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Medford Mail Tribune Scanned Obituary Index for 1967

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Our JCGL volunteers are scanning and indexing microfilmed images of Medford Mail Tribune Obituaries and Death Notices. Below is an index to the 1967 scanned images. It includes the name of the deceased person, his/her place of birth (when available), and the number we have assigned to the image. If the deceased person is a married woman and her maiden name was given in the obituary, this is included in the index. If you would like to receive a copy of a scanned obituary, follow this link, Postal Request Form to display the request form. Complete and print the form, then send it to the address shown along with a check for $10 and a stamped, self-addressed envelope. Some of the scanned obituaries require more than one image. We will send them all for a single $10 fee, but you must put all the image numbers (e.g., scan123456, scan123457) on your request. Be sure to provide all the required information on the form.

For faster turnaround, use the Buy Now button below to make a secure online payment and to provide the information needed to fill your request. Be sure you fill ALL fields in the form including all image scan numbers. When you complete the transaction, our librarian will copy the requested information and email it to you as an attachment. It will be sent as a .jpg (picture) file. When you receive this .jpg file, click on it and it will be loaded into your picture viewer from which you can print a hard copy.

Scanned Mail Tribune Obituaries
Last Name, First Name
Year, Image Number

Name of Deceased Maiden Name Place of Birth Image Number
Aarestad, Eric     scan102244
Aarrestad, Eric   Salt Lake City UT scan102251
Abbey, Walter W.     scan102415
Abbott, Gladys Irene ?   scan102589
Abbott, Gladys Irene Blazer Pittsburgh KS scan102592
Abbott, Mary Minerva   Montpelier VT scan102790
Abel, Raymond DeWitt   Eminence IN scan102598
Acker, Maude B. ? TX scan102627
Acker, Maude B. ? Jonesburgh TX scan102629
Ackerman, Frank Buffman   Detroit MI scan102652
Ackerson, Leone E.     scan102246
Ackerson, Leone E. ? WI scan102249
Adair, Eva M.   Hubbard OR scan102335
Adams, Jessie J.   Maywood NE scan102514
Adamson, Charles R.   Richmond IN scan102373
Adler, Arthur Alexander   MA scan102569
Age, Myra M. Rembert Anderson AL scan102441
Age, Myra Mae     scan102440
Ager, Jerome B.     scan102756
Ahlstrom, Emma Baxter ? Yreka CA scan102656
Alexander, Reese M.   Spokane WA scan102789
Alexander, Reese M.   Spokane WA scan102793
Allen, Albert Edward   Dunedin New Zealand scan102772
Allen, Albert Edward   Dunedin New Zealand scan102771
Allen, Charles Frank     scan102214
Allen, Charles Frank   Ashland OR scan102217
Allen, Diane ?   scan102625
Allen, Roy Lee   Kingsville MO scan102600
Alvord, Maude L.   Worthington MN scan102257
Anderson, Alvin     scan102196
Anderson, Alvin A.   MO scan102199
Anderson, Charles M. "Carl"   Forest Lake MN scan102777
Anderson, Lillie ?   scan102358
Anderson, Pearl ? Dell Rapids SD scan102185
Anderson, Ricky     scan102452
Anderson, Robert Alvin     scan102787
Anderson, Robert Alvin   New Market IA scan102790
Anderson, William     scan102665
Anderson, William "Sam"   Bozz TX scan102666
Andrews, Charles Nathan     scan102350
Andrews, Joe K.     scan102429
Andrews, Joe K.   Sterling CO scan102435
Andrews, William Cowles   Barlow NC scan102719
Andrews, William Cowles   Barlow NC scan102720
Angstrom, Carolyn Jean     scan102707
Applin, Frank D. (Col.)   East Swanzey NH scan102451
Arnold, A. Albert   Madison NE scan102691
Arnold, Luella Blanche     scan102541
Arnold, Luella Blanche Manning Campbell NE scan102545
Arpan, Carrie E. ? Dudleyville AZ scan102607
Arpan, Carrie Ellen     scan102605
Arthur, Charles W.     scan102264
Arthur, Charles Wray   Canal Fulton OH scan102269
Artmire, Ethel ?   scan102269
Artmire, Ethel E. ?   scan102271
Artmire, Ethel Elsia ? Jasper MN scan102277
Ashe, Barbara June   Ajlune WA scan102741
Ashe, Barbara June   Ajlune WA scan102742
Ashpole, Bernice   Rigby ID scan102241
Atkison, Mabel P. Pearce Shawnee OK scan102766
Aubrey, Anna   Bonanza OR scan102386
Ayers, Iva Louise Stall Thayer KS scan102719
Ayers, Iva Louise ?   scan102711
Ayres, Eva Luella   Blue Mound KS scan102776
Babb, James Marion   MO scan104535
Babb, Ruth A.     scan102788
Babb, Ruth A. ? Beaver OK scan102790
Babb, Ruth A. ? Beaver OK scan102791
Babcock, Clara Nettie   SD scan102670
Badley, Effie O. ? Wells MN scan102674
Bailey, Betty T.   Hingham MT scan102312
Bailey, Betty T.   Hingham MT scan102313
Bailey, Mary Elizabeth   Hoopersville CA scan102426
Baker, Fred J.     scan102393
Baker, James Fred   Woodstock Canada scan102399
Baker, Raymond R.   Mesa AZ scan102184
Balcom, James A.     scan102277
Balding, Gertrude Mary   Burns OR scan102644
Baldwin, Clifford Henry   Mt Hope KS scan102348
Baldwin, John Addison     scan102627
Baldwin, John Addison   Dayton TN scan102629
Ball, Rich V.     scan102737
Banks, Mary F.   Maybell CO scan102785
Banner, Emma     scan102461
Barker, Evelyn Lola   Independence OR scan102170
Barnes, David Martin     scan102336
Barnes, David Martin   Klamath Falls OR scan102339
Barnes, Ernest L.   OH scan102385
Barnes, Gertrude Mary   Burns OR scan102644
Barnes, Roberta     scan102421
Barnes, Roberta     scan102422
Barnett, Chester B.     scan102370
Barnett, Chester B.   Byjou Hills SD scan102372
Barnthouse, Cleo Mast OK scan102460
Barnum, Byron J.   Lincoln NE scan102728
Barnum, Byron J.     scan102729
Barnum, Byron J.   Lincoln NE scan102730
Barnum, Charles "Pat"   Lakeview OR scan102741
Barrans, Joseph C.     scan102677
Barrans, Joseph C.   Clearfield IA scan102685
Barrell, C. H. "Bunny"     scan102298
Bartlett, Charles W.   Alameda CA scan102445
Bartlett, Christine Lea Hudson Pendleton OR scan102445
Barton, Edward Jay     scan102589
Barton, Edward Jay (2)     scan102584
Barton, Edward Jay (2)     scan102585
Bateman, Laura May   Tyronne PA scan102331
Bauman, Mary     scan102464
Bauman, Mary ? Scio OR scan102466
Beach, Lawrence     scan102296
Beach, Lawrence Vernon   OK  
Beach, Roland G.     scan102265
Beach, Roland G.   Eagle NE scan102267
Beagle, Marguerite Ann ?   scan102271
Beagle, Marguerite Ann Clute Lyons Co IA scan102276
Bearss, Bernard P.     scan102819
Bearss, Bernard P.   Kearney NE scan102823
Becker, Alma Louise "Becky"   Chicago scan102747
Becker, Alma Louise "Becky"   Chicago IL scan102751
Beers, Delbert N.     scan102817
Beers, Delbert N.   WI scan102821
Beers, Margaret V.   Spooner WI scan102761
Beers, Margaret V.   Spooner WI scan102765
Beier, Elmer W.   Lincoln NE scan102794
Beier, Elmer William     scan102790
Beier, Elmer William     scan102792
Belding, Betty Lorraine   Omaha NE scan102529
Belfils, Norman Abbot     scan102333
Bell, Roger Brian     scan102336
Bell, Roger Brian   Klamath Falls OR scan102339
Bell, Roland B.     scan102438
Bell, Roland Baker   Stratford IA scan102476
Belyeu, Ann ?   scan102333
Belyeu, Ann E. ? Llano TX scan102337
Bennett, Carl Loren     scan102215
Bennett, Carl Loren   NE scan102218
Bennett, Coyner A.   Cook Co IL scan102639
Bentley, Mary Artmecia ? Boone Co IA scan102423
Berninghausen, Carl G.   Eldora IA scan102550
Berrian, Herbert J.     scan102437
Berridge, Della ?   scan102311
Berridge, Della Anna ? Goff KS scan102317
Berry, Aaron William   Yreka CA scan102733
Berry, Edith ?   scan102129
Berry, Edith ? IL scan102130
Berryman, Connie     scan102258
Berryman, Connie     scan102260
Berryman, Connie     scan102261
Berryman, Connie Bee   Long Beach CA scan102263
Betschart, George     scan102353
Betschart, George   Switzerland scan102354
Bewley, Randolph B.   OK scan102774
Bewley, Randolph B.   OK scan102771
Bielby, Gary Steve   Salmon ID scan102466
Billings, Mary E. Young ?   scan102708
Billings, Mary E. Young ? Seoulsville OH scan102710
Black, Harry Ellis   St Paul MN scan102592
Black, Virginia Wilma   KY scan102422
Blaine, Raymond A.   Grand Junction CO scan102143
Blaine, Raymond A.   Grand Junction CO scan102147
Blazer, Gladys Irene   Pittsburgh KS scan102592
Bleak, Richard M.     scan102569
Bleak, Richard Moor   Ramah NM scan102571
Block, David P.   Russia scan102775
Block, David P.   Russia scan102777
Boggs, Ethel (Mrs. O. C.) ?   scan102805
Boland, Mary E. Miss   IA scan102786
Booth, Florence E.     scan102406
Booth, Florence E. Jackson London England scan102408
Borello, Umbert "Al"   Venouse Italy scan102236
Bostwick, Earl Bert   Ruch OR scan102768
Bostwick, Earl Bert   Ruch OR scan102770
Bostwick, Earl Bert   Ruch OR scan102771
Botchek, Henry August     scan102441
Botchek, Henry August   Cass Lake MN scan102442
Botsford, George     scan102441
Botsford, George Howard   Westfield IA scan102442
Boussum, George Arthur   Jacksonville OR scan102597
Bowdin, Harriet M.   Columbus WI scan102306
Bowdin, Harriet M.   Columbus WI scan102307
Bowdish, John     scan102511
Bowdish, John David   Butte MT scan102513
Bowerman, Elizabeth Hoover Fossil OR scan102785
Bowers, Violet Faye   Delta CO scan102235
Bowman, Ruth Anna   Portland OR scan102408
Bowne, Heidi      
Bowne, Heidi   Medford OR scan102362
Bowne, Heidi I.   Medford OR scan102359
Bradford, Harry     scan102136
Bradford, Harry C.     scan102140
Bradford, Harry C.   Queen City MO scan102147
Bradley, Millie Frances   Hiltons VA scan102574
Brandon, Martha Ann ? Klamath County OR scan102772
Brandon, Martha Ann   Klamath County OR scan102770
Brasher, Lottie W. Wiley Phoenix OR scan102191
Brazil, Joseph Andrew   Hawkinsville CA scan102663
Brazil, Joseph Andrew   Hawkinsville CA scan102664
Breese, Wilbur C.     scan102795
Brewer, George     scan102651
Brewer, George William   Bellingham WA scan102653
Brittsan, Hubert Worth   Ashland OR scan102279
Brock, Nolan D.     scan102764
Brock, Nolan D.     scan102768
Brock, Nolan D.     scan102770
Brockway, Royden R.   Luverne MN scan102491
Brom, Agness C.   Sedalia ND scan102697
Brooks, John     scan102126
Brooks, John     scan102129
Brooks, Lawrence I.     scan102232
Brooks, Lawrence I.   Hamilton MO scan102234
Brothanek, Delia Dalton   scan102799
Brothanek, Delia Dalton Short Klamath Falls OR scan102797
Brothanek, Delia Dalton Short Klamath Falls OR scan102801
Brown, Anna ? Halstead KS scan102505
Brown, Chester C.     scan102126
Brown, Chester Charles   Drain OR scan102131
Brown, Eldwin Frank "Brownie" ` Oro Fino CA scan102294
Brown, Helen B.   Sioux IA scan102194
Brown, Helen B.   Sioux IA scan102195
Brown, James Ray   Winters CA scan102762
Brown, June Noreen   WA scan102558
Brown, Stephen D.     scan102696
Brown, Vincent     scan102428
Brown, Vincent Albert     scan102438
Browne, Robert Henry     scan102517
Brummond, Marjorie M. ?   scan102461
Brummond, Marjorie M. McCurdy Des Moines IA scan102464
Brush, Minty Murry "Joy"   Stoddard Co MO scan102204
Bryan, Charles Franklin   Yreka CA scan102732
Bryan, Ella P. ? Galloway NE scan102406
Bryan, Nellie Agnes   Scott Valley CA scan102814
Buchter, Cleone B. Eifert Ada OH scan102785
Bullock, Birtie M.   Somerset KY scan102824
Bullock, Velma     scan102457
Bullock, Velma R. Jackson Dewey OK scan102459
Bulman, Alice V. ?   scan102600
