard A.   scan104901
Bowman, Leonard Albert Alton KS scan104903
Boyd, Asa T.   scan104869
Bradley, George F.   scan105107
Bradley, George F. Lake Creek OR scan105108
Brahm, Louisa G. Fennimore WI scan105076
Brahm, Louisa Gratz   scan105075
Breeding, Maude Elizabeth Josephine Co OR scan105004
Brewold, Alf   scan104929
Brewold, Alf Egenius Ibestad Norway scan104930
Briley, Calvin Wilbur   scan104842
Briley, Calvin Wilbur Elma WA scan104843
Briner, John Lyle Perrydale OR scan104954
Bristol, Phoebe IA scan105055
Brittsan, Ora   scan105089
Brittsan, Ora Lexington OK scan105090
Broili, Lenora T. CO scan104780
Bross, Ralph Albert Guthrie OK scan105029
Brown, Arthur L.   scan104785
Brown, Arthur L. Joplin MO scan104786
Brown, Emmett W. St. Joseph MO scan104929
Brown, Emmett Wylie   scan104926
Brown, Irene H.   scan105059
Brown, Irene Herbert Springfield MA scan105061
Brown, Jack Delroy   scan104855
Brown, Jacob D. SD scan104858
Brown, Winnie Amy   scan104855
Brown, Winnie Amy Murphy OR scan104858
Bruns, Robert J.   scan105051
Bruns, Robert Jan Austin MN scan105055
Burchell, Lillian W. (M.) OK scan105061
Burgess, Almon A.   scan104952
Burgess, Almon A. Henderson MI scan104953
Burns, Nessie   scan104942
Burns, Nessie Weir City KS scan104943
Burt, Troy   scan104914
Butler, Emma J.   scan104778
Butler, Emma J. Chicago IL scan104779
Byler, Dollie B. Yuma AZ scan105018
Campbell, Henry   scan104902
Campbell, Henry Perry OK scan104903
Campbell, Lloyd A.   scan105019
Campbell, Lloyd A. PA scan105020
Canham, Dick Milton   scan105005
Canham, Dick Milton Riverside CA scan105006
Carkeet, Luella Jeanette San Jose CA scan104946
Carlton, Edward T.   scan104778
Carney, Tina Emmeline Ava MO scan104864
Carpenter, Flora   scan104877
Carpenter, Flora W. Johnston VT scan104881
Carpenter, Walter V. WI scan105068
Carson, William Fred   scan105039
Carson, William Fred St Charles IL scan105044
Cary, Mayne   scan105104
Cary, Mayne   scan105106
Castleman, Luther E.   scan104789
Castleman, Luther E. Noble OK scan104792
Catey, Mary C. Milford IN scan105076
Chaffee, Reginald R.   scan105063
Chaffee, Walter Earl Worchester MA scan104938
Chamberlain, Maggie Jane   scan104910
Chamberlain, Maggie Jane Gravette AR scan104912
Chandler, Mary L.   scan105076
Childers, Grace M.   scan104798
Chisholm, May ID scan104775
Clark, Beth Myrtle Point OR scan104922
Clark, Charles C.   scan104769
Clark, Charles C.   scan104771
Clark, Fannie IL scan104781
Clark, Joan   scan104772
Clark, Joan Tacoma WA scan104775
Claussen, Rudolph H. Germany scan104853
Clawson, Letha   scan105053
Clawson, Letha Minnie Aline OK scan105055
Cleek, Enid Lorene Afton IA scan105035
Clement, Arthur R.   scan104899
Clement, Arthur R. Wascca MN scan104901
Coffman, Corinne A. Grayson TX scan105104
Coffman, Izaac   scan105016
Coffman, Lola Elizabeth Crescent City CA scan105017
Colburn, John C.   scan104848
Colburn, John P. San Diego CA scan104850
Cole, Grace E. Centralia WA scan104904
Coleman, Frank L. Phoenix OR scan104869
Coleman, Lillian Phoenix OR scan104901
Coleman, Lillian May   scan104900
Colpitts, Minnie   scan104887
Colpitts, Minnie F. Indianapolis IN scan104888
Condon, Mona Crystal Lake MI scan104955
Conger, Henry E. Cincinnati IA scan105059
Conger, Henry E. "Homer" Centerville IA scan105057
Conley, Eva Leonora Burnette NE scan105018
Conner, Albert Jesse Dayton WA scan105059
Conner, Albert Jesse (2)   scan105054
Conner, Albert Jesse (2)   scan105056
Conners, A. J. "Bert"   scan105062
Conness, Richard P.   scan104891
Conness, Richard P. Brule WI scan104893
Cook, Alice M. Ashland OR scan104787
Cook, Infant son   scan104908
Cook, James Francis "Jim" Gold Hill OR scan104996
Cook, Minnie M. Whitehall MI scan105037
Cook, Susan   scan104923
Cook, Susan Irene   scan104925
Cooley, Adeline O.   scan105074
Cooley, Adeline O. River Falls WI scan105075
Cooper, Elsie Mae   scan104847
Cooper, Elsie Mae   scan104848
Cooper, Elsie Mae Big Flat AR scan104849
Copeland, Walter D. LA scan104845
Corn, Bessie K.   scan105092
Corn, Bessie K. Toledo OH scan105094
Cottrell, Flora Bell Kent NE scan105032
Coverdale, Ella Drakeville IA scan104875
Coy, Dora   scan104904
Coy, Dora Round Valley CA scan104907
Coy, Susie   scan104786
Coy, Susie Des Moines IA scan104787
Crawford, Edna B.   scan104893
Crawford, Edna B. KS scan104895
Cronkhite, John Ray   scan105037
Cronkite, (Infant Son)   scan105036
Cross, Ethan Allen Dr. Campbell Hill IL scan104786
Cross, Walter F. Oakland CA scan105000
Cross, Walter F.   scan105001
Crouch, Everett Ellis Pueblo CO scan104879
Crouch, Martha A. Yreka CA scan105010
Cullop, Edith   scan104954
Cullop, Edith Rosella Wesington Springs SD scan104955
