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Medford Mail Tribune Scanned Obituary Index for 1963

photo of a Raven

Our JCGL volunteers are scanning and indexing microfilmed images of Medford Mail Tribune Obituaries and Death Notices. Below is an index to the 1963 scanned images. It includes the name of the deceased person, his/her place of birth (when available), and the number we have assigned to the image. If the deceased person is a married woman and her maiden name was given in the obituary, this is included in the index. If you would like to receive a copy of a scanned obituary, follow this link, Postal Request Form to display the request form. Complete and print the form, then send it to the address shown along with a check for $10 and a stamped, self-addressed envelope. Some of the scanned obituaries require more than one image. We will send them all for a single $10 fee, but you must put all the image numbers (e.g., scan123456, scan123457) on your request. Be sure to provide all the required information on the form.

For faster turnaround, use the Buy Now button below to make a secure online payment and to provide the information needed to fill your request. Be sure you fill ALL fields in the form including all image scan numbers. When you complete the transaction, our librarian will copy the requested information and email it to you as an attachment. It will be sent as a .jpg (picture) file. When you receive this .jpg file, click on it and it will be loaded into your picture viewer from which you can print a hard copy.

Scanned Mail Tribune Obituaries
Last Name, First Name
Year, Image Number

Name Birth Place Image Number
Adam, Magdalena Russia scan104351
Adam, Margaret   scan104510
Adam, Margaret Miss Sea Forth Canada scan104513
Adams, Bertram E.   scan104698
Adams, Elmer Lee Praguc OK scan104558
Adams, James W.   scan104620
Albert, Berrt Hector PA scan104265
Aldredge, (Infant Son)   scan104386
Aldrich, W. L.   scan104671
Alenderfer, Ina C. Elsberry MO scan104521
Allario, Aurelio Italy scan104366
Alldredge, Laura M. Moweaqua IL scan104696
Allen, Mabel Elsie Talent OR scan104352
Allen, Oneda   scan104640
Allen, Oneda Knoxville TN scan104641
Aller, Lena Belle Osage IA scan104452
Allison, Lydia   scan104421
Allison, William R. London Ontario Canada scan104517
Alpheus, Lizzie Clear Creek CA scan104675
Amann, Eugene Gibsonville CA scan104514
Ambler, James W.   scan104634
Ambler, James W. Bethel CT scan104635
Anderson, Don F.   scan104653
Anderson, Don F. Jacksonville OR scan104654
Anderson, Emma L. Miss   scan104481
Anderson, Emma L. Miss   scan104482
Anderson, Emma L. Miss   scan104484
Anderson, Emma Lorene Miss Shickley NE scan104485
Anderson, Jean Ursula Moundsville MO scan104529
Anderson, Lorraine L. Miss Medford OR scan104520
Anderson, Lorraine Lester Miss   scan104518
Anderson, Marjorie L. Belmond IA scan104583
Anderson, Wilma Sue Cass Co IL scan104376
Andrus, James Donald   scan104678
Angus, Irvie   scan104352
Angus, Ivie Lee Dalhart TX scan104353
Ansted, Sophia Eleanor   scan104368
Ansted, Sophia Eleanor Jefferson Co KS scan104369
Applebaker, Mabel Ellen   scan104426
Applebaker, Mabel Ellen Wisconsin Rapids WI scan104427
Applegate, Roscoe Bonanza OR scan104363
Applegate, Roscoe Bonanza OR scan104364
Applin, Dorothy Edna IL scan104389
Applin, Dorothy Edna IL scan104390
Armstrong, James F.   scan104270
Armstrong, James F. Muscotah KS scan104272
Arnold, Harriett   scan104372
Ashbaugh, Atha Orleans NE scan104353
Atchley, Joseph Lee   scan104653
Atchley, Joseph Lee Emery AL scan104654
Attwooll, R. Merle   scan104508
Attwooll, R. Merle Clear Lake IA scan104509
Atwood, Ralph   scan104701
Atwood, Ralph A. Hampden ME scan104702
Aubrey, Walter Cottage Grove OR scan104675
Averill, Clarence E.   scan104332
Averill, Clarence E. Harvard NE scan104333
Ayers, Mabel L.   scan104333
Ayers, Mabel Lina St Louis MO scan104334
Badger, Ina   scan104311
Badger, Iva L. Downing MO scan104312
Badger, Wilbur Henry Topeka KS scan104287
Bailey, Mabel Mildred Pierce City MO scan104647
Bailey, Mabel Mildred   scan104650
Bailey, Margery   scan104446
Bailey, Margery Santa Cruz CA scan104442
Baird, Anna F. Bloomsburg PA scan104289
Baker, Cerene C. Canada scan104672
Baker, Cerene C.   scan104668
Baker, Cerene C.   scan104671
Baker, George W., Sr. WA scan104297
Baker, John King Frankfurt IN scan104312
Baker, John King   scan104313
Baker, Sarah E. Pacific Co WA scan104313
Baldwin, Kenneth H.   scan104393
Baldwin, Kenneth H. Provolt OR scan104394
Balis, Benjamin B. Eldorado County CA scan104522
Ball, James Scott The Dalles OR scan104441
Balser, Mary Ellen Cory PA scan104257
Banks, John R. Payette ID scan104508
Banta, Ethel Mae IL scan104662
Banta, Ethel Mae   scan104663
Barber, Eric C.   scan104265
Barber, Eric C. Scotland scan104266
Barnard, Willa R.   scan104416
Barnard, Willa R. DuBois PA scan104417
Barnes, Mary E. Texas County, MO scan104509
Barnhart, Mazie   scan104285
Bartley, Joseph Ernest   scan104472
Bartley, Joseph Ernest Corcoran CA scan104474
Barton, Jean Northridge CA scan104352
Barton, Jean B. F.   scan104349
Basilio, Leo H.   scan104533
Bates, Albert   scan104370
Bates, Albert Henry Elgin IL scan104372
Baxter, David Evans   scan104431
Baxter, David Evans Salem OR scan104432
Bayha, Lily Colby KS scan104396
Beagle, Susie Ursula Platte County MO scan104519
Beal, Ralph H. Fort Scott KS scan104451
Bean, Eldon Leonard "Stub" Waldron AR scan104462
Bean, Leonard Eldon "Stub"   scan104461
Beasley, Harold Brooklyn NY scan104299
Bebb, Irvin   scan104592
Bebb, Irvin T. Grants Pass OR scan104593
Beck, William Albert Cedarville CA scan104329
Beelby, Ida L.   scan104624
Beelby, Ida L. Canada scan104627
Belknap, Helen   scan104655
Bell, Edmund Beach   scan104324
Bell, James Scott   scan104445
Belland, Alan John Havre MT scan104500
Bellows, Carlton E. Port Henry NY scan104278
Belton, George   scan104432
Belton, George Croswell MI scan104435
Beman, Iola A.   scan104353
Beman, Iola A. New Albany IN scan104353
Benner, Kathern M. Kenton OH scan104616
Bennett, Ernest P. Nashua NH scan104623
Bennett, Laurie Ann   scan104360
Bentley, George D.   scan104381
Bentley, George David Mason City IA scan104383
Bergen, Peter Andrew Marion Co KS scan104573
Bergen, Peter Andrew Marion Co KS scan104574
Bergman, Waylman W. Grass Valley CA scan104360
Berrian, Hattie   scan104345
Berry, Albina   scan104387
Berry, Albina Concordia KS scan104388
Berry, May   scan104450
Bertelsen, Carroll M.   scan104583
Bertelsen, Carroll M.   scan104584
Bevel, Cora Octavia Sandy UT scan104302
Beveridge, Blanche A.   scan104365
Beveridge, Blanche A. New Brunswick scan104366
Bingman, Charles Thomas Forney TX scan104615
Bingman, Ernest   scan104491
Bish, George William   scan104623
Bish, George William Ashland OR scan104624
Blaar, Ida   scan104353
Blaar, Ida Germany scan104360
Blaar, Ida Germany scan104361
Black, William M. Sheridan WY scan104674
Blackburn, Fidelia Mae Rockhill OR scan104348
Blackington, Barbara Medford OR scan104523
Blackman, Walter M.   scan104643
Blackman, Walter M. NE scan104644
Blanchard, Annie   scan104653
Blanchard, Annie Seabeck WA scan104654
Blass, John J.   scan104357
Blass, John J. Wymore NE scan104358
Bleak, Ellye West Weber UT scan104643
Blew, Frank L.   scan104672
Blew, Frank L. Kennewick WA scan104673
Block, John   scan104289
Block, John Lincoln NE scan104290
Bohm, Brian Robert   scan104383
Boling, Edward A. Foots Creek OR scan104303
Bonesteel, Richard Burton   scan104383
Bonesteel, Richard Burton Medford OR scan104385
Bonney, Ethel May Chicago IL scan104572
Bossler, Mike N., Jr. IL scan104257
Bottel, Nina   scan104374
Boussum, Ethel May Chicago IL scan104572
Bowerman, Jesse J. Central City NE scan104364
Bowling, Jerry Francis   scan104643
Bowling, Jerry Francis Casville MO scan104645
Boyer, Cleo Blane County OK scan104640
Boyer, Cleo L. Blane County OK scan104641
Boyl, Grace (Mrs. Robert H.)   scan104484
Boyl, Grace (Mrs. Robert H.) Cincinnati OH scan104486
Bradberry, Naomi Hunter   scan104359
Bradberry, Naomi Hunter Sherman Co OR scan104360
Bradbury, Mary Anna Wappinger's Falls NY scan104375
Braden, Arthur   scan104261
Bray, Charles E.   scan104654
Bray, Charles Evan Medford OR scan104655
Bredeson, Olaf Norway scan104250
Brennan, Frank S.   scan104257
Brennan, Frank S. Los Angeles CA scan104258
Bridge, Mary Oregon MO scan104255
Bridgeman, John J. Gunnison CO scan104389
Bridges, Mary Oregon MO scan104257
Briggs, Rose   scan104374
Bristow, Anna L.   scan104477
Bristow, Anna L. Talent OR scan104478
Brittsan, Bessie Ashland OR scan104520
Brock, Mary Florence Marion IN scan104533
Brockett, May Barkhampstead CT scan104347
Brommer, Carl J. Detroit MI scan104272
Brothers, Ralph Edward   scan104416
Brothers, Ralph Edward Jacksonville IL scan104417
Brown, Ada Bellfont AR scan104508
Brown, Andrew H.   scan104590
Brown, Andrew H.   scan104592
Brown, Chauncey A. Appleton MN scan104372
Brown, Dan   scan104519
Brown, Elsie May St Paul NE scan104623
Brown, Elsie May St Paul NE scan104624
Brown, Louis F.   scan104574
Brown, Louis Francis Grundy Co MO scan104576
Brown, Lynn E. Lincoln Creek WA scan104372
Brown, May Brockett   scan104344
Brown, May Brockett Barkhampstead CT scan104347
Brownrigg, Alice Mae Phoenix OR scan104261
Bruce, Jeannette B. Chagrin Falls OH scan104325
Bruder, Eugenie "Jeannie" Wells MN scan104338
Buck, Timothy Eugene   scan104268
Buckley, George   scan104645
