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Medford Mail Tribune Scanned Obituary Index for 1970

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Our JCGL volunteers are scanning and indexing microfilmed images of Medford Mail Tribune Obituaries and Death Notices. Below is an index to the 1970 scanned images. It includes the name of the deceased person, his/her place of birth (when available), and the number we have assigned to the image. If the deceased person is a married woman and her maiden name was given in the obituary, this is included in the index. If you would like to receive a copy of a scanned obituary, follow this link, Postal Request Form to display the request form. Complete and print the form, then send it to the address shown along with a check for $10 and a stamped, self-addressed envelope. Some of the scanned obituaries require more than one image. We will send them all for a single $10 fee, but you must put all the image numbers (e.g., scan123456, scan123457) on your request. Be sure to provide all the required information on the form.

For faster turnaround, use the Buy Now button below to make a secure online payment and to provide the information needed to fill your request. Be sure you fill ALL fields in the form including all image scan numbers. When you complete the transaction, our librarian will copy the requested information and email it to you as an attachment. It will be sent as a .jpg (picture) file. When you receive this .jpg file, click on it and it will be loaded into your picture viewer from which you can print a hard copy.

Scanned Mail Tribune Obituaries
Last Name, First Name
Year, Image Number

Name of Deceased Maiden Name Place of Birth Image Number
Abramz, Cecilia     scan94294
Acheson, Irvine Ray     scan94874
Adair, Michael     scan94325
Adams, Irene Fresh Tiler County IA scan94461
Adams, Irene K.     scan94458
Adams, Roger Dean     scan94609
Adams, Theodore M.     scan92792
Adams, Theodore M.   Glendive MT scan92798
Addis, Alfred E.     scan94923
Addis, Alfred E.   Goldfield NV scan94937
Aikins, Mary Ethel ? McCune County KS scan94933
Albright, Jewell Erma O'Neil   scan92798
Albright, Jewell Erma O'Neil Goldendale WA scan92799
Alden, Durwood E.   Stamples MN scan94897
Alexandro, John     scan94710
Allen, Arthur Ray   Lebanon MO scan94843
Allen, Georgia ?   scan94351
Allen, Mary Agnes   Quebec Canada scan94835
Allen, Richard     scan92817
Allen, Richard     scan92830
Allen, Richard     scan92831
Allen, Zena D. Parr Armada AR scan94287
Altman, Phyllis Ann   AZ scan94245
Ambler, John Franklin   Pasadena CA scan94348
Ambrose, James     scan94681
Ambrose, James Harvey     scan94682
Amy, Henry John   Oberlin KS scan94883
Anderson, Alfred   Dorchester MA scan94264
Anderson, Alfred "Andy"     scan94260
Anderson, Dorothy M. Floux Oakland CA scan92799
Anderson, Infant girl     scan94401
Anderson, Infant girl   Medford OR scan94405
Anderson, Infant girl   Medford OR scan94406
Anderson, Karl     scan94753
Anderson, Karl Edgar     scan94755
Anderson, Karl Edgar   Phoenix OR scan94758
Anderson, Marjorie Eva ?   scan94786
Anderson, Marjorie Eva ? Eagle Point OR scan94788
Anderson, Natalie Hamilton   scan92821
Andoe, Gerald Douglas   MO scan94863
Andoe, Gerald Douglas   MO scan94869
Andresen, Pauline     scan94258
Andrews, Amelia V. Miss     scan92817
Andrews, Caroline   Waterville MN scan94446
Andrews, Caroline   Waterville MN scan94453
Andrews, W. O.   IA scan94229
Andrus, Fern C. Dusinberre KS scan94980
Anhorn, C. W. "Bill"     scan94424
Anhorn, C. W. "Bill"     scan94425
Anhorn, C. W. "Bill"     scan94428
Anhorn, Carl William "Bill"     scan94443
Anhorn, Carl William "Bill"   Herrick SD scan94451
Apple, William Ray     scan94850
Apple, William Ray     scan94853
Apple, William Ray   Hereford TX scan94856
Applegate, Meidel     scan94254
Applegate, Meidel   Unalaska, Aleutians scan94256
Arens, Charlotte E.   Galesville WI scan94741
Arieta, Mary     scan92750
Armpriest, Fred   Forest Creek OR scan94256
Arnold, Hester L. ?   scan92847
Arnold, Hester L. Brand Mason City NE scan92847
Arnold, Hester L.     scan94850
Ash, Zella E. Pence Trail OR scan94232
Ash, Zella E. ?   scan94233
Ash, Zella Edessa     scan94228
Ashman, Lelia R.     scan94668,9
Atkinson, Celia E.   Claire MI scan94278
Atkinson, Celia E.   Claire MI scan94279
Attebery, Arthur Alvin   Jacksonville OR scan94450
Attebery, Arthur Alvin   Jacksonville OR scan94449
Atterbury, Elmo     scan94710
Atterbury, Elmo P. "Moe"     scan94711
Atterbury, Elmo P. "Moe"   Jacksonville OR scan94713
Atwell, Dallas I.     scan94646
Atwell, Dallas Isiah   Milan KS scan94647
Aubrey, Dale L.     scan94674
Austin, Charles   Walton NE scan94794
Ayer, Laura G.     scan94452
Ayer, Laura G. ?   scan94458
Ayer, Roy     scan94259
Ayer, Roy     scan94264
Ayres, Bertha M.     scan94677
Ayres, Bertha M. ? WI scan94681
Ayris, Frank F.     scan94270
Ayris, Frank F.   Cassel CA scan94272
Babb, Arretta M.   Cambridge ID scan94839
Babb, Clarence James   Cheyenne County NE scan94441
Bahler, Ethel T.   Messhoppen PA scan94283
Bailey, Lola B     scan95005
Bailey, William M.     scan94209
Bailey, William M. Sr.   Venice CA scan94213
Baker, Edith ?   scan92775
Baker, Edith Myers Leon IA scan92782
Baker, May     scan94918
Baker, May   Chicago IL scan94924
Baker, Robert A.     scan94796
Baker, Robert A.   Abiline TX scan94800
Baker, Ross I.     scan94676
Baker, Ross I.   Glen Flora WI scan94681
Bali, John M.     scan94807
Bali, John M.   Boeslum Denmark scan94810
Bali, John M.     scan94813
Ball, Donald C.     scan94413
Ball, Donald Clifford     scan94416
Ball, Donald Clifford   Bellingham WA scan94418
Barger, Esther Katherine     scan94317
Barker, Raymond C.   Medford OR scan92844
Barker, Raymond C.   Medford OR scan94850
Barnard, Kimberley     scan94717
Barnard, Kimberly Dawn     scan94722
Barnard, Kimberly Dawn   Medford OR scan94726
Barneburg, Harry W.   Medford OR scan94405
Barneburg, Harry William     scan94407
Barneburg, Harry William     scan94409
Barneburg, Harry William     scan94413
Barnes, Thelma Thompson   scan92846
Barnes, Thelma     scan94850
Barnes, Thelma Kelley Red Bluff MT scan94853
Barnum, William L. Jr.     scan94778
Barnum, William Laird Jr.   Portland OR scan94774
Barr, Jesse W.   Hope AR scan94269
Barrett, Stella     scan94249
Barrett, Stella Riley Kountze TX scan94251
Barrick, Malden F.   Tuscola IL scan94422
Bartlett, Mary Belle McDonald Xenia OH scan92732
Bartlett, Terry Ray     scan94335
Barton, Viola Frances ? Yreka CA scan92746
Bass, Paula Marie     scan94204
Bassett, Myron G.     scan94296
Bassett, Myron G.   Del Rapids SD scan94299
Bastian, James Laverne     scan92773
Bateman, J. Wayne     scan94426
Bateman, J. Wayne   Kansas City MO scan94436
Bates, Cora Alice   Princeton MO scan92728
Bates, Loyal William     scan94414
Bates, Loyal William   Nash OK scan94416
Bates, Marguerite   Chicago IL scan94228
Bates, Wendy     scan94643
Bates, Wendy     scan94647
Bates, Wendy     scan94651
Bates, Wendy L.   Medford OR scan94656
Bauer, Erwin Karl   Berlin, Germany scan94786
Bauer, Irwin     scan94783
Baughman, Toby     scan94204
Baumback, Rodney D. Sr. "Chico"   Lodi CA scan94242
Baumback, Rodney D. Sr. "Chico"   Lodi CA scan94243
Baumgart, Elenora     scan94420
Baumgart, Willie R.     scan94420
Baumgartner, Ruth Edith Bray Yreka CA scan94703
Baylor, David     scan94817
Baylor, David Donn   Santa Barbara CA scan94820
Beagle, Adam Harmon     scan92758
Beagle, Adam Harmon   Jackson County OR scan92764
Bean, Ella E. ? Florilla MO scan94702
Bean, Glee   Butte Falls OR scan94620
Bean, Lou     scan94210
Bean, Lou E.   Orange IN scan94214
Bean, Robert J.     scan92837
Bean, Robert John   Gold Hill OR scan92842
Bebeau, Lynn Harold     scan94463
Beelby, Muriel L. "Billie"   Toronto Ontario Canada scan94287
Beeson, Anna   Talent OR scan94215
Beggs, Eunice Elizabeth     scan92810
Beliveau, Eugene H.   Enfield NH scan94904
Beliveau, Eugene Herman     scan94894
Belloit, James L.     scan94854
Bendickson, Erma Mae   Regina Sask. Canada scan94274
Bendorf, Stella M. ? Fort Dodge IA scan94989
Bendorf, Stella Mae ? Fort Dodge IA scan94992
Benedict, Marie     scan94813
Benedict, Marie     scan94817
Benedict, Marie Winetrout Mt Shasta CA scan94820
Bennett, Cora     scan94626
Bennett, Jenny Kay     scan94952
Bennett, Jenny Kay     scan94955
Bennett, Loleta Marie   Central Point OR scan94991
Benton, Dennis G.     scan94234
Benton, Dennis G.   Pratt KS scan94237
Bergman, Eleanor     scan94807
Bergman, Eleanor     scan94810
Bernheisel, Mary E. "Bess"     scan92770
Bernheisel, Mary E. "Bess" Rowden Tumwater WA scan92775
Bernsfield, Tom     scan94410
Berridge, George W.     scan94738
Berridge, George W.     scan94744
Berridge, George W.   Martinsburg IA scan94847
Best, Orville     scan94947
Best, Orville William     scan94950
Best, Orville William   OK scan94952
Betwiller, Florence E.   Lebanon MO scan95005
Biddle, Madge     scan94757
Biddle, Madge ? Northfield MN scan94759
Bigelow, Paris Blakley     scan94251
Bigelow, Paris Blakley   Susanville CA scan94254
Bigelow, Tim Ezra     scan94849
Biggs, Lucille M.   OH scan94904
Biles, Ida     scan94351
Biles, Ida Youngblood Shaver AR scan94254
Bills, Grace   Foreman IL scan94883
Bills, Norval Robert   Fortville IN scan92742
Birch, Lelia R.     scan94663
Birch, Lelia R.     scan94665
Birch, Lelia R. Ashman Port Orford OR scan94668,9
Bishop, Nell V.     scan94726
Black, Janice Yvonne   Vale OR scan94408
Black, Janice Yvonne Miss     scan94404
Black, Lenora B.   Norton KS scan94806
Black, Noel     scan94731
Black, Noel     scan94732
Black, Noel     scan94735
Black, Noel     scan94743
Blackman, Wilbur N.     scan94281
Blackman, Wilbur Newel     scan94283
Blackman, Wilbur Newel   Imperial NE scan94284
Blair, Philip C.   Chicago IL scan94752
Blank, Gerald Curtis     scan94204
Blew, Henry Van     scan92839
Blew, Henry Van     scan92842
Blew, Henry Van   Kearney NE scan92846
Blodgett, Millie Etta   KS scan94210
Blood, Donald M.     scan94657
Bloomquist, Roger     scan94949
Blume, Kathleen Fern   Ashland OR scan94282
Boardman, Juanita Marie     scan94793
Boat, Joseph A.   Williams OR scan94760
Boatwright, Morine   Cameron MO scan94653
Bochardy, John     scan94872
Bochardy, John   New York scan94875
Boehlke, Adeline C.   Dusseldorf Germany scan94214
Boersma, Grace Etty McNames Little Shasta CA scan94287
Bogenoff, Mary Maye     scan92782
Bogenoff, Mary Maye Byrd Norway OR scan92784
Boice, Charles   Monroe Co MI scan92743
Boldway, Raymond J.     scan94314
Boldway, Raymond James     scan94315
Boldway, Raymond James     scan94316
Boliou, Pearl M. ?   scan94870
Boliou, Pearl M. Lozier Bourbon IN scan94872
Boliou, Pearl M. Lozier Bourbon IN scan94874
Bordier, Verna     scan92842
Bordier, Verna Worden Bandon OR scan92847
Borg, Nellie Mae     scan92770
Borg, Nellie Mae McFadden Duluth MN scan92775
Boshears, Miner T.     scan94677
Boshears, Miner T.   Huntsville TN scan94679
Bosworth, Barbara     scan92775
Botkin, Helene P. ? Renville MN scan94282
Bottorff, Debra Lee     scan94938
Bottorff, Debra Lee   Santa Ana CA scan94941
Bowen, Mary     scan94961
Bowen, Mary Alma Whillis Cedar Falls IA scan94965
Bowers, Lily   IA scan94223
Bowman, Gordon B.   Edmond OK scan94702
Bowman, John H.   Peru IN scan94782
Bowman, Margaret     scan94723
Bowman, Margaret     scan94725
Boyd, Dorothy B.   Mound City MO scan94929
Boyd, Mary   Parker Ranch CA scan92813
Boyer, Kyle A.     scan94728
Brabham, Anna Eliza Davis Merrill OR scan94441
Bragg, Lucille   TN scan94778
Brand, Hester L.   Mason City NE scan94851
Brandt, Arthur J.   Acme WA scan94646
Brandt, Arthur Julius     scan94640
Brandt, Ronald James     scan92790
Brannon, Olive     scan92742
Brannon, Olive Josephine ? Corvallis OR scan92744
Brassfield, Marjorie Josphine   Salinas KS scan94327
Bray, J. Philip Jr     scan92810
Bray, Ruth Edith     scan94703
Brazee, Howard James     scan94977
Breeding, James     scan94649
Breeding, James William   Rogue River OR scan94651
Breese, Sally ?   scan94649
Breitmayer, Florenz   MI scan92838
Bresland, Edna Cornelia     scan94823
Bresland, Edna Cornelia     scan94824
Bressler, Harold George   Battle Creek NE scan94752
Brewer, Matilda     scan94401
Brewer, Matilda Nelson Birkenfeld OR scan94403
Bridges, Amanda     scan94320
Bridges, Mana Dixon Hedges Medford OR scan94322
Broach, Jesse James     scan94325
Brocksen, Leroy   Westside IA scan94744
Broganoff, Mary     scan92779
Bromley, Horace L.   Chicago IL scan92814
Bromley, Horace Lewis     scan92813
Brookmiller, Alice L ?   scan94271
Brooks, Elizabeth     scan94912
Brooks, Elizabeth Treharne Weathersfield OH scan94915
Brooks, Ruby     scan92767
Brooks, Ruby E. Miss   Wray CO scan92770
Brothers, Bertha J. ?   scan94405
Brothers, Bertha J. ?   scan94410
Brotherton, Verna     scan94851
Brotherton, Verne   Joplin MO scan94852
Brown, Clark     scan94651
Brown, Clark W. Jr.   Douglas WY scan94653
Brown, Cynthia     scan92742
Brown, Cynthia A. ? Peru NE scan92745
Brown, Cynthia A. ? Peru NE scan92744
Brown, Della Furch Henderson MN scan94241
Brown, Fannie L.   Orangeville IN scan92842
Brown, James E.     scan94446
Brown, Joseph R.     scan92728
Brown, Joseph Randolf     scan92735
Brown, Joseph Randolf   Mohawk TN scan92738
Brown, Julia E. ?   scan94893
Brown, Julia E. ? Salina CO scan94896
Brown, Lloyd D.     scan92748
Brown, Lloyd D.     scan92749
Brown, Myrtle C. Nyberg Sisseton SD scan94875
Brown, Myrtle C. Nyberg Sisseton SD scan94876
Brown, Veral Lena     scan92812
Brown, Zadok Cartwright   Mulvane KS scan94858
Brownlee, Tyson W. B.   Medford OR scan94352
Brownlee, Tyson William Brookes     scan94347
Brumley, Janis Gail ?   scan94604
Brumley, Janis Gail ?   scan94613