Cummins, Myrna Helen Holton WI scan104942
Cunningham, Lottie   scan104925
Cunningham, Lottie L. Darlington PA scan104926
Curry, Effie M. Shelby NE scan104850
Cushman, Hazel Leora Vale OR scan104779
Daley, Eva L. Conley   scan105017
Daley, Eva Leonora Burnette NE scan105018
Dallaire, Mary Elizabeth "Betty" Medford OR scan104842
Damewood, James E.   scan104881
Damewood, Joseph Elsworth Jacksonville OR scan104887
Daniels, Lawrence D. Leland OR scan104848
Dankworth, Arthur Gatesville TX scan105014
Daugherty, Maude Sarcoxie MO scan104876
Davis, Albert E.   scan105086
Davis, Albert E. Licking MO scan105087
Davis, Eva   scan104800
Davis, Orval C.   scan104900
Davis, Orvil Charles Edmark KS scan104902
Davis, Portia Isabel La Farge WI scan105089
Davis, Ralph Allison   scan104939
Davis, Ralph Allison Greenfield MO scan104943
Davis, Virginia B. Brawley CA scan104842
DeArmand, Lula Beagle OR scan104799
DeArmond, Effie Grants Pass OR scan105064
Deckard, Tina Emmeline Ava MO scan104864
Degernes, Marie Norway scan105014
DeGraff, George Frederick Thompson IL scan104781
DeGraff, George Frederick Thompson IL scan104782
Delaney, Bernard J.   scan105017
Delaney, Bernard J. Du Bois PA scan105019
Denman, Kenneth G.   scan105011
Denman, Kenneth G. Corvallis OR scan105013
Dennis, Ray C.   scan104948
Dennis, Ray C. Yreka CA scan104949
DeNoma, Lawrence "Mike"   scan104916
Devor, Golden Dolly   scan104859
Devore, Golden Dolly Central Point OR scan104861
Dillon, Lillian M. Portage WI scan104994
Dixon, Helen   scan104902
Dixon, Helen Chicago NE scan104903
Dodson, Vivian Marguerite Union OR scan105073
Dollarhide, Frank C. Salem OR scan104848
Dollarhide, Frank C.   scan104851
Doolin, Zubz M. MO scan104853
Doran, B. J.   scan104877
Doran, Bernard J. Wahoo NE scan104881
Dorland, Ida E. Workworth Ontario Canada scan104949
Dorris, Alcide P.   scan105106
Doughty, Reginald S.   scan104877
Doughty, Reginald S. Natchez MS scan104879
Douglas, Florence E.   scan105008
Douglas, Florence E. MO scan105010
Downs, Elsie Mae Big Flat AR scan104849
Drake, Dan A.   scan104777
Drake, Daniel Adelbert   scan104778
Dressler, Ida E.   scan104948
Dressler, Ida E. Workworth Ontario Canada scan104949
Drummond, Elizabeth   scan105104
Drummond, Elizabeth Alva NE scan105107
Dubay, Katherine "Kay" Aberdeen WA scan104910
Duncan, Thomas LaVern Thomas ID scan104842
Dundore, Esther G. Redding PA scan104776
Dunlap, Golden Dolly Central Point OR scan104861
Dunnington, Gertrude Miss Jacksonville OR scan104792
Eads, Elma Edith Lincoln KS scan104932
Eastering, Ollie S. Morehead KY scan105058
Eaton, George W. Lane County OR scan104767
Eckholm, Everett P.   scan105094
Eckholm, Evertt Phillip Oakpark MN scan105098
Edler, Charles Monroe County IL scan104920
Edler, Charles   scan104918
Edmondson, Augustus K. "Gus" Butte Falls OR scan105094
Edstrom, Allen E.   scan104997
Edstrom, Edgar Allen   scan104996
Edwards, Rufus L. Preston ID scan104769
Eggert, Hilma Finland scan105087
Elder, Gilbert S.   scan104877
Elder, Gilbert S. Walla Walla WA scan104879
Ellis, Louise R.   scan105084
Ellis, Louise R. Belfast ME scan105087
Ellwood, Evelyn P.   scan104800
Emmett, Ethel Amity OR scan104932
Erskine, Lulu   scan104844
Erskine, Lulu Jackson Co MO scan104847
Evans, Ella Drakeville IA scan104875
Everson, Adeline O. River Falls WI scan105075
Fairking, Lola Elizabeth Crescent City CA scan105017
Farmer, John William Platt Co MO scan105013
Farmer, John William Platt Co MO scan105014
Farmer, Myles Leslie Ashland OR scan104854
Farrier, Verna Emma Elkhart IN scan104895
Farrier, Verna I.   scan104894
Fawcett, Isabel Los Angeles CA scan104881
Feldman, Edgar J. St. Peter MN scan104912
Filer, Joseph H.   scan105050
Filer, Joseph Howard Ellensburg WA scan105055
Finley, Viola Bell   scan104945
Finley, Viola Bell   scan104946
Fleenor, Rachel Sweden scan105098
Fleenor, Rachel Kathrine   scan105093
Fletcher, Goldie   scan104911
Fletcher, Goldie Bellaire KS scan104914
Fletcher, Goldie Y.   scan104913
Flippin, Jack Gold Hill OR scan104875
Foote, Edna C.   scan104767
Foote, Graham M. Kewanee IL scan104917
Ford, Anna   scan104771
Ford, Anna M. Perrysville IN scan104772
Fordyce, Teresa Lynn   scan104782
Fordyce, Teresa Lynn Medford OR scan104783
Foster, Helen M. San Lorenzo CA scan104851
Foust, Fred Graham NC scan105070
Foust, Frederick   scan105066
Foust, Frederick   scan105069
Fox, R. LaVonne   scan104775
Fox, R. LaVonne Gothenburg NE scan104778
Frake, Mary L.   scan105076
Frank, Mabel S. NE scan104858
Freeman, Beulah K. Topeka KS scan105077
Freeman, Beulah Kincaid   scan105076
Freeman, Ina E. Des Moines IA scan104993
Freeman, Lavilla   scan105073