Bulman, Alice V. Harris Park River ND scan102602
Bunch, Grace   Fresno CA scan102384
Burby, Alice Marie Peters Butte MT scan102338
Burdette, Virginia Wilma   KY scan102422
Burks, Samuel   Prairie Plains TN scan102775
Burks, Samuel E.   Prairie Plains TN scan102777
Burns, Ilma Emily ?   scan102225
Burns, Ilma Emily "Dolly" Leed Red Lodge MT scan102231
Burrow, Sarah Clayton     scan102580
Burrow, Sarah Clayton   DeLeon TX scan102581
Burton, Nellie Agnes Bryan Scott Valley CA scan102814
Bush, Lillian E.     scan102392
Bush, Lillian E.     scan104535
Butler, Bill C.   Allen OK scan102330
Byfield, Chancy A.   Cedar KS scan102560
Byfield, Chancy A.   Cedar KS scan102564
Byrd, Joseph W.     scan102727
Byrd, Joseph W.     scan102728
Byrd, Lena M. ? IL scan102697
Cable, Myrtle L.   MO scan102477
Cable, Myrtle L. ? SD scan102488
Cade, Rose ? Hanford CA scan102280
Cain, William B.     scan102681
Cain, William B.   Waldron AR scan102686
Calhoun, Hugh Berry     scan102195
Calhoun, Hugh Berry     scan102196
Calhoun, Hugh Berry   Coleman Co TX scan102197
Cameron, Elsie ?   scan102499
Cameron, Elsie H. Mardon Kanes Creek OR scan102502
Campbell, John David   Lakeview OR scan102663
Campbell, Ozella Myrtle   Beeville TX scan102399
Campbell, Voyl     scan102402
Cannon, Ernest Hite     scan102627
Cannon, Ernest Hite   Albany OR scan102630
Cappiello, Oscar     scan102563
Cappiello, Oscar   Chicago IL scan102568
Cardwell, Helen   Medford OR scan102376
Cardwell, Helen   Medford OR scan102378
Cardwell, Susan Marie   Astoria OR scan102438
Carroz, Frances M.     scan102637
Carroz, Frances M.     scan102639
Carson, Alice Eugenia   Cherryvale KS scan102558
Carson, Eugenia ?   scan102557
Cart, Adam Thomas (2)   Bone Gap IL scan102520
Cart, Adam Thomas (2)   Bone Gap IL scan102521
Carter, Barbara F. "Dr." Ford Hingham MA scan102132
Carter, Hester G. ?   scan102786
Carter, Katherine M. ? Evansville IN scan102496
Casey, Josephine B.   Butte Falls OR scan102796
Cash, Imogene Leona   Kearney NE scan102381
Casperson, Jack   Norway scan102758
Casperson, Jack   Norway scan102764
Cathey, Louise ? Buffalo MN scan102330
Caton, Ollie Ellen   Jacksonville OR scan102339
Champion, Hazel Margaret     scan102737
Champion, Joseph Francis   Prescott AZ scan102702
Chance, Benjamin H.   Atwood KS scan102575
Chaplin, Frank John   Trinidad CO scan102737
Chapman, Harry James   England scan102317
Chapman, Maude K. ? Omaha NE scan102508
Childers, Manford D.     scan102553
Childers, Manford D.   Milan MO scan102556
Chiles, Patricia Constance   Manila Phillipines scan102144
Chiponis, Anthony Michael   Sioux City IA scan102206
Chiponis, Anthony Michael   Sioux City IA scan102208
Chisholm, Thomas Hammersley   Gold Hill OR scan102285
Christenson, Carl O.     scan102290
Christie, Rosetta J.     scan102264
Christie, Rosetta Jane ? Wakefield KS scan102268
Christie, Rosetta Jane ? Wakefield KS scan102269
Christlieb, Benjamin Henry   Long Lake MN scan102348
Christlieb, Benjamin Henry     scan102349
Churchill, Jerome Sr.   Yreka CA scan102585
Clapper, Lavernia S. ? Holton KS scan102800
Clapper, Lavernia S. ? Holton KS scan102801
Clark, Agnes Marjorie   Los Angeles CA scan102361
Clark, Arline Luella Culbertson Shelby Co MO scan102271
Clark, Barbara Ann Miss   Medford OR scan102719
Clark, Barbara June   Ajlune WA scan102741
Clark, Barbara June   Ajlune WA scan102742
Clark, Glen True     scan102613
Clark, Glenn True     scan102610
Clark, Joseph G.     scan102438
Clark, Joseph G.   Star Valley WY scan102476
Clark, Mary E.     scan102605
Clark, Mary E. Ford Central Point OR scan102608
Clark, Michelle Ruth     scan102619
Clarkson, Florence ?   scan102470
Clarkson, Florence Gibson Maquoketa IA scan102473
Clayton, Laura M. ?   scan102280
Clayton, Laura M. Cramer ID scan102282
Clearwater, George H.     scan102130
Clearwater, George Henry   St Johns WA scan102135
Cline,Richard Franklin     scan102482
Clouse, Ralph     scan102434
Clouse, Ralph Norman   Concord CA scan102438
Clute, Marguerite Ann   Lyons Co IA scan102276
Coats, Francis M.     scan102786
Coats, Francis M.   Boaz WI scan102788
Coats, Larry Arthur     scan102700
Coats, Larry Arthur   Medford OR scan102708
Cochran, Earl     scan102239
Cochran, W. Earl "Rev"   Brownsville OR scan102240
Cochrane, Margaret Elizabeth ? NE scan102533
Cochrane, Margaret Elizabeth ? NE scan102536
Coghill, Julia F.   Landmark MO scan102327
Coghill, Julia F.   Landmark MO scan102328
Colby, Lionel A.   Independence OR scan102720
Colegrove, Elizabeth K.     scan102716
Colegrove, Elizabeth K.   Ithaca NY scan102559
Colgan, Ruby     scan102592
Colgan, Ruby Walker Walker Beagle OR scan102594
Collins, Lloyd     scan102388
Colvin, Lillie Belle ? Carlisle IN scan102349
Compton, Ella C.   Whitewood VA scan102402
Conard, Ralph D.   Burwell NE scan102794
Conger, Albert     scan102132
Conger, Albert "Bert"   Appanoose Co IA scan102136
Conrad, Ralph     scan102787
Cook, Harry L.   Bono AR scan102658
Cook, Harry L.     scan102656
Cook, Ruby Irene   Parnell MO scan102556
Cook, Ruby Irene     scan102551
Copple, Anna Elizabeth ? Applegate OR scan102791
Cordon, Bernice   Rigby ID scan102241
Corey, Clarence W.   Clifton Park NY scan102249
Cormie, Della May ?   scan102639
Cormie, Della May Elliott Burns OR scan102640
Cornell, Ione     scan102812
Cornell, Ione ? PA scan102818
Cornell, John     scan102811
Cota, Robert E.   Chicago IL scan102454
Coulter, Elsie Pearl "Pearl"   Martinsburgh PA scan102600
Coverstone, Vernon A.     scan102669
Covig, Vance "Pinto"   Jacksonville OR scan102661
Covig, Vance "Pinto"   Jacksonville OR scan102662
Cowden, Eugene L.     scan102762
Cowden, Eugene L.     scan102766
Cox, Ora   Bushnell IL scan102498
Cox, Vera Leona     scan102513
Cox, Vera Leona Thorp Portland OR scan102516
Cox, W. Clarence   CO scan102685
Cox, William C.     scan102682
Craig, Wayne E.   Strawn KS scan102723
Craig, Wayne E.   Strawn KS scan102723
Craig, Wayne E.   Strawn KS scan102726
Cramer, Laura M.   ID scan102282
Crammer, Louis Stanley     scan102690
Crammer, Louis Stanley   Cookstown NJ scan102693
Crawford, William W.     scan102228
Crawford, William W.   Medford OR scan102231
Creech, Viola J.   OK scan102566
Crew, Susie May ? Virginia City NV scan102174
Crews, Temperance Estellottie "Lottie"     scan102367
Crosby, Emma Banner ? Bunkerville NV scan102459
Crosby, Emma Banner ?   scan102461
Cross, Mae Miller     scan102659
Cross, Mae Miller ? Carbondale IL scan102660
Crowson, Ida Cotrell   Brownwood TX scan102587
Crowson, Lloyd Porter   St Paul MN scan102660
Culbertson, Arline Luella   Shelby Co MO scan102271
Culley, Schuyler Perce   Clearwater ID scan102148
Culley, Schuyler Perce   Clearwater ID scan102143
Cummings, David     scan102407
Cummings, David N.   Philadelphia PA scan102410
Cummings, David Newton     scan102401
Cummons, Charles Lee   Ashland OR scan102740
Cummons, Charles Lee   Ashland OR scan102742
Cunningham, Edward     scan102571
Cunningham, Edward Owens     scan102574
Curling, Edward W.     scan102512
Curling, Edward W.   Norfolk VA scan102513
Cushman, Horace G.     scan102282
Cushman, Horace Gerald   VT scan102284
Daggit, Donal L.     scan102360
Daggitt, Donal Lockman   Bethlehem PA scan102363
Dalton, Delia     scan102799
Danner, Paul Donald     scan102149
Daok, Mariland Jane ? Albany OR scan102627
Darby, Blanche   Memphis TN scan102390
Darby, Maggie E.   Urbana MO scan102181
Davidson, Elizabeth F.   Reedley CA scan102765
Davis, Delbert Glenn   Lakeview OR scan102306
Davis, Elda     scan102809
Davis, Francis C.     scan102666
Davis, Francis Clayton   Vernon CO WI scan102670
Davis, Helen A.     scan102256
Davis, Helen Ada Lea Pleasonton NE scan102259
Davis, June Noreen ?   scan102716
Davis, June Noreen Brown WA scan102558
Davis, Myrtle L.   SD scan102488
Davis, Paul L.     scan102170
Davis, Paul Lee   Pittsburgh PA scan102171
Davisdson, Charles S.   Yreka CA scan102585
Dayton, Augusta May ?   scan102153
Dayton, Augusta May ? Troy NY scan102154
Deadmond, Isaac   IL scan102367
Dean, Elizabeth J.   Gunnison CO scan102367
DeGarmo, Hazel C.     scan102383
DeGarmo, Hazel C. ? Topeka KS scan102384
Deringer, Jason     scan102535
Deringer, Jason Lee   Medford OR scan102541
DeShane, Alfred     scan102130
DeShane, Alfred L.   Topeka KS scan102133
Detherage, James E.   Lebanon MO scan102383
Deutschman, Roy     scan102781
Deutschman, Roy V.   Dundee MN scan102783
Dexter, Hazel M.   Lake Creek OR scan102706
Diamond, Ruth L. ? Gentry AR scan102227
Dickenson, Oliver Owen   Athena OR scan102746
Dickenson, Oliver Owen   Athena OR scan102751
Dickerson, Mabel E.   Short OK scan102227
Dickson, Charles F.     scan102602
Dickson, Charles Filmore   Sheridan OR scan102606
Dickson, Harriet Mable "Hattie" Warner Benedict NE scan102755
Dickson, Harriet Mable "Hattie" Warner Benedict NE scan102756
Dimetral, Gilbert C.     scan102551
Dippel, S. Ralph     scan102518
Dippel, S. Ralph   Blackfoot ID scan102524
Dirkswager, Rachelle     scan102472
Ditsworth, Hobart A.     scan102366
Ditsworth, Hobart Amos   Laurelhurst OR scan102367
Dixon, Bradford Church   Topsfield MA scan102339
Dodge, Donald W.     scan102496
Dodge, Donald W.   Olympia WA scan102499
Dodge, Merrill H.   Big Timber MT scan102370
Dodson, Raymond Thomas     scan102531
Dodson, Raymond Thomas   Warren OH scan102537
Donaldson, Harry D.     scan102617
Dopp, Elizabeth Mary ? Oldtown VA scan102353
Doren, Leslie Elbert     scan102743
Douglas, Marion Delores   Mina NV scan102616
Dow, Retha L. ?   scan102322
Dow, Retha Louise ? OK scan102325
Downing, Glenn C.   Willow Springs OR scan102464
Doyle, Bobby     scan102632
Doyle, Michael James   Hayward CA scan102632
Drake, Donald   Sumas WA scan102574
Drake, Velda May ?   scan102655
Drake, Zelda May Mayfield Jackson Co OR scan102658
Dreveskracht, Jane Elizabeth   Howard Lake MN scan102709
Driggs, Mary Ann   Denison TX scan102500
Drury, Barbara   Medford OR scan102370
Dudley, Alma Anna   Union County IA scan102810
Dudley, Theron J.     scan102521
Dudley, Theron John "Pete"   Neligh NE scan102530
Dufault, George Theodore     scan102631
Dufault, George Theodore   Calumet MI scan102632
Dugan, Julia E.   Eagle Point OR scan102578
Dunford, Florence   NE scan102164
Dunham, Roy E.   ND scan102621
Dunlap, Benjamin F.     scan102560
Dunlap, Benjamin Franklin   Central Point OR scan102564
Dunn, Gerald     scan102539
Dupree, Myrtle L.   SD scan102488
DuPris, Louis     scan102595
DuPuis, Louis Henry   Thorne ND scan102596
Dusenberry, Lester     scan102814
Dusenberry, Lester Lane   Gold Hill OR scan102821
Dutton, Gay William     scan102210a
Dutton, Gay William   Wheatland MN scan102216
Dworak, Alice   NY scan102729
Dwyer, Lena R. ?   scan102709
Dwyer, Lena R. ? El Paso TX scan102711
Dyer, Mary Edith Huddle Columbus OH scan102302
Dynge, Gerald T.     scan102670
Dynge, Gerald T. "Bud"   MARSHALL Co MN scan102675
Eastlick, Orrin T.   Scott Valley CA scan102720
Eccleston, Arvilla Florence ? Junction City OR scan102635
Eccleston, Arvilla P.     scan102632
Edens, Sarah L. Stout Jackson Co TN scan102496
Edmonds, Eleanore "Dee" Scheffel Butte MT scan102339
Edwards, Velma R.   Dewey OK scan102459
Eick, Edward Charles     scan102322
Eick, Edward Charles   Forest Junction WI scan102325