Buckley, George Ruch OR scan104646
Buckley, Kate   scan104368
Buckley, Mary "Kate" Ruch OR scan104369
Buckmaster, Charles Robert "Bob"   scan104684
Buckmaster, Charles Robert "Bob" Cranford NJ scan104685
Buffington, Gail Pope   scan104317
Buffington, Gail Pope Mabton WA scan104319
Burdette, Eli Thomas, Jr. Rosa WA scan104334
Burdick, Frank "Doc"   scan104359
Burgman, Cecelia   scan104644
Burgman, Cecelia NY scan104645
Burk, Harold   scan104685
Burk, Herold R. Pullman WA scan104687
Burkhart, Martin Fairfield IA scan104398
Burrows, Ollie Pauline OK scan104627
Burrows, Pauline   scan104623
Bush, Vera Marian Grants Pass OR scan104327
Butler, Dorothy M. Reno NV scan104520
Butler, Edward Norman Syracuse NY scan104602
Butler, Edward Norman Syracuse NY scan104605
Butler, Warren   scan104626
Butler, Warren Saratoga WY scan104630
Byers, Jean Ursula Moundsville MO scan104529
Byers, Jean Ursula   scan104530
Byrd, Melissa   scan104517
Byrne, Stella NV scan104682
Caldwell, Mary Anna   scan104374
Caldwell, Mary Anna Wappinger's Falls NY scan104375
Call, Rollie L.   scan104643
Call, Rollie L. Flemingsburg KY scan104644
Cameron, Anna C. Uniontown OR scan104369
Cameron, William J.   scan104684
Cameron, William John Isanti Co MN scan104685
Campbell, Edith Julia Sac City IA scan104578
Campbell, Ethel A.   scan104573
Campbell, Ethel Alice Roseburg OR scan104574
Campbell, Richard Barrett Aberdeen WA scan104355
Campbell, Walter   scan104463
Campbell, Walter J.   scan104465
Canady, James Lee   scan104339
Canady, James Lee Miami OK scan104340
Canfield, Ira   scan104682
Canfield, Ira D. Renova PA scan104684
Cannon, Arthur M.   scan104657
Canode, Blanche D. Bushnell IL scan104395
Capps, Mabel Victoria TX scan104413
Carder, Bernice Medford OR scan104335
Cardoza, Albert M.   scan104278
Cardoza, Albert M. CA scan104282
Carley, Roy   scan104266
Carley, Roy Eugene Montpelier ND scan104267
Carlon, Edward Eugene MN scan104287
Carnell, Jesse O.   scan104406
Carnell, Jesse O. Medford OR scan104407
Carpenter, Edna Gai Alleouez MI scan104336
Carson, Infant   scan104490
Carter, John Wesley   scan104478
Carter, Stella Mae Ringo Mills KY scan104418
Casebier, Amos A. Jefferson Co KS scan104567
Casebier, Sophia Eleanor Jefferson Co KS scan104369
Casebolt, Violet Rose Arcata CA scan104398
Casey, Charles F.   scan104376
Casey, Charles Franklin   scan104377
Casey, Charles Franklin Reno NV scan104378
Casey, Lonzo   scan104602
Casey, Lonzo Broken Arrow OK scan104605
Cassiere, Dorothy D.   scan104613
Cassiere, Dorothy D. TX scan104615
Cassman, Harvey E.   scan104390
Cassman, Harvey E. Sioux City IA scan104391
Castillo, Ada Ely Athena OR scan104678
Cater, Anna   scan104367
Cater, Anna C. Uniontown OR scan104369
Caton, Kenneth Klamath Falls OR scan104575
Cavanaugh, Isabelle Edgewood CA scan104612
Cavin, Lula Elizabeth Haines OR scan104289
Cech, Marian (Mrs. James)   scan104654
Chaddick, Fred W.   scan104611
Chaddick, Fred W. Kent TX scan104612
Chamberlain, Troy Dean   scan104386
Chandler, Laura Emma Frazee MN scan104582
Chaney, Rondo Rondo MO scan104641
Chaney, Rondo N. Rondo MO scan104640
Chapman, Forrest E.   scan104376
Chapman, Forrest E.   scan104377
Chapman, Forrest E. Cainsville MO scan104378
Chapman, Harry Hubert Southfield MI scan104333
Chapman, Ida May South English IA scan104570
Chash, Peter Poland scan104474
Chesney, Margaret "Margy" Ashland OR scan104688
Chesney, Margaret Maude   scan104687
Childers, William Albert Winnigan MO scan104255
Christian, Carrye   scan104685
Christian, Carrye Buffalo Gap TX scan104687
Christianson, Laura Emma Frazee MN scan104582
Clancy, Robert W. Dr.   scan104513
Clapper, Floyd O. Ames IA scan104309
Clark, Anna Frances TX scan104563
Clark, Emma T.   scan104615
Clark, Emma T. Norway scan104616
Clark, Ira Benjamin Emporia KS scan104358
Clark, Lee Wayne   scan104502
Clark, Lee Wayne Arthur IA scan104505
Clawson, Bessie Ashland OR scan104520
Clawson, Carl H.   scan104633
Clawson, Carl H.   scan104634
Clawson, Theodore C. Hornbrook CA scan104365
Claysom, Annie   scan104653
Claysom, Annie Seabeck WA scan104654
Clayton, Frank A.   scan104298
Clayton, Frank A. Toledo OH scan104299
Cleveland, Lucille Lou   scan104623
Cliff, Maude   scan104690
Cliff, Maude E. Ashland OR scan104691
Clifton, W. K.   scan104678
Clink, Frances   scan104273
Clink, Frances   scan104275
Clink, Frances Jeannette Klau CA scan104276
Close, Claude   scan104292
Close, Ida Clarice Garfield MI scan104381
Clute, Maud M.   scan104370
Clute, Maud M. Applegate OR scan104374
Coe, Celestia Florence Rushford MN scan104324
Coffeen, Ethel   scan104284
Coffeen, Ethel E. Beatrice NE scan104285
Coffman, Mary Jane   scan104336
Coffman, Mary Jane Albertville AL scan104337
Colley, Richard   scan104331
Collins, Charles   scan104268
Collins, Charles R. Crane MO scan104272
Combs, Frederick Winston   scan104324
Combs, Frederick Winston Lebanon OR scan104326
Combs, Leslie Richard Talent OR scan104587
Combs, Leslie Richard   scan104592
Combs, Leslie Richard   scan104597
Conaway, Grace L. Denver CO scan104338
Connell, Elsie May St Paul NE scan104623
Connell, Elsie May St Paul NE scan104624
Conner, Elizabeth Breckenridge TX scan104568
Conner, Fannie E.   scan104565
Conner, Florence H.   scan104353
Conner, Florence H. Reading PA scan104355
Connors, Margaret   scan104410
Connors, Margaret Hilda Davenport IA scan104411
Cook, Clifford F.   scan104530
Cook, Clifford F. Argyle lMN scan104531
Cook, Della Minora Applegate Valley OR scan104634
Cook, George   scan104466
Cook, George F. Canton NC scan104467
Cook, Hilda   scan104673
Cook, Hilda F. New Iberia LA scan104675
Cook, Lucille Lou   scan104623
Cook, Mary E.   scan104254
Cook, Mary Ellen Cory PA scan104257
Cook, Sarah D. Timber Creek KS scan104324
Cook, Violet Rose   scan104397
Cook, Violet Rose Arcata CA scan104398
Copeland, Peggy Jean Marble Mt. WA scan104489
Cornett, Jack   scan104579
Cornett, Jack Cottage Grove OR scan104581
Correy, Maude Mae   scan104587
Correy, Maude Mae   scan104588
Cothrin, Marvin S.   scan104367
Cothrin, Marvin Sheldon Sacramento CA scan104368
Cotton, John C. Minneapolis MN scan104429
Cowan, C. Clifford   scan104698
Cowan, C. Clifford   scan104701
Cowan, C. Clifford San Ardo CA scan104702
Cox, Claud   scan104357
Cox, Claude Leonard Williams OR scan104358
Crafford, Viola May Mendon MI scan104459
Craig, Cory Franklin Rapid City SD scan104558
Crebbins, Marie Ireland scan104362
Cross, Edwin Warner   scan104498
Cross, Edwin Warner Saskatchewan Canada scan104499
Cross, William   scan104368
Culbertson, James D.   scan104641
Culbertson, Maude M.   scan104682
Culbertson, Maude M. Karns City PA scan104684
Cullop, Woodrow J. Wausa NE scan104592
Culpepper, Isaac Jefferson Seminary MS scan104422
Culpepper, Mary Elizabeth   scan104702
Culpepper, Mary Elizabeth Seminary MS scan104702
Cummins, Martha Rosehill IL scan104563
Cunningham, George E.   scan104612
Cunningham, George E. Downing WI scan104613
Dagg, Harold Morehouse   scan104260
Dahlke, Henry F. Hokah MN scan104251
Dallaire, Florence Wibaux MT scan104687
Darling, Lulu Josephine Gonzalez CA scan104639
Daugherty, John P. Sidney NE scan104416
Daugherty, John P.   scan104417
David, Harry D.   scan104299
David, Harry D. Napoleon OH scan104301
David, Harry D. Napoleon OH scan104302
Davidson, Bernard Fletcher Scott Valley CA scan104308
Davis, Alta F.   scan104498
Davis, Alta Faye Wilson OK scan104499
Davis, Charles Noel Tyghe Ridge OR scan104639
Davis, Elma D. Peoria OR scan104341
Davis, Gladys Opel Cebeberg WI scan104321
Davis, Glee Ernestine   scan104496
Davis, Harold Jean Jefferson OR scan104651
Davis, Harold Jean (2 articles) Jefferson OR scan104649
Davis, Harold Jean (2 articles) Jefferson OR scan104650
Davis, Lillian E.   scan104259
Davis, Lillian E. Blue Island IL scan104262
Davis, Richard Lee   scan104496
Dawson, Jennett Preston ID scan104305
Day, Nellie Jane Salem OR scan104254
Day, Ruby M.   scan104496
Day, Ruby M. Bellefont AR scan104498
Dean, Agnes E. MT scan104357
Dean, Mildred Miss   scan104479
Dean, Mildred Miss Rice Lake WI scan104481
Dean, Olive Little Rock AR scan104432
Dean, Olive Sebastian County AR scan104434
DeLisle, Ruby M.   scan104383
DeLisle, Ruby M. Canada scan104386
DeLyle, Alec D., Sr.   scan104253
DeLyle, Alec D., Sr.   scan104254
DeLyle, Alec D., Sr. Canada scan104257
Denman, R. W.   scan104630
Dennis, Edith   scan104617
Dennis, Edith F. Portland OR scan104620
Denyer, Russell H.   scan104612
Denyer, Russell H. Portland OR scan104613
Denzer, Roy   scan104391
Denzer, Roy Earl St Paul MN scan104394
Desavedo, Rose M. Yreka CA scan104673
Desmond, LaFreda Beryl Dayton OR scan104414
Desmond, LaFreda D. Dayton OR scan104416
Deter, Fred Clarence Montague CA scan104481
Detweiler, John Findley OH scan104298
Detweiler, John Leonard (2)   scan104296
Detweiler, John Leonard (2)   scan104297
Devereux, Henry P.   scan104259
Devereux, Henry P. Norway OR scan104262
DeVore, Carlton Max   scan104684
DeVore, Carlton Max OK scan104685
Dickey, John L. Seattle WA scan104612
Dickey, Margaret Harriman TN scan104360
Dickson, Claude C.   scan104531
Dickson, Claude C. Benedict NE scan104533
Dickson, Raymond L.   scan104620
Dickson, Raymond L. Grove City PA scan104622
Dillstrom, Vernon Carl   scan104280
Diment, Osla   scan104465
Diment, Osla J. Hudson WI scan104466
Ditsworth, Ida Eagle Point OR scan104665
Dixon, Albert A. Denver CO scan104609
Dodge, Carl Mason Ansley NE scan104680
Dodge, Floy Great Bend KS scan104615