Friesen, Albert R.   scan104783
Friesen, Albert R. Dallas OR scan104784
Frost, Elnora   scan104898
Frost, Elnora KS scan104899
Fry, Fredrick Joseph   scan104791
Fry, Fredrick Joseph Canon City CO scan104792
Fry, Margaret J.   scan105101
Gahler, Otto P.   scan105028
Gahler, Otto Paul Clay Center OH scan105029
Gaines, Leonard O. Tenino WA scan105037
Gamba, Mona L.   scan105094
Gamba, Mona L. Australia scan105096
Gammill, Lillian A. Tuscarora NV scan105046
Gammill, Lillian L. Tuscarora NV scan105072
Ganong, Elenora La Crosse WI scan104903
Gardner, Vera   scan105098
Garrett, Guy   scan105005
Garrett, Guy Phoenix OR scan105006
Garvin, Christie C. Whitesboro TX scan104767
Gearhart, Owen C. Sr."Malemute Slim"   scan104774
Geiger, Claymore Brooks   scan104891
Geiger, Claymore Brooks Garrett IN scan104893
Gibbon, Amanda Dorothy   scan105104
Gibbon, Amanda Dorothy Sweden scan105106
Gibson, Diane Angwin CA scan105029
Gibson, Dianne Anquin CA scan105035
Gidney, Flora Ellen Joplin MO scan104949
Glover, Edward G.   scan105056
Glover, Edward G. Frago ND scan105058
Gober, Henry M.   scan104898
Gober, Henry M. Brady City TX scan104899
Goings, Frances G. Rantoul IL scan105038
Golden, R. LaVonne Gothenburg NE scan104778
Goldsmith, Cliff H.   scan105095
Gorden, Uriah   scan104798
Gorden, Uriah Jackson Co OR scan104799
Gordon, Marion Clarence   scan104867
Gordon, Marion Clarence Kansas City KS scan104870
Gorr, Catherine W.   scan104901
Gorr, Catherine W. Pomeroy WA scan104903
Gould, Edna ND scan105053
Governor, George John   scan104795
Governor, George John Plainview MN scan104796
Grant, Walter   scan104789
Grant, Walter A. ME scan104791
Gratz, Louisa G. Fennimore WI scan105076
Green, Earl   scan104954
Green, Earl Aaron Detroit MI scan104955
Greene, Minnie Belle Santa Rosa CA scan104771
Griess, Nathan   scan104925
Griess, Nathan Sutton NE scan104926
Griffin, Effie M. Shelby NE scan104850
Griffith, R. E. (Rev.)   scan105090
Grosclaude, Fannie   scan104779
Grosclaude, Fannie C. IL scan104781
Gruenhagen, Lillian M. Portage WI scan104994
Guches, Raymond Robert Medford OR scan105035
Gueringer, Clifton Earl   scan104929
Gueringer, Clifton Earl Oakdale LA scan104931
Hackler, Betha Mae   scan105006
Hackler, Betha Mae MO scan105008
Haefele, Olive C. Naperville IL scan105028
Hagler, Lucille Eckhart Canada scan105037
Hall, Auguste Louise   scan104942
Hall, Auguste Louise Germany scan104943
Hall, Elda Magdalene Silverton OR scan105042
Hall, Elda Magdalene   scan105044
Hall, Maude I. Homer IL scan104865
Hall, Ruth C. Seattle WA scan105070
Halley, Angie H. Medford OR scan104875
Hamilton (Infant Daughter)   scan104859
Hamilton, Corina L.   scan104864
Hamilton, Lee Halleck   scan104845
Hamilton, Lee Halleck MO scan104847
Hamilton, Orville C.   scan105028
Hamilton, Orville C. Stillwater OK scan105029
Hammers, Frank A.   scan105072
Hankins, Maude Margaret Roseburg OR scan105006
Hanna, Leona Jacksonville OR scan104868
Hanna, Leona Jacksonville OR scan104873
Hannafird, Mary Zerilda Union City MO scan105018
Hanson, Anna Catherine Medford OR scan104854
Hardy, Marie Elizabeth   scan105044
Hardy, Marie Elizabeth Washington DC scan105045
Hardy, Sadie L. "Sarah" Washington IA scan105052
Hardy, Sarah L.   scan105051
Hare, Dorothy L. Bay City OR scan104772
Hare, Lillian A. Zena OR scan105086
Harper, Edward Virgil   scan104932
Harper, Laura Esther   scan105073
Harrolson, Jerome J.   scan105010
Harrolson, Jerome J. (Rev.)   scan105014
Harrolson, Jerome J. (Rev.) Magnolia VA scan105016
Harth, Elroy   scan105000
Harvey, Maude Elizabeth Josephine Co OR scan105004
Hatch, Elizabeth Irene Luzern Co PA scan104859
Hay, Hoyt F.   scan105035
Hay, Hoyt F. Fulton KY scan105037
Hayes, May C. Mitchell SD scan104995
Haynes, Laurence B.   scan104786
Haynes, Laurence D. Ashland OR scan104787
Hazelwood, Luther   scan104993
Hazelwood, Luther TN scan104995
Heath, Frank L. Reardon WA scan104796
Heckathorn, Roy Ray Trail OR scan105033
Hegler, Terra Jean Medford OR scan104864
Helenbrook, Roy W.   scan104902
Helenbrook, Roy W. Olean NY scan104903
Helms, George John Sterling IL scan104932
Henagin, Grace Lane Co OR scan104842
Hendricks, Jesse E.   scan104780
Hendricks, Jesse Edgar Smith Center KS scan104782
Herbert, Myrtle Vine Oregon WI scan104938
Hernlein, Thomas Walter Los Angeles CA scan104931
Hernlein, Thomas Walter   scan104932
Herrin, Herman Camden TN scan105033
Herrin, Herman H. Camden TN scan105032
Hess, Sam W. Warsaw IL scan104850
Hess, Samuel   scan104849
Higgins, Emma J. Chicago IL scan104779
High, George L.   scan105065
High, George L. Ardmore OK scan105072
High, Nancy Carol   scan105047
High, Nancylee Carol Ashland OR scan105053