Eifert, Cleone B.   Ada OH scan102785
Einkoff, Carl Edward     scan102776
Einkopf, Carl Edward   Avon SD scan102781
Elder, Mary E.   Montague CA scan102291
Elliott, Charles   Boone IA scan102408
Elliott, Della May   Burns OR scan102640
Elliott, George J.   Boone IA scan102551
Elliott, Leet Roger   Calaveras Co CA scan102499
Ellis, Alice Katherine   NE scan102369
Ellis, Myrtle M. Hunt Los Angeles CA scan102530
Ellis, Myrtle M. Hunt Los Angeles CA scan102532
Elrod, Luella   Gridley KS scan102687
Elsom, Robert M.   Stockton CA scan102556
Elson, Robert M.   Stockton CA scan102545
Emmons, Alice Marie   Sparks NE scan102724
Emmons, Alice Marie Hamer Sparks NE scan102725
Emmons, Alice Marie Hamer Sparks NE scan102726
Engle, Grace Garrett Jacksonville OR scan102670
Englehardt, Esther S. Erickson   scan102180
Englehardt, Esther S. Erickson St Paul MN scan102184
English, Wanda H.   Klamath Falls OR scan102598
Ennis, Ward B.     scan102327
Ennis, Ward B.     scan102325
Ennis, Ward B.   Covington IN scan102328
Ent, Ray Shuler     scan102477
Ent, Ray Shuler   Hamilton OH scan102487
Erickson, Esther S.     scan102180
Erickson, Esther S.   St Paul MN scan102184
Esau, George Richard     scan102531
Evans, Logan D. "Tex"   Douglas AZ scan102225
Evans, William N.   Etna CA scan102674
Fadling, Amy K.   Crescent City CA scan102691
Fahlen, Johan O.   Sweden scan102192
Fallin, Howard A.     scan102170
Fallin, Howard A. "Tim"   Grants Pass OR scan102171
Falwell, Donald Barton   Beatrice NE scan102751
Falwell, Donald Barton   Beatrice NE scan102752
Farrell, Katherine M. ?   scan102447
Farrell, Katherine M. Robinson Springfield MA scan102448
Farrell, Minnie ? Jamestown NY scan102551
Faulk, Duane Ray   Reno NV scan102371
Ferguson, Leonard   Oregon City OR scan102702
Ferris, Cleve Charles     scan102429
Ferris, Cleve Charles     scan102431
Ferris, Cleve Charles   Ipava IL scan102437
Fewell, Robert H.     scan102228
Fewell, Robert H.   Pasco WA scan102231
Field, Harvey J.     scan102446
Field, Harvey Judson   Giltner NE scan102450
Fields, Henry Jesse     scan102341
Fields, Henry Jesse "Jack"   Texaco IA scan102343
Fillmore, Ida B. ?   scan102275
Fillmore, Ida B. ? Naples IL scan102279
Findley, Marjorie I. Lierley Albany OR scan102622
Fink, Alfred Franklin   Hutchinson KS scan102818
Fink, Alfred Franklin   Hutchinson KS scan102819
Finley, Frank J.   Fairfield IL scan102546
Fish, Theodore J.   Oakland CA scan102602
Fish, Theodore J.   Oakland CA scan102604
Fisher, Anne B. ? Denver CO scan102251
Fisher, Bernice Gypsy ? Berkley CA scan102701
Fisher, Julian A.   San Jose CA scan102536
Fitzgerald, Louise R.     scan102592
Flanary, Charles     scan102126
Flanary, Charles Carter   KY scan102127
Fletcher, Jean   KY scan102422
Fletcher, Myrtle Irene   Yena TN scan102207
Flood, Ozella Myrtle   Beeville TX scan102399
Flynn, Harry Alvin   Knoxville IL scan102700
Forbes, Guy Lee   Peach Orchard AR scan102627
Forbes, Guy Lee   Peach Orchard AR scan102628
Force, Lenora P. ?   scan102637
Force, Lenora P. Shumate Harrisonville MO scan102639
Ford, (infant female)     scan102449
Ford, (infant female)   Medford OR scan102451
Ford, Arthur L.     scan102811
Ford, Arthur L.     scan102812
Ford, Arthur L.   Ottumwa IA scan102814
Ford, Barbara F.   Hingham MA scan102132
Ford, James   KS scan102615
Ford, John L.   Medford OR scan102691
Ford, John L.   Medford OR scan102692
Ford, Mary E.   Central Point OR scan102608
Foster, Charles     scan102230
Foster, Charles Lewis   San Francisco CA scan102232
Foster, Elsie H.   Kanes Creek OR scan102502
France, Edward T.     scan102327
France, Edward T.     scan102328
France, Edward T.     scan102328
Frank, Millie Frances     scan102571
Frank, Millie Frances ? Hiltons VA scan102574
Franklin, Clara M.   Glendale OR scan102720
Franklin, Clara M.   Glendale OR scan102721
Franklin, Myrtle Irene ?   scan102201
Franklin, Myrtle Irene Fletcher Yena TN scan102207
Frederick, William H.     scan102451
Frederick, William Henry   Idaho Falls ID scan102454
Freeman, Laura Pearl ? Cannon Falls MN scan102516
French, Lloyd B.     scan102331
French, Lloyd Byron   Prineville OR scan102333
French, Pearl     scan102802
French, Pearl Edna ? Lolita CA scan102803
French, Pearl Edna ? Lolita CA scan102804
Fritz, Russell DeVries   Oakland CA scan102493
Frost, Heidi ?   scan102818
Fullerton, Adelaide Frances ? Grayson KY scan102348
Funston, James Luther     scan102802
Funston, James Luther   Lee's Summit MO scan102805
Gaddis, Earl C.   Roseburg OR scan102159
Gaddis, Earl Calvin   Roseburg OR scan102155
Gaddis, Earl Calvin   Roseburg OR scan102156
Gage, Oscar T.     scan102221
Gage, Oscar Thomas   Connersville IN scan102226
Gallentine, Ben     scan102132
Gallentine, Benjamin Franklin   Puyallup WA scan102141
Gammill, Warren P.   Stockville NE scan102357
Gannon, George     scan102460
Gannon, George   Harlowton MT scan102461
Gardner, Clara ?   scan102660
Gardner, Clara B. Richardson Medford OR scan102667
Garland, Ethel ?   scan102483
Garman, Mildred E. ?   scan102366
Garman, Mildred Eugene Vanhorn Butterfield MO scan102367
Garrett, Grace   Jacksonville OR scan102670
Garrett, Howard     scan102335
Garrett, Howard Lee   Fyffe AL scan102339
Garrett, Howard Lee     scan102340
Geddis, George P.     scan102677
Geddis, George Paul   Oakland CA scan102680
Gedlich, John G.     scan102806
Gedlich, John G.     scan102808
Gedlich, John G.   Germany scan102810
Gegner, Herman     scan102620
Gegner, Herman Leonard   Canada scan102623
Gentner, Lillian Pierce Hiawatha KS scan102404
Gentner, Lillian Pierce Hiawatha KS scan102403
Gentner, Lillian E. Pierce Hiawatha KS scan102406
Gentner, Lillian P.     scan102408
Geppert, Josephine B.   Butte Falls OR scan102796
Gerbing, "Infant Daughter"     scan102251
Gerke, Benjamin Werner   New Haven CT scan102341
Gibson, Florence   Maquoketa IA scan102473
Gift, Lucille P. Smith Hecktor AR scan102133
Gilbert, Robert E.     scan102503
Gilbert, Robert Eliel   Atlantic IA scan102505
Gildea, Clarence     scan102562
Gildea, Clarence     scan102568
Gile, Eva H. ?   scan102431
Gile, Eva H. Haynes Knoxville IL scan102436
Gillmore, C. N.     scan102571
Gillmore, C. N.     scan102574
Glass, Jesse Emmette   Little Rock AR scan102160
Glass, Roy O.     scan102211
Gleason, Mervyn     scan102513
Gleason, Mervyn Charles, Sr.   Ellsworth WI scan102517
Goldsmith, Georgia     scan102168
Gomes, Fernando J.     scan102436
Gomes, Fernando Joseph   Azores scan102438
Goodbourn, Katharine B. ?   scan102522
Goodbourn, Katharine B. ?   scan102530
Gordon, John Swain   Alhambra CA scan102756
Gordon, John Swain   Alhambra CA scan102757
Goree, Keva Stearns Spencer NE scan102412
Gorenflo, Bert C.     scan102391
Gorenflo, Bert C.     scan104535
Gorman, Robert     scan102239
Gorman, Robert D.   Sheboygan Co WI scan102242
Goserud, Nellie G.   Skerdale Norway scan102382
Goster, Gilbert H.   Ft Covington NY scan102352
Gott, Bessie ?   scan102280
Gott, Bessie Lula ? Frankfort KS scan102285
Gowen, Alfred     scan102385
Gowen, Alfred Junior     scan102386
Gowen, Alfred Junior   Howden OK scan102391
Gowey, Maude Josephine   Clarinda IA scan102201
Graham, Jennie Pearl ? Hillsboro IL scan102810
Graham, Joseph J. Dr.     scan102749
Graham, Joseph J. Dr.     scan102750
Grantham, John W.     scan102244
Grantham, John William   Dymond TX scan102247
Gray, Altha Lucille   North Platte NE scan102778
Gray, Ida Cotrell ? Brownwood TX scan102587
Gray, Jerry B.     scan102495
Gray, Jerry B.   Wasco CA scan102499
Gray, Zola Eleanora ? IL scan102494
Green, Horace Albert "Buz"   Cushing OK scan102358
Green, Horace Albert "Buz"   Cushing OK scan102361
Green, Mable     scan102330
Greenamyer, Alma ?   scan102806
Greenamyer, Alma Anna Dudley Union County IA scan102810
Greene, Mable     scan102327
Greene, Mable     scan102328
Greene, Mable ? St Cloud MN scan102329
Greene, Paul   Fall City OR scan102743
Greene, Paul   Fall City OR scan102747
Greenman, Anita Mae     scan102553
Greenman, Anita Mae Shaw Ashland OR scan102557
Greer, Effie ? Aledo IL scan102352
Gribble, John   Duck Lake MI scan102209
Gribble, John   Duck Lake MI scan102210
Griffin, Eve Flora ?   scan102475
Griffin, Thomas E.   Gatesville TX scan102231
Grimes, Mildred W.     scan102546
Grimes, Mildred W. ? Dayton OH scan102552
Griswold, William Henry     scan102621
Groat, Ellen ?   scan102582
Groat, Ellen ? Youngstown OH scan102588
Grochocki, Walter A.     scan102650
Grochocki, Walter A.   Detroit MI scan102652
Grosch, Lillian Laverne   Napa CA scan102736
Grose, Ida Caroline   Tipton IN scan102582
Grove, Maude Josephine Gowey Clarinda IA scan102201
Grummert, Minnie C. ? Minneapolis MN scan102621
Grundy, Julia Belle   Summerfield IL scan102377
Guenther, Hugo H.   Homewood IL scan102145
Guenther, Hugo H.   Homewood IL scan102146
Guenther, Hugo H.   Homewood IL scan102140
Gulbranson, Valerie Olive "Vera"   Klamath WA scan102574
Gwin, James Frans     scan102464
Gwin, James Frans   Brady TX scan102468
Hagen, Leona O.     scan102423
Hagen, Leona Olive ? St Joseph MO scan102429
Hagman, George L. (Dr.)   Louisville KY scan102416
Haines, Alvin Rollin   Nevada City CA scan102769
Hale, Richard Paul     scan102444
Hale, Richard Paul   Oran MO scan102447
Hale, Robert E.     scan102161
Hale, Robert Egbert   Laurel Co KY scan102165
Hale, Robert Egbert   Laurel Co KY scan102166
Hall, Alice ?   scan102670
Hall, Alice ? Apopka FL scan102677
Hall, John Robert   Canada scan102267
Hall, Mabel I.   Mankato KS scan102402
Hall, Ralph V.   Ruskin NE scan102417
Hall, Robert John   Winnipeg Manitoba Canada scan102274
Hall, William Henry   Placer OR scan102632
Hamer, Alice Marie   Sparks NE scan102726
Hammett, Lydia S. ?   scan102602
Hammett, Lydia S. ? Ames IA scan102602
Hammock, Helen Cardwell Medford OR scan102376
Hammock, Helen Cardwell Medford OR scan102378
Hammond, Anna Aubrey Bonanza OR scan102386
Hammond, Charles Stuart "Chili"   Ft Jones CA scan102723
Hammonds, Myrtle V.   Jasper IN scan102279
Hamner, Dwain E.   Pueblo CO scan102653
Hancock, James W.     scan102700
Hancock, James Wiley   AR scan102701
Hannaford, Gladys Mae   Riceville KS scan102576
Hanscom, Zetta R. ?   scan102157
Hanscom, Zetta Ruth Logan Carlyle IL scan102158
Hansen, Wanda     scan102246
Hansen, Wanda V. Roe Clarkston WA scan102250
Hardage, Jodie A.   Arkadelphia AR scan102624
Hardage, Jodie A.   Arkadelphia AR scan102625
Harris, Alice V.   Park River ND scan102602
Harsch, Blain C.     scan102455
Harsch, Blain C.     scan102459
Hart, Edith ?   scan102198
Hart, Helen J.     scan102211
Hart, Helen Josephine ? WI scan102218
Hart, Lennie V. (Mrs.)   Douglas AZ scan102741
Hart, Lennie V. (Mrs.)   Douglas AZ scan102752
Hart, Lillie Leola   Horse Creek CA scan102754
Hartley, Ada     scan102569
Hartley, Ada   Johnson Co KS scan102572
Hartley, Albert Ellis     scan102642
Hartley, Mary M. Wolgamott   scan102270
Hartwell, Nellie May   Aurora MO scan102536
Hartwell, Roy A.     scan102331
Hartwell, Roy Albert   IA scan102330
Haskins, Russell N.     scan102663
Haskins, Russell N.   Republican City NE scan102665
Hastings, Jean   Polk Co OR scan102409
Hatten, Thad W.   Sidney IA scan102739
Hatten, Thad W.   Sidney IA scan102744
Hawkins, Elmer G.     scan102399
Hawkins, Elmer G.   Marysville KS scan102402