Brunner, Henry George   Salem OR scan94989
Bryant, Harry O.     scan94773
Bryant, Harry O.   Brazil IN scan94776
Buck, Catherine ?   scan94726
Buck, Catherine Woods Niles MI scan94728
Buck, Catherine Rose ?   scan94730
Buhman, Dolores Ann   Heppner OR scan92807
Buhman, Dolores Ann   Heppner OR scan92808
Bullock, Larry B.     scan94231
Bullock, Larry B.   Cerro Gordo NC scan94233
Bullock, Lloyd Ivan     scan94395
Bulman, Paris J.     scan94881
Bulman, Paris J.   Perth ND scan94883
Bulman, Paris J.   Perth ND scan94886
Burchett, Stephen Dewayne     scan94388
Burchett, Steven Duane   Medford OR scan94391
Burchfield, Mattie ?   scan94779
Burchfield, Mattie E. Holland Franklin NC scan94781
Burger, Robert Jr.     scan94261
Burgmeyer, Isobell K.   Dubuque IA scan92788
Burks, Marvin James     scan94238
Burmeister, Dorothy G. Howland Brooklyn NY scan94664
Burmeister, Henry Karl     scan94340
Burmeister, Henry Karl   Schleswig Holstein Germany scan94342
Burnett, Lily Mae     scan94718
Burnett, O. F.     scan94315
Burnett, Orville F.   Milan KS scan94317
Burnette, Mary Edith ?   scan92753
Burnette, Mary Edith Work Stockville NE scan92754
Burnfiel, Thomas Arthur     scan94413
Burnfiel, Thomas Arthur   Des Moines IA scan94416
Burres, Dayl     scan94672
Burton, Gertrude Clara     scan94866
Busby, Douglas Arthur     scan94644
Busey, Rodney     scan94810
Busey, Rodney Porter   Sodaville OR scan94817
Bush, Effie Matilda Frantz Hoskins OR scan94724
Bush, Elizabeth Wendel WI scan94274
Bush, Elizabeth ?   scan94273
Bush, Elizabeth Wendel WI scan94276
Bushmuller, Catherine Juanita ? Kansas City MO scan92726
Bussey, Henry Douglas   Lorella OR scan94992
Butler, Chloe T. ? Kahoka MO scan94205
Butts, Randolph     scan94351
Butts, Randolph D.   Milton-Freewater OR scan94253
Byrd, Mary Maye   Norway OR scan92784
Byrne, Charles D.     scan94415
Byrne, John S.     scan94444
Byrne, John S.   Applegate OR scan94449
Cabler, Minnie   Junction City TX scan94334
Cabler, Q. H. "Cab"   Seymour TX scan94700
Caldahl, Thomas     scan94955
Caldwell, Alice P. ?   scan92753
Caldwell, Alice P. Owens VA scan92754
Calhoun, John A. "Jack"   Appleton WI scan94697
Calhoun, Naomi   Brentwood AR scan94631
Calkins, Katherine   Beswick CA scan95001
Callick, Hazel Marie Franklin Bellingham WA scan94234
Cameron, Myrtle Dungey TX scan94336
Campbell, Claude C.   York NE scan94989
Campbell, Eva Cary La Grande OR scan94848
Campbell, Robert Lew     scan94325
Campbell, William A.     scan92831
Campbell, William A.     scan92835
Campbell, William A.   Channing TX scan92836
Cannon, Charles J.     scan94779
Cannon, Herman Edward   DeQueen AR scan94326
Cannon, Herman Edward   DeQueen AR scan94328
Cantrall, Margaret M.     scan94603
Cantrall, Margaret M. Thomas CA scan94605
Cantrall, Margaret M.     scan94607
Cardoza, Joseph Jerome   Siskiyou County CA scan94856
Carl, Adeline C.     scan94209
Carl, Adeline C.     scan94211
Carl, Adeline C. Boehlke Dusseldorf Germany scan94214
Carlson, Arthur E.   Berkeley CA scan94211
Carlson, Axel Oscar   Tacoma WA scan94396
Carnes, Eula G.   Rockwood TX scan94282
Caron, Robert Allen     scan94642
Carothers, Earl Lee   Love County OK scan94278
Carr, Harry B.     scan92833
Carr, Harry B.     scan92834
Carroll, Blanche     scan94805
Carter, Anna Beeson Talent OR scan94215
Carter, Pluma Z     scan94309
Cary, Eva   La Grande OR scan94848
Castle, Mary J. Stallsworth Norton KS scan94247
Cauller, Margaret Elizabeth   Naperville IL scan94918
Cauller, Margaret Elizabeth   Naperville IL scan94920
Cave, Clarence L.     scan94834
Cave, Clarence Leon   Hope NM scan94835
Cave, Clarence Leon   Hope NM scan94834
Chamberlain, Dean R.     scan92726
Chambers, Louis     scan94214
Chambers, Louis George     scan94216
Chambers, Louis George     scan94217
Chambers, Louis George   Waterville KS scan94222
Chambers, Raymond H.     scan94953
Chambers, Raymond Henry   Trinidad CA scan94958
Chapman, Ruby     scan94870
Chapman, Ruby Erwin Beechgrove Quebec Canada scan94872
Chapman, Ruby Erwin Beechgrove Quebec Canada scan94874
Chapman, Walter Otho     scan94945
Chapman, Walter Otho   Salisbury New Brunswick scan94948
Charge, John   Scotland scan94912
Chastain, Chester F.     scan94257
Chastain, Chester F.     scan94260
Chastain, Chester F.   Crescent City CA scan94263
Cheatham, Owen     scan94850
Childers, Ira D.     scan92809
Childers, Ira D.   Baker City OR scan92810
Childers, Katherine Calkins Beswick CA scan95001
Childreth, Grace     scan94858
Childreth, Grace Ann     scan94205
Childreth, Grace Ann Harper Perry KS scan94209
Childreth, Kathleen Fern Blume Ashland OR scan94282
Childs, Dorothy B.     scan94928
Childs, Dorothy B. Boyd Mound City MO scan94929
Chinn, Joanna   KS scan94725
Chiuminatto, Gladys "Johnnie" Marlow Yreka CA scan94276
Chrinster, Grace Louise   Sikeston MO scan94214
Christensen, Glee Moore Butte Falls OR scan94620
Christensen, Glee Moore Butte Falls OR scan94622
Christensen, Glee Y.     scan94621
Christian, Dave     scan94949
Christian, Irvin James     scan94608
Christian, Janet     scan94608
Christian, Lisa Dawn     scan94608
Christie, Dewey H.     scan92726
Christie, Dewey H.   Ridell KS scan92727
Christie, Mary Ann ?   scan94757
Christie, Mary Ann Davis Judsonia AR scan94759
Christie, Mary Ann Davis Judsonia AR scan94760
Chumbley, Jewell Eileen   Batesville AR scan94875
Chumbley, Jewell Eileen   Batesville AR scan94876
Church, Virginia Louise     scan94258
Clark, Charles     scan94745
Clark, Charles Franklin     scan94847
Clark, Charles Franklin   Riga MI scan94752
Clark, Della Myrtle Hobbs Cedarville CA scan94933
Clark, Della Myrtle ?   scan94937
Clark, Grace     scan94213
Clark, Grace Louise Chrinster Sikeston MO scan94214
Clark, James Homer   Clearfield PA scan94271
Clark, John F.   Central Point OR scan94269
Clark, Josephine F. ? Williamsburg NY scan94653
Clark, Willard Nelson     scan94858
Clark, Willard Nelson   Davis Creek CA scan94861
Clawson, Adrienne Ellene     scan95001
Clayborn, Enoch Alfred     scan94206
Clayborn, Enoch Alfred   Broken Bow OK scan94210
Clayton, Atlanta Peggy   Tracy MO scan92804
Clayton, Ethel Emoline   Dayton WA scan92838
Cleveland, Van Chandler   Grants Pass OR scan92755
Cleven, Sigurd M.   Lillehammer Norway scan94944
Clever, Sigard     scan94933
Cline, T. N. "Dell"   Marion KY scan94864
Cline, T. N. "Dell"     scan94862
Cline, Tom "Del"     scan94860
Clore, Reginald "Jerry"   Kokomo IN scan92776
Clore, Reginold     scan92772
Cobb, Wilma Jean Williams Newton KS scan92725
Coburn, Pat   Haskell TX scan94213
Coburn, Thomas Perry     scan94211
Coffeen, Murl Elizabeth     scan92825
Coffeen, Murl Elizabeth Miss   Kent OH scan92827
Coffeen, Murl Elizabeth Miss   Kent OH scan92830
Colby, Martin   Clear Creek CA scan94990
Cole, Donna Lee     scan92773
Coleman, Ray     scan92740
Collings, Albert     scan94744
Collings, Albert Edward     scan94847
Collings, Albert Edward   Aoplegate OR scan94750
Collingwood, Levi W.   Madison NE scan94974
Collingwood, Levi W.   Madison NE scan94979
Collingwood, Levi W.   Madison NE scan94978
Collison, Ernest Leonard     scan94291
Colpitts, Roy Walter   Flagler CO scan92748
Colquhoun, John A. "Jack"   WI scan94706
Combest, Ardith F.   Bunkum OR scan94416
Combs, Flossie C.     scan92804
Combs, Flossie C.   Adna WA scan92808
Condray, Colleen   Roseburg OR scan92749
Condrey, Helen   Wolf Creek OR scan92807
Conger, Alice     scan94621
Conger, Alice Thurston Fenlon, Ontario CAN scan94627
Conger, Mable ? Dodge City KS scan94796
Conner, Ada May ? Memphis MO scan94607
Conner, Edna Cornelia Bresland   scan94823
Conner, Edna Cornelia Bresland   scan94824
Conner, Mattie Belle     scan94864
Conner, Mattie Belle   Chetopa KS scan94864
Connor, Matilda     scan94403
Conover, Alvin   Eagle Point OR scan92788
Conover, Alvin   Eagle Point OR scan92792
Conover, Alvin     scan92786
Cook, James T.     scan94849
Cook, James T.     scan94851
Cook, Mary D.     scan94810
Cook, Mary Olive     scan94813
Cook, Mary Olive Nichols Sams Valley OR scan94817
Cook, Thomas M.     scan92849
Cook, Virginia Lee     scan94646
Coonrod, Margaret Aldee   Little Shasta CA scan94627
Cooper, Ed     scan92821
Cooper, Ed   Oneida TN scan92824
Copeland, Raymond Richard Sr.   Rockwood OR scan95001
Corbin, R. P.     scan94271
Corcoran, William     scan94783
Corcoran, William   County Tipperary Ireland scan94784
Corriell, Charles R.     scan94320
Corum, Jewell D.     scan94273
Corum, Jewell D.   Silver Lake OR scan94276
Corum, Jewell D.   Silver Lake OR scan94277
Cosler, Cecilia M.   Gooding ID scan92750
Cothrin, James Laurence     scan94457
Cothrin, James Laurence     scan94458
Cothrin, James Laurence   Sacramento CA scan94461
Cothrin, James Laurence   Sacramento CA scan94462
Cotnam, John     scan94734
Court, Harry J.   Washington DC scan94872
Court, Harry J.   Washington DC scan94874
Covey, Barbara A. ?   scan94363
Cowan, Mary Grace ? Williams OR scan92821
Cowan, Patricia Ruth     scan94287
Cowing, Lowell D.     scan94220
Cox, Cary Lee     scan94446
Cox, Grace ?   scan94969
Cox, Grace   Iowa scan94975
Cox, John L.     scan94388
Cox, Judith Ann ?   scan94446
Coy, William Thomas     scan94239
Coy, William Thomas   Eagle Point OR scan94241
Coy, William Thomas   Eagle Point OR scan94240
Coyle, Natalie     scan94759
Coyle, Natalie     scan94762
Coyle, Natalie Schmiedl Mediev Hungary scan94765
Craig, Eva M. Ragan Alpha WA scan92842
Craig, Eva M. Ragan Alpha WA scan92843
Cramblet, James W. Sr.     scan94216
Cramblet, James W. Sr.   WI scan94217
Crary, Helen   IL scan94253
Craven, Hiram     scan94429
Craven, Patricia     scan94429
Crawford, Grace E.     scan95006
Creech, Alberta V. ?   scan94208
Crettol, Pearl Angeline Sister     scan94996
Crews, Calvin F.     scan94337
Crews, Calvin F.   Red Bluff CA scan94340
Croft, Earl   Banders TX scan92603
Croft, Earl   Bandera TX scan94603
Croft, Earl     scan94467
Crouse, Marion C.     scan94261
Crouse, Marion C.     scan94266
Crouse, Marion Cornell   Farmersburg KS scan94264
Crump, Clarence W.     scan94281
Crump, Clarence W.   Langdon KS scan94283
Cumming, Agnes A. Miss     scan94682
Cumming, Agnes A. Miss   Boone IA scan94686
Cummings, Arthur G.   Havre MT scan94772
Cummings, Leon Elvin   Iron MN scan94924
Cunningham, Dock     scan94807
Cunningham, Dock   Rockdale TX scan94822
Cunningham, William Edward "Bill"     scan94320
Currie, Shirley Ann   Midland TX scan94912
Curry, Duane H. "Dan"   Strawn KS scan94389
Curtis, John H.     scan94208
Curtis, Otis Ward   Adna WA scan94875
Curtis, Verna J. ?   scan94208
Curtwright, Roy Carl   IL scan94607
Cushing, Ruth   West Yellowstone MT scan92808
Cushing, Ruth Rightenour West Yellowstone MT scan92810
Cutler, Nina D. ?   scan94289
Cutler, Nina D.   Mitchell County IA scan94291
Dade, (Mrs. Terry)     scan92820
Dade, Julie Ann     scan92761
Dade, Terry     scan92820
Dade, Terry Len     scan92761
Daggett. Valentine     scan94622
Dahlke, Louise H.   LaCrescent MN scan94314
Daley, Fannie Belle   La Rosa NM scan94990
Dallaire, Mary Agnes ?   scan94832
Dallaire, Mary Agnes ?   scan94833
Dallaire, Mary Agnes ? Quebec Canada scan94835
Darting, George E.     scan94330
Davies, Anna     scan92847
Davies, Anna Louise Miller Spring Valley MN scan94849
Davies, Anna Louise Miller Spring Valley MN scan94850
Davis, Alice R. (Mrs. Cash Davis)     scan94390
Davis, Alice R. (Mrs. Cash Davis) ? Griswold IA scan94391
Davis, Anna Eliza   Merrill OR scan94441
Davis, Elizabeth H.     scan94267
Davis, Elzy Ray "Pop"   Ottowa County KS scan94326
Davis, Floyd V.     scan94244
Davis, Floyd V.   Eastland TX scan94250
Davis, Hazel     scan94340
Davis, Jim George   Greece scan94331
Davis, Margaret Aldee Coonrod Little Shasta CA scan94627
Davis, Mary Ann   Judsonia AR scan94759
Davis, Mary Ann   Judsonia AR scan94760
Day, Albert L.   Bi,[ass VA scan94347
Dayton, Donald G.     scan94337
Dayton, Donald G.   Chicago, IL scan94340
de Beauchamp, Lucille Seiler Coquille OR scan92727
Dean, Frank C.     scan94761
Dean, Frank C.     scan94764
Dean, Frank C.   Willow Spring OR scan94768
DeArman, Newton Melville     scan94292
DeArmond, Douglas L.     scan94302
DeArmond, Harvey H.   Lebanon OR scan94396
DeBroux, Elsie R.     scan92729
DeBroux, Elsie R. Duggan Clatskanie OR scan92732
DeBroux, Elsie R.     scan92735
DeCraff, Luah Mae   MO scan94968
DeLorme, Leo William   Crystal Falls MI scan94392
DeLorme, Leo William   Crystal Falls MI scan94391
Demmer, Walter     scan94690
Demmer, Walter     scan94692
Demmer, Walter Everett   Southern Oregon scan94698
Derflinger, Marguerite     scan94223
Derflinger, Marguerite Bates Chicago IL scan94228
Dews, Ruth Turner Ashland OR scan94786
Dews, Ruth T. ?   scan94782
Dexter, Frank     scan94233
Dexter, Frank     scan94239
Dickson, Margaret Elizabeth Mills Nekomia KS scan94282
Dietderich, Craig Lewis     scan94849
Diller, Vern     scan94664
Diller, Vernon L     scan94673
Diller, Vernon L. "Vern"   Portland OR scan94677
Ditson, Jack     scan94869
Ditson, Jack     scan94870
Ditson, Jack   Enterprise KS scan94872
Ditson, Jack   Enterprise KS scan94874
Dobbs, Ivah   WI scan94390
Dodge, John Mark   Monticello IA scan92747
Dodge, John Mark     scan92750
Dodson, Clara Marie   Shawnee OK scan94337
Dodson, Elmer J.     scan94302
Dodson, Elmer J.   Somerset KY scan94304
Dodson, Pearl Elizabeth   Handcock County IL scan94681
Dorman, Lucille M. ? OH scan94904
Dorothy, Mary Olive   Carthage IL scan94967
Doty, Clara B.     scan94982
Doty, Clara B.     scan94984
Doty, Myrtle H ? Nova Scotia Canada scan92602
Doty, Myrtle H. ?   scan94467
Dougherty, Mabel B.   Woodstock IA scan94807
Dougherty, Mabel B.   Woodstock IA scan94806
Douglas, Myrtle P.     scan94282
Douglas, Myrtle P. Woodworth Albion NE scan94289