Hill, James T.   scan104913
Hill, James Thomas Wedowee AL scan104914
Hinchman, Edna B. KS scan104895
Hines, Sherralena Lea   scan105001
Hodgdon, Charles R. Benton Co IA scan104853
Hofmann, Edna   scan104924
Hofmann, Edna S. Hot Sulphur Springs CO scan104925
Hollars, Ida M.   scan105037
Hollars, Ida M. KY scan105038
Holmes, Howard CA scan104898
Holt, Haskell O. Chelsea OK scan104889
Hopper, Elnora KS scan104899
Howell, Vivan Marguerite Union OR scan105073
Hull, Victor Orleans NE scan104780
Hume, Ada Luthera Independence IA scan105072
Hunter, Elvy Weed CA scan104904
Hutchinson, Floyd L.   scan105058
Icenhower, Silva   scan105030
Icenhower, Silva Gretta Storm Lake IA scan105033
Irwin, Claire A.   scan105003
Irwin, Claire Albert Estherville IA scan105004
Jackson, John Lee   scan105092
James, Teresa Dawn   scan104913
James, Walter A.   scan105045
James, Walter A. Creswell OR scan105053
Jantzer, Christopher Dee   scan105022
Jantzer, Frank X.   scan104993
Jantzer, Frank X. Erie PA scan104995
Jarman, Floyd Perry Springfield NE scan104854
Jenkins, Floyd Thomas   scan104777
Jenkins, Floyd Thomas Hermitage AR scan104783
Jennings, Lula   scan104798
Jennings, Lula Beagle OR scan104799
Jennings, Molly R.   scan105020
Jensen, Henry Martin   scan104942
Jensen, Henry Martin Odense Denmark scan104943
Jermark, Edythe   scan105001
Jermark, Edythe Lucinda Alexis IL scan105003
Johnsen, Emil W.   scan105061
Johnsen, Emil Werner Sweden scan105065
Johnson, Ann   scan105103
Johnson, Ann   scan105106
Johnson, Anna Ottumwa IA scan105107
Johnson, Gus Sweden scan105044
Johnson, Johnny P.   scan104783
Johnson, Johnny P. Elbow Lake MN scan104784
Johnson, Lucinda C. Phoenix OR scan104933
Johnson, Lucinda C. Medford OR scan104935
Johnson, Mabel Ida Rolla MO scan104907
Johnson, Mona L. Australia scan105096
Johnson, Rachel Sweden scan105098
Johnston, Elma   scan104931
Johnston, Elma Edith Lincoln KS scan104932
Johnston, Sam L.   scan104850
Johnston, Sam L. Lenox IA scan104851
Jones, Percy R.   scan104921
Jones, Percy Roe Carrol County VA scan104922
Joy, (Mrs. Richard C.)   scan104850
Kaegi, Melvin   scan104902
Kaegi, Melvin Everett Roseburg OR scan104903
Kane, Edna ND scan105053
Kaplan, Pearl M. Brooklyn NY scan105092
Kastner, Bertha A. Henderson NE scan104786
Kastner, Bertha A.   scan104787
Keithly, Laskar Leland Howell Co MO scan105094
Kellogg, Bessie K. Toledo OH scan105094
Kennedy, Jack J.   scan104859
Kennedy, Jack J. Denverton CA scan104861
Kent, Arthur C.   scan104998
Kent, Arthur C. Wellen OR scan105000
Kesler, Lois Cooper TX scan105107
Kiddle, Marie K.   scan104787
Kiel, Coral Irene   scan104873
Killingsworth, Russell   scan104783
Killingsworth, Russell K. Dade County MO scan104784
Kincaid, Alice M. Ashland OR scan104787
Kindle, Murrell M.   scan104849
Kindle, Murrell M. Mott CA scan104850
Kiner, Sadie L. "Sarah" Washington IA scan105052
King, Mae Crescent City CA scan104887
Kirby, Grace Lane Co OR scan104842
Kirkpatrick, Roscoe   scan105019
Kirkpatrick, Roscoe Madison IA scan105020
Klocker, Ada Luthera Tims Independence IA scan105072
Klocker, Ada T.   scan105070
Knight, Ella   scan104873
Knight, Ella Drakeville IA scan104875
Knight, Elton G.   scan104842
Knight, Elton G. Owasso MI scan104844
Knips, Alta Medford OR scan105075
Knotts, Joseph (Rev.) Council Bluffs IA scan105067
Knox, Dorothy   scan104856
Knox, Dorothy   scan104858
Knox, Winnie Amy Murphy OR scan104858
Koch, William E.   scan105039
Koch, William E. IA scan105044
Konschot, Otto F.   scan104853
Konschot, Otto F. Newark NJ scan104854
Konschot, Ruth C. Seattle WA scan105070
Korner, John Henry   scan104899
Korner, John Henry NY scan104900
Landers, Theresa Kathryn   scan105021
Laricks, Andrew Walter   scan104779
Laricks, Andrew Walter Trenton NJ scan104780
Larsen, Clair   scan105085
Larsen, Clair Wells Fairview UT scan105088
Larson, Enid Lorene Afton IA scan105035
Larson, Marie Norway scan105014
Larson, Susan Janice Grants Pass OR scan104881
Lausmann, Grace E.   scan104895
Leahey, Clarence R. CA scan105088
Leakey, Clarence R.   scan105086
Lear, Benjamin L.   scan105094
Lear, Benjamin Lawrence Lewis Co MO scan105096
Lee, Edward E. Marceline MO scan105038
Lee, Edward Estel   scan105035
Lee, Eva England scan104870
LeGuennec, (Mrs. Lawrence)   scan104914
Lenderman, Noah   scan104925
Lenderman, Noah Hillery Coker Creek TN scan104926
Lenderman, Roy A. Arlington OK scan104858
Lent, Mae Miss   scan104783
Lent, Mae N. Miss IL scan104784
Leonard, Harold A. "Pat" Garden City KS scan104845
Leston, Burton   scan104900
Letson, A. Burton ND scan104901
Levtzow, Louis   scan104926
Lewis, Charles Wesley Dyer WV scan104859