Dodge, Will Marshall Greenville IA scan104598
Dolan, Signa B. Grand Meadow MN scan104570
Dollarhide, Florence Charlotte   scan104299
Donahue, John Joseph   scan104385
Donahue, John Joseph Philadelphia PA scan104389
Dooms, Mary E.   scan104508
Dooms, Mary E. Texas County, MO scan104509
Doss, Elma D.   scan104338
Doss, Elma D. Peoria OR scan104341
Doty, W. S.   scan104394
Dow, Ellamae Joylin MO scan104294
Drake, Mable   scan104565
Drennen, Josie Maude Houston MO scan104317
Drorbaugh, George   scan104520
Drow, Fredrick Theodore Germany scan104402
Drummond, Anna M. Elmo MO scan104399
Drury, Mildred H.   scan104389
Dryden, Maude Central City CO scan104487
DuBay, Ida Minneapolis MN scan104376
Dudley, Willard Lovelle   scan104491
Dudley, Willard Lovelle Tacoma WA scan104492
Duer, Robin Lee   scan104361
Dugan, Lily   scan104394
Dugan, Lily Colby KS scan104396
Dumas, Ira Paul (Rev.) Baker OR scan104268
Dunagan, Laverne Wayne   scan104416
Dunagan, Laverne Wayne Willows CA scan104417
Duncan, Hazel Lane CO scan104251
Duncan, John Albert   scan104365
Dunford, Viola Davis County NE scan104445
Durbin, Michael Jay   scan104254
Dusenberry, Smith Albion Balsom Lake WI scan104257
Dykstra, Juryen Henry Springfield SD scan104359
Dykstra, Juryen Henry Springfield SD scan104360
Dysart, Arthur TX scan104644
Dysart, Arthur Paris TX scan104645
Eakin, Mary   scan104304
Eakin, Mary M. Hanston KS scan104305
Eakin, Victor I.   scan104607
Eakin, Victor Isaac Sioux City IA scan104609
Eastwood, (Mrs. Robert) Los Angeles CA scan104599
Edmondson, Margaret E. Big Butte OR scan104630
Edwards, Norman Salt Lake City UT scan104425
Eicher, Claron S.   scan104606
Eicher, Claron Snyder Butte Co CA scan104607
Eidet, Christine F. Norway scan104297
Eismann, Vina Grants Pass OR scan104504
Ekstrand, (Mrs. Arnold) St Louis MO scan104651
Elliott, M. Emma Wellman IA scan104417
Elliott, Margaret M.   scan104414
Ells, William R.   scan104651
Ells, William Raymond Leavenworth WA scan104654
Ellsworth, Ellye West Weber UT scan104643
Elmgren, Wendell W.   scan104374
Elmgren, Wendell W. North Brnach MN scan104375
Emmens, Fannie E.   scan104281
Emmens, Fannie E. Philadelphia PA scan104283
Emmingham, Mrs. W. S.   scan104394
Emmons, (Infant Daughter)   scan104278
Enfield, Sarah D. Timber Creek KS scan104324
England, William C.   scan103880
Estep, Laura Louilla Brushy Mount NC scan104489
Evans, Barbara O.   scan104597
Evans, John A.   scan104473
Evans, John A. Oakland OR scan104475
Evans, Marian Burros Union City PA scan104679
Evans, Olivia Stuttgart AR scan104599
Evans, Olivia   scan104598
Everist, Mary Ellen Saratoga WY scan104558
Failor, Frank Marion Savannah MO scan104390
Fann, Rufus H.   scan104509
Farmer, Donald   scan104262
Farmer, Donald Ray Ashland OR scan104263
Fenderson, Marguerite Dorothy Boston MA scan104568
Ferguson, Howard   scan104362
Ferguson, Howard F. Topeka KS scan104363
Ferguson, Ralph   scan104373
Ferral, Minnie Scio OR scan104267
Fick, Nellie Logan IA scan104293
Field, Aileen Marie   scan104677
Field, Aileen Marie Oakland CA scan104678
Fiene, Minnie I.   scan104335
Finke, William G.   scan104583
Finke, William G.   scan104584
Fischer, Nettie E   scan104508
Fischer, Nettie E. Wymore NE scan104509
Fish, Fletcher San Francisco CA scan104436
Fisher, Alfred R. "Bill" Belgrade MT scan104668
Fisher, Alfred Raymond   scan104667
Fisher, Elizabeth B.   scan104641
Fisher, Elizabeth Belle LaMoille IA scan104643
Flagg, John Byron Galt MO scan104682
Flanders, James A.   scan104329
Flanders, James A. Hot Springs AR scan104330
Fleischer, Harold J. Pelican Rapids MN scan104338
Fleming, Elmer W. Hibbing MN scan104354
Flescher, Roy M.   scan104634
Flescher, Roy M. Woodenville WA scan104635
Flippin, Rodney Gold Hill OR scan104397
Flury, (Mrs. Henry Wolf)   scan104321
Flynn, Lillian Audrey Quincy MO scan104341
Force, Lavena   scan104688
Force, Lavena Beagle OR scan104690
Force, Robert Tolo OR scan104522
Forgey, Albert Preston   scan104268
Foss, Josie Maude Houston MO scan104317
Fosser, Joe S.   scan104265
Fosser, Joe S. Franfort KY scan104266
Foster, Harry A.   scan104340
Foster, James   scan104489
Foster, James Leonard Puxico MO scan104490
Foster, John M.   scan104340
Foster, John Monroe Debenge Gap OR scan104341
Frain, Ida Clarice Garfield MI scan104381
Frain, Ida Clarice Garfield MI scan104383
Frame, Reuben W. "Bob"   scan104481
Frame, Reuben W. "Bob" Champaign IL scan104484
Francis, Gladys   scan104376
Francis, Gladys D. Baker OR scan104378
Franklin, David   scan104615
Freauf, Anna Stazie Skyler NE scan104278
Fredeen, Christine F. Norway scan104297
Freeman, Annie Decatur TX scan104352
Freeman, George Alpheus Center Harbor NH scan104655
Freeman, Samuel Wilson   scan104466
Freeman, Samuel Wilson Knoxville TN scan104467
Frost, Joseph William SD scan104590
Fuller, Nelson A. "Hodges" Fraserburg Ontario Canada scan104504
Funderburg, Wilbur L. Stanberry MS scan104520
Funderburg, Wilbur Lee   scan104519
Funston, Addie Mae   scan104410
Funston, Addie Mae OH scan104413
Gaines, Alice M. Medford OR scan104396
Gardner, Calvin C. NY scan104378
Garren, Norman B. Gilmore City IA scan104677
Garrison, Mary T.   scan104634
Garrison, Mary T. Philadelphia PA scan104635
Garrison, Myrtle M.   scan104508
Garrison, Myrtle May IA scan104509
Gates, Ida May South English IA scan104570
Gault, Charles T.   scan104517
Gault, Charles T. Medford OR scan104519
Gault, Maude   scan104396
Gay, Mellie G.   scan104573
Gay, Mellie G. Cedar Co IA scan104576
Gear, Howard   scan104323
Gear, Howard H. (Rev.) Elbert CO scan104324
Gentry, Oscar A. Topeka KS scan104513
Gibbons, Jeannette B. Chagrin Falls OH scan104325
Giberson, Cerene C. Canada scan104672
Gielow, Lloyd A.   scan104582
Giffin, Grace Irene Pittsburg KS scan104306
Gilbert, Florence Charlotte   scan104299
Gillaspey, Fanny Wallowa OR scan104399
Gillespie, Everett   scan104574
Gillespie, Everett Fairdealing MO scan104576
Gillin, Margaret Jeanette Sand Coulee MT scan104451
Gillman, Rose B.   scan104590
Gillman, Rose B. Gold Hill OR scan104592
Gilmore, Hazel Allegheny PA scan104264
Gilmore, Hazel Allegheny PA scan104265
Gilmore, Hazel A.   scan104263
Gitzen, G. A. (Dr.)   scan104672
Gitzen, G. A. (Dr.) Marinette WI scan104673
Glass, Olive Little Rock AR scan104432
Glass, Olive Sebastian County AR scan104434
Glasscock, Lucille WA scan104268
Glynn, (Mrs. George)   scan104378
Gober, William R.   scan104326
Gober, William Russell Brady City TX scan104327
Goode, Nellie Alma NE scan104645
Goodwyn, John   scan104583
Goodwyn, John P. Bonanza OR scan104584
Gorden, Robert E.   scan104426
Gordon, Robert E. Trail OR scan104427
Goswick, George W. Madisonville KY scan104641
Goswick, George W. KY scan104642
Goswick, Iva R. Springfield MO scan104655
Governor, Barney B. MN scan104510
Governor, Gladys Opal   scan104320
Governor, Gladys Opel Cebeberg WI scan104321
Graber, William St. Joseph AR scan104642
Grabner, William   scan104641
Graham, Jesse F.   scan104270
Graham, Jesse F. Monroe LA scan104272
Grantham, Gueula Geraldine Medford OR scan104672
Green, George S.   scan104377
Green, George Scott St Paul MN scan104378
Gregory, Julia (Mrs. A. H.) Cleveland OH scan104653
Griffin, Katherine M. MN scan104599
Griffin, Katherine M.   scan104598
Grimm, Tony (Mrs. Anthony) NE scan104522
Grubb, Mary   scan104254
Grubb, Mary Oregon MO scan104255
Grubb, Mary Oregon MO scan104257
Gungle, Dorothy J.   scan104613
Gungle, Dorothy J. Huntington WV scan104614
Guy, Robert L.   scan104606
Guy, Robert Lowe Glendive MT scan104607
Haggard, Warren R.   scan104324
Haggard, Warren R. Jeffers MN scan104326
Haines, Charles Albert (Dr.) Kingfisher OK scan104692
Hale, Hazel Marie MO scan104672
Hale, Ilo B.   scan104265
Hale, Ilo Bertha Drain OR scan104266
Hale, James Richard   scan104513
Hale, James Richard "Dick" Weatherby MO scan104514
Hale, Letha V.   scan104413
Hale, Letha V. Waverly KS scan104414
Hale, Pearl O.   scan104478
Hall, Cody   scan104412
Hall, Florence   scan104412
Hall, John William   scan104435
Hall, John William Hornick IA scan104437
Hall, Katherine Cumberland City TN scan104352
Hall, Katie R. Canada scan104675
Hall, Katie Robena Canada scan104673
Hall, Katie Robena   scan104674
Hallett, John   scan104277
Hallett, John Houlton ME scan104278
Hamaker, Arthur David Bonanza OR scan104308
Hamilton, Clyde C.   scan104516
Hamilton, Cyrus Truman Chicago IL scan104384
Hamilton, Ernest C.   scan104336
Hamilton, Ernest C. Nishne Botna MO scan104337
Hamilton, Ida R. England scan104398
Hamilton, Ida Rachel England scan104397
Hanegan, James Theodore Fordyce AR scan104448
Hanifen, Michael A.   scan104695
Hanifen, Michael A. Spokane WA scan104696
Hanley, Claire Miss (3 articles)   scan104453
Hanley, Claire Miss (3 articles)   scan104456
Hanley, Elizabeth KS scan104621
Hannaford, William Arthur   scan104681
Hannaford, William Arthur   scan104682
Hannaford, William Arthur Joplin MO scan104684
Hannegan, James T.   scan104447
Hanscam, Elmer E.   scan104459
Hansen, Jane K. Miss   scan104467
Hansen, Jane Kjersten Miss Garner IL scan104468
Hansen, Oliver W.   scan104568
Hansen, Oliver W. Carey ID scan104570
Hanson, Brian D.   scan104695
Hanson, Brian Duane   scan104696
Hardy, Margaret "Margy" Ashland OR scan104688
Harker, James   scan104590
Harker, James Harold Slaon IA scan104588
Harlan, Ruth E.   scan104403
Harlin, Ruth E. OK scan104405
Harmon, Guy L.   scan104334
Harper, Lloyd Miller Long Creek OR scan104479
Harpst, Dorothy Teresa Shingletown CA scan104411