Douglas, Myrtle P.     scan94284
Doyan, Joseph     scan94444
Doyon, Joseph Simeon     scan94452
Dozier, Homer C.     scan92786
Drake, Beulah E.     scan94403
Drake, Beulah E.   IL scan94405
Dreyer, Anna Soule Little Shasta CA scan94848
Driskell, Wesley W.     scan92767
Driskell, Wesley W.     scan92770
Driskell, Wesley W.   Butte Falls scan92776
Drury, Allen B.   Evanston IL scan94253
Drysdale, Eldon M.     scan94881
Drysdale, Eldon M.   Dayton WA scan94885
Drysdale, Eldon M.   Dayton WA scan94884
Dugan, Doyle     scan94855
Duggan, Elsie R.   Clatskanie OR scan92732
Duin, Ann E.     scan94692
Duin, Ann E. ? Chokio MN scan94697
Duke, David     scan94219
Duke, David Ross     scan94223
Dunaway, Charles F.     scan94315
Dunaway, Charles Franklin   NE scan94317
Duncan, Minnie Cabler Junction City TX scan94334
Dunford, Charles F.     scan94832
Dunford, Charles F.     scan94833
Dunford, Charles F. Jr.   Davis County NE scan94836
Dungey, Myrtle   TX scan94336
Dunham, Ada M.     scan94449
Dunham, Ada W.   Monon IN scan94454
Dunham, Opal   Medford OR scan92807
Dunkle, Carl E.     scan94825
Dunkle, Carl E.   Tillamook OR scan94830
Dunkle, Carl E.   Tillamook OR scan94829
Dunlap, John D.     scan94727
Dunlap, John Donley   Graham TX scan94729
Dunlap, Minnie A.     scan94883
Durbin, Warren E.     scan94657
Durham, Kenneth William   Minneapolis MN scan94741
Durkee, Jesse E.   Medford OR scan94348
Dusinberre, Fern C.   KS scan94978
Dwight, Charles L.   Chicago IL scan94659
Dwyer, Daniel M.     scan94759
Dwyer, Daniel M.   Arlee MT scan94762
Dwyer, Daniel M.   Arlee MT scan94761
Dyer, Douglas I.   Roseburg OR scan94338
Eakin, JoAnna     scan94718
Eakin, Joanna Chinn KS scan94725
Early, Robert Benjamin     scan94393
Eastin, Aileen Miller Hollywood CA scan94713
Eastin, Aileen E.     scan94710
Eaton, Everett     scan94255
Eaton, Howard E.   Los Angeles CA scan94257
Edler, William C "Bill"   Lake Creek OR scan92779
Edmonds, Earl William     scan94614
Edmonds, Earl William   Montague CA scan94618
Edwards, Grace M. ? Boise ID scan94964
Edwards, James     scan94335
Egland, H. O.     scan94278
Egland, Hilmar O.   Billings MT scan94285
Ekberg, Ivan     scan94727
Ekberg, Ivan   Orleans NE scan94730
Elbert, Raymond B.   Seneca MO scan94240
Elder, Stanley     scan94400
Eldridge, E. Neville   Placerville CA scan94817
Eliason, Charles Ross   Chicora PA scan94418
Eliason, Maple Ada Payne Phoenix OR scan94308
Eliason, Maple Ada Payne Phoenix OR scan94310
Elliot, Robert     scan92809
Elliott, Verna L.     scan94887
Elliott, Verna L. Wilson Latham MO scan94889
Ellis, Jennie P.   Asotin WA scan94870
Ellis, Ruby   Dallas OR scan94887
Ellison, Oliver "Ollie"     scan94647
Ellison, Oliver "Ollie"   Ponoca Alberta Canada scan94649
Ellison, William G.   Montesano WA scan94268
Ellison, William Gordon     scan94264
Elnar, Jessie     scan94278
Elnar, Jessie   Talent OR scan94285
Emmens, Leah I.   Portland OR scan94945
Emmens, Leah I. Inch   scan94946
Endrews, Robert     scan94335
Engel, Anna H. McKeown St Paul MN scan94978
English, Steven     scan94262
Epperson, Charles R.     scan94244
Epperson, Charles Robert   Gaylord OR scan94245
Erickson, Anna   Sweden scan94875
Erickson, Anna   Sweden scan94876
Eriksen, Grace M.     scan94294
Erwin, Ruby   Beechgrove Quebec Canada scan94872
Erwin, Ruby   Beechgrove Quebec Canada scan94874
Eshoo, Darius Dr.   Ermia Persia scan94944
Evans, Alma Jane Wilson Etna CA scan94217
Evans, B. Ross   Syracuse MO scan94343
Evans, B. Ross   Syracuse MO scan94343
Evans, Charlotte Esther     scan94788
Evans, Charlotte Esther   Vinton IA scan94790
Evans, Herman     scan92817
Evans, Herman   Buffalo MO scan92822
Faber, Ralph Eugene     scan94205
Faber, Ralph Eugene   Uhrichsville OH scan94210
Faber, Ralph Eugene   Uhrichsville OH scan94212
Fahs, Jean Marshall Miss     scan94337
Fahs, Jean Marshall Miss   Olney IL scan94340
Fairbanks, Clara     scab94751
Fairbanks, Clara ?   scan94756
Fairbanks, Clara ? Medford OR scan94757
Falcon, John Paul     scan94849
Farrens, Nina M.   Rialto CA scan92727
Farwell, Eugene W.     scan94652
Farwell, Eugene William   Sacramento CA scan94656
Fasel, Deloris ? Astoria OR scan94939
Fay, Hettie Victoria   Payson City UT scan94883
Fay, Louisa Isabell Wolford Scott Valley CA scan94275
Feagins, Elmer E.     scan94749
Feagins, Elmer E.   Hitchcock OK scan94752
Fearnley, William     scan92807
Fearnley, William H.   St. Louis MO scan92807
Fearnley, William H.   St. Louis MO scan92808
Fearnley, William H.   St. Louis MO scan92809
Fellersen, Mark William     scan94682
Ferguson, Lillian E. ?   scan94303
Ferguson, Scott Vince     scan94225
Ferguson, Scott Vince     scan94230
Feustel, Gladys May   Muscatine IA scan94858
Fichtner, Grace Bills Foreman IL scan94883
Fichtner, Grace Bills Foreman IL scan94884
Finley, Michael     scan94295
Finstrom, Hanna H.     scan94851
Finstrom, Hanna H.   Nykarleby Finland scan94852
Fitch, Chester     scan94792
Fitch, Chester   Utica NY scan94794
Fitch, Chester   Utica NY scan94793
Flackus, Eva Ann     scan92840
Flaherty, Josie L. Lyda   scan94672
Fleckenstein, Violet M. Olson Rawson ND scan94879
Fleming, Emily May ?   scan94349
Fleming, William     scan94349
Fleser, Ernest C.     scan94258
Fleser, Ernest Charles   Melrose MT scan94259
Flintjer, Annie E. ?   scan94689
Flintjer, Annie E.     scan94692
Florey, Violet M.   Rawson ND scan94879
Floux, Dorothy M.   Oakland CA scan92799
Flury, Franklin     scan92842
Flury, Franklin P.   Kearney NE scan92846
Ford, Infant     scan94856
Ford, Wilma Mary   Mellette SD scan94340
Foster, Otto Lowell     scan92823
Foster, Tom D.     scan94260
Foster, Tom D.   Stonebank WI scan94264
Fowler, Roger H.     scan94298
Fox, Hamilton     scan94347
Fox, Hamilton     scan94253
Frame, Edna Irene     scan94918
Frame, Edna Irene     scan94919
Francis, Bertram M.     scan92812
Frank, Steven Roy     scan94611
Franklin, Bert P.     scan92779
Franklin, Dale     scan94835
Franklin, Dale H.   Urbana MO scan94840
Franklin, Hazel Marie   Bellingham WA scan94234
Franklin, Juanita Mae Furry Phoenix OR scan94721
Frantz, Effie Matilda     scan94724
Frasier, George L.     scan94670
Frasier, George Lewis   ID scan94672
Frasier, George Lewis   ID scan94673
Frederick, Maude M.   Vinton OH scan92815
Frederick, Maude M.   Vinton OH scan92829
Freeman, Mary Etta   Boswell IN scan94987
Freeman, Monte Cristo   Yreka CA scan94391
French, Edward Owen   Ukiah OR scan94713
French, Laurence B. "Skip"   Ukiah OR scan94233
French, Robert White   KS scan94934
French, William P.     scan94228
French, William Perry Jr.   MT scan94231
Fresh, Irene   Tiler County IA scan94461
Frey, Harvey     scan94693
Friend, Charles L.   Olalla OR scan94620
Friend, Charles L.   Olalla OR scan94621
Friend, Charles Lester     scan94618
Friend, Gertrude Mae   Kerbyville MO scan94389
Friend, Gertrude Mae     scan94286
Friend, Muriel     scan94284
Friend, Muriel L. "Billie" Beelby Toronto Ontario Canada scan94287
Frye, Harold A.     scan94801
Frye, Harold A.   London England scan94802
Frye, Harold A.     scan94807
Fuller, Robert Steven     scan94950
Fulton, Johnny Lee   Honeygrove TX scan94255
Fulton, Johnny Lee   Honeygrove TX scan94257
Fulton, Johnny Lee   Honey Grove TX scan94276
Furch, Della   Henderson MN scan94241
Furry, Juanita Mae   Phoenix OR scan94721
Gafford, Fannie Laura     scan92753
Gallagher, Wayne A.     scan94918
Gallagher, Wayne A.   Williston ND scan94924
Gallagher, Wayne A.   Williston ND scan94926
Galliher, Palmer     scan94877
Galloway, Bessie Marie   Harper County KS scan94427
Gander, George B.     scan92842
Gander, George Benton     scan92846
Gander, George Benton   Benton KS scan94851
Gardner, Ronnie     scan94335
Gargaetas, Onnalie F.     scan92792
Gargaetas, Onnalie F.     scan92798
Garner, John R.   St Louis MO scan94390
Garner, Richard     scan94847
Garner, Richard Alfred   Santa Monica CA scan94749
Garre, Loren     scan94446
Garrett, Edward J.   Days Creek OR scan94347
Garrison, Atlanta Peggy     scan92798
Garrison, Atlanta Peggy Clayton Tracy MO scan92804
Garrison, Peggy A.     scan92792
Garrison, Robert D.     scan92839
Garrison, Robert D.   Littleton IL scan92843
Gates, (Mrs. Philip) ?   scan94405
Gault, Marian Storm Loon Lake WA scan94602
Gault, Marian     scan94467
Gay, Cora ?   scan92727
Gay, Cora Alice Bates Princeton MO scan92728
Gearhart, Minnie ?   scan94416
Gearhart, Minnie G.     scan94403
Gearhart, Minnie G. ? Talent OR scan94411
Geary, Bonnie I.     scan94810
Gee, Ellen ?   scan94281
Gee, Sam     scan94281
Geil, Beryl Walker KS scan92750
Gerber, Eleanor Leah   MI scan94677
Gettling, John E.   Hillsview SD scan94418
Gibbs, Geraldine     scan92824
Gibbs, Geraldine   Memphis TX scan92824
Gibson, Mabel B.     scan94803
Gibson, Mabel B. Dougherty Woodstock IA scan94807
Gibson, Mabel B. Dougherty Woodstock IA scan94806
Gidney, Jake D.     scan94887
Gidney, Jake D.     scan94889
Gidney, Jake D.   Nevada MO scan94892
Gilbert, Cecil J.     scan94213
Gilbert, Cecil J.     scan94216
Gilbert, Cecil Johnahan   Council Grove KS scan94218
Gilbert, Meta (Mrs. Charles) Moar   scan94282
Gilbert, Vandiver R. "Van"     scan94310
Gilbert, Vandiver R. "Van"   Woodland CA scan94312
Gill, Sadie Guyer   scan94956
Gillespie, Clinton Dale   Medford OR scan94273
Gillmore, Marion Hill Kansas scan92809
Gilmore, Jerry     scan94280
Girard, Lottie Georgia     scan94393
Girard, Lottie Georgia     scan94396
Gist, Arthur F.     scan94956
Gist, Arthur Frances   Highgrove CA scan94961
Githens, Donna Lee     scan94955
Gladsea, Thomas G.   Norway scan94830
Glass, Theo     scan94638
Glass, Theo   Greenwood AR scan94641
Gleaves, Frank B.     scan94854
Gleaves, Frank B.   Lebanon MO scan94857
Gober, Eva Ann     scan92840
Goble, Betty Alice   NE scan94966
Gochnour, Charles R.     scan94393
Gochnour, Charles R.   Moberly MO scan94398
Gochnour, Mary Belle ? Manhattan KS scan92793
Godberson, Hanna C   Humphrey NE scan95003
Goff, Eugene G.     scan94296
Goff, Eugene Guy   Grants Pass OR scan94299
Gongliewski, Jewell B.     scan92766
Good, Hazel ?   scan94655
Good, Hazel ? Conamaugh PA scan94660
Goodman, Burl Auston   Paducah TX scan94952
Goodnight, Bonnie I.     scan94807
Goodnight, Bonnie I. Geary Trail OR scan94810
Goodnight, Bonnie I.     scan94813
Goodnight, Clayton B.     scan94245
Goodnight, Clayton B.     scan94247
Goodnight, Clayton Benton   Navar KS scan94251
Goodnight, Clayton Benton   Navar KS scan94252
Goodwin, Hobart O.     scan94267
Goodwin, Hobart O.   Mill Shoals IL scan94275
Goold, Margaret Jane   Medford OR scan94855
Gordinier, Patrick Edward     scan94718
Gordon, Edward C.     scan94434
Gordon, Edward C.     scan94442
Gordon, John R.     scan92812
Gorman, Edward Thomas   San Francisco CA scan94710
Gosnell, Eva Alice ? Liberty NE scan94947
Gossett, John Warden   Ellsworth KS scan94826
Graber, Ralph Eugene   Roseburg OR scan94222
Graber, Ralph Eugene   Roseburg OR scan94221
Grable, Grace Louise   Sikeston MO scan94214
Grandall, Hollis Dale III     scan94675
Gray, Charles Darwin     scan94848
Gray, Charles Darwin   Morgan City LA scan94750
Gray, Maude     scan94762
Gray, Maude Vivian   Cherry Creek NY scan94765
Gray, Pearl A. Nunn Ray CO scan94793
Green, William L.     scan94267
Green, William L.     scan94270
Green, William L.     scan94269
Greenwood, Robert E.     scan94349
Greer, Wallis Delbert "Ted"   Greenup County KY scan94765
Grieb, Connie Lynn   Yreka CA scan94286
Grieve, Margaret Elizabeth Cauller Naperville IL scan94918
Grieve, Margaret Elizabeth Cauller Naperville IL scan94920
Griffin, Lydia   Shan Creek OR scan94883
Griffith, David Edward   Pokegama OR scan94269
Grissom, William   Santa Rosa CA scan95007
Grove, Wesley R.   Stewartstown PA scan94336
Groves, Jack V.     scan94216
Groves, Jack V.   Grerlock NJ scan94217
Growney, James Norman   San Francisco CA scan94623
Gruetzner, Agnes Marie   Young America MN scan94762
Guderian, Lucy Mildred Rivett NE scan92746
Guderian, Mildred     scan92742
Guderian, Mildred     scan92745
Guisinger, Ora O. ?   scan92758
Guisinger, Ora Otis   Little Rock AR scan92761
Gunn, George     scan94806
Gunn, George Bernard   Springfield IL scan94814
Gunn, George Bernard   Springfield IL scan94817
Gunn, George Bernard   Springfield IL scan94818
Gunter, Gary Dean     scan94916
Gunter,Gary Dean   Westfir OR scan94921
Guthrie, Marshall     scan94466
Guyer, Sadie     scan94956
Habernig, George W.     scan94282
Hackler, Terry     scan94949
Hackworth, James F.   Sugar City CO scan94945
Hackworth, James F.     scan94940
Haight, Irene Elizabeth   Peach WA scan92739
Hailey, Paul     scan94715
Hailey, Paul B.   Bradley AR scan94718
Hailey, Paul Bryant     scan94714
Hale, Elbert C. "Moose"     scan94967
Hale, Elbert C. "Moose"   Speedwell VA scan94969
Hale, Elbert C. "Moose"     scan94968
Hall, Bessie ?   scan94351
Hall, Florence Hall IL scan94647
Hall, Gertrude V.     scan94810
Hall, Gertrude V. ? San Pasqual CA scan94814
Hall, H. Raymond     scan94320
Hall, John     scan94898
Hall, Sarah A.   Platteville WI scan94257
Halvorson, Clara Amelia   Elbow Lake MN scan94864
Hamilton, Edith   Leon IA scan92782
Hamilton, Natalie     scan92821
Hammer, Susan Dora   Oswego KS scan92755
Hammersley, John Joseph     scan94646
Hammersley, John Joseph   Gold Hill OR scan94647
Hammersley, John Joseph     scan94649
Hamrick, Carrie E. ?   scan94718
Hamrick, Carrie E. Scott Spencer IA scan94725
Hancock, Susie A. ? Harlan IA scan94284
Haney, Clara Marie Dodson Shawnee OK scan94337
Hanley, Edward B.   Portland OR scan92807
Hanlin, Robert     scan94275
Hannah, Jasper B.   Jackson County OR scan94278
Hannah, Jasper B.   Trail OR scan94281
Hannah, Lillie R.     scan92792
Hannah, Lillie R. Macklin Trail OR scan92797
Hanscam, Albert R.   Preparation IA scan94799