Light, Pearl M. Brooklyn NY scan105092
Lillard, Kathryn Ann Canyon City OR scan104865
Lincoln, James Marion Fort Bragg CA scan104859
Linderman, Roy   scan104856
Lingenfelter, Ralph   scan104913
Lingenfelter, Ralph Douglas Randolph NE scan104914
Linquist, Myrna Helen Holton WI scan104942
Logeais, Merle Harris   scan104841
Logeais, Merle Harris   scan104874
Long, Franklin E.   scan104871
Lord, William R.   scan105067
Lord, William R. O'Neill NE scan105069
Love, Leon H. Ashland OR scan104773
Luke, Lottie Darlington PA scan104926
Luman, Grace E. Centralia WA scan104904
Lutz, Daisey   scan105014
Lutz, Daisy V. Shoals IN scan105016
Lybrand, Clyde Vernon Sheridan AR scan105073
Lybrand, Clyde Vernon   scan105071
Lyon, (infant son)   scan105090
Lyons, Pearl Callaway NE scan104849
Mack, Charles E.   scan104786
Mack, Charles E. Pickwick MN scan104787
Mager, Martin   scan104900
Mager, Martin B. Amherst Junction WI scan104901
Manninen, David   scan104863
Manninen, David H. Rib Lake WI scan104866
Maplesden, Kathleen Elaine Miss Yreka CA scan104888
Marshall, Homer Woodrow   scan104929
Marshall, Homer Woodrow Greer County OK scan104930
Martin, Emma May Albany OR scan105017
Martin, John D.   scan104921
Martin, Julius F.   scan104913
Martin, Julius Franklin MS scan104914
Massey, Gola William   scan104848
Matlack, Luella J.   scan104945
Matlack, Luella Jeanette San Jose CA scan104946
Maupin, Flossie A. England scan105079
Maupin, Flossie Alice   scan105078
Mauro, Julia B. St Louis MO scan105017
Maxey, Martha A. Yreka CA scan105010
McBee, Martha   scan105073
McBee, Martha Ann Uvalde TX scan105074
McCall, Laura Mankato MN scan104954
McCall, Lydia Thompson Ashland OR scan105013
McCall, Lydia Thompson   scan105014
McCartney, John A.   scan104890
McCartney, John Andrew Minneapolis MN scan104893
McClarey, R. J.   scan104941
McClarey, Rollie Jason Pleasant Valley NE scan104943
McCuiston, William Clifton   scan105005
McCuiston, William Clifton MS scan105006
McCullough, William B.   scan104767
McCullough, William B. Monmouth IL scan104769
McCully, Letha Minnie Aline OK scan105055
McDole, Jessie E.   scan104772
McDole, Jessie E. Stevens County IA scan104776
McFall, Lester (2) Miller AR scan104862
McFall, Lester (2) Miller AR scan104863
McFarlane, Marie K.   scan104787
McGinty, Hugh   scan104912
McGinty, Hugh Glen Sr. New Gloster ME scan104913
McKinnis, Charles M.   scan104929
McKinnis, Charles Marion Ashland OR scan104930
McLane, George   scan104927
McLaughlin, William   scan104909
McLaughlin, William   scan104910
McLean, Margaret   scan104887
McLean, Margaret Vancouver WA scan104889
McLinn, Lena Mae Trail OR scan104889
McNair, Delia Versailles MO scan104795
Messenger, Phoebe   scan105049
Messenger, Phoebe IA scan105055
Millard, Iris B.   scan105028
Millard, Iris B. Banta MO scan105029
Miller, Anna M. Canton OH scan104781
Miller, George Fred Buffalo NY scan105103
Minnis, James M. Merit TX scan104892
Minnis, James McCoy   scan104890
Mogerman, Elsa   scan104909
Molen, Donald   scan104908
Monroe, Frances G.   scan105035
Monroe, Frances G. Rantoul IL scan105038
Moore, Floyd Clinton   scan105104
Moore, Floyd Clinton Portland OR scan105108
Morgan, Anna Perrysville IN scan104772
Morgan, Charley Ashland OR scan104922
Morgan, Claude M.   scan105045
Morgan, Claude M. Portland OR scan105046
Morgan, Frank A.   scan104790
Morgan, Frank A. Bangor PA scan104794
Morgan, Howard Howard LA scan104777
Morris, Edith Rosella Wesington Springs SD scan104955
Morrow, Mary L. Sioux City IA scan104793
Mottox, Matilda A. IN scan104848
Mundlin, Richard W. Omaha NE scan104912
Murphy, Maude Pinehurst OR scan105089
Murphy, Maude   scan105090
Murray, Josephine Harrison AR scan105059
Myer, Anna Laura Sams Valley OR scan105016
Nairn, Ethel Ella Santa Ana CA scan104889
Nance, R. D.   scan104935
Nashland, Rachel Sweden scan105098
Nelson, Henry J.   scan105088
Nelson, Henry J. Duluth MN scan105089
Nelson, Nels Ellis   scan104930
Nelson, Nels Ellis "Swede Toughter" Balstabruk Sweden scan104931
Newham, Harry A.   scan105084
Newham, Harry A. Durango CO scan105086
Newman, John   scan105042
Newman, John Ashland WI scan105045
Nielsen, Clayton Christian New England ND scan105018
Nininger, Amos C. KS scan104908
Noble, John Robert   scan105097
Norman, Lenora Ann Anderson CA scan104947
Norman, Leonora Ann   scan104946
Nunan, Charles J. Jacksonville OR scan104916
Nunan, Charles J. Jacksonville OR scan104917
Offenbacher, Mamie Red Bluff CA scan104890
Offord, Evelyn Mae   scan104923
Offord, Evelyn Mae Medford OR scan104925
O'Leary, John D. Garrison SD scan105065
Oliver, Eva   scan104995
Oliver, Evelyn P. Manchester CA scan104996
Ollom, Mabel Spencer NE scan104856