Harrason, Annie Adelaide   scan104389
Harris, Bessie Rachel Morning Sun IA scan104584
Harris, Sam   scan104347
Harris, Sam W.   scan104351
Harris, Sam William Love Co OK scan104352
Harrison, Howard M. Humbolt IA scan104321
Hartley, Jaley Rhoda Meade Center KS scan104644
Haskins, John W.   scan104694
Haskins, John W.   scan104695
Haskins, John Wickham Doswell VA scan104696
Hassel, George Guy IL scan104323
Hassel, George Guy   scan104324
Hasselberg, Oscar A.   scan104298
Hasselberg, Oscar A. Sweden scan104299
Hastings, Dee Vern Monmouth OR scan104491
Hatch, Stuart S. Woodville OR scan104630
Hatton, (Mrs. Paul A.)   scan104466
Hatton, Helen (Mrs. Paul A.) Ireland scan104467
Haughton, Annie Adelaide   scan104389
Hawkins, Mable   scan104565
Hays, Gertie Elsie Harney County OR scan104527
Haywood, Alta Faye Wilson OK scan104499
Hazelton, Lillian Audrey Quincy MO scan104341
Heard, Gertie Elsie Harney County OR scan104527
Heath, Cora Octavia Sandy UT scan104302
Heath, Mary   scan104301
Hebard, Clyde William Unity WI scan104558
Hebrard, Ida Eagle Point OR scan104665
Hedgepeth, Frances J.   scan104414
Hedgepeth, Frances J. NE scan104416
Hedgpeth, Ethel Alice Roseburg OR scan104574
Hedgpeth, Marianne Miss   scan104497
Hedgpeth, Marianne Miss   scan104498
Hedgpeth, Marianne Miss Perryton TX scan104499
Hedrick, E. H. Merlin OR scan103880
Hedrick, E. H. (Tribute)   scan104433
Heimdal, Anna   scan104627
Heimdal, Anna Norway scan104628
Heimdal, Emma T. Norway scan104616
Heisel, Christopher V. Eugene OR scan104565
Heitz, Eugenie "Jeannie" Wells MN scan104338
Heitz, Jean   scan104337
Helms, Jesse Lee Ashland OR scan104397
Henderson, William P.   scan104272
Henderson, William P. Murfreesboro TN scan104276
Henry, Ethel May Chicago IL scan104572
Henselman, Edward G.   scan104360
Henselman, Edward G. Covington IN scan104361
Henselman, Edward G.   scan104362
Hermanson, Albert E.   scan104376
Hermanson, Albert E. "Al" Ishpeming MI scan104375
Herrington, James L. "Big Jim" Colorado City TX scan104696
Herriott, Maud M. Applegate OR scan104374
Heryford, Willard H.   scan104696
Heryford, Willard H. Lakeview OR scan104701
Hewitt, Earl Henry   scan104574
Hewitt, Earl Henry Osceola MO scan104576
Hiatt, Amos   scan104573
Hiatt, Amos E. Warren Co IA scan104576
Hicks, Jennett S. Preston ID scan104305
Higginbotham, George H.   scan104492
Higginbotham, George H. Medford OR scan104494
Higgins, Albert Allen   scan104688
Higgins, Thomas F. Portland OR scan104435
Higginson, Kim D.   scan104677
High, Hubert C. Talent OR scan104513
Hill, Dorothy Mae Palouse WA scan104698
Hill, Frank Helsinki Finland scan104650
Hill, Melissa   scan104513
Hill, Melissa   scan104517
Hill, Sylvia Ann Ceresco NE scan104655
Hinks, May E.   scan104481
Hinks, May E. Parma MO scan104482
Hittson, Mary   scan104666
Hittson, Mary Memphis TX scan104667
Hobbs, Gerald W. "Jerry" Medford OR scan104588
Hobbs, Gerald Walter   scan104589
Hobbs, Gerald Walter (2)   scan104586
Hobbs, Gerald Walter (2)   scan104587
Hodgdon, Ottie R.   scan104263
Hodgdon, Ottie Ruth Clay Center KS scan104264
Hodges, Nelson James Fraserburg Ontario Canada scan104505
Hodowal, Johanna Norway scan104620
Hoduffer, Sarah D.   scan104323
Hoduffer, Sarah D. Timber Creek KS scan104324
Hoelting, Helen M.   scan104522
Hoelting, Helen M.   scan104523
Hoffard, Paul Towner ND scan104662
Hoffman, Kell Stuart Columbus WA scan104490
Holdridge, Edith Julia Sac City IA scan104578
Holmes, Mary Memphis TX scan104667
Holsapple, Harris V.   scan104593
Holsapple, Harris V. Kentoy KY scan104595
Holt, Isabel T. Corning NY scan104304
Holtzinger, Rudolph A.   scan104489
Holtzinger, Rudolph A. Columbus OH scan104490
Homer, Calvin Ersery   scan104276
Hood, Orville Elgin Plaza WA scan104376
Hooper, Howard J.   scan104474
Hoover, Florence H. Reading PA scan104355
Hoquen, Clarence J. San Luis Obispo CA scan104524
Hoquen, Clarence Jackson   scan104522
Horne, Bessie Rachel   scan104583
Horne, Bessie Rachel Morning Sun IA scan104584
Horner, Winifred C. Conrad IA scan104252
Houghton, Annie Adelaide   scan104381
Hould, Henry A.   scan104558
Houle, Henry A. Polson MT scan104563
Housh, Laura M. Moweaqua IL scan104696
Hovda, Signa B. Grand Meadow MN scan104570
Howard, Frances E.   scan104367
Howard, Frances Eliza TX scan104368
Howard, Nell Irene Hartsburg IL scan104646
Hubbard, Thelma Bernice Ashland OR scan104643
Huetter, Oscar Martin Hubbard OR scan104303
Huetter, Oscar Martin   scan104304
Huffman, George William Klamath Falls OR scan104424
Hughes, Della June Bismark ND scan104627
Hughes, Della June Bismark ND scan104628
Hughes, John   scan104359
Hughes, John Lewis Randolph WI scan104471
Hughs, James Marshall Danville KY scan104360
Hull, Lawrence   scan104458
Hull, Lawrence D. Central Point OR scan104462
Hund, Ralph J.   scan104406
Hund, Ralph J. Cleveland OH scan104407
Hunsley, Steven Harry   scan104440
Hunsley, Steven Harry   scan104441
Hunsley, Steven Harry Medford OR scan104445
Hunt, Grace Irene   scan104304
Hunt, Grace Irene Pittsburg KS scan104306
Hunt, Magdalena   scan104348
Hunt, Magdalena Russia scan104351
Hunter, Frank E.   scan104520
Hunter, Frank E. MO scan104522
Hunter, Naomi Sherman Co OR scan104360
Hurst, Richard William   scan104431
Hurt, Bernice Ann Issaquah WA scan104299
Hussong, Herbert O.   scan104355
Hussong, Herbert O. Franklin NE scan104353
Imhausen, Goldie   scan104662
Imhausen, Goldie Green Castle IN scan104663
Inlow, George Ashland OR scan104504
Ione Bill Knutzen Steamboat OR scan104313
Ivy, Lloyd Kenneth   scan104438
Ivy, Lloyd Kenneth Eugene OR scan104439
Jack, Florence E.   scan104378
Jack, Florence E. "Lizzie"   scan104381
Jack, Florence E. "Lizzie" Reese Creek OR scan104383
Jackson, Columbus Stephen   scan104696
Jackson, Columbus Stephen Silver Lake OR scan104697
Jacobson, Silford Harold Colorado Springs CO scan104464
Jacoby, Elizabeth A. Landsburg Germany scan104486
Jantzer, George   scan104696
Jantzer, George Erie PA scan104697
Jantzer, Rose Marie Medford OR scan104324
Jenison, Marjorie L. Belmond IA scan104583
Jenkins, Pearl   scan104369
Jenkins, Pearl Leota Monticello AR scan104370
Jennings, Louise   scan104499
Jensen, Jens Denmark scan104287
Johnson, Carl   scan104262
Johnson, Carl E. Pomona CA scan104262
Johnson, Carl E.   scan104264
Johnson, Carl Everett Phoenix OR scan104263
Johnson, Derondo V. "Si"   scan104672
Johnson, Derondo V. "Si"   scan104671
Johnson, Elmer J.   scan104678
Johnson, Elmer J. Seattle WA scan104682
Johnson, Frances J. NE scan104416
Johnson, Fred Moris   scan104400
Johnson, George T. La Moure ND scan104438
Johnson, Orlo N.   scan104498
Johnson, Orlo N. Kankakee IL scan104499
Johnson, Osla J. Hudson WI scan104466
Johnson, William Anson Bush Prairie WA scan104450
Johnston, Fred L.   scan104319
Johnston, Fred L. Manning IA scan104320
Johnston, Wilbur   scan104666
Johnston, Wilbur R. "Bill" Waterloo IA scan104667
Jones, David Gregory   scan104679
Jones, David Gregory Medford OR scan104681
Jones, Edgar L.   scan104581
Jones, Edgar L.   scan104582
Jones, Elizabeth A.   scan104485
Jones, Elizabeth A. Landsburg Germany scan104486
Jones, James Garfield   scan104467
Jones, James Garfield Casey IA scan104468
Jones, William L.   scan104298
Jones, William L. "Bill" Placer Co CA scan104300
Jones, Woodson H.   scan104413
Jones, Woodson Hodge London KY scan104414
Jordan, Kenneth   scan104417
Judy, Justin E. Goldendale WA scan104682
Jun, Joseph T. Alton IL scan104413
Jun, Joseph Thomas   scan104411
Kaer, Heidi Marie   scan104353
Kahler, Robert   scan104255
Kahler, Robert C. IA scan104257
Kaiser, Hazel Marie MO scan104672
Kaiser, Mary Armeda   scan104299
Kannasto, Martha   scan104372
Kannasto, Martha Beatrice Ashland OR scan104376
Kaser, Mildred I. Bowbells ND scan104306
Kazimierz, Milka   scan104278
Kazimierz, Milka Poland scan104282
Kee, William S. Humansville MO scan104334
Kegg, Edith May Little Shasta CA scan104498
Kent, Homer J. Telluride CO scan104633
Kent, Homer Joseph   scan104632
Kesler, O. M. "Doc" Independence KS scan104579
Kiel, Frederick William Hannibal MO scan104365
Kincaid, (Mrs. A. R.)   scan104611
Kincaid, Clara Pearl Jackson Co OR scan104612
Kindred, Walter C. Ames IA scan104611
King, Finis O. TX scan104299
King, Finnis   scan104298
King, John Douglas Bakersfield OR scan104450
King, Leo Ralph KS scan104494
Kinney, Rickey Dean Medford OR scan104335
Kirk, Olivia Klamath County OR scan104524
Kissinger, Clinton A.   scan104571
Kissinger, Clinton A. Liberty Mills IN scan104573
Kite, Stella M.   scan104417
Kite, Stella Mae Ringo Mills KY scan104418
Knight, Clifford R.   scan104650
Knight, Clifford R. Seattle WA scan104653
Koozer, Ruth M. Lakeview OR scan104448
Koppes, Simon Holland scan104431
Kornstad, Arnold F.   scan104336
Kornstad, Arnold F. Lake Mills WI scan104337
Kubli, Emma Alice Cook Applegate OR scan104630
Kuhn, Elizabeth Opal North Webster IN scan104357
Kunzman, Bernice   scan104333
Kunzman, Bernice Medford OR scan104335
La Grave, Rose Marie Medford OR scan104324
Lackey, Mabel Victoria TX scan104413
LaFontaine, William Ray Santa Barbara Co CA scan104332
LaGrave, Rose Marie   scan104322
Lahr, Jacob John   scan104623
Lahr, Jacob John Davenport IA scan104624
Lakey, Fred W.   scan104342
Lakey, Fred W. Council ID scan104346
Lamb, Clyde Emery Laurel NE scan104587
Landry, P. J. "Jim" LA scan104422
Landry, Percy James   scan104421
Lang, August   scan104500
Lang, August   scan104499
Langley, Delia   scan104672