Hanscom, Glenn Albert     scan92795
Hanscom, Glenn Albert   Selma OR scan92800
Hanscom, William     scan94698
Hanscom, William "Bill"   Onowa IA scan94700
Hanscom, William Victor     scan94699
Hansen, Einar     scan94403
Hansen, Einar L.   Larvick Norway scan94405
Hanson, Alvin     scan92751
Hanson, Alvin E.   Ogilvie MN scan92753
Hanson, Nora     scan94996
Hanson, Nora     scan94997
Hanson, Nora C. McDade Girard IL scan95003
Hardy, Arthur V.     scan94213
Hardy, Arthur Vernon   Ortonville MI scan94214
Harger, Ralph E.     scan94796
Harger, Ralph E.   Bloomington NE scan94798
Hargrove, Richard M.   Brownstown AR scan94278
Harmer, Ellsworth I.     scan94701
Harmon, Mabel     scan92754
Harmon, Mabel Alyce Janes Ness County KS scan92755
Harper, Fred Gordon     scan94335
Harper, Grace Ann   Perry KS scan94209
Harris, Frank     scan94966
Harris, Frank     scan94968
Harris, Frank   Douglas AZ scan94974
Harris, Hattie A.     scan92767
Harris, Hattie A. ? IA scan92770
Harris, Howard W.     scan94800
Harrison, Mary Ruth     scan94855
Harroun, Ruth Esther   Washington County KS scan94780
Harshfield, Juanita   Sutherland NE scan92846
Harshman, Rosa May ? Furnace County NE scan94270
Harshman, Rose ?   scan94264
Hart, Wilma Mary ?   scan94337
Hart, Wilma Mary Ford Mellette SD scan94340
Hartley, Ronald J.   Medford OR scan94606
Hartley, Ronald J.   Medford OR scan94611
Harton, Frank     scan94674
Hasselgrave, Hallie J. ?   scan92810
Hastings, Donna L.     scan92763
Hastings, Donna Lee ? Los Angeles CA scan92770
Hatch, May Baker   scan94918
Hatch, May Baker Chicago IL scan94924
Hatfield, Edna May     scan94702
Hatfield, Edna May Smyth Klamath Falls OR scan94703
Hatfield, Edna May Smyth Klamath Falls OR scan94704
Havener, Eula G. Carnes Rockwood TX scan94282
Havernig, George W.   Oakland CA scan94284
Hawk, Mildred M.     scan94929
Hawkins, Elsie L. Sheaddox Harrison AR scan94255
Hawkins, Hallie C. Powell Collin County TX scan94435
Hawkins, Hallie P.     scan94433
Hay, Ernest C.     scan94716
Hay, Ernest C.     scan94725
Hay, Ernest E.     scan94710
Hayden, Julianne Marie     scan94207
Hayden, Richard Voss Sr.   Callahan CA scan94259
Hayes, Chrystal     scan94411
Haynes, Frank     scan94822
Haynes, Frank A.   Durfur OR scan94823
Haynes, Neva Louella ?   scan94238
Hays, Beatrice Margaret   Walla Walla WA scan94889
Heard, Joan ? John Day OR scan94256
Hearn, Leslie W.   Montague CA scan94312
Hearn, Leslie W.   Montague CA scan94314
Heath, Mary Jo ?   scan94420
Heck, Millie     scan94209
Heck, Millie Etta Blodgett KS scan94210
Heckman, Annette Miss     scan94912
Hedges, Mana Dixon   Medford OR scan94322
Hegler, Mabel Marie Lange Barkhouse Creek CA scan94842
Heinz, Roger W.     scan92809
Heller, Eula Pearl ? Allegheny PA scan92811
Helms, Alice Westerfield Portland OR scan94602
Helms, Alice Walker Ashland OR scan94466
Helms, Lillie B. Vaughn Black Rock AR scan94789
Helms, Ruby C. Turner Brewster NE scan94319
Hemingway, Jerry Reese     scan94864
Hemingway, Jerry Reese   Tuscola IL scan94867
Hendren, Rose Mary     scan94255
Hendren, Rosemary ? Chicago IL scan94256
Hendricks, Jessie I.     scan94296
Hendricks, Jessie Iona   Ulman MO scan94300
Hendrickson, Chester   Crawfordsville OR scan94864
Hendrickson, Chester     scan94869
Hendrickson, Chester     scan94870
Hendrickson, Chester     scan94871
Hendrix, Melvin J.     scan92821
Hendrix, Melvin J.   Cornelius OR scan92830
Hendryx, Lola Emory Shull Greenview CA scan94403
Henning, Jeff     scan94429
Henning, Josephine Ann     scan94429
Henry, Minnie C. ? St. Paul NE scan94223
Henselman, Cora Bennett   scan94626
Henselman, Cora B.     scan94621
Henselman, Cora Belle     scan94630
Herman, Susan Dora     scan92754
Herman, Susan Dora Hammer Oswego KS scan92755
Herriott, Edna Gertrude John Williams Creek OR scan92831
Herron, Ivan     scan94947
Hesselgrave, Hallie Janette   Savensburg KS scan92813
Hewitt, Margaret L.     scan94270
Hewitt, Margaret Louise Miss   Bloomfield NJ scan94275
Hewitt, Nanie     scan92754
Hewitt, Nanie ? Crescent City IA scan92755
Hiangton, Eng     scan94642
Hicks, James Donald     scan94446
Hicks, Michael W.     scan94849
Hicks, William David   Oklahoma scan94352
Higdon, Luella M. ? Clark County WA scan94968
Higinbotham, Oscar Ray   Big Butte OR scan94257
Hild, Gladys Loree Yreka CA scan94263
Hild, Gladys Loree Newton Ashland OR scan94268
Hildebrand, Katherine   Hillsboro KS scan92779
Hill, Edward Martin   Burbank CA scan92787
Hill, Edward Martin   Burbank CA scan92789
Hill, John E.     scan92825
Hill, John E.   GA scan92828
Hill, John E.   GA scan92830
Hill, Marion Blair   Richmond KY scan94638
Hill, Pluma Z.     scan94303
Hill, Pluma Z. Carter Wimer OR scan94309
Hill, Pluma Zelda     scan94302
Hillyer, Bertha E.     scan94825
Himinger, Myrtle H.     scan92842
Hinds, Oscar     scan94759
Hinds, Oscar     scan94761
Hinds, Oscar   Fairfield MI scan94765
Hines, Richard L.     scan94416
Hines, Richard Lafayette   Everdale AR scan94419
Hinkle, Arthur     scan92839
Hinkle, Arthur     scan92842
Hinkle, Arthur   Hubbard OR scan92846
Hinton, Grace Etty   Little Shasta CA scan94287
Hitchcock, Larry James     scan94219
Hixson, Robert H.     scan94725
Hobbs, Della Myrtle   Cedarville CA scan94933
Hobbs, Dubby Lee     scan94615
Hobbs, Marjorie Eva     scan94788
Hobbs, Mattie Belle   Chetopa KS scan94864
Hobson, Aina     scan94204
Hodgson, Lillian A.     scan94336
Hodgson, Lillian A. C. ?   scan94337
Hodgson, Lillian A. C. Porter Caledonia PA scan94342
Hoehne, Theresa A. ?   scan92763
Hoehne, Theresa A. ?   scan92767
Hoehne, Theresa A.     scan92771
Hoffman, Charles Thomas   Dufur OR scan92838
Holcomb, Holly V Sr.     scan94288
Holland, Mattie E.   Franklin NC scan94781
Hollis, Edythe May   Fredonia KS scan94391
Hollis, Edythe May   Fredonia KS scan94392
Hollis, Lawrence     scan94286
Hollomon, Neal Allen   Medford OR scan94337
Holloway, Georgia O. ?   scan94858
Holloway, Georgia Olive Whillock Humansville MO scan94205
Holmer, John T.   MT scan94227
Holmer, John T.   Fort Benton MT scan94231
Holmes, Robert H.   Chester IL scan92789
Holmes, Robert H.     scan92785
Holst, John D.   Goodhue MN scan92737
Holt, Delbert E.     scan94253
Holt, Delbert E.   Mt. Grove MO scan94256
Holtman, Thomas P.     scan94402
Hondel, Floyd Martin     scan94913
Hooker, Sarah Elizabeth     scan94312
Hooker, Sarah Elizabeth   Hardman OR scan94315
Hoover, Bessie Lucas Bowling Green KY scan94833
Hoskins, Carl S.     scan94278
Hoskins, Carl S.     scan94281
Hoskins, Carl S.   Box Elder County UT scan94283
Hoskins, Carl S.   Box Elder County UT scan94282
Hosler, Earl L.   Cloverdale CA scan94403
Hostetler, Clyde     scan94421
Houdashelt, Edward Franklin     scan94955
House, Frank Eli   Callahan CA scan94727
House, LeRoy C.   Cayton Valley CA scan94664
House, LeRoy C.   Cayton Valley CA scan94666
Houser, Duane H.     scan94396
Houser, Duane H.   Platte SD scan94401
Howard, Magdalene Chastain Chouteau OK scan94304
Howard, Mildred M. ?   scan94924
Howard, Mildred M. Hawk Central Point OR scan94929
Howard, Robert     scan92792
Howland, Becky     scan92756
Howland, Becky     scan92762
Howland, Dorothy G.   Brooklyn NY scan94664
Hoyt, Minnie   Little Shasta Valley CA scan94878
Huck, Vernon Roy   Chilliwack BC Canada scan94264
Hudson, Flora Warren Yreka CA scan92754
Huey, Jimmy     scan94693
Hughes, David J.   Columbia County WI scan94602
Hulin, Myrtle M.   Cook County TX scan94728
Hulin, Myrtle M.   Cook County TX scan94729
Humphreys, Margaret Ross Central Point OR scan94721
Humphreys, Margaret Ross   scan94723
Humphreys, Margaret Ross   scan94725
Hunt, Bertha E.     scan94823
Hunt, Bertha E. Hillyer   scan94825
Hunt, Rose Marie     scan94426
Hunt, Rose Marie     scan94433
Hurst, James Walter   Jackson County OR scan94324
Hurst, James Walter   Antelope OR scan94328
Huson, Luella May   Des Moines IA scan94896
Huston, Irma     scan94272
Huston, Irma E.   Siskiyou County CA scan94273
Hutchison, Fern Miss   Medford OR scan94290
Hutton, Alice Elizabeth     scan92767
Hutton, Alice Elizabeth Kilker Omaha NE scan92771
Hyde, Avise M.     scan94267
Hyde, Avise M.   Grant NE scan94269
Hyde, Robert David     scan92825
Hyde, Robert David   Tom WA scan92830
Ickes, Earl Dwight     scan94260
Ickes, Earl Dwight   Palouse WA scan94263
Inch, Leah I.     scan94946
Inlow, Lyla Grace Wyman CO scan92741
Irwin, Evelyn J. ?   scan94621
Irwin, Evelyn J. Silver Moro OR scan94623
Jackson, Ann E.   Redlands CA scan94832
Jackson, Floyd (Mr. and Mrs.)     scan94412
Jackson, George M.     scan94401
Jackson, George Myron     scan94405
Jackson, Mae M.     scan94638
Jackson, Mae M.     scan94641
Jackson, Mae M. Meadows Beckley WV scan94645
Jackson, Marvin Lee     scan94714
Jane, Hattie B.   Nova Scotia CAN scan92731
Janes, Mabel Alyce   Ness County KS scan92755
Jenkins, H. F.     scan94249
Jenkins, H. F.   Kingman KS scan94251
Jensen, Gladys Mae Martin Sharon WV scan94223
Jensen, LeRoy George   San Jose CA scan94966
Johannsen, Mary Rothmeyer Powell NE scan94313
Johantgen, Ethel G.     scan94779
Johantgen, Ethel G. ? Gardner MA scan94780
John, Edna Gertrude   Williams Creek OR scan92831
Johnson, Bernice Roberta     scan94247
Johnson, Ernest C.     scan94219
Johnson, Harold J. (Mrs.)     scan94219
Johnson, Hazel L. ?   scan94634
Johnson, Hazel L.     scan94276
Johnson, Hazel L. Roche Farmington, MN scan94278
Johnson, Hazel L. ? Rochester MN scan94637
Johnson, Ivel A.     scan94214
Johnson, Ivel Austin   Wayne NE scan94218
Johnson, James L.     scan92812
Johnson, John     scan94949
Johnson, Mary ?   scan94420
Johnson, Mary Lou   Stanley WI scan94631
Johnson, Nellie Juanita Stovall Taloga OK scan94282
Johnson, Nellie Juanita Stovall Taloga OK scan94283
Johnson, Robert Dale   Chelan WA scan92727
Johnson, Robert Dale   Chelan WA scan92731
Johnson, Roberta Bernice     scan94245
Johnston, Charlie B.   Arkadelphia AR scan92731
Johnston, Charlie B.   Arkadelphia AR scan92733
Johnston, Charlie Berton     scan92728
Johnston, Earl M.     scan94991
Johnston, Earl M.     scan94999
Johnston, Earl M.     scan94999
Johnston, Elizabeth R. ? Mahaffey PA scan94253
Johnston, Elizabeth Ruth     scan94254
Jolly, Beatrice ?   scan92834
Jones, Dolores A.     scan92798
Jones, Dolores Ann ?   scan92804
Jones, Dolores Ann Buhman Heppner OR scan92807
Jones, Dolores Ann Buhman Heppner OR scan92808
Jones, Erma Mae ?   scan94271
Jones, Erma Mae Bendickson Regina Sask. Canada scan94274
Jones, Eunice Elizabeth Beggs Quartz Valley CA scan92810
Jones, Ferd W.     scan92842
Jones, Ferd W.   Johnstown NE scan92845
Jones, Francis W   Tieton WA scan94239
Jones, Francis W.     scan94236
Jones, George Carter     scan92745
Jones, Gerald P.   AR scan94293
Jones, Hazel F.   Mondovi WI scan92746
Jones, Jonathan R.     scan94773
Jones, Jonathan Roy     scan94778
Jones, Ralph Delno   Koshkonong MO scan94851
Jones, Sharon Ruth     scan94693
Jordan, Ada W. Witherill Greenview CA scan94336
Jordan, Cecilia M. Cosler Gooding ID scan92750
Jordan, Fannie Laura     scan92753
Kassahn, Hortense ?   scan94882
Kasshafer, Margaret K.   Jacksonville OR scan94776
Kaufman, Adeline ?   scan94773
Kaufman, Adeline   Yamhill OR scan94776
Keays, Raymond H. Jr.     scan94917
Kee, Eva M.     scan94881
Kee, Eva Mae Worthington Cushion OK scan94883
Keesee, Helen     scan92804
Keesee, Helen Condrey Wolf Creek OR scan92807
Keith, Juanita M.     scan94791
Keith, Juanita M.     scan94792
Keith, Juanita Marie Boardman Central Point OR scan94793
Kelleway, Geraldine     scan94390
Kelleway, Geraldine     scan94391
Kelleway, Geraldine F. Kessell Butte MT scan94393
Kelley, Thelma   Red Bluff MT scan94853
Kellogg, Eugene     scan94943
Kendall, Daniel Boone     scan94273
Kenny, Robert Marvin     scan94402
Kent, Robert Marvin     scan94651
Kent, Robert Marvin     scan94652
Kent, Robert Marvin   Wellen OR scan94654
Kent, Robert Marvin   Wellen OR scan94656
Kenyon, Pauline Gladys     scan94674
Kepley, Edward Earl     scan94345
Kerr, Margaret I.     scan94206
Kessell, Geraldine F.   Butte MT scan94393
Kesterson, Martha B.     scan94852
Keyser, Martha A. J.     scan94839
Keyser, Martha A. J. ? Hildreth NE scan94843
Keyser, Martha A. J. ? Hildreth NE scan94844
Kidwell, Lenora B.   Norton KS scan94806
Kieling, Colleen Condray Roseburg OR scan92749
Kilker, Alice Elizabeth   Omaha NE scan92771
Killaugh, Charles A.     scan94828
Killaugh, Charles A.     scan94832
Kincaid, Archie     scan94613
Kincaid, Archie Robert   Ashland OR scan94618
Kincaid, Ellis J.     scan94858
Kincaid, Ellis James   Williams Creek OR scan94205
King, Oliver     scan94985
King, Oliver G.     scan94986
King, Oliver G.   CA scan94987
King, Paul H.     scan94966
King, Paul Howard   TX scan94969
King, Sarah A.     scan94256
King, Sarah A. Hall Platteville WI scan94257
Kinkle, Charles G.     scan94312
Kinkle, Charles Gilbert   Grants Pass OR scan94314
Kirk, James Daniel     scan94325
Kirk, James Daniel   Kirkland WA scan94328
Kirkpatrick, Nora C. ? El Paso IL scan94312
Kleaver, William L Dr.   Montague CA scan94389
Klonus, George A.     scan94242
Klonus, George Arlington   Elmhurst PA scan94244
Klumph, Robert Eugene   New Rockford ND scan94351
Knight, Eula G.   Rockwood TX scan94282
Knight, Otto P.     scan94833
Knight, Otto P.   Elizabethville KY scan94835
Knott, Rena     scan94350
Knudson, George Barry   Portland OR scan94813
Knutson, Phyllis     scan94850
Knutson, Phyllis Ann Altman AZ scan94245
Koellermeir, Lottie B.     scan92802
Koop, Jack J.   Corn OK scan94813
Koop, Jack J.   Corn OK scan94814
Koop, Jack James     scan94804
Koop, Jack James     scan94810
Krank, Anita     scan94339
Krank, Audrey     scan94339
Krank, Barbara     scan94339
Krank, Dana     scan94339
Krank, David     scan94339