Ollom, Mabel S. NE scan104858
Olson, Ernie W.   scan105017
Olson, Ernie W. Drayton ND scan105020
O'Neil, Madge MO scan104860
Owen, Donald   scan104903
Owen, Donald Luther Gold Hill OR scan104907
Owsley, Carlos G. Hermitage MO scan105045
Palmatier, Miles A.   scan104772
Palmatier, Miles Abraham Burnwood NY scan104775
Palmer, Lulu Jackson Co MO scan104847
Palmer, Ruth C. Seattle WA scan105070
Pankey, Annie E.   scan105100
Parr, Cameron   scan104929
Parr, Cameron Addison Marion KS scan104930
Parrish, Hewitt   scan105098
Parrish, Hewitt E. IA scan105099
Payton, Otis John Baker OR scan104847
Pearce, George W. Jacksonville OR scan104998
Pearson, Carl I.   scan104867
Pearson, Carl I. Sweden scan104869
Pence, Capitola   scan105106
Pence, Capitola Gold Hill OR scan105108
Pendleton, Verne H.   scan105045
Pendleton, Verne H. Quincy CA scan105046
Peters, Bill   scan105014
Peterson, Andy Sweden scan104996
Peterson, Carl W.   scan105089
Peterson, Carl Wilford Logan UT scan105090
Peterson, Douglas   scan105061
Peterson, Douglas Irwin Chicago IL scan105064
Peterson, Lucille Erkhart Canada scan105037
Phillips, Anna Belle Jacksonville OR scan104910
Pike, Lillian A. Zena OR scan105086
Plumber, Naida Margaret   scan104949
Poindexter, Madge MO scan104860
Poole, Mamie Red Bluff CA scan104891
Porter, William Arthur, Jr.   scan105037
Prewitt, Beth Myrtle Point OR scan104922
Prom, George J.   scan105010
Pruitt, Jackie L.   scan105104
Pruitt, Jackie Lawrence (2) Hayti MO scan105102
Pruitt, Jackie Lawrence (2) Hayti MO scan105103
Pruitt, Thomas L.   scan105104
Pruitt, Thomas L. (2) Hayti MO scan105102
Pruitt, Thomas L. (2) Hayti MO scan105103
Puhl, Frederic Emil   scan104894
Puls, Pauline Bluffs IL scan104893
Purves, Maude Pinehurst OR scan105089
Putman, George F., Sr. McNary Co TN scan104846
Putman, George F., Sr. McNary Co TN scan104849
Qualls, Robert L.   scan104893
Radey, William B.   scan104934
Radey, William B.   scan104937
Radey, William B. "Bud" Seattle WA scan104937
Randall, Dwight D. (Rev.)   scan105086
Randall, Dwight D. (Rev.) Lynxville WI scan105087
Randleman, Harry Raymond Huron SD scan104850
Ranney, Rollan W.   scan104787
Ranney, Rollan W. Jewell County KS scan104788
Rawls, Sherman W. Bear AR scan104908
Rawls, Sherman Washington   scan104907
Ray, Chester Joy Keener MS scan104895
Reames, Lillian Phoenix OR scan104901
Reames, Molly R.   scan105020
Reed, Edna ND scan105053
Reed, Harry   scan104849
Reed, Harry McCook NE scan104850
Reese, Tina Emmeline Ava MO scan104864
Reese, Tinna   scan104863
Reinhart, George E.   scan105024
Reinhart, George Ernest Appleton MN scan105028
Resho, Charles Lee   scan105105
Reynolds, Paul Dee (2)   scan105048
Reynolds, Paul Dee (2)   scan105049
Reynolds, Paul Dee, Sr. MO scan105051
Reynolds, Pearl Callaway NE scan104849
Rhoads, John F. Medora IL scan104851
Rhoten, John Edward   scan105069
Rhoten, John Edward Gold Hill OR scan105070
Rice, Inez E.   scan105010
Rice, Inez Mitchell Newport PA scan105012
Richards, Leslie Allen   scan104936
Richards, Leslie Allen Guilford MO scan104936
Richards, Louise R. Belfast ME scan105087
Richardson, Eda   scan104926
Richardson, Eda Germany scan104929
Riley, Florence   scan104945
Riley, Florence   scan104948
Ristau, (Infant Daughter)   scan104866
Ritzinger, Fred Sublimity OR scan104787
Ritzinger, Fred Sublimity OR scan104788
Roach, Charles Richard Indianapolis IN scan105076
Roach, Charles Richard   scan105077
Roat, Ethel Amity OR scan104932
Roberts, Anna C.   scan104853
Roberts, Anna Catherine Medford OR scan104854
Roberts, Harold M. (Rev.) Pullman NE scan105004
Robinson, George   scan104933
Robison, George Elixandria ND scan104935
Roden, Anna M. Canton OH scan104781
Rodenberger, Carl Central Point OR scan104865
Rogers, May ID scan104775
Rogers, Uther   scan105065
Rohl, Carl   scan105047
Rohl, Carl Alan Oakland CA scan105053
Rohl, Eric   scan105047
Rohl, Eric Gerard Seattle WA scan105053
Rohl, Nancy Carol   scan105047
Rohl, Nancylee Carol Ashland OR scan105053
Roland, Anna Ottumwa IA scan105107
Rose, Delia   scan104792
Rose, Delia Versailles MO scan104795
Rose, Mary Elizabeth "Betty" Medford OR scan104842
Ross, Isabel Fawcett   scan104877
Ross, Isabel Fawcett Los Angeles CA scan104881
Ross, Mabel   scan104904
Ross, Mabel Ida Rolla MO scan104907
Ross, Maggie Jane Gravette AR scan104912
Rostel, Josephine Murray Harrison AR scan105059
Rowell, Sharon Marie Canada scan105075
Ruger, Maude   scan105096
Ruger, Maude Elma Wichita KS scan105098
Runyan, Dollie B.   scan105017
Runyan, Dollie B. Yuma AZ scan105018
Rusho, Charles Lee   scan105107
Rusho, Charles Leonel Roseburg OR scan105108
Russell, Nettie Grace   scan104902