Hawkins, Ruth E. ?   scan102496
Hawkins, Ruth E. ? Wilkes-Barre PA scan102500
Hawkins, Zona Mae   Tecumseh OK scan102533
Hawks, Elbert L.     scan102811
Hawks, Elbert L.   Bismarck ND scan102812
Hayes, Charles B.   Hitchcock SD scan102377
Hayman, Ralph Maurice     scan102237
Hayman, Ralph Maurice     scan102238
Hayman, Ralph Maurice "Red"   O'Brien Co IA scan102239
Haynes, Eva H.   Knoxville IL scan102436
Haynes, Harvey Morton     scan102629
Haynes, Harvey Morton   Kansas City KS scan102636
Haynes, Herbert B.   Union OR scan102752
Haynes, Herbert B.   Union OR scan102753
Haynes, Lily Grace ?   scan102168
Hearing, Mae A. Webb WI scan102163
Heath, Betty Lou   Parma ID scan102813
Heath, Betty Lou   Parma ID scan102813
Hedberg, Sarah Louis ?   scan102694
Hein, Dorothea E. ?   scan102649
Hein, Dorothea E. Schatz Rock Island IL scan102650
Heine, Bliss     scan102290
Heine, Bliss     scan102296
Heine, Bliss   Phillipsburg MT scan102310
Heine, H. Bliss     scan102286
Heinz, Donald   McMinnville OR scan102299
Heinz, Donald Adair   McMinnville OR scan102307
Heller, Frank L.     scan102497
Hendrickson, John "Dee"   Phoenix OR scan102513
Hendrickson, John Delos   OR scan102511
Hendrickson, Joseph Leach   Harriman TN scan102779
Henry, Vera   Camblehunt TX scan102796
Hepburn, William S.     scan102385
Hepburn, William Shearer   Scotland scan102386
Herdman, Minnie A. ?   scan102802
Herdman, Minnie A. ? Haywarden IA scan102803
Hermant, Joseph     scan102331
Hermant, Joseph   Belgium scan102333
Hertager, Heine M.     scan102148
Hertager, Heine M.   Norway scan102150
Herzog, Emma   Scott Valley CA scan102730
Hess, Margaret ?   scan102778
Hess, Margaret Loraine Ramsey Dunsmuir CA scan102784
Heysell, Betty L.     scan102521
Heysell, Betty Lorraine Belding Omaha NE scan102529
Hiatt, Katherine K. ? Ontario Canada scan102487
Hiatt, Katherine R.     scan102477
Hibbert, Marjorie   OR scan102240
Hickey, Clarence L.     scan102533
Hickey, Clarence L.     scan102538
Hickey, Clarence L.   Lonetree WY scan102542
High, Barbara D. ? Russia scan102596
High, Elizabeth Gertrude   Medford OR scan102210a
Higinbotham, Mary F.     scan102781
Higinbotham, Mary F.     scan102783
Higinbotham, Mary F. Banks Maybell CO scan102785
Hile, DeAnn Violet Meggers   scan102570
Hile, DeAnn Violet Meggers Ashland OR scan102576
Hile, DeAnn Violet Meggers   scan102593
Hill, Almond     scan102249
Hill, Almond W.   Hebraska NE scan102251
Hill, Martha E. ?   scan102313
Hill, Martha E. ? Abilene KS scan102317
Hilton, Ben   Geneseo IL scan102463
Hinchcliffe, Clare   Beloit WI scan104535
Hinkle, LeeAnn Michelle     scan102414
Hinkle, LeeAnn Michelle     scan102416
Hinrichsen, Imogene ?   scan102376
Hinrichsen, Imogene Leona Cash Kearney NE scan102381
Hinscliffe, James     scan102760
Hitchcock, Stephen Chester   Montgomery Creek CA scan102375
Hitchcock, Stephen Chester   Montgomery Creek CA scan102381
Hoagland, Ina Renker     scan102691
Hoagland, Ina Renker ? Oslo Norway scan102692
Hobson, Viola J.     scan102565
Hobson, Viola J. Creech OK scan102566
Hocks,Stephen L.     scan102555
Hodges, Felda ? England scan102488
Hodges, Felda Harding     scan102482
Hodgins, Jessie B. ? Burlington IA scan102352
Hodgins, Jessie B. ?   scan102353
Hodgkins, Leonard D.     scan102576
Hodgkins, Leonard D.   Baxter Springs KS scan102578
Hodgkins, Leonard D.   Baxter Springs KS scan102579
Hoffer, Eileen A.   Mt. Vernon WA scan102801
Hogstrom, Hannah K.   Sweden scan102798
Hogstrom, Hannah K.   Sweden scan102796
Holeman, Monna M.   Iola KS scan102731
Holgate, Annie H.     scan102234
Holgate, Annie H. ? Westerly RI scan102235
Holley, Jana Dalene     scan102420
Holt, George     scan102701
Holt, George Andrew   OK scan102702
Holzhauser, Charles M.   Scott Valley CA scan102282
Homes, Mary L.   Ashland OR scan102643
Homes, Mary Louise     scan102641
Hooker, William C.     scan102210a
Hooker, William C.   Grant Pass OR scan102211
Hoover, Cora Evelyn LaRue Carlton NE scan102658
Hoover, Elizabeth   Fossil OR scan102785
Hoover, Robert J.     scan102148
Hoover, Robert James   Medford OR scan102157
Hopkins, Ida M. ?   scan102186
Hopkins, Ida Mae ? New Hampton IA scan102191
Hopson, Harriet M.   Columbus WI scan102306
Hopson, Harriet M.   Columbus WI scan102307
Hormel, Kenneth   West Liberty IA scan102211
Horne, Elizabeth F.   WA scan102579
Horstman, Agnes Ann     scan102598
Horstman, Agnes Ann   New Minden MN scan102602
Hoss, Raymond A.   Boise ID scan102424
Houghton, Dwight L.   Thomsen IL scan102501
House, Nora B. ?   scan102580
Howard, Ivon Chester   Kenney IL scan102320
Howell, Maggie E.   Urbana MO scan102181
Howell, Sidney P.     scan102323
Howell, Sidney P.   Scottsbluff NE scan102325
Hubbard, Nellie May   Aurora MO scan102536
Hubbell, Agness ?   scan102695
Hubbell, Agness C. Brom Sedalia ND scan102697
Huddle, Mary Edith   Columbus OH scan102299
Huddle, Thomas Victor   OH scan102733
Hudson, Christine Lea   Pendleton OR scan102445
Hudson, Harry C.     scan102697
Hudson, Harry C.   Portland IN scan102702
Hudson, Ward   Freemont OH scan102236
Hueners, John H.     scan102477
Hueners, John H.     scan102488
Hueners, John Henry   Hanover Germany scan102484
Huff, William Harold   Bismark ND scan102659
Huffman, Bill T.     scan102670
Huffman, William Crockett "Bill T."   Tyler TX Oct 11 1967
Hughes, Bernard "Bernie"     scan102816
Hughes, Wheeler O.     scan102375
Hukill, Henry W.     scan102311
Hukill, William Henry   Medford OR scan102318
Humphrey, Frances E. ?   scan102200
Humphrey, Vera Faye Miss   St Louis MO scan102357
Humphries, Sherrod S. "Shorty"   Tallahassee FL scan102666
Hunt, Myrtle M.   Los Angeles CA scan102532
Hunt, Ona S.     scan102366
Hunt, Ona S.   Forman ND scan102368
Hunt, Ona S.   Forman ND scan102369
Hunter, Elizabeth J.     scan102366
Hunter, Elizabeth J. Dean Gunnison CO scan102367
Hurley, Beatrice E.     scan102165
Hurley, Beatrice Emma Jane   Plymouth England scan102167
Hust, Monna M.   Iola KS scan102729
Hust, Monna M. Holeman Iola KS scan102731
Hutchins, Mary E. ?   scan102628
Hutchins, Mary E. ? Juniata NE scan102632
Hutchinson, Jennie M. ? Oskaloosa KS scan102158
Irwin, George R.   Cheboygan MI scan102272
Jackson, Esther O. ?   scan102471
Jackson, Ettie C. ? Lafayette OR scan102792
Jackson, Florence E.   London England scan102408
Jackson, Louise Hale     scan102368
Jackson, Ralph Joseph     scan102369
Jackson, Velma R.   Dewey OK scan102459
Jacobs, Cecile A. ?   scan102197
Jacobson, Bruce     scan102689
Jamieson, Elsie ?   scan102353
Jamieson, Elsie ? Walsall England scan102355
Janes, Mary   Plum Coulee Manitoba scan102766
Janes, Mary   Plum Coulee Manitoba scan102768
Jeffery, William T.     scan102133
Jennings, Frances M. ?   scan102499
Jennings, Frances May ? Holdrege NE scan102503
Jennings, Louis William     scan102705
Jennings, Louis William   Sterling Creek OR scan102706
Jennings, Ralph G.   OR scan102253
Jennings, Ralph G.   OR scan102254
Jennings, Ralph Garrett   Sterling OR scan102257
Jensen, Charles P.     scan102237
Jensen, Charles Perry   Livingston MT scan102239
Jepsen, Hans A.     scan102719
Jepsen, Hans A.     scan102724
Jeska, Amelia L. ? Millston WI scan102456
Jewett, Howard P.   Sun Prairie WI scan102670
Jewett, Howard P.   Sun Prairie WI scan102671
Johanson, Conrad     scan102486
Johanson, Conrad     scan102490
Johanson, Conrad   Tacoma WA scan102492
Johanson, Conrad   Tacoma WA scan102493
Johns, Birtie M. ?   scan102821
Johns, Birtie M. Bullock Somerset KY scan102824
Johnson, Alf F.     scan102467
Johnson, Alf F.   St Paul MN scan102470
Johnson, Bessie   Puyallup WA scan102340
Johnson, George E.     scan102597
Johnson, George E.   Clark Co MO scan102598
Johnson, J. David   Enterprise OR scan102480
Johnson, J. David     scan102491
Johnson, James Elmer   Sedalia MO scan102804
Johnson, James Jay   Haddam KS scan102532
Johnson, Jay D.     scan102614
Johnson, Jay D.     scan102626
Johnson, Jerry David   Enterprise OR scan102496
Johnson, Mary Elizabeth   Hoopersville CA scan102426
Johnson, Oscar   Sweden scan102226
Johnson, Raymond C.     scan102687
Johnson, Raymond C.   Minneapolis MN scan102688
Johnston, Edna Cleo   KS scan102623
Johnston, Julia ?   scan102576
Johnston, Julia E. Dugan Eagle Point OR scan102578
Johnston, LeRoy   CA scan102728
Johnston, LeRoy   CA scan102736
Johnston, Thomas   Killyleigh Ireland scan102806
Jolley, Jean Fletcher KY scan102422
Jolley, Wilma Jean ?   scan102421
Jones, Myrtle C.   Canadian OK scan102778
Jones, Raoul L.     scan102267
Jones, Raoul L.   Columbus NE scan102272
Jones, Raoul L.   Columbus NE scan102273
Jones, Rudolph   Windom MN scan102479
Jones, Rudolph     scan102475
Jones, Zona Mae ?   scan102532
Jones, Zona Mae Smith Tecumseh OK scan102533
Jordan, Maybelle Hannah ?   scan102496
Jordan, Sam D.   AR scan102505
Jore, Evelyn E. ? Sanborn ND scan102249
Josephson, Joe     scan102386
Josephson, Joe Albert     scan102390
Josephson, Joe Albert   Buffalo SD scan102392
Kafader, Daniel E.     scan102161
Kanig, Frank Otto   Sonora CA scan102449
Katzenbach, Wanda H. ?   scan102596
Katzenbach, Wanda H. English Klamath Falls OR scan102598
Katzenbach, Wanda H. English Klamath Falls OR scan102599
Kavaleski, Joseph A.     scan102725
Kavaleski, Joseph A.   Plymouth PA scan102729
Kay, Ruby Richardson CA scan102475
Kearns, Clara Nettie Babcock SD scan102670
Keene, Ella E. ? Stevenson WA scan102630
Keene, Ella E.     scan102632
Kell, Laurene K. Miss   Gold Hill scan102774
Kell, Laurene K. Miss     scan102769
Kell, Laurene K. Miss   Gold Hill scan102770
Kelley, Julia B. ?   scan102370
Kelley, Julia Belle ? Summerfield IL scan102377
Kenan, Windy     scan102713
Kennedy, Leroy W.     scan102820
Kent, Arnold S.     scan102637
Kent, Arnold S.   Richmond UT scan102639
Kent, Laurance George   Lewiston UT scan102224
Kerby, Mabel Viola     scan102632
Kerby, Mabel Viola   Talent OR scan102635
Kibbee, Jesse Clare     scan102714
Kier, Jane Elizabeth ?   scan102708
Kier, Jane Elizabeth Dreveskracht Howard Lake MN scan102709
Kinder, Charlotte J. ? Little Rock AR scan102262
King, Charles Richard   Indian Lake NY scan102418
King, Joseph W.   Sierra City CA scan102508
King, Luella Elrod Gridley KS scan102687
Kingery, Hazel Belle   Dorris CA scan102326
Kingsolver, Isaac O.     scan102249
Kingsolver, Isaac O.   Gresham NE scan102251
Kingsolver, Isaac O.   Gresham NE scan102252
Kinney, Frank W.     scan102370
Kinney, Frank W.   Dubuque IA scan102372
Kinney, Robert   NY scan102751
Kinney, Robert   NY scan102753
Kinsley, Darcey Kay     scan102658
Kipp, Edward   State Center IA scan102305
Kipp, Edward   State Center IA scan102311
Kirk, Hazel   St Louis MO scan102568
Kirkham, John H.     scan102809
Kirkham, John H.   Oronoco MN scan102813
Kirkham, Leslie Rebecca   Medford OR scan102741
Kirsch, Douglas U.   Portland OR scan102309
Kirsch, Douglas Urban     scan102289
Kitzman, Sandra Lee     scan102586
Kitzman, Sandra Lee   Okaloosa IA scan102592
Kitzman, Sandra Lee   Okaloosa IA scan102595
Kludt, Rosie B. ?   scan102459
Kludt, Rosie B. ? Alexandra SD scan102460
Klumph, Ruby ?   scan102296
Klumph, Ruby S. ? Poplar Grove IL scan102303
Kness, Elmer Eugene     scan102504
Kness, Elmer Eugene "Pete"     scan102506