Krank, James L. (Mrs.) ?   scan94339
Krank, Kenneth     scan94339
Krank, Rhonda     scan94339
Kreer, Elsie Louise ? Sudbury MA scan92742
Kron, Edward   Pelican Rapids MN scan94744
Kron, Edward   Pelican Rapids MN scan94745
Krone, Edward     scan94740
Kropp, Lewis E.     scan94940
Kropp, Louis Edward   Copeland TX scan94945
Kruger, Pearl     scan92803
Krum, Alfred     scan92779
Krum, Alfred     scan92782
Kucera, Floyd Royal   Culbertson NE scan94275
Kurilo, Ronald Bryan     scan94996
Kyle, Lavena A. ?   scan94287
Kyle, Lavena A. Whitcomb Lawrence KS scan94289
Kyle, Roy Robert     scan94247
Kyle, Roy Robert   Rexburg ID scan94249
La Pierre, Clara Miss   MN scan94333
LaBlanc, Anna ? Tell City IN scan94718
LaClaire, Jennifer     scan94258
Ladd, Florence Maude   Hooper NE scan94268
Laidlaw, Bessie A. ? Hillsboro OR scan94839
Laidlaw, Bessie A. ? Hillsboro OR scan94840
Lambert, Celia Berthine ? Morrison County MN scan94978
Landon, Mary Olive Dorothy Carthage IL scan94967
Lane, Maude     scan94320
Lane, Maude L. ? Cambria CA scan94322
Langdon, James Edward     scan92728
Langdon, James Edward   Evansville IN scan92733
Lange, Mabel Marie     scan94842
Langford, Ruby M. ? Salem TX scan94718
Langford, Ruby M. ? Salem TX scan94720
Langhoff, Orval L.     scan95000
Langhoff, Orval L.   Craigmont ID scan95004
Larson, Edna M. ?   scan94969
Larson, Edna M. Stringham Chicago IL scan94975
Lasek, John Julius   Chicago IL scan94744
Lauritzen, Constance Pugmire   scan94932
Lauritzen, Constance     scan94934
Lauritzen, Constance P. Pugmire Torrance CA scan94939
Lauritzen, Constance P. Pugmire Torrance CA scan94940
Lauritzen, Ray W.     scan94932
Lauritzen, Ray W.     scan94934
Lauritzen, Ray W.   Alexandria LA scan94939
Lauritzen, Ray W.   Alexandria LA scan94940
Lavadour, Eva     scan94258
LaVelle, Delbert Louis   Long Point IL scan94737
Le Masters, Grover C.     scan94695
Le Masters, Grover C.   Alvord TX scan94697
Leach, Margaret ?   scan92793
Leach, Margaret Tessroer Germany scan92804
LeClerc, Perry A.   Los Angeles CA scan94341
LeClerc, Perry A.   Los Angeles CA scan94352
LeClerc, Perry A.   Los Angeles CA scan94256
Lee, Arthur F.   Bloomfield NY scan94331
Lemley, Linda Sharon     scan94849
Leopard, Alva E.     scan94444
Leopard, Alva E.   Alder Branch TX scan94452
Lester, Theron     scan94268
Lester, Theron Harvey   Wewoka OK scan94271
Lewis, Frank E.     scan94765
Lewis, Frank Eugene   Newark NJ scan94767
Lewis, Margaret Jane Goold Medford OR scan94855
Lewis, Margaret R.     scan94664
Lewis, Margaret R. ? MI scan94665
Lichens, Mary     scan92813
Licht, Mary L. ?   scan94630
Licht, Mary Lou Johnson Stanley WI scan94631
Lichtenstein, Frances L. Mars   scan94223
Lien, Anna Elizabeth Peterson Turtle Lake WI scan94236
Lightsey, Horace     scan94800
Lindgren, Greta M.   Stockholm Sweden scan94801
Lindgren, Greta M.     scan94803
Lindgren, Greta M.     scan94800
Little, Dan Clark     scan92726
Lokken, Ardith F.     scan94413
Lokken, Ardith F. Combest Bunkum OR scan94416
Long, Fannie Laura Jordan   scan92753
Long, Lucille     scan94776
Long, Lucille Bragg TN scan94778
Loper, Marvin R.     scan94839
Loree, Gladys   Yreka CA scan94263
Lorenz, Ruth Ida   Enid OK scan94328
Lorenz, Ruth Ida   Enid OK scan94329
Loseke, Dale     scan92773
Lowery, William A.     scan94961
Lowery, William A.   Harrison AR scan94963
Lozier, Pearl M.   Bourbon IN scan94872
Lozier, Pearl M.   Bourbon IN scan94874
Lucas, Bessie   Bowling Green KY scan94833
Lucas, Richard Charles     scan94399
Lusk, Helen     scan94251
Lusk, Helen Crary IL scan94253
Luy, Victorine May ?   scan94852
Luy, Victorine May ? Briddeford CA scan94855
Lyda, Josie L.     scan94672
Lynn, Irene Elizabeth   Peach WA scan92739
Lyons, Lucile J. ?   scan94272
Lyons, Lucille ? Alta IA scan94273
Lyons, Lucille ? Alta IA scan94275
Maben, Pearl M.   Bourbon IN scan94874
Maben, Pearl M.   Bourbon IN scan94872
MacDougall, Dorothy     scan94912
Macklin, Lillie R.   Trail OR scan92797
Madden, William Franklin Jr.     scan94726
Madden, William Franklin Jr. "Billy"   Medford OR scan94735
Maddick, Jennie P. ? Asotin WA scan94870
Madrid, Vincent T. A.     scan94342
Madrid, Vincent T. A.     scan94346
Madrid, Vincent T. A.   San Francisco CA scan94347
Maese, Beryl E.     scan92846
Maese, Beryl E.     scan94850
Maese, Beryl E.     scan94853
Magee, Charles Joseph     scan94733
Magerle, Daniel P.   Rogue River OR scan95001
Magerle, Daniel P.   Rogue River OR scan95002
Maier, Mary ?   scan92816
Maier, Mary ?   scan92818
Mainwaring, Leslie     scan94858
Mainwaring, Leslie   Wheatland CA scan94860
Malatee, Wilma     scan94402
Mallams, Ernest "Ernie"   Weir KS scan94242
Mallams, Ernest "Ernie"   Weir KS scan94243
Mallams, Ernest Ellsworth     scan94240
Maneely, Alfred E.   Sidney NE scan94965
Maneely, Alfred Edwin   Sidney NE scan94968
Mann, Arold H.     scan94249
Manney, Ruth ?   scan94264
Manney, Ruth M. ? Cherryfield ME scan94267
Manning, Helen Marcia   Windom MN scan94613
Manuel, Laura Silva Ager Yreka CA scan94982
Marah, Norene Ann     scan94278
Marcellus, Eunice P.   KS scan92837
Markham, Catherine M "Kathleen" ?   scan92763
Markham, Catherine M. "Kathleen" ? Muncie IN scan92768
Markham, Catherine M. "Kathleen" ? Muncie IN scan92769
Markham, Frank Monroe     scan92763
Markham, Frank Monroe   Eden AZ scan92768
Markham, Frank Monroe   Eden AZ scan92769
Marlin, Sandra Dee     scan94624
Marlow, Gladys "Johnnie"   Yreka CA scan94276
Marlow, Minnie Stockslager   scan94269
Mars, Frances L.     scan94223
Marsden, Ann Eliza     scan94676
Marshall, Lester Y.     scan94703
Marshall, Lester Y.   Central Point OR scan94709
Marshall, Sam A.   NY scan94700
Marsters, Myrtle H.     scan92839
Marsters, Myrtle H. Himinger   scan92842
Martin, Bruce B.     scan92782
Martin, Bruce B.   Fresno CA scan92784
Martin, Charles Edwin   Randolph NE scan94791
Martin, Edward     scan92767
Martin, Edward James     scan92763
Martin, Gladys Mae   Sharon WV scan94223
Martin, Harold     scan94429
Matheny, Wendell     scan94275
Mathews, Earl W.     scan94933
Mathews, Gertrude Clara ? Fort Jones CA scan94864
Mathis, George     scan94692
Mathis, George F.     scan94695
Matthews, Ada     scan94259
Matthews, Ada ? Wilmington OH scan94260
Matthews, Earl W.   Coburg MT scan94934
Maupin, Lillian P.   Nebraska scan94811
Maupin, Lillian P.   Nebraska scan94809
Maupin, Velma V.   ID scan94806
Maupin, Velma V.   ID scan94807
Maurice, C. MacLeod     scan94778
Maurice, MacLeod   Portland OR scan94779
Maust, O. Clifford     scan92728
Mayfield, Michael     scan94973
Mayfield, Michael     scan94982
Mayfield, Michael     scan94984
Mays, Irene   Tiler County IA scan94461
Mc Martin, Sylvia C.     scan95001
Mc Martin, Sylvia C. ? Spencer IA scan95006
McBee, LaVera B.     scan92842
McBee, LaVera D.   Peoria IL scan92847
McCallie, Mabel E.     scan94912
McCalvy, Dean B.     scan94659
McCalvy, Dean Bevridge   St John, New Brunswick scan94660
McCandliss, Jessie     scan94779
McCandliss, Jessie     scan94780
McCandliss, Jessie E Shaffer Madison SD scan94782
McCarthy, Kathryn M.     scan94461
McCarthy, Kathryn M.   Oakland NJ scan94465
McClure, Ralph E.     scan94872
McClure, Ralph E.   Griswold IA scan94879
McCollum, Margaret K.     scan94771
McCollum, Margaret K. Kasshafer Jacksonville OR scan94776
McConochie, Frances     scan92821
McConochie, Frances Mary ? Sites CA scan92825
McCormick, Ruth ?   scan94896
McCoy, Charles William Henry   Halsey OR scan94242
McCreary, Gordon     scan94657
McCredie, Clatous   MO scan92765
McCullen, Warren Keith     scan94295
McDade, Nora C.   Girard IL scan95003
McDonald, Alexander Robert     scan92735
McDonald, Louise     scan94840
McDonald, Louise     scan94841
McDonald, Louise ? Imberkeithing Scotland scan94844
McDonald, Mary Belle   Xenia OH scan92732
McDonough, Inez ?   scan94315
McDonough, Inez H. Willits Percist OR scan94319
McElhose, Richard E.     scan94444
McElhose, Richard Ernest   Humbird WI scan94449
McFadden, Nellie Mae   Duluth MN scan92775
McFarland, Ray     scan94421
McGonagle, Monroe     scan94879
McGonagle, Monroe     scan94883
McGonagle, Monroe     scan94884
McGonagle, Monroe   KS scan94887
McIntyre, James E.   Boise ID scan92836
McKay, Mariom     scan94806
McKay, Mariom Alexander     scan94810
McKay, Mariom Alexander   Marion ND scan94813
McKay, Mariom Alexander   Marion ND scan94814
McKee, Charles G.   Rogue River OR scan94271
McKeown, Anna H.   St Paul MN scan94978
McKibbon, Karen     scan94349
McKinney, P. Clayton "Mac"     scan94625
McKinney, P. Clayton "Mac"   Sedier County AR scan94630
McLaughlin, Naomi     scan94629
McLaughlin, Naomi ? Brentwood AR scan94631
McLean, Catherine R. ? Ontario CA scan94631
McLean, Walter C.     scan94677
McLean, Walter Clark   MI scan94680
McMullen, Lee Samuel     scan94294
McMurdo, Archie D. Dr.(Missing)     scan94816
McNabb, Nora ? Epperson TN scan94673
McNabb, Nora     scan94647
McNair, James J.   Versailles MO scan94223
McNair, James J.   Versailles MO scan94224
McNames, Grace Etty   Little Shasta CA scan94287
McNeely, Thomas Joy     scan94294
McNees, Lucille Stinson   scan94957
McNeill, Lucy Margaret. ? Merlin OR scan94403
McRoberts, Jeanne Elizabeth   Ione OR scan94423
McSweeney, Margaret Mary Sister     scan94996
Meadows, Mae M.   Beckley WV scan94645
Medynaki, Henrietta     scan94784
Medynski, Henrietta A. Miss     scan94787
Medynski, Henrietta A. Miss   Chicago IL scan94788
Mellish, John E.     scan94630
Mellish, John E.   Cottage Grove WI scan94631
Melton, Virgie M.   Henderson KY scan94456
Mercer, Beatrice Margaret Hays Walla Walla WA scan94889
Mercer, Earl     scan94739
Mercer, Earl     scan94745
Mercer, Earl Arview   Trinidad CO scan94847
Meredith, John F.     scan94314
Meredith, John F.     scan94319
Merrill, Kathryn ?   scan94958
Merrill, Kathryn ? Camptonville CA scan94961
Merrill, Robin Lee     scan94388
Meusel, Alfred   Saxony, Germany scan92807
Meyer, Bernard     scan94402
Meyer, Jeffrey   Medford OR scan94711
Meyer, Jeffry     scan94710
Meyers, Jeffrey Wayne     scan94710
Michels, David     scan94321
Middlebusher, Frank L.   KS scan94630
Midwood, Alfred   MA scan94858
Milford, Violet   Winona MN scan94416
Millbourn, Anna Mabel ? Sweden scan92830
Milledge, Marian "Mamie" ? Council Bluffs IA scan92751
Milledge, Marian "Mamie"     scan92753
Milledge, Marion A.     scan92749
Miller, Aileen   Hollywood CA scan94713
Miller, Anna Louise   Spring Valley MN scan94849
Miller, Dennis Lloyd Jr.     scan94715
Miller, Hannah     scan94271
Miller, Hannah ? Copenhagen Denmark scan94275
Miller, Kenneth G.     scan94855
Miller, Marion M.   Coon Rapids IA scan94276
Miller, Marion M.   Coon Rapids IA scan94277
Miller, Martha E.     scan94887
Miller, Martha E.     scan94888
Miller, Mary Lee     scan94684
Miller, Thelma B.   Akron OH scan94818
Miller, Warren G.     scan92728
Miller, Warren G.   Elgin KS scan92734
Mills, Margaret Elizabeth   Nekomia KS scan94282
Mims, William A.     scan94844
Minear, Mearl I.   Bowling Green OH scan94869
Mitchell, Blanche ?   scan94841
Mitchell, Blanche ?   scan94844
Mitchell, Roy     scan94342
Mitchell, Roy     scan94348
Mitchell, Roy     scan94352
Moar, Meta     scan94282
Mohr, Emil Henry   Medford OR scan94292
Molinari, David L.     scan94455
Monders, Edgar Julius     scan94258
Moneypenny, Edward J.   Ireland scan94216
Monroe, John R.   Medford OR scan94858
Monroe, Ward     scan94335
Montano, Leo     scan94641
Montano, Leo   Albuquerque NM scan94648
Monteith, James Wallace   Portland OR scan94613
Montgomery, Caroline     scan94889
Montgomery, Dale Clement     scan94809
Montoya, Miguel     scan94335
Moody, Lucie B.     scan94874
Mooney, Jewell Eileen     scan94872
Mooney, Jewell Eileen Chumbley Batesville AR scan94876
Mooney, Jewell Eileen Chumbley Batesville AR scan94876
Moore, Glee   Butte Falls OR scan94620
Moore, Mary Ellen     scan94317
Moore, Mary Ellen Pankey Beardstown IL scan94319
Morgan, Mary Jane ?   scan94966
Morgan, Mary Jane ? Butternut WI scan94970
Morris, Alva Cecil     scan92813
Morris, Alva Cecil   White City KS scan92817
Morris, Della   Henderson MN scan94241
Morris, Edgar     scan94860
Morris, Sarah     scan92749
Morris, Sarah Elizabeth ? PA scan92752
Morrison, Charles     scan94302
Morrison, Charles   Freesoil MI scan94310
Morrow, Arthur T.     scan94987
Morrow, Arthur T.   Kensett AR scan94989
Morse, Elsie M.   Lamar CO scan94260
Moses, Philip James     scan94446
Mulavney, Adele P.     scan94997
Mulkey, Dean Elden     scan92760
Mulloy, Cornelius J. "Con"   CA scan92729
Murphy, Daniel Abe     scan94955
Murphy, Myrtle Irean ? Shamokawa WA scan94964
Murray, Amos     scan94278
Murray, Amos     scan94284
Murray, Austin James   Tacoma WA scan92835
Murray, Flossie C. Combs   scan92803
Murray, Flossie C. Combs Adna WA scan92808
Murray, Ivah Dobbs WI scan94390
Myers, Bessie ? Rawlins County KS scan94223
Myers, Edith   Leon IA scan92782
Myers, George Washington   Lincoln County NE scan94691
Myers, Mary M. ? Asotin WA scan94806
Myers, Neil Gordon     scan94649
Myers, Neil Gordon   Superior NE scan94660
Napier, David H.     scan94682
Napier, David Hiki     scan94687
Nary, Vince Nellie ?   scan92817
Nary, Vince Nellie   Lithuania scan92821
Nash, Lyonal Lland     scan94956
Nay, Betty Alice Schauble NE scan94966
Neff, Gladys     scan94238
Negal, Otto     scan94293
Nelmes, Kenneth   Wales scan94868
Nelmes, Kenneth William   Blaenavon South Wales scan94872
Nelmes, Kenneth William   Blaenavon South Wales scan94874
Nelson, Bertha     scan94855
Nelson, Bertha     scan94856
Nelson, Bertha Watkins Ogden UT scan94858
Nelson, Chester Dale     scan94318
Nelson, Clara Ella ?   scan94405
Nelson, Clara Ella Peck Ironton MO scan94413
Nelson, Fred J.     scan94839
Nelson, Fred Jens   Scribner NE scan94841