Russell, Nettie Grace Darlington IN scan104903
Rust, Julia E.   scan104800
Ryan, William V. (Dr.)   scan105037
Ryan, William V. (Dr.) Emminence IN scan105038
Samford, Floyd L. (2)   scan105091
Samford, Floyd L. (2)   scan105092
Samples, Maude   scan105004
Samples, Maude Margaret Roseburg OR scan105006
Sanders, Carmen   scan104906
Schackel, E. J. St Paul MN scan105037
Schackel, Edward J.   scan105034
Schade, Lawrence J. Portland OR scan104924
Schatz, David A.   scan104950
Schatz, David Adolph Germany scan104952
Schow, John Valentine Clear Lake IA scan104848
Schroeder, Richard   scan104897
Schuler, Ned C.   scan105012
Schuler, Ned C. Shelbyville IN scan105013
Schwieger, Roy H. Minneapolis MN scan105051
Schwieger, Roy Harrison   scan105049
Seeley, George A. (Rev.) Napavine WA scan104878
Sellens, William Alfred Russell County KS scan104920
Sellens, William Alfred Russell County KS scan104918
Senff, Bertha A. Henderson NE scan104786
Settell, Terri Ann   scan105017
Sewell, Amy V. WI scan105081
Shafer, Ralph Everett   scan104779
Shanks, Ruth (Mrs. Edgar)   scan104772
Shaw, Glenn A.   scan104902
Shaw, Glenn A. Westgate IA scan104903
Shaw, Infant son   scan104908
Sheppard, LeRoy J.   scan104993
Sheppard, LeRoy J. Holton KS scan104994
Shirley, James W. Queen City MO scan105000
Shoemaker, Vivian Doris   scan105079
Shoemaker, Vivian Doris Eaton IN scan105084
Shore, Edna Hot Sulphur Springs CO scan104925
Shull, Katherine "Kay" Aberdeen WA scan104910
Shults, Mae Crescent City CA scan104887
Shumacher, Catherine New York City NY scan104787
Sidener, Pauline Bluffs IL scan104893
Sidener, Pauline Marie   scan104891
Siemer, Max   scan104847
Silkwood, Lena Mae   scan104888
Silkwood, Lena Mae Trail OR scan104889
Simmonds, Lucy C.   scan104854
Simmonds, Lucy C. Reno Co KS scan104856
Simmons, Maude Margaret Roseburg OR scan105006
Sitton, Adelaide E.   scan105079
Skyrman, Emma   scan105013
Skyrman, Emma May   scan105016
Skyrman, Emma May Albany OR scan105017
Smith, Helen M.   scan104850
Smith, Helen M. San Lorenzo CA scan104851
Smith, Karen R. Oakland CA scan104847
Smith, Kathryn Marguerite   scan104797
Smith, Rollin E.   scan104995
Smith, Rollin E. Eagle Point OR scan104997
Smith, Thomas Roger   scan105061
Snedicor, Frederick G. MI scan104931
Snyder, Corrine A.   scan105103
Snyder, Corrine A. Grayson TX scan105104
Soderlund, Nels A.   scan104909
Soderlund, Nels A. Klamath Falls OR scan104910
Sorenson, Addie L. Ridgefield WA scan104849
Sorenson, Addie Lerene   scan104848
Spackman, John C. NE scan105089
Spackman, John Charles   scan105087
Sparks, J. Claude McMinnville OR scan104901
Sparks, Joseph B.   scan105067
Sparks, Joseph B. Bermidii MN scan105069
Sparks, Thomas Jefferson Sandy Gap KY scan104930
Spears, Rosa Mary   scan104914
Spence, Karen Deann   scan104772
Spencer, Edward Porter Ottawa KS scan104789
Stack, Zuba   scan104851
Stack, Zuba M. MO scan104853
Stahley, Robert Wehr Middletown OH scan104942
Stanley, Gertrude B.   scan104842
Stanley, Gertrude B. Spring Hill KS scan104843
Staples, Naida Margaret   scan104949
Stearn, Mabel S. NE scan104858
Steele, Mary Zerilda Union City MO scan105018
Steger, Henry   scan104870
Steger, Henry Fred NY scan104881
Stephens, Lester John Fossil OR scan104772
Stevens, Eugene Taft   scan104943
Stevens, Eugene Taft Sistersville WV scan104944
Stevens, William James   scan104867
Stevens, William James Ft Collins CO scan104869
Stocking, Zula   scan105034
Stockton, Larry   scan104930
Stockton, William Lee   scan104931
Stockton, William Lee Silver City NH scan104932
Stolle, Elda Magdalene Silverton OR scan105042
Stratman, Evelyn Mae   scan104923
Stratman, Evelyn Mae Medford OR scan104925
Stratton, Sadie Hetland SD scan105074
Struck, Portia   scan105087
Struck, Portia Isabel La Farge WI scan105089
Stuart, Karen R.   scan104847
Sublette, Everett R.   scan104931
Sublette, Everett R. St Louis MO scan104935
Sutherlin, Angie H.   scan104873
Sutherlin, Angie H. Medford OR scan104875
Tamplin, Anna Belle Jacksonville OR scan104910
Tappin, Arthur   scan104859
Tappin, Arthur Clifton AZ scan104861
Taylor, Donnie C. Bonham TX scan105000
Taylor, Maude   scan104864
Taylor, Maude I. Homer IL scan104865
Taylor, William Steven   scan104872
Taylor, William Steven KY scan104879
Tennis, Herbert Beagle Parsons KS scan105082
Tepovac, Sophia   scan105074
Tepovac, Sophia Yugoslovia scan105075
Terrill, Lucile Wichita KS scan105042
Teske, Harold F.   scan104782
Teske, Harold F. Faribault MN scan104783
Tetreault, Mona   scan104954
Tetreault, Mona Crystal Lake MI scan104955
Thanos, John L.   scan105092
Thanos, John L. Greece scan105094
Thanos, John L.   scan105096