Langley, Delia Alamogordo NM scan104673
Large, George W.   scan104390
Large, George William Chehalis WA scan104391
Large, George William Chehalis WA scan104392
Latendresse, Michael J. Decatur IL scan104640
Lauderman, Maude Mae   scan104588
Laurence, Luther   scan104302
Laurence, Luther M. Fauquier Co VA scan104303
Lawler, Mary T. Philadelphia PA scan104635
Laws, William H. Wells MN scan104582
Lawson, Lorence Sr.   scan104702
Lawton, Joseph   scan104319
Lawton, Joseph St Albans VT scan104321
Lawton, Joseph St Albans VT scan104323
Lawton, Lorraine "Polly" Medford OR scan104401
Le Flore, Infant   scan104523
Le Flore, Matt Medford OR scan104524
Lear, Inger Ophelia MN scan104671
Leatherman, Elma Winger MN scan104690
Leatherman, Elma   scan104691
Leatherman, Elmer Alexandria MN scan104690
Leatherman, Elmer   scan104691
Leatherman, Elmer Ernest (2)   scan104686
Leatherman, Elmer Ernest (2)   scan104687
Leatherman, Elvira/Elma(2)   scan104686
Leatherman, Elvira/Elma(2)   scan104687
Leclerc, May   scan104333
Leclerc, May Aledo IL scan104335
Leclerc, May Aledo IL scan104336
Lednicky, Catherine A. Leavenworth WA scan104465
Lednicky, Thomas G. Sr.   scan104500
Lednicky, Thomas G. Sr. Wisner NE scan104505
Leeper, Lucille WA scan104268
Lehman, Howard L.   scan104484
Lehman, Howard Lloyd Medford OR scan104485
Leighton, Alvin C. St Paul MN scan104699
Leighton, Alvin C.   scan104701
Lentz, John Robert Santa Ana CA scan104299
Lenz, Mabel   scan104351
Lenz, Mabel Elsie Talent OR scan104352
Leon, B. A.   scan104412
Leonard, Chester C. "Chet" Pratt KS scan104271
Leonard, Chester C. "Chet"   scan104277
Leverette, Walter H.   scan104454
Lewis, Oscar C.   scan104369
Lewis, Oscar Charles "Duke" Aumsville OR scan104370
Lewis, Robert W.   scan104414
Lewis, Robert W. Jackson Co OR scan104416
Lewis, Rose B. Gold Hill OR scan104592
Lichtenstern, John H.   scan104616
Lichtenstern, John Hill Emporia KS scan104617
Lim, Chan Bing   scan104412
Liming, Ethel E. Beatrice NE scan104285
Lind, Ernest   scan104259
Lind, Ernest Brooklyn NY scan104261
Lisec, Nettie E. Wymore NE scan104509
Littau, Samuel Russia scan104519
Loder, Laura Merriman Newman CA scan103880
Lombard, Jessie (Mrs. B. T.)   scan104667
Long, Ruth M.   scan104326
Loop, Amos C. Camden IL scan104698
Lotches, Milton Ernest   scan104280
Loucks, Shirley Ann Medford OR scan104611
Loucks, Shirley Ann (2)   scan104608
Loucks, Shirley Ann (2)   scan104609
Loveland, Clyde Waldo Alma KS scan104398
Lovy, August F.   scan104330
Lovy, August F. Switzerland scan104331
Low, Lloyd L.   scan104615
Lowery, Ruby M. Bellefont AR scan104498
Lowry, Barbara Medford OR scan104523
Loy, George E.   scan104381
Luce, Dorcas P.   scan104347
Luce, Dorcas P. Osceola IA scan104348
Lyle, Mellie G. Cedar Co IA scan104576
Lytle, Grace   scan104381
MacDougal, Thomas   scan104510
MacDougal, Thomas VA scan104517
Mack, Sidney   scan104367
Mack, Sidney Atlanta GA scan104374
MacLeod, Neil Detroit MI scan104261
MacQuarrie, Thomas W. Dr. Canada scan104653
MacQuarrie, Thomas William Dr. Woodham Ontario Canada scan104655
Maddux, Lizzie Clear Creek CA scan104675
Maddux, Sara Ann   scan104353
Maddux, Sara Ann   scan104352
Madsen, Mads Denmark scan104568
Majka, Charles   scan104685
Majka, Charles Mananay PA scan104687
Malbourn, Earl F. North Hartland VT scan104684
Malot, Harry G. "Harvey"   scan104276
Malot, Harry G. "Harvey" Okemah OK scan104277
Manning, Daniel P.   scan104331
Manning, Daniel P. Manchester NH scan104332
Marcum, Oliver Franklin   scan104289
Marcum, Oliver Franklin Casey Co KY scan104290
Marlette, John O.   scan104386
Marlette, John O. Redfield SD scan104387
Marlow, LaNelda Nan   scan104288
Marlow, LaNelda Nan Crawford NE scan104292
Martin, Henry Fleming Little Shasta CA scan104562
Martin, Robert R.   scan104383
Mason, Dorothy Reno NV scan104520
Mason, Laura L.   scan104487
Mason, Laura Louilla Brushy Mount NC scan104489
Massey, Mary Francis   scan104602
Masters, Billy Joe   scan104493
Mathes, Harry G. (Birthday) Ogle County IL scan104656
Mathes, L. P.   scan104422
Mathes, Lester Perry Little River KS scan104423
Matthews, James Abner Benton Co IL scan104298
Mattos, Kitty   scan104684
Mattson, Charlotte E.   scan104643
Mattson, Clarence M.   scan104437
Mattson, Clarence M. Pine City MN scan104438
Mauldin, Juanita   scan104360
Mauldin, Juanita Santa Anna TX scan104364
Maunders, William Brann Jr.   scan104425
Maust, William   scan104336
Maust, William Strubble IA scan104337
May, Mary Isabell Malheur Co OR scan104392
Mayberry, Viola Alice Montague CA scan104464
Mayfield, Emma A.   scan104348
Mayfield, Emma A. Cedar Rapids IA scan104351
Mayfield, Joseph   scan104457
Mayfield, Joseph Oregon City OR scan104459
Mayfield, Oneda Knoxville TN scan104641
McClain, Minnie Etta   scan103880
McCleary, Lori Lyn   scan104333
McCollum, Joyce Ann   scan104487
McCollum, Joyce Ann Garwood TX scan104489
McConnell, Cordie   scan104294
McConnell, Cordie Mae Edna KS scan104297
McConochie, John W.   scan104641
McCullough, Christopher   scan104262
McCullough, Christopher D.   scan104263
McDaniel, Elsie B.   scan104338
McDaniel, Elsie Belle Lincoln Co MO scan104340
McDaniel, Elsie Belle   scan104341
McDougal, Jaley Rhoda Meade Center KS scan104644
McFadden, Michael B.   scan104526
McFadden, Michael Bernard Fall River MA scan104527
McFarlin, Sylvanus P.   scan104351
McFarlin, Sylvanus Paul Mercer Co IL scan104352
McIntosh, Ruth H.   scan104691
McIntosh, Ruth H. Colfax WA scan104693
McKee, Atha Orleans NE scan104353
McKee, Atha   scan104347
McKemie, William H. West Point GA scan104381
McKieme, William   scan104378
McKim, Margaret D.   scan104609
McKim, Margaret D. Nashville TN scan104611
McKinney, Atha Orleans NE scan104353
McKinney, William Huse Harriman TN scan104344
McLeod, Donald H.   scan104599
McMahon, Gerald E.   scan104477
McMahon, Gerald E. Cohoes NY scan104478
McMann, Ruby E.   scan104643
McNicholas, Richard T.   scan104528
McNicholas, Richard T. Salem OR scan104529
McRobert, amanda   scan104400
McVey, Lillian Audrey Quincy MO scan104341
Meade, Charles R. Butler MO scan104251
Medicus, Edith C.   scan104452
Medicus, Edith C. Liecester England scan104457
Medicus, Edith C. Liecester England scan104459
Meeds, Charley E., II   scan104353
Meeds, Charley E., II St Helens OR scan104355
Meeds, Norman Almand Berry AZ scan104620
Meeds, Norman Almand (2)   scan104618
Meeds, Norman Almand (2)   scan104619
Meier, Fritz D.   scan104671
Meier, Fritz Douglas Medford OR scan104671
Merriman, Beatrice E.   scan104563
Merriman, Beatrice Eloise Persist OR scan104565
Merritt, Mildred LaVerne Tacoma WA scan104385
Mesmer, Arthur Philip Klamath County OR scan104485
Metcalf, Christine L.   scan104496
Metcalf, Christine Louise Boise ID scan104498
Meyers, Fred Irvin   scan104415
Meyers, Fred Irvin Jacksonville OR scan104417
Michaelis, Zella B. Soda Springs ID scan104523
Miller, Alice   scan104614
Miller, Clarence   scan104322
Miller, Clarence S.   scan104326
Miller, Clarence Scott   scan104328
Miller, Dola Gordon Frasier CO scan104678
Miller, Donald S.   scan104322
Miller, Elizabeth Opal North Webster IN scan104357
Miller, Eugene Marion, Sr. Hulbert OK scan104323
Miller, Fidelia Mae Rockhill OR scan104348
Miller, Frank James Audobon Co IA scan104359
Miller, Maude M. Karns City PA scan104684
Miller, Opal North Webster IN scan104353
Miller, Rose M. Yreka CA scan104673
Millet, Marie   scan104346
Mills, Charles Walter   scan104559
Minton, Olivia Stuttgart AR scan104599
Minty, Courteney Abbott Nashville TN scan104663
Mitchell, Hugh   scan104386
Mitchell, Hugh Champaign Co IL scan104387
Mize, Mary K. "Mollie" Green Co. TN scan104558
Mize, Mary Katherine   scan104533
Moe, Clarice   scan104474
Moe, Clarice E. Smith Center KS scan104475
Moffitt, Agnes IA scan104253
Moffitt, Agnes   scan104254
Moffitt, Agnes M. Swan IA scan104255
Moffitt, Clyde B. Dorchester NE scan104421
Moffitt, Clyde B.   scan104418
Mogensen, Anna C. Bornholm Denmark scan104463
Montgomery, Robert Brownsville OR scan104397
Montgomery, Zonita M.   scan104569
Montgomery, Zonita Merle Holden MO scan104570
Moon, Edith M.   scan104278
Moon, Edith M. Coffey Co KS scan104281
Moon, Leotis Irl   scan104252
Moon, Leotis Irl   scan104254
Moon, Roy   scan104677
Moon,L. Roy Star ID scan104678
Moore, Edward Samuel   scan104467
Moore, Edward Samuel MN scan104468
Moore, Floy Great Bend KS scan104615
Moore, Floy D.   scan104614
Moore, Ida Clarice Garfield MI scan104381
Moore, Joseph C. Condon OR scan104567
Moore, Margaret   scan104313
Moore, Margaret Ellen Shelbyville IL scan103880
Moore, Mary Jane San Bernardino CA scan104423
Moore, Roy J.   scan104676
Moore, Roy J. Rogue River OR scan104677
Moore, Sandra Miss   scan104460
Moore, William V.   scan104569
Moore, William V. Kackley KS scan104570
Morgan, Paul Talmo KS scan104428
Morningstar, Ilo Bertha Drain OR scan104266
Morrill, Guy B.   scan104407
Morrill, Guy Benson Traverse City MI scan104410
Morris, Edith Margaret Denmark scan104359
Morris, Edith Margaret Denmark scan104360
Morris, Lorraine   scan104399
Morris, Lorraine "Polly" Medford OR scan104401
Morrison, Preston R.   scan104332
Morrison, Preston R. "Paddy" Canada scan104333
Morse, Agnes S. Ettrick WI scan104353
Morse, Agnes S.   scan104352
Morse, Earl W.   scan104274
Morse, Earl Willard KS scan104276
Morse, James H. Ashland OR scan104467
Moses, George H.   scan104381
Moses, George Harold   scan104379
Moss, Jean L.   scan104650
Moss, Jean L. Caley Alberta Canada scan104651