Nelson, Marvin Lee Jr.   Juneau AK scan94676
Nelson, Matilda     scan94403
Nelson, Vera     scan94715
Nelson, Vera   Stockholm Sweden scan94718
Nelson, Vera   Stockholm Sweden scan94719
Nelson, Vera   Stockholm Sweden scan94721
Nesbit, Dwight Elliot     scan94325
Neubardh, Melody Ann     scan94350
Neumueller, Clara M.   Oshkosh WI scan94254
Newton, Gladys Loree   Ashland OR scan94268
Newton, Lee     scan94326
Newton, Lee   Odin MO scan94328
Newton, Lee   Odin MO scan94330
Nichols, Harvey L.     scan92830
Nichols, Harvey L.   MN scan92831
Nichols, Harvey L. "Nick"     scan92835
Nichols, Mary Olive     scan94817
Niedermeyer, Ada     scan94611
Niedermeyer, Leora   OH scan94622
Niedermeyer, Leora     scan94623
Nigl, Clara M. Neumueller Oshkosh WI scan94254
Nikodym, Evelyn Hazel Waterman Columbia Falls MT scan94651
Nolan, Lucie Oatman Ashland OR scan94286
Noonchester, Alice P.   VA scan92754
Norling, William     scan94825
Norling, William   Redwing MN scan94826
Norris, Alfred T.     scan94933
Norris, Alfred T.   Butler TN scan94935
Norris, Anna E. ? KS scan94845
Norris, Betty     scan94294
Norris, Doris     scan95000
Norris, Fred   Burksville KY scan94205
Norris, Virgie ?   scan94444
Norris, Virgie     scan94449
Norris, Virgie M. Melton Henderson KY scan94456
Northey, Melvin     scan94252
Northey, Melvin   Walkerville Mt scan94253
Norton, Nancy Jackson     scan94412
Nunn, Pearl A.   Ray CO scan94793
Nyberg, Myrtle C.   Sisseton SD scan94875
Nyberg, Myrtle C.   Sisseton SD scan94876
Nyswaner, Elizabeth O. Work Stockville NE scan94850
Oatman, Lucie   Ashland OR scan94286
O'Connor, Hildreth     scan92817
Odegard, Rose E.     scan92742
Odegard, Rose E.   Fountain City WI scan92744
O'Donnell, Sister Mary Margaret     scan94854
Offord, Shirley R.     scan94767
Ohlund, Emma J. ? Malmo, Sweden scan92792
Olds, Claude     scan94784
Olds, Claude     scan94787
Olds, Claude Marion   WI scan94788
Oliver, Martha E.     scan94887
Oliver, Martha E.     scan94888
Olsen, Harry     scan92825
Olsen, Harry   Neenah WI scan92826
Olson, Mike     scan94685
Olson, Violet M.   Rawson ND scan94879
Ommert, George L.     scan94455
On, Harry Philip     scan94620
O'Neal, Tamra Michelle   Grants Pass OR scan92835
O'Neil, Jewell Erma   Goldendale WA scan92798
O'Pace, Granville Orr     scan94639
O'Regan, Geraldine Briget Sister     scan94996
Orr, Beulah ?   scan92779
Orr, Marjorie J. ?   scan94323
Orr, Marjorie Josephine Brassfield Salinas KS scan94327
Orth, Ira Adam   Plymouth NE scan94456
Orton, Lester Glen     scan94283
Orton, Lester Glen     scan94284
Orton, Lester Glenn     scan94390
Orton, Lester Glenn   Garrison MN scan94286
Osborn, Maisie Iola ?   scan94693
Osborne, Terri Lynn     scan94349
Osgood, Everett P.     scan94209
Osgood, Everett P.   Creed CO scan94211
Ostrander, Eleanor H.     scan94850
Ostrander, Eleanor H.   Hillsboro WI scan94853
Oswald, Charles O.     scan94405
Oswald, Charles Otto   Baker City OR scan94410
O'Toole, Lucille V.     scan94759
O'Toole, Lucille V.     scan94761
O'Toole, Lucille V. ? Castlewood SD scan94766
Overpeck, Emma     scan94773
Overpeck, Emma Rose ? St. Marie, Quebec Canada scan94777
Owens, Alice P.   VA scan92754
Pace, Graville Orr     scan94646
Pace, Graville Orr     scan94647
Pace, Keith     scan94825
Pace, Keith   Crawford CO scan94826
Pace, Robert Keith     scan94827
Palen, Lloyd     scan92798
Palen, Lloyd Ira   Napoleon MI scan92804
Pankey, Mary Ellen   Beardstown IL scan94319
Parenski, Stanley T.     scan94776
Parker, Lester E.   Cherryville OR scan94756
Parker, Lester E.   Cherryville OR scan94758
Parker, Lester E.   Cherryville OR scan94757
Parker, Perry     scan94336
Parker, Perry P.   St. Augustine TX scan94337
Parkhurst, Mary     scan94278
Parnicky, (Mrs. William)     scan94460
Parr, Zena D.   Armada AR scan94287
Parrick, Laura E.     scan94331
Parrick, Laura E. ? O'Neill NE scan94333
Parrott, Albert Francis   Ft Jones CA scan94825
Parshall, Eva Alice Simon Scott Bar CA scan94282
Parsons, Catherine Jean ?   scan94959
Parsons, Catherine Jean   Oak Lake Manitoba scan94961
Parsons, Edgar J.     scan94269
Parsons, Edgar Joseph   Kenora, Ontario, Canada scan94272
Parsons, Mattie J.     scan94613
Parsons, Mattie J. ? Nortonville CA scan94617
Paske, C. H.     scan94902
Patten, Elva D.     scan94659
Patten, Elva D.     scan94661
Payne, Maple Ada   Phoenix OR scan94308
Peabody, Lewis L.     scan92755
Peabody, Lewis L.     scan92758
Peabody, Lewis L.   Denver CO scan92763
Pearson, William H.   Klamath Falls OR scan94621
Pearson, William Harvey     scan94616
Pech, Louise H. ?   scan94312
Pech, Louise H. Dahlke LaCrescent MN scan94314
Peck, Bert     scan94864
Peck, Bert   Nunda IL scan94864
Peck, Clara Ella   Ironton MO scan94412
Peirce, Irene Elizabeth Lynn Peach WA scan92739
Peirse, Irene E. ?   scan92728
Pelican, Walter Alfred     scan94454
Pellegrini, Bruno A.   Trieste Italy scan94930
Pence, Charles H.   MO scan94690
Pence, Zella E.   Trail OR scan94232
Penny, Donald     scan92728
Penny, Donald L.     scan92730
Pentecost, Edna Irene ?   scan94915
Pentecost, Edna Irene Plank St Helens OR scan94918
Pentecost, Edna Irene Plank St Helens OR scan94919
Penwell, Bertha May ?   scan94672
Penwell, Bertha May ? Allegheny NY scan94677
Perdue, Mary Ann   Judsonia AR scan94759
Perdue, Mary Ann   Judsonia AR scan94760
Perkins, Mary L.     scan92766
Perreault, Opal   Medford OR scan92807
Perry, Claude Allen   Gordon NE scan94216
Peters, Katherine     scan92775
Peters, Katherine Hildebrand Hillsboro KS scan92779
Peterson, Albert W.     scan94283
Peterson, Anna Elizabeth   Turtle Lake WI scan94236
Peterson, Linda Marie     scan94420
Peterson, Ray     scan94321
Petkewitz, Peter   Lithuania scan92758
Pettigrew, Nola D.     scan94848
Pettigrew, Nola D. Redden NE scan94752
Pfaff, Angela   Central Point OR scan94755
Phares, Frank "Speed"     scan94281
Phillips, William R.     scan94956
Phillips, William R.   Douglas AZ scan94960
Picaud, Julie ? Pau France scan94843
Pierce, Florence Maude ? Hooper NE scan94268
Pierce, Florence Maude     scan94260
Pierce, Irene Elizabeth     scan92738
Pierce, Leona May     scan94847
Pilcher, Edward C.   St. Louis MO scan94257
Pilcher, Edward C.     scan94260
Pilcher, Edward C.     scan94259
Pilger, William C.     scan94207
Planer, Inez L.     scan92750
Planer, Inez LaVern   Winchester KY scan92753
Plank, Edna Irene     scan94918
Plank, Edna Irene     scan94919
Plummer, Lisa Diane     scan92796
Plummer, Lisa Diane     scan92798
Plummer, Lisa Diane     scan92807
Pomsett, Lawrence Albert Edward     scan94446
Porenski, Stanley T.   Amsterdam NY scan94778
Porter, Lillian A. C.   Caledonia PA scan94342
Potter, Riley N.     scan94659
Potter, Riley N.   Princeton MO scan94661
Poutz, Anna Mabel   Sweden scan92830
Powell, Celia E.     scan94275
Powell, Celia E. Atkinson Claire MI scan94278
Powell, Celia E. Atkinson Claire MI scan94279
Powell, Celia Eleanor ?   scan94276
Powell, Fred E.   Sioux City IA scan94289
Powell, Hallie C.   Collin County TX scan94435
Prather, Morris Lindsay   Yreka CA scan94821
Price, Joel R.     scan94987
Price, Joel R.   Healdsburg CA scan94989
Price, Ronald   San Diego CA scan94853
Price, Ronald Eugene     scan92848
Price, Ronald Eugene     scan92849
Pryor, Eva   La Grande OR scan94848
Puckett, Ethel Elizabeth Miss   Ashland OR scan94218
Pugmire, Constance     scan94932
Pugmire, Constance P.   Torrance CA scan94940
Pugmire, Constance P.   Torrance CA scan94939
Purcell, Jeanette Marie     scan94204
Purcell, Norma (Mrs. Stan) ?   scan94993
Purcell, Norma (Mrs. Stan)   St Paul MN scan94999
Purcell, Norma (Mrs. Stan)   St Paul MN scan94999
Purdy, Mae Stump Cornell IL scan94963
Purves, Bessie A.   Hillsboro OR scan94839
Purves, Bessie A.   Hillsboro OR scan94840
Putnam, Mark M.     scan94834
Putnam, Mark M.   Medford OR scan94836
Putnam, Seth W.     scan94302
Putnam, Seth W.   Opheim MT scan94310
Quackenbush, Charlotte E.     scan94739
Quackenbush, Charlotte E. Arens Galesville WI scan94741
Quinn, Lionel Leith     scan94264
Ragan, Eva M.   Alpha WA scan92842
Ragan, Eva M.   Alpha WA scan92843
Rahe, Brian Alan     scan94455
Randle, Amy     scan94933
Randle, Amy E. ? Washington County IA scan94934
Randle, Amy E. ? Washington County IA scan94936
Raney, Jack H.     scan94641
Raney, Jack H.   Hanford CA scan94646
Rausch, Joseph J.   Chicago IL scan94426
Rawlings, Everett Bryan     scan94346
Rawlings, Everett Bryan     scan94352
Rawlings, Everett Bryan   Tecumseh OK scan94253
Rayburn, Jay J.     scan94307
Rayburn, Jay J.   MI scan94312
Reames, George Brownlow     scan92807
Reames, George Brownlow     scan92809
Reames, George Brownlow   Bellefountain OH scan92810
Reaves, Calvin E.     scan94312
Reaves, Calvin Earnest   Mt. Grove MO scan94314
Rebuck, Clarence Wester     scan94722
Rebuck, Clarence Wester   Greenbriar PA scan94726
Rebuck, Eunice R.     scan94260
Rebuck, Eunice R. ?   scan94264
Rebuck, Eunice Ruby Thornhill Halstead KS scan94267
Rebuck, Eunice Ruby Thornhill Halstead KS scan94268
Redden, Nola D.   NE scan94752
Redlich, Camla Rene     scan94221
Redlich, Horst Franz     scan94228
Redlich, Troy Dean     scan94221
Redner, Thelma J.     scan94985
Redner, Thelma J. ? Pawhuska OK scan94986
Reed, Bertha ?   scan94662
Reed, Bertha J.     scan94665
Reed, Bertha J. ? Portland OR scan94670
Reed, Grace   Foreman IL scan94883
Reed, Martha E.     scan94883
Reed, Martha E.     scan94884
Reed, Martha E. Oliver Trail OR scan94887
Reed, Martha E. Oliver Trail OR scan94888
Reed, Myrtle A. Rupe Neck City MO scan94918
Regennitter, Thomas J.     scan94394
Reid, Franklin Peter   Detroit MI scan92813
Reigel, Juanita     scan92842
Reigel, Juanita Harshfield Sutherland NE scan92846
Reimer, F. C.     scan94677
Reimer, Frank C.   MI scan94671
Rein, Rosemary Amelia Sister     scan94996
Remington, Patricia Ann     scan94349
Rempert, Mary Marie     scan94851
Rempert, Mary Marie Waterhouse Atlanta MI scan94853
Reuter, Fred Raymond     scan94621
Revel, Christy     scan94785
Revel, Christy Miss   Hillsboro OR scan94790
Reynolds, Wilma Mary     scan94325
Rice, Samuel Jay Sr.     scan95000
Rice, Samuel Jay Sr.   Glendale CA scan95001
Rice, Thomas Christopher     scan94912
Rice, Thomas Christopher   Williamsport PA scan94927
Rice, Vernie   Patten IA scan94915
Rice, Vernie   Patton IA scan94918
Rice, Willard D.     scan94217
Rice, Willard D.   Memphis MO scan94222
Rice, Willard D.   Memphis MO scan94221
Richards, Velma V. Maupin ID scan94806
Richards, Velma V. Maupin ID scan94807
Richardson, Carl   Tacoma WA scan94705
Richardson, Grant Albert   Collinsville OK scan92836
Richerson, Carl     scan94701
Richmond, David M.     scan94455
Richter, Cynthia     scan94674
Richter, Debbie     scan94674
Richter, Mike     scan94674
Rick, Sheri Lou     scan94624
Ricketts, Hazel M. ? IL scan94254
Rider, Frank J.   Paterson NJ scan94956
Riedi, Arnold     scan94947
Riedi, Arnold Theodore     scan94950
Riedi, Arnold Theodore   Dubuque IA scan94953
Riedy, Shirley R. (Mrs. David) Offord   scan94767
Riggins, Pearl Sutherland   scan94783
Riggins, Pearl Sutherland Seattle WA scan94784
Riggins, Pearl   Seattle WA scan94786
Rightenour, Ruth   West Yellowstone MT scan92810
Riley, Charles Ellis     scan94411
Riley, Charles Ellis     scan94413
Riley, Clarence     scan92804
Riley, Clarence     scan92807
Riley, Stella   Kountze TX scan94251
Rindlisbacher, Sheldon     scan94693
Ring, Anton     scan92726
Rininger, Pearl     scan94647
Rininger, Pearl O.   Rocksberry KS scan94653
Rippey, Lottie Taylor Eagle Point OR scan94244
Rivers, Herbert F.     scan94930
Rivers, Herbert F.     scan94933
Rivers, Herbert F.   Groton CT scan94937
Rivett, Lucy Mildred   NE scan92746
Robb, Phoebe C. ? London England scan94958
Robbins, George     scan94930
Robbins, George H.     scan94934
Robbins, George Harrison   Sasakwa Alaska scan94939
Roberts, Anna   Tell City IN scan94718
Roberts, Harriet (Missing) ?   scan94812
Roberts, Lillian M. Miss   Biddeford ME scan94769
Roberts, Ray B.     scan94848
Roberts, Ray B.   Medford OR scan94852
Roberts, Ray Brown     scan94851
Robertson, Mary   Palo Alto CA scan94236
Robinson, Ada M. ? Medford OR scan94405
Robinson, Jewel   Cherryville KS scan94336
Robison, Eula Ascenth   Greenfield IA scan94692
Roche, Hazel L.   Farmington, MN scan94278
Rodgers, Felbert Oscar     scan94956
Rodgers, Felbert Oscar   Beagle Sams Valley OR scan94959
Rodriguez, Laura     scan92778
Rohl, Frank A.   Lebanon OR scan94692
Rolfson, Albert O.     scan94296
Rolfson, Albert O.     scan94299
Roll, Jay L.     scan94879
Roll, Jay Lyndon     scan94884
Roll, Jay Lyndon     scan94884
Roll, Jay Lyndon   Delta CO scan94887
Roller, Dorothy M.   Oakland CA scan92799
Rolls, Charles     scan94282
Roning, Eleanor Wills   scan94209
Ronsse, Marguerite C.   San Francisco CA scan94646
Ronsse, Marguerite L.   San Francisco CA scan94641
Roohr, William A.     scan94947
Roohr, William A.   Beaver WI scan94950
Roohr, William A.   Beaver WI scan94952
Root, Cordelia G. ?   scan92731
Rosalsky, (Mrs. Soloman)     scan94693
Rosander, Marinus   British Columbia Canada scan94813
Rose, David Ernest   Yreka CA scan94912
Rose, Manuel F.   Siskiyou County CA scan94302
Rose, Shirley Ann Currie Midland TX scan94912
Rose, Tracy     scan94388
Rosecrans, Charles Francis   Troutdale OR scan94259
Ross, Douglas Calvin     scan94402
Ross, Ernest T.     scan94912
Ross, Ernest Theodore   Salem OR scan94915
Ross, Ernest Theodore   Salem OR scan94918
Ross, Mabel V.   Elliott ND scan94828
Ross, Margaret     scan94723
Ross, Margaret     scan94725
Rostron, Opal Dunham Medford OR scan92807
Rothmeyer, Mary   Powell NE scan94313
Routh, Jewel Robinson Cherryville KS scan94336
Rowan, Robert C.     scan94690
Rowan, Robert C.     scan94692
Rowan, Robert C.   Wheaton IL scan94695