Thayer, Laura Mankato MN scan104954
Thomas, Ada   scan105037
Thomas, Flora Bell   scan105029
Thomas, Flora Bell Kent NE scan105032
Thomas, Mary Ann Brookhaven MS scan104888
Thompson, Nettie Grace Darlington IN scan104903
Tims, Ada Luthera Independence IA scan105072
Tod, Terry W.   scan105043
Tod, Terry W. Long Beach CA scan105045
Toomey, Francis J. Boston MA scan105064
Trautman, Christian   scan104772
Trautman, Christian   scan104775
Trochinski, Joseph   scan104853
Trochinski, Joseph C. Berlin WI scan104861
Trovillo, James Garfield   scan105065
Trovillo, James Garfield Aledo IL scan105067
Turner, John   scan104903
Turner, John M.   scan104907
Turner, John M. Red Oak IA scan104909
Turpin, Thomas Lake Creek OR scan105101
Ulrich, Leona Jacksonville OR scan104873
Ulrick, Leona Jacksonville OR scan104868
Vale, John Herbert   scan104953
Van Lindt, Elmer L. Ballinger TX scan104851
Van Lindt, Mary Leah Josephine Co OR scan104858
Vanlindt, Elmer L. Ballinger TX scan104853
Veach, Minnie M. Whitehall MI scan105037
Venable, Mamie Red Bluff CA scan104891
Vincent, James O.   scan104784
Voss, August W.   scan105077
Voss, August William Manson IA scan105078
Waggener, Elon I.   scan105104
Waggener, Elon I.   scan105106
Waggener, Elon I.   scan105107
Wainwright, Dora Round Valley CA scan104907
Wait, Helen Chicago NE scan104903
Wakeman, Alice B. Myrtle Creek OR scan104859
Walden, Elenor KS scan104955
Walkemeyer, Dorothy L.   scan104771
Walkemeyer, Dorothy L. Bay City OR scan104772
Walker, Clay   scan105010
Walker, Clay Popular Bluff MO scan105012
Walker, Evelyn P. Manchester CA scan104996
Wallace, Melvin   scan105035
Walsh, Joseph Francis   scan105023
Walsh, L. C. Milton ND scan104792
Ward, Vivian B.   scan105018
Warg, Beth   scan105074
Warner, Hazel Leora Vale OR scan104779
Warner, Jessie W.   scan104800
Watson, Catherine W. Pomeroy WA scan104903
Watt, Edwin   scan104996
Watt, Edwin Kingman KS scan104997
Watter, Ruth   scan104772
Webster, Alta Louise   scan104949
Webster, Alta Louise Reading Center NY scan104952
Webster, Laura Loretta St Elmo IL scan104995
Wehmann, Catherine New York City NY scan104787
Weissenfels, Lillian   scan105059
Weissenfels, Lillian W. (M.) OK scan105061
Welch, Amalla Lincoln NE scan104887
Welch, Amalla   scan104880
Welch, Michael O. Medford OR scan105012
Welch, Michael O. Medford OR scan105013
Wert, Thomas Ernest Aurora NE scan105053
Westlund, John E.   scan105001
Westlund, John E. Sweden scan105003
Whaley, Mildred Hammond Los Angeles CA scan104787
Wheeler, Hildreth   scan104858
Wheeler, Hildreth Denmark scan104859
Whipple, James M. Cedarville CA scan105084
Whisnant, Delia LaVerne   scan104910
Whisnant, Delia Laverne   scan104912
White, Audley C.   scan104781
White, Audley C. Shepherd MI scan104782
White, Charles   scan104932
White, Charles   scan104935
White, Charles Jewell KS scan104938
White, Hal Russell   scan104921
White, Hallie Russell Dunseith ND scan104922
White, Harry L. Gold Hill OR scan105055
White, William   scan104901
White, William F. "Bill" Lake Creek OR scan104903
Whitman, Matilda A.   scan104847
Whitman, Matilda A. IN scan104848
Whitman, Shiela Kay   scan104995
Whitman, Shiela Kay Medford OR scan104996
Whitmarsh, Harold L. Prescott AZ scan104780
Wilken, Mildred Hammond Los Angeles CA scan104787
William, Maude Pinehurst OR scan105089
Williams, Alice E. Shopiere WI scan105056
Williams, Flora Ellen   scan104947
Williams, Flora Ellen Joplin MO scan104949
Williams, Ira C. Newell IA scan105018
Williams, Laura (Mrs. Charles H.)   scan104950
Williams, Laura (Mrs. Charles H.)   scan104952
Williams, Laura (Mrs. Charles H.) Adin CA scan104953
Willoughby, Kellie   scan104783
Willoughby, Kellie E. Harrison AR scan104784
Wilmot, Ethel Ella Santa Ana CA scan104889
Winkelman, Charles V. Buffalo NY scan104887
Winkleman, Charles Victor   scan104879
Wise, Minnie F. Indianapolis IN scan104888
Wissenback, Mary L. Sioux City IA scan104793
Withrow, Pearl   scan104848
Withrow, Pearl Callaway NE scan104849
Wolgamot, Kenneth Rae   scan104925
Wolgamot, Kenneth Rae   scan104929
Wood, Harry Dairy OR scan104866
Woodfield, Alta K. Medford OR scan105075
Woodfield, Alta Knips   scan105074
Woods, Melvena Little Rock AR scan105064
Woods, Melvena Little Rock AR scan105068
Woodyard, Sam   scan104870
Wray, M. Thomas Dodge City MN scan104896
Yandell, Virginia B. Brawley CA scan104842
Yenne, Goldie   scan104912
Yenne, Goldie Bellaire KS scan104914
Yorton, Katie Pearl   scan104924
Yorton, Katy Pearl Orland CA scan104925
Young, Bertha Mae MO scan105008
Young, Elton M.   scan105075
Young, Harvie E.   scan104865
Young, Winifred M.   scan104924
Young, Winifred M. MO scan104925