Moulton, Gale   scan104403
Moulton, James Allison   scan104653
Moulton, James Allison Nehalem OR scan104654
Moulton, Joseph Gale Westport IN scan104405
Mulholland, Dr. & Mrs. R. C.   scan104515
Mullen, Arthur James Grand Island NE scan104478
Mullins, Pearl Leota Monticello AR scan104370
Munson, Oscar   scan104701
Munson, Oscar Henry MN scan104702
Murphy, Thelma B.   scan104642
Murphy, Thelma Bernice Ashland OR scan104643
Music, E. B. "Tobe" East Point KY scan104481
Music, Elija B.   scan104478
Myers, Belva C.   scan104581
Myers, Belva C. North Platte NE scan104582
Myers, James Fowler St Maurice LA scan104270
Myers, Jessie A.   scan104528
Myers, Jessie A. Blue Earth MN scan104529
Myers, Minnie M. Queen City MO scan104617
Myrick, Leslie Gale Jr.   scan104441
Myrick, Leslie Gale Jr. Torrance CA scan104445
Narverud, Lena N. St Paul MN scan104695
Neeley, Annie   scan104348
Neeley, Annie Decatur TX scan104351
Neeley, Annie Decatur TX scan104352
Neil, Annie Decatur TX scan104351
Nelson, Carl   scan104688
Nelson, Carl Beagle OR scan104690
Nelson, Esther Annie Chester UT scan104294
Nelson, Lillian E. Blue Island IL scan104262
Nelson, Norman   scan104259
Nelson, Norman   scan104262
Nelson, Norman Portland OR scan104264
Nelson, Robert G. Sacramento CA scan104266
Nesberg, Edwin E.   scan104352
Nesberg, Edwin Emanuel Ludington MI scan104353
Ness, Elmer N.   scan104522
Ness, Elmer N. Grand Forks ND scan104523
Neumann, Fred Charles   scan104267
Neumann, Fred Charles (Rev.) Euchre Creek OR scan104268
Newbry, E. Lester   scan104443
Newbry, E. Lester CO scan104448
Newbry, Edward Lester   scan104450
Newland, Charles "Bill" Bonham TX scan104281
Newland, Charles W.   scan104278
Newman, Donald   scan104417
Newman, Donald E. Mt Shasta CA scan104418
Newman, Elizabeth G.   scan104570
Newman, Elizabeth G. Darlington WI scan104572
Newman, Robert Canyon City CO scan104587
Newman, Ruby M. Canada scan104386
Newman, Victor   scan104291
Newman, Victor Emanual Owensville MO scan104292
Newton, Earl R.   scan104274
Newton, Earl R. Bonners Ferry ID scan104277
Nichols, Charles F. Van Buren County IL scan104474
Nichols, Eleanor Ann El Paso TX scan104451
Nichols, Margaret D. Nashville TN scan104611
Niedermeyer, Bruce   scan104408
Niedermeyer, Bruce H. Medford OR scan104410
Nielsen, Anna C. Bornholm Denmark scan104463
Noah, Rose June Olalla OR scan104496
Norris, Martha A. Doeville TN scan104635
Norris, Martha L.   scan104634
O'Brien, Stella NV scan104682
Oesser, Gordon   scan104322
Oesser, Gordon Karl Ashland scan104324
Oetinger, Florence B.   scan104531
Oetinger, Mary Florence Marion IN scan104533
Ogborn, Myrtle A. Mound City MO scan104526
Oldham, Allie   scan104406
Oldham, Allie M. Harmon Co OK scan104409
Oldham, Allie Martha   scan104404
O'Leary, Adrienne Rose Medford OR scan104679
Oliver, Minnie Etta   scan103880
Olson, Esther   scan104292
Olson, Esther Annie Chester UT scan104294
Olson, Eva Mae   scan104361
Olson, Eva Mae Cheyenne WY scan104362
Olson, Eva May   scan104360
Olson, Jennie Miss   scan104504
Olson, Jennie Miss Warren NE scan104506
Olson, Viola Davis County NE scan104445
Olsson, Olof Sweden scan104405
Oreck, Alta Marie   scan104329
Oreck, Alta Marie Melrose MN scan104330
Orndoff, Jasper L.   scan104355
Orndoff, Jasper L. Kearney MO scan104353
Osborn, Russell Waldon   scan104385
Owen, Dixie M. Hillsboro TX scan104611
Owen, Dixie M. (2)   scan104601
Owen, Dixie M. (2)   scan104602
Palmer, Alice M.   scan104259
Palmer, Alice Myrtle Nampa ID scan104262
Parker, Jean H. Callahan CA scan104342
Parker, Sumner Austin Klamath Falls OR scan104438
Parrick, Scottie E. Washington KS scan104607
Parsons, Florence Wibaux MT scan104687
Patillo, Wilma Sue Cass Co IL scan104376
Patterson, Dorothy Edna IL scan104389
Patterson, Dorothy Edna IL scan104390
Patterson, Frank J.   scan104663
Patterson, Frank J. Crawford County WI scan104665
Patterson, John M.   scan104434
Patton, Margaret   scan104628
Patton, Margaret E. Big Butte OR scan104630
Paudois, Jules   scan104425
Paudois, Jules France scan104426
Payne, Mary E. Jackson Co OR scan104613
Peacher, Marain   scan104448
Peacher, Marian Susan Longdon ND scan104450
Pearce, Grace   scan104637
Pearce, Grace V. Miss The Dalles OR scan104639
Pearson, August G. Sweden scan104334
Pearson, Emil A. Halmstead Sweden scan104472
Pearson, Emil Albert   scan104471
Pech, Wihalmina C. "Minnie" Lake Creek OR scan104361
Pech, Wihalmina Carol "Minnie"   scan104360
Pellett, Grace   scan104478
Pellett, Grace W. NV scan104479
Pence, Charles   scan104266
Pence, Charles IL scan104267
Penland, Lee O.   scan104472
Penland, Lee O. Napa CA scan104473
Penner, Marian Susan Longdon ND scan104450
Perdue, James G.   scan104366
Perdue, James G. Medford OR scan104367
Pernoll, Maud M. Applegate OR scan104374
Perry, Dorcas P. Osceola IA scan104348
Peters, Frank   scan104385
Peters, Frank WI scan104386
Petersen, Dick C. Denmark scan104471
Peterson, Bessie   scan104451
Peterson, Bessie Louise Jacksonville OR scan104452
Peterson, Dick C.   scan104464
Peterson, Elmer F.   scan104490
Peterson, Elmer Fred   scan104488
Peterson, Lena N. St Paul MN scan104695
Peterson, Mary Denmark scan104662
Petty, Prentice Larkinsville AL scan104318
Pfeifer, Goerge B.   scan104595
Pfeifer, Goerge B. Grand Rapids MI scan104597
Phelps, John Dean   scan104702
Phelps, Roy Lee Cordell OK scan104451
Phife, Marion Angelina Newark NY scan104369
Phife, Marion Angelina   scan104372
Philips, Stanley E. (Dr.) Mt Vernon WA scan104371
Philips, Stanley E. (Dr.) Mt Vernon WA scan104372
Phillips, Helen L. Kansas City MO scan104330
Phipps, Ellen   scan104393
Phipps, Ellen Medford OR scan104394
Pinniger, Harry G.   scan104333
Pitkin, Margaret   scan104524
Pitkin, Margaret Chicago IL scan104524
Pitts, Ernest   scan104424
Pitts, Ernest Elk City KS scan104426
Poehlein,Autumn Rose   scan104258
Poelke, Christenson Fredrick   scan104383
Poelke, Christian Fredrick Peoria IL scan104385
Pomeroy, Claude J.   scan104313
Pomeroy, Claude J. Pilot Rock OR scan104317
Pomeroy, Lavena Beagle OR scan104690
Pomeroy, Minnie Scio OR scan104267
Poole, Ada Bellfont AR scan104508
Porter, Josephine P. Worchester MA scan104269
Porter, Josephine Perry   scan104267
Poutre, Albina Concordia KS scan104388
Powell, Benjamin Leroy Silvania OH scan104393
Powell, Ivie Lee Dalhart TX scan104353
Praser, Elsie   scan104346
Praser, Elsie Switzerland scan104347
Pratt, Daniel   scan104372
Preston, Arthur Hill   scan104274
Prevost, Myron E.   scan104394
Prevost, Myron E. Cambridge NE scan104396
Price, Edward   scan104520
Pritz, Leonard M.   scan104448
Pritz, Leonard M. Rockford IL scan104462
Pruitt, Richard "Dick"   scan104330
Pruitt, Richard "Dick" Anadarko OK scan104331
Purcell, Ida Minneapolis MN scan104376
Purdy, Mary Corning NY scan104304
Pyeatt, Earl D.   scan104642
Pyeatt, Earl D. Colorado TX scan104643
Pyles, Elizabeth Breckenridge TX scan104568
Quackenbush, Ella Black River Falls WI scan104579
Quackenbush, Ella Black River Falls WI scan104583
Quam, Sigurd   scan104263
Quam, Sigurd Norway scan104264
Quick, Cora B. Malvern IA scan104602
Quick, Maul L. Attwood IL scan104298
Quigley, Ruth   scan104615
Quigley, Ruth Yoncalla OR scan104616
Rader, Ina R. Eagle Point OR scan104297
Rae, Gene C. Jasper MN scan104485
Ramsay, Harriet   scan104381
Randles, Eva Delinda Lake Creek OR scan104251
Randles, Susie Ursula Platte County MO scan104519
Rankin, Hattie   scan104345
Ranney, Adrian "Red"   scan104475
Ranney, Adrian Elroy "Red" Raymond WA scan104477
Rapp, Fred (2 articles) Talent OR scan104658
Rapp, Fred (2 articles) Talent OR scan104659
Rardin, Sylvia Ann   scan104654
Rardin, Sylvia Ann Ceresco NE scan104655
Ratty, Fillmore J.   scan104490
Ratty, Fillmore J. St Francis County MO scan104491
Ray, Margaret B.   scan104387
Ray, Margaret B. Greencastle PA scan104388
Rayburn, Edna   scan104403
Rayburn, Edna Irma Little Rock AR scan104405
Raymond, Robert A. Medford OR scan104645
Redmon, Russell Ray Ashland OR scan104590
Reed, Allen E.   scan104344
Reed, Allen E. Pueblo CO scan104346
Reed, Ross B.   scan104303
Reese, Elizabeth KS scan104621
Reid, Anna M. Elmo MO scan104399
Reigel, Bennie Rolland   scan104399
Reigel, Bennie Rolland View WA scan104400
Reiten, Ralph   scan104391
Reiten, Ralph Victor Petersburg ND scan104392
Reith, Evelyn W.   scan104494
Reith, Evelyn W. Towner ND scan104498
Rettig, John A.   scan104613
Rettig, John Adam Arlington OH scan104615
Rice, E. Ronald Spokane WA scan104307
Rice, E. Ronald Kansas City MO scan104310
Richman, Vera   scan104326
Richman, Vera Marian Grants Pass OR scan104327
Ricketts, Clement Allen Colton WA scan104333
Rickman, Thomas H.   scan104602
Rickman, Thomas H. Pomeroy WA scan104606
Rieger, Emma R. Toledo OH scan104281
Rinabarger, Harry Ellis Wray CO scan104390
Rippin, Ernest B.   scan104262
Rippon, Ernest B. England scan104263
Ritzinger, Eugene John Sublimity OR scan104431
Ritzinger, Eugene John   scan104434
Robbins, James A.   scan104268
Roberson, Charles   scan104616
Roberson, Charles Edward Wichita KS scan104617
Roberts, Elizabeth Miss   scan104431
Roberts, Elizabeth Miss Atchison KS scan104437
Robertson, John L.   scan104388
Robertson, John L. Nodoway Co MO scan104389
Robins, Maude D.   scan104486
Robins, Maude D. Central City CO scan104487
Robinson, Olivia Klamath County OR scan104524
Roby, Donald   scan104672
Roby, Donald Dean Centerville IA scan104673
Rogers, Albert W.   scan104602
Rogers, Claude   scan104679