Kness, Elmer Eugene "Pete"   Packwood IA scan102507
Knight, James     scan102553
Knight, James Estell   Roseburg OR scan102556
Knorr, Charles     scan102616
Knorr, Charles A.   Portland OR scan102618
Knowles, George M.     scan102507
Kober, Mabel I.     scan102400
Kober, Mabel I. Hall Mankato KS scan102402
Koxziunas, Jack Victor   Northampton MA scan102768
Koxziunas, Jack Victor   Northampton MA scan102770
Krotz, Kathryn S.     scan102559
Krotz, Kathryn S. ? Crete NE scan102563
Krotz, Kathryn S. ? Crete NE scan102564
Krouse, Dora F.     scan102639
Krouse, Dora F. ? Quincy IL scan102640
Krug, Walter     scan102302
Krug, Walter   Dayton OH scan102312
Kruse, Minty Murry "Joy" Brush Stoddard Co MO scan102204
Kuchler, Rosa Maria ?   scan102783
Kuchler, Rosa Marie ?   scan102776
Kuikman, Melvin     scan102686
Kuikman, Melvin   Holland scan102687
Kunkel, Ida ?   scan102127
Kunkel, Ida M. Leitzke Linden IA scan102129
Kurt, Mary Elizabeth Bailey Hoopersville CA scan102426
Kyker, William "Bill"     scan102502
Kyker, William "Bill"   Prague OK scan102505
Lacy, Lucille E. Mansfield Dunsmuir CA scan102308
Lacy, Lucille E. Mansfield Dunsmuir CA scan102314
Lady, Alfred B.     scan102568
Lady, Alfred Burton   Pawnee OK scan102575
LaFollette, Juanita ? Dallas OR scan102164
Lamb, Esther Alice   Wendling OR scan102409
Lambert, Lourinda A. ? Eagle Point OR scan102458
Lamphere, Alta R. ? Scio OR scan102466
Lamphere, Alta Rose     scan102464
Lamson, Harold William   Lincoln NE scan102562
Land, Tullis John   Paris TX scan102757
Landers, Omer     scan102161
Landers, Omer   Pineville MO scan102163
Lang, Anna     scan102384
Lang, Anna M. ? Albertville MN scan102386
Langley, Mary Ann "Anna"     scan102137
Langley, Mary Ann "Anna" ? Grass Valley CA scan102142
Langley, Mary Ann "Anna" ? Grass Valley CA scan102143
Lantis, Harriet ?   scan102558
Lantis, Harriet H. ? Canada scan102563
LaRue, Cora Evelyn   Carlton NE scan102658
Lasky, Maretta Marlow CA scan102809
Lassen, Dorothea M. Miss   Copenhagen Denmark scan102769
Lassen, Dorothea M. Miss   Copenhagen Denmark scan102770
Laughlin, David Edward   Los Angeles CA scan102659
Law, Charles     scan102393
Lawson, Michael L.   Aberdeen WA scan102283
Lawson, Michael L.     scan102302
Lawson, Michael L.     scan102303
Lawson, Michael L.   Aberdeen WA scan102306
Lawson, Nellie May   Aurora MO scan102536
Lawton, Denison Francis   Loyalton CA scan102249
Lawton, Dennison Francis     scan102246
Layton, Lester   Williams OR scan102352
Le Brun, Osburn   Baltimore MD scan102766
Le Brun, Osburn   Baltimore MD scan102769
Lea, Helen Ada   Pleasonton NE scan102259
Leabo, Josephine     scan102795
Leabo, Josephine B. Geppert Butte Falls OR scan102796
Leabo, Josephine Betty     scan102798
Leaper, Elizabeth Gertrude ?   scan102206
Leaper, Elizabeth Gertrude High Medford OR scan102210a
Lee, Holly Raymond   Holly County MN scan102358
Lee, Holly Raymond     scan102360
Lee, Selma Josephine ?   scan102369
Lee, Selma Josephine ? Tansem MN scan102370
Leed, Ilma Emily "Dolly"   Red Lodge MT scan102231
Leer, Ralph Harrison   Dunsmuir CA scan102808
Lees, Shawn C.     scan102609
Lees, Shawn C.   Medford OT scan102613
Leffler, Ernest A.     scan102222
Leffler, Ernest Alvin   San Fernando CA scan102225
Leidigh, Eugene Park   Nebraska City NE scan102238
Leitzke, Ida M.   Linden IA scan102129
Leland, Frances Lillian ? Siskiyou Co CA scan102687
Lewellyn, Guy Curtis   Forest IN scan102519
Lewis, Flora Ann     scan102812
Lewis, Flora Ann Savage Los Angeles CA scan102818
Lewis, Henry     scan102588
Lewis, Henry   Germany scan102594
Lewman, Richard Francis   Provolt OR scan102341
Liba, John     scan102553
Liba, John   Austria scan102557
Lierley, Marjorie I.   Albany OR scan102622
Lillie, James R.     scan102169
Lillie, James R.   Aberdeen SD scan102173
Lind, Marth ? Clearwater KS scan102256
Linder, Nancy Elizabeth ? Vance MS scan102459
Lindquist, Grace     scan102392
Lindquist, Grace     scan104535
Lisenby, Purvie Lee     scan102608
Lisenby, Purvie Lee   Webster Co MS scan102611
Livingston, Anna Pendleton   New York NY scan102525
Livingston, Anna Pendleton     scan102527
Lofland, Harry     scan102599
Lofland, Harry N.   Medford OR scan102601
Loftin, George     scan102795
Loftin, George   Mineola Tx scan102798
Logan, Oba L.     scan102335
Logan, Oba Lee   Wilsall MT scan102337
Logan, Zetta Ruth   Carlyle IL scan102158
Loitz, William A.   Buffalo NY scan102202
Long, Percy B.     scan102691
Loos, Dale William   Talent OR scan102663
Loosley, Ollie Ellen Caton Jacksonville OR scan102339
Losee, Jennings Gene   Colorado Springs CO scan102686
Love, Agnes S.   Jacksonville OR scan102172
Love, Agnes S.   Jacksonville OR scan102173
Lovell, Maude Clay ? Cheyenne WY scan102397
Loyd, Charley W.   Ennis TX scan102635
Lull, Royce Gordon   Medford OR scan102768
Lull, Royce Gordon   Medford OR scan102769
Lunceford, Nettie   Heppner OR scan102313
Lundgren, Michael     scan102647
Lusk, E. Pearl ?   scan102599
Lusk, Elsie Pearl "Pearl" Coulter Martinsburgh PA scan102600
Lutteman, Alberta ?   scan102373
Lutteman, Alberta Muriel McCurdy Ohiowa NE scan102378
Luttrell, George E.   CA scan102804
Lutz, Vane Edward   IN scan102725
Lydiard, Eva   Long Lake MN scan102162
MacDougall, Charlotte Krebs Dr.     scan102368
Mack, Mary Winifred Stewart Rexburg ID scan102714
MacKintosh, Clara M.   Glendale OR scan102720
MacKintosh, Clara M.   Glendale OR scan102721
Maddux, Virginia ?   scan102271
Maddux, Virginia Meneley TX scan102279
Magerle, George Grant     scan102219
Magerle, George Grant   Rogue River OR scan102221
Magruder, Vernon K.     scan102686
Magruder, Vernon K.   Central Point OR scan102687
Mai, Carl (Rev.)   Germany scan102389
Malone, Gerald E.   Santa Rita NM scan102223
Malott, Clarence     scan102786
Malott, Clarence H.   Joplin MO scan102787
Malotte, Guy "Shorty"   Pilot Grove MO scan102423
Malotte, Guy M.     scan102422
Mann, Howard Leslie   Kankakee IL scan102809
Mann, Oliver P.     scan102236
Mann, Oliver P.   Central Point OR scan102238
Manning, Esther ?   scan102559
Manning, Esther Robichaud Snowmass CO scan102565
Manning, Luella Blanche   Campbell NE scan102545
Mansfield, Lucille E.   Dunsmuir CA scan102314
Mardon, Elsie H.   Kanes Creek OR scan102502
Marin, Angela ? South America scan102814
Mark, Roy C.     scan102700
Marlow, Maretta   CA scan102809
Marquez, James D.   Tracy MN scan102642
Marshall, Valerie Olive     scan102571
Marshall, Valerie Olive "Vera" May Klamath WA scan102574
Martin, Majel L. ?   scan102246
Martin, Majel Lawrence ? Coolville OH scan102249
Martin, Oliver     scan102700
Martin, Oliver   Alphena MI scan102705
Marx, Harry V.   PA scan102725
Marx, Harry V.   PA scan102728
Mason, Elmer     scan102500
Mason, Elmer Ira   Fredonia KS scan102502
Mast, Cleo   OK scan102460
Masterson, Ray     scan102701
Masterson, Ray   Drewsey OR scan102702
Matejka, Alberta Muriel   Ohiowa NE scan102378
Matney, Oliver "Jack"   Applegate OR scan102631
Matthews, Herman G.   Sagna IL scan102421
Matthews, Herman G.     scan102417
Maupin, Juanita Agnes "Bobbie" ? Grant Pass OR scan102302
May, Valerie Olive "Vera"   Klamath WA scan102574
Mayfield, Zelda May   Jackson Co OR scan102658
McAllister, H, E.     scan102602
McAllister, H, E.   New York NY scan102604
McAllister, Katherine "Katie" ?   scan102376
McCann, George Clifford   Dunsmuir CA scan102598
McCawley, Lavernia S.   Holton KS scan102801
McClain, Walter Emmett   Santa Ana CA scan102758
McClain, Walter Emmett   Santa Ana CA scan102762
McClain, Walter Emmett   Santa Ana CA scan102765
McConochie, Forest Morell   Leadville C scan102261
McConochie, Forest Morell     scan102262
McCormick, George R.   Butler PA scan102745
McCormick, George Rudolph   Butler PA scan102751
McCuan, Paul "Mike"   Witchita KS scan102634
McCuan, Paul Michael     scan102633
McCuan, Paul Michael     scan102635
McCulley, Matie Alice   Lakeview OR scan102547
McCullough, Robert Arthur Sr.   Crescent City CA scan102580
McCurdy, Alberta Muriel   Ohiowa NE scan102378
McCurdy, Marjorie M.   Des Moines IA scan102464
McDonald, Carrie E.   Dudleyville AZ scan102607
McDonald, Richard J.     scan102233
McDougall, T. E. "Mac"   Waynoka OK scan102417
McDougall, Thurman Edward     scan102413
McEwen, Myron Charles.   Boon Lake MN scan102205
McEwen, Myron E.     scan102201
McFadden, Paul H.   Grant Pass OR scan102242
McGee, Temperance "Lottie" ? Palouse WA scan102366
McGee, Temperance Estellottie "Lottie" Crews   scan102367
McHenry, Lloyd E.     scan102126
McHenry, Lloyd E.   South Bend IN scan102127
McIntyre, Minnie P.   Klamath Co OR scan102412
McKee, Eva Luella     scan102772
McKee, Eva Luella   Blue Mound KS scan102776
McKeen, Suzanne Claire   Portland OR scan102458
McKeever, Sadie     scan102576
McLaughlin, Everett E.     scan102132
McLaughlin, Everett E.     scan102135
McLaughlin, Everett E.     scan102137
McLean, Harry   New Zealand scan102618
McMaster, Gladys Corina ? Merrill OR scan102617
McMasters, Milton H. "Mack"   Bakersfield CA scan102755
McMasters, Milton H. "Mack"   Bakersfield CA scan102759
McNeel, Posy     scan102640
McNeel, Posy McNeel Odessa MO scan102641
McNeil, Kelley Jo     scan102485
McNeil, Paula Lang     scan102485
McNeil, Rosella Gay ?   scan102485
McQuat, Andrew W. "Mac"     scan102478
McQuat, Andrew Ward   Brown Co IN scan102481
McReynolds, Georgia Goldsmith   scan102168
McVay, Loris George "Mack"   Crabtree OR scan102670
Meggers, DeAnn Violet     scan102570
Meggers, DeAnn Violet   Ashland OR scan102576
Meggers, DeAnn Violet     scan102593
Meikle, Theresa (Judge)     scan102573
Meisner, Albert S.     scan102211
Meisner, Albert Sylvester   KS scan102216
Melin, Rankin B.   Pittsfield MA scan102400
Melter, Edwin E.     scan102781
Melter, Edwin E.   Cherokee IA scan102783
Memeo, Clementina ?   scan102199
Meneley, Virginia   TX scan102279
Menke, George R.   Atco NJ scan102176
Menke, George Robert     scan102175
Mercer, Jimmy Louis   Cairo IL scan102443
Mercer, Ray     scan102660
Mercer, Ray Cleveland   Tarasita MO scan102663
Merrill, Walter B.   Osage IA scan102249
Merriman, Francis   Pocatello ID scan102406
Merriman, Nellie I.   IA scan102740
Merriman, Nellie I.   IA scan102741
Merritt, Robert Bixby     scan102640
Merritt, Robert Bixby   CO scan102641
Merten, Augusta M.   Germany scan102720
Merten, Augusta M.   Germany scan102721
Messenger, Rosa E.   Williams OR scan102824
Messinger, Altha Lucille Gray North Platte NE scan102778
Miles, James F. Jr.     scan102602
Miles, James F. Jr.   Lynn Co KS scan102606
Milkowski, Josephine     scan102210a
Milkowski, Josephine C. Striegel Leavenworth KS scan102213
Millard, Eren Bertie Warren CO scan102280
Miller, Andrew Ford   Pittsburgh PA scan102150
Miller, Andrew Ford     scan102154
Miller, Edna Moss ?   scan102417
Miller, Edna Moss ? Lakeview OR scan102419
Miller, Erma Perry ? Dillon SC scan102549
Miller, Everd B.     scan102302
Miller, Everd B.   Newtown MO scan102308
Miller, Gaitha ?   scan102390
Miller, Gaitha     scan102392
Miller, Gaitha     scan104535
Miller, John Gowan   South Africa scan102735
Miller, John Gowan   South Africa scan102676
Miller, John K.     scan102372
Miller, Louis   Bogus CA scan102816
Miller, Mary Jane   Imo AR scan102725
Miller, Mary Jane   Imo AR scan102728