Rowden, Mary E. "Bess"   Tumwater WA scan92775
Rowe, Sidney F.     scan94915
Rowe, Sidney F.   SD scan94921
Rowe, Sidney F.     scan94928
Rozzell, Deana Christine     scan94955
Rozzell, Deana Christine     scan94959
Rumburg, Carrie Ella ? Oregon County MO scan94454
Rupe, Myrtle A.   Neck City MO scan94918
Rushton, Pearl Lee   Des Moines IA scan94744
Rusque, Ruby Ellis Dallas OR scan94887
Russell, Emerey     scan94351
Russell, Emerey     scan94254
Russell, Emerey     scan94253
Rust, Ruby   Dallas OR scan94887
Ryan, Agnes Marie Gruetzner Young America MN scan94762
Ryan, Agness Marie ?   scan94760
Ryan, Elmer     scan94903
Ryan, Elmer O.   Spring Valley WI scan94907
Ryde, Fred L.     scan94456
Ryde, Fred L.     scan94458
Ryde, Fred L.   Hutchinson KS scan94461
Saltzman, Lily Bowers IA scan94223
Sanchez, Janice Marie     scan92773
Sandberg, Carl Lee     scan94651
Sandberg, Carl Leo     scan94653
Sander, Marion M.     scan94275
Sander, Marion M. Miller Coon Rapids IA scan94276
Sander, Marion M. Miller Coon Rapids IA scan94277
Sanders, Horace H.     scan94449
Sanders, Horace Herman     scan94452
Sanders, Julie     scan94667
Sanders, Julie Ann     scan94673
Sanders, Julie Ann   Spokane WA scan94677
Sanders, Marion M.     scan94270
Sanderson, Elizabeth York Grand Forks ND scan94829
Sanderson, William "Sandy"     scan94987
Sandoz, Peter Werner   Elk Creek OR scan94216
Sawdon, William B.     scan94849
Sawdon, William B.   Manteca CA scan94851
Sawyer, Arnold     scan94642
Sawyer, Irving W.     scan94974
Sawyer, Irving W.     scan94978
Sawyer, Irving W.   San Felipe CA scan94984
Scammell, Mary Boyd Parker Ranch CA scan92813
Scarlett, Fannie     scan92839
Scarlett, Fannie L. Brown Orangeville IN scan92842
Schafer, Edna May     scan94703
Schafer, Edna May     scan94704
Schauble, Betty Alice   NE scan94966
Scherf, Alfred Benjamin     scan94429
Schiller, Mary Robertson Palo Alto CA scan94236
Schlesinger, Sol     scan94870
Schmidt, August H.     scan94929
Schmidt, August H.   Rock County MN scan94930
Schmidt, August H.   Rock County MN scan94929
Schmidt, August H.   Rock County MN scan94931
Schmiedl, Natalie   Mediev Hungary scan94765
Schmitz, Matthew M.     scan94828
Schoenherr, Marlene Deloris     scan94431
Schultz, Henry   Yreka CA scan94855
Schultz, Henry   Yreka CA scan94856
Schumpf, John R.     scan94331
Schumpf, John Richard   Jacksonville OR scan94332
Schuster, Michael     scan92835
Schuster, Michael Carroll   Toledo OH scan92836
Schwab, Michael   Tonkawa OK scan94770
Schwab, Michael     scan94773
Scofield, Margarethe Elfrieda ? Germany scan94649
Scott, Carrie E.   Spencer IA scan94725
Scott, Shawn Matthew   Medford OR scan94984
Segessenman, Ernest W.   Chicago IL scan94686
Segessenman, Ernest W. "Ernie"     scan94683
Segessenman, Ernest W. "Ernie"     scan94689
Segessenman, Ernest W. "Ernie"     scan94690
Seif, Myron Mervin   OH scan94273
Seiler, Lucille   Coquille OR scan92727
Selby, Robert   Boise ID scan94965
Selby, Robert     scan94966
Selle, Vada F. ?   scan92788
Selle, Vada F. ? Woodburn IA scan92798
Selle, Vada F. ?   scan92824
Selleck, Wilma H. Turner Vinton IA scan94908
Senter, Ina Estalene     scan94396
Senter, Ina Estolene     scan94393
Setness, Alfred "Al"     scan94700
Setzer, Jack     scan92812
Severe, Richard D.     scan94258
Severson, Ethel L. ?   scan94855
Severson, Ethel L. ?   scan94856
Seyrman, William V.   Trail OR scan94268
Shaffer, Jessie E.   Madison SD scan94782
Sharp, Virginia L. ?   scan94661
Sharp, Virginia Lee ?   scan94659
Sharp, Virginia Lee Cook   scan94666
Sharp, Virginia Lee Cook   scan94666
Shaul, Elmer L.   Woodlake NE scan94695
Shaw, Frank S.     scan94264
Shaw, Frank S.   Fort Worth TX scan94267
Shawver, Harold L.     scan94638
Shawver, Harold L.     scan94641
Sheaddox, Elsie L.   Harrison AR scan94255
Shearer, John Jr.     scan94849
Sheehan, Lola B.     scan95003
Sheehan, Lola B. Bailey Foots Creek OR scan95005
Sheenen, William F.     scan94440
Shepard, Charles Rick   CT scan94633
Sheuerman, Richard J.     scan94213
Shipman, Avery Roy     scan94349
Shiro, Shirley R.     scan94767
Shull, Lola Emory     scan94403
Shumate, Ivan E.     scan94403
Shumate, Ivan E.     scan94405
Shumate, Ivan Everett   Harrisonville MO scan94410
Shuster, Thomas C.   Cripple Creek CO scan94850
Sieg, Donald Andrews     scan94258
Sieger, Rudolph Henry   Duluth MN scan94670
Silva, Laura     scan94983
Silver, Evelyn J.   Moro OR scan94620
Silver, Evelyn J.   Moro OR scan94622
Silver, Thelma B.     scan94810
Silver, Thelma B.     scan94814
Silver, Thelma B. Miller Akron OH scan94818
Silverstone, Elmer J.     scan94796
Silverstone, Elmer J.   Dekalb IL scan94797
Simmons, Florence A.   AZ scan94853
Simmons, Frank W.     scan94850
Simmons, Frank W.   Norton Co KS scan94853
Simmons, Lisa Kaye   Medford OR scan92846
Simon, Eva Alice     scan94282
Sims, Burton R.   Valdosta GA scan94881
Sims, Earl A.     scan94403
Skinner, Minor C.   Joplin MO scan94233
Skinner, Minor E.   Joplin MO scan94231
Skyrman, William V.   Trail OR scan94265
Slack, Ann E. Jackson Redlands CA scan94832
Slagle, Henry T.   McCoy OR scan94244
Sloan, Adrienne Ellene Clawson Hornbrook CA scan95001
Smeltzer, Gertie     scan94282
Smeltzer, Gertrude Mae Friend Kerbyville MO scan94389
Smeltzer, Gertrude Mae Friend   scan94286
Smiley, Benjamin T.     scan94321
Smith, Alice ?   scan94919
Smith, Alice ? San Rafael scan94924
Smith, Alice ? San Rafael scan94925
Smith, Alice F. ? San Rafael scan94922
Smith, David D.     scan94286
Smith, Donald Bert     scan94765
Smith, Donald Bert     scan94767
Smith, Donald Bert     scan94768
Smith, Edythe May     scan94390
Smith, Edythe May Hollis Fredonia KS scan94391
Smith, Elizabeth Ann "Lizzie" Stowell Sams Valley OR scan94879
Smith, Ella Lou     scan94461
Smith, Ella Lou ? Jacksonville FL scan94465
Smith, Elsie R.   Clatskanie OR scan92732
Smith, Gordon M.     scan94267
Smith, Hanna C.     scan94997
Smith, Hanna C.     scan94997
Smith, Hanna C. Godberson Humphrey NE scan95003
Smith, Harry James     scan94693
Smith, James Corbett     scan94856
Smith, James Corbett     scan94859
Smith, James Corbett   Eagle Point OR scan94205
Smith, James D.     scan94217
Smith, James D.   Hardesty OK scan94222
Smith, James D.   Hardesty OK scan94221
Smith, John Edwin   Gold Hill OR scan94942
Smith, Kenneth George     scan94402
Smith, Kimerly F.     scan94335
Smith, Louis E.     scan94331
Smith, Louis Elmer   Sams Valley OR scan94332
Smith, Lucy     scan94876
Smith, Mabel Louise ?   scan94398
Smith, Mary Elizabeth     scan92792
Smith, Mary Elizabeth ? Dixon City PA scan92798
Smith, Mary S.     scan94841
Smith, Mary Sophia ? Malax Finland scan94843
Smith, Michael     scan94263
Smith, Monte Jr.     scan94688
Smith, Raymond G. Dr.   Prineville OR scan94879
Smith, Robert G.     scan94790
Smith, Robert G.     scan94791
Smith, Robert Glenn     scan94792
Smith, Robert Glenn   Central Point OR scan94794
Smith, Robert Glenn   Central Point OR scan94793
Smith, Roland A.   Sandusky OH scan92726
Smith, Ruth     scan92783
Smith, Walter     scan94392
Smith, Walter     scan94393
Smith, Walter Wyatt   Stocksdale TX scan94396
Smith, Walter Wyatt   Stocksdale TX scan94397
Smith, Woodrow D.     scan94273
Smolik, Clifford S.     scan94807
Smolik, Clifford S.   NE scan94813
Smolik, Clifford S.   NE scan94814
Smolik, Clifford S.   NE scan94815
Smyth, Edna May     scan94703
Smyth, Edna May     scan94704
Snider, Maude M. Frederick Vinton OH scan92815
Snider, Maude M. Frederick Vinton OH scan92829
Snow, Tennessee Tilda   Muskogee OK scan94323
Snyder, Esther I.     scan92779
Snyder, Esther I.     scan92782
Snyder, Harvey     scan94348
Snyder, Harvey     scan94352
Snyder, Harvey     scan94258
Snyder, Leshe     scan94393
Snyder, Linus S.   Coquille OR scan94302
Snyder, Linus S.     scan94303
Snyder, Zemry Elizabeth ? Page OK scan92735
Sonstein, Max Louis     scan92770
Sonstein, Max Louis   Buffalo NY scan92777
Sooter, Willard D.   Turon KS scan94332
Sopher, Andrew R. "Dick"   Arnold City IA scan94391
Soule, Anna     scan94848
Soule, Josephine   Spokane WA scan94351
South, Eugene A.   Casselton NC scan94465
Southard, Leah M.     scan94848
Southard, Leah M. ? Warren PA scan94749
Southard, Richard John   Clear Creek CA scan92746
Spark, Gladys Mae   Sharon WV scan94223
Sparks, Frank Lee     scan94416
Speaks, Earl F.     scan94677
Speaks, Earl F.   Iola IL scan94681
Speasl, John A. Sr.     scan94951
Spencer, Carl   Hood River OR scan94605
Spencer, Carl R Sr.     scan94607
Spencer, Clifford     scan94742
Spencer, Clifford E.     scan94847
Spencer, Clifford E.     scan94750
Spencer, Clifford E.     scan94749
Spencer, Gertrude     scan94915
Spencer, Gertrude     scan94927
Spencer, Gertrude ? SD scan94930
Spinks, Esther Katherine ? Somes Bar CA scan94317
Spitz, Charles H.     scan94741
Spitz, Charles H.   Witt IL scan94744
Spitzer, Jonas     scan94825
Spitzer, Jonas     scan94826
Spitzer, Jonas   Hardin MO scan94828
Spradling, James Wallace     scan94856
Stafford, Alva H.     scan92775
Stafford, Alva H.     scan92780
Stafford, Alva H.   Mountain Grove MO scan92782
Stafford, Willard R.     scan94708
Stafford, Willard R.     scan94711
Stafford, Willard Ray   Tacoma WA scan94712
Stafford, Willard Ray   Tacoma WA scan94726
Stagg, Reginald Alfred   Toronto Ontario Canada scan94293
Stahl, Henry F.     scan92835
Stahl, Henry Fred   Red Lake MN scan92837
Stahl, Mary Ann     scan94971
Stahl, Mary Ann ? Madison WI scan94980
Stalker, Maria F.     scan94856
Stalker, Maria F.   Philippines scan94210
Stallcup, Joseph N.   El Monte CA scan92782
Stallsworth, Celia E.   Claire MI scan94278
Stallsworth, Celia E.   Claire MI scan94279
Stallsworth, Mary J.   Norton KS scan94247
Stanbery, Eula A. ?   scan94687
Stanbery, Eula Ascenth Robison Greenfield IA scan94692
Stanley, Louida B.     scan94296
Stanley, Louida B.     scan94299
Stanley, Louida B. Miss   Kimball MN scan94300
Stapelfeld, Mary Regina ? Conshocken PA scan92754
Starfas, Harriett ?   scan92786
Stark, William L.     scan92763
Stark, William L.     scan92767
Stark, William L.   Buffalo NY scan92770
Steffee, Manson M.   Akron OH scan94403
Stegall, James Christopher     scan94610
Stephenson, Ann Eliza Marsden   scan94676
Stephenson, Doc     scan94205
Stephenson, Pearl Hester   Watkins OR scan94611
Stephenson, Pearl Hester Watkins   scan94612
Stephenson, Romney "Doc"   Clayton MO scan94209
Sterton, Sara   Medford OR scan94278
Stevens, Lester B.     scan94982
Stevens, Lester Boyd   Phoenix OR scan94984
Stevens, Lester Boyd   Phoenix OR scan94985
Stevenson, Hubert     scan94749
Stevenson, Hubert   Delmar NV scan94753
Stevenson, William     scan94664
Stevenson, William R.   Harmerville PA scan94670
Stevenson, William Richard     scan94665
Stewart, Leora ?   scan92758
Stewart, Leora ?   scan92763
Stinson, Betty Jean     scan927801
Stinson, Lucille     scan94957
Stockslager, Minnie     scan94269
Stockton, Dorthea Norma Terrell Shelbyville IL scan94278
Stockwell, Charles E.   Lamont OK scan94860
Stockwell, Charles E.   Lamont OK scan94861
Storm, Marian   Loon Lake WA scan94602
Stovall, Nellie Juanita   Taloga OK scan94282
Stovall, Nellie Juanita   Taloga OK scan94283
Stowell, Elizabeth Ann "Lizzie"   Sams Valley OR scan94879
Stowell, Elsworth L.   John Day OR scan94658
Stowell, Elsworth L.   John Day OR scan94659
Strebin, John C Jr.     scan94267
Stringham, Edna M.   Chicago IL scan94975
Stuart, Nellie May     scan94687
Stuart, Nellie May Welch Lewiston ID scan94682
Stubblefield, Tammy Sue   Medford OR scab94997
Stubblefield, Tammy Sue     scan94997
Stump, Mae   Cornell IL scan94963
Sullivan, May T.     scan94912
Sullivan, May T.     scan94915
Sutherland, Archie C.     scan94419
Sutherland, Archie C.   Chatfield MN scan94423
Sutherland, Hazel F.     scan92744
Sutherland, Hazel F. Jones Mondovi WI scan92746
Sutherland, Pearl     scan94783
Sutton, Murray   Camp Hill TN scan94856
Sutton, Murray   Camp Hill PA scan94861
Sutton, Ruth I.     scan94322
Sutton, Ruth Ida Lorenz Enid OK scan94328
Sutton, Ruth Ida Lorenz Enid OK scan94329
Swanson, Frances Mary   Sites CA scan92825
Sweeney, Mary M. Miss     scan94852
Sweeney, Mary M. Miss   Chilhowee MO scan94854
Sziber, Loleta Marie Bennett Central Point OR scan94991
Tabb, Mary Lee ? Blountville TN scan92754
Tamisiea, Minnie Hoyt Little Shasta Valley CA scan94878
Tamisiea, Minnie A.   Montague CA scan94883
Tamisiea, Minnie A.   Montague CA scan94884
Tandy, Donna Lee     scan94870
Tapley, Leland W.     scan92812
Tawney, Jerry Dean   Kelso WA scan94259
Taylor     scan94820
Taylor Harry A.     scan94755
Taylor, Billie ?   scan94678
Taylor, Billie Bea     scan94696
Taylor, Elmer J.   OK scan92753
Taylor, Harry A.     scan94757
Taylor, Harry A.   Buncombe County NC scan94759
Taylor, Lottie   Eagle Point OR scan94244
Taylor, Morine Boatwright Cameron MO scan94653
Taylor, Robert     scan94678
Taylor, Robert Laverne     scan94696
Taylor, Sarah Jane     scan94727
Taylor, Sarah Jane ? Jones County IA scan94728
Teeters, Edna Augusta   Guthrie Center IA scan94763
Teigen, Dennis Bruce     scan94463
Telkamp, (Mrs. Cecil N.)     scan94403
Telkamp, Cecil N. Willis IN scan94406
Templeton, John T.   Sylvester TX scan94966
Tepovac, Bozy     scan94929
Tepovac, Bozy   Aunstria Hungary scan94930
Tepovac, Bozy   Aunstria Hungary scan94929
Tepovac, Bozy   Aunstria Hungary scan94931
Terrell, Dorthea Norma   Shelbyville IL scan94278
Terrett, Hazel (Mrs. Dade R.) Davis   scan94339
Tessroer, Margaret   Germany scan92804
Thames, Norman S.     scan94783
Thames, Norman Swann   Perry County AL scan94784
Thanos, Lewis     scan94432
Thanos, Lewis W.   Portland OR scan94436
Thanos, Lewis W.   Portland OR scan94435
Theisen, Blanche T. ?   scan92739