Rogers, Ewell Delbert Talihena OK scan104597
Rolf, Mabel Lina St Louis MO scan104334
Romine, Thornton   scan104441
Romine, Thornton Cozad NE scan104445
Rominger, Donald R.   scan104479
Rominger, Donald R. Independence OR scan104481
Root, Lee of Minneapolis MN scan104607
Rose, (Mrs. George)   scan104616
Rose, Gladys S. East Orange NJ scan104617
Roseberry, Thomas   scan104278
Roseberry, Thomas Havensville KS scan104284
Ross, Christine Jo Ashland OR scan104563
Rowe, Lois   scan104487
Rowlison, Robert W.   scan104486
Roy, Frank   scan104675
Roy, Frank Ellis Yreka CA scan104674
Ruger, Harriet   scan104381
Rummel, Mary Jane   scan104422
Rummel, Mary Jane San Bernardino CA scan104423
Runyan, Benjamin H.   scan104386
Runyan, Benjamin H.   scan104387
Runyan, Benjamin H. Athens TN scan104388
Rupert, Hazel A. Miss East Grand Forks MN scan104462
Rupert, Hazel Miss   scan104461
Russell, Libbie Ellen   scan104590
Ruth, Geneva U.   scan104688
Ruth, Geneva U. Hancock NY scan104690
Ruud, Signa B. Grand Meadow MN scan104570
Sabin, Herb Perley MN scan104679
Sackmann, Billie Irene Spokane WA scan104427
Salyer, Oagle E. IL scan104421
Sambo "Ah Kee Ah Humpy"   scan104455
Samuelson, Leslie Jay   scan104339
Samuelson, Leslie Jay LaGrande OR scan104340
Sanders, James   scan104640
Sanders, James New York City NY scan104641
Sanders, James New York City NY scan104642
Sanford, Ethlynde Jesey City NJ scan104360
Sanford, Gladys S. East Orange NJ scan104617
Sankey, Frank B.   scan104651
Sankey, Frank B. MO scan104652
Sargent, Ruth F.   scan104590
Sargent, Ruth Violet Rockford IA scan104592
Satterfield, B. Cecil Hopkins Co KY scan104297
Saunders, Lois Fay   scan104360
Savage, Dorothy Teresa Shingletown CA scan104411
Sawyer, Edna G.   scan104335
Sawyer, Edna Gai Alleouez MI scan104336
Scarseth, Arthur   scan104308
Scarseth, Arthur B. Galesville WI scan104309
Scheble, Earl T.   scan104472
Scheble, Earl Thomas Sheldon IA scan104473
Schiffman, Jennett Preston ID scan104305
Schmelzer, Everett Marion   scan104660
Schmelzer, Everett Marion   scan104662
Schmelzer, Everett Marion   scan104663
Schmelzer, Everett Marion   scan104665
Schmidt, Susan W.   scan104441
Schmidt, Susan W.   scan104445
Schmidt, Susan W. La Crosse WI scan104449
Schmidt, William   scan104528
Schmidt, William Germany scan104529
Schramm, Edith Beatrice   scan104256
Schuerman, Frederick M. Richland Center WI scan104427
Schulz, Matilda C. Lake Creek OR scan104297
Schulz, Richard E.   scan104581
Schulz, Richard E. Brookings SD scan104582
Schulz, Richard E.   scan104583
Schwartz, Elizabeth G. Darlington WI scan104572
Schweikl, Norman Joseph Park Falls WI scan104674
Schweikl, Norman Joseph   scan104675
Scott, Ernie L. Rolla ND scan104603
Scott, Thomas Richard   scan104320
Scott, Thomas Richard   scan104324
Scott, Walter H.   scan104486
Scott, Walter H.   scan104489
Scovell, Hugh   scan104290
Scovell, Hugh Alton IL scan104291
Seaman, Russell Edward Talent OR scan104646
Sears, Carl Otis Oakley KS scan104363
Sehlin, Edith F. Portland OR scan104620
Semple, Thomas D.   scan104329
Semple, Thomas D. Scotland scan104330
Sesma, Mary T. Philadelphia PA scan104635
Sethre, Infant   scan104667
Sethre, Infant   scan104667
Sewell, James   scan104431
Sewell, James Martin IL scan104432
Shadwick, Marian Susan Longdon ND scan104450
Shaffer, Jennie WI scan104667
Shannon, William E.   scan104385
Shannon, William E., Sr. Oxford LA scan104386
Sharpek, Adam Russia scan104573
Sharpek, Adam Russia scan104583
Shaw, Harold H.   scan104468
Shaw, Harold Hastings Hiawatha KS scan104470
Shaw, Maude L.   scan104673
Shaw, Maude Lydia Fortuna CA scan104675
Shearin, Theodore J.   scan104398
Shearin, Theodore J. Indianapolis IN scan104399
Sheldon, Kathern M. Kenton OH scan104616
Shepherd, Myrtle Climax IA scan104593
Sherman, Edward W.   scan104262
Sherman, Edward W. Newport KY scan104263
Shirley, Minnie   scan104616
Shirley, Minnie M. Queen City MO scan104617
Shopp, Joseph Montreal Quebec scan104500
Shopp, Joseph   scan104498
Short, Minnie Etta   scan103880
Shorthill, Earl V. Livingston MT scan104522
Shorthill, Earl V.   scan104524
Shough, Alton A. Oakville OR scan104637
Shreeve, Susan Ellen   scan104496
Shreeve, Susan Ellen Dufur OR scan104498
Shulz, Matilda G.   scan104294
Siders, Ethel S.   scan104348
Siders, Ethel Sparks Lampassas TX scan104351
Sieck, Charles Phillip Washington DC scan104597
Siler, Andrew N. Somerset CO scan104390
Simmons, Emma Mae Medford OR scan104410
Simmons, Russell C.   scan104263
Simmons, Russell C.   scan104264
Simmons, Russell C. Mankato KS scan104265
Simpson, Minnie I.   scan104335
Simpson, Susan Joyce   scan104397
Singler, Richard Henry South Bend IN scan104667
Skelton, Ida R. England scan104398
Skelton, Ida Rachel England scan104397
Slatter, Leeland B.   scan104375
Slatter, Leeland B. NE scan104376
Smith, Alexander Hardin   scan104304
Smith, Alexander Hardin Fort Dodge IA scan104305
Smith, Alice Mae Phoenix OR scan104261
Smith, Anna   scan104277
Smith, Anna Stazie Skyler NE scan104278
Smith, Carl "Buck" TX scan104661
Smith, Carl "Buck" Altus OK scan104665
Smith, Elsie Belle Lincoln Co MO scan104340
Smith, Emma Ellen Bremen IN scan104423
Smith, Frances Eliza TX scan104368
Smith, Fred   scan104320
Smith, Fred Oskaloosa KS scan104321
Smith, George R.   scan104286
Smith, George R. White Plains NY scan104290
Smith, John W. Medford OR scan104338
Smith, Josie Maude   scan103880
Smith, Josie Maude Houston MO scan104317
Smith, Justin B. Medford OR scan104262
Smith, Mary   scan104251
Smith, Mary F. Williams Co TX scan104252
Smith, Maud May Mansfield PA scan104672
Smith, N. Bert   scan104478
Smith, N. Bert Shickley NE scan104481
Smith, Norman B.   scan104398
Smith, Norman B. Portland OR scan104399
Smith, Oneda Knoxville TN scan104641
Smith, Roy C.   scan104368
Smith, Roy Charles Eugene OR scan104372
Smith, Thomas A. Wales ND scan104313
Smoot, Stella Mae Ringo Mills KY scan104418
Snyder, Fred Rupert, Sr. Victor CO scan104567
Soeth, Marilyn E. Willows CA scan104605
Solis, Edna Gai Alleouez MI scan104336
Soliss, Albert N.   scan104598
Solomon, Charles H. MO scan104672
Solomon, Charles H.   scan104671
South, Ida Ruth MN scan104687
South, Ida Ruth Wadena MN scan104688
Sowell, Catherine E. "Kittie"   scan104570
Sowell, Catherine E. "Kittie" Jacksonville OR scan104572
Spangenberg, Elizabeth   scan104474
Spangenberg, Elizabeth St Paul MN scan104477
Spangler, F. LeRoy   scan104320
Spangler, F. LeRoy Perry KS scan104321
Spargo, Grace L.   scan104337
Spargo, Grace L. Denver CO scan104338
Sparks, Ethel Lampassas TX scan104351
Spence, William McKinley Carroll County VA scan104489
Spencer, James M.   scan104263
Spencer, James Marcellus Ashland OR scan104264
Spicker, Frank J.   scan104289
Spicker, Frank J. New York NY scan104290
Spires, Edward   scan104696
Spires, Edward "Ed" Quincy IL scan104697
Spitz, Robert J.   scan104496
Spitz, Robert J. Witt IL scan104498
Sprabeary, (Infant Son)   scan104372
Sprinkle, Ruth Violet Rockford IA scan104592
St. Claire, Herman   scan104509
St. Claire, Herman A. Ione OR scan104510
St. Martin, Ernest F.   scan104342
St. Martin, Ernest F. Canada scan104344
Stalder, William F.   scan104431
Stalder, William F. Pittsburgh PA scan104434
Stancliff, Luther F. Phoenix OR scan104398
Stanley, Fred Sheldy Co IA scan104389
Stanley, Gladys   scan104695
Stanley, Gladys Wapato WA scan104696
Stanley, Ina R. Eagle Point OR scan104297
Stansbie, Lettie L. Medford OR scan104632
Stansby, Lettie   scan104631
Stearns, Charlotte   scan104620
Stennett, Mary A. Ft Dodge IA scan104565
Stenrud, Mary Denmark scan104662
Stevens, Jane L. Chicago IL scan104336
Stevens, Laura D.   scan104348
Stevens, William   scan104290
Stevens, William Noble Co OH scan104292
Stewart, Bertha WI scan104624
Stewart, Bertha Christina WI scan104623
Stickel, Maud May Mansfield PA scan104672
Stickel, Maude   scan104671
Stillwell, Edgar W.   scan104465
Stingley, W. E. Eagle Creek OR scan104597
Stinson, David Porter   scan104358
Stinson, David Porter Hoxie KS scan104359
Stone, Ida E.   scan104278
Stone, Ida E. Whitley Co IL scan104281
Strand, Agnes S. Ettrick WI scan104353
Straus, Gueula Geraldine Medford OR scan104672
Stuart, Bruce   scan104358
Stuart, Bruce El Paso TX scan104359
Stuart, Jean H. Callahan CA scan104342
Sturgeon, Chester Marlow Jr. Honolulu HI scan104641
Sublette, Marilyn E.   scan104602
Sublette, Marilyn E. Willows CA scan104605
Sullivan, John Earl   scan104263
Sullivan, John Earl Chamber Springs AR scan104264
Surbaugh, Addie Mae OH scan104413
Susich, Charles Thomas NM scan104523
Susick, Charles Thomas   scan104522
Sutton, Mildred I.   scan104305
Sutton, Mildred I. Bowbells ND scan104306
Swaim, William A. Formosa KS scan104633
Swain, William A.   scan104632
Swartsley, Golden Wilma Fairbury NE scan104495
Swartsley, Golden Wilma Fairbury NE scan104496
Swartsley, Wilburn Joye Omaha NE scan104495
Swartsley, Wilburn Joye Omaha NE scan104496
Swisher, Frank   scan104391
Swisher, Frank V. Litchfield MN scan104392
Tallman, Daisy   scan104311
Tallman, Daisy F. Umatilla OR scan104312
Tallman, Leona Aurora NE scan104702
Talmage, Frankie Pike County IL scan104517
Taylor, Alice   scan104394
Taylor, Alice Sams Valley OR scan104613
Taylor, Alice M. Medford OR scan104396
Taylor, Arthur Aledo IL scan104511
Taylor, Arthur S. Aledo IL scan104512
Taylor, Clara Pearl Jackson Co OR scan104612
Taylor, Eleanor A.   scan104450
Taylor, Eleanor Ann El Paso TX scan104451