Miller, Mildred Ann   Jessamine Co KY scan102264
Miller, Nettie Lunceford Heppner OR scan102313
Miller, Nora E. ? Astoria OR scan102269
Miller, Phoebe Buelah   Birds IL scan102654
Miller, William Henry   Missouri Flat OR scan102229
Milligan, James Monroe   Joplin MO scan102427
Millslagle, Carl T.   IL scan102349
Milovich, Robin     scan102448
Milovich, Robin P.     scan102456
Milton, Albert J.   Newtonia MO scan102736
Milton, Annie R.   Newtonia MO scan102800
Milton, Elmer   Rogue River OR scan102612
Milton, Henry Elmer   Rogue River OR scan102616
Minnameyer, Max     scan102196
Minnameyer, Max L.   Nuernberg Germany scan102197
Minnameyer, Max L.   Nuernberg Germany scan102199
Minnick, Edwin E.     scan102513
Minnick, Edwin E.   Colver KS scan102519
Moffet, Gertrude Mary ?   scan102642
Moffet, Gertrude Mary Barnes Burns OR scan102644
Moffett, George Rodney     scan102621
Moffett, George Rodney   Drewsey OR scan102622
Monia, Clarence V.     scan102616
Monia, Clarence Vernon "Bun"   Guide Rock NE scan102619
Monroe, Florence Dunford Dunford NE scan102164
Monroe, Paul     scan102409
Monroe, Paul R.   CA scan102414
Monson, Dale LeRoy   Salt Lake City UT scan102760
Monson, Dale LeRoy   Salt Lake City UT scan102764
Montelius, Irene ? Gridley CA scan102660
Montgomery, D. A. "Don"     scan102637
Montgomery, D. A. "Don"   Sweetwater TX scan102639
Montgomery, Robert N.     scan102580
Moon, Harold D.     scan102665
Moon, Harold Dewey   Web City MO scan102666
Mooney, William E.   Green Island IA scan102582
Moore, Augusta H. ?   scan102175
Moore, Augusta Henrietta Peck Lake Creek OR scan102176
Moore, Augusta Henrietta Peck Lake Creek OR scan102178
Moore, Ines ?   scan102802
Moore, Ines Powles Newaygo County MI scan102803
Moore, Jack Forrest     scan102220
Moore, Velma Mae   Richter KS scan102578
Morgan, Audra M. ?   scan102321
Morgan, Audra M. ? Eugene OR scan102325
Morgan, Harley O.   Centralia WA scan102126
Morris, Ethel ?   scan102279
Morris, Ethel Victoria ? Wood Lake NE scan102287
Morris, Lillian ?   scan102197
Morris, Lillian ? Riverton IL scan102200
Morris, Ransom Carey   Winters CA scan102646
Morrison, Frank Clyde     scan102382
Morrison, Frank Clyde   Aurora IL scan102383
Morrison, Waldo K.     scan102261
Morrison, Waldo Kennedy   White Water CO scan102262
Morse, Mirl     scan102409
Morse, Mirl W.   Medford OR scan102410
Morton, Gladys E. (Mrs. Vance)   Dola OH scan102764
Moss, Robert Elmer   Grand River IA scan102321
Moss, Robert Elmer     scan102311
Muller, Dale Lynn   Eugene OR scan102809
Murray, Albert Milton     scan102361
Murray, Robert     scan102672
Murray, Robert Ralph   Wilbaux MT scan102681
Myers, Claude Franklin     scan102539
Myers, Claude Franklin   Grandy Co MO scan102547
Myers, Matie Alice McCulley Lakeview OR scan102547
Myers, Mattie Alice ?   scan102539
Myhre Henry   Benson MN scan102418
Myhrem Henry     scan102417
Nally, Ruth A.   Lithuania scan102729
Nally, Ruth A.   Lithuania scan102729
Nansen, Hannah K. ?   scan102795
Nansen, Hannah K. Hogstrom Sweden scan102798
Nansen, Hannah K. Hogstrom Sweden scan102796
Nash, A. L. "Tex"     scan102673
Nash, Arvel L. "Tex"   Paris TX scan102678
Nelsen, George     scan102297
Nelsen, George   Grant MI scan102303
Nelson, Caroline Anna "Anna"   Shady Cove OR scan102387
Nelson, Edward J.     scan102659
Nelson, Edward J.   St Lawrence SD scan102663
Nelson, Russell Leroy     scan102668
Ness, August     scan102577
Ness, August   Kenai AK scan102582
Ness, August   Kenai AK scan102583
Newman, William     scan102406
Newton, Edna Cleo Johnston KS scan102623
Nichols, Robert Stanley     scan102476
Nichols, Robert Stanley     scan102441
Nicholson, John D.   Aspen Co scan102734
Nickell, W. Francis   Lake Creek OR scan102294
Nicodemus, Emmett     scan102255
Nissen, Ethel Mae ? Lancaster MA scan102576
Nobel, Eva L. ?   scan102234
Noblit, Anne ?   scan102612
Noel, Zoe   Red Lake Falls MN scan102566
Nord, Helen     scan102727
Norris, Dennis Wayne     scan102756
Norris, Harriet M. ?   scan102302
Norris, Harriet M. Bowdin Columbus WI scan102306
Norris, Harriet M. Bowdin Columbus WI scan102307
North, Hattie Pauline "Polly" Poland Nevada MO scan102212
North, Pauline H. ?   scan102210a
Nouguier, Helene M. ? Pisancon France scan102773
Nouguier, Helene M. ? Pisancon France scan102772
Nouguier, Helene M.   Pisancon France scan102771
Novak, John A.     scan102500
Novak, John A.   Bohemia scan102503
Nutter, Ella H. ?   scan102353
Nutter, Ella H. ? Cumberland WI scan102355
Nutter, Monica May   Medford OR scan102144
Nutter, Monica May   Medford OR scan102143
O'Brien, John   Bakersfield CA scan102138
O'Brien, John Henry   Bakersfield CA scan102152
O'Brien, Lottie W.   Phoenix OR scan102191
O'Byrne, Alice Logi Sheehan ? Downeyville CA scan102202
O'Byrne, Alice Logi Sheehan ? Downeyville CA scan102203
O'Byrne, Alice Sheehan ? Downeyville CA scan102196
Ockel, Catherine     scan102235
Odegard, Arne   Norway scan102186
Oden, Howard William   Cainsville MO scan102621
Offenbacher, Minnie Walter   scan102534
Offenbacher, Minnie Walter Grants Pass OR scan102537
Offenbacher, Minnie Walter Grants Pass OR scan102538
Offenbacher, Walter Vernon     scan102666
Offenbacher, Walter Vernon   Medford OR scan102668
Offord, Susan ?   scan102132
Offord, Susan Marie Promenshenkel Grand Ridge IL scan102137
O'Kelly, Cloyd     scan102385
O'Kelly, Cloyd   Williams Creek OR scan102386
Oliver, Thomas Keyser   Carson City NV scan102509
Olsen, Paul Gustav     scan102393
Olson, Elsie ?   scan102505
Olson, Phyllis Joan   Vancouver WA scan102664
Olson, Phyllis Joan   Vancouver WA scan102665
Osborn, Dorothy Miss     scan102360
Osburn, Dorothy Edna Miss   Sanderson TX scan102364
Osburn, Jesse   IT (OK) scan102473
Osburn, Ralph H.     scan102208
Osburn, Ralph H.   Falls Creek PA scan102210a
Overby, Bessie J. ?   scan102339
Overby, Bessie J. Johnson Puyallup WA scan102340
Owen, Katie Lee ? Wellington KS scan102456
Owens, Katie ? Wellington KS scan102454
Owens, Tom W.     scan102222
Owens, Tom W.   DuPont IN scan102223
Owings, Annie R. Milton Newtonia MO scan102800
Owsley, Cecyle M. ?   Oct 11 1967
Owsley, Cecyle Mildred White Blue Springs MO scan102685
P)arr, Norma ? OK scan102506
Paine, Col. William   Abinton CT scan102679
Painter, Eva Catherine   Dorris CA scan102440
Palmer, Fannie Alice ? Hindsville AR scan102598
Pankey, Clarence B.   Central Point OR scan102244
Pankey, Louis Henry   Sams Valley OR scan102441
Pappas, John P.     scan102562
Pappas, John P.   Macrecia Greece scan102566
Paradis, Zoe ?   scan102562
Paradis, Zoe Noel Red Lake Falls MN scan102566
Parcells, Robert   Mexico scan102705
Parcells, Robert Bixby   Mexico scan102708
Parr, Norma ?   scan102499
Parsons, Mildred Ann Miller Jessamine Co KY scan102264
Parsons, Mildred Ann ?   scan102266
Paschall, Suzanna ? Portland OR scan102454
Paschall, Suzanne Claire McKeen Portland OR scan102458
Paske, Frankie Elizabeth ? St Joseph MO scan102467
Patrick, Julia F. Stelle Landmark MO scan102327
Patrick, Julia F. Stelle Landmark MO scan102328
Pattee, Josephine M. ?   scan102802
Pattee, Josephine Marion ? Mapleton KS scan102803
Patterson, Clarence L.     scan102454
Patterson, Clarence Lincoln   Chicago IL scan102457
Patton, Dale L.     scan102424
Patton, Geanette R. Smith Blaine WA scan102454
Paul, Alan Lewis     scan102321
Paul, Alan Lewis   Brookings SD scan102325
Paulsen, Fred Christian   Alden MN scan102762
Paulsen, Fred Christian   Alden MN scan102765
Payne, Frank W.     scan102519
Payne, Frank William   Baker Co OR scan102530
Payton, Mary E. ? Montague CA scan102291
Pearce, Mabel P.   Shawnee OK scan102766
Pearce, Paul E.     scan102497
Pearce, Paul E.   Jackson Co OR scan102499
Pearson, Dorothy   Portland OR scan102406
Peck, Augusta Henrietta   Lake Creek OR scan102176
Peck, Augusta Henrietta   Lake Creek OR scan102178
Peebler, Cleveland G.     scan102711
Peebler, Cleveland G. "Jack"   Hardy NE scan102715
Peets, Arthur Romain     scan102748
Peffley, John L.     scan102432
Peffley, John L.   Wilbur WA scan102435
Peichel, Julius A.   Benkelman NE scan102719
Peichel, Julius A.   Benkelman NE scan102720
Pennington, Charles Clyde     scan102758
Pennington, Charles Clyde     scan102760
Pepper, Etta     scan102130
Pepper, Etta R. ? OR scan102132
Perdue, James T.     scan102293
Perdue, James T.   El Reno OK scan102295
Perkins, Mary Minerva Abbott Montpelier VT scan102790
Perry, Nellie May   White City OR scan102432
Pestka, Earl P.     scan102429
Pestka, Earl P.   Minneapolis MN scan102431
Peters, Alice Marie   Butte MT scan102338
Petersen, Franklin Harvey     scan102767
Petersen, Franklyn Harvey     scan102770
Petersen, Franklyn Harvey   Des Moines Iowa scan102771
Petersen, Nellie G. ? Norway scan102374
Petersen, Nellie G. Goserud Skerdale Norway scan102382
Peterson, John E.     scan102132
Peterson, John E.   Mitchell SD scan102136
Peterson, John E.   Mitchell SD scan102137
Peterson, Peter   La Center WA scan102764
Phares, Jesse A.   Neola KS scan102206
Pheister, Ernest W.     scan102361
Pheister, Ernest W.   Bourbon IN scan102365
Phelps, Pearl Marie     scan102809
Philip, William Wesley   MI scan102488
Phillips, Arnold O.     scan102400
Phillips, Arnold O.     scan102402
Phillips, Edith Irene ?   scan102170
Phillips, Ella ?   scan102400
Phillips, Ella C. ? Whitewood VA scan102402
Phillips, William Wesley     scan102475
Pierce, Clarence C.     scan102669
Pierce, Clarence C.   Hiawatha KS scan102675
Pierce, Clarence C.   Hiawatha KS scan102676
Pierce, Lillian   Hiawatha KS scan102404
Pierce, Lillian   Hiawatha KS scan102403
Pierce, Lillian E.   Hiawatha KS scan102406
Pierson, Herbert L.     scan102195
Pierson, Herbert Leroy   NJ scan102196
Pitotto, Joseph L.   Portland OR scan102398
Pitts, Gregory A.     scan102126
Pitts, Gregory Angelo   Snohomish Co WA scan102127
Pleyer, Homer John     scan102287
Pleyer, Homer John   Hamden MO scan102292
Poland, Hattie Pauline "Polly"   Nevada MO scan102212
Poling, Laurel S. ? Phillipsburg KS scan102792
Pollard, Lena Myrtle ? Centerville SD scan102257
Poppy, Mary F.   Maybell CO scan102785
Porter, Blanche O. ?   scan102146
Porter, Blanche O. ? Ontario Canada scan102148
Porter, Glenn     scan102221
Porter, Glenn   St Joseph MO scan102223
Porter, Minnie L.     scan102721
Potter, Bertha E. ? Glastonbury CT scan102422
Potter, Edna E. ?   scan102180
Potter, Edna E. ? MN scan102182
Powell, Hazel Kirk Kirk St Louis MO scan102568
Powles, Ines   Newaygo County MI scan102803
Preston, Cara Lisa   Medford OR scan102357
Previtale, Ceasar     scan102716
Previtale, Ceasar   Italy scan102559
Previtale, Ceasar   Italy scan102560
Price, Ernest B.     scan102803
Price, Ernest B.   Yates City IL scan102805
Price, Ruth   Nashville TN scan102816
Pritchett, Neil C.     scan102255
Pritchett, Neil C.   Philomath OR scan102256
Pritchett, Neil C.   Philomath OR scan102257
Promenshenkel, Susan Marie   Grand Ridge IL scan102137
Puhl, Augusta Henrietta   Lake Creek OR scan102176
Puhl, Augusta Henrietta   Lake Creek OR scan102178
Pura, Henry A.     scan102374
Pura, Henry A.   Bryant SD scan102380
Pura, Henry A.   Bryant SD scan102381
Purcell, James     scan102363
Purcell, James Richard   Benton AR scan102366
Quigley, Grace Etta ? Oak Bar CA scan102425