Theisen, Blanche T. ? Watertown NY scan92741
Thomas, Margaret M.   CA scan94605
Thomason, Ethel Emoline Clayton Dayton WA scan92838
Thomason, Florence E.     scan95001
Thomason, Florence E. Betwiller Lebanon MO scan95005
Thompson, Bessie Marie     scan94422
Thompson, Bessie Marie Galloway Harper County KS scan94427
Thompson, Carl David     scan94950
Thompson, Charles Claude   Corvallis OR scan94266
Thompson, Charles Claude     scan94271
Thompson, Eleanor     scan94673
Thompson, Eleanor     scan94663
Thompson, Eleanor Leah Gerber MI scan94677
Thompson, Roland Y.   Grants Pass OR scan94435
Thompson, Thelma     scan92846
Thompson, Thelma Barnes Red Bluff MT scan94853
Thornburg, Burk     scan94351
Thornhill, Eunice Ruby   Halstead KS scan94267
Thornhill, Eunice Ruby   Halstead KS scan94268
Thornton, Betty Jean     scan94278
Thorton, Lily Mae     scan94718
Thumler, Bernard M. Sr     scan92735
Thurman, David Michael     scan94270
Thurston, Alice   Fenlon, Ontario CAN scan94627
Thurston, Ben E.     scan94725
Thurston, Ben E.   Applegate OR scan94727
Thurston, Irma     scan94219
Tice, Oliver   Medford OR scan94845
Tice, Oliver H.     scan94841
Ticer, Clarence     scan92763
Ticer, Clarence L.   Weatherford TX scan92767
Timeus, H. E. "Heck"     scan94891
Tippin, Larry E.     scan92812
Todd, Anna Erickson Sweden scan94875
Todd, Anna Erickson Sweden scan94876
Tolman, Vola W. ?   scan94226
Tolman, Vola W.     scan94231
Tolman, Vola Winifred ? Ashland OR scan94233
Topness, Clara     scan94674
Topness, Howard L.     scan94674
Topness, Tina     scan94674
Tosh, Minnie L.     scan94822
Tosh, Minnie L. Williams OK scan94823
Townsend, Edward James   Boise ID scan94422
Train, Orin W.   Hart MI scan94283
Train, Orin W.   Hart MI scan94282
Trask, Jessie Elnar   scan94278
Trask, Jessie Elnar Talent OR scan94285
Trask, Jessie E.     scan94283
Trehame, Elizabeth   Weathersfield OH scan94915
Trelease, Robert H.     scan94452
Tresham, Otto R.     scan94741
Tresham, Otto R."Pude"   Atkinson NE scan94744
Tresham, Otto R."Pude"   Atkinson NE scan94745
Trogi, George Scipione     scan94396
Trogi, George Scipione   Italy scan94398
Troyer, Donald Paul     scan94693
Trusty, Ellsworth Raymond     scan94251
Trusty, Ellsworth Raymond   Vermillion SD scan94253
Tucker, Eva ?   scan92836
Tucker, Eva Ann Gober   scan92840
Tupen, Irving Earl   Stockton CA scan94856
Turman, Ross J.     scan94755
Turnbull, Ruby C.   Brewster NE scan94319
Turner, Emmett O.     scan94302
Turner, Emmett O.   Winchester ID scan94311
Turner, Gerald "Jerry"     scan94958
Turner, Gerald "Jerry"   Medford OR scan94960
Turner, Gerald "Jerry"     scan94962
Turner, Ruby C.   Brewster NE scan94319
Turner, Ruth   Ashland OR scan94786
Turner, Wilford A.     scan94978
Turner, Wilford A.   Longmont CO scan94983
Turner, Wilma H.   Vinton IA scan94908
Turpin, Archie H.   Jackson County OR scan94302
Turpin, Archie H.     scan94305
Turpin, Esther Alice ?   scan92788
Turpin, Esther Alice ? Lakeview OR scan92794
Turre, Josephine Soule Spokane WA scan94351
Tuttle, James L.     scan94778
Tuttle, James L.   Hastings MN scan94780
Tuttle, Leslie I.     scan92726
Twiggs, Wesley H.     scan92812
Twinning, Jack Wright     scan94280
Van Bebber, Curtis C.     scan94854
Van Bebber, Curtis Clay   Joplin MO scan94856
Van Bebber, Curtis Clay   Joplin MO scan94858
Van Bebber, Wade Allen   North Hollywood CA scan92779
Van Dusen, John C.   Painted Post NY scan94466
Van Dusen, Nina M. ?   scan92726
Van Dusen, Nina M. Farrens Rialto CA scan92727
Van Dyke, Samuel Hoyt   Medford OR scan92813
Van Galder, Elizabeth ? Jacksonville OR scan94306
Van Horn, Cecil H.     scan94904
Van Loo, Peter A.     scan94244
Van Loo, Peter Antone     scan94247
Van Nostrand, Hazel Florence   San Diego CA scan94255
Van Zee, Keith     scan94463
Vance, Juanita   Sutherland NE scan92846
Vance, Lewis D.     scan94904
Varley, Elva Thomas     scan94335
Vaughn, Lillie B   Black Rock AR scan94789
Vaughn, Pearl Elizabeth ? Handcock County IL scan94681
Veliotis, Panos     scan94693
Venham, Florence A.     scan94851
Venham, Florence A. Walker AZ scan94853
Vernon, Miles Dee     scan94281
Vernon, Miles Dee   Lakeview OR scan94282
Versaw, Salvatore     scan94870
Vincent, Joseph     scan94715
Vinson, Patricia E.     scan94849
Voelker, Fred     scan94244
Voelker, Fred     scan94245
Voelker, Fred     scan94246
Voelkner, Carl C.     scan94730
Voelkner, Carl C.   Billings MT scan94736
Voelkner, Herman B.     scan95000
Voelkner, Herman B.     scan95005
Vogel, Arretta M. Babb Cambridge ID scan94839
von der Helen, Evelyn   Moro OR scan94620
von der Hellen, Carl   Rangoon Burma scan94248
von der Hellen, William Wright   Rangoon Burma scan94636
von der Hellen, William Wright   Rangoon Burma scan94635
Voorhies, Charles Howard     scan94272
Voorhies, Charles Howard   Medford OR scan94262
Vuori, Taisto     scan94929
Vuori, Taisto   Finland scan94930
Vuori, Taisto   Finland scan94930
Waddell, Michelle Marie     scan94401
Wade, Elizabeth   Grand Forks ND scan94829
Wagner, Ada W.     scan94336
Wagner, Roger John     scan94287
Wald, Philip     scan94388
Walker, Alice   Ashland OR scan94466
Walker, Beryl   KS scan92750
Walker, Clyde   Grants Pass OR scan92824
Walker, Clyde William Richard     scan92824
Walker, Florence A.   AZ scan94853
Walker, Hazel Florence Van Nostrand San Diego CA scan94255
Walker, Kenneth Wayne   Medford OR scan94275
Wallace, Clara     scan94862
Wallace, Clara Amelia Halvorson Elbow Lake MN scan94864
Wallis, Rosa M. ?   scan94218
Wallis, Rosa M. ? Malvern AR scan94221
Walls, Harold Ray     scan94219
Walls, Peter J.     scan94851
Walls, Peter J.   Budapest Hungary scan94854
Walser, Lawson C.   Quanah TX scan92788
Walser, Lawson C.     scan92784
Walters, Mack Sol   Rogersville TN scan92789
Walters, Mack Sol     scan92786
Walters, Norvan   Ashland OR scan94631
Walters, Norvin R. "Jim"     scan94634
Ward, Floyd Jr.     scan94838
Ward, Helen Lee     scan94463
Ward, Luella M.     scan94889
Ward, Luella M.     scan94894
Ward, Luella May Huson Des Moines IA scan94896
Ward, Randall     scan94256
Ward, Randall   Muskogee OK scan94259
Warm, Carl J.     scan94757
Warm, Carl Jay     scan94759
Warm, Carl Jay   Farmington WA scan94761
Warren, Charles B Sr.   Jones AR scan94660
Warren, Charles B. Sr.     scan94659
Warren, Ella E.   Florilla MO scan94702
Warren, Flora   Yreka CA scan92754
Waterhouse, Mary Marie   Atlanta MI scan94853
Waterman, Evelyn Hazel   Columbia Falls MT scan94651
Waterston, Henry Marshall     scan92804
Waterston, Henry Marshall "Lefty"     scan92809
Waterston, Henry Marshall "Lefty"   Canada scan92810
Watkins, Bertha   Ogden UT scan94858
Watkins, Pearl Hester     scan94612
Watson, Dallas     scan92741
Watson, Dallas L.   Colorado Springs CO scan92744
Watson, Glen Orval   Newkirk OK scan94782
Watson, Henry "Hank"   Pleasant Hill SC scan92782
Watts, Ala E.     scan94870
Watts, Ala E.     scan94872
Watts, Alva E.   Casey IL scan94875
Watts, Alva E.   Casey IL scan94876
Waymire, Edna Augusta ?   scan94757
Waymire, Edna Augusta Teeters Guthrie Center IA scan94763
Webber, Julius   Austria scan92835
Weber, Julius     scan92831
Webster, James H.     scan94446
Wedge, Augusta     scan94626
Wedge, Augusta     scan94630
Wehde, Leroy     scan94623
Wehde, LeRoy William   Buchanan IA scan94628
Weitman, Byrd     scan94713
Weitman, Byrd   Dayton WA scan94716
Welburn, Lily Mae Thorton   scan94721
Welch, Nellie May   Lewiston ID scan94682
Wells, Clinton L.   Saulk County WI scan94426
Wells, Clinton Lloyd     scan94422
Wells, George Ellious     scan94262
Welsh, Orel A. Dr.   Oregon City OR scan94998
Welsh, Orel A. Dr.   Oregon City OR scan94997
Welty, Helen S.   IA scan94260
Wendel, Elizabeth   WI scan94274
Wendel, Elizabeth   WI scan94276
Wendler, Rondi     scan94349
Wengenroth, Bill Baillie     scan94293
Wengenroth, Bill Baillie   Woodburn OR scan94299
Werner, Caroline Andrews Waterville MN scan94448
Werner, Caroline Andrews Waterville MN scan94445
Werner, Caroline Andrews Waterville MN scan94453
Wert, Bruce S.     scan94986
Wert, Bruce S.   Pittsburgh PA scan94987
Wertz, Lydia Griffin Shan Creek OR scan94883
West, Ronald Dale     scan94846
West, Ronnie Dale   Porterville CA scan94749
Westerfield, Alice   Portland OR scan94602
Weston, Elsie M. Morse Lamar CO scan94260
Whillis, Mary Alma   Cedar Falls IA scan94965
Whillock, Georgia Olive   Humansville MO scan94205
Whipple, Charlie W.   Browning MT scan92838
Whitby, Edith     scan94393
Whitby, Lorrie Ann     scan94393
Whitcomb, Lavena A.   Lawrence KS scan94289
White, Clifford     scan94990
White, Clifford W.   Los Angeles, CA scan94994
White, David George     scan94204
White, Gail ?   scan94204
White, Hattie B.     scan92727
White, Hattie B. Jane Nova Scotia CAN scan92731
Whitehall, Patrick     scan94674
Whitson, John M.     scan94792
Whitson, John M.   Sturkey AR scan94793
Whittle, Elizabeth S.     scan94869
Whittle, Elizabeth S.   Arnold England scan94870
Wicker, Brandi Lin     scan92759
Wicker, Brandi Lin   Medford OR scan92767
Wier, Gerald Lee     scan94997
Wier, Gerald Lee     scan94997
Wilburn, Alfred Douglas     scan94446
Wilcox, Asa     scan94690
Wilcox, Asa     scan94692
Wilcox, Asa   Charles City IA scan94695
Wilkinson, Adele P. Mulavney   scan94994
Wilkinson, Adele P. Mulavney   scan94997
Wilkinson, Scott Allen     scan94446
Willams, Albert M.   Cottonwood KS scan92751
William, Harry G.     scan94267
Williams, Clarence L.   Bethany MO scan94626
Williams, Clarence L.   Bethany MO scan94627
Williams, Minnie L.     scan94823
Williams, Robin     scan94663
Williams, Robin     scan94670
Williams, Wilma Jean   Newton KS scan92725
Williamson, Charles R.   Haddam KS scan94883
Williamson, Dick     scan92786
Williamson, Pat Willard     scan94393
Willis, Cecil N.   IN scan94406
Willits, Inez H.     scan94319
Wills, Eleanor     scan94209
Wilsey, Eola G. ? Memphis MO scan94351
Wilsey, Roland S. "Cap"   Bakersfield CA scan94871
Wilson, Alma Jane   Etna CA scan94217
Wilson, Darrel James     scan94335
Wilson, George McKinley III     scan94262
Wilson, John     scan92734
Wilson, John A.     scan92739
Wilson, Lester Henry     scan94909
Wilson, Thomas J.     scan94264
Wilson, Thomas J.   Lorella OR scan94267
Wilson, Verna L.   Latham MO scan94889
Wimmer, Max Herman     scan94903
Wimmer, Max Herman   Windfall IN scan94910
Winetrout, Marie   Mt Shasta CA scan94820
Winkelman, Alfred     scan94273
Winkelman, Alfred   Hutchinson MN scan94276
Winkle, Hettie Victoria Fay Payson City UT scan94883
Winterhalder, John Henry     scan94702
Winterhalder, John Henry     scan94703
Winterhalder, John Henry     scan94706
Winterhalder, John Henry   Needles CA scan94709
Wise, Chester A.   New Brighton PA scan94702
Wise, Chester A.     scan94705
Witherill, Ada W.     scan94336
Wolcott, Olivia ? WI scan94650
Wolford, Louisa Isabell     scan94275
Wolford, Winferd Neal   Scott Valley CA scan94875
Wolford, Winferd Neal   Scott Valley CA scan94876
Wolter, Eunice Ruby   Halstead KS scan94267
Wolter, Eunice Ruby   Halstead KS scan94268
Wood, Clinton D.     scan94879
Wood, Clinton Duane   Casselton ND scan94881
Wood, Ellen E.     scan94422
Wood, Ellen Emma ?   scan94435
Wood, Ida May     scan92788
Wood, Nina Leona ?   scan94265
Wood, Nina Leona   Kansas City KS scan94268
Wood, Nina Leona   Kansas City KS scan94267
Wood, Robert     scan94995
Wood, Ruth Esther     scan94779
Wood, Ruth Esther Harroun Washington County KS scan94780
Wood, William     scan94687
Wood, William     scan94682
Woodcock, George A.     scan94959
Woodcock, George A.   OK scan94960
Wooden, Gene Edgar     scan94693
Woods, Catherine   Niles MI scan94728
Woods, Walter J.     scan94446
Woodworth, Myrtle P.   Albion NE scan94289
Worden, Verna     scan92847
Work, Elizabeth O.   Stockville NE scan94850
Work, Mary Edith   Stockville NE scan92754
Workman, Laura     scan94754
Worley, Alfreda J.     scan94242
Worthington, Eva Mae   Cushion OK scan94883
Wright, Beatrice Margaret   Walla Walla WA scan94889
Wright, Bert Ellis     scan94437
Wright, Bert Ellis   Prineville OR scan94441
Wright, Bertha J.   Portland OR scan94670
Wright, Fred     scan94630
Wright, Fred Cyril     scan94631
Wright, Fred Cyril   Sterling KS scan94638
Wright, Gertrude ?   scan94996
Wright, Henry     scan94294
Wright, Lillian P. ? NE scan94807
Wright, Lillian P. Maupin Nebraska scan94809
Wright, Lillian P. Maupin Nebraska scan94911
Wright, Myrtle M. Hulin Cook County TX scan94728
Wright, Myrtle M. Hulin Cook County TX scan94729
Wright, Myrtle Maggie     scan94725
Wunderlich, Isobell K. Burgmeyer Dubuque IA scan92788
Wyman, Lyla Grace   CO scan92741
Yates, James     scan94865
Yaw, Dorothy Anne     scan94325
Yee, Chan Suey     scan94702
Yee, Chan Suey     scan94710
Yee, Chan Suey ? China scan94716
Yocom, Mary Arieta   scan92750
Yocom, Robert "Mc"     scan94648
Yocom, Robert M.   Jackson County OR scan94646
Yokom, Donna M.     scan94919
Yokom, Donna Mary ?   scan94929
York, Earl Newton     scan94647
York, Elizabeth   Grand Forks ND scan94829
York, Fred J.   Creighton NE scan94800
Youmans, Ruth   Reedsport, OR scan94350
Young, Dougal A.   Calgary Alberta Canada scan94302
Young, Earl R.   Freeport IL scan94695
Young, Grace L. ? Harrisburg IN scan94716
Young, Harold Lee     scan94262
Young, Mary Etta Freeman Boswell IN scan94987
Young, Mary Miss     scan94986
Young, Ronald Keith   Klamath Falls OR scan92776
Young, Ronald Keith   Klamath Falls OR scan92780
Youngblood, Ida   Shaver AR scan94254
Zanotto, Annello Cipriano John   Yreka CA scan94841
Zattlin, August "Guss"     scan92775
Zattlin, August "Guss"   Sweden scan92780
Zirkle, Homer     scan94449
Zirkle, Homer     scan94453
Zucca, Sister Mafalda Maria     scan94854
Zundel, Harold     scan94449
Zundel, Harold   Deming NM scan94452