Taylor, George Terry   scan104312
Taylor, George Terry Urbana IL scan104313
Taylor, May E. Parma MO scan104482
Temple, James Allen   scan104470
Temple, James Allen East Bridgewater MA scan104473
Tharp, Louis Francis Grundy Co MO scan104576
Thelen, Paul   scan104602
Thelen, Paul Lismore Twp MN scan104606
Thexton, Mamie E. Grass Valley CA scan104614
Thexton, Mary E.   scan104612
Thomas, Curtis U.   scan104335
Thomas, Curtis U. Jefferson KS scan104336
Thomas, Ernest W.   scan104602
Thomas, Ernest W. Logansport IN scan104605
Thome, Ruth Violet Rockford IA scan104592
Thompson, Helen L. Kansas City MO scan104330
Thompson, John Bert   scan104336
Thompson, John Bert Georgeville PA scan104337
Thompson, Paul Charles Bend OR scan104578
Tibbetts, Donald   scan104579
Tiede, Clarence V.   scan104496
Tiede, Clarence Victor Storm Lake IA scan104498
Tietz, Carl F.   scan104623
Tietz, Carl F. Hungary scan104624
Tingleaf, Zella B. Soda Springs ID scan104523
Tingleaf, Zella Beryl   scan104522
Tischhauser, Geoffrey Don   scan104627
Titus, Jeanne J.   scan104526
Tizekker, John H.   scan104287
Tomelty, Joseph Girard KS scan104514
Town, William F. "Bill"   scan104563
Trites, Todd Richard   scan104378
Troup, Emma Ellen   scan104421
Troup, Emma Ellen Bremen IN scan104423
Troutfeather, Elizabeth A. Landsburg Germany scan104486
True, Eva Delinda Lake Creek OR scan104251
Truman, Grace   scan104484
Truman, Grace Cincinnati OH scan104486
Trusty, J. Henry Mountain Grove MO scan104347
Tulley, Olive G. Wallowa OR scan104252
Turnbow, William Henry Portland OR scan104270
Turner, Edson Silas   scan104697
Turner, Edson Silas Peoria IL scan104698
Turvey, Irvin Sr. Hanging Rock OH scan104528
Tuttle, Viola May Mendon MI scan104459
Uhrich, A. C. "Dick" Stanton Co NE scan104605
Uhrich, Adolph C.   scan104599
Unger, Andrew Leon Medica Lake WA scan104687
Upp, Maud L. Attwood IL scan104298
Urquiaga, Christine Louise Boise ID scan104498
Van Dyke, Esther   scan104277
Van Ness, Letha V. Waverly KS scan104414
Van Pelt, Franklin H. Ballentine MT scan104500
Van Slyke, Mildred LaVerne Tacoma WA scan104385
Van Wagoner, Leslie S.   scan104438
Van Wagoner, Leslie S. Bowling Green MO scan104441
VanCurler, Fred Little Falls MN scan104667
Vanderwalker, O. G.   scan104667
Vanderwalker, Orlie George Ishpeming MI scan104668
Verstegen, Margaret Jeanette   scan104450
Verstegen, Margaret Jeanette Sand Coulee MT scan104451
Vestal, Florence E. "Lizzie" Reese Creek OR scan104383
Vestal, Maude   scan104396
Vestal, Robert Alex   scan104413
Vestal, Robert Alexander Eagle Point OR scan104414
Vincent, Alice   scan104612
Vincent, Alice Sams Valley OR scan104613
Vincent, Hilda F. New Iberia LA scan104675
Von Kuhlmann, Viola   scan104463
von Kuhlmann, Viola Alice Montague CA scan104464
Waddell, Nellie Alma NE scan104645
Wagar, Evelyn Towner ND scan104498
Waite, Fred E.   scan104490
Waite, Fred E. MN scan104491
Wakefield, Jessie A. Blue Earth MN scan104529
Wald, Karen Veone Spokane WA scan104522
Wald, Kathy Veann Spokane WA scan104522
Walden, Jennie WI scan104667
Walk, Anna Frances TX scan104563
Walker, J. Clinton Grants Pass OR scan104355
Wall, Barbara Medford OR scan104523
Wall, Etha W.   scan104698
Wall, Etha W.   scan104701
Wall, Etha W. Pishellville NE scan104702
Wall, Nellie P. Spring Creek PA scan104385
Wall, Nellie Pamela   scan104383
Wallace, Floyd E.   scan104281
Wallace, Floyd E. "Dick" Bado MO scan104282
Waller, Rodger Bryan   scan104382
Waller, Rodger Bryan Bakersfield CA scan104385
Walsh, Margaret D. Nashville TN scan104611
Wanzer, James O.   scan104254
Wanzer, James Otis Santa Cruz CA scan104255
Ward, Mary   scan104666
Ward, Mary Memphis TX scan104667
Washington, Peggy Jean Marble Mt. WA scan104489
Waterbury, Preston B. (Col.)   scan104677
Waters, Willis Wilson   scan104346
Waters, Willis Wilson (2)   scan104343
Watson, Cora B.   scan104599
Watson, Cora B. Malvern IA scan104602
Watson, Robert Bruce   scan104262
Watson, Samuel C. Emery TX scan104353
Watson, Susan W. La Crosse WI scan104449
Weaver, Clyde H.   scan104389
Webb, David L. Union Center WI scan104259
Webb, Martin B.   scan104438
Webb, Martin B. Sr. Elmyra WV scan104439
Webb, May   scan104426
Webb, May Nashua IA scan104427
Webber, Harry Earl   scan104677
Webber, Harry Earl Jewell Co KS scan104678
Webster, Lois   scan104487
Webster, Robert J.   scan104640
Webster, Robert J. Long Beach CA scan104641
Weddle, Jack J.   scan104651
Weddle, Jack J. Florence OR scan104652
Weisel, Harley V.   scan104344
Weisel, Harley V. Pagosa Springs CO scan104346
Weisel, Harry or Harley   scan104342
Weisenfluck, LaNelda Nan Crawford NE scan104292
Weishaupl, Fred G.   scan104332
Weishaupl, Frederick G. Denver CO scan104333
Wells, Maude E. Ashland OR scan104691
Welshans, Agnes E.   scan104353
Welshans, Agnes E. MT scan104357
Wenner, Mary Louise MO scan104616
Wenner, Mary Louise Centerview MO scan104617
Wenzel, Lloyd C. Rondo Beach CA scan104490
Westwang, Richard Norway scan104400
Wexler, Herman Dr. Bremen Germany scan104667
Wheeler, Alvin W. Grants Pass OR scan104414
Wheeler, John   scan104390
Wheeler, John V. Indianapolis IN scan104391
Whetstone, Della Applegate Valley OR scan104633
Whetstone, Della Minora Applegate Valley OR scan104634
Whitaker, Nita   scan104529
Whitaker, Nita G.   scan104530
Whitcomb, Mary W. Central City IA scan104679
White, Albert F. San Jose CA scan104406
White, David E. Astoria OR scan104578
White, Esther May Woodland IL scan104431
White, Floyd H.   scan104451
White, Rose   scan104374
Whiteford, Margaret   scan104524
Whiteford, Margaret Chicago IL scan104524
Whitehead, Edna Irma Little Rock AR scan104405
Whitehead, Grace   scan104478
Whitehead, Grace NV scan104479
Whitlatch, Margaret Ellen Shelbyville IL scan103880
Whitlock, Richard E. Chicago IL scan104597
Whitlock, Robert E.   scan104594
Whitlock, Robert Edlow   scan104595
Whitney, E. Belle   scan104681
Whitney, E. Belle Olinda CA scan104682
Whitney, Ethlynde Sanford Jesey City NJ scan104360
Wicker, James A.   scan104299
Wicker, James Angus Colby WI scan104301
Wiese, Johanna W. Germany scan104524
Wilely, Thornton Scott Coleville CA scan104483
Wiley, Thornton   scan104480
Wilhelm, John   scan104513
Wilhelm, John W. Budapest Hungary scan104514
Wilkes, Bobby C.   scan104496
Wilkes, Bobby Clinton Vidalia GA scan104501
Willard, Anna E.   scan104667
Willard, Anna E. Cheyenne WY scan104667
Willard, Jeanne J.   scan104526
Willey, Lyle K. Miltonvale KS scan104579
Willey, Lyle Kenneth Miltonvale KS scan104582
William, Katherine M. MN scan104599
Williams, Claude "Red"   scan104253
Williams, Claude E. Louisville KY scan104259
Williams, Edith May Little Shasta CA scan104498
Williams, Emma R. Toledo OH scan104281
Williams, Nellie Logan IA scan104293
Williams, Richard   scan104461
Williams, Richard Cornwall England scan104462
Williams, Robert Lee (2 articles) Hartville MO scan104430
Williams, W. Claude Marble AR scan104386
Williams, William Aubrey Hill Co TX scan104330
Williams, William Claude   scan104385
Williamson, Margaret Huntoon Moorhead MN scan104272
Willson, Oscar Owen   scan104386
Wilson, Bernice Ann Issaquah WA scan104299
Wilson, David E. Ava MO scan104592
Wilson, Maggie P.   scan104360
Wilson, Maggie P. Burnettsville IN scan104361
Wilson, Marian   scan104654
Wilson, Ruth M.   scan104445
Wilson, Ruth M. Lakeview OR scan104448
Winchester, Zonita Merle Holden MO scan104570
Witte, Martin   scan104522
Witte, Martin Imperial NE scan104524
Wittrock, Peggy Jean   scan104487
Wittrock, Peggy Jean Marble Mt. WA scan104489
Wolf, (Mrs. Henry)   scan104321
Wolfe, John G.   scan104617
Wolfe, John G. Toronto IA scan104619
Wolgamott, Margaret Harriman TN scan104360
Womack, Fanny Wallowa OR scan104399
Womack, Olive G.   scan104251
Womack, Olive G. Wallowa OR scan104252
Wood, Edith C. Liecester England scan104457
Wood, Edith C. Liecester England scan104459
Wood, Nellie P. Spring Creek PA scan104385
Woodley, Herbert S.   scan104617
Woodley, Herbert S. Tacoma WA scan104622
Woolery, John Robert Red Bluff CA scan104464
Woolery, John Robert   scan104463
Wrenn, Moultrie Frank Portland OR scan104330
Wrenn, Moultrie Franklin   scan104331
Wright, Dorothy   scan104697
Wright, Dorothy Mae Palouse WA scan104698
Wright, Ida   scan104374
Wright, Ida Louise   scan104375
Wright, Ida Purcell Minneapolis MN scan104376
Wright, Lee   scan104695
Wright, Leewell Arthur "Lee" Croton OH scan104697
Yantiss, Jenny M. Santa Clara CA scan104347
Yantiss, Jenny M. Bazine KS scan104352
Yocum, Libbie Ellen KS scan104590
Young, Charles   scan104473
Young, Charles Franklin Holcomb WV scan104474
Young, Edmund H. Ashland ME scan104353
Young, Elma D. Peoria OR scan104341
Young, Harry   scan104289
Young, Harry Lansing Canada scan104290
Young, Harry W.   scan104639
Young, Harry W.   scan104641
Young, Ray   scan104504
Young, William Henry   scan104386
Young, William Henry Wyanet IL scan104388
Young, William Henry Wyanet IL scan104389
Younger, Lorenzo N.   scan104653
Younger, Lorenzo N. Silverbow MT scan104654
Younger, Marguerite L. Sawyers Bar CA scan104479
Yule, (Infant Son)   scan104624
Yule, (Infant Son) Medford OR scan104631
Zahnow, Minnie (Mrs. Albert H.) Dessau Germany scan104508
Zehr, John Earl   scan104422
Zehr, John Earl Deer Creek IL scan104423
Zickefoose, Mary Ellen   scan104533
Zickefoose, Mary Ellen Saratoga WY scan104558
Zierenberg, Golden Wilma Fairbury NE scan104495
Zierenberg, Golden Wilma Fairbury NE scan104496
Zinser, Mary W. Central City IA scan104679