Quinn, Floyd Lee     scan102785
Quinn, Floyd Lee   Toledo IA scan102788
Ragsdale, Glenn Everett     scan102522
Ragsdale, Glenn Everett   Trail OR scan102529
Ragsdale, Jesse Everett     scan102249
Ragsdale, Jesse Everett   Seymour MO scan102252
Ralston, Sarah L.     scan102302
Ralston, Sarah L. "Sally"   Medford OR scan102312
Rametes, Eva L.     scan102234
Ramsey, Margaret Loraine   Dunsmuir CA scan102784
Ramus, Joseph J.     scan102691
Randles, Nellie May Perry White City OR scan102432
Rasmussen, Betty ?   scan102304
Rasmussen, Betty T. Bailey Hingham MT scan102312
Rasmussen, Betty T. Bailey Hingham MT scan102313
Rather, Noel William     scan102805
Rather, Noel William   Spring Valley AL scan102806
Rawson, Francis V.     scan102741
Rawson, Francis V.     scan102746
Reavis, Chester S.     scan102604
Reavis, Chester S.   Medvale ID scan102606
Rector, Ida Caroline Grose Tipton IN scan102581
Redfield, Charles V.     scan102728
Reed, Alma Louise "Becky" Becker Chicago IL scan102747
Reed, Alma Louise "Becky" Becker Chicago IL scan102751
Reed, Wilbur E.   Jennings KS scan102478
Reed, Wilbur E.     scan102475
Regan, Dorothy Pearson Portland OR scan102406
Reich, George A.   Salt Lake City UT scan102193
Reichenberg, Orville     scan102596
Reichenberg, Orville E.   Watonga OK scan102599
Reitsma, Earl     scan102596
Rembert, Myra M.   Anderson AL scan102441
Remington, Leilia Grace ? Aurora NE scan102625
Reum, Sarah Montgomery ? Decorah IA scan102597
Reuschlein, James Henery     scan102349
Reuschlein, James Henery     scan102364
Rice, C. Olin   Burlington KS scan102187
Richardson, Clara B.   Medford OR scan102667
Richardson, Ruby   CA scan102475
Richmond, Emma B.     scan102440
Richmond, Emma B. ? New York NY scan102444
Riessen, Amanda     scan102698
Riessen, Amanda G.   New Liberty IA scan102701
Rigsby, Zetta Ruth   Carlyle IL scan102158
Riley, Ruth Anna Taylor Portland OR scan102408
Riley, Thomas M.     scan102805
Riley, Thomas M.   Jacksonville OR scan102807
Ringo, Eva Lydiard Lydiard Long Lake MN scan102162
Ritter, Mildred Irene   Center City CO scan102249
Robb, Sara Edith (Dr.)     scan102502
Robb, Sara Edith (Dr.)   Kinsley KS scan102505
Robbins, Alice Bourque ? Shediac New Brunswick scan102139
Roberson, Maxwell C.     scan102405
Roberson, Maxwell Charles   Jerome AZ scan102406
Robertson, Gladys     scan102574
Robertson, Gladys Mae Hannaford Riceville KS scan102576
Robertson, Katherine B.     scan102412
Robertson, Katherine B. ? Detroit MI scan102415
Robichaud, Esther   Snowmass CO scan102565
Robinson, Gain     scan102528
Robinson, Gain   Springfield MA scan102530
Robinson, Katherine M.     scan102448
Robinson, Thomas Marion   Afton IA scan102522
Robison, Pearl Marie ?   scan102809
Rock, Ivan Clifford     scan102702
Rock, Ivan Clifford   Medford OR scan102705
Rock, Rosa ?   scan102821
Rock, Rosa E. Messenger Williams OR scan102824
Roe, Wanda V.   Clarkston WA scan102250
Rogers, Lonnie Ray Jr.     scan102385
Rogers, Sherrol P.     scan102487
Rogers, Sherrol P.   Homestead OR scan102489
Rohrer, Hazel M. ?   scan102704
Rohrer, Hazel M. Dexter Lake Creek OR scan102706
Rolie, Eugene     scan102679
Rolie, Eugene N.   MN scan102685
Rone, Bertha M.   Collinsville MS scan102725
Rone, Bertha M.   Collinsville MS scan102728
Root, Ethel Putney ?   scan102429
Root, Ethel Putney ? Waukesha WI scan102433
Rose, Charles Rice   Neosha Falls KS scan102212
Rose, Harry Ronald   Topeka KS scan102224
Rose, Leonard Terry     scan102588
Rose, Leonard Terry   Fargo ND scan102592
Ross, Gladys F. ?   scan102695
Ross, Gladys Fern ? Cripple Creek CO scan102698
Ross, John     scan102129
Ross, John Jay   Clunette IN scan102130
Rossi, Alberta E. ?   scan102171
Rossi, Alberta Elizabeth ?   scan102175
Royce, William L.     scan102271
Royse, William Leo   Stafford OK scan102275
Ruhl, Robert W.     scan102596
Runnion, Leilia Grace   Aurora NE scan102625
Rush, Virgil E.   KS scan102182
Rush, Virgil E.   Mountain Grove MO scan102184
Russell, Jesse Julius   Siskiyou Co CA scan102617
Russey, Agnes Marjorie Clark Los Angeles CA scan102360
Rutherford, Blanche "Darby" Stewart Memphis TN scan102390
Rutherford, Gwen   Misco OH scan102186
Rutherford, Gwen   Misco OH scan102187
Sagen, Edward E.   Norway scan102705
Sain, Ira M.     scan102546
Sain, Ira McKinley   Toluca NC scan102554
Sanderbrink, Charles W.     scan102201
Sanderbrink, Charles W.   Wayne Co MO scan102204
Savage, Flora Ann   Los Angeles CA scan102818
Sawyer, Minnie P. McIntyre Klamath Co OR scan102412
Sawyer, Tom     scan102397
Sawyers,Herbert W.   Kingmills VA scan102400
Saylor, Eldon C.     scan102234
Saylor, Eldon C.     scan102239
Schatz, Dorothea E.   Rock Island IL scan102650
Scheel, Edna Viola ? WI scan102323
Scheel, Edna Viola ? WI scan102324
Scheffel, Eleanore "Dee"   Butte MT scan102339
Schell, James E.   Tampa FL scan102792
Schell, James E.   Tampa FL scan102793
Scheuchzer, Myrtle C.   Canadian OK scan102778
Schieber, Norbert R.   Clyde MO scan102325
Schieber, Norbert Richard     scan102319
Schneider, Glenn F.     scan102798
Schneider, Glenn F.     scan102796
Scholer, Mamie C.     scan102303
Scholer, Mamie C. ? Jacksonville OR scan102314
Scholer, Mamie C. ? Jacksonville OR scan102317
Schurman, Aver     scan102709
Schurman, Aver     scan102711
Scott, Anna ? Oswego OR scan102371
Scott, Anna R. ? Lake Oswego OR scan102368
Scott, Anna R. ? Lake Oswego OR scan102369
Scott, Elmer     scan102154
Scott, Elmer Robert   Marshfield OR scan102157
Scribner, Mildred Irene ? Center City CO scan102249
Seaney, Phoebe Buelah Miller Birds IL scan102654
Seaney, Phoebe E. ?   scan102652
Seavey, Laura Evelyn ?   scan102711
Seavey, Laura Evelyn ? Chico CA scan102714
Sedros, Alice Swearingen Happy Camp CA scan102628
Severson, Henry     scan102297
Severson, Henry W.   Sheldon IA scan102315
Sewell, Bill     scan102248
Shafer, Clara ? Anderson CA scan102602
Shafer, Keith     scan102543
Shafer, Keith     scan102540
Shafer, Keith Gordon   Medford OR scan102544
Shaw, Anita Mae   Ashland OR scan102557
Sheldon, Alley     scan102421
Sheldon, Ally Clark   Kasson MN scan102422
Shell, James E.     scan102791
Shelley, Parks Richmond   Willard MO scan102687
Shelton, Lee Thomas   Sandis LA scan102317
Short, Delia Dalton   Klamath Falls OR scan102801
Short, Henry Mitchell   Scott Valley CA scan102368
Shroyer, Floyd E.     scan102390
Shroyer, Floyd E.     scan102391
Shroyer, Floyd E.   Miltonvale KS scan102393
Shugart, Vance P.     scan102628
Shugart, Vance P.     scan102632
Shults, Clyde L.     scan102386
Shults, Clyde Lydell   Lake Creek TX scan102390
Shumate, Lenora P.   Harrisonville MO scan102639
Silvers, Alta B.   Gaylord KS scan102756
Silvers, Alta B.   Gaylord KS scan102758
Simesen, Goschgine "Gerthe" Thiesen Denmark scan102429
Simmerville, George James     scan102142
Simmons, Joseph E.   Fort Jones CA scan102705
Simpson, Jane Elizabeth   Howard Lake MN scan102709
Simpson, Joy Hamrick ? Central Point OR scan102461
Singler, Velma     scan102576
Singler, Velma Mae Moore Richter KS scan102578
Slead, Bernal O.     scan102635
Slead, Bernal O.   Gold Hill OR scan102636
Smith,     scan102300
Smith, Austin C.     scan102467
Smith, Austin C.   Jelm WY scan102471
Smith, Betty Lou Heath Parma ID scan102813
Smith, Dale Lee     scan102397
Smith, Dale Lee   Yreka CA scan102400
Smith, Frank Randal   England scan102755
Smith, Frank Randal   England scan102762
Smith, Geanette R.   Blaine WA scan102454
Smith, Jessie Maye ? Lawrence KS scan102440
Smith, John Robert     scan102341
Smith, John Robert   Medford OR scan102343
Smith, Lillie Belle ?   scan102374
Smith, Lillie Belle ? Rantoul IL scan102380
Smith, Lucille P.   Hecktor AR scan102133
Smith, Lucy ?   scan102693
Smith, Lucy Leona ? MO scan102695
Smith, Ray Stephen   Ferndale CA scan102426
Smith, Ruby   Beagle OR scan102594
Smith, Thomas Edward   Yreka CA scan102607
Smith, Vern R.   Oregon City OR scan102136
Smith, Vern Seth     scan102142
Smith, Vernon Leon   Albuquerque NM scan102311
Smith, Vernon Leon     scan102316
Smith, Winifred Lafayette     scan102284
Smith, Winifred Lafayette   Phoenix OR scan102290
Smith, Zona Mae   Tecumseh OK scan102533
Smithhart. Jerry Wilford   Twin Falls ID scan102444
Smoot, Robert     scan102340
Snow, Charles H.   Warren AR scan102465
Snow, Charles H.     scan102470
Snow, Charles H.     scan102475
Snow, Charles Harry   Warren AR scan102479
Snyder, Ernest F.   Stuttgart AR scan102148
Solum, Jessie J. ?   scan102507
Solum, Jessie J. ?   scan102510
Solum, Jessie J. ? Maywood NE scan102514
Sorensen, Bernice Cordon Rigby ID scan102241
Sorensen, Curtis R.     scan102287
Sorensen, Curtis R.   Alpha MN scan102290
Sorensen, Emil Ferdinand   Denmark Oct 11 1967
Sorensen, Emil Ferdinand   Denmark scan102681
Sorensen, Emil Ferdinand   Denmark scan102682
Sparks, Frederick B.   Frederick City MD scan102616
Sparks, Frederick B.     scan102619
Sparks, Mabel Clare   Lampases TX scan102496
Spencer, Donald McDill   Ashland OR scan102776
Spencer, Donald McDill   Ashland OR scan102780
Spencer, George Carey   Ashland OR scan102763
Spencer, Maretta   CA scan102809
Spencer, Robert     scan102136
Spencer, Robert Ray     scan102146
Spencer, Robert Ray   KS scan102151
Spires, Wallace     scan102388
Sproul, Lester C.     scan102175
Sproul, Lester Clifton   Battleground WA scan102177
Spruill, Vera     scan102798
Spruill, Vera Henry Camblehunt TX scan102796
Spruill, Vera Henry Camblehunt TX scan102801
Squire, Elizabeth Mary   Oldtown VA scan102353
Stall, Iva Louise   Thayer KS scan102719
Stanley, Bertha M. Willims   scan102795
Stanley, Dale     scan102348
Stanley, Dale   Savannah IL scan102351
Starcher, Clarence   WV scan102224
Stearns, Keva   Spencer NE scan102412
Steelman, Eva Catherine   Dorris CA scan102440
Steinhardt, Allen E.     scan102235
Steinhardt, Allen E.     scan102236
Steinhardt, Allen E.   Long Beach CA scan102237
Steinhardt, Lucy V. ?   scan102507
Steinhardt, Lucy Viola ?   scan102510
Steinhardt, Lucy Viola ? Columbia PA scan102514
Steinman, Myrtle V.     scan102275
Steinman, Myrtle V. Hammonds Jasper IN scan102279
Stelle, Julia F.   Landmark MO scan102327
Stelle, Julia F.   Landmark MO scan102328
Stennet, Myrtle C. Jones Canadian OK scan102778
Stennett, Mabel Viola Kerby   scan102632
Stennett, Mabel Viola Kerby Talent OR scan102635
Stenrud, Henry     scan102279
Stenrud, Henry   Albert Lee MN scan102280
Stephenson, Helen B. Brown Sioux IA scan102194
Stephenson, Helen B. Brown Sioux IA scan102195
Stephenson, Isabelle Frances ? Middletown CA scan102259
Stephenson, Ralph O.     scan102716
Stephenson, Ralph O.   Thurman IA scan102561
Stevens, Caroline A. ?   scan102383
Stevens, Caroline Anna "Anna" Nelson Shady Cove OR scan102387
Stevens, Hazel Belle Kingery Dorris CA scan102326
Stevens, Ida A. ? Edgewood IA scan102438
Stewart, Blanche "Darby"   Memphis TN scan102390
Stewart, Boyd   Brinkley AR scan102760
Stewart, Boyd   Brinkley AR scan102762
Stewart, Boyd   Brinkley AR scan102765
Stewart, James B.   Scotland scan102412
Stewart, Mary Winifred   Rexburg ID scan102714
Stingley, Vera E.   Eagle Point OR scan102741
Stocks, Dan Leon   Garberville CA scan102356
Stoeger, Anna   Kutz IN scan102641
Stoltenburg, Josie Renee     scan102293
