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March 4 2020
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Jackson County Divorce Record Indexes

Picture of Jackson County Courthouse

JCGL possesses three volumes of divorce records abstracted from the Oregon State Archives. These include the husband's name, the wife's first name, the date of the divorce, the type of action, and the case number. If you are able to visit the Jackson County Courthouse, the case number would be useful in obtaining the complete record for actions after 1915. If you find a name of interest to you and would like a copy of the abstracted record in our volume, follow the instructions at the top of the index.

We also have nine rolls of microfilmed divorce records on permanent loan from the LDS Family History Library. These span the years from 1861 to 1914. The index to Divorce Records Volume 1 (1856-1932) , Index, provides an index to those nine rolls of microfilm. These can be perused in our library and we can make copies of particular records for a fee of $15 plus 20 cents per page. If you are unable to visit our library, there are two options:
  • You can have us make a copy of the relevant record for the same $15 + 20 cent-per-page fee. We would then mail the copy to you. In this case, email us with the information and we will email you the fee amount and the procedure for making payment. Our email address for requesting copies is
  • You could have a particular roll of microfilm sent to an LDS Family History Center near you for viewing. There is a small film rental fee and the film is on loan for only about four weeks. The Family History Center can probably make a copy of the record you wish. Follow this link, Family History Library Catalog, to determine which microfilm roll to order if you choose this option.

We may also be able to provide copies of the complete divorce files (after 1915) from digitized microfilm records taken from the Jackson County Courthouse. These span the years 1912 to 1943 thus far. Because these files vary greatly in size, our fees must also vary. Follow this link, Judgment Rolls, for indexes to these complete files.

If the divorce record you seek is from a year beyond those we currently have access to in the library, you can have one of our volunteers visit the Jackson County Courthouse to retrieve the record you wish. Our research help fee is $15 per hour plus any expenses the courthouse imposes. Please include $15 with your initial request. You can mail your request and check to the library, ATTN: Research Chairperson, using the address on the request form. Click on the following link for the research request form which you can fill in on your computer, print and then mail to us: Research Request Form

For faster turnaround, click on the Buy Now button below to pay electronically for your request and have the request emailed to us. After filling in the information to make your payment, click on "Add" after special instructions to explain what you would like us to do. Provide the surname, date, place, and other relevant information pertaining to the person you are researching. Once your online payment has been verified, our staff will begin work on your request. If not too extensive, our findings will be emailed to you. Otherwise, they will be mailed to you at the address you provide on the request form. Click on the Buy Now button below to make your $15 online payment and to describe the work you would like us to perform.