Stoltenburg, Josie Renee   Medford OR scan102305
Stone, Lynn   Provolt OR scan102259
Stong, Mina     scan102236
Stong, Mina ? Edinburgh Scotland scan102237
Stout, Elmer   Van Wert County IA scan102353
Stout, Sarah L.   Jackson Co TN scan102496
Stowell, Pearl M. ?   scan102812
Stowell, Pearl M.   Eagle Point OR scan102818
Strauss, Violet A. ?   scan102454
Strauss, Violet A. ? Elysian MN scan102457
Strawn, Leona   AR scan102824
Streadin, Anna P.   Latvia scan102262
Striegel, Josephine C.   Leavenworth KS scan102213
Strong, Jodie Del Ray ? Concordia KS scan102228
Stroud, Loren     scan102388
Stryker, Daniel Martin   OR scan102652
Stuart, Mabel Clare ?   scan102491
Stuart, Mabel Clare Sparks Lampases TX scan102496
Stubbs, Gerald S.     scan102164
Stubbs, Gerald S.     scan102169
Stults, Grace E.     scan102795
Stults, Grace E.   Paola KS scan102800
Sudborough, Michael L.   Harbor Beach MI scan102288
Suierveld, Louie   The Netherlands scan102134
Sullenger, Nancy ?   scan102594
Sullenger, Nancy ? Robinson IL scan102596
Sullivan, Esther White Lakeview OR scan102196
Swaney, Charles R.     scan102488
Swaney, Charles R.   Lincoln NE scan102494
Swearingen, Alice   Happy Camp CA scan102628
Symons, Opal     scan102707
Symons, Opal     scan102710
Talley, Charles W.     scan102616
Talley, Charles Wallace   Sumpter OR scan102619
Tamburello, Bartolo   Sicily scan102519
Tamburello, Bartolo   Sicily scan102521
Tapp, Dewey Alexander     scan102637
Taylor, Clarence   Ashland OR scan102553
Taylor, Clarence     scan102550
Taylor, Ethel     scan102627
Taylor, Ethel   The Dalles OR scan102635
Taylor, Fred     scan102297
Taylor, Glenn     scan102717
Taylor, Jeneveve Emily Whaley Los Angeles CA scan102275
Taylor, John N.     scan102811
Taylor, John N.     scan102814
Taylor, John N.   Medford OR scan102819
Taylor, Lawrence Leroy     scan102224
Taylor, Lawrence Leroy   Kearney NE scan102231
Taylor, Ruth Anna   Portland OR scan102408
Taylor, William Frederick   Roseburg OR scan102303
Taylor, William Frederick "Fred"     scan102289
Teetor, Howard A.     scan102825
Teevin, Daisy Deane Watson Washington Co OR scan102509
Teevin, Daisy Deane Watson Washington Co OR scan102510
Telfer, Charles A.     scan102703
Telfer, Shirley     scan102703
Tennant Charles W.     scan102370
Tennant Charles W.   Berwyn NE scan102372
Tepovac, Virginia Wilma Black KY scan102422
Terry, D. N.     scan102217
Terry, Douglas N.     scan102220
Terry, Douglas Norman   Denton TX scan102221
Thiesen, Goschgine "Gerthe"   Denmark scan102429
Thode, Roger L.   East Lake Lillian MI scan102705
Thomas, Adaline ? Farmington NM scan102582
Thomas, Amy Annette     scan102814
Thomas, E. Harrison   Wausau WI scan102441
Thomas, Frank     scan102790
Thomas, Frank L.   CA scan102792
Thomas, Harrison     scan102440
Thomas, Isabella ? Scotland scan102670
Thomas, Jay D.   Clear Creek CA scan102701
Thomason, Oda Belle ? Burden KS scan102699
Thompson, Besse M. ?   scan102481
Thompson, Besse M. ?   scan102487
Thompson, Besse M. ? Netherlands CO scan102489
Thompson, Ethel M. ?   scan102287
Thompson, Ethel M. ? KS scan102289
Thompson, Nathan Eric     scan102129
Thompson, Oda Belle ?   scan102695
Thornburgh, Ira     scan102513
Thornburgh, Ira M.     scan102519
Thornburgh, Ira Melvin   Watson OK scan102522
Thornburgh, Ira Melvin   Watson OK scan102523
Thorp, Vera Leona   Portland OR scan102516
Tibbits, Mabel ?   scan102222
Tibbits, Mabel E. Dickerson Short OK scan102227
Titus, Leslie Earl   Happy Camp CA scan102425
Tobin, Ruth     scan102812
Tobin, Ruth Price Nashville TN scan102816
Toelle, John C.   Riley KS scan102150
Tompkins, E. Vernon   Pilot Point TX scan102322
Tompkins, Elmer V.     scan102317
Towenski, Anna   O scan102261
Towenski, Anna P. ? Latvia scan102262
Tracey, Everett     scan102297
Tracey, Everett Stanley   Saskatchewan Canada scan102302
Trask, George Alden     scan102692
Trask, George Alden   IA scan102694
Trinca, Robert John   Weed CA scan102638
Troop, Ida M.     scan102737
Troxel, Donald E.   Connell WA scan102809
Tucker, Odys Don "Ode"     scan102196
Tucker, Odys Don "Ode"     scan102197
Tucker, Odys Don "Ode"   Grant Pass OR scan102198
Tulare, Joe   Arcadia WI scan102771
Tulare, Joseph Andrew   Arcadia WI scan102772
Turcotte, Henry L.   Ontario Canada scan102369
Turner, Flora   Ozark AR scan102664
Turner, H. D.   Detroit MI scan102400
Turner, Jeffrey Scott   Myrtle Point OR scan102280
Turner, Loren A.     scan102145
Turner, Loren A.   Ozark AR scan102148
Tuttle, Emilia G. ? San Francisco CA scan102430
Twitchell, Leona Walls AR scan102824
Twombly, John A.   Osceola IA scan102464
Twombly, John Audlin     scan102462
Ufer, Ernest G.   Fargo ND scan102549
Underwood, Barbara Drury Medford OR scan102370
Utterback, Keith E.     scan102567
Vakoc, Joan Kay     scan102256
Valentine, Lynn Houston   UT scan102474
Vanhorn, Mildred Eugene   Butterfield MO scan102367
VanValkenburgh, Charles C.     scan102439
Vargo, James A.     scan102366
Vargo, James A.   Hastings on the Hudson NY scan102367
Vargo, Julia     scan102175
Vargo, Julia S. ? Surr Hungary scan102176
Veilax, Eileen A. Hoffer Mt. Vernon WA scan102801
Vickrey, Charles H.   Vicksburg MS scan102721
Vickrey, Charles H.   Vicksburg MS scan102723
Vickrey, Charles H.   Vicksburg MS scan102724
Vieira, Joseph J.   Yreka CA scan102679
Vieira, Joseph J.   Yreka CA scan102680
Vincent, Albert C.   Marvin KS scan102615
Volk, Eva Luella McKee   scan102772
Volk, Eva Luella Ayres Blue Mound KS scan102776
Von Orff, Gertrude M.     scan102384
Von Orff, Gertrude M.   Mountain Home ID scan102391
Vorpahl, Cyril Herman     scan102776
Vorphal, Cyril Herman     scan102778
Waddell, Harold Franklin   Roslyn WA scan102723
Wagner, Albert L.     scan102237
Wagner, Albert L.   Scammon KS scan102239
Wagner, David Frederick     scan102647
Wagner, Jeane ?   scan102302
Wagner, Jeane M. ? Sausalito CA scan102305
Wahl, Lydia I.   Rockport MO scan102740
Walker, Esther Alice ?   scan102408
Walker, Esther Alice Lamb Wendling OR scan102409
Walker, Flora ?   scan102660
Walker, Flora Turner Ozark AR scan102664
Walker, Marie Frances   Ashland OR scan102517
Walker, Marie Frances   Ashland OR scan102516
Walker, Ruby   Beagle OR scan102594
Walker, Stanley Ray     scan102515
Walker, Stanley Ray   Hillsboro OR scan102519
Walker, Thomas     scan102557
Walker, Thomas N.   Monticello AR scan102716
Wallace, Josephine Irene ? Huron SD scan102500
Wallenberg, Harvey Lee   OH scan102772
Walls, Leona   AR scan102824
Walter, Minnie     scan102534
Walter, Minnie   Grants Pass OR scan102537
Walter, Minnie   Grants Pass OR scan102538
Walton, Frank Russell   IA scan102182
Ward, Arthur Gilbert     scan102537
Ward, Arthur Gilbert     scan102549
Ward, Uriel Jackson     scan102728
Ward, Uriel Jackson     scan102731
Ward, Uriel Jackson     scan102731
Ward, Vernal L.     scan102392
Ward, Vernal L.     scan104535
Warner, Harriet Mable "Hattie"   Benedict NE scan102755
Warner, Harriet Mable "Hattie"   Benedict NE scan102755
Warren, Eren Bertie   CO scan102280
Warren, Joan Kay Vakoc Vakoc   scan102256
Watkins, Bess R. ?   scan102693
Watkins, Bess Rector ? Lancaster MO scan102695
Watson, Daisy Deane   Washington Co OR scan102509
Watson, Daisy Deane   Washington Co OR scan102510
Watson, Ellen D.   TX scan102349
Watson, Ellen D. Miss   Kerrville TX scan102352
Way, Jean   KY scan102422
Webb, Evelyn Lola Barker Independence OR scan102170
Webb, Harry Samuel   Yreka CA scan102282
Webb, Mae A.   WI scan102163
Weeks, Loren R.   Coeur d'Alene ID scan102776
Weeks, Loren R.     scan102778
Weidner, Paul G.     scan102779
Weidner, Paul G.   Buffalo NY scan102782
Wellman, Charles A.     scan102264
Wellman, Charles Asa   Edinboro PA scan102266
Werner, Benedict Christopher   Napoleon ND scan102244
West, Doenia Odell Wilson MO scan102668
West, Dorothy Louise     scan102648
Westfall, Floren D. ? IA scan102352
Westfall, Lee J.     scan102220
Westfall, Lee J.   Iowa City IA scan102222
Whaley, Jeneveve Emily   Los Angeles CA scan102275
Whillock, Maggie E. ?   scan102176
Whillock, Maggie E. Darby Urbana MO scan102181
Whims, Arthur     scan102702
Whims, Arthur   Canal Winchester OH scan102714
White, Angela M. Miss "Aunt Minnie"   Oskaloosa IA scan102772
White, Cecyle Mildred   Blue Springs MO scan102685
White, Elizabeth F. ?   scan102576
White, Elizabeth F. ? WA scan102579
White, Esther   Lakeview OR scan102196
White, Grace Bunch Fresno CA scan102384
White, Mabel   Paintsville KY scan102731
Whitlock, Patricia C. ?   scan102141
Whitlock, Patricia Constance Chiles Manila Phillipines scan102144
Whitman, Julia E.   Eagle Point OR scan102578
Wigle, Eva Clara ? DuBois NE scan102405
Wigley, Stephen M.   Yreka CA scan102587
Wilcox, Lyle P,     scan102175
Wilcox, Lyle P,   Milron-Freewater OR scan102179
Wilcox, Ona Lee     scan102453
Wilcox, Ona Lee     scan102657
Wild, Bernard A.   Cawgill MO scan102247
Wild, Bernard Austin     scan102243
Wilder, Gladys E. (Mrs. Vance) Morton Dola OH scan102764
Wiley, Lottie W.   Phoenix OR scan102191
Wilkinson, Henry N.     scan102787
Wilkinson, Henry N.   WA scan102790
Williams, Jace M.     scan102360
Williams, Jace M.     scan102363
Williams, Jesse J.   Brownfield TX scan102354
Williams, Mabel ? England scan102605
Williams, Maude ?   scan102255
Williams, Maude L. Alvord Worthington MN scan102257
Williams, Sandra     scan102183
Williams, Sandra D.     scan102186
Williams, Sandra Diane   Medford OR scan102191
Williams, Violet Faye     scan102234
Williams, Violet Faye Bowers Delta CO scan102235
Willims, Bertha M.     scan102795
Wilson, D. Cleveland "Cleve"   Echo OR scan102398
Wilson, David     scan104535
Wilson, Doenia Odell   MO scan102668
Wilson, Gladys Ruth ?   scan102170
Wilson, Gladys Ruth ? Medicine Bow WY scan102175
Wilson, John Russell     scan102130
Wilson, John Russell   Medford OR scan102132
Wilson, Norm     scan102388
Wirz, Laura May Bateman Tyronne PA scan102331
Withers, Edward John     scan102206
Withers, Edward John   Grand Traverse Co MI scan102208
Wolf, Ruby   Beagle OR scan102594
Wolfe, Max Lynn   Pine Island MN scan102624
Wolgamott, Mary M.     scan102270
Wooden, Victor Robert   Long Beach CA scan102718
Wooden, Victor Robert   Long Beach CA scan102731
Wooldridge, Walter     scan102383
Wright, Alexander J.     scan102368
Wright, Alexander J.   Hales MO scan102372
Wright, Mary     scan102330
Wright, Mary Nancy ?   scan102331
Wright, Thomas G., Sr.   KS scan102699
Wyant, Frederick D.     scan102201
Wyant, Frederick DeForest   Bloomville WI scan102204
Wyrick, Allen Jackson   Busch AR scan102821
Wyrick, Allen Jackson   Busch AR scan102822
York, Perry H.   Summerville OR scan102126
Yorton, Mable     scan102330
Yorton, Mable   St Cloud MN scan102329
Young, Clarence M. (Dr.)     scan102507
Young, Clarence M. (Dr.)   Princeton WV scan102512
Young, Joseph E. "Ed"     scan102348
Young, Joseph E. "Ed"   Silver Creek NE scan102349
Young, Lester     scan102409
Young, Lester S.   Pierre SD scan102411
Youngs, James Arthur   Sycamore IL scan102700
Zapata, Victor Joe     scan102645
Zemlicka, Weldon M. "Butch"   Miles City MT scan102220
Zemlicka, Weldon "Butch"     scan102217
Zimmerman, Orville B.   Boone Co IN scan102560
Zumwalt, Virgil E.   Lyons OR scan102725
Zumwalt, Virgil E.   Lyons OR scan102729